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Lamar Odom dunks 'on the moon'

Lamar Odom must need money.

How else can you explain this commercial he recently shot for an energy-bar company?

Check it out:

So I guess we now know what Odom says whenever he goes in for a dunk -- "Get out of my way, Saturn!"

-- Austin Knoblauch

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Wow, so low budget.

Whooey, a whole lot of production money went into that shoot. And can the kid wash his hair?

Still, its a good thing that we can crit Lamar's commercial appearances knowing that his game is excellent right now.

I have anticipated this before that LO will get a candy contract on top of his summer long delay, I thought it was Hershey well it is the energy bar. Now we expect a very active Odom to keep up with his advertising appeal.

Next guy to get a contract will be Andrew Bynum to promote private health insurance like Anthem Blue Cross or the AMA (American Medical Asso.) to get doctor's appointment soonest. "If the beast benefited from it, what more from all of you donkeys out there."

This explains Lamars intensity during the last couple of games.

Gel Blast? Is that like a GUMMY BAR?

Eat up LO!!

Your gonna need that energy tonight.

Hey AK. Thanks for posting this..LOL

WOW - that's all I can really say about that commercial.

This is so awesome!!!!

Time for me to gets myself some Powerbars!!!

I love it. Perfect fit. He's basically selling healthy candy.

Very fun.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LO is playing great ball.

Glad Lakers didn't trade him.
Hope they don't trade this season either.

"Get out of my way, Saturn!"

Is Saturn codespeak for Kevin Garnett? Hmmm... I must research this.

From Wikipedia:

"With the deposing of his father, Saturn became the ruler of the Universe for untold ages and he reigned with his sister, Ops, who also became his wife.

It was prophesied that one day Saturn would lose power when one of his children would depose him. To prevent this from happening, each time Ops delivered a child Saturn would immediately devour it. When her sixth child, Jupiter, was born, Rhea had him spirited away to the island of Crete. She then wrapped a stone in his swaddling clothes. Her deception was complete when Saturn devoured it, thinking it was the child. When Jupiter was grown, he secured the job of cup-bearer to his father. With the help of Terra, his grandmother, Jupiter fed his father a potion that caused him to vomit up Jupiter's five siblings, Vesta (Hestia), Ceres (Demeter), Juno (Hera), Pluto (Hades), and Neptune (Poseidon).

A devastating war that nearly destroyed the Universe ensued between Saturn and his five brothers and Jupiter and his five brothers and sisters. Jupiter persuaded the fifty headed monsters to fight with him which enabled him to make use of their weapons of thunder, lightning and earthquake. He also convinced the Titan Prometheus, who was incredibly wise, to join his side. With his forces, Jupiter was victorious and the Olympians reigned supreme. Saturn and his brothers were imprisoned in the Tartarus, a dark, gloomy region at the end of the Earth."

So I guess it's settled. He's metaphorically dunking on Kevin Garnett in the commerical.

It's all clear now.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


All the bloggers need to eat one right before the Live Chat tonight. Dunk on those Trolls!

Very funny. I love the special effects. Reminds me of my favorite late 50's cheesy sci-fi thriller, The Crawling Eye....


I thought the low budge aspect of the commercial is what makes it work. Great spot.

"Get out of my way, Saturn!"

One of the best, most nonsensical lines ever, making this one of my favorite commercials ever. I could watch this 100 times and it wouldn't get old.

In your next chapter Jon, maybe some details on the Gods and their seduction of fair maidens. I always thought that'd make a good film. But specifics, please. The Romans and Greeks always left the best parts to the imagination.


that's a classic. but why would you have to go past saturn to get to the moon?

Jon K,
"He's metaphorically dunking on Kevin Garnett in the commerical."

There's got to be a Uranus joke in there somewhere.

Funny commercial! BTW LO will join Kobe at USA National Team Camp.

Odom really knows how to pick his commercials. I dig this one, and he was the best part of that Taco Bell/Barkley thing. But his Mona Lisa has to be his ESPN spot with the nacho cheese in the trophy:

May Lamar Odom enjoy every success, in all areas of his life. He is soft-spoken, hard-working, unassuming, unselfish, humorous, and I want to see him for many years as a Laker....helping the team to construct yet ANOTHER chapter in Laker history called:
"The Latest Lakers DYNASTY!"

The low budget look was intentional. Jon K., I'd like to pick your brains. Nice analysis there.



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