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Caught in the Web: More details on Andrew Bynum's left Achilles' tendon


Practice reports

--The Times' Broderick Turner reports center Andrew Bynum expects to miss at least six games. Although the Lakers said he will be evaluated again next week, Bynum expects that won't happen until after the team's five-game trip that ends March 31 against Atlanta.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding added that Bynum's MRI showed no rupture in his strained left Achilles' tendon, meaning the injury isn't as bad as it could've been.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin observes that Bynum remained in high spirits despite the circumstances.


--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky has details on Saturday's practice along with video.

--Forum Blue and Gold says Bynum's injury could serve as good motivation for the Lakers.

--Silver Screen and Roll analyzes what the Lakers should do with their rotations without Bynum in the lineup.

More Links

--Sports Illustrated's Paul Forrester has his latest regular season MVP rankings. Let's just say that if the race finishes out as stands, Lakers fans will cling to Kobe Bryant's four championships.

--With Tiger Woods making a return to golf, The Chicago Tribune's Jeff Shain cites Bryant as an example that he can rebound from public scrutiny.

Tweet of the Day:"Morning Everyone. I will be @ Lakers Fan Jam today from 5-6 pm. Come on out & I will sign a personalized autograph for you." -- kaj33 (Former Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar).

Reader Comment of the Day:"Gee, I don't know guys, about Drew. He was starting to play really well. And I do realize we lost a title and won a title basically without him (he was mostly a shell for those two Finals). Perhaps this will force that Offensive game that we know Ron has in him and Lamar as well! I know we don't want to talk about next season, but I think this year's Playoffs will say wonders about what will happen in the off-season. It might be time to trade Drew after all (hurt every stinking year). I just don't know if this is going to be a major thing year after year. Don't get me wrong, a healthy rising Drew is fine with me, just not sure I trust this whole deal." -- Joe Saltzman

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum has the upper hand for an offensive rebound in a battle with Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love during the first half Friday night. Credit: Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times.

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Time to see if Sasha, Jordan, Shannon, and Ammo (if he gets to play tonight) can step things up a bit.

It would be quite a lift for our team if they are able to help to maintain/extend a lead tonight, and it would bode well for the playoffs if they could really start to bring some consistency as a guard/small-forward corps. This is especially so since LO will be starting for the foreseeable future.

Gee, I don't know guys, about Drew. It might be time to trade Drew after all (hurt every stinking year). I just don't know if this is going to be a major thing year after year. Don't get me wrong, a healthy rising Drew is fine with me, just not sure I trust this whole deal." -- Joe Saltzman

Here's the thing. The guy is not Sam Bowie. This guy, his knees are still good, his attitude is still remarkably optimistic and hungry, plus the guy is an all-star caliber player on a championship team. IF he can play then he's a HUGE addition to the team. So what, the guy is not an ironman! Will he have as healthy a career as Dwight Howard, obviously not. But each team is different and if any team can take chances on a guy who may never play a full season (with a huge upside) its the la lakers. The truth is, we can win without him, we did it before and if possible we will do it again. The injury is said to be not serious, so let's stay positive and support Andrew! You naysayers get out the laker chat room with that doom and gloom Celtic blog attitude! The parade is in site and just like every year, the only thing standing in our way is ourselves.
Keep hope alive!

Mark M.,

Since you took over this job as Moderator, you have been on a roll in terms of completeness in reporting we commend you on that aspect. I just want to make an observation here. I was counting your stories on bynum's injuries since 3/19, you have produced 7 threads on his injuries and 2 threads about the victory over T'wolves and one on Artest. Without including this last thread you have an average post of 13 per thread and the most posts was yesterday @ 28.

I understand the blog business is about production ticks or visits but it also go hand in hand with comments and postings. Lakers Blog is not an ordinary blog because here you have a community of following who want to have discussion. It is also a reality that majority will not post a comment on past thread. While you encourage to re-post, many aired disruptions on conversations going on.

Have you tried to measure the number of visits if there are only 3 threads in a day and most comments registered per threads. The time of day starts at 7am; 1pm and last thread of the day 6pm. In this manner, everyone is aware of the news of the day, there is a continuance on conversation and uniformity on the news. On the other hand, if the blogging business is based on production of threads, I wonder whether LO'L of the KBros are doing well with limited postings and regular production of more threads. Why not experiment limited thread per day but more participation per thread?

Just a thought in trying to add improvement on your blog.

Edwin, I totally get what you're saying. I would allude the dropoff in comments this weekend to March Madness. I usually had the same number of threads which generated more comments before. The reason why Bynum's thread has been posted a lot is that the story is still developing. We had a post during the game and one once Brez found out what was wrong with him. Obviously the game story included details about his injury. And then at practice today there was more news about his MRI. I'm not regurgitating the story so to speak. But rather there's more developments in the story if that makes sense.


Aloha Hobbit,

I read your keys to victory and while I agree I think a better way to phrase point one about making shots is: Can at least some of our guys heal enough to help their shooting.

Kobe, Shannon, Ron, Jordan hand injuries.
Lamar, Sasha, shoulder injuries.

I have played with both taped fingers and with a splint and let me tell you it does affect your shot. I think we must have set some kind of NBA record this year for number of hand injuries all at the same time. Looking back at some of losses, Its easy to see that we would have the best record in the NBA without them.


It could be that the Lakers drafted their PG of the future as their #1 pick in the 2009 draft.

Too bad they traded him away to the Knicks for nothing.


You're doing a fine job in my opinion. I was also goofed off during the March Madness and had not posted on any threat consistently in the past few days. However, I do read every single thread and all the posts.

By the way, have you got a chance to talk to Mitch about signing someone (Free Agents) before the playoff? Since we have no medical update on Luke and obviously you and all the fans here seem to resign that AMMO could contribute to the team during the playoff, I thought that since Drew will be out a few weeks, it gives Mitch an opportunity to get some able body to fill the vacant spots on the team. DFish and Farmar 's inconsistent play are still worry me. Jon K would disagree with me (LOL!) that triangle O doesn't need a PG. But I don't think it would hurt a team one bit if we could get one able PG that can do the fundamental things at this position like RUN THE OFFENSE AND PASS! DFish and Farmar flunk at these tasks, go figure!!

BTW MM, do you know where I can find the list of players that were released or became a free agent?

Cav's singing of Z made me sick to the stomach!!! NBA needs to change this rule.


Man I wish we could have kept Toney Douglas!

We need Drew for the playoff run. And if not that, we need him healthy for the LaBron sign and trade with Cleveland. (Hey, if Lazenby says it's going to happen...)

Aloha Michael H.

you wrote: I read your keys to victory and while I agree I think a better way to phrase point one about making shots is: Can at least some of our guys heal enough to help their shooting.

my response: That's certainly a politically correct way of saying our
shooters have been off. Did you take into account their shooting
before they got injured?

Our outside shooting has been off the entire year and I would argue that it has
little to do with injuries. i.e. I notice you said nothing about D-Fish.

Aloha Hobbit,

Yes i did take into account what people were shooting before the injuries. Now I am not going to go back to the exact dates but just general trends.

Kobe: November 50% Dec (hurt december 11th) 47% 41% 44% 44% since, Not to mention all of the turnovers. Kobe has said he is having difficulty handling the ball.

Ron was hurt in Febr. finshed with 44% for the month. 36% in March

Shannon was also hurt in Febr. 50% in Jan. 40% in Febr and 36% in March

Jordan also was hurt late in Febr.(what a bad month) 49% for Febr 41% in March.

Perhaps you were lucky enough to avoid a hand injury when you played. I was not. I played with a sprained thumb and with a dislocated thumb, both on my shooting hand. And yes hobbit it does make a difference.



MM, I think there's actually something to what Edwin G is saying being that he's not the first person to call for more participation on your part in the blogs. I'm all for fewer threads and more of the moderator mixing it in. If we just wanted to read articles we could comb through yahoo sports etc.

Mamba24, how about we want some more MM in our conversations bandwaggon ... sign mine "we like the newbies insights and we think it'd be cool to hear more from him. a little more double M and less new threads is what this blog needs"

hmm Bynum's hurt again ... Kobe 13 assists, ain't I say he'd start playing more PG come playoffs, just didn't expect it to come this early ... hopefully the press isn't claiming oh he's discovered his selfless side again ... just imagine if we had a play maker that could take away some of the ball handling duties from kobe ... we need a PG yo

Anywho this ain't the time to be complaining ... here's wishing Bynum a speedy recovery but if there's one thing this team knows how to do it's playing without #17 cuz they're used to it ....

Pau Gasol ... you wanted more touches, the stage is yours ... do what you do best boi, kill them silently with your espionage moves in d post

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

segeboy - ok fair point on the participation. i'm totally willing to do that and perhaps the lapse in that is more just trying to get the hang of the routine. this is a blog so if there is developing news there will always be more threads. but ill try to do better mixing it up. i always tried to step in to clarify a fact or if someone had a specific question but i guess i didnt really want to have the bully pulit where id say anyone who doesnt share my opinion is dumb, etc, etc.


Man I wish we could have kept Toney Douglas!

Posted by: biscuitsandgravy | March 21, 2010 at 12:13 PM
Sorry but TD was part of a trade and not picked by Lakers. He was picked by Knicks. The Lakers actually did the drafting of him at the direction of NY to fulfill part of trade then sent to NY to complete trade.

Interesting, when we were child we also painted pics and shick them together, it is a good work to stimulate creative,keep up work!

Is there any update on his knee? Is this going to happen every year. Yes, he made a huge difference in the finals, but we would've killed the Celtics if he were 100%.



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