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Bryant late because of intestinal issues, Artest on time with new haircut


Lakers guard Kobe Bryant missed the team bus and showed up 18 minutes late for pre-game activities Sunday because of intestinal issues, according to the team.

He is still expected to play against Orlando, though it is unclear when he fell ill.

"I have no idea," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. "I wasn't in his room last night at all. I wasn't there with him. I didn't eat dinner with him either. So maybe he had something that wasn't good at dinner."

In totally unrelated news, Ron Artest arrived with a new dye job and several inscriptions in his hair. He declined to talk about it before the game, though Jackson said he thought it said "defense" in three different languages. Artest will presumably talk about it after the game.

-- Mike Bresnahan

Photo: All-Star guard Kobe Bryant brings the ball up court against Charlotte on Friday night. Credit: Sam Sharpe / US Presswire

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Hope Kobe feels better. If you follow Ron Ron's Twitter and Facebook, you'd know what those inscriptions mean. Defense in Hindi, Hebrew and Japanese. Purple and gold. Hopefully it will ignite the team and give them some passion. They look like they're just going thru the motions right now. Same as last year during mid season but worse. All the injuries haven't helped things either.

Let's see it today, Lakers!

As Faith would say... DEFENSE.

Go Lake Show!

I just want the playoffs to start already. Lakers are underachieving and just want the regular season to end. Let's see what happens come playoff time. Better be able to turn on that switch they think they have.

That wouldn't piss me off too much because then the Lakers will be forced to face the real issues. Guys that don't want to play hard - get traded. There's a ton of talent in this league with a lot of guys who want to win a ring and play hard for this great organization.

Laker fans deserve better than what players like Bynum, Fisher, Gasol, etc...are putting out.

Kobe is sick again. What else is new.

Good morning family,

Mamba24, thanks for the shout out and positive vibes you bring to the blog.

If indeed the inscriptions on Artest head read "defense" in three languages, it reflects our greatest need. When we match the defensive intensity that Ron Artest has exhibited the past few weeks, the Lakers will be in championship form once again, period. The saying that "offense comes and goes, but defense wins championships..." is a principle that applies now as it did way back when. While methods may change, principles remain the same.

All the Lakers players have agreed that defense is key to getting back on track and repeating. Since they've collectively admitted the problem, time for them to collectively correct it on the court. In other words, put up or shut up!

We'll see if they got the message they sent to themselves in their meetings beginning today in Orlando. I believe they will answer the bell.

Purple and Gold forever!!!

Ditto on Sha's hope Kobe feels better.

Old-time poster who hasn't posted in awhile.

Man the what have you done for me lately crowd sure is dominating the conversation on the blog these days. With every Laker loss and some wins too, some posters are dogging Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, and Fish.

We still lead the West and our best player had been injured for quite awhile, our second best seems to be out of sorts and our bench is what it's mostly been-inconsistent.

Now we got folks who want to trade Kobe and Bynum. Wow! Kobe has been to the NBA finals as a Laker 5 of the last 10 times which includes the last two, and how much respect does he get? almost none to none. Boston fans aren't talking about trading KG, Orlando fans aren't talking about trading Dwight after the Magic loss and Kobe is better than both these guys and will most likely be in the finals again this year!

I'm with the guys in good times and bad, we're hurting right now but all is not lost. Go get'em Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and Fish, I'm riding shotgun, I got your back in good times and bad.

Go Lakers!

All the other Top-7 teams in the West are won their last game, whereas we have lost the last two.

Result: We're just 3.5 and 4.5 games ahead of Denver, and even Portland is only 9.5 games behind us now...Just last week we were 7 games ahead of the #2 seed on west... A very bad week overall.

We can improve a lot, and we should improve on time. Last season we only lost 17 times the whole season. This year, we have lost 17 games, with a quarter more season left.. 2008-09 we finished the regular season 57-25. Will be we reach at least there??

Was smiling last night at our predictions at the start of the season of 70+ wins. I would now be happy with 58-60 :)

The issue with our current team is that the opponent is not beating us, we're the own reason for our loss. We're not a 3-pt shooting team, but still we kept jacking those (and went a dismal 16% - 3 of 16 last game).

Also, someone please tell PJ to coach him to guard the 3 as well. We are getting burnt on 3s badly, and Magic is a 3 team built on 3-pt shooters.

Time to get our act and start winning!!

Hopefully one of the language's shaved on Ron's head for defense is in Spanish.

Is there any doubt that 90% of the officials have it in for the Lakers?

Not from what I'm seeing on TV.


kobe had ta do do

tough lost today for us Laker Fans. as usual the haters are out in force. LOL


I realize that you're busy, but how does a comment like the one from **zap** get through? Disgusting.


Thanks for your prompt editing of that comment by **zap**.

too bad shaq, jamerison, lebrawn will take care of orlando for us laker fans...

I am just sick of Andrew Bynum. He acts like he doesn't belong on the NBA court with likes of Dwight Howard. He fouled out again!Losing a game is something but playing like an idiot is shameful like Ron's ghetto haircut.



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