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L.A. Times Reporters discuss Lakers' 122-99 victory over Indiana Pacers

L.A. Times NBA writer Mark Heisler and L.A. Times Lakers blogger Mark Medina discuss Lakers' 122-99 victory over Indiana Pacers.

--Mark Medina

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Game versus Houston Rockets in November is insightful about Phil perspective on D. Fish vs. Farmar.

D. Fish 34 minutes 0 pts, rebs or assists, 2 stl.
Farmar 12 minutes 5 pts, 3 rebs, 3 assists, 1 steal

D. Fish did nothing that game to deserve so many minutes ...

Phil says D. Fish runs the offense best, but then complains about the slow starts.

As uber media guy Mike Bresnahan says Phil is going to start and play D. Fish major minutes regardless of his bad performance (or Brown's and Farmar's good) so you might as well get over it ...

There were 6 blogs on 3/2/10....Mark are going to appease those who have adhd or have no lives....there's the old adage...."quality before quantity"...You are doing a great job, but I think by having 6 topics that kills the rhythm, by the time you read one, and post, there's a new one. Look, if you have some guys helping you write so voluminously, have them do some other positive things, fact checking, snooping for rumors...sitting in front of a PC an pounding all day, is only good if it serves a purpose, which would be to make for a good blog. As it is, I am not going to go and get on Ritalin just to keep up with "who farted"...

BTW, Nice Suit.


I think this was an easy win for the Lakers. They had to win, and they did it by using the bench as much as the starters. Nice performance by LA, I hope they will keep it going because there are some challenges ahead.

Here is my blog (in french), 100% NBA, updated daily.

By 6 AM 2 blogs already...I'd call in sick, but some a-hole rearended me (a=astute), so I think I will follow the 6 plus blog topics today...

MM - the suit is looking good.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their day!

is Mark Heisler teaching BB academic studies? i thought so. no sense of reality. maybe he can write a study for phred or cali

Good morning CRUE!!!

Yup - a good ol' fashioned shellacking of the Pacers is just what the doctor ordered, and it sure doesn't hurt that they got TACO'd in the process!! LOL!!!

MM - looking pretty snappy in that suit! You really do get paid by the word (or by the thread) don't you?? LOL!!! Just kidding man - you are doing an AWESOME job - better than the K-Bros ever did. Yeah - you heard me!

Mamba24 - missed you on the chat. You would have had a LOT of fun....

Jon K - just curious - where was the lucky barstool last night?? Don't get me wrong - it's great having you on the chat - and of course WE WON - but who was last night's caretaker?? Or - and this is more likely - you've taken possession of the lucky barstool, dodging police and hidden cameras in the process, and it is now comfortably ensconsed in your home waiting to be transported to LA when you finally move back home, and will be set up at Staples Center behind bullet-proof glass with a plaque extolling the virtues and powers of The Lucky Barstool. Right?

Laker Tom - come on man. Join the 21st century. Get thyself to the live chat. Even if it's just at half time. MM leaves us alone and we go CRAAAAAZYYYYYYYYY!!!! LOL!!!

Don't you guys just LOVE Thriller???? Here's a great quote ""I sensed that everybody making so many trades, we didn’t make no trades," Artest said. "I wanted to make sure I could be a whole new person after the new trade. Its kind of like a new trade. They brought me in twice. It was a hell of a deal." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is unbelievable. Who knew?? Not me - but as I've said before - I've eaten my crow and I LOVED EVERY BITE!!

So - I for one can NOT wait to see how the boys do on this road trip.... I'm saying we go 3-0. Yup - you heard it here first!!

Have a great day Laker Fam - especially MrNano & Utzworld...


Nothing but another title will suffice.

I don't think Mark Heisler really gets the Lakers. He's talking about how Ron Artest doesn't work for the Lakers.

The Lakers (in my lifetime) have always played down to their opponents and have always been a second half (and really fourth quarter) team.

There's a reason why it was called Showtime and it's Hollywood.

There's a reason why Phil Jackson's coaching style has been referred to as "Give them hope... and then take it away."

We relax and then we focus and we focus just as the other team relaxes, causing them to collapse in confusion.

While Heisler is complaining, he sounds like he's talking about the Clippers instead of the Lakers. Give me a break. Hasn't he followed the Lakers? This is how it is.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Well, I am glad that we started to win again, but how long it last, God knows. PJ should give the bench enough chance to play like he did last night.

M/M, now you look preppy and dignified while the other Mark looks a scumdog. lol! Do you have any light suit that goes with the Elhey weather?

Nice win, finally we saw Ammo. This kid got some unrestrained nerves as if he was trying to please a HS coach with his moves. He should unleash the real Adam and be a gunner. Look at Farmar and Shannon,they just do their own thing and get connected. mbenga an morrison have been long timed classmates on the bench and once they got out the corral, they become wild! LMAO

Ouchhhh -

What's that supposed to mean?


"I for one can NOT wait to see how the boys do on this road trip.... I'm saying we go 3-0. Yup - you heard it here first!!"

Doood, when I said so sardonically last week that the Lakers would finish out the season 24-0 that included a 3-0 on this road trip, no? Go for the gold and tell me how many beyond these six, the last three and the upcoming three, you think we'll win in a row. Remember, no guts no glory! Gimme a number...

Hope everyone is having a good start to their day! Posted by: Caliphilosopher | March 03, 2010 at 07:00 AM

Lakers win, It's all good Cali.



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