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Lakers work hard to defeat Denver


Lakers 95, Nuggets 89 (final)

The Lakers and Denver Nuggets know they have a rivalry.

They met last season in the Western Conference finals, the Lakers wining the series in six games.

The Lakers had lost the first two games this season to the Nuggets, but .LA. pulled out a hard-fought, intense game this afternoon at Staples Center.

The Lakers and Nuggets meet in April at Denver for the last regular-season game. L.A. now leads Denver by 5 1/2 games for the best record in the Western Conference.

The Lakers had to dig down on defense to get this win.

Once down by 13 point, they took their first lead since the first quarter on a running left-handed bank shot by Lamar Odom (20 points, 12 rebounds) as he was moving to his left early in the fourth quarter.

But the game was for from over, as both the Lakers and Nuggets pushed each other to the end.

When official Courtney Kirkland called Carmelo Anthony for an offensive foul against Ron Artest's tough defense, Anthony had fouled out with 2:13 left and the Nuggets trailing, 93-89.

Kobe Bryant (14 points, 12 assists) and Odom ran over to Artest and rubbed him on the head. Artest threw his hands in the air.

Anthony finished with 21 points on seven-for-19 shooting; Artest knowing did the job on Anthony.

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest slaps the ball from Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony in the fourth quarter Sunday. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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give me more of ron artest!

Defeating denver is always a good game. Happy to see our team winning.

Great win.

Hopefully, Lakers can reel off wins during the road trip and cinch the western conference as soon as possible.

We’re the World Champion LA Lakers , we’ve won 15 Rings
10 of the 50 Greatest players played under our wings
We’ve had 3 Laker Dynasties and now are starting on 4
That’s 2 better than any NBA team ever had before
The best Winning Percentage in History, can’t ask for more
You want Hall of Fame Coaches, Check it, we’ve had four
We got the Finals MVP, By the name of Name Kobe Bryant
He scored more points than an entire team without even trying
He scored 81 points in a game & could have scored more
But Rings not number of points is what he plays for.
We got The Logo Jerry West & The 1st Great center George Mikan
The smooth one Elgin Baylor & Magic Johnson the Icon.
We’ve had all the great centers like Shaq, Wilt & of course KAREEM
Super guards Worthy, Goodrich & Silk played on the Laker Team
Karl Malone & Gary Payton, A glove & Mailman we just leased
A 10 time Title Winning Coach who mastered Zen in the East
Chick Hearn the Legend, Broadcasted our Lakers Games
Now he’s Broadcasting from Heaven & is in the Hall of Fame
We got Sports Winningest & Best Owner, Kudos Dr. Jerry Buss
We play for Rings & Rings only , which is why teams fear us.
That’s just a summary of our Resume, we don’t talk we Do.
We’re The Freaking Champion Lakers, Who the Hell are You

I almost forgot about the bright side to this game while I was whining in my last post. As hard as this game was to watch (for me), the Lakers played pretty badly and still beat the full strength Thuggets. Once they're back in rhythm, there will be no stopping them.


i hope after this game all the Ariza nostalgia will be gone. wake up. iRon is the ONE.

Massive win today. Still the Thuggets scare me in a playoff series. D Fish played horrible defense on Billups. Shannon Brown has SO much potential, but recently he has really made some crucial bone headed mistakes.

Kobe shooting like crap.

Pau despite solid production keeping on getting bullied around

Bynum well being Bynumb as usual.

Lakers just throwing away the ball ESPECIALLY in the first half.

So how on earth did we win against the Nuggets?


Artest finally coming through against Melo and just frustrating the hell out of him.

Odom providing good team defense and stepping up.

Kobe playmaking and playing defense.

Hey FAKE DFish aka Laker STAN: 3-5 I'll take that from the real Fisher!


19 Fouls for the Nuggets 20 for the Lakers make that 17 because Denver in the end had to foul in the end. 20 vs 17 not a real biggie. It takes real aggression in order to get those fouls on a consistent basis. If you play soft the refs won't give you those fouls and they will call it more on you on the defensive end. Artest was aggressive over all and he got the license to go after Melo and that's where Defense HAPPENS. And folks think I'm too critical of Andrew Bynum? If he provided that energy all around instead of just doing it on the offensive end then I wouldn't be too critical but then again people just see the production from Bynum and failing to notice his shortcomings especially on defense. Defense is energy and to be active WITHOUT the ball or even to score as much. Despite only 17 shots and 14 points with 14 misses Kobe still played very good defense (except letting Chauncey shoot an open 3 which Billups did miss luckily).

Having Ty Lawson out really helped too. While he was in the game he had 6 points against Farmar's atrocious defense in less than 6 minutes.

And there's folks who actually believe Farmar has defense (well besides some steals)? You might as well believe Bynum is this year's defense player of the year while you are at it.

The best thing to take from the game is that despite unbelievably bad play (unforced turnovers, missed FTs, Nuggets having more energy, poor shooting from Kobe), the Lakers won this with their DEFENSE which started with Artest. Good defense will always give you a chance to win games, especially in the playoffs.

Two other things proven today:

1) Kobe is NOT a ball hog. When he couldn't find his shot today, he dished off to Pau or others for easy baskets.

2) Value of the swap for Artest has been proven. Having 'Melo playing hurt the Nuggets this time, because he had to face Artest, leading to poor shooting and turnovers. I'd rather have the Nuggets run the offense through 'Melo against Artest than through Billups against the Lakers PGs. BTW, I was one of the ones skeptical of swapping Ariza for Artest but I'll gladly eat crow after this.

I'm not ready to say the Lakers will cruise through the playoffs just yet, but it's got to hurt the Nugs' confidence when they clearly wanted this game more but got shut down at the end by the Lakers' D.

a win is a win. This game was huge for me. I don't want my cousin to have that 'bragging rights' over who is best in the nba. i tried to wake up at 4:30am to watch this game. Yep, 4:30am in Manila. I was awake 3:30am to catch the game live; i told myself i'd snooze more a bit. Snooze a bit eh! oh yeah, I woke up 6:11am; great scott! barely 8 minutes left in the game; and barely getting internet free feed. Officiating was horrible; 26 FT for denver and 12 for LA. They are at it again. Thanks to Lamar and Ronron's effort; and rest, too!

Kobe got tons of assists; if only he made half of his shots there was no contest.
And Fish? sit him.

not 8 minutes left in the game; it 8 minutes left in the third.


You always light up the Blog my friend!

Very good win for the Lakers. Kobe played some very good defense on JR Smith in the second half, forcing him to throw up bricks. Of course Ron had his best defensive game of the year shutting down Carmelo. Best of all this should shut up JR Smith (who was 3-12 himself with a negative plus/minus stat) and the rest of the Nuggets. Kobe had a bad shooting night but his passing was very nice to see (+11 for his plus/minus stat). Oh, one more thing, Pau played very soft at the end, but came through with a tough driving layup...of course going away from the basket. Still, a quality win that was fought for.

Really nice win! It's a two game swing in the standings. Nice that the guys showed up in the second half when needed, calms me for the Playoffs. No worries with KB24, just get healthy and back in rhythm. He passed the ball well and played fine defense. Ron was at his best, really looked great!

Artest played great defense tonight. I was reminded as to why we signed Thriller in the first place.

We came back from 13 points down to win on a night where Kobe couldn't get a shot.

Not too shabby. Not at all.

No one is capable of beating us in seven game series. Sure, we'll have a few down nights, but when it all comes down to it, we just have too many players who can step up and our defense is too good for another team to win four games against us.

Some may call this game ugly, but it was beautiful to me.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Love the verse, MAMBA24! You the man!!

On a day where Kobe was way off and couldn't hit a shot, the Lakers showed another aspect of their championship mettle. Despite the claims of The Three Stooges in the ABC booth, the Lakers displayed plenty of toughness. They blocked 6 shots. They outrebounded Denver 47-43. They had 16 steals and forced a total of 20 turnovers. They made big stops down the stretch. They won ugly. That's tough enough for me!


I missed the first half with my tribe shopping at the mall (rare occasion). I kept tabs through some of my CRUESTERS.

Got home in time for the second half and it was great to see some heart against a tough team.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Ron was the perfect pick up to slog through a repeat year winning with defense.

For whatever reason, Kobe and Pau just aren't hitting the looks they're getting like they did last year but LO and Ron are makin the difference.

ROnLO may have sparked a fire. Let's go win 20 more... ugly.

I didn't get to watch the game, but based on the comments here, it sounds like we played a solid game overall. I'm particularly glad that Ron was able to slow down Melo and show people that he indeed is an upgrade over Trevor. I think Melo is the toughest guy to guard one-on-one in the game today.

Did Drew get dominated again? I sure hope not. If he outplays Nene, the Lakers should have no problems beating Denver in a 7 game series.


I haven't seen you in a while. Hope you enjoyed the 2nd half, and that you and your family are well.


In the playoffs atmosphere of today's game when the refs could call a foul on every play but the refs put the whistles in their pockets... this is where Ronron can operate.

Artest was making a statement, make the premier scorers work for everything, LO thank god finally figured it out...take the ball to the hoop. Just bring it LO!

Really the Lakers won on 2 cylinders this time, what if they are all clicking?

Favorite play? KObe telling Ronron to shoot it next time, which he did and which was a huge 3-pointer.

Kudos to Phil for sitting Pau to send him a message, but Phil, how about running some plays for Bynum? He needs to dunk a few to get it going. Gutty win Lakers, good job.


I think somewhere in Los Angeles there should a Lakers Hall of Fame and you should be the currator.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


A few 'hit-and-run' comments:

* MAMBA24 - that's a mean verse you throw down! I LOVE it!

* As I commented before the game, Kobe is entering into his outstanding 'distributor' self! He is the greatest player on the face of the planet when in aggressive mode, the Lakers are next-to unbeatable when he's in this facilitator mode! Cleveland, watch out, the BLACK MAMBA is bearing down on you guys for best record!

* What must the Nugg's think when they play some tough defense, Kobe goes an unheard of 3-for-17 - AND THEY STILL LOSE? This is HUGE! Talk about a wake-up call, so what if the Lakers lost the first three, THIS game is going to loom large in the back of their minds, mark my words!

* I want to say this about the refereeing, when Carmelo hacks & slashes his way on almost every possession for the first three quarters, the call he got tossed on was pretty ticky-tack. This drives me nuts, either LET THEM PLAY, or call it by the book from tip-off. Don't change your ref styles, if you are going to let them hack in the first quarter, don't start calling fouls at the end. Frankly, there were AT LEAST 4 times in the first half were 'Melo offensive fouled, usually throwing an elbow out to clear space. Artest to his credit kept his head, didn't freak out, but he could have a number of times. I hope Bynum observed and learned, don't whine, don't cry, stick with it and you'll get rewarded.

* The Nuggets are a team that self destructs, give them some rope and they'll hang themselves. Lakers did just that, wore them down and grinded this one out. I LOVED the fact that the Lakers kept it close, grinded and grinded until they pulled ahead. This was playoff intensity, these are the types of games they'll be seeing so it was so sweet to see them win this kind of game.

* George Karl is a battler, hope he pulls through and recovers quickly with his battle with cancer. That being said, he seemed listless on the bench, not his animated self. He may want to consider handing over the reigns to Adrian Dantley and step away for a while. At 6 weeks, he should be able to make it back right before playoffs. Either way though, hope the best for him.

* Ariza who??? =P


it was an important game because after all the e-nver cockiness and all the statements made by K-mart and JR smith, Kobe's BOY, finally they r back on earth and learned their place.


Big time win.
I loved our composure and we did not panic. This was huge and it was the exact opposite of the lost composure on X-mas day. We stuck together as a team. Give Kobe credit for trying to share that "BALL" and Ron gets credit for dropping some "MUSCLE POUNDS" for the sake of his defense and the team. Lamar Odom is the X factor in Los Angeles!!!

Just like we've seen over the years, the big stars get the attention and take the heat, but its often the other players that win the game (just ask Rick Fox).

June 2010 - Kobe/Pau will cancel out the opponent's stars and mark my words...Ronron and LO win the rings this year.
Just bringit LO!


"Ron was the perfect pick up to slog through a repeat year winning with defense."

My gut is telling me that Thriller is going to be the reason we win a Championship this year.

A lot of the teams that litter the path towards the Championship have "THAT GUY" on offense. Now we have a solution: Sick Thriller on him. Period.

Before we'd have to put Kobe on their best player. Now we can put Kobe on their second best player (as long as he isn't a seven foot center or power forward). That's huge.

It's not going to be always pretty, but we now have the ability to out defense any team in the NBA.

If we get Bynum to play aggressively without committing too many fouls and work out our point guard rotations a bit better, well, we're going to be a pretty awesome team.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Before I forget I would like to congratulate the Canadians in this blog like Jeanette for a double victory in Hockey. USA gave you a fight of your life and in the end yougot the gold. Congratulations also to Zaira who comes from the land of Tomba Tomba.

Where is Troy? Oh my, you said Nuggets are in the Finals. Take it back before it is too late. Have faith and believe in prayers too. lol!

Again what is new with the Nuggets? A diminutive guard in the 2nd unit who unstoppable but once you plugged him down there is no way a liliputian could bring down this team, other than that, they all look familiar..... a bunch of thugs in the playoffs and a bunch of thugs in Season 2010. They've not won anything yet but they have tendency to shout a lot lot, boast a lot as if they are already in the Finals. Well, what we saw today was a competition of Mice and Men. Isn't it that is how a mouse react when there is no cats around....they're so noisy, dirty and cheesy!!! Well, the 2nd half of the season is not over, many more games to play, many more pains to heal to reach the ultimate objective.

Without a strong Kobe and a healthy Artest, we're in a funk. We need these two veterans to perform and put the Lakers in another notch because word has been spread in the league that Lakers are just too soft in the middle and our 2nd team is lacking.

We need a stopper, a plug, a bolt and our patriot missiles as a warning to all teams to stop screwing the Lakers. All teams who wants to be a Champ, you have to pass the Laker test.

Great win and I agree that it was the best I've seen Artest play all year. Terrific job on Carmelo. Real team effort, but the unsung hero of the game was LO. HUGE game from him.
20 & 12.


Loved your post and agree with all of it.

You stated: "The Nuggets are a team that self destructs, give them some rope and they'll hang themselves."


I think this is true with most of the "new money" teams in the NBA. When there is so much swagger, it screams of over-compensation and, ultimately, over-compensation screams of fear.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


You guys need to quit watching the score so much. Denver showed when they play their game they can outplay the Lakers. They also showed they don't play smart at times, especially Carmelo who was playing right into Artest's strenghts by dribbling the ball too much and trying to outphysical Artest. This game was way more about Denver than the Lakers. Lakers didn't really play well, but luckily Denver made a lot of unforced turnovers. Lakers are lucky Denver still is not the smartest team at times, because they probably have more talent than the Lakers right now. Loss of Ty Lawson hurt them.

Fantastic win -- have faith folks, it is a long season. Every game won't be a masterpiece, what matters is the results in June -- a banner and rings!

MAMBA24 and Jon K. -- great job always being positive and praising the team after a meaningful win. Nice to see posts that don't hand out backhanded insults to some of the Lakers, even after a win.

Just saw on ESPNews that Shaq is going to have surgery on his injured right thumb. The timetable for his return wasn't addressed.

The Lakers FINALLY play a good team and win.

The first half, I got very frustrated because they were playing LACKADAISICALLY. The Lackadaisical Lakers of this year.

The second half, they showed us some real effort and won by a close margin, coming all the way from 13 points down.

1. Ron Artest is the player of the game. He played fantastic hard-nosed, physical defense against Carmelo Anthony and got Carmelo to FOUL OUT. I loved Artest swinging in the air after Carmelo's foul. That is the fighting Ron I expected to see. Looks like his fish and vegetables diet - an excellent diet, by the way, since it can have up to 10 times more nutrients than regular diets - is working. He looks slimmer and quicker than at the beginning of this season. He should now be able to keep up with Lebron. Ron is greatly needed by the Lakers for his offense - not just defense. He gave us a good 17 points today. He shouldn't forget that he also needs to be a threat on offense in order to make the opponents work harder - which will wear them out on the offensive side.

2. Lamar Odom should get kudos for playing the game he is SUPPOSE to play - 20 pounds, 12 rebounds. Let's see if he can do this consistently, day in and day out. His defense was also key to the game. In the end, if Lamar has a great game, there is no team that can beat the Lakers. The question is IF he can play consistently at a high level. Show is the Money, Lamar.

3. Kobe Bryant was clearly slow and off his game today. Hopefully he isn't still playing through his ankle injury. He showed NO LIFT, couldn't dunk, couldn't jump shoot. All these show his legs are still a problem. He was clearly better earlier this year. It is difficult for the Lakers to win without him, of course.

4. Pau Gasol had a usual 15 points /14 rebound game. But he had so many problems in his game. He was pushed around by the smaller 6'8" Kenyon Martin of all things. He missed so many shots that should have been DUNKS. He even missed half of his free throws. Come on, Pau. This was a crappy game from you. I hope Pau can work his way out of being soft just like Ron is working himself out of being bulky and slow.

5. Andrew Bynum. What can I say? He is still immature. He is slow. He doesn't have a high basketball IQ. His defense is poor. The big man has to anchor the defense. But he can't at this stage of his career. He has potential. But he has to work a lot more on his game on the defensive side of things. He is way too inconsistent. Bill Russell won 10 NBA championships on defense. If Andrew played against Bill Russell in his prime, Andrew's offense would be zero points. And he would be destroyed on defense. Shaq would have played Bill to a standstill. Kareem could have beaten Bill. Wilt Chamberlain, once he learned that defense was more important, finally won against Bill. Until then, Wilt lost on all their encounters - losing the game even if he scored 50 or more.

6. Derek Fisher played well. He shot well and he played Chauncey Billups as well as can be expected. This is why Chauncey was 4 of 12 from the floor. Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown are not ready for a player as strong as Chauncey. We still need Derek.

Hopefully, the Lakers can take this game and move forward and improve enough that they are ready for the playoffs.

Thank you Mang Edwin. USA gave us a scare, very very nice game. I don't usually follow hockey, only in the Olympics. Can you imagine the disappointment if we lose that game?

Back to the Lakers. Kobe, Ron Artest and Odom are in it. We got this. I can see Pau and Drew going at it from this day on. Lakers will be unstoppable once everybody gets on board. Our defence will win the championship this year. Ron will be the difference.


"Just saw on ESPNews that Shaq is going to have surgery on his injured right thumb."


If it's going to take Z a month to get back, then we're going into the playoffs with the best record in the NBA.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Foreve.r


Here's a link to the story about Shaq's thumb surgery...

What a great win. Some might say that the Nuggest are a physical and tough team to match up with. True, but the Lakers proved that they are tougher. The Lakers who are basically a finesse team, played outside of the box to grind out this win. That is true talent. All is well in Lakerland. Thanks

How is it a rivalry when one team has won 15 titles and the other team ZERO?

Well this is from chay wilson I just want to say God bless your team do not listen to that bad comments I love your team and keep on doing wat your doing because God gave u that gift and u people who say bad things watch wat u say because u never now wats gonna happen to you

God bless u luv you NBA Blogs - Roland Lazenby
Today - 5:20 PM ET

According to sources close to Phil Jackson, LeBron James has expressed interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

"LeBron wants to win. He's a smart guy, and Phil loves LeBron, absolutely LOVES him," according to the report. Obviously, there is way too much involved with a situation like this for one blurb, but if the report holds water then look for this to become a big storyline in the upcoming days.

If this is true, dayammmmmnnnn........ I see it this way, if there IS any truth to it, LeBron is more comfortable in the distributor role, Kobe is more of the cold-blooded assassin. LeBron knows he could be the perfect compliment to Kobe, he doesn't need to BEAT them if he can JOIN them, right? My god, do you guys think THIS could solve the Lakers PG 'problem' ?

How about a Kobe, LeBron, Artest, Gasol, Bynum lineup, with L.O. coming off the bench? Now THAT would be a down-right SCARY lineup! Roland Lazenby does have ties to PJ so who knows? Why go to a Knick team that has a 4-decade losing history (outside of a few nice Van Gundy/Mark Jackson/Pat Ewing years) when you can share the spotlight in the GREATEST SPORTS FRANCHISE ON EARTH!

Haha, if anything it's worth a read, I give this a less-than 1% chance, but heck, IF LeBron WANTS to be a Laker, I say WELCOME!

Jon K: The 'Thuggets' showed they are a nice team that will self destruct under pressure, just like game 6 of last years playoffs, and those two botched inbounds plays that Ariza beautifully played. The fact that the Lakers were so scrappy, so physical was great. That they shot so poorly and STILL came out with a win was huge! If LeBron goes 3-for-17, the Cav's lose by 30. Kobe does that, Lakers beat the #2 team in the west. This was a HUGE game, they PROVED they still can muster that playoff-intensity defense when they need to, Artest is still a defensive specialist, the Lakers can shoot poorly and STILL WIN! I say this was the BIGGEST win of the season, all things considered. This game AWESOME WIN!!!!!


Dude, that story is HUGE!

This is a sea change.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"How is it a rivalry when one team has won 15 titles and the other team ZERO?"

Dude, everyone thinks we're they're rivals! E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!

Let me count the teams:


Who are our REAL Rivals?


Who are our "kind-of" rivals?


Who are our "little brothers" who we generally punk?


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I have been thinking for a while now that LeBron coming to LA is more possible than people think. We have amazing history of attracting the top free agents (Kareem, Shaq, etc.)

I think the scenario that makes this the most possible is both the Lakers and Cavs not making it to the Finals.


"LeBron wants to win. He's a smart guy, and Phil loves LeBron, absolutely LOVES him," according to the report. Obviously, there is way too much involved with a situation like this for one blurb, but if the report holds water then look for this to become a big storyline in the upcoming days.

Wow, if there's any truth to that rumor, my dream of LeBron joining the Lakers is that much closer to reality. Of course, he'd have to force a sign-and-trade to come here, which would probably cost us Drew and Ron, but that's a small price to pay to ensure a sure-fire dynasty for years to come.

Let's hope that Kobe/Mitch/Dr. Buss put the full-court press on during the summer to get LeBron.

CyberC: Hate to break your bubble, but that would not be LeBron AND Kobe.

No, it would be LeBron INSTEAD of Kobe.

Remember last summer's switcheroo: Dump Ariza and sign Artest? Well, next summer is round 2.

1. Kobe opts out next summer rather than re-sign with the Lakers. He probably thinks he's going to re-sign with the Lakers, but his ego requires him to opt out, "test the waters," and have all the other teams court him before agreeing to re-sign with the Lakers.

2. In the meantime, LeBron has the Cavs over a barrel. He tells them he is not coming back, under any circumstances. So, they can either let him go as a free agent and get nothing in return, or they can do a sign & trade.

3. LeBron wants to go to the Lakers, and the Lakers want him. The Cavs sign LeBron and trade him to the Lakers for Bynum, Vujacic and Walton (to make the salaries match).

4. The Lakers then tell Kobe: See ya!

5. PJ is so happy to be rid of Kobe that he says he could coach "another ten years."

6. Kobe signs with the Knicks, so he can finally get to play in Madison Square Garden, which is what he has really wanted all this time.

7. But the Lakers have one more trick up their sleeve: After PJ coaches the LeBron Lakers to two championships, the Lakers dump PJ and install LeBron as player-coach.

8. End result: Jerry Buss has improved his team, saved himself over $100 million in luxury tax and PJ salary, and had the personal satisfaction of firing his daughter's boyfriend.

9. And, lastly, Jerry West is re-hired as the Lakers' executive vice-president, finally righting the wrong perpetrated when PJ maneuvered to get rid of him.

It doesn't get any better than that!!!!


How in God's name could we ever afford LeBron James?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Lakers showed their mettle in today's contest. After a less than stellar 1st half performance, they stepped and kicked some tail. Kudos to Artest in handling Anthony. Anthony can usually bulldoze his way to the hole but Ron wasn't having it. Although Carmelo's last foul was questionable, he had been getting away with pushing all game and this time got caught. Kudos to Kobe not trying to push the issue when his shot was off. I think Pau got the message when he got sit down in the 4th period that quit playing like a wussy and man up. The Nuggets will be a tough out but they are beatable. One last thing - Kobe owes the Nuggets, namely JR Smith a sho nuff beatdown - it did not happen today but should they meet in the playoffs, he got at least 1, if not 2 coming for his Twitter account smack. Powell came in and got 2 buckets in limited time. It was not perfect by no stretch but a win is a win and this time, it was the defense, not Kobe or anyone lighting it up - a great team effort in the 2nd half, the money round.

Could we afford James if there were a sign and trade by giving the Cavs Bynum, Artest, and Odom? Bigger question that comes to mind is: Is there enough room in L.A. for both Kobe and Lebron's ginormous egos? Alslando, would Kobe even be comfortable as being the second most talented player on the team? It didn't play out so well when Shaq was here. Only way I see it happening is if Kobe wants to try and win somewhere else(which would be foolish) and Lebron is left with the door wide open to Lakerland. Anything can happen, and maybe if the Lakers and the Cavs don't make it to the Finals this year, Kobe and Lebron might decide to join forces.

Guys, all that Lebron wants to come to LA would only be a rumor or fantasy.

He is not going to be #2 in any team, wanting to win a championship or not. And I dont see Kobe will become #2 when someone comes to LA with him still a Laker in the next few yrs.

Well, it actually does get a little better than that. LeBron really would for all practical purposes be player coach after two years, but rather than actually giving him the title of "coach," Buss hires Paula Abdul as coach/Laker-girl, so after winning yet another championship, he could really stick it to PJ by saying "This team's so good, even a cheerleader could coach it!"

This was a very good game, Artest was clearly the MVP of the game. Lakers will always win when Kobe takes less difficult shots and involves his teammates, which was very evident yesterday. But watch out for Denver in the Playoffs guys. Good game Kobe and the Lakers.

That's MY Team:

Great comeback, our team plated with heart. Each player united as a team, we may not have shot the ball as good as we can. And had to many turnovers, they got the physical part of the game down greatly. Pau play well enough though he could have done that earlier. But overall that's how you play to win rings. If we continue with what I saw yesterday things will turn in our favor, great defense.



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