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Lakers lose on last-minute shot to Memphis

Lakers2_300 Weary from having played their eighth game in 13 days, the Lakers played Memphis down to the wire, just like they did in Boston the night before.

This time, however, the Lakers lost, 95-93, to the Grizzlies on Monday night at FedEx Forum.

The Lakers lost after Kobe Bryant (44 points), who went into the Lakers’ record books, was double teamed and forced to pass to Ron Artest.

Artest (18 points) missed what could have been a game-winning three-pointer as time expired.

That meant the Lakers finished their trip with a 5-3 record, something Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said would be a “so-so” trip if that happened.

The Lakers knew this wouldn’t be easy. The Grizzlies were 17-6 at home entering the game and had won 11 of their last 12 games at FedEx Forum.

On a dunk with 4:14 left in the third quarter, Bryant passed Lakers legend Jerry West (25,192 points) to become the franchise’s all-time leading scorer.

Bryant, who is 14th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, now has 25,208 points during his 14-year career.

Jackson remained tied with Pat Riley for the most coaching wins in franchise history with 533.

Lamar Odom suffered a sprained right index finger in the third quarter, but continued to play.

The Lakers found themselves in another close game, their second straight. A Derek Fisher 19-foot jumper with 2:11 left tied the score at 88-88.

The Lakers played good defense and got the ball back again, but Fisher missed a 20-foot jumper this time.

Zach Randolph made a jumper to beat the 24-second clock with 1:08 left for a 90-88 Memphis lead.

But the officials called a timeout to review the play to see it Randolph made a three-pointer or a two-pointer. It was ruled a two-pointer.

Odom missed a layup, but Pau Gasol got the rebound and passed out to Bryant, who missed a three-pointer. Odom then was called for going over the back of Randolph.

Randolph made both free throws for a 92-88 Memphis lead.

Bryant drove for a layup to bring the Lakers to within two, 92-90, but Rudy Gay made a three-pointer to make the score 95-90.

But Bryant came right back, making a three-pointer to pull the Lakers to within 95-93 with 23.2 seconds left.

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Grizzlies center Marc Gasol squares off against his brother, power forward Pau Gasol of the Lakers, during the first half Monday night. Credit: Mark Weber / Associated Press

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That was vintage Lakers. Unfortunately, vintage 2006. Kobe and a bunch of stiffs. Where did everybody go tonight???

Forget about It's time to create

Put a fork in Fish, he's done.

Way to' ruin Kobe's amazing night.
I should never ever again predict road games streak. 5-3 I said. And 5-3 was. I never fail there.

I blame our usual post epic win and b2b related self- complacency.

It hurts, but it's more a pride thing than a serious trouble.
It hurts though.

Grizzlies were punks, in all ways - good ways I mean.
Referees and the speakers instead were just punks. Period.

I am sorry for Kobe. He did all he bad to' and he did the right thing in the end. Just that not always you get it at the end and others around - beside Artest- just did not all they had to'.

But let's not dramatize. Grizzlies played their 200%. we played our 75%.

It makes me angry temporarily, but these Are the usual Lakers in these kind of games in regular season.

This is.

Another heart racing thing that has gone wrong. This time.
I am only sorry for the immense Mamba. I hope he tells at everybody making them feeling bad. Pau, angel... Your cuter bro today won. But I have to' admit referee protected him way too much.
You still better on the court. No doubt here EVER . But you gotta ask Kobe forgival, for the last layup. Do it. Your face editing the arena tells me you have already.

Guys, don't dramatize.

There's no real need. We've seen tons of these games. They Are a push.

Let's focuse on Kobe's achievement. I will and not cos I like to' be' blindfolded, just because this game stays in the general order of regular season in a normal way.

And now... Bit of sexual healing. The marving gaye style ;)

ps: i read you all in chat. Justa, sadly there's nothing doable about me missing that. iPhone doesn't support the flash requested to' post in there. I will come sometimes through pc, but that makes me virtually unable to' proper follow game on tv... I will though at Times. Promised :)

ps2: thank you MM for delivering my cheers :)

Try not to' pour off too much hate on the Lakers. Have faith. You should know how we work. I do. And now I will just let the löss slide away, and celebrate my hero, lakers king scorer, Kobe The God Bryant.

Night ;) (well, morning and dawn here, but you get the picture ;))

The Lord gave it in Boston. He took it back in Memphis. Fans in this blog are humbled by this loss.

Bynum scoreboard: 9-4 & 5-3 in the road trip.

Kobe made 44 pts. and broke all time Laker record. It will also be remembered the game was crappy played by both teams. I think a decent College team will beat this bunch of professionals. It is a game of h-0-r-s-e.

As a Lakers fan I don't understand Phil's continued reliance on Derek Fisher. He was a great player back in the day. But now at 35 years old, he is unable to keep up with the younger, faster guards and he has lost his shooting touch. Tonight he didn't score any points until the fourth quarter. His lack of offense and lock-down defense puts more pressure on the other four starters.

What's interesting about the Lakers is they are totally dependent on Kobe. Despite the talent they have, there is no one else that shows leadership in pressure situations, not Pau Gasol, not Bynum, and not Artest. The only Laker that shows leadership under pressure is Shannon Brown. He's the guy that should be a starter in the backcourt with Kobe.

I'm disappointed with the Lakers' play tonight. True, it's vintage Lakers - ver. 2005-06.

Why does Phil insist on starting the guy with the lowest field goal percentage on the team-Derek Fisher. he doesnt rate a starting spot-certainly not a 4th quarter spot.
Meanwhile, Phil keeps Bynum on the bench in the 4th quarter.

What a difference a day makes! Let's give Memphis a bit of credit, shall we? Zach and Rudy Gay made some tough shots down the stretch and their team was really fired up in front of a rare home sellout.

Ithought that Lamar hurt his hand and it factored into a couple of missed bunnies in the 4th quarter. I also thought that some of the Lakers relaxed after the big victory on Sunday and kind of mailed this game in. Kobe needed a little more help to pull this one out. 5-3 feels a bit like kissing your sister. Should have been at least 6-2 or 7-1. The road has gotten that much tougher as teams around the league continue to improve. The Lakers are going to lose here and there, but I thought a little complacency and contentment did them in tonight.

21 seconds left tick, tick tick and 18 more ticks, why did PJ call a time out? He's lazy to get up and wants to go home.

Kobe made a successful layup prior to that play when Grizzlies were leading 4 pts., why not go for another layup to tie the score? He's lazy after a long evening too many shots and too many points.

Kobe double teamed and passed the ball to Artest. Artest opted for 3 pts instead of a better look on going for layup and go for foul bait. Artest was getting lazy too, gambled for a three and short of two point to tie the game.

Bynum was monster in Boston, Indiana, DC. Bynum was a puppy in Cleveland, Toronto, Philadelphia and Memphis. At least, he is not a Pau Chihuahua with bad hamstrings.

PG, PG, PG...where art thou? Fisher 3 pts. Jordan 5 pts. Brown 3 pts. Frankly, nobody is qualified to be starter among the three.

well at least bynum didn't go out for the season.

long time laker fan- and you were doing so well. sigh

zaira- much love, but what is the italian translation of TMI? um, ok, there might not be an italian word for that. hey, you say 'marving gaye' in that accent, i will forgive a lot more than that. although i do have to imagine you in a fountain with a kitten, so maybe you benefit a bit from my cultural prejudices.

My, my, my! Don't know what to think. I do agree with most that Fish is really hurting us on both ends. He would make a fine assistant coach, now. Don't get me wrong, love Fish, but it's past time. And all the CROW I ate about my Bynum thoughts I am spitting out today, ha, ha. Our pointless guards were 4-16 and Fish with nearly 30 minutes of PT had zero assists. I am thinking that Mitch has to do something to energize this group by getting Hinrich or, I think it's worth a try.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
That’s what Andrew Bynum was demanding when he viciously posterized Kevin Garnett in retaliation for Garnett’s persistent taunting and trash talking as the two ran down the court. Drew was not only telling KG that he was not going to be intimidated but he also sending a strong message that he would be doing some bullying of his own from now on. That one play was a perfect microcosm of the current position and direction of the two teams with older bully suddenly unable to handle the tougher youth.
That’s what Phil Jackson was delivering when he graciously praised Andrew Bynum for his great game against the Celtics, specifically making the point that the reason Drew played in the 4th quarter in lieu of Pau was because of how well he had played and had nothing to do with Pau’s play. You can see the wisdom and insight behind Phil’s usual sparing praise of Drew in the past. As Drew did with KG, Phil used this situation to send a clear message to Drew. THIS is what we expect from you.
That’s what Pau Gasol needs to remember to demand from teams and players who seek to intimidate and physically push him around. As a finesse player, Pau has to steel himself before the game and get into a mindset to play tougher and more physical, to finish every play extra strong. While it is not in his nature, we all know Pau can do it because we saw him do it last year to win the championship. Now he has to learn that respect is just like love – if you forget about it, you WILL end up losing it.
Finally, that’s what all my furor over the player hating on this blog – R*E*S*P*E*C*T. If you want to criticize a player on our team, no problem. For sure, every player on the team, including Kobe Bryant, has deserved to be criticized at one time of another. But when the tone sinks to the septic level of deprecating names, whether it be Bonehead Bynum or Ball Hog Kobe or Creampuff Pau, enough is enough in my book. Especially when the true emotion behind the hatred is patently obvious. Frankly, call me any name you want but don’t tread on my players and not expect me to fire back with vigor.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

No rest for the weary...the Lakers have Charlotte and Denver at home followed by Portland in Portland on the 2nd night of a back to back. Time for every Laker to man up and play their role. It's not All Star break yet! There are games to be won!


PS-Would really liked to have seen KB put one up over Gasol rather than pass to a teammate!

As much as I love Kobe, he cost us the game tonight. I know there are a lot of you saying the others were a bunch of stiffs but this is vintage Kobe when he starts the game in a selfish manner and takes everyone else out of the game so he can break another record. I think he could've had his 29 to 30 points that would give him the record and still keep everyone else in the game but unfortunately we have to live with these moments of kb24. I'm happy he broke the record and all but he just cost the Lakers an absolute home court advantage in the long run if Bron Bron gets to the finals and we all know how Shaq has been punking our bigs in the post lately and he has a point to prove to Jerry Buss which scares me without home court advantage. Anyhow, congrats to the greatest laker ever but I still blame him for this lost.

Some nights we can blame our bigs for not playing the way they should, but tonight it was our other players fault. There's absolutely no excuse whatsoever for Pau and Drew getting a total of 10 shots combined!!! That is utterly ridiculous!!! Our own guys took our bigs out of the game more than anything that the Grizzlies did. We would've killed the Grizzlies tonight if we had any kind of balanced scoring and got our bigs involved early and often. Sure Pau got into early foul trouble, but Drew getting only 1 FG attempt in the first half and three for the entire game is downright pathetic.

Every Laker player that played tonight with the exception of Luke had as many or more shot attempts than Andrew(Shannon had 3 attempts as well, Farmar 7 fg attempts and LO had 9 off the bench. Fish had 6 and Kobe was Kobe). Pau had only 7 shots tonight which is baffling to me. Again, some nights our bigs deserve the blame, but tonight wasn't one of those nights. Our bigs weren't given the opportunity tonight to attack the opposing bigs and get them in foul trouble(Marc Gasol was in foul trouble, but we didn't capitalize on it by feeding Pau and Drew in the post more). Someone on here may say that our bigs should've gone after it more on the offensive boards, but it's hard to grab long rebounds off of missed jumpers all night long. It has to be frustrating. This seems to be a glaring problem that PJ doesn't seem to address enough or the other players aren't listening enough.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Kobe got the record, but I would've rather that he got half of what he scored tonight, got others more involved and that we win. There will always be nights when we need Kobe to take over and lead us to victory, but I still think that we need more balance in order for us to be a dominant team.

Congrats Kobe! This guy is truly the best player on the planet and has been for the last 10 years. It's really hard for me to pick between Kobe and Magic as "who is the best Laker player ever" because I was there during the Magic ERA and I'm proud to say I'm here during the Kobe ERA. Having said that when Kobe's career is over he will go down as the greatest LAKER of all time!....AND if he wins 3 more titles (really hard to do) he will go down as the BEST PLAYER EVER.

Here it comes - about to get punked at home by Charlotte and Denver then go to Portland for the obligatory blow out at at the hands of the Blazers. You heard it here first, we'll hold on the second place in the league and look back at season's end and know the Cavs secured home court just before the All Star break. That said, I still think we can take the Cavs if we can get by Denver and back to the Finals.

Lighten up, people. It was a long road trip, with 3 sets of back-to-back games. Yes, they beat Boston, but that was a tough, gritty win.
This is still the best team in the league.


>>> Put a fork in Fish, he's done.

Right you are. Love the man. A great Laker and a great human being. But he's simply lost too many steps to retain the right to start.

The team is now at risk of Jordan plateauing if he doesn't receive the responsibility of playing with the starters. There's only so much a young player can do to elevate his game in limited minutes.

Phil being Phil, he's probably reluctant to make the move. But the way Fish has deteriorated, Phil's left with little choice, if he's committed to doing the right thing for the team.

The All-Star break is coming. So is the time for a decision. Let Jordan start. Go Lakers!

Lamar's listlessness was really disappointing. I'd like to see less of Fish, more of Shannon Brown and Jodan Farmar.

Fish is killing them...and the bench, well, not much there to discuss.

Frankly I didn't expect the Lakers to win both a Boston & Memphis back-to-back. I'm glad they got the win in Boston, though it's almost expected; Boston has a worse record on their home court than Memphis does, against a weaker Conference to boot. Memphis is no longer a bottom-feeder; their home court is becoming what the Jazz home court used to be--extremely hard for even good teams to get wins.

And I don't want to hear any more whining about how the Lakers stole Pau. He wasn't going to take the Griz to a championship, and the trade benefited both sides. The Griz are a young team loaded with potential talent & not burdened with huge contracts for veteran players--exactly what the Griz were looking for in the trade. 

Look at where the Griz are versus the T-Wolves. If anyone, Pops should complain about the Celtics instead (to his credit, he now admits the trade was good for the Griz & he was wrong.)

Gasol was invisible once again down the stretch. He loves disappearing at the end of close games. No wonder Memphis was 0-12 in the playoffs with him

i was driving home from flagstaff after a day of snowboarding, still elated from our win against happen to bynum today? can anyone tell me? damn!

my question is where was the bench, Bynum and Gasol tonight? Odom always disappears on nights he is needed. on b2b nights the bench is really needed. all they did was basically run up and down the court scoring just enough to make the box scores, this team is so inconsistent i wouldn't be surprised if they lose in the 1st round of the playoffs they way they play against lesser talent.

I'm disappointed in the loss to the Grizzlies. The Lakers were deficient in nearly every stat. But reality is reality. It was a long road trip. The guys were wasted. They just wanted to go home.

Despite the loss, the night belonged to Kobe Bryant. Years from now, no one will remember the outcome of this game. They will only remember one thing when playing Lakers Trivia. It was the night Kobe Bryant became the Lakers all-time leading scorer. 44 points on the night he surpassed #44.

We are the most fortunate fans in the world. The Mamba is on the planet to give us joy and the rush of continuous amazement. Ruin the experience if you choose by debating the G.O.A.T among so many Lakers greats. Not me. Kobe is a gift to anyone who loves the game, a gift to any sports fan who loves competition and great competitors, a gift to anyone who celebrates mind over matter.

This moment is an occasion we'll revisit and replay over and over. Don't take it for granted. I'm feeling lucky. You should, too.

Longtime Lakers Fan for over 35 years and NEVER Seen a Softer Team in Lakers History than we have NOW.Two Seven Footers who play like point guards.We are in Real Trouble.We can No Longer (PRETEND),that this is Merely a Regular Season Game and that we will Turn On in ...The Playoffs....No Real Point Guards here and NO MUSCLE PLAY.Please Don´t Mention Ron (DUD) Artest....Please come back Trevor Ariza..We Need a Massive Trade NOW.Must get a Real Point Guard & a Powerful Forward.Odom too is Missing in Action and plays at times in small Spurts.Kobe Needs HELP NOW..Kobe & Phil Needs to Call Out Their Big Men.....No More Mr Nice Guys.We are indeed a Finess Prettyboy Team with No Balls other than The Second Best Laker To Ever Where The Purple & Gold.No Other Than Kobe Bryant ...A True Pitbull ...second Only to Magic Johnson in My Book......

Why aren't my posts going trhough?!?!?

Mark Medina,

this is the third post that has not gone through today? is there a problem with my posts?

Scariest stat of the year for Laker fans:

The Lakers won ONE road game this trip against the four teams they played with winning records. That is also the ONLY road game they've won east of the Mississippi against a team with a winning record this year. And that one win was a 1-point squeaker against a Boston team who lost 6 out of 8 games.


No sun no fun.....

I don't see it Hard Rock - Charlotte is horrid on the road. That's gotta be a gimme for the Lakers at least. The other two games could be tough though, depending on whether Denver shows up and whether or not Portland has Roy back (they're 3-4 since he went down).

bynum probably got really nervous out there, what with him getting injured in memphis around this time of year for the past 2 years. he was probably tiptoeing and dodging everything that could probably hurt him. haha

this loss stings but at least bynum managed to come out in one piece; hopefully the lakers just take out their anger on the bobcats. they haven't beaten them in a while and now that the 'cats are stronger, the lakers should do everything they can to win

I can´t believe that I heard that Kobe lost this game tonite.He has lost previous games in His Career shooting us out of the gym,but tonite.We played NO DEFENSE.Zack & Mark Gasol Got a Million Second Chance Points cause Our Big Men (ALL),were getting Punked !!! I haven´t seen ANY GOOD DEFENSE ALL YEAR LONG BYE THESE SOFT PLAYING LAKERS (Excluding KOBE),Artest can´t guard Opera Winfry and Nor Can Soft Gasol & Bynam.Not to mention slow D.Fisher and Newly Married L.Odom.We can´t Win No Big Games cause we DON¨T PLAY DEFENSE......Kobe can´t be blamed for His Bigs not Protecting The Rim...

Lest we forget . . . LA was a day removed from a very demanding game in Boston and most of them were probably only worried about getting on the plane back to LA. They were not "coming to" passes on the offensive end, just "reaching." Other than Our Test and Kobe, every starter looked like they were done from the tipoff.

And, the "just some dude" stat of the day . . . Lester Hudson scores 13 off the bench. That's the difference in the game. This guy won't score 13 the rest of the month, and he hits for a baker's dozen when he sees the purple and gold. This is why I don't watch most regular season games. There's "just some dude" that kills them every night, aching for his moment to shine for a few minutes.

Odom looked terrible, but Lakers fans have to live with that. That's who he is. Amazing in stretches, excruciating in spurts. When the refs get in his head, he's done.

LAKER TRUTH- have you tried more fiber?

LakerPangloss (Tom)- well, if nothing else, i have secured a warm beachhead for phrases beginniung with 'it's all about...;'

caravan dwelling guy- um, whattev you got? i do confess a certain fondness for people who read a particular post and automatically launch into 'destroy destroy all shall be assimlated and destroyed!' mode. i love to launch into them myself. i said (with some irony and a bit of wizard of oz based um, whatever is a few more appreciative notches above 'cronstructive criticism' at kobe) that kobe might have paid some attention to making that one shot, which honestly i don't think hurt our chances at all, and well, wasn't really in preference to anything, it was mostly a freebie, cause this a regular season game against memphis....

what the heck was I talking about? anybody? help me out here. i was doing so well with just being about the love and a bit of jimmy durante/benjamin J grimm citation. i'm not sure where i went wrong. did I err?

yep, justa, that is a new reference. i've got a couple more, i do so try.


Kobe shot 57% and you're blaming him for the loss? He did everything he could to get the W. Did you watch the start of the second half when Kobe went into facilitator mode and none of his teammates could make a shot? He than started shooting again and got us back in the game. Shouldn't you be more concerned about the fact that the Memphis bigs outrebounded our bigs by double digits, or the fact that our bigs got ZERO blocks, or that nobody could defend Randolph? or that our bigs got a total of 6 offensive boards for the entire game? How about the fact that Gasol looked completely exhausted and couldn't even secure a defensive rebound in crunch time. or when Bynum and Pau had wide open dunks, they decided to lay it up instead of going strong to the basket, leading to blown layups? How about the fact that when Bynum was in the game while Kobe was on the bench in the second half, Bynum still couldn't get any shot attempts? Was that Kobe's fault too? How about the play of DFish who is our supposed veteran leader, but continues to make rookie type decisions. How about the fact that Kobe was RED HOT, yet only got 6 shots in the 4th quarter. If he had a few more shot attempts, the Lakers might have pulled this one out.

I don't know about assigning the loss to anyone in particular. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Tough loss but the long trip's over and like Woody said - three sets of back-to-backs. Doesn't mean that I didn't really want this win, I did. I wanted to see the momentum carried home. But, I guess I'm just one who sees the team as human, as being in the grind of the season and while putting forth an uneven and flawed effort tonight, at least putting out a real effort. I probably would have used more fresh legs off the bench but what do I know... I'm typing keys late at night and can barely manage my own affairs in life, let alone a championship franchise. So, sending this off into the yawing blog abyss... and now totter off to bed.

Kobe also played stellar defense and shut down OJ Mayo, but what's important is the # of shot Bynum gets.

Rick Friedman...nice comments about Kobe.

I've got to admit, I'm placated by the fact that the Lakers beat Boston yesterday. They rose to the occasion in Beantown and that means a lot. The younger playres on the team couldn't make the quick transition and close the deal in Memphis. This was a loss due to a mental one can make me believe that if the Lakers were fully attentive that they lose by 2 to the Griz. A true veteran like Kobe recognized the signs early on and tried to lead by example. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to overcome the Grizzlies tonight.

And for those who said Kobe dominated the ball, down the stretch, the Lakers went about 3 or 4 possessions without him touching the ball. He was able to create a good look for Iron Ron on the last possession. You just can't win them all. Players are human and will get tired and have poor performances. The ability to overcome adversity, fatigue and a complacent attitude is what seperates the truly great ballplayers from those that are merely very good. I think that Kobe falls into the truly great category and as such I find it very hard to find fault with the way he conducts his business on the court.

Sure you can nitpick about shot selection and field goal percentage and I'll admit that Kobe can go off on a tangent sometimes. But the man 's got a heart like a rock and as such will always have the support and admiration of this Laker fan.

I can't believe that nobody mentioning about our arrogant player. He claims that he is injured yet he wants us to believe he is a superman and while injured can get 44 points. Stop it we are not fools. Play basketball as a team player, and let us win!
He sometimes really frustrate me deeply. He is an excellent players but enough is enough.

Grow up!

"what all my furor over the player hating on this blog" - LT

Nobody is hating any player in this blog. Posters are just being realistic on what they see. They don't sugar coat, they don't prematurely celebrate, they don't dream the dream but tell it what it is. It is part of passion which is opposite to other people's views.

They are the LA fans, longtime Laker watchers which can't be fooled.

Lakers are still a good team if they wanted to play. Lakers are bad team to watch when they just play around. It is a strange habit of whims, complacency, as Odom said "we can turn it on anytime we want."

Respect is earned, cannot forced. If players want respect then show it, do it and not just go on wishful thinking from game to game. Fans have the right to vent against public figures which is part and parcel of their 1st amendment rights. Please read the law below:



In a rare 9-0 decision, the Supreme Court extended the full protection of the First Amendment to the Internet in Reno v. ACLU, a decision which struck down portions of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, a law intended to outlaw so-called "indecent" online communication (that is, non-obscene material protected by the First Amendment). The court's decision extended the same Constitutional protections given to books, magazines, films, and spoken expression to materials published on the Internet. Congress tried a second time to regulate the content of the Internet with the Child Online Protection Act (COPA). The Court again ruled that any limitations on the internet were unconstitutional in American Civil Liberties Union v. Ashcroft (2002).


Laker Tom,

Let's talk about RESPECT shall we?

- You disrespected Lamar when you spearheaded the campaign last summer to NOT re-sign an integral part of our championship because you thought the Lakers would be paying too much luxury tax and that he would take away minutes from Bynum, yet you fought for every penny when it came to Bynum's contract. I call that disrespecting Lamar. You later changed your stance to "I love Lamar and I truly value his contributions and blah blah blah". ummm OK.

- You also wanted Bynum to become the #2 option over Pau, you've even stated on several occasions that he should be the #1 option over Kobe, although Bynum hasn't played one full season yet, nor has he had one good playoff series in his entire career. I call that disrespecting Pau and Kobe. You know, the guys that actually contributed to back to back finals as well as a championship?

- You started predicting that Bynum would become the beast two years ago, and every year since than, you have changed your prediction to "we're going to have to wait til next year to see the Beast", yet you continue to ridicule anyone that has been critical of Bynum's effort and hustle on defense. Based on one great game from Bynum against Boston, you are screaming at the top of your lungs "I told you so, eat crow you haters". I guess when you flip a coin and call BOTH heads AND tails, it's impossible to be wrong.

- If you want respect, respect others.


"LAKER TRUTH" - What you have to realize is that basketball players aren't robots that can just turn it on and turn it off. Kobe shot the ball 11 times in the first quarter (counting the ones he got fouled on), including 4 times in a row early on and 4 times in a row again later. Add in his turnover and that's 12 possessions that ended with Kobe in just one quarter. Then in the 2nd/3rd quarters, he ends up shooting the ball NINE possessions in a row, making 3 shots, missing 3, and getting 3 trips to the line - everyone could tell he had pure tunnel vision for the hoop. At that point in the game, Kobe had 21 attempts (counting fouled shots) and the other 8 Lakers combined had 16. Don't you think that disrupts the offense just a little bit, when everyone is only getting 2 shots each more than halfway through the game while the ball-dominator has taken over 20? Don't you think that could explain part of the reason that everyone else was out of synch and only Kobe was hitting down the stretch?

Kobe's played some smart ball recently when his injuries limited he's back to the 28 shots (33 counting fouled shots) and only 3 assists Kobe.

Alright everyone I could not see the game, but from what I was noticing was the big men did not step up. Everyone getting on Artest he did alright, but he can do better. Gasol and Bynum need to step up though. OFF and DEF rebounds were low by both combined at 17 and with lamar 27. That is low especially since there are two 7 footers in the block. Lamar has to come stronger of the bench good rebounding but needs to score more like he did 2 years ago. Numbers have changed from these past two years. Artest is a fit to the lakers but he has to progress like Ariza did. In my point of view big men need to step their game up a little bit more.
As for dereck fisher, I agree that he is old but he has game. What you have to notice is that he is wize with the ball, something Jordan and Shannon still need to build up. If you see stats he does not turn over the ball it is rare for him to do that, for that same reason jackson keeps him the line up.

That's why repeat championship is very difficult mainly because once you are a champion , every team is gearing up for u which is the lakers. Remember the old saying " You get to beat the best to be the best" . The lakers just came up with a big win yesterday . I strongly believe the game they really care was the one they played yesterday. Plus at the end of a long road trip and back to back. It's always disappoint if u don't win it all , but also there are over 70 games plus post season.

Good morning crew ;)

I imagined the game of yesterday would have left many with a bitter strained feeling.

I am really calm and quiet.

I am singing We Are The World on the repeat (it's my parent's song when I was born... it instantly set me on the brightest side) and I keep thinkin yesterday output, the only one, we should value is the one that enlightens Kobe's glorious road with us.

Dramatize a game tight on Febryuary 1st doesn't fill my book now, especially considering the victory we HAD to pull off was the day before.

*We are the world... we are the children...*

No okay... forget that. ;)

PS: phred, sure I know what TMI means.
But was really too much info there? Not truly so. I just said I like Marvin's song and that it's an inspiring song. Sure in Italy we don't really consider sentences like mines "too intimate". Though I can agree I am quite a free speaking mind when it comes to those subject.
I will restrain me furtherly on that subject if it causes anyone around problems. I had no idea it could ;)
To me it was just normal mind speaking.

*gets back singing we are the world, thinkin NOBODY will ever top The Boss and Stevie Wonder part in it. AWESOMENESS...*

I think for a team that is still 1st in the standings there's an awful lof of criticism going on here. I think at some point I've read "Lakers should trade X" X being Bynum, Fisher, Sasha, Gasol, Walton, .... all the players except Kobe!

The team is doing alright. Look at the standings. They just need to remain healthy. This was an 8 game road trip with several back to backs, did you honestly expected a 8-0? I expected 2 or 3 defeats (against Cavs, Celtics and Grizzlies).
So overall I think it was quite a decent result, keeping in mind the objective is to win the championship!


Zaira, in quale canale di TV si può guardare le partite NBA in Italia?

Many Beyotching about Kobe's 3 assists -- they are earned when a player MAKES a basket off a pass -- he dished several passes to his teammates and they cracked the damn backboard or side of the rim! Real talk!

Also, i am buggin off of how many 7footers the Grizz have, I mean like they have triple towers! Crazy!!!


Word to your post!

I am wondering if there is a "pact" going on with Andrew and Pau as far as Kobe is concerned and if they feel like they are not getting any love then they won't do other things to help the team win (aka, rebounding, defensive intensity, going after lose balls, being able to actually SECURE rebounds off misses and making their free throws!!) I am not seeing it with this team..Can only have one chief and they should know by now that's Kobe. There were sequences when Kobe wasn't on the floor and the Lakers looked like LA circa 2005-2006 season, dreadful!!

Show and prove and stop complaining..We aren't even in that game if Kobe doesn't do what he did. Zach made mince meat outta Lamar and or whomever tried to guard/defend him!!

Lost the game..Just have to play better and stop griping and beyotching to the press after a game!! That's whack!

lakersrydeordie - Kobe's teammates made 18 field goals, which isn't bad considering that there were 35 Kobe possessions where they never got the chance.

Look at Lebron right now. No Mo Williams, no Delonte West, and yet Lebron has at least 11 assists in 4 of the last 5 games passing to guys like J.J. Hickson and Jawad Williams. Do you seriously think that Lebron's teammates are 3-4 times better than Kobe's, that Lebron has no problem getting double-digit assists while Kobe can usually count his assists on one had?

Oh, and the Lakers and the Grizzlies have the same number of 7-footers.

Ted, there are a bunch that broadcast randomly NBA games: There are SkySport 2 and occasionally Sky Sport 3 whith a game each in almost all week (depends though, generally SkySport has 5 games a week, mostly on SkySport2); then there is SportItalia which broadcasts every night and on Sunday evening one NBA game.

But you can't rely on that (it's pay tv btw, it's never free...) cos they show the Lakers once in a while and moreover you learnt when just like the day before.

The only solution remains the NBA League Pass. A total Pass.

That way you can't miss the Lakers (I think I subscribed to every type of service for that. I am paying part of Lamar's candies ;))

LA Guy:

I did not suggest that the Grizzlies had more 7footers than the Lakers, i was merely making an observation..Geez!

Regardless, that's still odd.......

What happen to a time out? Phil dropped the ball last night big time. You have all this time, take time out and set up a play! WTF!?They come down the floor like lost cops and huck up a brick? Time out, advance the ball, set up a quality shot and win. Wa la.



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