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Lakers-Jazz chat plus note on Slam Dunk/All-Star coverage

Fans of the Lakers blog have spoken. We will indeed have a live chat during both the NBA Slam dunk contest on Saturday and the NBA All-Star game on Sunday. Consider it just one example of this being a democratic forum.

Before All-Star break begins, however, the Lakers still have one game to play. Per usual, we'll have a Lakers chat tonight with lots and lots of polls.

--Mark Medina

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MM - I'm not sure how many of these you've received from Mamba24, but here's one from me:


That's AWESOME!!!!! Live chats for the slam dunk AND the game????? SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!

You're the best blog god EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really like us.....

Nice one, Marky Mark!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


what is the link to watch the game online? Anyone?

Top Ten

10. The moral is: If you can't ape around like an immature idiot, David Stern is not interested in promoting your career, okay?
Posted by: Jon K.

9. Shalin Monk,” Man who stand on toilet is high on pot...”I tried it and it's just not the same, thanks anyway.
Posted by: aztronut

8. Kobe Bryant is a laker for life. Those of you who think the Lakers can compete for a championship without Kobe are delusional. You think Lamar and gasol will hold up under the pressure of a 7 game series?
Posted by: Tom

7. You're reading entirely the wrong message from these two wins. The message is that without Kobe, the Lakers are still capable of beating the lesser teams in the league, up to about the lowest playoff teams. Without Kobe, teams like Denver, Orlando, Cleveland, and probably Atlanta and Boston would eat them alive in a playoff series.
Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan

6. Damn, I think I've got something stuck to the bottom of my shoe and it's ouchhhhhhhhh.
Posted by: aztronut

5. "By the way, I think David Stern is presently scouring the rules for a loophole that would allow four point dunk for LeBron James (but only after a crab dribble)."
Posted by: Jon K.

4. My Bruin/Laker bro, you and I both know that since he's already granted LeBron the 4-step dribble-drive, the 4-pt LBJ dunk can't be far behind.
Posted by: CornerJ

3. Riddle me this Batman, how does a player lose stamina during the course of a season? People are talking about how Pau is just rounding into form after his injuries. If Bynum lacks conditioning now, it is rather obvious he was not in condition at the beginning of the season.
Posted by: Troll Man

2. that's a classic. But why would you have to go past Saturn to get to the moon?
Posted by Phred

1. Guys a new post is up
Posted by: Mark Medina

Lakers are better without Kobe as they are really really playing team ball. Thats the main thing. Whenever Kobe's in there is always a tendency to get the ball stuck with Kobe. I like it this way. I can really say we are a better team with this new teamwork. I hope we can keep it up - with or without Kobe. Go Lakers!!!!

You Ever Notice who just got owned? Way to keep trashing every Laker except for Kobe while they keep showing you up. Are you a Laker fan or a Kobe fan?

i got to #2 with that?


Did you know "If you are under 13 years of age you may read this message board, but you may not participate."

For you to even imagine this lakers team without Kobe as Daffy Duck would say is: You're Despicable

Did you finish your school assignment?

wascally wabbit

Really sorry I had to miss the chat, cos the game was amazing again.
I had all possible troubles with my provider (Vodafone) connection, resulting in laptop, tower pc AND iPhone unable to work online.
Luckely my man had his laptop with a different provider connectivity and we ended watchin the game on a 13 inch screen. Talk about difficulties at 3 am to be overcome to follow Lakers...


@LakerTom... got you on Pau now.
It's all fine man.
As usual ;)



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