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Live Chat: NBA All-Star Game

--Mark Medina

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I love Shakira, but this is the most pathetic half time show I've ever seen.

weakness after weakness.

If I should ever right a dictionary, I promise to use 2010 nba all-star
weekend as a definition for pathetic and as a synonym for weak.

HOBBITMAGE… “If I should ever right a dictionary, I promise to use 2010 nba all-star weekend as a definition for pathetic and as a synonym for weak.”
That would be the write thing to do.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

well i wonder if the west would have won with Kobe in the lineup..on the other hand if they did win that would be four straight without and the trade Kobe talks would rally heat

hi alll

hope u had a "great" NBA weekend. i hope at least Valentine's Day made up for it for each of you.

lots of disappointments: Paula, best 3 point shooter; Shannon letting down all of US. that flight was cancelled.

but also some poetic justice. as much as i wanted to west to win (and yes, i really wanted DW to make the all star team) i'm happy they lost: a combination of bad coaching, cronysm by making plays for Car-melo, Chauncy and especially Deron, who had more bad plays in this game than all of the season.

and seeing the face of Princess Jimmy disappointed that he did not get the MVP. PRICELESS

and nothing can replace Kobe's presence. this game would have been over long time ago. and more important, MORE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ouchhhhhh -

Thanks for the best wishes. I completely avoided the game, as it has seemed to me less and less about which conference is better and more about sponsors/parties.

it's amazing how the criteria changes each year in the nba..
this year wade wins asmvp (rather him than lebron though)bosh has good numbers also..yet last year Kobe has it by far but shares with shaq
nash wins b2b mvps(kobe never gets closer than (3rd)his temas record to low blah blah and he has a bunch of scrubs yet this year durant sits at #2
Kobe gets suspended twice for unatural basketball actions... a few years later still waiting to see this happen to anyone else yet...
and the list can go on and on.. o yea after player gets bashed by so call team fans after 3 years of medicore help and 1 year of good help...proceeds to win a championship the following year..just for the year after that to be deemed a cancer and to said team and should be traded.

yep every year something truly amazing happens in the nba...

and another PRICELESS moment

Charles Barkeley crying that Kobe was voted player of the decade. his Laker hate is limitless.

Hello Everyone,

Shakira's Performance really helped kick in the 6th overtime of a wonderful Valentine Weekend (wink wink). I'd have to say that the TNT crew just can't give Kobe his due. The fans overwhelmingly chose Kobe with 54% of the vote for Player of the Decade and what happens? Taco Bell box pusher decides to call the fans idiots. I'll make a point to combine every troll comment on this blog with a mental image of Taco Bell Box Pusher to remind me to laugh off their dumb remarks hahaha

Good Evening All

KB24 Player of the Decade, of course! Game was really missing Kobe! I taped it, watched the end. Perfect place for Kobe to drain the game winner!

Congratulations Kobe for being player of the decade. Unfortunately, there are Laker fans in this blog who do not even accept or respect him as a great player. How can you call yourself a Laker fan and yet you can't stand Kobe?

ALL Stars Commentary

Once upon a time, the inner city neighborhood is the prime market of NBA or the CBA, players have to go around town oin the morning to promote the game in the evening. In LA, those prime areas are: Inglewood, Watts, Compton, Long Beach and Los Angeles. This is replicated all over the country in NY, Boston and other medium-sized cities. Today, the All Stars Game is held in a covered football stadium attended by more than 108,000 people and millions more on TNT as well as globalized networks to watch the multi-millionaires players produced by billionaires for All Stars weekend.

Well, basketball is still a poor man's game sometimes organized by neighborhood kids by improvising a board and a ring, basketball is born on the streets or in vacant lots. I know because I grew up in that setting. Today, All Stars Game is all cable and those 108K fans paid a hefty price to see the game. . David Stearns cares only about $$$ and what the multi-millionaire want to happen plus globalization and that's the other meaning of "NBA Cares". The poor fans in the inner cities who have no cable could no longer watch the game compared in the 70's or 80's when it was on the networks. The aging NBA & CBA players do not even have any retirement or medical benefits and thus forgotten. Only the Springfield Hall of Fame in Massachusetts remember them.

VI Lakerfan,

That's key.....what is the criteria? When you determine what is the criteria you can hold people accountable in how they arrived at their conclusion.........and it determines consistency.........if you have no criteria you get what you get.......decisions based on emotion, or what mood you're in that day or even worse ......memos from the top "suggesting" what should be said and not be said.

Case in point......did anyone see the reaction of the Charles Barkley when Kobe was announced "player of the decade" IN A RUNAWAY VOTE!

If you were to ask Charles what his criteria was I would be willing to bet you he couldn't tell you. Kobe led everybody in playoff minutes played, games played, points scored, most spectacular performances, most rings and most finals appearances this decade ......Kobe went to 6 finals this past decade........How could it be anyone other than Kobe?

What's the criteria if this isn't it?

The vitriolic hate that exists for Kobe is mind-blowing..........the problem for most critics of Kobe is here is a player that was constantly criticized during the decade but when you lay out his resume it is by far the best of the decade......and can compete with any decade.

Kobe's resume exposes the 2 MVP's by Steve Nash, it exposes all the unwarranted criticism it just exposes all the critics and their surrepticious motives being grounded in something personal and not objectively........which by the way makes Kobe hated even really is a vicious cycle.

But here is the real problem for the Kobe critics........He was player of the past decade and he has the potential to be THE PLAYER OF THIS DECADE TOO!!!

That tidbit is just too much for a lot of people to swallow because no other person could lay claim to that feat...........NOT EVEN MICHEAL JORDAN

Class, Claaassss, Claaaaaasssssss, SHUT UP
Thank You

We are half-way through the school year and your progess reports are done.

Little Philip
Again an interesting job being teacher's aide. I'm a little concerned about you falling asleep so much at your desk, that does not set a good example, but since we have the second highest scores in the district. you get a B+.

Baby Kobe
You've been out sick quite a bit this year which has affected your concentration. I'm afraid your grade has suffered for it. A-

Pau Pau
You've been out sick even more the Kobe and your work has suffered quite a bit. Even though you aced your last test, your average grade is only a C.

Lil Fish
You should have graduated already. Why are you still here? You can be assistant teacher's aide next year. NO Grade

I am giving you a break since you are a transfer student and I understand how difficult it is to adjust. Grade B-

Baby Drewey
I don't know where to begin, you showed so much promise when you came to this school and yet you still have not met expectations. I believe you can achieve greatness with a better work ethic. Grade C--

Once again you find your stride during mid-terms. This time try to keep it up the remainder of the school year. Grade B

Jo Jo
If Little Philip would let you interact with the rest of the big boys, you might be able to contribute something special by the end of the year. That's a big IF. Grade B

Rest of Class, Grade Incomplete

Now class, I know some of you do not agree with your assessments but that's my job, to grade honestly and fairly, and by taking to heart that all I want from each and every one of you is to be the best that you.......

Class, Claaassss, Claaaaaasssssss, WAKE UP

You wonder what criteria Barkley would like applied to his HOF credentials? NO RINGS! Can you really be a HOFER without one title? Hummmmmmm

Kobe player of the Decade!! Hey Charles are you so fat, drunk and such a loser you can't give Kobe his props. Ask any coach, owner or fan who they would want taking the last shot with the game on the line and yes they will say the black mamba. Do you really think that Shaq would have won those 3 titles in LA without K24. Funny how the U.S. Team didn't learn to play defense until a certain Mr. Bryant showed up and won the gold I might add. He made all those players better and that is a real MVP. Did the fans get it wrong and have a short memory then maybe you may want to remember a little thing called the hack- a -shaq because he couldn't hit a freethrow to save his life. At the end of the game in those 3 titles in LA Kobe and the great Robert Horry were taking the big shots not Shaq.Lebron may be the next decade but has yet to get hurt and then we'll see if he's a great one or not. All the great ones play hurt (note to Bynum). Tim Duncan boring, boring, boring. Another one than couldn't hit a clutch free throw. I think the TNT commentators might want to treat the fans with more respect or be prepared to lose ratings. Guess what, we watch and you get paid. We don't you don't. Once and for all the fans have spoken and this was the decade of KOBE!!!!!! LA Fans all of us are lucky to have the best player here and now.

A quick peek back inside the Phoenix Suns' blog to track this Amare trade:

"It’s been speculated that Kerr is letting his buddy Danny Ferry use him to drive down the price on Antawn Jamison for the Cavs (not sure why Kerr would do this, but it’s more reasonable than finding a reason why Kerr would actually do the deal, and ESPN’s Ric Bucher reported this could be the Cavs’ motive of getting the Amare to Cleveland rumors out there).

It’s also very possible that the Cavs have just been “showcasing” Hickson this February when he’s been sooooo incredible that he’s scored a whole 13 points and grabbed a whole five rebounds per game on average.

I still don’t believe Kerr would make this trade, but what if he shed J-Rich, too, and could make the Suns a player (theoretically) in the Summer of 2010?

That’s enticing, but the biggest reason the Suns shouldn’t get rid of Amare and J-Rich, blow the rest of the season and rebuild during the Summer of 2010 goes back to that ill-fated Kurt Thomas trade. There’s no use in tanking when the Suns won’t get the benefit of the ensuing lottery pick out of it.

If they had that pick and could get salary space, this could be a great way for a fast reload, but not having that pick is one more reason not to trade Amare for J.J. Hickson, regardless of if J-Rich gets shed in the process or not. One of many reasons..."

There's no way this deal happens because the Suns won't get the draft pick this year if they tank. I guess someone else gets it. This deal can't happen. No way.


beats the van gundy out of me. i so wanted to bring peace and enlightenment to this blog, i so wanted to invest it with a gravitas, and sense of grace and grandeur, a sense of je'ne said quois, a few ...'s. Hey? where did my ...'s go?

NOOOO! Bring back my....pfunk! You ...'s stealin, low down, dirty stern...I ain't gonna hit ya, i ain't gonna....I'M MAD AS HELL AND I AINT NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!...

.... .... ...

OK, there were a lot of all star related phred thoughts that have gone unrecorded. That could been contendas, too. I blame Luke.





Like others here, it disgusts me that Kenny & Charles were totally dismissing that Kobe could be player of the decade. On all-star Saturday, when they reduced it to the final 6, Kenny was basically saying that Kobe rode Shaq's coat tails to the titles with the 2000-2002 Laker teams.


If Shaq was so much more spectacular than Kobe FOR THIS DECADE (not the first three years, mind you), then how come Kobe has made the finals TWICE without Shaq, but Shaq has only made the finals once without Kobe?

And Shaq has had the advantage of playing with Dwayne Wade and Steve Nash, who are two of the other original 12 that the NBA put up as potential players of the decade. Kobe has never had an MVP caliber sidekick other than Shaq.

If you want to talk about that best player from 2000-2002, then yeah, I'll give that to Shaq hands down. But Kobe did contribute a LOT to those teams, and he has done more without Shaq with less help than Shaq did without Kobe.

To me, player of the decade came town to Tim Duncan vs Kobe. While Shaq faded this decade, Duncan stayed relevant. But with 4 titles and 6 finals for Kobe's Lakers over 3 titles for Duncan's Spurs, Kobe is the clear winner.

If you watched all the other "... of the decade" things, Kobe was a nominee in almost every category. And ironically, TWICE he was voted runner up to Derek Fisher. One was playoff drama - Kobe's was the Indiana game where Shaq fouled out and Kobe carried the Lakers to an overtime win - Fish was where he showed up late for a Utah game vs Golden State after his daughter had surgery, came on the floor in the middle of the 4th, Sloan sent him straight onto the floor and he helped them win. The other category Fish won was best playoff buzzer-beater - Fish's 0.4 beat Kobe's shot to win vs Phoenix.

And did I mention that Kobe played the most minutes of the 2000's, scored the most points of the 2000's, and played in the finals more than any other NBA player except Derek Fisher.

2000s were the decade of the Mamba.

Long Time Laker Fan,

"2000s were the decade of the Mamba."


It has also been the decade of hatred.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


CHARLES BARKLEY IS A JOKE... he may be entertaining to some but thats cause he gets paid to act like a clown and say stupid things. thats his whole gig, his M.O.... be really controversial by saying outrageous things. the man has no substance... thats why i never watch his stupid tnt shows with kenny and a guest.. its like watchin the 3 stooges especially when earvin magic johnson is in the studio with them.. haha..

i dont even know how a guy like him with a well documented history of sports gambling can serve as a role model to kids in america... and then he gets a frickin superbowl commercial? makes me sick.. the man has a serious gambling problem.. a self admitted addict whos never really attended any rehab programs (except maybe some DUI classes) and still has a high profile nba job under the stern empire??

but then again isnt he like best friends with michael jordan? i'm sure that helps and also explains all his gambling issues.. but then again barkley has ALWAYS been a complete michael jordan KISS-ASS even in their playing days.. everytime he speaks of jordan in public he goes out of his way to suck up to him.

maybe that also explains his sick hate for kobe.. he knows kobes the only real threat to jordans legacy and he will do anything to stop him.

I'm accused of being angry. But every post on this blog is attacking David Stern, Charles Barkley, Lebron James, etc. etc. You guys need to take a good look in the mirror !!!!! The Lakers are the World Champions and Kobe is one of the 2 best players in the world and not one of you can relax and enjoy it. You worry about every comment every analyst makes regarding the team. It's pathetic. And whom ever thought of this Stern bias against the Lakers has extreme paranoia. He allowed the Lakers to fleece Gasol, so just do everybody a favor and shut up. And for Jonny boy K...get yourself some serious therapy.
And I'm not kidding or trying to be funny or sarcastic.

Here's a question:

With the Mavs doing an upgrade, do the Lakers make any changes?

Fans were correct in voting Kobe the best player of the decade.

Remember when people compared Kobe to Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson and Grant Hill, well that is history now.

Then they gave Steve Nash MVP over Kobe for 2 years, well that is history now.

Now it Kobe vs Lebron.

It just seems like Kobe has been around for a long time compared with everyone else.

With all due respect to Barkley, Kenny and Tnt, Kobe deserves being the best player of the last decade.

Kobe has the best work ethic of anyone in the NBA. Nobody can say the same about Shaq. If only Shaq could make free throws? If only he could guard the pick a round offense? If only he didn't try to get in shape during the nba season? Then maybe we could have called him the decade best. The Kobe vote is correct.

More trade rumers, from Yahoo:

"Nevertheless, here are two developments to watch with (Tyrus) Thomas: Several league executives suggested the Minnesota Timberwolves could be a sleeper for him. Minnesota general manager David Kahn has been researching Thomas and has plenty of assets – three 2010 first-round picks, multiple second-rounders and a host of expiring contracts – to make it happen. Once the Timberwolves trade Al Jefferson(notes) this summer, they can re-sign Thomas and plug him into the frontline with Kevin Love(notes). Jefferson is expected to be traded for a talented, young small forward.

Trading for Thomas would be a way to get a long, athletic power forward with upside, and the Timberwolves could easily re-sign him this summer.

Here’s something else to watch: The Portland Trail Blazers were telling teams over the weekend they had a chance to acquire Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic(notes) and wondered whether teams might have an interest in obtaining him. This prompted several executives to suggest the Blazers were working on a three-team trade, including one Eastern Conference general manager who had been told the elements of the package included Thomas and Vujacic to Portland, the Bulls’ Kirk Hinrich(notes) to Los Angeles and the Lakers’ Adam Morrison(notes), another expiring deal and a first-round pick to the Bulls.

“What has, or will kill this,” one GM said, “is that Portland just won’t take Vujacic on.

The Lakers guard is owed $5.5 million next season.

The Clippers have made Al Thornton(notes) available, sources said, and are trying to package guard Sebastian Telfair(notes) in a deal with him or center Marcus Camby(notes). Several teams have inquired about DeAndre Jordan, but the Clippers have no plans to move him..."


spot on pfunk36... anyhow sorry for the delay it's a 4 hour difference here in the VI...
but all in all it's really sad and disrespectful what the tnt analysts did.. who else but kobe could it be? then the whole thing is a joke.. is it by mvps?? then it's never been to the finals nash...
is it by championships??well first off it's player of the decade,not who has the most championships..but if we go there timmy only has 3....remeber it's the decade his first is it's a tie with shaq an kobe...why is lebron there an not wade then? 1 regular mvp and besides he came into the league in 03.. y is he on the list period he missed a third of the decade...o and if u want to go by rings then pick that whole thing is a joke it cannot be anyone but Kobe....barkley whatever..kenny I'm embarassed to watch such crap and these guys call themselves analysts and get paid millions... sounds just like the fools saying trade Kobe and he isn't a team player...theses guys are like a bunch of number 1 draft pick busts.... i hope MM comes out with a thread to call these fools out the way everyone's been calling out the Mamba lately...

btw.. the three nitwits together's about consistency... shaq an tim aren't no way more consistent than kobe they are still good but there numbers have been on a steady decline,more injuries, and everything else Kobe leads in all stats except rebounds and for a guard he's right up there in the top 10...u guys are really clueless..this is a numbers thing..and Kobe's has been consistent throughout..81 and 62, don't even have to be included wow...

Good morning,

Anyone even glimpsing at the BSPN and TNT pre-game coverage of All-Star Weekend would have thought it was all about Princess Jimmy. Feature after feature. Suck-up, salivating admiration. The David Stern originated storyline promulgated ad nauseam by every broadcaster.

And then, the just desserts.

The East wins the game, but it is Dwayne Wade who wins the MVP.

The fans vote the Player of the Decade. Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!

And behind the scenes, even more humiliation. The Cavaliers, built to-date as a showcase for Princess Jimmy, are forced to go shopping in advance of the trading deadline, seeking even more help to buy LBJ the trophy he is demanding as a price tag to stay in Cleveland beyond this season.

Sorry, Princess Jimmy. Kobe has long ago matured to the realization he needs a TEAM. He was jubilant when Pau arrived. He embraces D-Fish as co-captain. He loves him some Lamar. He relishes playing big brother to the younger players. He has the self-confidence to know he can take over a game without always having to do so.

The paid sycophants will continue heap praise on the princess. Fat Charles will continue ballooning like Kevin Smith. (I hope Lamar was well paid to be a prop in Fat Charles' commercial.) But all the marketing in the world can't sell a flawed product. The princess is still a pretender.

The All-Star Weekend was supposed to be a showcase for David Stern and his boy-toy, Princess Jimmy. It was a bust. Stern was eclipsed by Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban, who gift wrapped a Guinness Book of Records venue. And the Princess was eclipsed by -- well, just about everybody!

Go Lakers!

Oh-oh...Amare to the Cavs??? Trouble. right here in Laker City. We already were having plenty of difficulty handling Shaq, Ilgauskas, and Varejao. If they get Amare too, that's a truckload.

Speaking of Shaq, the guy has played himself into amazing shape, going from a big tub of goo to a slimmed down, very active, reasonable facsimile of his former self. I couldn't believe it when I watched the Cavs just before the ASG break. Shaq was rebounding, running the court, and even leading a fast break in one game. It just shows how good he could have been if he had kept himself in decent shape on the Lakers. They might have won another 3 or 4 titles. Instead, he became the Bigfatblobbus...until he got traded. Idiot.

And speaking of idiots...two words...Charles Porkley. Pants on the ground...pants on the look like a fool with your pants on the ground. Kobe NOT the Player of the Decade??? It's not even close. Kobe wins by a couple of Charles Porkley pant sizes.

Yeah right. Here's Kobe riding Shaq'a coattails in gave 4 of the finals:


That would be the write thing to do.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Posted by: LakerTom | February 14, 2010 at 08:01 PM

Good One!! lol

Hey DFish, why don't you lead by example and lay off the real DFish and Jon K. If you concentrate on some analysis that isn't centered around a single player or demeaning another blog resident then maybe it will lead to something.

Engage in some critical thinking and maybe it will be contagious.

Just a thought.


who pays the players for the nba all star events?

Do you want to date me



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