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Odom joins injured, Bryant nearing milestone, Gasol joins select group

Lakers forward Lamar Odom missed practice Tuesday because of a sore right foot and he is listed as probable for Wednesday night's game against the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City.

Odom got a CAT Scan and MRI Tuesday that was negative. Odom said he was injured during Monday night's win against the San Antonio Spurs.

"I'm good," Odom said. "I'm playing [Wednesday]."

Kobe Bryant, who missed the last two games with a sprained left ankle, will travel with the Lakers to Utah and will be a game-time decision.

When Bryant plays his next regular-season game, it will be his 1,000 regular-season game of his 14-year career.

Lakers center Andrew Bynum is also going with the team to Utah, but he won't play because of a bruised right hip.

When Pau Gasol scored 21 points, grabbed 19 rebounds, handed out eight assists and blocked five shots against the Spurs Monday night, it was seventh time an NBA player has accomplished that feat. Gasol joined Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who did it twice, Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley, Robert Parish and Bob McAdoo as the others who have done this in a game.

Lakers guard Shannon Brown, who will compete in the dunk contest during the All-Star weekend, said Bryant will be assisting him during the contest.

-- Broderick Turner

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MM - no need to post this. There is a typo (nearling) in the headline.

Almost got a heart attack with the first line MM, thought it was something serious. LO is a warrior, we've seen that during last years playoff run. Congrats to Pau! It seems like his Kwamenitus virus has been healed, thank you Lord!

I know its late reaction/comment on last night win but here it is:

I was basking with joy last night while I watch our Lakers play defense, hustle, play with energy, togetherness, and saw their will to win. It almost looked like they were having fun as well. They made us all proud as their biggest supporters ! I just hope this type of commitment and togetherness will be evident when Kobe and Bynum comes back. If it does, then we will be unstoppable! It really is encouraging to see how hard the team played the last 2 games. It's as if they're teasing us on how great they will be come June! OH JOY!

Kobe has always expressed to his teammates that everyone needs to step up and play with passion and energy night in and out. And now that he witnessed that the past few games, I'm really curious to see how Kobe will design his game when he comes back. How will he adjust? Will he be the playmaker/assassin when needed? Well however and whatever it is, i sure do know that most team would want to have this problem on their hands.


Long Time Laker Fan:

aaah wise man say man with no ego cannot be mocked, you with ego can easily be mocked, ugly guy, see now you get mad and i mock, you think hard for reply then come back with a smart ass answer to mock nothing but a mockery to along ..shoo.. I share some secret with you and always remember this: man with one chopstick always go hungry..



Step away from the edge! It is NOT that serious. We know who the real Lakers fans are around here. And the real fans don't even agree that much, but we are loyal.

Did you read my post chronically the past exploits of Fish, Pau, LO and Artest as team leaders? What I didn't mention, but what I thought was obvious, is that these men lead their teams successfully in the regular season, but were all ultimately unsuccessful in the playoffs, or especially in the case of LO, not very consistent.

Inconsistent means greatness sometimes, then horrible other times. What we are looking at are the greatness times. We will eventually see the not so great times. When they have a game like that, rest assured, those people will bring back up trade scenarios. It is the nature of this blog.

Such is life.

Kobe brings balance, and consistency and heart. He is what makes a really good team, a really great team.

Like I've said before, Kobe puts a dent in The Force when he steps on the court.


Posted by: FEARless | February 09, 2010 at 01:31 PM

WHEW - MM you really had me freaked out there for a second!! Not nice.... not nice at all.... !

And WOW - Kobe to assist ShanWow in the dunk contest??? This is going to be some kinda fun!!!!

MM - I will ask again - can you please find out if there's any way the mothership will be ok with you sponsoring some live chats over the course of the All Star Weekend? Especially during the dunk contest and the game itself? That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS is a very good laker team. Kobe needs to take his INNER GAME to next level by leveraging team concept in his repertoire. I have always felt that if there was a chink in Kobe’s armor then it has been and still is his inability to utilize his teammates in a team sport. If Kobe is still evolving as a player then this is a perfect opportunity for him to grow. Only Kobe can make this game easy for himself, make fun for his teammates, and in return add longevity to his playing career. Kobe’s evolution as a team player will bag him many titles.

For some reason, talking about the 1990's earlier today made me think of Nick Van Exel. I really loved that guy. We really weren't that good a team through alot of the 1990's and yet Nick the quick just refused to allow us to be a joke. I loved Nick for that, he came up HUGE many many times. Not so unlike the way Kobe does for us now.

I found one of those "where are they now links"

Eddie Jones had a persona much like Lamar. And then there was Cedric Ceballos, and Vlade Divac. Vlade was the bridge between Magic Johnsons career and the beginning of Kobe's.

Lakers would be unstoppable if Kobe could limit himself to 15 shots a game and dish out 8 assists.

That would never happen. Kobe is too worried about his legacy. He wants to be remembered as the greatest ever. He would never drop his scoring to 20 a game in order to make the Lakers better.
As a man thinketh in his heart so he is. Kobe (Kobe`s pride) aint no jordan .
Jordan made those around him better. He made Paxson and Hodges into heroes. He made Cartwright and Purdue into respectable centers. He made Pippen look like one of the top 50 of all time. Without Jordan those four wouldn't be remembered.

Kobe complained for years that his team mates weren't good enough. Now the Lakers are the most talented team ever, except Kobe still doesn't quite fit in right. If he could fit in, the Lakers would be the best team in the history of the NBA. Instead, they are going to struggle to beat Denver or Cleveland.


You wrote: "Lakers would be unstoppable if Kobe could limit himself to 15 shots a game and dish out 8 assists."

Response: It is not the matter of how many shots should Kobe take, more importantly the shots that Kobe does take, are those shots taken in the flow of the game, as oppose to difficult, one on three, forced shots and in process taking his teammates out of rhythm and left to spectate. You will never be able to impose limitations on Kobe and how dare, unless you are a player equally on par and demand the ball, any takers?. If there is any player in NBA that I would defer a shot to then it is the mamba king!! Don't you forget!!

You dig!!

Ok, let me get this straight. If you havent been posting on this blog for years then you cant possibly be a loyal, long time Laker follower who really loves the Lakers and gets high with the wins and it be a downer when they lose. And you arent allowed to criticize any player or the team no matter what kind of bone-headed thing they do. You must only express your undying worship of all things Kobe and all things Lakers because even when they do something stupid it must be overlooked because worship of Kobe and the Lakers must come before all else. Really, thats how some of the posters on this blog come across.

Umm, ok, somebody has to say it. Just because someone is new to posting to this blog does not make them any less of a fan and it doesnt automatically mean they know nothing of basketball. Everyone here just has opinions like everyone else, and everyone is entitled to express those opinions whether they are pointing out positives or negatives as they perceive them to be. All of us have had different experiences in our lives which have shaped us to be what we are. As a result, we are going to see a variety of different opinions.

I mean really now, do you want this to be a blog where every posting is raving about how wonderful Kobe is and how great the Lakers are? Is that what you want? Really ? Would anybody even bother reading if thats how it was?

There are quite a few of us who have been die-hard Laker followers for longer than some of you have been alive. We were crushed when beaten by the hated Celtics and euphoric when Magic, Shaq, and Kobe led us to championships. We loved Big Game James during the playoffs but during the regular season sometimes we would wonder where he went. We loved Coop nailing the 3, except when he was in a slump. We were filled with excitement when Magic came to be a Laker. If they had computers and blogs back then you can be sure that even the greats of the 80's would have heard their fair share of criticism. Imagine what the blog posts would have been like after the Memorial Day Massacre!

Not everyone can be an active poster due to jobs and other commitments but that should not make their posts any less welcome or their opinions any less relevant. We should be welcoming any new poster to the blog into the great Laker family and welcome their thoughts on all things Lakers.
So they have a criticism, thats ok.

I, for one, really enjoy reading all the posts. Yes, all of them, though its sometimes hard to keep up. I like reading the complaints and criticisms just as much as I like reading all the positive posts. I like the give and take and back and forth of various posters trying to make their point. Sometimes I see and learn things I hadnt seen or known before, both from the good and the bad. A great many of the posts do seem to have some element of truth and merit even if they arent positive.

Every day some of posts makes me LOL and some posts makes me cringe. Others make me stop and think for a minute about something I hadnt considered before. Thats why I come here. I dont want to read a worship blog any more than I would want to read nothing but put downs and criticism. Its the mix that makes this so entertaining. Some posters have an excellent technical grasp of the game, some are just big fans without the technical knowledge, but their feelings are just as justified to them as yours are to you.
And some are just rabble rousers and in their own way, they too are fun to read.

This blog is a place where some people go to just vent some frustration because the team they love lost or did something stupid and they just want to get that frustration expressed and yes, this is a place to do that, just like its a place to express your admiration for all things Lakers. Some people like to live in the fantasy of thinking about various trades that will never happen, but its fun to think about sometimes. And some people just plain like to criticize cuz thats how they are.

All should be welcome here even if they dont fit neatly into your idea of how a Laker fan should express themselves.

So, to all the trolls, to all those who see the bad in all things, to all those who just try to tell it like they see it and to all those who think Kobe and the Lakers can do no wrong, keep up the good work!!

I thoroughly enjoy all the posts and you all provide some real entertainment. Many thanks to all who post here.

>>>I share some secret with you and always remember this: man with one
>>>chopstick always go hungry..

Not if he's got a fork


Is SBrown really 6'4"? Guy looks more around DFish's height- 6'2".

The Fake Tom,

Some questions:

"Jordan made those around him better."

Kobe does make his teammates better.

When did Smush Parker have his best years in the NBA? Who made Laker fans think that KWAMAY Brown could be a decent option (Hint: Ask Detroit fans how they think of Brown). Who made Derek Fisher look good again at PG after failed stint in Golden State and had the Lakers won the championship in 2009 with a 34 year old at PG? And tell me who made Chucky Atkins have career year in scoring?

2) Jordan making his teammates better. Explain how Pippen LED his Bulls in 93-94 to a 55 win season and a bogus call in Game 5 against the ECF Knicks away from possibly getting to the Finals at least (they beat Reggie's Pacers quite a bit) WIHOUT Michael Jordan? And didn't Kukoc get the Game Winner WITHOUT Jordan or Pippen in Game 3 of that same series?

So maybe Michael Jordan had the benefit of also playing with a talented team that managed to win 55 wins WITHOUT him?

(Dont' bother bringing the next season...Pippen had to do without an inside force and Michael looked real good letting Nick the Brick steal the ball from him in Game 1)

3) The 15ppg and 8apg hmmm how do you explain this production from Michael Jordan's final 3 years as a Bull:

29.6ppg (23 FGA aka ATTEMPTS) and a WHOOPING 4.0 assists per game! Man what a BALL HOG. Huh? Yet the Bulls go 72-10, 69-13, and 62-20!

Baron Davis is posting the same numbers you requested and ask Jon K. about how the Clippers are doing.

Also since you mentioned the THUGGETS please tell me why Carmelo Anthony is averaging only 3 ASSISTS per game and shooting 22 FGA yet you mention how that is a great team?

And check-mate:

"Instead, they are going to struggle to beat Denver or Cleveland."

Erm. Last year in the Playoffs who spanked Denver? As much as Gasol and Odom really stepped up with Bynum getting owned Kobe LED them against Melo's Nuggets.

Sorry but your arguments are just as bad as your criticism of Kobe Bryant Fake Tom. You got served.

is kobe losing clout?

@ Art -FL Laker Fan, a very nice post sir, although the mention of the Memorial Day Massacre did bring up some bad memories.
I personally could never stand Larry Bird until Magic said he was OK.

Mark G:

What an irony and a happy ending to games greatest rivalry between Magic and Bird. I too hated Bird back then and now admire him only because of mutual respect between the two. Funny, who knew that Magic and Isah would go their separate ways and Magic and Bird would embrace new found admiration and friendship..


I'm currently stuck in traffic now since everyone is trying to get home before the supposed big snow storm hits new york. And it's always a pleasure to know that I have this blog to read to past the boredom on the bus.

And Art FL Laker Fan, that was a beautiful post! It truly made me smile, So thank you for expressing your thoughts.


Thank you.

Oh, and I still dont like Larry Bird, though I have always respected his skill, I hate the dude for being so darn good. If only he werent a Celtic, lol.


See that is a probrem with you mistra know it all, you think you smart and you very very funny and make mockery my secret. You stand next to me and i karate between your ears so you listen next time..

>>I share some secret with you and always remember this: man with one
>>>chopstick always go hungry..

Not if he's got a fork

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan

aaaaaaaaah not so quick grasshoppa, you write very quick with out thinking, you write as soon as blood go between your two big ears, slow down and breathe, one breath at a time and then you write very good:

you write: "Who made Derek Fisher look good again at PG after failed stint in Golden State and had the Lakers won the championship in 2009 with a 34 year old at PG?"

Response: breathe in and out.. or was it Dfish who show Kobe how to be a leader and help win MVP and a title, a stabilizing force, a voice of reason and the best team mate..unsung hero

>>>Lakers would be unstoppable if Kobe could limit himself to 15 shots a game
>>>and dish out 8 assists.

You mean like how Michael Jordan limited his shots?

No, that's right, he took 23 shots a game.

Like how Pete Maravich limited his shots?

Oh yeah, he took 21.3 shots per game.

Like how Jerry West kept his shots less than 15 per game?

Nope. Even the logo jacked up 18.7 shots per game.

When you look at Kobe's 19.3 shots per game average, it's very reasonable. Asking him to take only 15 actually hurts the team. And where do you get off asking for point guard level assists from a shooting guard?

What you're saying is something like, if Kobe was Magic Johnson, then the Lakers would be unstoppable... is that it? Well Kobe's not Magic Johnson. He's not a point guard. And the team is better off with him shooting 20 shots a game rather than 15 shots a game.

@Art-FL Laker Fan, excellent post. This blog is really the best in all basketball. Trolls may come in droves but they are just envious of this blog family. I was actually amused by Butler, Nuggetman, Red's Love Child etc.....where are they? Maybe they are using different names.

Memory of the Memorial Day Massacre???? ouch! I feel like crying again :-(... I still don't like Bird even if Magic said he is ok :-)

Live chat is another one. Only the strong survive. I don't have the courage to go there but by following the game chat, I am entertained, sometimes more entertaining than the game itself :-)

Look. Its simple.

The Lakers are a better team without Kobe Bryant. Right now.

An injured Kobe confuses everyone - do they or don't they defer to him as they do (and rightly should) when he's at full Mamba strength. The team chemistry goes into the sh*thouse.

Look how well they played the last two games. Everyone had their role and did it to the max. Pau, Ron-Ron, Lamar, D-Fish all had stellar games. And when a HEALTHY Kobe comes back we will go to another level. A beyond-Cleveland level.

But til then Kobe must check his ego at the door and SIT. I don't care if he can play at 75% - he shouldn't! Chemistry is always key to a championship team and Kobe playing but not able to be Kobe just messes with it.

Sit Kobe, sit! Then come back at 100% and get Phil his eleventh.

Art -FL Laker Fan
Well said!

You’re not patriotic if you don't support the president.
Please, where are those people now? The hypocrisy!!!

That is exactly why we love the Lakers because we want the best for them. Would you not complain if your kids were doing something you didn't approve of?

“You aren’t allowed to criticize any player or the team no matter what kind of bone-headed thing they do. You must only express your undying worship of all things Kobe and all things Lakers”

Would you raise your kids like that?

Art -FL Laker Fan:

You wrote: “Umm, ok, somebody has to say it. Just because someone is new to posting to this blog does not make them any less of a fan and it doesnt automatically mean they know nothing of basketball.”

Response: “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
Yes, there are few bloggers, who demand that all bloggers respect “elders” a title self proclaimed by Edwin Gueco and it appears the idea was “Blown in the wind” to “elder” Mr Edwin Gueco by virtue of him being one of the first to set foot in bloggin community. Then there is BynumTom aka LakerTom who will seek and destroy you if you dare write any thing negative on Bynum and he becomes belligerent. Of course, there is a “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” Phred ummm, errr, eh, yeah..ummm, yeah I am thinking substance abuse. How can we forget Hobbitmage, who sits high on top of a pedestal preaching to the choir all about NBA and “he’s a man with a plan, got a counterfeit dollar in his hand and he is misstra know it all” There is also Mamba24 another “Out Freakin Standing” blogger aka Larry The Cable IT guy. Now this post would not be complete with out honorable mention of another “elder” Jon K. who calls names at a drop of a hat such as “stupid and idiot” to others and then turns around and tells us that once he was a kind practicing Monk in the not too distant past. Yeah, there are few more and I shall save it for next opportunity.

By the way nice post and cheers!!


"Kobe was getting therapy for his ankle. Not sure where socks was."

Socks is having a special massage on his bruised hip at the Playboy Mansion."

It's frustrating. It's frustrating," Bryant said. "I'm not used to this [sitting out]. I don't know what ... a player is supposed to do back here [in the locker room], so I just got treatment on it during the whole game. I don't know what's going on half the time."

Is Bryant jealous of recent teammates success.Makes me wonder if Kobe`s true intentions are sincere.

five dollar foot long,
The night Magic showed up at the "Gahden" for Bird's farewell tour, with a Celtic jersey on no less, was one of the classiest moments in sports.

Ever since LO moved to LA and married to a Hollywood personality, he now feel some pains here and there. I just saw him last night running, charging like Drew Brees and dunking a great shot until news come around for MRI!!!

Every time it rains in this city, it is the end of the world because of a traffic gridlock or multiple leaks on their roofs. What if it snows here w/ 40 inches how would the people here react? I guess there will new entrepreneurs engaged snow therapy and rehab too. Just by blogging alone, I get a sore hamstring waiting for the next thread of M/M or feel the pain of Zaira's sad state of the blog. I wonder how would she perceive this blog if she was here during the era of the best basketball mind, Mike T?

In conclusion, what is new on these injuries about Kobe, Bynum and Lamar, how about Sasha, is he not injured yet?...they're all residents of SoCal where little pains are magnified a million times to attract drama and reality TV. lol!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
LTLF…Congratulations. You have finally “arrived” now that you have your own personal stalker. Shalin Monk is like a bizarro brother of Ding How from Prattville, Mr. Hyde to Ding How’s Dr. Jeckle loved your “fork” comment. Anyway, what a cast of characters we are! One thing that every Laker fan should agree upon is that we need to be sure when Kobe and Drew return that we keep playing this kind of basketball. In the end, it matters zero who is on the floor. We have to play that kind of basketball. And I am confident we will.
When you step back and look at how this season has gone and how Phil has handled the situations, I think you can get a capsule view of exactly why he has won 10 championships. Crazy rotations and all the in game stuff don’t really count other than how they add to the season-long process to develop and groom a championship team. That is what we are watching – the master at work with Kobe, Drew, Pau, Ron, Lamar, Derek, Jordan, Shannon. It’s like watching a player throw a half court bounce pass ahead of three defenders to a streaking teammate who only he saw and envisioned passing the three defenders.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Zaira…Been thinking about your comment that dunking is not in Pau’s DNA. These issues usually end up being about semantics or degree but here is my take on Pau and dunking. First, Pau is a finesse player whose body and game are centered on great footwork, moves, and fakes that take advantage of his quickness, length, and superb skills. No disrespect but I believe that Pau WAS a soft player in Memphis. I believe he learned how to be tough last year on the Lakers playing with Kobe Bryant. And he showed in the playoffs that he was not soft.
In a way, you are right that dunking and by extension what we are really talking about is playing physical power-oriented basketball is NOT in Pau’s DNA but that does not mean that he cannot compensate for what is not natural, which is what Pau did superbly last night on both offense and defense. Trust me, that was NOT the Pau Gasol that played in Memphis. What Pau did was finish stronger than usual and fight more aggressively and physically than would be normal for him. Because it is NOT in his nature, Pau forgets sometimes like in the Cavs game, and was not mentally ready to finish strong. Now we have seen his adjustment.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Art…Outstanding post, especially for a newer poster. JK!!!! Seriously, there was nothing I could disagree with in your excellently written exposition. Most of original posters do pat ourselves on the back because, much like Kobe playing injured, we have persevered through the Kwame and Smush days, which should be reason for any Laker fan to feel like they’ve paid their dues and ought to get a thank you once in a while. Like anything, the blog culture is evolving daily as new contributions, ideas, approaches, and issues rise and fall. The only time we object to newbies is when they start trashing things before understanding and experiencing them. In its own inimical way, the blog is like Jim Rome. You have to live it and feel it and see it everyday for a while before you really “get” it. But once you do, WOW!!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Yes, there are few bloggers, who demand that all bloggers respect “elders” a title self proclaimed by Edwin Gueco and it appears the idea was “Blown in the wind” to “elder” Mr Edwin Gueco by virtue of him being one of the first to set foot in bloggin community."

~~A little correction to your post. I demand respect from everyone not only for elders but also for the youth (read the archive in defense of youthful Xodus against Mike T.) I always caution on extreme angry opinions whether coming from GHF or GHE. Secondly, I was never a Christopher Columbus in this blog perhaps, one who has been enslaved and always a "forgive and forget blogger" after virtual attacks by the old and new conquerors of the blog. A better appropriate description of me as a blogger - cautionary, visionary and pure entertainer. I believe in free speech in a divergent community. I myself was not born in America nor professed to be a 1st Laker fan but I was made to become one, a fan forever since I settled here just like any Los Angelinos. A fan with lots of whines and conditions which I have posted for the sake of entertainment and another viewpoint. I am not a zealot asking you to believe or adhere to what was posted. There are things that are expressed that you may not appreciate nor commentaries aired that you don't believe, the best thing you can do is skip it and go to the next post.

I just want to correct your unfair label that we are seeking entitlement for coming here earlier.

LakerTom is a mess

Is Drew a bust or still salvageable?


Thanks for the link. Nick the Quick is one of my all-time favorite Lakers. Hands down. I was truly sorry to see him go. I was sad when I realized the PJ was coming and the Lakers would be winning championships without him.


I have been a Lakers fan for the last 3/4 years. I had never enjoyed a lakers game like I enjoyed the last 2 games. I always imagined how lakers will play when Kobe is not around. Also I always thought that probably other laker players are not playing in their fullest potential because every ball ends in Kobe's hand. He either misses it or makes it. I agree that he is the greates player but I am sure the absense of Kobe gave other players to showcase their talent. It was Kobe who has never played a balanced game. Bynum is a presence but to me he is very soft and I always thought he comes to the game with his mind somewhere else.

Just see, hwo everyone is playing with a balanced score at the end and still winning the game effortlessly. They enjoy the game, communicate the game. Play the tringular offence well. However when Kobe plays, as I said before, all the ball movement ends in Kobe's hand and lately he misses it. If he is not well and can not give 100% or clos eto 100%, he better sits out and allow others to play. What if Mbenga may play well as well.

Mutually Inclusive, Tom, others:

Am I missing something? You said, "if only Kobe would...the Lakers would..." as if these things have never happened. Did we all miss last season? Did we miss the playoffs? Did you not already see with your own eyes Kobe play the ultimate team game while wholly taking apart All Comers?

Did he not ALREADY average almost 8 assists a game in the Finals?

From whence do you guys get this, "if only..." nonsense?

Please explain.

Also, last regular season prior to the All-Star break went much as this one is. Except the bench was playing a bit better. You know, spurts of dominating team play, then everyone would sort of go all inconsistent at the same time for some reason, and Kobe would have to be Kobe to keep the Lakers at the top of the standings.

We know this recipe works, because we have proof of such. You know of the proof I speak, don't you? It's called the Larry O'Brian. We just got one. Mission accomplished.

So, I ask once again, from whence do you get this notion that Kobe needs to learn how to incorporate his team mates?

I am all "ears".



Great come back. Not only is Kobe's 20 shots a game reasonable, it is actually a bit less than West when West was at his prime. West's numbers include some pretty anemic injury depleted years.

All the pundits with their abacuses and slide rules have always said the Lakers play best when Kobe shoots between 20 and 23 shots a game on average (which correctly takes into account the occasional Mamba game).

Even though 8 assists a game are indeed point guard numbers (and in fact, more assists than over half the starting point guards in this league), Kobe has already been there and done that on his way to his fourth NBA Title.

That, for a shooting guard, is inhuman -- yet we all saw it with our own eyes.

I don't know what these guys are seeing, or what they are talking about.

They obviously don't either.



You obviously have anti-Kobe glasses on. Did you actually watch the interview? Did you see how his eyes lit up (you cannot fake that) when John Ireland asked him if the team's recent success makes it easier for him to decide to sit another game or two? He said "definitely" and you can clearly see he meant it.

That, my friend, is putting the team before yourself.

Textbook case.


Sorry but your arguments are just as bad as your criticism of Kobe Bryant Fake Tom. You got served.

Posted by: KB Blitz | February 09, 2010 at 04:30 PM

Preach it, Brother! Go get 'em!


Edwin Gueco:

You wrote: "A better appropriate description of me as a blogger - cautionary, visionary and pure entertainer."

Yes indeed you are all of the above and I do enjoy your posts brother and find them poignant and funny at times.

Fans from all walks of life and frame of mind post and I would not take anything posted too personally or seriously. Just look at it this way I too was trying to be an entertainer.

Peace out!!


Not sure why you lumped me with sorry a.. LakerTom hahaha but here is another version of my post re: Kobe

I hope that Kobe continues to learn to share the load, learns to accept help from his team mates, learns to give his team mates an opportunity to shoulder the work load, learns to make them feel that they belong with him as his team mates and not some scrubs. Although, Kobe has come a long way when it comes to playing within the team concept which resulted in MVP honors and a title.

I have no problems with Kobe taking shots, after all he is great scorer and Mr. clutch. However, I question Kobe's shot selection, often times leading in to personal battles (mano-a-mano), one on three, one on four while his team mates gawk, what else can they do?. This type of heroic is really suited for play grounds and has no value in an organized team sport. Ultimately, the person who really benefits from seeking his team mates help is Kobe himself.

Peace out!

Peace to you also Breadth 101. i don't know where the word "elder" in describing us for being too opinionated. A few years ago I thought I was just a baby now even in the blog, I'm considered as an elder. Next time, I'll start rapping and tweeting to keep up with the times.

BTW, I'd apologize for my posts with multiple typos, I can't count them anymore perhaps that the other identity I missed also MT, Mr. Typo.

Kobe "The Hero" Bryant has to be cringing knowing that his Kobe-ettes won a couple of tough games in his absence. Guess the jacking up 35 shots a night will have to wait another game or two.

I think Pau gasol, tonight showed us what his true nature is, he is a really good player but he needs self trust and the feeling of being important in some way, when i see Pau playing with Spain, you see he is sure about what he does,he is a leader, a scoring machine, he plays superb basketball, but on the lakers, specially on important matches, he feels like a secondary player and he searches for that secondary player role, and that means he is not psicologically 100% focused, he is not confortable, you see him playing like "lost" and you see he looses selftrust on shooting.Gasol is very serious, and he can do a very good defensive match as secondary player, because he will be focused, but as he is not confortable 100% he will be not that fluid, that was easily seen in last year finals, i dont think Gasol has physical problems, because even agains a very physical defender he has many weapons to score, his problem is combining that secondary player feeling, with being the best. In my oppinion kobe should be one more in the team , so they really could feel equal and get the best part from all of them, saying he is the mighty leader, who eats 1st than the others does not benefict lakers, that for sure.When u have someone that tells you what to do always, you stop thinking, its natural.

Laker Tom/Long Time Lakers Fan,

"LTLF…Congratulations. You have finally “arrived” now that you have your own personal stalker."

Completely totally bizarro and disturbingly true.

You've made it on the Lakers blog when you begin to be stalked by weirdos. Wow. Crazy and possibly true.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We need to trade Drew for Bosh and move Pau to Center. Drew has the height, and has some good post moves, but doesn't have the fire or heart. Throw in Morrison's expiring contract and Sasha.



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