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Lakers fail to clean the glass in loss to Dallas Mavericks

February 25, 2010 |  8:06 am


With so much not to like in the Lakers' 101-96 loss Wednesday to the Dallas Mavericks, the film session will likely be brutal and tedious.

You can break down the plays in the final minutes. You can break down the 17 turnovers. And you can break down the shoddy defense on reserve Jason Terry (30 points).

What's most egregious, however, entailed the Lakers' getting outrebounded, 41-36, a rare occurrence given that they rank second in the league in the category. The Mavericks are 14th.

There were 13 instances in which the Lakers simply got beat to rebounds, which led to 29  points by the Mavericks. And after reviewing the game, it's clear that these lapses on the glass were preventable.

First quarter, 11:40  

After Derek Fisher's three-pointer hit off the rim, Mavericks guard Jason Kidd grabbed the board on the far side of the court without much trouble. Lakers center Andrew Bynum was near the free-throw line and seemed in the best position to fight for the board, but he just watched the ball sail into Kidd's hands. Moments later, Dirk Nowitzki's jumper gives the Mavericks a 2-0 lead. 

First quarter, 9:38

Lakers forward Ron Artest drove in traffic for a left-handed layup, with Bynum and Lakers guard Kobe Bryant in the paint. But neither attempted to box out Dallas forward Shawn Marion, who immediately cleaned glass. That eventually resulted in Mavericks center Brendan Haywood making a fast-court layup for the 7-6 lead.

First quarter, 5:50

Fisher's leaner barely nipped the backboard, and Bynum and Pau Gasol don't even put up a fight in the paint. Nowitzki grabbed the rebound, fired an outlet pass to Marion and the Mavericks' three-on-two break resulted in guard DeShawn Stevenson making a left-handed layup en route to a 12-12 tie.

First quarter, 4:37 

Bryant's jumper hit off the back rim and Haywood cleaned glass near the center part of the paint with very little Windex required. Gasol jumped for the rebound, but from the far end of the paint. Bynum was easily boxed out, not even putting up much of a fight for the ball. Moments later, Marion's left-handed layup made it 14-14.

Second quarter, 6:24

Nowitzki's jumper hit back iron, Randolph boxed out Lamar Odom under the basket and Dallas guard Jose Barea easily grabbed the board over Lakers guard Shannon Brown. Barea went up to the top of the key and passed the ball to Nowitzki, whose jumper from the right block also hit iron. Gasol positioned himself on the near end of the paint over Stevenson, but he didn't really box him out. Stevenson tipped the missed shot out to guard Jason Terry, who swished a wide open 25-foot three pointer, reducing the Lakers' lead to 38-37.

Second quarter, 2:25

In transition, Bryant fired a 24-foot three pointer but to no avail. Bynum was the only one in the paint, but I can't stress this enough. He made absolutely zero effort to (a) go for the ball and (b) position himself over Haywood. I know Bynum's been hobbled by a hip injury and he appears to be rather slow. But it seems as if Bynum has no capability to grab a rebound unless he doesn't have to move whatsoever. Moments later, Nowitzki's jumper cut the Lakers' lead to 48-41.  

Second quarter, 1:51 

Give Bynum credit on this play. He at least jumped a few inches for the rebound. But Haywood had positioning over Bynum as Odom missed the 13-foot turnaround jumper from the far wing. Haywood tipped the ball to Terry, and moments later, Haywood's dunk sliced the Lakers' lead to 48-43. 

Third quarter, 11:25 

Bryant's pull-up jumper hit off the front rim, Nowitzki boxed out Bynum in the center of the paint and Marion boxed out Gasol on the far side of the paint. Nowitzki grabbed the board with ease, Kidd led the break and Marion had an easy dunk, giving Dallas 53-50 lead.

Third quarter, 11:00 

After Fisher's three pointer from the top of the key hit the back of the rim, Gasol had slight leverage over Nowitzki but he didn't account for Marion, who stood behind Gasol just outside the far end of the paint. Haywood's bank shot moments later increased the Mavericks' lead to 55-50.

Third quarter, 5:30 

After Nowitzki's fall-away jumper on the near side hit off the far side of the rim, Haywood grabbed the backside rebound over Ron Artest. Artest had positioned himself to rebound the ball once it clanked off the front rim near the paint, while Haywood backed away and anticipated the ball bouncing off the back rim toward the far side. Moments later, Marion's layup gave Dallas a 66-63 lead.

Third quarter, 3:09 

Once Gasol's layup rimmed out, he tried tipping the ball in twice to no avail. The tips just went off the glass, and Nowitzki eventually tipped the ball forward to Kidd, who found Terry in transition outside the perimeter on the nearside. His three-pointer gave the Mavericks a 69-67 lead.

Fourth quarter, 6:01 

Nowitzki's fall-away jumper from the near side nipped off the front and the ball went directly into the hands of Haywood. Both Artest and Gasol were in the paint. While Gasol covered area directly below the right side of the rim, Artest manned the far area near the left side. But Haywood simply grabbed the ball over Artest. Moments later, Nowitzki made a jumper, drew a foul on Bryant and converted on the three-point play for the 87-82 lead. 

Fourth quarter, 3:39 

Bryant's three-pointer at the top of the key rimmed out and Kidd grabbed the board without any challenge in the paint. Gasol was on the near side just outside the paint, while Odom was on the other side. But neither went inside during Bryant's shot, leaving Kidd alone for the rebound. On a play 20 seconds left, Nowitzki drilled a 17-footer over Odom for the 92-86 lead.

What it means

The Lakers' rebounding miscues all came down to effort and lack of concentration, and most of the missed opportunities point directly to Bynum and Gasol. Despite his large 7-foot frame, Bynum's size didn't really present a threat on the boards unless he just happens to be at the right place and right time and doesn't really have to make an effort. Though he grabbed 11 boards, there were still many he easily could've gotten. Gasol, who had six rebounds, also played tremendously passive during boxout assignments. Gasol appeared to put more effort into the glass, but his passive play also made him a non threat. 

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Shannon Brown and Dallas guard Rodrigue Beaubois each try to get a hand on a rebound during the Lakers' 101-96 loss to the Mavericks on Wednesday night in Dallas. Credit: Tony Gutierrez / Associated Press.