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Breaking down altercations with Lakers' Kobe Bryant and Orlando's Matt Barnes


With each altercation, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant stared at Orlando forward Matt Barnes with stone-cold silence. Bryant gave Barnes the stare after tussling with him over a rebound in the third quarter, drawing a double technical foul as a referee stepped between them. Bryant gave Barnes the stare after he dunked over him off a tip in. And Bryant gave Barnes the stare when he pretended to throw the ball at his face during an inbounds pass, something that didn't make Bryant flinch for even a nano second.

Bryant's didn't appear to say much, at least to what was visible on the television screen. But he didn't need to because his body language said it all. Through Bryant's stone-cold stares, he reminded Barnes who he was and that nothing was going to intimidate him. Of course, when it's all said and done, the Lakers walked away as the losers, dropping a 96-94 decision Sunday to Orlando. And despite Bryant's many late fourth-quarter points, his team-leading 34 points came on 12-for-30 shooting with Barnes mainly drawing the defensive assignment. 

This type of contentious matchup isn't anything new for Bryant. Heck, leading up to last week's game against Denver, reserve guard J.R. Smith tweeted "Don't get me wrong kobe is great but not when he play me." Bryant later said that tweet was all in fun and that the two are actually friends. But it didn't appear that way with Barnes. So if anything, a possible Lakers-Magic rematch in the Finals may actually produce something more than groans that LeBron and Co. aren't there to make the league, Nike, sportswriters and fans happy. Tweeted The Times' Mike Bresnahan: "I'm thinking today would have been a bad day to tell Kobe that Matt Barnes is on my fantasy team. (I didn't use him today, though.)"

Here is a breakdown of all the incidents involving Barnes and Bryant, something he told reporters he actually enjoyed. "I hate playing against guys who just roll over," Bryant told the Orange County Register's Kevin Ding. "That's no fun."

Third quarter, 11:35 - 11:26

While Vince Carter attempted a three pointer from the top of the key, Bryant boxed out Barnes in the paint. As soon as the ball swished through the net, the contact caused Barnes to get in Bryant's face. He immediately threw up his hands, a referee intervened and Bryant continued to stare at Barnes straight ahead. Both were assessed technical fouls, but ESPN analyst Mark Jackson argued Bryant didn't warrant a technical.

"That's not a double technical foul," Jackson said. "That's a technical foul on Matt Barnes afterwards. You punish the guy who is trying to be innocent and just playing hard basketball."

Third quarter, 9:41 - 9:34

After Magic Center Dwight Howard missed on a post up, Barnes made a two-handed slam on the tip in as Bryant threw his right arm up on his side. Barnes landed a step toward Bryant after the dunk, causing Bryant to elbow Barnes to the neck. Bryant then threw up his hands as Barnes approached him. Neither Bryant nor Barnes were charged for a foul though. A technical was actually called on Howard after he mouthed off to the refrerees after Barnes' dunk.

Said ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy: "That should've been a technical on Kobe Bryant as well."

Third quarter: 8:29 

Before Barnes made his way to the baseline to make an inbounds pass, Bryant and Barnes walked and brushed past each other. It was something that Van Gundy found unnecessary. 

"Why are they running into each other?" Van Gundy said. "Why is Matt Barnes doing that? That doesn't make any sense to me, unless he thinks he can entice Kobe Bryant to get thrown out."

Moments later, it became obvious that Bryant wasn't intimidated one bit by Barnes' tactics. When the referee gave Barnes the ball for the inbounds play, Barnes pushed the ball toward Bryant's face. He didn't flinch one bit and stared straight ahead, something Van Gundy joked was the "play of the game." Moments later, the referee intervened and appeared to tell the two to knock it off. 

Said Jackson: "Somebody in a Magic uniform or even if I'm [Orlando Coach] Stan Van Gundy, I'd consider pulling Matt Barnes out and having a discussion with him because at the end of the day, we need you on the floor. You're not going to get into the head of Kobe Bryant."

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Referee Tony Brothers (25) steps between Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Magic forward Matt Barnes after the two traded elbows and were called for technical fouls in the third quarter Sunday. Credit: John Raoux/Associated Press.

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Who the puck is Matt Barnes...

First of all, I liked that announcer's recognition of how cool a cucumber Kobe is. Barnes fake through the ball into Kobe's face and he didn't even begin to flinch. That is the ice in the veins that allows him to take the last shot.

The good news in these games is that we can play like K-rap, hang around and make a game of it. By no stretch of the imagination did the Magic or the Heat dominate us. When the going got tough, we pulled it together.

I do agree, however, that Kobe seeks the limelight a bit too much. In the Miami game, in the last few minutes, the Lakers simply cleared out the court to make the game a one-on-one situation. To be fair, when KB passed to Bynum, he fumbled the ball. But the idea that no other Laker has the cojones to shoot is wrong.

A statistic that got me was that our record was better while KB was out. That is not necessarily his fault. The rest of the team needs to move, demand the ball, and score when they get it. As all ya'll I hope that this team finds its balance, its sense of team soon!!

But not to worry ya'll. We are the Freakin' WORLD CHAMPION Lakers. Come playoffs I expect a lot of strength out of these young men. I also expect in longer series we will come to find our strength against these elite teams and not play what for us are CLEARLY SUB PAR games far below our ability. Because of long series dynamics, these teams barely beating us when we are playing our worst and they are playing their best do not scare me.

All is well in Lakers land


Matt Barnes doing his best Raja Bell impersonation.

As reporters asked Ron Artest what he thought of Barnes, Lamar Odom yelled out from across the room, calling Barnes a "monkey" who "picked the right game to act tough."

oh man...this is hilarious...I love that Odom is standing up for his teammates.

Well, I hope Kobe would remember Barnes' arrogant behavior displayed today if they are lucky enough to meet in the Finals. I thought Barnes went over the top a bit with his aggressive plays against Kobe.

Good night.

That was a completely idiotic strategy by Barnes. Not Noble at all.

Had he succeeded in getting Kobe tossed out, the Magic probably would have lost.

(see Blasers, Jazz, Spurs, Matt you dummy)

All Kobe is is the product of marketing hype. And all Kobe does is practice to the point where his basketball skills matches this level of hype.

In a sense, the Kobe brand puts pressure on him to practice and perform every night, because if he doesn't practice and perform, he'll be negatively viewed, and Kobe doesn't want that.

So the only thing going for Kobe is his drive to match the hype.

Matt Barnes is a valuable player. If any of the Lakers played with the kind of intensity that Matt Barnes did today, the Lakers would've won.

Take some pointers.

Segeboy, (re post)

You're making all the right points brotha. Lakers will be fine, but we need more production out of Bynum. The most frustrating part of Bynum's game is his inability to stay out of foul trouble. If he was getting hard fouls by contesting dudes at the rim and being overly aggressive, I'd be fine with it. But dude gets the dumbest, laziest fouls I've ever seen. Grabbing guys because he's out of position, leaving his feet when all he needs to do is stay down and raise his timber, pushing guys in the back who are trying to establish position. These type of fouls are just retarded and are making me wonder about dudes heart and concentration. He never seems to be fully focused unless he's the main thing out there. Also, when he sits on the bench, he's always laughing and doesn't seem to take things that seriously. I know what Bynum is capable of, but I've only seen it when he was trying to prove he could be a beast. Unfortunately, he got hurt in both seasons when he was becoming a beast. Now that he's paid, I wonder if that beast will ever come out again. I hope so.

ps. Farmar is the worst defensive guard in the NBA. Dude just gets torched every game. You know PJ is frustrated beyond belief with his inability to make stops. Fish at 36 is still a much more productive player on the whole than Farmar.

Lake Show will go on a winning streak starting on Tuesday. Mark my words.

Posted by: Mikefloss | March 07, 2010 at 09:46 PM

Matt Barnes wanted his 15 minutes today.

He picked a nationally televised game to draw attention to himself by talking trash to Kobe. It almost cost his team a win. Kobe absolutely torched dude in the 4th quarter and almost single handedly brought his team back from the abyss to steal a win.

The last thing I'd ever do would be to talk trash to 24. Dude already has it in his DNA to destroy you, why give him more of a reason? I guess if your Matt Barnes and want to be recognized, you take a shot. What do you have to lose? Everyone already knows you're a scrub.


tonight on a previous thread you had a great comment asking Lakers fans to chill and relax regarding dallas or denver taking over #1 in the WC. thanks for some sanity.

having #1 at the end of the season vs. cleveland is kinda out of reach. focusing on playing well being closer to the playoffs should be the only priority. the rest will work out. obviously this game at least showed that the team is not as vulnerable as the 0-3 shows on this road trip.

What Barnes is trying to do, is exactly the same thing Bell did afew years ago, which Bell was successful by the way.

We will have to wait and see if Kobe ignores passing the ball to his open teammates like he did back in the series against the Suns, when he was trying to score all the points for the Lakers, just to show off Bell that he can not stop him. Which was exactly what Bell wanted being in Kobe's head all series long.

MikeFloss --- Matt Barnes didn't pick a nationally televised game to trash talk Kobe.

He trash talked Kobe because Kobe is unlikeable.

I think the best players on the Lakers today was Shannon, Kobe and Bynum. They were able to put up a good defense and keep the Lakers competitive up to the end. Well, Shannon was not playing because of match-up with Carter so Artest was the one out there. Bynum has 5 fouls and they were trying to chase Magic so need more speed.

I was really disappointed with Farmar's game. He could not stop all the PG's assigned to him and yet I kept on reading that he should start next year. The other night he was torched by DJ Agustin and today, it Jameer Nelson's turn NO DEFENSE, then he blames Pau for not stopping his man.

I read a lot of posts blaming Kobe, what a pathetic stand. They keep on raising the point that Lakers were winning without Kobe. How many shots missed by Artest, Fisher, Farmar, Gasol, Bynum and Odom? Ahh, yes blame Kobe that is an easy way out. If I were Kobe, I'd just opt for surgery like Shaq and see what happens to these crying teammates. Isn't it strange that Artest does not say anything bad about Kobe?

on a different site someone made a comment that started with Fau Gasol. looked like a typo and i hope it was. but i can't abstain from the association with Faux Gasol, like faux paint. faux=fake. jelly fish works, rag doll works too. but Faux i find it more appropriate. how long will he fake us with his pathetic performances and post-speeches.

looks like the 2 missed FT's in the Cleveland game really got under his skin and fogged his brain. from that moment on his game started to fade ( fake+faux). but he is the Faux MVP of the Lakers.

Faux Gasol.:-)

ha ha the fakers keep on getting beat, lost to miami while the magic easily beat them, the fakers are too soft for the magic, because kobe is getting punked by matt barnes, example the very last shot by kobe was a brick, defended by barnes.also no one knows how to rebound, the fakers are going to lose to the mavs or denver and won't make it out of the west. if they do, the magic now have vinsanity and a healthy jameer which they didn't have last year. also ron artest needs more pratice more instead spendin all day on his hair, the FAKERS are bunch of whiners anyways, GO MAGIC!!!!

If you rewatch the video, Kobe is viciously chewing his gum.

Despite the outlook that he is "in control" of his emotions...

...he is not.

The gum chewing is evidence that he feels Barnes' effect on him.

If he weren't chewing gum, Kobe would've kicked his lips ten thousand times.

Also, in all honesty...

...I feel like the Lakers' players want to see Kobe fall.

The Lakers' players want Kobe to realize he never was the player he thought he was. And he never will be.

Once again, somebody makes a prediction of 5-0 after losing three consecutive road games. At least, the blogger who said we would be 3-0 quit guarantee stopped posting game summary. Why do we want to be lightning rod? We are supposed to be Laker fans (been there, done that) so why not act one. We are acting as insecure fans that needs to be reassured at all times.

Can we not just go one game at a time and enjoy the game?

Excellent point, Carlos.

I didn't even think of that.

Yes, Barnes getting Kobe ticked off causes Kobe to try to take over the game and show that lowly scrub that he can't stop him.



I have a question with regards to use of names or handles. Is it possible that one email address uses three different names. Like for example (example only) Staples 24 is also Sociopath 24 and also Fact 1. Just curious.

Mikefloss, and other Lakers fan
You are wrong about Bynum, did you know Howard get in fouls trouble too? The important thing is Phil and his assistant coaches have to remind Bynum all the times so he can avoid foul. If Bynum play for Dallas, Utah, Phoenix, Bynum will be a good player. We all knew that Phil is not the right coach for young player, and Kobe took all the shots in the offense. Don't you see Bynum has one thing better than Howard ? that's free throw shooting. Robert Horry and Rick Fox used to have foul trouble too when they play defense, and they're NBA veteran, just be fair, if you're really a fan of basketball, you know it's hard to find a big man, and it will take longer for them to success. Stoudmire of Phoenix wants to play with top point guard on other team next season. What does this tell you ? Do you think Stoudmire can play better with Fisher instead of Steve Nash ?

Laker fans:

The point about Kobe not flinching when Barnes did the ball flash thing IS NOT THE POINT.



Because they know who the real Kobe is.

Hey Curry - it's obvious you have a man-crush on Kobe, just accept it. No need to hate just to cover up your own insecurities.

No matter what, Kobe can not do it alone. when Kobe shoots 12-30 and still has a better shooting percentage than the rest of his teammates combined, Laker Nation we have a problem.
Laker management took a huge gamble by not getting a scorer at the trade deadline.
MJ had dead-eye shooters around him which made it alot easier than what Kobe has to go through every game. Opponents can pack the paint and dare the Lakers to hit an outside shot.

The rest of the team shot a putrid 36% today. The only time the Lakers have won with ease this year is when one or more players other than Kobe have a good shooting night. People, we have bad shooters on this team.

We don't have a Scotty Pippen, Bill Cartwright, Steve Kerr, John Paxson, Horace Grant, or a Tony Kukoc. These guys could hit an open shot.

Kobe's got nothing and yet he is villified. Put MJ on this team and there would be no difference except for MJ hitting a few more teammates.
This is why Kobe does what he does and why PJ allows it. PJ knows he hasn't a dependable shooter on team besides Kobe.

So for all of you who keep bashing Kobe .... Keep wallowing in your ignorance, because without Kobe on this team, you have to hope that at least 3 players have a good shooting night, and how often has that happened this year.
And quit pointing out the 5 games they played without Kobe. The only game that mattered was the Boston game when the pressure was on. We all saw how the players wilted under the pressure.

You are one insightful dude

Of course the Lakers want to see Kobe Fall
Of course they think he is overrated
Of course they think they would win a championship without him
Of course they think without Kobe they play better defense
Of course they think without Kobe they are better shooters

And a horse is a horse of course of course.

Do you know why I dislike Kobe?

Because Kobe is always trying to manufacture how he wants others to see him.

Other great players do not have the need to manufacture.

They just are the way they are.

If there's a person that's insecure, it's KOBE.

i'm a laker fan living in Dallas... I always say Mav fans were the dumbest NBA fans... Then i just read your post!!! So now I realized it's a tie. ZERO is the number mavs/magic share... Guess what that ZERO represents.

Laker fans!!! whoa!!! Concern is understood; but lets cut out the panic! Everybody getting in their best shot... But guess what... In the playoffs, they gotta beat us 4 of 7. Every analyst, every person that knows basketball will tell you, come playoff time, Lakers will be hard to beat 4 times. All this blame game i'm reading in different blogs is too much.




I wasn't able to watch the game but I heard the last 6 minutes on the radio. You can bet I was jumping up and down as they got closer til the end. After the game, I was looking for anti-depressants. I really thought they were going to win but I realize that Kobe was the only one shooting. I'm sure his other teammates felt like crap again. Especially Pau, he feels he can help win the game if he can get more touches. He's a proven winner too. Of course not as big as Kobe. But Kobe has to acknowledge him at times. He cant win without Pau. He needs to make the plays to motivate his team. Basketball is all about strategy and execution. The Lakers are predictable now. That's why the better teams are beating them.

Kobe's name, Kobe's face, Kobe's number, the way he licks his lips, his lack of hops, him being a Jordan plagiarizer, his forced humility, his forcefulness of wanting to be different from other players, the act that he doesn't need the attention when in reality he loves it, just everything about him...'s just annoying.

It's the complete opposite of the more graceful original players in the league.

"If I were Kobe, I'd just opt for surgery like Shaq and see what happens to these crying teammates. Isn't it strange that Artest does not say anything bad about Kobe?"


i was thinking along those lines many times. unfortunately kobe is in a difficult situation because he wants to win a few more rings. obviously, by having surgery and proving the TEAM point will totally waste i season and a potential ring. he should do that just to leave PJ, Faux G and D Fish in a total embarrassing situation.

ron artest when he decided to come to play for the lakers knew his ROLE on this team and knew WHO is the BIG dog. regardless of his defense, he got many shots and missed most of them. 1-9 against the cats and 2-10 against orlando does not give anyone any rights to comments or complains. anyway, ron understands what kobe means for any team that he will play for. the problem is Faux Pas and the scrubs like Farmar who try to be heros when they r just Zeros.

most of us wonder what was the SECRET player discussion on saturday. i believe today's game was a glimpse of it. in the second and third quarter, Fish constantly played the ball opposite the site where kobe was. onviously the little stubborn general decided that the TEAM can fill in the BLANKs. but in the combination of Fish, Faux Ps and Ron, after many touches, Faux Pas was missing layups and was blocked and at one moment both Fish and Ron were 2-8 each.

and Kobee chewing gum is something new. and i guess it is something related to the fact that that maybe he needs to calm himself seeing the impotence of his teammates and the fact that they started the TEAM rhetoric when none of them can make plays for themselves and neither for teammates.

in the Miami game was a sequence with a lot of TOUCHES. Faux Pas passed the ball to Fish in the right corner. the miami defender was very fast and Fish could not make his "catch and shoot". so he tried to dribble once for a JUMP shot. the defender recovered quickly and did not give him space. so Fisher dribbled the ball across the paint, stopped on the left of the key and with like 2-3 sec. left on the clock passed to Kobe who had to hoist up a shot.

Faux pas and Fish think they r playmakers. actually they r play breakers. JUST TOUCHES. by the end of the 3rd, ron and fish had each 2-8. interesting that one of the basket each made was after kobe dribbled on the baseline, raised and passed out to them. they were set on the perimeter with no defender and they had all the space and time to make the shot. same as in the denver game when kobe orchestrated all the defense.

maybe a good association will be chamber music. like in Vivaldi's 4 seasons, the first violin is also the conductor of the orchestra. yes, kobe is the soloist and the real orchestrator/conductor of the group. now the rest of the players better learn to play in unison and at the same volume. no notes left out and no pages skipped. or maybe another analogy will be quintets with piano, where the typical quartet of chords, play second fiddle to the PIANO. and whatever format one is choosing there is only one soloist: Kobe "Bean" Bryant.

as much as i am frustrated with the today loss, i'm happy that the myth " the Lakers never lost 2 games from the moment Faux Pas joined the team" is OVER. Faux Pas is just a second thought. no more undeserved credits.

ps. i enjoyed Gortat (another finesse european-i don't think so) posterizing Faux Pas. it was a very sad moment at the same time.

AMEN TROLL MAN... Preach brother... TOO MUCH KOBE HATIN!!! allow me to jump in with you...

Lakers can win games without KOBE, but winning 4 of 7 against a Denver/Cleveland/Boston/Orlando Ain't happening without KOBE...

HISTORY LESSON!!! The bulls 3 peated and jordan retired. That very next season, the bulls team went to the eastern conference finals!!! Good team right, but they loSt in the eastern conference finals. Why??? NO JORDAN!!! They were A great regular season team; but NOT good enough to win championship without that super closer.

Lakers did great while playing without KOBE, but ask any team in the league if they think the Lakers can win a championship without Kobe. Like the bulls, AINT GONNA HAPPEN!


The Lakers are in trouble.

This deep into the season, they are playing without energy, without teamwork, without heart, without desire, without concentration, without execution.

This includes Kobe.

I am still waiting for Andrew Bynum (with his $50 million contract) to show up. Andrew still WILTS against the better centers in the league. He needs an attitude adjustment. Where is Kareem when you need him.

Lamar (with his $30 million contract) is out to lunch. The Lakers can beat anyone when Lamar shows up. But he hasn't lately.

During last year's playoffs, Pau Gasol played great defense on Howard. He made Howard disappear. This was because he worked in the gym to improve his strength. Pau has since lost his strength after not working out over the summer. And he has become SOFT as a butter roll again.

I wished the Lakers had traded Andrew Bynum for Chris Bosh. At least, Bosh would have shown up on game time.

The Lakers young guards are not ready to replace the aging Derek Fisher. They should show some humility and just try hard every day to play the best they can. But they don't equal Derek Fisher by a mile.

Maybe, in the off season, they can pick up another guard - such as Kirk Hinrich. I suggest trying to keep all three guards if they can AND pick up Kirk.

I am not at all optimistic about the playoffs with how these Lakers yahoos are playing.

Do you notice that all the noses of the Lakers players are starting to resemble Phil Jackson's nose?

Curry...when does your book come out?...Nothing better than a read and good laugh.

You would be great infront of an audience of 1..

Hello Laker fans:

You're missing the point.

Do you know what that point is?


Great players trust their teammates.
Players like Kobe do not.

Kobe is the kind of player that makes other players doubt themselves on the court.

Last season with the SUNS, Barnes made plenty of mistakes and few were sad to see him go in the off-season. But he had this knack for killing LA , and he had memorable outings vs. the purple-yellow fellows.

Standing from here, it sure looks like Ariza made the lakers a better team than now. Artest seemed confused today. He may need to simply do like Sarah Palin and write "DEFENSE" in the palm of his hand, in English.

Well, my SUNS are off til Friday. Maybe LA can get a win before then so they won't be so desperate by the time they get to Arizona.

i thought is flu season. looks more and more that the Kobe Bryant down syndrome has many casualties on this blog

TrollMann - don't bother with staples/sociopath 24, jimjoyce and curry types. let them sulk in their own misery.

and on a different note: some weeks ago Caliphilosopher gave u a lecture regarding you using the "we" in your writing, questioning who is the "we" when you were posting "your" subjective opinions. I GIVE YOU the rights to use WE and you can count on me that i'm part of WE (i guess 2 is enough to make a WE). and if i'm really disagreeing with something, i will address u personally or just let it pass. :-)

WE can have synergistic opinions: isn't that "LakerTom's" desire?

kobe was the oppisite that series he didnt let bell get in his head. the only big game he had was when bell was suspended he scored 50, the rest were good solid team oriented games so dont use that as an example. dont believe me look at the box score for the series

let it go man!!! You starting to sound like you on the wrong side of the fence!!!

1. The way he chews his gum?
2. His face?
3. The way he licks his lips???... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

What's next; his jock strap... hahahahaha LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

ok.. for fun, i'll jump in...
Those 4 championships; that MVP, that 81pt performance, that 62 pts in 3 qtrs against mavs, that 61pt madison square garden record; that #8 jersey; that leading selling #24 jersey; those 5 game winners this year; that olympic gold medal; those tennis shoes that i cant get a pair because they always sold out; those all star appearances; his future retired laker jersey...


The big question of the night is when will Jonny boy K. quit crying and enlighten everyone with his knowledge !!! Man he takes these losses really hard. I feel sorry for the dude.

Way to hate on Gasol!

How quickly the weak minded forget that between Shaq and Gasol, the Sociopath Soloed below .500

Purple And Gold Nation, WAKE THE F UP ...

I repeat the lakers are not in trouble, the coaches just have to earn their pay checks. I'm reading posts from both fans and haters that are pissing me off ... I'm trying to get a biz off the ground so I can't be on the blogs often but jeez manup laker fans and point the finger where it should be ... I mean I didn't watch the game but mentioned PG as a problem, only to see recent posts mentioning how farmar was lit up ... we all know what the problem is ... but ok, I'll make it official, this is str8 from the sheriff's office ...

Stop blaming Kobe, dude ain't perfect but if there's anything that is right with the lakers it is number 24. Does he shoot too much at times, yes. Does he sometimes staredown his teammates when they mess up, yes. But he's had countless assist to teammates both during the Kobe/Shaq era and last year's run during the last minutes of the game. So it's not like he wants to shoulder responsibility ALL the time, just most of the time. Paint it anyway you want but to me that's the sign of a great leader. Yes you want leaders that delegate, but which company doesn't want its managers in the frontline when issues that can derail a project arise, when the s***t hits the fan you want your leaders right there front and center. From the day kobe was drafted this franchise has been built around his work ethic, stop letting the fact that we got another great player in Shaq at the same time cloud your judgement. The dude will retire one of the greatest lakers ever to play the game and in a franchise with a history littered with great players, that's saying a lot.

Secondly on the issue of teammates, lets get this clear. If you think you can't get along with Kobe, if you think you deserve more touches, if you're too scared of kobe to play well when on the court with him ... pls just submit your trade request now and stop wasting any of our times. Like I said Pau needs to man up and demand the ball more. Odom needs to show up more consistently. Bynum needs to understand all we want him for is his defense, we're offering him captain of post defense title, if that makes him feel used and abused then time to find a new home. PG position, umm keep praying I guess. We need better play at the guard position, period. Just cuz we've got kobe doesn't mean we should make it a fair matchup for the other team by fielding scrubs in the backcourt next to him. I love Fish but honestly dude's on his last knees. Like if some of y'all screaming Kobe's old, then Fish shouldn't even be in the league. And whilst brown has shown flashes, there's a reason he wasn't getting any time in Charlotte. He ain't starting guard material in this league unless you're trying to get butchered.

Lastly I've always been with pfunk36, PJ is a great coach but I think it is time for him to retire. He's accomplished so much and even he himself constantly hints that if the lakers weren't winning he'd be done coaching. My issue with him now is his ability to drive his players at his age and given his health concerns. If our coach doesn't love his job enough to say I'd be here if we didn't have a title shot, it is time to get someone else. PJ after we win the championship this season pls ride into the sunset, and hopefully take the triangle with you. And to the haters screaming #24 always takes the last shot, he always does this, he always does that, then perharps you should start campaigning for a coach strong enough to enforce your wishes on #24. Cuz lord knows I've never understood why y'all fault kobe for making plays called by his coach. Or you've just convinced yourselves that 100% of the time, he calls the last play of the game for himself even though his coach drew up something else.

And oh regarding matt barnes, say what? matt who? really he deserved his own thread? Someone print it out, frame it up, and send it to him to hang on his wall. Next time how about you talk about the ressurgence of Vince Carter. Dude is dunking again, wow, now that's what I call good coaching. Big ups to van gundy, though your boy is going to get butchered by Kobe. Keep polishing your resume up and don't be afraid to jump ship when we come calling. And for the coup d' etat, maybe you can convince Howard his big ol smile is meant for Hollywood.


the economy is bad, tourism is down. there r some fishing trip tickets on sale. you can booked them for end of april. hurry up, you will have competition. and the jazz will play some blues ballads for you. "Am I blue" will be a hit in Phoenix. i'm sure nash can use it on his reality radio show while driving home with a Black Jesus bobble head hanging on the windshield. it will be roll time. nothing to pick, except the stuff in the locker.

or "summertime"

And the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin'
And the "cactus" is high

… So hush little baby
Don't you cry

Pau Gasol whines like a female dog. I guaranteed this would happen and what do you know.

Gasol whining about touches, whining like a little girl.

This guy needs to man up. He did not score any baskets on one-on-one plays. HE is a softie. PAULA GASOFT

I'm sorry to say this but Gasol is a loser. There is a reason you went 0-12 in the playoffs before the GREAT kobe bryant rescued your sorry, losing behind. Stop complaining and actually score when you get the ball. You play so scared and timid. I'm tired of your complaining when clearly you don't want anything to do with the ball at the end of games. SH** UP please

PAULA GASOFT needs to close his mouth. If you want the ball more, then do something with it. You cannot score one-on-one against any good defender. He scored all your points off rebounds or assists for dunks against the Magic. You are a pathetic complainer who tries to act tough when people call you soft, which you in fact are. Get over your European pampering. You disappear every big game and refuse to have anything to do with the ball late in games. You choke at the free throw line time and time again. So please you whiner, zip your mouth.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to Gasol's b**** rant:

MM Please post this link on your next post. The fans have got to see this ridiculous whining by PAULA GASOFT.

Mr Medina,
I think an article/blog post discussing Gasol's "suggestions" about his touches would be very interesting. I want to read your view on this. Of course, I would like you to consider the following for your piece:
1) The Lakers DO pass him the ball enough in the low post for one-on-one opportunities but he does nothing with it but take two-three dribbles and kicks it out when no double team comes
2) The contending teams in the NBA, Nuggets, Celtics, Magic, Cavs, and Mavs do not double down on Gasol in the post yet he cannot score one-on-one against these teams consistently
3) He does not want anything to do with the ball late in games. Do you really think he wants to be fouled with the ball in his hands? Please note how many times he has choked at the free throw line late in games this year ALONE
4) Outside of one game against Denver (game 3 of the playoffs last year) Gasol NEVER makes big baskets in the post. Instead he has to rely on Kobe to create off pick and roll or penetration for him

Mr. Medina I really think it is time to call Gasol out on his persistent complaining while he never backs up these words with evidence in the games.

last sunday, feb 28th i tuned in to the milwaukee-atlanta game in atlanta. the bucks were up and it could have been a surprise.

joe johnson, the atlanta star/all-star/ superstar what ever you want to call him, the franchise player was having a bad shooting night. with one min on the clock and the bucks up, joe johnson was 6-20. not very good. like a kobe bad day.

as soon as he hit a shot and atlanta tied the game at 92 the commentator said:


the bucks missed and after a TO JJ had the ball and missed the buzzer beater or the winning basket. so he CHOCKED? but because of his tying shot, no one commented. on the opposite they praised him!!!!!!!!!!!

same happens with roy. he is considered god in portland
melo and billups in denver
do i have to tell you that James's farts smell of roses even if he misses the buzzer beater against charlotte and they lose at home?

and none of those players r questioned how many shots they take, how many they make and how the rest of the team hangs around without TOUCHING the ball. they r UNTOUCHABLE.

regardless of the play, even if they win, KOBE is chastised by the LA media and now especially by the bloggers. and especially on this blog. this is the only Lakers blog where there is hatred for the franchise player. (i'm not saying that on other blogs he is not criticized for bad shooting or sometimes bad decisions)

in his career, he did more for the Lakers than all the players i mentioned above did TOGETHER for their respective franchise. most of those players, except billups, never even smelled a final. (and James who was 0-4)

kobe is under microscope and scrutinized. the pathology goes beyond his play: lately we have the gum, the chewing, the face, the socks, the shorts his knee wrap or the color of his finger wrap. i'm expecting his daughters to be attacked because u don't like their pony tails. not the right color (ironically, they were dressed in P&G in the playoffs)

the media, MM included, will have ad nauseam articles about his shooting, about his passing, about his facilitating and the rest of the TEAM will get a free pass. and will praise their excuses. Faux Pas is the ambassador that lately with Fisher have total diplomatic immunity. Bynum gets all kind of health excuses. Faux Pas too. yes, it's his 3rd hamstring. LO has a sugar rush. or lack of. give him a pass and a snicker bar as award. artest is out of reach because of his hair style. the scrubs r talented but too young. luke has IQ.

way to treat your franchise player. and the only one who brings it every night. bad shooting or not. at least mentally he is always THERE. ON THE COURT.

in the miami game every media member was reminding us that DWADE just came back from injury and he is out of synch. whowwwww, but kobe is not back from injury and he does not have a broken finger. he can't be out of synch. he has to shoot over 50%, has to have 10+ assists, maybe like 8 rebounds, and constantly he has to feed and to keep all these inconsistent, insecure brain midgets balanced mentally because they can't play under pressure, they can put in effort because they don't have touches and they r not paid enough to act as professionals. they have to be spoon feed and hit on the back so they can burp. as soon as he is around they lose their confidence? did they ever had some? there is a testament game: against the Celtics, in 7.5 minutes they could not score. none of them. the best of them on the court. the famous 4-1 team.

better then give them books, maybe PJ should buy each of them an 8' mirror. and he can buy himself one too. because he is good at scapegoating.

This Gortat's dunk over Odom was awesome!!!

You are the idiot cousin of Forrest Gump
Many asshole and few bullets.
Abortion is not illegal, abortion is necessary.

Who I want the Lakers to beat in the Finals? Always sweet to beat the Celtics but dang I want Kobe to deny LBJ and Shaq a ring.

Orlando? Beat them already.

Curry,come on man you are so desparete,admit it you have a man crush on KB.:)

Don't feel ashamed,you want him on your team as well.

To all like CURRY,
you're such a hater coz you are a "nobody." JEALOUS THAT IS!!!! Put your hate on yourself for being a losser!!!

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Wow! It's obvious to see that when things aren't going right for our Lakers, the world is coming to an end for most folks. If I may put a positive spin in all this...Here's the deal...

Like I've always said, ADVERSITY keeps "winning" and "losing" in great perspective. It either brings a team "together" or "apart." The Lakers are nowhere "apart" like most people think.

Phil knew since day one that repeating wasn't going to be easy. What most fans don't understand is that this Lakers team has NOT been healthy ALL year playing together. It really shows in their play from game to game whether its playing with a busted finger/s, pulled groin/s, knee pain, back pain, flu, etc..

Furthermore, looking at Phil over the years, he typically starts "cracking the whip" per se in the last 10-12 games of the regular season to fine tune things.

With this in mind, don't think for a second that other teams in the NBA aren't taking notice.

It's no coincidence that quality teams like Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, and Orlando went out and signed/acquired personnel before and during the season via trade for ONE and ONE thing ONLY... to stop the Mr. KB24 express.

Here's what I mean...

Cleveland...Jamario Moon
Orlando...Matt Barnes
Dallas...Caron Butler
Denver...Aaron Afflalo

You see, when it comes down to it, these teams had no choice but to improve drastically. After all, who wants to be an "O"fer when it comes to winning championships and spending big time money. For these teams, it's NOW or NEVER...

Believe me, KB24 has no reason to feel intimidated by "anyone" or any "team." Come playoff time, the pressure cooker of "winning" gets quite hot for most teams/players. We ALL know that this "second" season is quite like no other.

Here's another take on the "so-called" KB24 stoppers/talkers of recent memory...

Matt Barnes resume...ZERO championships KB24...4 Rings

JR Smith resume...ZERO championships KB24...4 Rings AND...

Raja Bell (for old times sake)...ZERO championships

The present scorecard in the Larry O'Brien sweepstakes is quite clear...

To these guys, the only way to defeat LA in a playoff series is to "trash" talk KB24 and show how manly they are (for the record, Raja did succeed but never made it to the promise land).

If I were these two guys, I would think twice in the playoffs, especially JR Smith. An angry KB24 is the worse any team can face. Trust me!

Well, all I know is that when the dust settles, I expect the Lakers and either Cleveland or Boston to play for all the marbles.

Boston I say? Yes! They too, like the Lakers, have heard all the nonsense for months now. It's all about managing health and momentum.

Relax folks...The Lakers, according to analyst Jon Barry, are too good of a team not to show up and do damage in the playoffs. After all, CHAMPIONSHIPS is what our Lakers play for and nothing else.

3 game losing streak? Oh well, that's life. I expect the Lakers to make a late season push, play well in the playoffs, and win it all come Finals time. Why not?

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Gotta believe through it all...Peace.

"I read a lot of posts blaming Kobe, what a pathetic stand. They keep on raising the point that Lakers were winning without Kobe. How many shots missed by Artest, Fisher, Farmar, Gasol, Bynum and Odom? Ahh, yes blame Kobe that is an easy way out. If I were Kobe, I'd just opt for surgery like Shaq and see what happens to these crying teammates. Isn't it strange that Artest does not say anything bad about Kobe?

Posted by: Edwin Gueco "

I completely agree with you Edwin.

After all these years, they are still blaming Kobe. How pathetic indeed. Kobe has brought us to NUMEROUS finals appearances and has gotten us 4, FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RINGS!

These anti-kobe guys amaze me. Kobe led the USA REDEEM TEAM to GOLD. He was the one that set the standard, on how to play Defense on that team. Without Kobe on that team, I'm sure they will get Lebronze again.

Another thing, I usually to not call out Laker players, but Gasol has been having issues with Kobe. I wonder why Gasol continues to talk like this. I mean, he wasn't talking like this last year- pre ring. It led me to thinking that Gasol may want to win a regular season MVP award. Kobe has 7 assists on this game(excluding missed shots by teammates), and yet, he calls out Kobe once more?!!! what the hell is he thinking??????

Clearly, Gasol has some issues. I hate to say this, but I'm beginning to think that Gasol might be the cancer of this team.

Just to add, Gasol hasn't consistently led his Grizz to the playoffs every year when he was the MAIN MAN. More so, he CANNOT EVEN WIN A SINGLE PLAYOFF GAME, BEING THE 'LEADER' OF HIS TEAM. Although I must admit, he is a very very good complimentary player when he plays hard. (i know, LAL went 4-1 went Kobe was out, BUT PLEASE!!!! don't compare 4-1 to what Kobe has accomplished as a leader. it wont make sense.)

Hope Gasol will try to realize he should adapt to Kobe, not the other way around. Gasol's time as a leader was done, it's proven he can't carry a team. He should stop talking non-sense. He is pissing me off.


Magic said recently the hardest thing facing these Lakers in their quest to repeat would be dealing with the egos after being success last year. I believe him because these Lakers don't seem to be having fun this year. If you are constantly complaining about balance and shots distribution then you are not playing basketball freely...
Posted by: Sam | March 07, 2010 at 11:50 PM

I think this is a valid point. I was at the game, and agree, the Lakers did not look like they were happy or having fun. They seemed tight, as in tense, and I sensed a lack of confidence right from the start. Just a sense, don't have anything to substantiate that other than posture, facial expressions. The tense issue is as responsible for the missed shots as anything.

Whatever is going on with them seems to have gotten into their heads.
Their only problems are mental and they are the only team that can beat them.
They need to stop pressing.

No matter all the criticism of each individual and their deficiencies, if they get their heads back together, regain their confidence and can come together as a team and start to enjoy each other again they will win another ring this year.
If they don't, they won't.

I actually disagree with many of the comments posted here and with those by the announcers of last night's game. Kobe may not have flinched, but all of a sudden, he assumed that tough guy, overly cockly, chompin the gum, I am the greatest - nothing phases me type attitude. In fact, it is my opinion, that Kobe was bothered by Barnes and more so, by the fact that the Magic were playing really tough basketball (Celtics 08 - game 6 - who completely got under Kobe's skin - the bunnies comment etc. etc..)...It is my view that bc Kobe tried so hard to seem unphazed that he actually was unsettled...The fact is...he had to control his emotions and project the cool customer persona and in the end...I think that impacts any player because at that point, your bloodpressure is a little off, the brain chemistry is reacting, and the muscles are a bit tighter plus, he is without a doubt seeking to put Barnes in his place...that becomes a goal in and of itself that one could argue supercedes winning the game...Dont get me wrong - if anyone can remain steady in those situations its Kobe but, the guy, contrary to what everyone thinks, is not without his flaws. Ive seen it time and time again - he almost overcompensates at times when people threaten him and bump him around - he is best when he is most relaxed, loose and fluid...He is not Michael Jordan in that respect who played great angry...Again, just my own personal opinion that im sure many will take issue with. The Celtics completely broke down the Lakers physically and mentally in 08 and that was best examplified in the game 6 embarassment. I would be concerned that they are vulnerable to the same at the heels of a tougher Cleveland and Orlando team (and Denver) this time around

Let's face the truth KOBE is one of the greatest player on the history of NBA and he is the current LEADER of TEAM LAKERS..............

No one can question the talent and ability of KOBE and you can't compare the talent of one player to another player.

Barnes is the kind of punk I would have knocked straight out when I was younger, playing at Vets park. The trash talking is okay, we all have done it. But digging your nose in my ear of faking throwing the ball in my face would have earned you a broken nose.

Those of us who grew up playing pickup know how it is; trash talking and hard fouls, gangbangers and the ladies on the sidelines. It made thug ballers out of all of us, even nice guys like myself. Not thugs, mind you, just thugs on the court. It was just how it was. I miss those days.

Back in the '80s, Lucas, Byron Scott, or Michael Cooper would have floored Barnes for getting in Magic's face. No one stepped up to defend Kobe. Lamar and Artest have it in them, so does Sasha V. I'm not mad at Pau. He had it out a few times with superdud. But still, I wish someone on this Laker team had some fire in his gut, some passion. Maybe they're taking the high road, being they are the champions. I don't know. I just want this regular season over so I can see the real Laker team come to play.

Curry' dude you are the one with clear issues. The type of hate you vent is unmerited. You are looking for attention and i guess this is the only way you can get it. Seek professional help because you apparently need it or continue with the Venom you spew if that gets your rocks off. You could be using that energy towards something you love which would be far more beneficial to you. In other words GET A LIFE.

Laker fans, if you were asked to take a title for your team if it meant that the same team would hit 3 to 4 rough patches the following regular season, but still be in position to win another title, would you turn it down?

Of course you wouldn't.

Every defending champion experiences adversity of some sort. Because each of their opponents will play with playoff intensity, especially those whom the champ vanquished the season before. And if the champ happens to be the LA Lakers, the intensity of each opponent goes through the roof.

Just hope, LA fans, that the Lakers will finish the season as the No. 1 seed in the West. If they do that, they'll be fine. It's only March, even if Lakers opponents are playing with spring intensity.

Shouldn't be all that much fuss about Matt Barnes, that's always how he's been. The dude can play some ball, gets in other guys' faces a lot... but he never seems to stick with a team too long, kind of plays on the fringes. 7 teams in 8 seasons ought to tell you something. We got bigger fish to fry, like getting in a lock-down mode as a team, getting primed for the stretch run.

The announcers and every else who claims that Barnes faked a pass into Bryant's face are morons. Look at the video. He's faking a pass over Bryant's left shoulder. You can even see Kobe looking to the right. It wasn't "into his face".


What's with your man-crush on JonK? I mean, geez, every thread since the last buzzer?

As to the games:

I personally didn't get to see the last two games due to travel with NBA haters. I'm still not seeing the big deal here. Review other B2B years and tell me some of the same things we are seeing now didn't happen back then. Losses to sub .500 teams, losses on the road, starting the playoffs out of the top seed, and still the Lakers took home Mr. O'brien's trophy.

The only problem I see is that I'm going to be another full 5 days without having watched a Laker game by tomorrow.


better then give them books, maybe PJ should buy each of them an 8' mirror. and he can buy himself one too. because he is good at scapegoating. Posted by: ouchhhhhhhhh | March 08, 2010 at 01:56 AM
Ouchh, Ouchhh! but...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!

Kirby has a butterfly tattoo!

Barnes is the kind of punk I would have knocked straight out when I was younger, playing at Vets park. The trash talking is okay, we all have done it. But digging your nose in my ear of faking throwing the ball in my face would have earned you a broken nose. Posted by: troy | March 08, 2010 at 06:40 AM


Why can freely insult on this blog a great player and better person Pau Gasol? Why publish such insults and are not published for the same insults that made against the Spanish player? Half Is this fair? Moderator moderate insults please ...

"Who the puck is Matt Barnes..." - Poboy

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Now we all know what Matt Barnes was trying to do. He was hoping Kobe will retaliate and both of them will be ejected from the game!!!

While Barnes' was acting a bit like a tough guy, Bryant is no angel. I see people writing on here that what Barnes did wasn't "noble." What about Bryant elbowing Barnes while coming down from a dunk, then elbowing him again? Just because he throws his hands up doesn't mean anything - in fact, while Kobe's hands are in the air, he gets in Barnes' face!
Also, both teams played subpar. I hope they both make it to the Finals again, so we can see what a match-up like this looks like in a series!!!

Just can't blame one person on that Lakers' loss to the Magic. It is a team sport. Lakers did not use that last timeout they have and opted for a better percentage shot. It is only a two point game and they rely again with Kobe to win the game. Well he will not make that shot all the time. What about them refs? I am not of course blaming them for the Lakers' loss but please WHISTLE when the foul is committed and not when someone is reacting to a foul not timely called. Then call DOUBLE TECHNICAL???? Please refs do your job and not watch the game.


The 2000 Lakers is a great feisty team. Everyone sticks together when the going gets tough. This present team, only Kobe stands up physically and mentally. The others, well WIMPY especially Gasoft. Instead of sticking to their leader, they criticized him. Show up when the going gets tough and prove yourself to support your leader. You move and make yourself free, you will get the ball from Kobe. MJ has a great reliable support. Not until Kobe gets the same kind of support, Lakers will be losing. His teammates are the selfish ones and envious of Kobe's accolades and now want the attention. They try to show they could win without KOBE as evidenced by the team 4-1 record. Yeah sure when the game is not that close but when it is, they all freeze and don't want the ball. C'mon Lakers, play as a team. Kobe needs your support and you need Kobe for clutch games. If you play together everything will be good.

As a Celtics fan, the only player on the Lakers team I truly admire is Kobe. He plays his heart out EVERY game. You cannot question his effort and desire to win games. That's why he's in the same league as Jordan. I heard on the radio show (the one with Mychal Thompson) that Kobe came out for practice before the Charlotte game way earlier than anybody else, that's right after the Miami loss and the Lakers got into Charlotte late. No other Laker players showed up til much later, maybe they wouldn't have been blown out if the rest of the team followed Kobe's work ethics. Criticize anybody else on the team, but leave Kobe alone. Matt Barnes doesn't know what's coming if these teams meet again, what a fool. Anyways, I don't see Orlando making it out of the East, it'll be either Cleveland Or Boston.

Hours after the game it was said that Barnes twittered, that there is no Kobe Stopper and that Kobe is the best, "Respect" was the last word. I have said a few times before this game, during the free agency period, that the Lakers should have gone after Barnes, he's athletic, can shoot decent, and is not afraid to back down from anybody. I say the Lakers screwed up, I'm sure that Barnes would have been a great addition, the only problem, was salary cap. The only way to have gotten him would have been a sign and trade, but you never know, he's only getting paid 1.6 million this year, maybe he would have taken less for a nicer ride.

Last season with the SUNS, Barnes made plenty of mistakes and few were sad to see him go in the off-season. But he had this knack for killing LA , and he had memorable outings vs. the purple-yellow fellows.

Standing from here, it sure looks like Ariza made the lakers a better team than now. Artest seemed confused today. He may need to simply do like Sarah Palin and write "DEFENSE" in the palm of his hand, in English.

Well, my SUNS are off til Friday. Maybe LA can get a win before then so they won't be so desperate by the time they get to Arizona.

Posted by: BUTLER | March 07, 2010 at 11:58 PM

What Butler back after not keeping his promise. Go back to your mama's basement. Grow up and admit Lakers the best before you crawl back into the sunshine.

The game was handled terribly by the refs....when Barnes and Kobe started getting into it, they give fouls, double technicals, stuff that doesn't match up to the root of the problem.Why should Kobe have picked up a T for standing there with his hands in the air, what's he supposed to do, turn and run???? David Stern, enjoy your Russian Vodka.

Good comments, and I'm gonna throw my 2 cents in as well. Been watchin' this team since the dawn of time, and have been a regular viewer, and like many of you, still hurt when we lose. But damn, this is the part of the season where their gonna struggle. You see in on every Championship video just before the "Rocky" theme music enters and they head towards another championship.

The Lake show has a lot to work on, though, before they get there. They're playing like a team that just a championship, getting out hustled, being less aggressive, and counting too much on Kobe in the last 5 minutes. His absence was the best thing for the team, and maybe should have stayed away a little longer to allow the team to GROW and work cohesively. They'll be fine until the playoffs.

Bynum looks like Eldon Campbell out there. You know you're two quick fouls are comin', just stay away from the stupid ones.

Farmar, though quiker than DFish, needs to learn how to stay his ground when he needs to, something only DFish can teach. However, I think we sometimes need his speed in there sooner. Even though DFish couldn't contain Jameer on the high pick and roll, he stood his ground. WHY did we leave the Center with DFish on those high picks anyway? It's not like Jameer was hittin' from downtown anyway? He did his damage deep in the paint playing drive and dish.

And finally Kobe. While I think Barnes was a punk yesterday, Kobe should've gotten his teammates involved more instead of playing Savior. I'll take a loss where we get 5+ players in double figures involved, rather than a win where Kobe has to be the superhero....IN THE REGULAR SEASON! This is no time for heroics, this ain't game 7, not a "win or go home" moment. The Lakers have the best record in the West. Losing a few for the sake of learning to play as a team better and developing the bench (which is getting weaker and weaker, by the way) is more important at this junction in the season.

I'm out.

humanomaly - take a look at the tape. Kobe didn't just "stand there with his hands in the air", he put his chest into Barnes. The contact was definitely initiated at both ends.

PJ is playing the role of the zen master to a T. He is allowing these guys to find their way back on their own and the next time the Lakers play these teams they lost to, the Lakers will kill IT. Just relax and see and understand the mind of PJ . KB is great but his shooting is a bit off so he should rely on his team mates more and get those assists.

Barnes needs to recognize that it's players like Kobe and Lebron who are making the NBA what it is today. Without these players people would ignore the NBA. Barnes needs to recognize that Kobe helps contributes to his paycheck and show some respect!!! Barnes is like the mayor of some rural town of 10 people and Kobe is like President Obama!!! Know your role Barnes!!!!

Like I have said over and over again, these teams and people like Barnes get up for the Lakers and pull every low life trick in the book to win, but then a team like the Wizards or the Nets come in and kick their butts. I will be surprised if the Magic and the trickster Barnes make it out of the first round of the playoffs. hey Barnes maybe should take advantage of the summer and work on BASKETBALL SKILLS.

Anybody missin' Kurt Rambis yet?

Barmes ball fake to Kobe's face would have gotten Kobe tossed if he did it on Barnes, see the "Stern Rules" worked out, and as I said before Barnes twittered after the game that Kobe is unstoppable, and the best player in the league I believe. As I said Barnes is a player I have liked since his UCLA days and there must have been someway to sign him to a contract during late in free agency as he was still available. He's got the type of body that would work well as a 2-3 and even a 4 against a small team. Lakers should have gone after him instead of not filling the vacated Sun Yue position (29 minutes the whole year). maybe a minimum contract which is all they could offer and option year, which they would be able to compensate him. As I have seen him, compared to Trevor, he is more seasoned, moe physical, and from what we saw not afraid to go nose to nose with anyone. By the way, the Refs suck, that ball fake to Kobes's face was taunting and should have warranted an instant technical or ejection, in the meantime Kobe picks up T's by putting his hands up and not saying anything or changing facial expression, maybe Stern does not like that as his face his filled wih "phonieness", the dude's a HO......I say we dump Sasha and Morrison and use that money somehow to get Barnes, if our bigs won't play tough then let Barnes do it. I kinda wish Lamar or Artest would have laid some wood on someone in that fixed game. Don't hate Barnes, he was just doing his job and he did it as best he could...Kobe still scored like what? 35??? Barnes' twittered after the game:
"No such thing as a (Kobe stopper) he's the badest man n the league. He had 35pts 2day. I jus try 2 make him work 4 every point. Respect!!!"

Respect Matt Barnes back!!!

Forget who the players are for a moment. This is great basketball, the likes of which we haven't seen since the Pistons Bad Boys days. These are two competitors going head to head as they should. The tragedy is the commentators' obvious love of one over the other and making excuses how each one has the mental toughness to withstand the other. I wonder if this was someone else if the commentators love would be so evident or if their ankles would hurt from jumping off the bandwagon. Good Stuff, Good Basketball.

Curry man, I'm starting to wonder about you. Beginning to think you don't hate Kobe as much as you want us to believe.
Relax man !!!!!


I repeat the lakers are not in trouble, the coaches just have to earn their pay checks. I'm reading posts from both fans and haters that are pissing me off ... I'm trying to get a biz off the ground so I can't be on the blogs often but jeez manup laker fans and point the finger where it should be ... I mean I didn't watch the game but mentioned PG as a problem, only to see recent posts mentioning how farmar was lit up ... we all know what the problem is ... but ok, I'll make it official, this is str8 from the sheriff's office ...

Kobe Bryant

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