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Lakers fail to clean the glass in loss to Dallas Mavericks


With so much not to like in the Lakers' 101-96 loss Wednesday to the Dallas Mavericks, the film session will likely be brutal and tedious.

You can break down the plays in the final minutes. You can break down the 17 turnovers. And you can break down the shoddy defense on reserve Jason Terry (30 points).

What's most egregious, however, entailed the Lakers' getting outrebounded, 41-36, a rare occurrence given that they rank second in the league in the category. The Mavericks are 14th.

There were 13 instances in which the Lakers simply got beat to rebounds, which led to 29  points by the Mavericks. And after reviewing the game, it's clear that these lapses on the glass were preventable.

First quarter, 11:40  

After Derek Fisher's three-pointer hit off the rim, Mavericks guard Jason Kidd grabbed the board on the far side of the court without much trouble. Lakers center Andrew Bynum was near the free-throw line and seemed in the best position to fight for the board, but he just watched the ball sail into Kidd's hands. Moments later, Dirk Nowitzki's jumper gives the Mavericks a 2-0 lead. 

First quarter, 9:38

Lakers forward Ron Artest drove in traffic for a left-handed layup, with Bynum and Lakers guard Kobe Bryant in the paint. But neither attempted to box out Dallas forward Shawn Marion, who immediately cleaned glass. That eventually resulted in Mavericks center Brendan Haywood making a fast-court layup for the 7-6 lead.

First quarter, 5:50

Fisher's leaner barely nipped the backboard, and Bynum and Pau Gasol don't even put up a fight in the paint. Nowitzki grabbed the rebound, fired an outlet pass to Marion and the Mavericks' three-on-two break resulted in guard DeShawn Stevenson making a left-handed layup en route to a 12-12 tie.

First quarter, 4:37 

Bryant's jumper hit off the back rim and Haywood cleaned glass near the center part of the paint with very little Windex required. Gasol jumped for the rebound, but from the far end of the paint. Bynum was easily boxed out, not even putting up much of a fight for the ball. Moments later, Marion's left-handed layup made it 14-14.

Second quarter, 6:24

Nowitzki's jumper hit back iron, Randolph boxed out Lamar Odom under the basket and Dallas guard Jose Barea easily grabbed the board over Lakers guard Shannon Brown. Barea went up to the top of the key and passed the ball to Nowitzki, whose jumper from the right block also hit iron. Gasol positioned himself on the near end of the paint over Stevenson, but he didn't really box him out. Stevenson tipped the missed shot out to guard Jason Terry, who swished a wide open 25-foot three pointer, reducing the Lakers' lead to 38-37.

Second quarter, 2:25

In transition, Bryant fired a 24-foot three pointer but to no avail. Bynum was the only one in the paint, but I can't stress this enough. He made absolutely zero effort to (a) go for the ball and (b) position himself over Haywood. I know Bynum's been hobbled by a hip injury and he appears to be rather slow. But it seems as if Bynum has no capability to grab a rebound unless he doesn't have to move whatsoever. Moments later, Nowitzki's jumper cut the Lakers' lead to 48-41.  

Second quarter, 1:51 

Give Bynum credit on this play. He at least jumped a few inches for the rebound. But Haywood had positioning over Bynum as Odom missed the 13-foot turnaround jumper from the far wing. Haywood tipped the ball to Terry, and moments later, Haywood's dunk sliced the Lakers' lead to 48-43. 

Third quarter, 11:25 

Bryant's pull-up jumper hit off the front rim, Nowitzki boxed out Bynum in the center of the paint and Marion boxed out Gasol on the far side of the paint. Nowitzki grabbed the board with ease, Kidd led the break and Marion had an easy dunk, giving Dallas 53-50 lead.

Third quarter, 11:00 

After Fisher's three pointer from the top of the key hit the back of the rim, Gasol had slight leverage over Nowitzki but he didn't account for Marion, who stood behind Gasol just outside the far end of the paint. Haywood's bank shot moments later increased the Mavericks' lead to 55-50.

Third quarter, 5:30 

After Nowitzki's fall-away jumper on the near side hit off the far side of the rim, Haywood grabbed the backside rebound over Ron Artest. Artest had positioned himself to rebound the ball once it clanked off the front rim near the paint, while Haywood backed away and anticipated the ball bouncing off the back rim toward the far side. Moments later, Marion's layup gave Dallas a 66-63 lead.

Third quarter, 3:09 

Once Gasol's layup rimmed out, he tried tipping the ball in twice to no avail. The tips just went off the glass, and Nowitzki eventually tipped the ball forward to Kidd, who found Terry in transition outside the perimeter on the nearside. His three-pointer gave the Mavericks a 69-67 lead.

Fourth quarter, 6:01 

Nowitzki's fall-away jumper from the near side nipped off the front and the ball went directly into the hands of Haywood. Both Artest and Gasol were in the paint. While Gasol covered area directly below the right side of the rim, Artest manned the far area near the left side. But Haywood simply grabbed the ball over Artest. Moments later, Nowitzki made a jumper, drew a foul on Bryant and converted on the three-point play for the 87-82 lead. 

Fourth quarter, 3:39 

Bryant's three-pointer at the top of the key rimmed out and Kidd grabbed the board without any challenge in the paint. Gasol was on the near side just outside the paint, while Odom was on the other side. But neither went inside during Bryant's shot, leaving Kidd alone for the rebound. On a play 20 seconds left, Nowitzki drilled a 17-footer over Odom for the 92-86 lead.

What it means

The Lakers' rebounding miscues all came down to effort and lack of concentration, and most of the missed opportunities point directly to Bynum and Gasol. Despite his large 7-foot frame, Bynum's size didn't really present a threat on the boards unless he just happens to be at the right place and right time and doesn't really have to make an effort. Though he grabbed 11 boards, there were still many he easily could've gotten. Gasol, who had six rebounds, also played tremendously passive during boxout assignments. Gasol appeared to put more effort into the glass, but his passive play also made him a non threat. 

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Shannon Brown and Dallas guard Rodrigue Beaubois each try to get a hand on a rebound during the Lakers' 101-96 loss to the Mavericks on Wednesday night in Dallas. Credit: Tony Gutierrez / Associated Press.

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A long time ago, at the beginning & middle of the season ...

I said: Anyone who isn't hustling should be benched/traded. I specifically
called out Bynum. Certain adjectives were used regarding my posting
style with claims of "mis-representation".

Ok. Now we're heading into the playoffs and ....

Afterward, Gasol thought long and hard after being asked if the Lakers coast too much in games. The short answer: yes.

"Sometimes we just get a little too comfortable, too confident in games and we don't push hard enough at times to be able to pull away from teams," he said.

my response: This seems so familiar ....

another quote by Gasol:

"I think we should have done a lot better as far as rebounding the ball so we could have more possessions and limit them to less possessions," Gasol said. "They had 13 boards on the offensive glass, we only had seven, which is something that we wouldn't anticipate at the beginning of the game.

my response: In December, didn't I talk about rebounding? In January,
didn't I talk about rebounding?

Comments have been made about Kobe shooting too much. He shot 23 times.
D-Fish was 3-13. hmmm .... This sounds so familiar.

Games that we have lost to quality teams *seem* to share a common
thread. People are being physical with our C/PF's. We're not getting
offensive rebounds because our C races down court so he can be in position
to score. [ bynum ]

There are lies, damn lies & statistics. If our C/PF's don't step up, we will not
win a championship this year. As I said before, I say again. We will go as
far as our C/PF's take us.

The Nuggets are coming this Sunday I hear, But do you see me trembling in fear.
Are they a good team? Yes they are, If not for the Lakers they would go far.
Best records are fine for a playoff run, But do you remember our record back in 2001
56 – 26 was the record they had, They limped into the playoffs looking quite bad.
The Lakers ran on fumes into those Playoffs, then all of a sudden they just took off
In those playoffs they won 12 in a row, If not for A.I. they would have went 16 and o.
They have appeared in Finals Back to Back, that’s a lot of games for a body and that’s a fact
Just ask MJ the bald one for goodness sake, After his 3-peat even Jordan had to take a break
The third leg of each 3 peat on MJ was rough, He retired after each & like Kobe he was tough
So why wear yourself out in useless games, Then get to the playoffs and pull up lame
This is not an excuse for lack luster play, just a note that with Phil the Bulls played the same way
After having won 10 of these things, I trust Phil knows how to set a team set to win Rings
This is not bragging on 10Rings or a boast, It’s just acknowledging one who’s won titles on both coast
So their play is nothing but a cyclical thing, When the circle is completed we will have another ring

a new day dawns, and it's good as always to be a Laker fan.

we're fans of the only team in the association that isn't supposed to lose any game ever.

it's a work in progress. more work, more progress.

Thinking about some of the plays last night, it might be a good idea to remind the back court to make sure there's someone to rebound the long misses on the defensive end instead of leaking out in force. The Lakers have been showing a desire to run before they have the ball in hand, giving the opposing team's smalls quite a few rebounds and open shots.

Another problem is their habit of waiting for long rebound to come to them. What ever happened to "reading a miss" and anticipating where the ball was going? Wasn't B. Shaw real good at that when he was playing? (I really don't remember, but I do remember Chick talking about it as a fundamental).


aztronut, in case you didn't get that I was playfully ribbing you on your epic (both long and insightful) posts, I just want to say so, without any Bolshoi. I have the same advice for you as I do for Kobe and and our temporarily misfiring Lakers...KEEP FIRING, BABY!!!

Lakers need to find a way to play together as a team, like they did without Kobe and Bynum. They will, of course, need Kobe to win a ring, but can anyone say they look better now then they did without him? I hope they can come together before the playoffs start.


Please check the stats before claiming something especially Lebaron's!

It was definitely one of those "ugly" losses. I can chalk this one up. Lakers lost another opportunity to catch up with the Cavs for best record and I don't think they will ever. It is the same story last year. This game is like the games they played against the Rockets last year, painful to watch and so frustrating for the fans.

Looks like nobody wants to play defence and grab rebounds. A lot of standing around. They looked tentative and confused, maybe they were looking at Beyonce too much, (oh! the distraction, she is taken! ***LOL).

It will be a tough road to repeat but I still believe.

Last Night we lost to the juggernaut featuring, Najera, Barea, Beaubois and Stevenson. PJ needs to come up with an answer to our 5 and 6th man scoring potential, too often we're playing 4 on 5.

Denver represents a real challenge and Sunday will show us what lies ahead ahead. Artest, Shannon and Farmar someone has to step up.

wah, wah...

another game coming up.

Yeah, the Mavs' offensive boards hurt us, especially in the 4th, but so did the turnovers, lack of perimeter D, officiating, lack of offensive execution down the stretch, and failure to match the Mavs' intensity.

All that, and it was still a close game that we could have stolen.

Fish, I love ya' man but you're such a liability on defense it absolutely kills us at times. Sure Terry had a really hot stretch from behind the line, but a lot of those were wide open looks.

Bynum, dude....I'm still waiting for you to realize that you don't get calls on the road. Yep, I agree that you were once again the victim of some ridiculously bad calls. You really got hosed. But this is the NBA. Pretty much EVERYONE gets screwed by the refs on the road. Learn to deal with it.

Kobe, Kobe, our 4th quarter offense stagnates when you're in! As soon as you get the ball, the rest of the guys stop moving and stand around waiting for you to shoot. The good thing is, more often than not you come through, but there are times like last night where you miss a couple of 3's towards the end and well....we lose. I suppose we all should be used to the fact that when you're on the floor, we live or die with you. Last night, we died.

To the rest of the team, did you notice how Dallas was really celebrating shots and playing to the crowd....FROM THE 2nd QUARTER ON? Heck, I saw guys jumping up and down and fist pumping after making a shot in the 2nd quarter, when they were still behind! You know what that means? The Mavs were seriously fired up and ready to play. You guys simply didn't match that intensity.

Oh well. On to the next game and the next team that's really psyched to knock off the world champs. Hopefully this time we'll be ready.

Which Laker was allegedly "guarding" Jason Terry last night?

Which Laker was allegedly "guarding" OJ Mayo the night before?

Mamba24, Where is our Italian princess and the First Lady of the blog? Don't even read anything from Laker Lass. Girls can't compete with the mobsters posts, they've have the charming posts with TLC. No place for beauty contest in this blog, it's Stone Age atmosphere.

M/M, you better watch out, there is a competition lurking on game summary. I think you should add a little opinion than just leave everything to your favorite line: Guys, new thread is up. As soon as the new thread gets in, here comes the posters raring to go like Ohno competing for his life against the Korean skaters as everyone want to express their distastes of the day, wishes for tomorrow and dissertations of the wise. The latter is over qualified to be just a mere blogger, he should join the legion of BSPN ratings baiters or Fox fools.

IMO, no way can anyone replace the 1st philosopher of the blog i.e. EX. He makes the last say succinctly in few words: "Whatever you guys say, Lakers will not repeat without Kobe or Gasol and add here Odom but they can do it without Bynum." Hahaha, another controversial statement that will inflame the Bynum brigade. Mike Bresnahan said this morning LAT article, Bynum is still hurting with his hip injury.

If we summarize all the gripes on this thread about the players, I believe we're barking at the wrong tree. We are giving the Coach a lot of credence yet he decides who should play and who should not. The Gm/Owner decided not to make any changes during the trade deadline, now it's all in the hands of the Coach to devise a strategy of a win. Everybody thinks all of the pieces are in place, so let's put that sublime trust on him and judge accordingly within the next 10 games rather than micro managing his team on every game.

The fact is the last two games has been UGLY. Really ugly.

In contrast, the last five games before this two ugly games were BEAUTIFUL to watch. Anybody can make sense out of that.
If you can't, you just choose to close your eyes.

Pretending, in denial, not accepting what is really going on.

I have a nice quote from Jon K, "These are issues that need to be addressed by our coaching staff because they are primarily mental and emotional issues, as opposed to physical and intellectual issues." It is pretty obvious you see the problem, but somehow you don't accept the cause behind it. This is why you just pretend you do not understand what is going on. Because the root cause is not popular, as in you can criticize a Kobe Bryant. This is where the real problem is!

Kobe justs yelled F U at Gasol again. I rewinded the play like 19 times. Gasol saw Kobe was in trouble and was going to make a pass in mid-air, Gasol chose to turn his back on Kobe, why did he do this? Kobe has the right to yell at Gasol. As always he belittles his teammates. This is GASOL we are talking about, the best skilled big man in the NBA today! What more do you think will the likes of Farmar, Brown, Odom think, who are nobodies. This is why the team is so indecisive when Kobe is around, no flow, no confidence. Kobe breaks the team's spirit. This is why the last two games is UGLY.

He high five's Artest after Kobe makes a shot at the same time he was walking with Gasol going to a timeout. KObe ignored Gasol as Gasol ignored Kobe.

Get Kobe to sit another five games and Lakers will win all five easily. This is a message the team is sending to Kobe.


I'd love to argue with you, but a new post is up :).

I definitely add opinion and analysis to my posts. And if someone has a question or I feel a need to step in and clarify, I'll definitely do it. Always appreciate the suggestions.


Without Kobe five games. +15pts in winning margins. All Lakerfans enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL games.

With Kobe 2 games, -6 pts in loosing margins. All Lakerfans didnot have fun watching, some even close their TV. What an UGLY game.

Is there a problem? Sure there is.

How come the last five games Had no problem?

It is time to be a LAKERFAN again all and let go of your KOBE FANATICISM. There is life and championships after Kobe Bryant as long as Jerry Buss owns this team.

The owner is the one that puts together championship teams, the owner has won before without Kobe, and he will again with or without Kobe Bryant.

Let's go, and let's unite as LAKERFANS!

We divide and only we loose. I love my Lakers!!! Say it!

We all bleed purple and gold! There will always be another Superstar who will wear a Lakers jersey, but there is only ONE LOS ANGELES LAKERS!


"Which Laker was allegedly "guarding" Jason Terry last night?

Which Laker was allegedly "guarding" OJ Mayo the night before?"

These are both shooting guards. They were both Kobe's cover. Maybe, Kobe wants a chance again at making heroic shots at the end. Well he did get that chance and failed.

PJ's prediction of 62-20 looks VERY optimistic at this point! I look at the current version of the Laker's play starting around Christmas and see that they are on pace for about 5 losses a month from here on out. That will put them in the 50s somewhere for wins, which may not even be enough to win the West, let alone 3-4 teams in the East with better records. The weak inside (Kwame hands) of our bigs and the forced passes to bigs and Kobe and turnovers due to lack of Basketball 101 fundamentals is ludicrous and not championship worthy. I bless every day I get to see Kobe perform in my lifetime...........even hurt...but unless some aggressive and strong (hands) bigs are 'found' either on the team now or signed, it looks like 2004-2006 all over again for Kobe and company.

BTW, I get tired of the commentators on League Pass/ESPN/NBA TV telling their national audiences that the only minor injury that the Lakers have is Kobe's "sprained" ankle (ignoring his existing back, knee, elbow, tendon, multiple broken fingers, etc.) They don't mention all the others' injuries including DJ, et al. Is there any way we can a REAL injury report out of the LA Times, as we know there are injuries with probably everyone that affect they hops, cuts, passes, shots? These are not insignificant, as when I see DJ not able to get to balls and cuts he did easily last season, for example.

Staple 24,

"It is pretty obvious you see the problem, but somehow you don't accept the cause behind it. This is why you just pretend you do not understand what is going on. Because the root cause is not popular, as in you can criticize a Kobe Bryant. This is where the real problem is!"

~~Have you also entertained that your conclusion may be flawed?

To be more objective, why don't you ask your friends, neighbors, closest kins or other Laker fans other than those read in this blog, so at least you can trust their opinions looking at it on a larger perspective. In a face-to-face discussion, they can tell you where other problems exist not only with Kobe.

Are all these problems you pointed out caused by Kobe?

Nuggets County,

Yeah, add here the nagging brain injury on the Coach. Stubborn in ignoring blog suggestions. lol just j/k.


>>>"Which Laker was allegedly "guarding" Jason Terry last night?
>>>These are both shooting guards. They were both Kobe's cover.

Did you actually watch the game? If so then you would have noticed that they had Kobe guarding Jason Kidd and Derek Fisher was guarding (or rather NOT guarding) Jason Terry.

Part of the problem was what seemed to be a defensive choice they made. They seemed to regularly double Dirk Nowitzki. Most frequently, it was Fish leaving Terry to double Dirk, and that's why he got so many open looks. But Kobe sometimes took the doubling duties, and thus Jason Kidd went 4 for 9 on mostly wide open 3-pointers as well.

Another part of the problem was people (especially bigs) not hustling back on defense. At least twice, while Bynum was complaining to the refs for not getting a call, Dallas went down and fast breaked 5 on 4. Several other times, I noted guards like Kobe or Fish trying to pick up bigs in the lane because Bynum was jogging his way up the court. If Shawn Marion or Dirk Nowitzki is running right toward the hoop and Fish has to pick him up, he can't also cover Terry at the three point line at the same time.

So yes, Fish's defense on Terry was pretty weak, but I give some of that blame to the defensive strategy of doubling Dirk and to bigs not hustling back on defense.


" case you didn't get that I was playfully ribbing you on your epic (both long and insightful) posts, I just want to say so, without any Bolshoi. I have the same advice for you as I do for Kobe and and our temporarily misfiring Lakers...KEEP FIRING, BABY!!!"

Oh, I got it alright! Nothing wrong with a little good-natured sniping, especially when it's so well deserved. Believe it or not, I'm still trying like hell to make these things shorter but sometimes it's harder to curb your enthusiasm than one might think...

Thanks again for reading and responding. I just want to let you know that I very much enjoy most of your commentary as well.

MM I get the point, but Drew did have like 7 in the first quarter. They didn't all just fall into his hands.

Great post MM!

I said it last night on the LiveChat, when will someone put a body on someone, geez! If I'm PJ the next practice session will focus on BOXING OUT 101.

Not noted in blog was the comments of Worthy and Hill about Drew's comments.

They said he should never call out refs when Drew said we were playing 5 on 8.

What Hill and Worthy don't like to hear the truth? Dang that is one of the many problems of reffing. They can make or not make calls which affect the game outcome but they are above question?

Heck Kobe gets bump hard on shot attempt and no and one call. Stu noticed it. Drew gets shoved and then called for travel and he questions the call and ref said he didn't see it but called traveling anyways? Of course replay you clearly see shove.

Yup NBA where amazing censorship happens.



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