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Caught in the Web: Plenty to digest in Lakers' 114-111 overtime loss to Miami Heat


Game stories

The Times' Mike Bresnahan outlines how the Lakers' poor start ultimately doomed them in the end.

The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding focuses on why the Lakers couldn't handle the pressure.

The Riverside Press Enterprise's Gregg Patton points out there were many things the Lakers didn't do right late in the game.

The Daily News' Elliott Teaford goes through how the Lakers whittled down the stretch.

The Miami Herald's Michael Wallace explains how Miami suddenly turned the heat on the Lakers late in the game.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Ira Winderman says Miami's victory came on a team effort.


The Times' Broderick Turner gives strong reasons why the Lakers may not re-sign Derek Fisher, Shannon Brown and/or Jordan Farmar this summer.

The Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell previews tonight's game between the Lakers and Bobcats.

The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding highlights Kobe Bryant's visit with Albert Pujols.

The Riverside Press Enterprise's Gregg Patton suspects tonight's game against the Bobcats will be a close one.

The Daily News' Elliott Teaford provides an update on Shannon Brown's thumb injury.

The Miami Herald's Michael Wallace highlights Miami's lineup shakeup involving Carlos Arroyo.

More Lakers links (after the jump)


The Times' Mike Bresnahan explains why visiting Charlotte isn't exactly a walk in the park for the Lakers.'s Steve Aschburner has his latest league MVP rankings.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinels' Ira Winderman on how Miami's lineup shuffling worked.


CBS Sports' Ken Berger quotes Bryant as saying that Dwyane Wade lacks a supporting cast in Miami.'s Jeff Case says Lakers guard Jordan Farmar is one of the league's players on the rise.

The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding argues Bryant also lacks a supporting cast with the Lakers.

The Charlotte Observer's Ron Green Jr. looks back on how the Charlotte Hornets passed on keeping Bryant.

The Miami Herald's Israel Gutierrez argues Miami's victory should provide a confidence boost in fighting for an Eastern Conference playoff spot.

Fox Sports' Randy Hill considers the Lakers-Magic matchup on Sunday something you don't want to miss.

ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin points out that the Lakers' continuing lack of urgency has hurt them too often.

Before you criticize coaching decisions, including Phil Jackson's, be sure to read Ian Thomsen's piece in Sports Illustrated on how being an NBA Coach is one tough gig.


Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer breaks down the box score between the Heat and the Lakers.

ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky breaks down why overtime "was offered with the express purpose of creating a loss and teaching the Lakers a lesson." That lesson? Stop coasting through games.

Forum Blue and Gold does some number crunching. And the calculations aren't pretty.

Hot Hot Hoops argues the difference in the game involved Wade's 14 assists to Bryant's four. I strongly disagree. If anything, Bryant should be getting criticized for his defense more than anything else.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Dave Hyde says Wade should take a cue from Bryant in wanting to stay with just one team. Said Bryant: "Laker for life."

Peninsula is Mightier credits Wade for leading the Heat to victory.

The headline on Silver Screen and Roll's post says it all: "Lakers zoned out against Miami Heat."

Tweet of the Day:"Wondering if Michael will be in the house tonight. He's got to be courtside for Kobe, right?" -- mcten (ESPN Los Angeles' NBA reporter Dave McMenamin).

Reader Comment of the Day: "If Kobe is paraphasing Denzel in "Training Day", then he would obviously say....'King JAMES ain't got nothing on me'!" -- bronxlakerfan

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant congratulates Heat guard Dwyane Wade after Miami won in overtime, 114-111, on Thursday night. Credit: Lynne Sladky/Associated Press>

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Are Laker's trying to obtain Wade as opposite guard to Kobe Bryant for next season? How much is his contract for this season? Laker's guards were unproductive against Heat with only 3-10 three point shots made. Laker's pay about 14 million to four men in opposite point guard position. What are contracts of all guards in NBA? What are contracts of best guards in NBA? Who can come in give Kobe a rest but keep team winning Shannon Brown? Wade played with Kobe on USA Olympic basketball team that won gold metal in China.
Can anyone besides Derick Fisher play with Kobe? What happened to trade for Anthony from Denver, Stoudemire from Suns, or Wade from Heat? Will Walton return to team before play-offs? Should you keep Powell and MJ ? Laker's have 16 million dollar bench costs that receive minor playing time, why? Is it worth the money? Are they able to play as reserves? Brian Cook was waiver from Rockets? Kareem Rush was waiver from Clippers? Who can play with Kobe Bryant? What kind of team should be Laker's? Guard from Wizards might be released due to Arenas problems.

Kobe does everything backward.

When calls don't go his way, he gripes to the officials, complaining to them about the perceived foul, instead of owning up.

When he makes shots, like he did last night during the 4th quarter, he acts as if he's doing it with humility, when he isn't.

He acts as if his play is original when he is a total Jordan plagiarizer.

He changes his number from 8 to 24, when 8 is the more original number.

He licks his lips too much.

He's ugly when he thinks he's handsome.

He acts as if he plays above the rim, when in reality he has no hops.

He is unimaginative, when he tries to be on court.

Kobe Bryant is the product of geographical location and Jerry West's insistence on trading for him during the draft.

He is a product of the product machine.

I hope Fish re-signs for the vets' minimum. His leadership on the team cannot be underestimated.

After we win the championship, I can see other teams making offers to Shannon and Jordan that they can't refuse. It'll be interesting to see who stays and leaves from our backcourt this offseason.

I'd like to see Kobe re-commit to becoming a defensive stopper once again. Spend more energy on defense, and let our bigs carry some of the load on offense.

Mark Medina...

Thanks for the acknowledgement of "Reader Comment of the Day". I can't blog as often as I'd like to, but I really appreciate all your hard work. As well as your obvious good taste! Jk!

What am I missing?

A .500 team welcomes the Lakers to town. They'll likely not make it to May, assuming they even make it to mid-April. What ensues is an entirely predictable result to ANYONE who's watched Lakers' regular season games for the last 3 decades.

The crowd is juiced.

The star plays well.

Average players become clutch in the clutch, such that if they played every opponent the way they played LA, they'd be All-Stars.

Impossible shots fall.

With a Grammy Death March fresh in their minds (and legs), v. a lesser opponent, LA makes dumb mistakes, commits silly fouls, has double-digit misses in the FT column, and doesn't get the benefit of late calls.

It. Happens. At. Least. Eight. To. Ten. Times. EVERY. Year.

Now all of a sudden the sky is falling? Come now.

Denver's now the team to beat, as Heisler and many others say, even though they're 4 behind LA, meaning of course that they had 4 more bad nights than LA has?

Come on. Let's see how the rest of the season plays out. I, for one, am happy folks are already writing LA off. They'll likely be running farther to catch the bandwagon in 8-10 weeks.

*Oh, last night's "Just Some Dude" award, for the mediocre-to-sorry player for the opponent who plays lights out when he sees the Lakers logo -- Quentin Richardson! By a landslide! *waitingfortheinevitabledropintheHeatsnextgamefromRichardsonandArroyo*

MM wrote:
The Times' Mike Bresnahan explains why visiting Charlotte isn't exactly a walk in the park for the Lakers.
A few other factoids not mentioned in Mike's article:

Charlotte is one of only two franchises that have a winning history (5-6) against the Lakers; the other one is Boston.

Charlotte has the LOWEST ALLOWED REBOUNDS PER GAME in the NBA this season.

Charlotte's home record (20-8) is EVEN BETTER THAN BOSTON (17-11); the Bobcats are just happen to be horrible on the road (8-23).

The Bobcats have already beaten the Cavaliers THREE TIMES this season.

So don't let their overall record fool you. They are currently ranked #9 in the EC, just 1.5 games behind the Heat. They will be highly motivated, fighting for their playoff lives tonight.

@BRONXLAKERFAN - Congratulattions on an honor long overdue my brother. Here! Here!
The Bobcats have already beaten the Cavaliers THREE TIMES this season.So don't let their overall record fool you. They are currently ranked #9 in the EC, just 1.5 games behind the Heat. They will be highly motivated, fighting for their playoff lives tonight.Posted by: The Snake | March 05, 2010 at 12:03 PM

Do I have to say it?...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!

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Wow all the hate for our bigs. This game was lost by missed free throws, turnovers and bets. We could have controlled 2 of the 3 reasons but not the bets. Yes bad calls made on both teams but the game changing bad calls went against Lakers. Hard to get rhythm going when stopped by bets.

As for our bigs, LO had a double-double and Drew had a double-double and Pau missed double-double by one rebound.
PJ should have had ball pounded more indide especially when Heat running zone defense. You attack middle of zone.

Pau soft? More like tired as he always gets the most minutes and like Kobe played a lot in the last few years durind season and off season. PJ should use LO and Powell more to rest Pau for playoffs and Kobe and Fish too.

Come on. Let's see how the rest of the season plays out. I, for one, am happy folks are already writing LA off. They'll likely be running farther to catch the bandwagon in 8-10 weeks.
*Oh, last night's "Just Some Dude" award, for the mediocre-to-sorry player for the opponent who plays lights out when he sees the Lakers logo -- Quentin Richardson! By a landslide! *waitingfortheinevitabledropintheHeatsnextgamefromRichardsonandArroyo* Posted by: Peace | March 05, 2010 at 11:56 AM

Peace, love & Happiness and...OUT FREAKING STANDING!!!
Wow 2 in a row we're on a roll here folks!

Kobe got his shot back, great, how about some D? Leaving Richardson open for uncontested shots? Sounds to me like not a such a smart idea. After first two he should make an adjustment, but he did not. People somehow thinking Lakers will switch when playoff time comes around. I hope they are right, so far did not see Lakers commited to play tough D for more than one quater. Playing like Lakers playing after ALL-Star wan't get it done.

ART… “Wow, what a lot of Pau, Bynum bashers, and Laker bashers in general. This game was simply lost on free throw misses.” LOL. I guess you had a better seat live than all of those “other” fans who were crying out that the sky was falling. Or they might have been watching another game than the one we were watching. Excellent summary of the game, Art. I was looking for you when TNT was scanning the Lakers fans in the crowd. Did you have a sign?
Posted by: LakerTom | March 05, 2010 at 10:37 AM

Hey Laker Tom,

Thanks for the acknowledgement of the summary.
I wasn't at the Heat game though, I will be at the Magic game on Sunday in Orlando.

Our beloved Lake Show is learning that as hard as it is to win the NBA championship, it's even harder to repeat. PJ, Kobe and Fish have been there and done that, but for the rest of the team it's a learning experience. Much like the difference between regular season ball and playoff ball, it is something that can't be explained or taught; it must be learned firsthand.

Our team exhaled after winning it all last year. The question now is whether they can regain the same hunger and determination that took them over the top. We shall see.


OUTSTANDING Mamba24 - hope all is well....!

Wow - lotta haters and trolls here with lots to yack about. Personally - they all make me wanna yack (as in throw up). Sheesh - you'd think we lost a Finals game or something. CHILLAX peeps - this ain't June. Too many people falling on their sporks for no good reason.....

Looking forward to the game tonight. Them kitty cats always play us tough, so hopefully our A team shows up looking for a little redemption. OR looking for their free throw touch....

It was GREAT watching Kobe score again!! Still - his roving defense could use a little shake up.... That said, it's not like he would EVER do that in a playoff game - at least not for very long lol!

Have a great day Laker fam - catch you on the chat!


Nothing but another title will suffice.


Great post as always! Gets me out of my mediocre drift after that lousy loss last night. I still think (?) that the team will pump up the volume when the Playoffs start. After watching the replay, O'neal slid at the last second under KB24, but on the road, you are not going to get that call, unless you are LBJ, ha, ha, ha!

Just a heads up to anyone who cares...

I've got a gig tonight at the local public observatory, so I probably won't be getting my game notes out until later tomorrow afternoon after I get a chance to watch the action on my DVR. Perhaps not even until tomorrow night since I'm going to try and go to a Spring Training baseball game tomorrow afternoon. I also won't be stopping by before then because, of course, I don't want to know the outcome of the game before I watch it on a delayed basis and I don't want to have my opinions of the action influenced by others before I write it up...

Plus, I figure that I should probably STFU for a while anway after my win-out streak prediction bit the dust so painfully last night! Looks like Art won the pool predicting 5 big ones in a row when we got stopped at 3! Unfortunately Art, there's no prizes involved except the self-satisfaction of knowing that you're not quite as dumb as the rest of us...

Thanks again to all who read and respond to this stuff and let's go out and kick some Bobcat butt tonight! Go Lakers!


I am humbled by your kind words and inspired by your unflagging enthusiasm! Great roll call and verse! Bring on those Bobcats! Lakers need to realize that after a bad loss, it's best to put it behind them and make the next team pay!

Though I manage the Lakers blog and have a great time doing it, I'm not rooting for any team in particular.
Posted by: Mark Medina | March 05, 2010 at 10:28 AM


I almost missed that line in your post.
Are you telling us that you aren't a Laker fan?
You mean the Lakers are not your favorite team?
Say it ain't so, Joe, oops, I mean Mark.

Looks like Art won the pool predicting 5 big ones in a row when we got stopped at 3! Unfortunately Art, there's no prizes involved except the self-satisfaction of knowing that you're not quite as dumb as the rest of us...

Posted by: aztronut | March 05, 2010 at 12:56 PM


Hey, wait a minute mister, I thought all contests or pools came with a prize at the end!
You mean I really don't get no prize dude?
Well dang nabbit, guess I am as dumb as the rest of you!

Art-FL - Yes that's correct. But don't interpret that as me being a fan of any other team either. I like the sport a lot and I hope that shows in my reporting, but I think it's very important as a journalist to keep a very open and objective perspective. As far as you should be concerned, I'll approach every story with a very open approach, meaning if the Lakers do something well, I'll do everything to the best of my ability to showcase to you how they excelled. If they do something bad, I'll do everything to the best my ability to explain why they did poorly.


As far as you should be concerned, I'll approach every story with a very open approach, meaning if the Lakers do something well, I'll do everything to the best of my ability to showcase to you how they excelled. If they do something bad, I'll do everything to the best my ability to explain why they did poorly.Posted by: Mark Medina | March 05, 2010 at 01:24 PM




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