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--Mark Medina

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That was a great retort to the idiot Gary

Lakers dont look good , they waited again for Kobe to bail them out with 3 pointer ?? What kind of tactics is that ? We do not look good against good teams this year , lost 2 to Denver , 2 to Cleveland , 2 to Dallas , if we think Lakers have another gear for the playoffs we are to be disappointed in the playoffs.

Mavs bigs (Dirk and Haywood) had 42 points to Lakers supersoft Pau and dumb Andrew 21. It seems like any 2 good big men can outplay our duo. I am sure Cleveland is watching.

Is the Fisher experiment over ??? Another great night for the tough veteran.
3 of 13, fantastic defense, deft ball handling. Am I missing something ??
The Zen master needs to go in a new direction. Everyone else shot pretty well.

Tough loss. Caught the game mid of 1st Q. Everyone except LO played like crap, that includes Kobe. No energy, no intensity. I saw Jay-Z and knew right away Lakers will lose the game. Why he's even there, he is BFF of LBJ right?

Can't stand Mark Cuban. There's something so strange about him, it's creepy. Watch out, trolls infestation coming in 1....2.....3.....

Pau's weak after his contract extension. Quote me on that.

This game is a lost when Dfish entered the 4th Q. He is useless both offense and defense.

I was listening to the radio today and everybody praised Kobe for hitting so many winning shots this season ? Are we kidding ourselves ? Most of those shots were against bad teams , just like yesterday . Are we going to rely on that ?

Lakers had a mistake filled win last night. Didn't get to watch this game except for bits and pieces. I am beginning to think they are just not good enough to win it again this year. They get outplayed a lot by teams with two bigs like someone already noted here. There are too many defensive rebounds lost at crucial points in games and it happens a lot with Bynum in there. Andrew isn't as good yet as I thought he would be while Gasol is too thin to expect him t hold up against bigger bodies. Not really his fault.

I love Fisher but he's killing this team this year. It's over already..make sure he's on the bench down the stretch more Phil.

Oh well...I should shut up as I to frustrated to post more and I'll say stupid crap if I this team sometimes...I mean they have a great record and all but I really think they are short by a bit this year. If Odom could play at his best more we'd be sitting pretty..but he's Lamar and he takes you on the roller coaster ride ...

If Phil doesn't sit Fish, he's a moron. This guy is killing the team. I'd rather see Farmar out there more -- and Farmar makes me gag.

We're screwed at PG.

I thought that was the Lakers playing last night but was no sure; IT LOOKED LIKE a High School Team. They should have brought Tickets the way they stood and watched the other team rebound. They better watch out for them in the finals.



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