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Caught in the Web: Lakers' 108-100 loss to New Orleans leaves Kobe Bryant seething


Game stories

-- The Times' Mike Bresnahan describes the post-game locker-room scene after the Lakers' 108-100 loss Monday to the New Orleans Hornets. That included a very quiet but obviously upset Kobe Bryant.

-- The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding argues the Lakers' loss all but officially gives Cleveland home-court advantage if they meet in the NBA Finals.

--'s Larry Holder provides information on Bryant's silence afterward, the Lakers' frustration with their execution and New Orleans' approach to secure the victory.

--- The Times-Picayune' Jimmy Smith details why the Hornets feel that their upset over the Lakers is bittersweet.

-- The Daily News' Elliott Teaford analyzes the Lakers' loss to the Hornets.


-- The Times' Bresnahan reports that the earliest that center Andrew Bynum may return to the lineup would be April 8 against Denver. So far, Bynum has missed five games because of a strained left Achilles' tendon.

-- The Times' Broderick Turner details how the poor defense from the Lakers' guards contributed to a big night from New Orleans guards Chris Paul and former UCLA standout Darren Collison.

--The Times' Turner also points to the Lakers' poor bench play as one of many reasons the Lakers lost.

-- The Orange County Register's Ding focuses on the ongoing struggles of the Lakers bench.

-- The Daily News' Teaford says Lakers Coach Phil Jackson is equally concerned about the team's possible first-round playoff opponents, including Oklahoma City, Portland and San Antonio.


-- The Times' T.J. Simers and Jackson enjoyed a two-hour lunch together. And to think, it was the lunch with Simers that brightened Jackson's day and the game afterward that ruined it.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi compares the Lakers' lackluster play with high school seniors just waiting for graduation. Seniors, however, can coast through the final weeks of high school. Coasting through the regular season may prove costly in the postseason.


-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky highlights the Lakers' fourth-quarter run and Bruce Willis' hilariously awkward interview with KCAL-9's John Ireland.

-- Just like Willis, the Lakers were hammered, writes Silver Screen and Roll.

-- Forum Blue and Gold criticizes the Lakers for not having a strong cast to support Bryant and Pau Gasol.

-- Hornets 24/7 believes New Orleans' win against the Lakers could have long-term implications next season.

-- Lakers Nation wonders whether Jackson is playing the right rotations.

NBA rankings

-- Fox Sports' John Galinsky argues that the Lakers' main concern involves Bynum returning to full health.

-- Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix projects that the Lakers will win in six games in the first round of the playoffs against Portland.

-- Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus can't get over the Lakers' loss last week to Oklahoma City.

Tweet of the Day: "Willis: good PER when hammered. AK RT @TheNoLookPass: Since Ireland interviewed Bruce Willis, Lakers have reeled off five straight." -- ESPNLandOLakers (ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky).

Reader Comment of the Day: "Are the lakers really this bad or are they playing opossum? Come on - everyone has been saying - wait until the end of the season -'s here!!! Why are they still not able to beat sub 500 teams?! Man- so freaking frustrating rooting for this team. Is Kobe the only one who cares on this team? I refuse to watch any more games until the playoffs." -- Jerry Ross

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant breaks free down the lane past Hornets guard No. 3 Chris Paul and forward James Posey in the second half Monday night. Credit: Derick E. Hingle / US Presswire.

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that sucked...

The Lakers have won 15 and will win more, so why the hell would I head for the door.
If you want to leave & take a pass, Then go don’t let the door hit you in the @zz.

Posted by: mamba24


Everyone wants to jump on board the bandwagon when it's all good, but then they want to jump ship come a little advsersity. I'm not saying the Lakers don't have issues, because it's clear they do. BUT - is it going to cause them to get bounced out of the playoffs in the first round as some advocate??? Are you freaking kidding me???? These are your CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS. They are ENGINEERED for the playoff run. Get a grip people. There ain't no fat lady singing. There ain't even one in the arena.

I am beyond dissapointed in the team's effort on this road trip. The Lakers are the current champions, but are not playing like it. Kobe needs to regulate on the bench. Farmar and Brown are settling for the three pointer instead of driving it to the basket after Kobe passes out of a double or even triple team. I am very concerned and hope they can defend their title.

PREACH JUSTA, PREACH!!(But don't get to excited watch the knee)!

OK. I have tried to stay above this debate all season. I mean, I was the guy, THE GUY who campaigned for the Lakers to sign both Farmar and Bynum. Bynum has worked out. Farmar made me look good last season. He's made me the goat this season.

I don't know what the problem is. When Farmar and Brown entered the game, Pau was absolutely putting on a clinic. A clinic. Every starter has assists from passing the ball to Gasol.

Someone tell me why neither one of them passed the ball to Gasol even once. I quite literally don't think the ball EVER went from either Farmar or Brown into the post at all. The only touches Gasol got when the two of them were running the show was via feeds from Odom (who those two would pass to when he was on the perimeter), or from offensive rebounds (of which there were plenty to choose from).

How can you sit on the bench and really not see what is working? Then, you go onto the court and try to impose your own brand of ball? You make this decision because your brand has been working for the rest of the season?

The definition of insanity is to do the same things, expecting different results. This bench is insane.

You know, when Kobe passes to you out of a double-team. It doesn't mean you have to shoot. You now have the other team at a decided disadvantage. Keep moving the ball, eventually a post player is going to have to recover and viola', Pau is open again, right next to the hoop.

Later in the game, the opposing coach could clearly see that the first open dude on the Lakers was going to yuck up a brick. So, he goes to triple-teaming Kobe, just to make sure the bait is taken.

If you look closely at the double-/triple-team allignment, they were denying Kobe the lane to pass into the post. They were conceding to him passes along the perimeter. Their coach could plainly see that the Laker guards were not playing with their heads.

How Kobe even got those 6 assists is amazing.

Do Farmar and Brown even work on their shooting? They are never seen putting up extra shots at the rim before games like Kobe and Powell. How do those two expect to shoot better? Magic? Ego? Will?

Does Farmar think he's raising his stock on the free agent market by bricking up three-point shots and showing is inability to play within an established system? What coach wants to get a guy who can't shoot and won't listen?

As bad as everyone wants to vilify Fish, Farmar is only shooting marginally better. In fact, statistically, they are equal due to the low number of shot attemps they get per game. But, Fish runs the offense, draw fouls (though not as much lately) and maintains the tempo. Plus, Fish is a big time game finisher.

Why would you trade that for Farmar? Farmar should be running away with the job of starting PG by now. That is what I thought would happen. He's faster and more athletic than Fish. He can shoot way better if he worked on it. I thought he was smart.

I don't know, people. Even I could see what should have happened next. And, if it would have happened, we would have won, poor shooting and all.


I don't know. Last night was a game the team wanted to win, but couldn't. I'm hating them less and less with each loss because it's becoming obvious that this team just doesn't have a second gear, offensively or defensively. Ariza's speed and silky shot was our second gear that most teams couldn't match. The good news is we're going to have maybe (up to) 21 post season games against teams that Artest's strengths may also contribute to that second gear. 7 each potentially against the Spurs, Denver and Cavs, all of which have players/style that plays into Ron's hands.

Certainly, this team needs a new bench, a new PG with skills, a couple players who can create their own shot and multiple shooters. Maybe even 4 new shooters. By my count, we need about 4-13 new players. I've seen no player other than Kobe make consecutive outside jumpers all year.



I totally agree with your ascertion from the game FEARless. I posted earlier as dissapointed in effort. Farmar looks very reluctant to listen to Jackson. Brown has an injured hand, but instead of shooting a low percentage shot he should be driving and either shooting or passing. The same with Farmar. It seems as if he wants to go up and down the court instead of first running the triangle and that is what gets us in trouble. First try the offense, but if it isn't working then create your own shot. He just wants to do what he pleases. He is not a point guard. He wants to be a shooter. Pau was phenomenal, but someone needs to stand up and give a hard foul or establish a defensive presence other than RON RON or KOBE.



What many of us seemed to forget about is that Ariza was just as inconsistant last season as are Farmar and Brown this season. Ariza got hot once the playoffs started. We had people clamoring to put Farmar ahead of Ariza on the pecking order because of it. Farmar's regular season last year was better than Ariza's.

We are suffering from revisionist history when we wax nostalgic about how "well" Ariza played last season. It just didn't happen. That's why no one covered him in the playoffs. He just wasn't shooting that well at the time. He came out of nowhere and surprised everyone.

But, that brings up a point that has been hashed and rehashed on this blog; just how ineffective using the regular season as a barometer for the post-season is.

We simply have to wait and see...

Frustrating, I know.


N.O decided to make Farmar, Brown and Fish beat them.
Seems to me I saw that in the Spurs game too. The difference is that the open guy hit their shots in the Spurs game.
So is this what its going to come down to? Double or triple Kobe, give the other guards (and Ron too) open looks and dare them to beat you.
Last year Ariza was very consistent with his outside shooting during the playoffs.
This year someone needs to step up and be like that. It will make all the difference.
It's not a secret about the Lakers bench. One thing in our favor though, the bench does seem to play better at home (would be interesting to see their shooting stats at home vs away).
Since we have home court through the west playoffs, we should be ok, until the finals.


I hear you my man. I really expected Farmar to have a bust out year, but no. I'm thinking that God just misheard Jordan's prayers. God thought he said "bust out ear" not year.

So so much depends on our weakest links. Jordan, Sasha, their missing three pointers, and Andrew Bynum. So much depends on these unpredictable guys! I'd have an ulcer if there wasn't a big hole where it fell out.

The Red Wheelbarrow
William Carlos Williams

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white


Yes. So much depends on the little things. Lets see what Langston Hughes has to say about poor shooting, poor PG play, and poor attitudes on a bench that faded faster than late-80s folded-at-the-ankles Bugle Boy jeans.

Suicide’s Note
Langston Hughes

The calm,
Cool face of the river
Asked me for a kiss.

Bad Langston. But bad Lakers too.


Hummmmm, Bynum not healing quickly, hummmmmmmm, not where have I heard that before??? I really hoped that he would be the next Big Thing, but I am having serious doubts. I wonder what we could get on the market after the season? We have plenty of bigs, we need a super guard. Drew for CP3 or Deron Williams (who wants out of Utah). Perhaps a sign and trade for D-Wade? As far as the Free Agents, they have all the power over their current team. Anyone that wants to come to LA could via the sign and trade.

2010-11 Lakers

Bryant (if he doesn't opt out)
(Wade or James or a trade for CP3 or Williams) exit Drew
Mbenga (need to resign)
Walton (signed)
Vujacic (signed)
Fisher (backup role)
2 more, perhaps Brown (need to re-sign)

"The scoring is not going to be there quite often for the bench guys," said Jordan Farmar, the one Lakers reserve who played well by scoring eight points. "We don't run things for guys off the bench. But it's more about the little things for the bench guys."

Does Farmar ever own up to his own inadequacies? He always seems to find an excuse for his poor and inconsistent play.

The games against Hawks, Utah, and Denver are the ones that the Lakers have to win. I'm interested on which Lakers will show up. Kobe and Pau have been playing like it's the playoffs, I wish and hope that the rest can follow their lead.

We simply have to wait and see...

Frustrating, I know.


Posted by: FEARless | March 30, 2010 at 09:45 AM


I think you're exactly right. As frustrating as it may be right now to watch our team, things can turn around quickly in a playoff series.

I'll do some research later, but I'm pretty sure that there were some Celtics/NY Knicks teams in the 90s that got much farther in the playoffs than one would predict based on their regular season record.

I'll hold my fire till the playoffs start.

Disgusting loss- I am so sick of watching this team play at 50% for three quarters and then try to turn it on in the fourth.
I almost want to wait until the first round to watch another game. This squad really doesn't care about the regular season, or gaining momentum going into the playoffs. I hope this doesn't catch up with them via an early exit.
The talent is all there- well, the only thing missing on paper is a dependable marksman from the outside. They just seem bored out there.
They need to bring the focus and intensity every night- the kind they showed recently against San Antonio. I thought that kind of ball is what we were going to be treated to all season long.
No, the sky is not falling in Lakerland because I do agree that they will be jacked up for the playoffs.
As for Bynum, we should have traded him while he still had a high value. I fear that in the offseason, many GMs will pass on him because he has proven year after year that his body just can't hold up against the strain of a full season of play.
Wake me up when the playoffs start cause I am bored watching a unenthusiastic team play.

Wes - LMAO. Ok, more bad writing:

Disciple: Why do people get injured?
Guru: Because they don't want to be where they are.

For example, Ron's concussion after the Xmas day massacre. Bynum, last 3 years, not to make finals. Maybe fore some unconscious reason it's just not working out this year for the "Laker system" and people are hurting themselves out?

By the way, I live in LA and ran into the guy with the hat and white beard that sits front row next to Jack. He doesn't think they'll make it this year. But I think they have a great chance. I didn't think they would make it last year, bu then they rose to the occasions. Trevor played his best then, and maybe the bench will now.

But I will count on Kobe, Pau, Ron, and Fish to bring their mental game. The patterns have also shown that LO can bring it too when he has to.

Prediction: Lakers to the finals in many long drawn out series.


EVERYONE : THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your concern and well wishes - you don't know how much I appreciate it. And my very own BANDWAGON????? wow - thank you - I'm humbled and honored to have such a great Laker family. Ok - first thing's first. I want to thank everyone for their continued support regarding The State of the Knee. Looks like it will be this upcoming Wednesday. As long as I'm home in time for the Atlanta game, it's all good lol! I can't promise I'll be coherent on the chat, but I'll be there cheering on our beloved team! I'll keep y'all posted, but again - THANK YOU EVERYONE!! Laker Nation is truly an unbelievable community.
(01) MARK MEDINA – BLOG GOD - Justa - hope your knee is holding up well
(02) MAMBA24 – OWNER – Good Luck to the head of the Mamba Blog Family. I know you’ll come thru like a champ. “It’s all good “ and you are all good JUSTA! The family is channeling THE FORCE to you!
(03) JAYDEN24 – DRIVER - Justanothamambafan, I got the same thing to do with my knee and I've just been puttin it off. God bless.
(04) JEANETTE – RIDING SHOTGUN - My husband had problems with the knee as well, he stopped playing basketball. He said it is really painful but he is postponing surgery. You will be in my prayers.
(05) # 4 - Best wishes my friend from the old chat days!
(06 JON K – BIO-CHRONOLOGIST - "Regarding the State of the Knee - specialist says I've gotta get it scoped. Apparently there's a lot of arthritic damage.... " Brother, what are you taking for it? I mean, in terms of supplements & such? I've got plenty of suggestions. You basically want to take nutrients that reduce inflammation &d rebuild joint tissue. I suggest a combination of MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, essential liquid sea minerals, omega-fatty acids (macadamnia nut oil), a systemic enzyme complex (to help eliminate scar tissue, etc.), a potent anti-oxidant (reservatrol is good), vitamin D, & a quality multi-vitamin, of course. You probably should also go to a Chinese herbalist & get some quality Dit Da Jow to put on your knee on a daily basis. Glucosamine, essential liquid sea minerals, omega-fatty acids, multi-vitamin & Dit Da Jow.
(07) MARK G - JAMF, too bad about the knee, sorry to hear it has to be scoped. The good news is that arthroscopic surgery is pretty slick. Considering it's surgery, it's about as noninvasive as you can get. (Whoever that Arthur dude is that invented it, he has to be pretty smart.)
(08) RICK FRIEDMAN - By all means, add me.
(09) EDWIN GUECO - Justa, After the surgery, you need sunlight as your natural Vitamin D. Try to live chat under the sun during noon games it is good for your health. Godspeed for recovery.
(10) LAKERTOM - … Please add me to the Good Luck to Justanothermambafan bandwagon. He has had my back so many times I have to show my love & support. Mrs. LakerTom tore her MCL a couple of weekends ago taking the grandkids sledding. She is getting an MRI tomorrow but we don’t think they will have to scope her. Anyway, keep up the good karma, Justa. Your recovery will be in our prayers.
(11) CHICNSTU - I hope you get well soon, we need your knee slappin humor on the live chat!!!
(12) JOLLY RANCHER - On the bright side for the blog, you'll be off your feet, but your fingers will still work fine. Justa - I bow before superior resources
(13) OUCHH - JUSTA. we need you with good knees & good lateral movement. don't do an AB on us. also u won't be able to take the "streetcar" named DESIRE. get well soon. We all hope that u don't pull a Bynum next year & have more problems with the other knee. Watch out for kobe's landing or your favorite, LO. LOL!
(14) NEMAIA FALETOGO - Justa. I hope and pray that all goes well with his surgery because he's one of the many good guys on this blog and an important part of the Laker family. Justaaaaaaaaa!!!
(15) FANOFTHEMAMBA - Justa head of the mamba clan, we send positive energy your way.
(16) DAVE M. – Justa, stitches, beer and dit da jow, buddy!"
(17) G IN DC – Justa, hope the surgical procedure is a resounding success followed by a speedy recovery.
(18) CALIPHILOSOPHER - I hope that everything turns out ok Justa. You are in my thoughts.
(19) WESJOENIXON – JUSTA, No pain medication, please. My mother used to put a giant slice of velveta cheese on our wounds to soothe any broken bones we'd get along the way. Of course we were poor, so we'd have to eat the velveta afterwards. Oh well. Get well soon.
(20) LADYJEM24 - Please add me to Get well Justa..

This team is just not that good. How did they win it all last year?

The only way they win is when Kobe stops taking dumb shots like that long distance 3 with a ton of time left.

His team should be seething at him not the other way round!

Trade him for Durant!


As Yogi Berra said: Basketball, like baseball,"is 90% mental, the other half is physical."

Hey guys we got a new post up


How pathetic all of this talk of we'll be fine come playoffs. Oh really? Says who, dammit! What proof do any of you have that this Laker team will be fine in the playoffs?

Yes, we won it last year, but we barely got passed Houston and Denver. Many of you forget that. If it wouldn't have been for a couple of luck plays by Ariza, we would not have gotten out of the West. We struggled mightily throughout the playoffs, so give me this BS about how we're magically going to become a championship calibur team when the games count.

Don't talk about stuff you can't prove. The Lakers are not going to suddenly become a quality team when the playoffs start. They are what they are, so stop making so many damned BS excuses!

Frustrated but undaunted. The next game is always on the horizon, where wrongs can be righted.

-The bench, as always, has unlimited potential but rarely lives up to it. I think Phil HAS to start pressing some buttons with those guys.

-Be that as it is, I think the team misses Kurt Rambis more than any one or group of players. A unified philosophy on D was part of the core competencies of the last 2 champions.

-Worried? With the country just off the heels of the worst financial crisis since the depression and with many people still in the throes of financial calamity, this is more of a diversion than real life. The 2000-2003 Lakers had worse crisis than this.

The fact remains that we all know that they aren't playing to their potential as a team. They didn't reach consistency until game 5 of the Denver series. Until a team can prove they can beat the Lakers 4 times in a 7 game series, I won't be worried.


Meanwhile, I've been missing all those bandwagons. Can't help it, I was in Vegas. There was a tiger in my bathroom for some reason....

The only way I see the Lakers winning it all this year is if PJ decides to play Kobe at point and sits Fishwrap on the bench. BUT Phil will stick with Fish because he is such a calming influence on the team. I can not believe the coach and mgt ok'd the decision that Fish was good enough to lead us back to the promise land. Unbelievable!


Do you know:
- From the day Rambis gone Laker D gone
- From the day Ted W retired Laker triahgle O gone.
- From the day KOBE become "Facilator" Laker strength gone
- Nobody double team KOBE during his "faclliated".
- KOBE got so many TO during 1stQ and 2ndQ "faciliate".Their opponent is waiting for his pass.
- If Laker play the whole game as last 5 min. of 4thQ .No body can stop them why wait util the end?

(01) TROLL MAN – OWNER - New Jersey beats the Spurs after beating the Cavs and Celtics. STUFF HAPPENS!!
(02) LAKER IN BC – DRIVER - Everyone in the Lakers from head coach down to star players to bench players to the ball boys are burned out from 2 straight years in the Finals. Repeating in pro sports is not easy. The competition is not easy. I just hope they get it together by the playoffs. The whole team needs a vacation right now but they really can't have one until June.
(03) KIWI – RIDING SHOTGUN - Even with all the flaws pointed out, with homecourt advantage they will get to the finals.Right now I don't feel positive they can win a series against Cleveland on the road but things change so fast and they have got the advantage of a lot more finals experience.The west will be tough but they are sufficiently better than many teams that they will get to grow into themselves before it really matters.I'm not worried yet.
(04) #4 - Frustrated but undaunted. The next game is always on the horizon, where wrongs can be righted. -Worried? With the country just off the heels of the worst financial crisis since the depression and with many people still in the throes of financial calamity, this is more of a diversion than real life. The 2000-2003 Lakers had worse crisis than this. The fact remains that we all know that they aren't playing to their potential as a team. They didn't reach consistency until game 5 of the Denver series. Until a team can prove they can beat the Lakers 4 times in a 7 game series, I won't be worried.
(05) DJ – RIDING SHOTGUN2 - The key, I think, is to win 4 games ASAP and rest our starters for the Playoffs. Get them healthy and rested and hopefully it will be a whole new season.
(06) ROLANDO DELAGOZA – SEARGENT AT ARMS - Our beloved Lakers should regroup now and not wait for the playoff. Being overconfident will be their ruin. Meanwhile, "go Lakers go!" Sweep all the next seven games!
(07) JAC - you guys, things change so fast in basketball it's ridiculous. Remember, the playoffs are usually 2 months long (if we go to the Finals). That is plenty of time to gather together and start playing well. Lets face it, with their backs against the walls, the Lakers play awesome. I mean, remember the Denver series? One play by shannon brown changed everything. Everyone was talking about how hot Cleveland and Denver was, but look how they got kicked out. None of this matters, trust me, it only matters in the playoffs. I personally, am bored, and can't wait for the end of April.
(08) ISLAND PRIEST -. The Lakers will win a ring like last year if Odom plays like the beast he has inside.
(09) LET’S GO L’S’ - Folks, hard as it is, we have to keep the faith, at the darkest of times in our 54-20 team...KB24 no doubt is being handed that challenge right now. We know what a focused KB 24 can do. I'm curious to see if his outspoken passion will awaken a lot of injury riddled & somewhat aloof Lakers by "paydirt" time. We shall see in the weeks ahead about their actual state of both "mind" & "body." , They are 2-2 since Phil cracked the whip per se...I'm also curious to see his legendary leadership take shape down the road. THE BOTTOM LINE: I have trust in Phil & KB24 to right the ship, especially when more guys become healthier...Time, no matter how much is left, is such a great thing to have & appreciate. Gotta believe! Peace!
(10) MAMBA24 – I’M STAYING!!! Never, never, never, never, never will I, to my Laker team say goodbye
(11) ART-FL-LAKER FAN - Wow, the Nuggets are now the #5 seed. Martin may not be back this year and they are playing .500 without him. Martin says he's afraid Nugs may fall to the 8 seed. They got 5 playoff bound teams to play in their last 7 games. So Laker fans, things could be worse.
(12) JOVBATZ44 - On the bright side, IMO, these type of losses will humble our Lakers. Come playoffs, it will make them work double realizing that they aren't unbeatable. I still Believe because I'm a Lakerholic, and I bleed Purple and Gold. Fish may not be a factor for most part of the regular season, people may bash him all they want, but come Playoffs, I guarantee he will knock those daggers down.
(13) CALIPHILOSOPHER - Troll Man - thanks for giving me reason to think that not everyone is ready to fire the entire franchise and everyone who works there.
(14) LAKERS WINS - Lakers visit brings more crowd to the home teams arenas(leads NBA)! So even Nets will try to play lot harder and every team will bring their A+++ game. Beating Lakers they can easily say that "They Have Beaten World Champions". So most teams play as if it is do or die!! In-spite of these situation if lakers are able to get 60 wins its great!! real great!!! We will win the title friends! So don't give up!!!
(15) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – SECURITY - Everyone wants to jump on board the bandwagon when it's all good, but then they want to jump ship come a little advsersity. I'm not saying the Lakers don't have issues, because it's clear they do. BUT - is it going to cause them to get bounced out of the playoffs in the first round as some advocate??? Are you freaking kidding me???? These are your CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS. They are ENGINEERED for the playoff run. Get a grip people. There ain't no fat lady singing. There ain't even one in the arena.
(16) BRONXLAKERFAN - Put me on the I'm a Lakerholic & I believe bandwagon. The Lakers have always been & will always be my team! A few missed jumpshots are not going to change that. My team win or lose!
(17) DOC PAPPY - Prediction: Lakers to the finals in many long drawn out series.

Does Farmar ever own up to his own inadequacies? He always seems to find an excuse for his poor and inconsistent play.

I agree 100% now just add fisher, odom, pau, bynum,artest,and even pj except he doesn't play but most of this statement also apllies to him......

The only way they win is when Kobe stops taking dumb shots like that long distance 3 with a ton of time left.

so they lost cause of kobe's dumb long distance 3.....pau please stop posting under other names......

Lackluster. The Lakers are playing without passion. The chip on their shoulder that propelled them to excellence last season has been replaced by the belly of contentment. A budha, if you will. I have a hard time seeing this team repeat. Too many 'E' intangibles are left unaccounted for: effort, execution, energy.

The bench seems like it has taken the regular season off. After a torid start Shannon Brown is a non-factor. He plays his 15-20 mpg without the same fervor since just before the All Star break. Not sure if his lack of an impact on the Dunk competition has somehow creeped into his mind (why I cannot fathom), but he's not playing instinctively. He hasn't made a decissive pass in over a month. He's gun shy about throwing it into the post when Gasol and Odom have sealed their men (heck, even when Kobe or Artest gets good post position). Outside of a game here or there, UPS just hasn't been showing me what Brown can do for me.

Farmar seems like he is resigned to moving on in the regular season, knows a big contract isn't out there (what with the NBA exploding in 2011) and is content to sort of lollygag it out. Porous defence, hardly any assists and a propensity to look for his own before he passes to a big has become so predictable it could be turned into a drinking game. I am done with Farmar. I say bench him for the rest of the season. Sasha can't be any worse.

Sasha has been yo-yoed in and out of any meaningful minutes all season long. Granted, his shoulder injury prevented what had seemed to be a confidence building run a month or so ago, but since then he's gotten meager minutes and gone toe to toe with Brian Shaw. His defense is consistently better than Farmar's and his shooting is just as eratic as Brown's has become. He's a better rebounder and defender than either one is showing me at this stage of the season.

The fact that the staff is as excited about the prospect of getting Luke back on the floor as I am bodes horribly for most Laker fans (ie Luke Haters) but I am looking forward to a bench player (now that Lamar is back in the starting 5) that actually tries to run the offense, work inside out and can pass with aplomb. Hopefully the return of Luke will cascade into an overall increase in team play.

I would actually like to comed DJ Mbenga for his D. He's been playing with the passion we seem to lack, but he's a scrub, he'll never crack the Big Minute ceiling on this team (nor should he) and he can be a foul magnet and won't be looked upon to carry us offensivly in the Playoffs (nor should he).

Josh Powell has struggled all year with his shot and is also a spot contributor, unlike Brown and Farmar.

If it seems like I'm singling out our bench it's because I am. They stink right now. I see a short rotation getting shorter if this becomes the status quo. Phil will be forced to extend his starters minutes and we could see fatigue setting in well before the Western Conference finals.

Some see it as cruise control, I see it as a disturbing pattern that has settled into the psyche of the team.

FEARless: I very much appreciated your post about Pau getting his "touches."

As you recognize, when he speaks of "touches," he doesn't mean "shots" (as so many people seem to think). Rather, it means that the offense runs through him, so that he gets the opportunity to be a passer.

Not only is he an excellent passer, but having the ball enter the post provides a different avenue of attack for shooters and cutters than having Kobe make all the passes from the outside.

This is how the Lakers play their best. It's unfortunate, as you note, that the bench guards don't have a clue.



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