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Lakers guard Shannon Brown falls flat in NBA Dunk Contest


Lakers guard Shannon Brown and his strong fan base both viewed the 2010 NBA Dunk Contest as something that would just add another chapter to his impeccable growth in just his second season with the Lakers.

He had wowed crowds with his jaw-dropping dunks, ranging from his slam against Denver's "Birdman" in last year's playoffs to the posterizing against Golden State center Mikki Moore and to the three dunks he slammed in just one game against Washington, a day after President Obama wished him luck.

President Obama wasn't just speaking in theatrics. Since the Charlotte Bobcats traded Brown and Adam Morrison for Vladimir Radmanovic to the Lakers last season, Brown immediately emerged as a reliable reserve on a unit that's been plagued by inconsistency. Though his career-high 7.8 points per game this season better accurately reflects what he provides to the Lakers, it is the highlight reels he's provided for that's defined his popularity in the Southland -- a fitting reason why he was chosen to compete in the dunk contest along with New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson, Charlotte forward Gerald Wallace and Toronto forward DeMar DeRozen.

The general public gave him a perfect lob to throw down, yet Brown bricked his chance to make himself known beyond Southern California. He scored a 78, which tied for last place with Wallace, as Robinson ultimately won for the third consecutive year. 

Rather than greeting the crowd at Dallas' American Airlines Center with an explosive first impression, Brown missed his first dunk by bricking a 360-degree statue of liberty. He followed that up by switching from his right hand to left in mid-air for the one-handed dunk, which sparked a few golf claps and scored a 37. Brown followed that up in the second round with a one-handed slam off a lob from Kobe Bryant, a dunk that scored a 41 but was mild compared to some of the ones he's done in an actual game.

For all the platitudes Brown talked weeks ago about preparing -- with Bryant no less -- and looking at past dunk contests, it appeared there was no planning that went into it at all. Of course, that's not the case. And if he had made his first attempt, Brown may have sparked a better reaction and fed off of it in the second round.  But in the end, Brown put together a poor performance in an overall poor dunk contest itself.

This won't define his career, nor should it. It's a dunk contest we're talking about here. Brown rightfully had put this contest in perspective, saying when he was nominated that it was simply a bonus and just one indication of how far he's developed as a player. But Brown also said he wanted to build off any momentum the dunk contest could create. And for all the hype Brown's website, the Lakers and the media were equally responsible for building, it's hard not to leave the contest feeling disappointed. 

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Shannon Brown failed to advance to the finals of the NBA Dunk Contest, compiling scores of 37 and 41. Credit: Jed Jacobsohn/NBAE via Getty Images.

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It wasn't just Shannon. The dunk contest sucked and was the least interesting part of All-Star Saturday Night. I got way more enjoyment watching the skills challenge, shooting stars, and 3-point shoot out.

They really need to switch up the format. I say make it one round so that the participants don't hold back. It always seems like players are holding back for their first two dunks because they want to save something for the finals. Ironically enough most of them never make it that far. Pretty sure that's what happened with Shannon as Mbenga was in uniform and sitting courtside.

I'd rather see him dunking on Shaq in the finals.

Boils down to Shannon not really being a showman. Too nice a guy and mild mannered for this stale contest. It's only interesting when elite players are competing and they never will anymore unless the NBA makes them.

Nate gets to go back to the Knicks and Shannon gets to go back to the Lakers. Perspective.

I pity who gets in his way on a breakaway come the second half of the season though.

The whole thing was lame.

I'd totally rather watch a junior varsity high school basketball game.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

GO LAKERS!!!! Shannon's personality is the reason why his dunks were underwhelming? I don't think so. Seems to me he just got nervous with all this hype from the media and decided to play it safe after he botched that first dunk attempt (which would have scored decently high IMO).

No need to make excuses for Shannon. Its not going to matter that much in the long run but he did drop the ball.

Yes, it was a VERY BORING dunk contest.

I have to agree with cheapassgamer on this one. Time for the NBA to change the format. However, I think it would be best to have up to 8 dunkers, 3 dunks each, 1 round. Also, get rid of the "Rising Stars" dunk contest and lets get back to the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. This event would have been more special if bigger superstars such as LeBron, Wade, heck..even Kobe would have been in this event.

Now I'm not counting out the guys who participated tonight, I'm sure things would have been different if the atmosphere was more electrifying, the format was as I suggested above, but to sum it all up....please change this dunk contest, this is getting ridiculous.

Dunk contests are beyong passe but Brown's second dunk should have scored better than it did. Another example of the league's anti Kobe bias?

check out my take on after watching the dunk contest

it was what was to have been expected. Shannon's dunks have never been flashy. they don't look like much when they're not in the middle of competition. why does everybody want to make the guy that we loved for being so humble and happy to be on the team at all into a showboat?

let Shannon go back to playing an important role on the team, and just KILLING that.

I think this is just added proof that the only real value of All Star weekend is giving most of the guys in the league a breather - and a brief healing period - before the runup to the playoffs.

Who cares if the East or West wins? The MVP is more funny than fun, but does incite guys to try jokey heroics and turn the NBA for a brief moment into an unrehearsed pseudo-Globetrotters show (I've always loved the Globetrotters and am pleased to see even better players paying tribute to them - hey, Devean George was a Globetrotter coached by Jim Cleamons before both became Lakers).

But the only NBA slam dunk contest is the one that's played out over 82 regular season games and through the playoffs. Dunks should be spontaneous and their value is as a game-changer, sending a message to the opponents. The ridiculous All-Star ritual takes them out of context and deprives them of any meaning.

Shannon already has 29 dunks that produce real scores this season. And he plays limited minutes. Robinson has a total of... 3!

I say to Shannon, boycott the farce known as the All Star dunk contest... and in any case don't be disappointed.

One further farcical aspect of this lame show: Paul Pierce wins the 3-point contest (mainly thanks to a perfect score on "money balls"... as if they were harder to make than the others) and proclaims himself one of the greatest shooters in the history of the game! What he should have said is, "hey, I think I've shown tonight that I've learned a lot from my teammate, Ray Allen, truly one of the greatest shooters in the game."

But what do you expect from a guy who left LA to pursue his career in Boston? (OK, it wasn't his choice... but it's clearly affected his brain).

The dunk contest was boring and a total disappointment!! However, now that its all over with, I look forward to seeing Brown take out his frustrations on anyone who gets in the Laker's way to a repeat!! Posterize Shannon. Posterize!

Shannon should have tried the same first dunk again after his miss. That would have been a great dunk, and would have gotten him to the finals probably. Seeing DJ on the bench, I'm assuming he was there to help with the final dunk Shannon was going to do. Oh well, Shannon is one of the best in-game dunkers and has probably the best hops in the association, that is good enough for me! Shannon will probably be more determined to do some spectacular things on the court after this performance, so watch out!

After watching the Slam-dunk contest (bo-ring!) I wanted to chime in on the whole Kobe debate that has been going on the past week and I hadn't had the time to write about.

Kobe is the ultimate competitor, and is probably the best pro athlete that I can remember ever seeing (a Laker/sports fan since the '70's here) at ultra-focusing and sharpening the level of his play and concentration when injured. There is NO ONE currently even CLOSE to Kobe at playing through injuries - not close at all.

Kobe has been doing this since he came into the league, how many games has he played when he's literally looked like he could barely stand up? Where he's had to take an IV before the game or at halftime? Where he's draped a towel over his head and you can just see how he's suffering while sitting on the bench? Yet, when he steps foot out on the floor he is usually the best player in the game? This has happened at least a couple times a year, so often that we almost come to EXPECT that Kobe will play outstanding when he's sick/injured.

What has happened though to Kobe this season is an accumulation of injuries, the most critical one being his finger fracture. Different than his other past injuries that haven't been severe enough to sideline him, this year he's been bothered by many nagging type injuries that are serious but none by themselves are enough to keep him from playing. Broken finger (and a previous broken pinky that was never performed surgery to correct), sore knee, several ankle sprains, tweaked back, and many more ticky-tack injuries have all mounted together to create a Kobe that is battling through many ailments. To his credit he is the best at doing this, and he is showing athletes in all sports how to preserve.

Kobe however has been able to shake the effects of the one injury which has made him adjust his game, the finger fracture. Being that it is the index finger on his shooting hand, it has forced Kobe not only to alter his shot, but also has affected his handle when dribbling, and his game in general. Kobe was shooting a career-best 49% before the injury, and leading the early MVP race by a mile. However, post-fracture his shooting went down to 43%, and his game has also not been the same.

Credit Kobe for recognizing this, and taking himself out for a few games. There is NO DOUBT that his game has changed since the injury, the Kobe we've seen the past month or so is not the true Black Mamba. Certainly, he would be able to overcome the finger injury easier if not also having to deal with his ankle, knee, back etc... We've seen Kobe do that in the past. But all the injuries combined was not helping him be able to work around the bad finger.

For all you taking this opportunity to rip Kobe, two things. First, Kobe with all his injuries is STILL BETTER THAN MOST/ALL NBA PLAYERS that are fully healthy! Secondly, NO ONE ON THE LAKERS WAS STEPPING UP! Pau was not in the low post DEMANDING the ball (ala Shaq). Artest was not being forceful in asking for passes. LO, well he was just doing the LO thing (that he does very well unselfishly). D-Fish, ok I'd take Kobe and a broken arm over the way Fish has been shooting. NO ONE WAS STEPPING UP, so Kobe simply did what he always does, place the team SQUARELY ON HIS BACK even though he was injured!

Kobe is THE MAN on this team. It was GREAT to see the guys come together and string 3-straight wins over good teams going into the break (I wonder what they must have thought in Cleveland where if LeBron doesn't come close to averaging a triple-double on any given night they don't win). Kobe probably saw that his teammates were capable of helping out, this probably eases his mind when he does come back to not take the team squarely on his back. It's all good, but to RIP Kobe as being selfish, blah blah blah when NO ONE was stepping up - man you got this all WRONG!

We are LUCKY to see the best player in the NBA throughout his career. The Lakers are where they are (champions, best in the west by 5+ games) because Kobe has PUT THEM THERE. Do you guys mean to insinuate that the Lakers are BETTER OFF without Kobe? C'mon, that is ridiculous. If not for Kobe the Lakers are a playoff team, maybe a conference finalist. Kobe makes them a CHAMPION. He's not the player of the decade for nothing, get outta here with this Kobe's gotta go thing just because the team did well without him. I'm sure that Kobe saw this and will be more comfortable easing up a bit when he comes back because he is a CHAMPION and also the SMARTEST PLAYER IN THE NBA! Thinking otherwise is naive and just plain wrong...


I enjoyed your comment and agree with most of what you had to say. The one thing I don't completely understand is this statement...

"Devean George was a Globetrotter coached by Jim Cleamons before both became Lakers"

which is fascinating to me because I never knew either of them was affiliated with the 'Trotters. However, since I do remember when the Lakers drafted Cleamons in 1971, with the 13th pick in the first round, I'm feel pretty confident that he couldn't have been a coach for the 'Trotters before he became a Laker. Once a Laker always a Laker, especially a former member of the historic '71-72 NBA champions.

Also, I remember when the Lakers drafted George with the 23rd pick in the first round, straight out of world-famous Augsburg College in 1999. Of course we all know Deaven played a reserve role on the three-peat NBA champion Lakers of the early 'aughts. So I'm not quite sure how he could have possibly played for the 'Trotters first either.

Are you sure that you don't have these guys confused with some other Globetrotter players and/or coaches with similiar names or something. At the very least, I would think that both of them had to have been Lakers before they were anything else in their professional careers.

On a completely unrelated note...Stephen Curry has one sweet looking shot. He should have beat Paul Pierce (self-proclaimed best shooter in history LMAO). It was kind of like last year when the best shooter didn't win (Kapono > Cook)

Brown sucked :(

I came to Dallas for this weekend, and for the Dunk Contest, came to the stadium in a Shannon Brown T-shirt, and boy, his dunk was much too below his game-standards themselves...!!

After almost everyone (including media) has almost concluded its going to be Brown - it was disappointing to see him blow it badly.

Btw, any insider story?? - did Brown had any final-round plans of jumping over another team-mate?? Mbenga was sitting there, kind of looked odd to me....

They should just cancel the slam dunk contest.

Totally, completely lame.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'm just going to say it...

If I woke up tomorrow and read that somehow Darth Stern was torn apart in his office by a pack of wild hyenas, I would not feel the slightest degree of sorrow.

I really love the Lakers and professional basketball as a whole and EVERYTHING that I detest about the business and sport of the game it seems I can trace back to this cretan.

I abhor the way he presses "The NBA Cares" with one hand (which feels so forced and saccharine) and on the other hand he presses this Gangsta Rap/Nike/Gatorade ("G")/stupid machismo showboating (LeBron's pre-game nonsense)/slam-dunk crap.

I will say categorically that the narcissistic machismo gangsta element through which the NBA is marketed is evil.

Not metaphorically evil.

I'm serious here.

It is Devil and pitchfork evil.


Listen, I live in Ohio's equivalent of Beverly Hills (Hudson) and work in Ohio's equivalent of Oakland (Akron) and I see how this whole gangsta mentality just destroys people's lives. Sure, there's the good old plain fashioned evil of the hood and how it narrows a person's perspective so that they end up feeling crushed by their environment and commit to a life of criminality and brutality. That's part of growing up in a life of scarcity and it is not limited to any nationality nor any ethnicity. Rough, harsh environments produce rough people because that's what one needs to survive.

However, there's nothing COOL about that fact.

There's nothing COOL about that diminished sense of freedom and cynicism. NOTHING.


But Darth Stern understands nothing of that. He instead presses the narcissistic machismo gangsta element of the game through marketing. Why is Gatorade calling it's new line "G"? Because "G" means "gangsta" in Rap music? (Which is also overwhelmingly evil.)

[Jon K. continues to pour his heart out in this rant.]

You guys don't know what I have to deal with. I've fallen into this job despite my credentials because of this screwed up economy. I had to jump over the bar last night pull apart two girls who were fighting, both of whom left with handfuls of hair in their fists.

What started the fight? Nothing. One bumped into the other.

It's just stupid ego. But people have to continue to front. They have to be "G".

Over the last year, I've become more comfortable with my Akron hood rat
"peps" than my acquaintances in Ohio's Beverly Hills. It sucks watching so many of these people who are intelligent, capable, and entrepeneurial (mostly on a criminal level) and you know they're not going any where in life except the hood or prison.

Many of them would have an escape route if culturally it wasn't cool to be "G". If Gangsta Rap and the NBA wasn't pushing some stupid lie as to the best way to get out of the hood is to be more hood. It makes no sense. SOME (not all, just some) would literally change their ways if it was clear in the greater society that being a thugish (e.g. see Denver Nuggetts) brutal (e.g. see Boston Celtics) idiot (e.g. see LeBron James) wasn't cool. If it was ridiculed in the marketing juggurnaut instead of celebrated within it.

A lot of these people have never left Akron IN THEIR LIVES. They know two things:

1. Akron

2. What their television tells them.

And Darth Stern knows this and he does everything in his fricken evil power to sell the beautiful game of basketball as a materialistic, macho, narcissistic commercial of stupidity.

Nothing is worse than combining an environment of scarcity with a culture of materialism. Nothing. Nothing brings out more evil and less spiritual evolution. It's plain bad. Really. I know.

And that's what Darth Stern does. He sells materialism and narcissism to people who are trapped, thus further trapping them.

To quote The Twilight Zone, "He's a bad man. He's a very bad man."

In my humble opinion, the three greatest evils in American culture right now are Gangsta Rap, Darth Stern, and Fox News.


Something's got to be done because I'm tired of living with people who are capable and watching them go nowhere in life because they think their lifestyle is cool, when it's just a waiting room for death or prison. It sucks.

The whole NBA All-Star game is a lame circus.

"NBA Cares" is nothing but window dressing.

I'm sick of it and I'm sick and tired of David Stern and EVERYTHING he represents.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"He should have beat Paul Pierce (self-proclaimed best shooter in history LMAO)."

How is this not ridiculed in the media?

Paul Pierce said he's the best shooter in NBA history? How utter disrespectful to players like Jerry West, Pete Maranavich and Reggie Miller. But it's cool, right? He's just being "G."

So stupid.

I'd make that guy actually need a wheelchair if he talked that nonsense to my face.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So far... the whole thing has been really bad!
I was bored stiff at the h.o.r.s.e. contest, i mean... what the hell was that???????????????? Those guys have about as much personality as my spare tire. And the shot selection was...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

What was Shannon thinking?? I could have come up with better choices. What happened to - "I've got some tricks up my sleeve"????
The whole thing a total dissapointment!
Let's see what happens today?

{Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. Reporting From The Land Of Perpetual Twilight Driving Through Herds Of Staggering Drunken LeBroniacs Along Black Ice Slickened Highways With A Co-Worker Who Looking Past My Fogged Windows Into The Swirling Streams Of Snow And Says Flatly To Me One Night Without Provocation, "Ohio Is A Dark And Evil Place"}

[I actually didn't make up that quote. That event actually happened, sans the zombified LeBroniacs.]

Okay, well, I was driving through Akron with a few co-workers (and lifelong Akronians) and they began discussing with me how LeBron James is contributing all this money to the Akron school system so they can rebuild their dilapidated gymnasiums. Fantastic, right? What a glorious act of charity, right?

Well, it seems that as a component to this "true" act of charity, LeBron has used the leverage of his money to put a large group of person friends into appointed administrative positions within the school district and local government, which is interesting because it was told to me that these people have little or no prior administrative experience.

He's literally using his money to put his possee in local government.

He's taking over the city.

Oh, yeah. Good times.

Thank you, David Stern.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Good morning,

I've never been caught up in the ShanWow mania that's become so popular with many on this blog. Nonetheless, as a Lakers fan, I'm disappointed for this young man that his performance in the slam dunk contest fell so short. I hope this in no way affects the confidence he's developed as a player. At the same time, I hope it reminds him that there's much work to be done to develop his game. UPS has shown he has a lot to contribute to our team and he's been a valuable addition. He'll get better and the Lakers will be better for it.

I can attest to the accuracy of this L.A. Times article:

Heroin is exploding in Akron right now, especially among girls for some reason.

It's sad.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Rick Friedman,

"I hope this in no way affects the confidence he's developed as a player"

Me too.

It does reveal that Shannon is concerned with "making mistakes" as he played it safe. The good part of that instinct is that he really wants to "get it right" which makes him coachable. The down side of that instinct is that he may be overly concerned about taking risks, which could inhibit his growth as a player.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If the Cavs get Amare for a bag of bones and that *scrub* Hickson, I'm going to go Popovich all over the internet.

Come on Kerr, if you think you're improving your team by trading Amare or cap relief, well, I'll just let the fans in Phoenix deal wth you.

I wonder how the Suns fans will feel about Kerr's moves. He trades for Shaq which almost destroys the team, and now he's trading the franchise player to Shaq's team to save money.

Someone who has a more salient relationship with God than me needs to ask the old man to throw a few thunderbolts toward Kerr's SUV. Just give him a little wake up call. We don't need him too rattled, just alerted.

Do all those passionate Suns fans know what Kerr's about to do? Basically trading Amare for Hickson. Holy cow. This will set the Suns franchise back 7 years--maybe more when you figure they'll need a replacememt for Nash in 2-3 years. With Amare gone, the franchise looses all the steam it had over the last decade and it'll be 10 yars before they have players lke Nash and Amare again.

Maybe not. The desert does like it's NBA players. Still, the only way this deal gets locked is if the Suns fans raise hellfire. Where's our insider? The mole, Butler?

We need Phoenix fans who visit this sight to anti up and pay their due. We need insider info and insider action. This trade MUST be blocked!


ESPN reports the deal is almost complest. Now, if the Suns then buyout and cut big Z and then he returns to the cavs, well, that's as aggregious a move as I've seen soince that one team got Pau Gasol. We CAN'T let that happen again...


The dunk contest needs to scrap the first round. The guys all hold back, saving their great dunks for the final round, but they don't always get in. In this year's first round, everyone held back and did quiet, easy dunks, and the judges scored them all differently, picking their personal favorites.

I MUST KNOW WHAT SHANNON AND DJ MBENGA WERE GOING TO DO! If they don't tell the press or do it at like, halftime of a Laker's game, I might drive my family insane speculating.

Hey Jon K,

Did you read my rant on toilet etiquette? I'm there with you. I think people who can't use a bathroom properly have other more pressing social issues. The reason I think this is because the bathroom is an enclosed space where no one watches us. Therefore, the way we act in that room, is very indicative of our true selves.

I think the internet is very similar. If you're a jerk online with no one able to police you, you'll be a jerk in real life.



>>>Shannon should have tried the same first dunk again after his miss.

That's the truth of the matter.

You can't win the dunk contest without doing something special. If he'd have made that 360, it might have at least gotten him in the finals and made him live up to some of the hype he got preceding the contest. Falling back on an safer dunk just to get a score was his downfall. You don't win a dunk contest with safe dunks.

CyberCosmiX comments about Kobe are right on! On Cleveland, Celtics, and Spurs you could replace James, KG or Pierce and Kobe would have averaged 8-12 assists a game. LO, SB, JF &SV until the last 3 games have had wide open shots but lacked mental toughness. Kobe would not have to worry if they shot 60% on wide open shots and 45% on contested decent shots and played defense with energy every game. LO, SB, JF & SV have the talent to shoot and more important drive to the basket without charging about 3 times as much as they do. JF could be as energetic as Rondo every game for the 15 minutes(should be in 24 min,/game) he is on the floor! SB should be playing 24 min./game subbing for Kobe & Artest (Kobe or LO at SF when Artest is out). If they would go after the ball on rebounds as Rondo does even when surrounded by bigs and display mental toughness the Lakers will win another championship. Hope the team's success over the last 3 games will get them to demand the ball not whine about not getting it. Heck shoot it when open within the flow of the triangle and move to create the passing lanes when Kobe is stuck in heavy traffic (some times Kobe's own creation). Solid D for 4 quarters, mental toughness & ball movement every quarter from here on out will guarantee a championship. Communicate during the game rather than whine after the game! Go Lakers!!!


"Did you read my rant on toilet etiquette?"

I did and I appreciated it.

Yeah, it's a bizarre and telling mess. I haven't lost faith in humanity and I still try to see the best in people first, but when pressed by the consistency of certain phenomenon, it just reminds one of how low many people sink.

Three times so far at my bar people have used the wastebasket to explosively defecate into while there is a perfectly good (and clean) toilet available two feet away. Three times.

It just shocks the mind.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



" I think people who can't use a bathroom properly have other more pressing social issues. The reason I think this is because the bathroom is an enclosed space where no one watches us. Therefore, the way we act in that room, is very indicative of our true selves."

True and astute observations.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


They should create a national dunk contest that runs throughout the season with the finalists making NBA all-star weekend. That would be so much better than this, I would rather watch a Rocky-like story of nobodies having their one shot at glory in front of the world. And I bet the dunks would be off the charts ..

Jon K,

Maybe we should take a road trip to Spain or wherever those soccer stadiums are rotting because all the urine over the years has rotted the super structure. We could just stand in it and philosophize...


Jon K @7:52!!!!

I was once at a small gathering where Stern was the guest speaker. My intuition said: Bad, bad, bad.

Jon K

Interesting comments on "G". Insightful and well written. To sum it up - another form of exploitation in a society - culture, that clings to a paradigm of separation and fear based ideologies.


I think they need to change up the dunk format... it's so static and boring... just have all four guys out there free-dunking at the same time, having balls fed to them. Get the crowd into, get the players' juices flowing, their rhythm happening. It's become this awkward, self-conscious waiting game.

I think nerves got the better of him. Shannon has nothing to be ashamed of--it's a silly, inconsequential contest, after all. NO ONE was that great--in fact, didn't they ALL miss at least one of their attempts?

By next year's contest Shannon will have more self-confidence and poise in front of such a large national audience. I'm looking forward to it!

shannon is a formidable dunker he's just wasn't loose that night. i'm sure he's improve his style if he was to enter competition again next year. but for now he's still a dunker and would improve as he mature.

It is a lame contest, and I hope UPS doesn't take anything negative away from his performance. Did he even want to do ths, or was this more fan driven? I felt kind of bad for him. Skip it next year Shannon and just play basketball. PJ has the right attitude about the ASG.

HIGH WIDE & HANDSOME wants to be Shannon Brown's dunk-concepting agency:

Jon K.,

I never said I was "Dr. Jerry Buss, owner of the Lakers." What do you want me to do if my name is Jerry Buss, you idiot. YOU need to stop with that annoying, fruity three lines at the end of every post. "lakers, today, lakers tomorrow, lakers forever." You really don't know how lame you sound by making the Lakers sound all soft. Get off of your knees. "Go Lakers" is good enough. GET A LIFE, dork.

Jon K - hey couldn't approve your earlier comment. have to keep it clean. i know chamberlain's claim is public but others aren't. we always have the rule that if it doesn't affect their oncourt performance, there's no law enforcement, we keep it out of the papers.


Don't let shannon dunk. Eric gordon had better dunks in the dunk in.

Jon K.-

You need to keep it gangsta, homie. Why? Because everyone else is.

Get my logic?

If someone is going to keep it "gangsta" on me then I have to also keep it gangsta or else I will get stepped on. Unfortunately the people of the world choose to keep it gangsta, thus not reducing any levels of gangstaness anytime soon.



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