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L.A. Times Reporters discuss Lakers' 95-89 victory over Denver Nuggets

--Mark Medina

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Good morning,

Message to Thuggets: Bullies never win. Try all you want to manhandle us. Our talent allows us to impose our will. All we have to do is find our resolve.

Resolve. The quality that has been listed as M.I.A. lately reported for duty in the second half of Sunday's face-off at Staples Center. You could see it in Ron Artest's eyes. You could witness it in LO's aggression. It screamed at you in the Mamba's scowl. All of a sudden it was contagious.

Resolve. It started to bubble up late in the first half. Even when the Lakers fell behind, I never felt that they were out of it. After a frustrating start, patience set in. Calm preceded resolve.

Resolve created Defense. Defense created Offense.

I cheered when Melo fouled-out. I knew right then it was over.

Resolve. Add it to the Roll Call, Mamba24. It's the magic ingredient of the freakin World Champion Los Angeles Lakers. Thuggets, who are you?

Who are we? Ohh Weee, The Freakin World Champion Lakers is who we be
At times we may have a let down, but aint nobody gone take our crown
Hot teams come and hot teams go, but the Lakers create Dynasties we’re not here just for show
Even when times look dark and bleak, I look deep inside & these words by Jon K I speak
What do we play for? We play for Rings, So what the Cavs or Thuggets do, don’t mean a thing
With Zaira’s positivity and JustanotherMamba’s frantic roar, I have no doubt, The Lakers will score
Yesterday even Mamba24 lost his cool, but Justa said Mamba24 don’t you be no fool
He said the Thuggets are just the new Kids in town, They never even been near to sniff a crown
That got me going and I started to believe, Then Zaira tugged upon my purple & gold sleeve
She said as Long as the Lakers have Kobe Bryant, A win is possible or they’ll die trying
Thanks to Zaira and Justa and a couple more, I came back to Chat just a little more
And what happened next you know it’s true, The Lakers played “D” like Faith told them to
For 4 full minutes the Thuggets didn’t score a point, Ron-Ron was a Beast just like we want
And so from being down by 12 to winning by 6, The Lakers fought the Thuggets lick for lick
So today I am here to reaffirm, that my love and admiration this entire team has earned
Dfish was called every name in the Book, so how did he answer did you see that 3 he took
In the beginning Ron-Ron was called a bust, But in the end he saved the game for us
Each Laker has a role that makes the Lakers go, The whole is greater than the parts in this Lake Show
Rick Friedman positivity is your middle name, I left you off the game Ball & so I take the Blame
In fact most of our Bloggers stayed the course, It was the Trolls that caused the havoc of course
Which is what made the victory so sweet, When the Thuggets behind The Lakers did Defeat
Being a Laker Fan is second to none, I’d say this even if they had not won
I’m so Happy I don’t know what to do, I just want to say Freakin LA Lakers I send my thanks to you

Kobe played within the framework and was effective as a facilitator. He worked off the double team very well.

Something to watch is Kobe demanding the ball is low post position. This can be harmful because it moves LO, Bynum and Gasol away from the basket. When this occurs Kobe should play fast and not hold the ball.

Lakers survived 3-17 Kobe shooting like they survived without Kobe, by playing team basketball and Artest defense.

(see shot chart)

Someone wrote that Shaq taking time off to come back fresh for the playoffs is a good idea for Kobe. There is some logic to this idea. Kobe was sharper after his rest. But, Shaq's rest will not help the Cavs, thankfully, in the playoffs. Shaq will come back out of shape and sluggish. YES YES YES !!!


Media talkers quack about Kobe's 3-17 as the worst day of his career. No stooges it wasn't even the worst shooting game of this season. They act like Lakers rose above this anomalous Mamba shooting. Echo chamber.

Reality is Lakers fans know is Kobe has these stinker games sometimes.
A brief subset (unfortunately) of Kobe stinkers this year ....

5-20 vs Houston L
7-24 vs Utah L
4-19 vs Orlando W
2-12 vs Charlotte W
14-37 vs Portland L (AKA big stink!)

Lakers can win when Kobe plays and his shooting stinks if he plays off the double team and limits his shot attempts -- like he did against the nuggets.

3-17 is more survivable than 7-29

Gasol said. "That’s how I feel. Teams come here. We go on the road and teams try to challenge us. We rely so much on our quality and depth of our team, we’re not aggressive enough. We need to start challenging people and imposing our will." IT'S ON NOW FOLKS - DON'T BRING THAT GASOFT CRAP HERE!

Well, well, well.

Looks like the road to a championship has gotten easier for the Lakers - if they continue to work hard the rest of the season - including playoffs - and avoid serious injuries.

Shaq is having thumb surgery. It will take at least 8 weeks to recover. There are 7 weeks left in the season. Shaq will be very out of shape for the playoffs. Cleveland doesn't yet have Big-Z.

The combination of Shaq as center and Big-Z as power forward just smothered Bynum and Pau - making them useless in their previous games. But now they are gone - both of them.

MM, I think my Kumbaya comment got lost somewhere in the mix which I blame entirely on you, either that or I hit the preview button instead of the post button and closed the browser without noticing. I guess that's possible. OK let's not point fingers. Either way though I feel that the moment for singing has passed and we should just move on.

You know, I'm not one for saying "I told you so," but I would like to point out the obvious that the Lakers won and the Universe is still in existence, just as I predicted.

Goooood mornin', mornin' crew!

Nothin' like playoff intense basketball in February. Phil's got a great recipe brewin' for April.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from the NYC playgrounds, Ron and LO are gonna wrap a championship banner around their careers and take this thing the rest of the way. ROnLO's the matchup nightmare every team is goin' to have to focus on now. Hmm, that leaves that 24 guy freer to roam.

Every fighter has a plan till he gets hit. The Lakers were hit, they responded with a beautifully ugly W. More to come. GOO Lakers!

Hey Mark, I give you kudos for being a good collaborator between two Laker brains, their analysis are spot on. We would like to thank them too for providing flavor on your videos intended solely for Lakers Blog audience not available to other TV video compared to when Kbros video's. I also think you have an edge against Astronut threads, he doesn't have any videos with the well known columnists. just a j/k.

Another observation, Brad dons an expensive suit to watch a sweaty Lakers game while you and the other Mike are wearing medals or credentials around your neck. Have you guys changed attire in the previous video interview? lol!

but I would like to point out the obvious that the Lakers won and the Universe is still in existence, just as I predicted. Posted by: Mark G | March 01, 2010 at 08:13 AM
BY GEORGE YOU ARE RIGHT! And the Dark Matter continues to hide with it's sneaky self!

But, Shaq's rest will not help the Cavs, thankfully, in the playoffs. Shaq will come back out of shape and sluggish. YES YES YES !!!Posted by: JohnnyP | March 01, 2010 at 06:21 AM


Every fighter has a plan till he gets hit. The Lakers were hit, they responded with a beautifully ugly W. More to come. GOO Lakers! Posted by: VMan | March 01, 2010 at 08:17 AM

Great Line VMAN, I love it!

Finally, Kobe got some credit for those assists and rebounds. he turns out to be better than Farmar. huh!

Vman, if RonRon has summa kumbaya at NY Parks, Kobe got his emeritus professorial assist to the softees and t/o artists.


Good morning, brother.

Thank you for the pledge of allegiance.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Edwin - LOL thanks for the love. I think it's well established BT is a great dresser. We have the credentials around our neck, but Mike and I aren't wearing the same shirt. That being said, BT is definitely the best dressed.




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