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Lakers' defensive breakdowns enable Dallas guard Jason Terry to have a big night


Another game, another day where the Lakers struggle defending the perimeter. The latest beneficiary of such a collapse was Dallas reserve guard Jason Terry, who scored 30 points on 10 of 20 shooting in the Lakers' 101-96 loss Wednesday to the Mavericks.

It's one thing for someone like Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki to score 31 points. He hasn't exactly eclipsed 20,000 career points by accident. It's another for Terry to drop 30; he became a sixth man when Dallas  acquired Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood,  and had shot 31% in that role. With Butler out Wednesday (medical issues),  Terry did just fine. Below is exactly how the Lakers allowed Terry to have his second-best performance this month.

First quarter 3:07 - 2:51

After Mavericks forward Shawn Marion passed the ball to Dallas guard Jason Kidd on the nearside perimeter, Marion set a screen on Lakers guard Jordan Farmar, allowing Terry to penetrate the wing. Marion then set a screen on Lakers forward Lamar Odom for Kidd. Odom and guard Shannon Brown switched, with Kidd moving to the top of the key and Marion moving toward the wing. While Terry moved along the baseline, Farmar tried catching up by cutting down toward the paint and got stuck in traffic with  Haywood inside. Kidd found Terry open for a nearside corner jumper, and Brown tried to compensate. But Terry's shot swished through the net, giving Dallas an 18-16 lead.

First quarter 1:47 - 1:39

Following Odom's layup, the Mavericks tried to push in transition while the Lakers were slow to get back. After Kidd passed the ball to Terry on the far end of the court near the timeline, Terry drove past Farmar behind the three-point line with a left crossover. As Terry drove into the lane, Odom caught up to contest the shot, but Terry converted an easy lay-in, giving Dallas a 20-18 edge.

Second quarter 11:26 - 11:21

With Terry manning the point on the near end of the court, Farmar forced him to his left. A simple left crossover resulted in an easy drive to the basket for the left-handed layup. Neither Bynum nor Brown helped on the baseline side, Terry drew a foul on Farmar and converted on the three-point play for a 25-23 lead.

Second quarter 10:52 - 10:47

On an inbounds play, Dallas guard Rodrigue Beaubois passed the ball up top to Terry.  Nowitzki set a screen on Farmar, and Lakers forward Pau Gasol didn't switch. That allowed Terry to drive to his right with relative ease, going past Odom for the right-handed layup. The score gave Dallas a 27-26 lead.

Second quarter 9:35 - 9:27

Marion drove past Ron Artest on the far corner and then found forward Eduardo Najera on the left block. With Brown trailing, Odom picked up Najera in the post, leading him to kick it out to Terry, who should've been guarded by Brown. Terry made the open corner three from the nearside, cutting the Lakers' lead to 32-30.

Second quarter 6:28 - 6:20

Dallas guard Jose Barea went up to the top of the key and passed the ball to Nowitzki, whose jumper from the right block hit iron. Gasol positioned himself on the near end of the paint over guard DeShawn Stevenson, but he didn't really box him out. Stevenson tipped the missed shot out to Terry, who swished a wide open 25-foot three-pointer, reducing the Lakers' lead to 38-37.

Third quarter 3:09 - 3:01

Once Gasol's layup rimmed out, he tried tipping the ball in twice to no avail. The tips just went off the glass, and Nowitzki eventually tipped the ball forward to Kidd, who found Terry in transition outside the perimeter on the nearside. Lakers guard Derek Fisher was marking the paint instead of the perimeter, allowing Terry to make the open three and giving the Mavericks a 69-67 lead.

Fourth quarter 5:27 - 5:20

After Nowitzki set a screen on Fisher at the top of the key, Fisher fought through the screen but fell on the ground after Nowitzki extended his elbow (no call). Though Odom had switched, he moved back to Nowitzki since Fisher was on the ground. That left Terry open for a three-pointer, making it 90-84 in favor of Dallas.

Fourth quarter 2:25 - 2:19

After Nowitzki swiped the ball from  Bynum, Kidd ran a three-on-one break. With Kobe Bryant having to account for all three, he moved toward Kidd, who dished it off for Terry for the easy right-handed layup, giving Dallas a 95-86 cushion.

Fourth quarter 1:40

With Fisher guarding Terry along the baseline, Terry flashed up toward the perimeter and Fisher failed to catch up. Kidd connected with Terry, who curled for a 21-foot jumper, giving Dallas a 97-89 lead.

What It Means

While Terry looked for driving opportunities and showcased good ability in getting open, obviously the Lakers backcourt's quickness continues to remain an issue. But that's not the only problem. It seems that when part of the Lakers' defense broke down against Dallas (getting beat on defense, getting picked), the rest of the Lakers defense collapsed. Many of the switches and helpside defense did very little to stop Terry's layups and open perimeter shots.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Jason Terry scored 30 points off the bench to help the Mavericks defeat the Lakers. Credit: Matthew Emmons / US Presswire.

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Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!...Who said that?

MARK… Someone earlier made the comment but I don’t remember whom but it was a spot on perfect nickname for you – the Machine. You have single handedly surpassed the founding KamBros with more and better posts, quicker and more frequent updates, and a better overall demeanor that lacks the negativity that many times blemished the interchanges between posters and moderator(s). You are the MVB for sure.
- - - - - - - - -

Todd, Mark Medina

From Last Post but applies to this one as well

Todd, I agree with you and I vehemently disagree with Kevin Ding's conclusion........which really is not HIS conclusion.

Why do I say it's not KEVIN's Conclusion?

Let's suppose you knew nothing of finance, real estate, banking or how to achieve a 20% return on your money. You have $50K to invest and you are presented two pro formas on a multi-unit investment that will yield a 30% return on investment.

In this scenario you have no outside council but you have 24 hours to decide or the opportunity will pass. The first person that presented a pro forma drove up in a 15 year old Ford Pick-up, dusty shoes, and not to mention his breath smelled kinda bad

The second person pulled up in a two door Benz, nice suit, and spit shined Bruno Magli shoes.

Which person would you be more inclined to be influenced by........and why?

Most people about 85% of the people would choose the 2nd person.......why? Because we're influenced by "shiny" and not the numbers.

Phil Jackson is the "shiny" that influences Kevin Ding's writing.

But what are the facts of Phil Jackson?

1) Phil Jackson is on record in about 95' or 96' saying that the NBA doesn't need Highschool kids because we don't want to babysit as he put it.
1a) Fortunately for us Jerry West didn't subscribe to this thinking.........he saw the potential.....traded Vlade for Highschooler Kobe Bean Bryant......and watched Kobe develop........The very very lucky Phil Jackson has benefitted greatly from Jerry's the tune of 4 more rings

2) In about 2000 Phil Jackson wanted to trade Kobe Bryant......for Jason Kidd and a bag of peanuts.......fortunately for us Jerry Buss didn't subscribe to this nonsense and kept Kobe......who may wind up the most accomplished player in NBA history........(something about those Jerrys)

3) Phil Jackson made the decision to stick with Smush Parker for count 'em 2 years before he realized this guy couldn't play......just one more example of Phil's suspect judgement

4) The Zone rules entered the NBA circa 2000 which allowed coaches to utilize aspects of the zone to create defensive schemes for things like pick n roll and a host of things. Greg Popovich adjusted took Phil Jackson about 7 years before he relented and allowed Kurt Rambis to create different defensive schemes...........this is one of the reasons our pick n roll defense is a perrenial problem.........Phil doesn't coach schemes......he let's his players figure it out for themselves

5) Phil Jackson AKA "Daddy of Luke Walton" was influential in rewarding Luke Walton with a 6 yr $30M contract and has spent the last 3 years trying to justify it. Last year this time Phil insisted on starting Luke ahead of Trevor Ariza to the detriment of the team until Luke had to ask to be taken out of the line-up. To date Luke (who will be 3o in a month) has 4 yrs left on one of the worst contracts in the history of Common Law. That means that we have the rest of this injury plagued year and 2 count 'em 2 more years before Luke has any value to another team with an expiring the meantime the team can't improve.

I could go on but I will stop because this should be enough for any sober-minded individual to ponder....................."Is it within the realm of possibility that Phil Jackson's decision to stick with Derek Fisher is a mistake"?

Ding suggest that Brown had a chance when Kobe was out.........but the ideal should be to pair Brown WITH he can come along slowly without tremendous responsibility so he can develop into his potential. He is bigger, stronger, quicker and right now is shooting better than Derek and is a much better defensive option

Phil Jackson has a history of riding a car until it's wheels falls off juxtaposed to adjusting and making pre-emptive strikes before the walls cave in. What has to happen before Fisher is replaced? Do we have to lose the championship to get this guy out of here? Doesn't a responsible leader and visionary have the responsibility to anticipate all the warning signs of a potential crash and make all attempts to avert it? Or should we drive headfirst into it and then say....."oh yeah we have to make a change" after the fact?

I like Todd disagree with Ding's premise........That Brown or Farmar are not better replacements for Fisher....................Ding arrives at this conclusion because Phil has not tried it and Ding looks for reasons to justify a preconcieved notion.

The problem isn't that Brown especially or Farmar are not reasonable alternatives for Fish it is whether or not Phil uses the correct combinations to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses of players to get the best for the team

I think Brown is a much better alternative than Farmar for defensive reasons ......but I fear that Phil Jackson who has no history of developing players.......could possibly destroy the development of both players.

As a matter of fact few players improve under Phil Jackson's tutelage......think about it

Has Lamar Odom improved or has he stayed the same? What about Luke Walton? Josh Powell has taken a step backwards under Phil and So has Sasha........Bynum has taken a step backwards this year and it appears Gasol has also gone backwards.

Who has Phil developed?

It really shouldn't be a surprise. The Lakers have been getting by on pure talents, that is offensive talents alone. Whenever the Laker stars such as Kobe and Gasol or the rest of the team struggles offensive they get beat by a disciplined veteran opponents.

In spite of his $10M/yr salary and a "genius" label, the Lakers have NEVER, EVER been a disciplined and well-coached team defensively in the mold of San Antonio or Detroit or Utah or Boston. For all of the ten plus years under Phil Jackson the Lakers ALWAYS had problem with defending the P&R as well as defensive switching on help defense. Face it folks, whenever the team struggled coach only cared about the phantom and mythical "lack of ball movement" as supposed to the real cause: lack of defensive sophistication AND intensity.

The problem now only exacerbate with a deteriorating Fisher who was never a great defender to start with while his backups, Farmar and Brown are still relatively inexperienced.

Any opponents that have a good backcourt -in term of talent and experience, will be able to make defensive clowns out of Fisher/Jordan/Brown.

Phred - woah woah. I think you're reading WAYYYYYY into this. First of all, Ding's article is about Kobe and Kobe is directly sourced. As to Brez's report quoting Jackson, there hasn't been a history of Jackson outright lying about injuries. He may downplay it and not try to reveal specifics, but he hasn't shown a pattern of misleading on that end.


Tom - Thanks a lot for the kind words. I'm just trying to do the best I can, and I'm loving every minute of it.


you wrote: By the way, I never said that Kobe always waved off players when isolated in the pinch post. I said that he occasionally waved off players. Again, you love to twist every comment to fit your opinions. Please don’t.

my response: My bad. I thought you did. It was back when you were talking
about gray vs. black & white. Does this make you feel better? You don't
always say that Kobe waved off players. You *tend* to focus more on what
Kobe does that makes our bigs worse vs. talking about what the bigs themselves
haven't done right. Notice I said tend. it's not 100%. There. Is that factually

Now that I've attempted to be factually accurate are we through with
"disingenuous", tweedle dee, tweedle dum etc. etc. etc. ?

you also wrote: The rebound that Pau lost out of bounds, for example, was a very difficult rebound to handle. Had we played more inside-out basketball and pounded the ball inside more, we would have had a much better chance at improved boards.

my response: Kobe has called Pau one of the best players in the world. he's
an Olympian (silver) & a NBA champion & an all-star. Is there a reason why
you feel compelled to make excuses for his play over an extended period of
time? one game. ok. a week due to injury. ok. half the season is gone &
we're still talking about the same things. effort. hustle. rebounding. When
the SG has as many offensive rebounds as the PF or the C something is
wrong with the bigs. When your PF tells you the "team" is coasting ... talking
about the bricks of the back court seems ... disingenuous. Let me repeat that.
When the PF tells the media the "team" is coasting ... a blogger talking about
the bricks of the back court seems "disingenuous". Especially since one of
them is playing with a broken finger. Especially since the PG has been
shooting like crap all year.

Tell the truth, when D-Fish shoots ... don't you cringe? I do. If I were in
Vegas, I could make $$ off of D-Fish.

cue the scene: D-Fish has the ball he's driving towards the hoop.

hobbitmage: $10 says he clanks.

D-Fish shoots. he clanks. 2 mins later.

cue the scene: Kobe with the ball. pass to fish in the corner.

hobbitmage: $10 says he clanks.

D-Fish drains the 3.

cue the scene 60 secs later: Kobe with the ball. pass to fish in the corner.

hobbitmage: $20 says he clanks.

D-Fish clanks the 3.

hobbitmage: Let it ride. I'm about to get paid!

repeat ad nauseum & I walk out with $200+ I "heart" D-Fish, but his shot is
missing in action this year.

ps. that business about inside-outside basketball. Do you mean like the
time when Pau didn't turn around and Kobe got pissed because he passed
the ball & it became a turnover? Or do you mean like in the final minute
against Boston when Pau turned it over trying to get it to Shannon instead
of going "strong" to the basket?

you wrote: PS: Let us prepare ourselves mentally NOW. Let us realize that the Lakers are no longer head-and-shoulder above everyone else. The competition has caught up and might have already passed them.

my response: it's not that the competition has caught up. it's that they're
playing harder and have figured out how to beat us.

This is how to beat the LA Lakers, as shown by teams in the NBA this year:

1. Put a shoulder into Pau.
2. Stop Bynum from establishing position.
3. Let D-Fish fire away.
4. Play defense.

What these 4 things do:

1. Pau gets thrown off his game. He becomes passive in his anger.
2. If Bynum can't score he stops playing defense. If you box him out
he won't make the effort to rebound. He's a foul magnet. He'll soon
be starting a show on the "travel" channel.
3. D-Fish is working on a BS in construction. His specialty. Laying bricks.
4 & 6 pts swings happen when he shoots. [ I heart D-Fish, but man! ]

4. All of this forces Kobe, busted finger et al , to put the Lakers on his back.
If he didn't have a busted finger, we'd have the best record in the NBA.
But he does, and we don't.

If we don't play like we *NEED* it, we won't make it back to the finals.






Wow, that was impressive. I don't agree with most of what you're saying but I really like the way you said it! That's the best thing that I've seen you write on here and I hope it's a sign of more to come. Of course, that doesn't mean that you haven't done better stuff that I just didn't happen to see, but please accept my compliments on your effort. I also can't help but notice that you've discovered word processing and spellcheckers, and I for one am glad...Go for it dude!

Regarding injury reporting, I can totally understand why players or a team may not want to be totally open in disclosing the nature of and extent of injuries. Injuries are a weakness.
If you were getting in the ring to fight someone and you had some injuries but were well enough to fight, would you want your opponent to know as much as possible about your injuries?

Edwin Gueco,

I did talk to my neighbors. My neighbor said he did not even get to finish the game last night beacuse his wife who is 65 years old was so mad at KOBE, just turned off the TV.

I aksed why?

She already knew when the team does not get involved , the Lakers play lousy and one sided, she also said Lakers are going to loose anyways, why watch the game? This is when Mavs was up by 9 pts.

I have actuallty defended Kobe at work and with friends for a long time and I still do. But, watching the five games without Kobe I truly enjoyed it, the last two was really UGLY...

My other neighbor who is a longtime Lakerfan said, he knew Lakers are going to loose to Mavs. He said the way the last game was won, Last second lucky shot. He said they were playing so well, until Kobe came back and Lakers played the same way again, befopre Kobe got injured, no chemistry, no fluidity.

Kobe the 3rd best player in the world right now individually is sadly making the Lakers a looser. Lebron is 1st and Durant is 2nd. I am not bashing Kobe I am stating the facts and what is see.

Is it a coincidence Kobe has not gotten his extension yet signed? Is it possible the Lakers want a new young Superstar on the rise?

Just browsing through today's threads... tempers seem to be running a little hot around here lately but maybe it's just me. I dunno. Since the injury thing is being talked about I thought I'd throw in my own two cents. It's almost March. The whole league's banged up... unless somebody's been sitting on the bench all year which means they're probably gonna get thrown in there and banged up real soon. Just for laughs. Broken fingers generally don't heal real good whent they're attached to players who insist on playing when they're broken. Hips, elbows, knees, backs... it's the NBA guys. Seriously. You ever watch an NBA player walking down the street? They move like Fred Sanford. At any rate, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'll take my broken-down Lakers over any other team's broken-down players.

Art -FL Laker Fan,

You make a very salient point about providing the opposition with information that they can possibly use against you, but I believe that they probably already know way more about it than us, the casual fans. The problem is that much like state secrets, the rightful owners of the information, meaning in this case fans who pay for tickets that cover salaries and profits, are the last one's to know.

I have a question.

If Lakers can trade Kobe, what can the Lakers get in return on a trade? Which team would want Kobe Bryant? How much are they willing to pay him?

The Lakers still have Gasol, Bynum, Odom and Artest, which is truly what the NBA league is so envious about, having a big, long frontline.

If the Lakers say have a Joe Johnson, Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay in replace of Kobe, Laker can still win a championship, is it not?

The last five games without Kobe was almost dominant. Imagine if we still had Ariza instead of Kobe. In the 2009 playoffs, a lot of the critical play was Trevor's. Everytime the 2009 playoffs comes up in conversations, I hear a lot about Ariza, on ESPN, neighbors, Lakers blog. It seems there are more memories of Ariza than any other Lakers teammates in the 09 playoffs and finals.

Imagine Artest, Ariza and Shannon in the perimeter defense.


You are making excuses for Kobe. If Kobe is injured, then he should sit it out, because he is just a liability to the team, if he can not play 100%.

Last time I checked the Lakers went very well without him.

And with him, Lakers was loosing on both games.


Fortunately for me I come from a background that stressed spelling before the word processor or spell check existed........that's a recent phenomenon.

I understand that you fail to distinguish the difference between opinion and fact so I wont bother to inquire what of the fact based piece that I wrote that you disagree with.


Which games did you enjoy watching (A) five games without Kobe (winning in dominant fashion) or (B) 2 games with Kobe (loosing in ugly fashion)?

Just a simple answer of A or B.

You do not need to explain your answer.

Statement games.
Cavs, Celts, Nuggets, Mavericks.
Maybe Spurs and Magic too.
Do they matter?
I dunno, its been some years since I played competitive sports but it sure mattered to me. I played league racquetball and was usually able to make it to the playoffs. During our 'regular season' there were a couple of players I would play that I knew I would meet in the playoffs. You can be darn sure I was more intense, more focused, and really wanted to beat them. I remember one guy in particular, while we always had really close games, I just couldnt beat him. Did it get in my head? You bet it did.

So is it possible that this coasting thing is a load of crap. It seemed to me the Lakers really wanted to beat the Celts, really wanted to beat the Cavs after that Xmas day loss, and really wanted to beat the Mavs. They seemed pretty focused to me last night, at least in the first half.

Is it possible, no, dont say it. Ok, say it. Is it possible that the Lakers are not the best team this year?
Yes, they were the best team last year, but that was last year.

Look, I'm not saying the sky is falling. I want us to win as bad as anyone and I know the playoffs are a different thing.
Just sayin.

Also, just kinda wondering about something.
Last year, Kobe wanted to win a ring (sans Shaq) so badly he was absolutely obsessively obsessed with it. (Obsessively obsessed, I know).
Anyway, he was so obsessed with it he transferred some of that intensity to everyone. Last year they played statement games and won them. Remember during the playoffs, Kobes face, the teeth, the face. If I had played on that team I would have been afraid not to give 110% every minute. Kobe looked like he would rip somebody's head off. I dont see it now so I hope he is saving that part until the playoffs, cuz it was pretty cool wasnt it?

Now they have their rings, Kobe has his stature of winning one when it was his team alone.
Could there be some complacency?
Does the rest of the team still have that same obsessive compulsion to win another?
I think Kobe definitely wants another ring, but just am not so sure how badly the others do.
Do they think they can turn it one come playoff time?
Maybe, and maybe they can.
Maybe they are just saving that intensity for the playoffs. I see some logic there. Other teams right now play focused and intense ball cause they really want to beat the Lakers. Ok fine. So maybe we dont show them just how intense and focused we can be until we get to the playoffs. Then we turn it up a notch and they dont have another notch to turn up to, we've already seen their best play during the season.
If thats the case, then clearly, advantage Lakers.
I dont know if theres much sense in those comments, but I am going to keep thinking come the playoffs we go up to another level of play.
I hope.


you wrote: Is it a coincidence Kobe has not gotten his extension yet signed? Is it possible the Lakers want a new young Superstar on the rise?

my response: Would you want a teammate who tells the media that they
"coast" ?

You're D-Wade an you want to win a championship. You've been playing
under/around Pat Riley & you've played with Shaq. They tell you bb is
a big man's game. They tell you defense wins championships.

D-Howard, dpoy vs. Bynum
D-Howard vs P-Gasol

Who do you choose?

accepted invites to team USA basketball:
Accepting an invitation to attend the July 22-25 mini- camp were: LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland Trail Blazers / Texas); Trevor Ariza (Los Angeles Lakers / UCLA); D.J. Augustin (Charlotte Bobcats / Texas); Jerryd Bayless (Portland Trail Blazers / Arizona); Ronnie Brewer (Utah Jazz / Arkansas); Glen Davis (Boston Celtics / LSU); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder / Texas); Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies / Connecticut); Danny Granger (Indiana Pacers / New Mexico); Jeff Green (Oklahoma City Thunder / Georgetown); Blake Griffin (University of Oklahoma); Devin Harris (New Jersey Nets / Wisconsin); Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers / Arizona); Kyle Korver (Utah Jazz / Creighton); David Lee (New York Knicks / Florida); Brook Lopez (New Jersey Nets / Stanford); Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves / UCLA); O.J. Mayo (Memphis Grizzlies / USC); Paul Millsap (Utah Jazz / Louisiana Tech); Greg Oden (Portland Trail Blazers / Ohio State); Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls / Memphis); Brandon Roy (Portland Trail Blazers / Washington); Josh Smith (Atlanta Hawks / Oak Hill Academy, Va.); Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder / UCLA); and Thaddeus Young (Philadelphia 76ers / Georgia Tech).

Do you see Bynum's name? Almost everyone who played for team USA got
a lot better the following year. Would you choose someone who didn't want
to participate in that environment?

Staples 24 is the funniest poster on this blog.

Drop dead hilarious stuff.

These kids these days consume too much sugar and have too much time ontheit hands.

Go out and play on the swings, kiddo


Kids These Days


"I understand that you fail to distinguish the difference between opinion and fact so I wont bother to inquire what of the fact based piece that I wrote that you disagree with."

Nice to see that your attitude hasn't changed. There's no need for us to interact further if you're going to continue to hurl insults so don't expect any further responses from me...G'day!

The problem is that much like state secrets, the rightful owners of the information, meaning in this case fans who pay for tickets that cover salaries and profits, are the last one's to know.

Posted by: aztronut | February 25, 2010 at 03:55 PM

That may be the case, and maybe other teams do know more about injuries on other teams players, but maybe they dont. I mean, how do you know if they do or they dont?
Anyway, not a huge deal to me either way, but I see your point.

Staples 24,

(C) False dichotomy!

Great post's this afternoon Laker fandom. I admire everyone’s passion and knowledge of the game. I abundantly concur that MM post’s have been very refreshing and more insightful compared to the KB bro’s.

As for another loss, let's remember were just past the mid point of the season, Kobe's really hurting, I think most of our starters are banged up. We seem to have the same issues with consistency and defense as last year, now though a little more pronounced.

Not over looking Philly, but Sunday's game is HUGE!‘reg season anyway. Last year we rose up to the occasion for these types of games. This season not quite as much yet. I think the injuries we know of, and don't know of have been the X factor. I am not worried, but if things start to go south Sunday afternoon my five year boy is going to have to play outside because there will be cursing that will make a sailor blush.

Not a regular poster, except when I disagree, not as much anymore as some of you guys are like Ernest Hemingway in your descriptive posts. Looking forward to Monday morning comments, until then Cheers! M

Imagine Artest, Ariza and Shannon in the perimeter defense.
Posted by: Staples 24 | February 25, 2010 at 04:04 PM

Uh oh, Staples24, surely that post will get a response, lol.
Lakers wont trade Kobe, I dont think, but just for fun, if it had to be, I would only take Durant or James, but I dont see why Cavs or Ok would do it. Kobes age is going to be an issue sooner than later. He has a lot of miles on him. But one thing Kobe has over James or Durant is an obsessive desire that cant be quantified nor matched.

Anyway, about Ariza, I really miss him and think the team does too. He was an excellent role player fit here and he made some plays during the playoffs that really had a huge impact on different games. And he could actually hit a shot from outside and it seems to be a weakness this year.

Art -FL Laker Fan,

" I mean, how do you know if they do or they dont?"

Obviously I don't know this for a fact, as I'm not an insider or a gambler. However, I do think that it's safe to assume that since this is a business for the teams that they would expend every effort to get at this type of information, while we as casual fans simply see the game as entertainment and typically aren't willing to put forth the effort to get our butts off the couch and go out and scrounge this stuff up, because you know it's out there somewhere. I don't really think that's too big of a leap of faith on my part, do you?

Which games did you enjoy watching (A) five games without Kobe (winning in dominant fashion) or (B) 2 games with Kobe (loosing in ugly fashion)?
Just a simple answer of A or B.
You do not need to explain your answer.
Posted by: Staples 24 | February 25, 2010 at 04:14 PM

Staples 24,
(C) False dichotomy!
Posted by: aztronut | February 25, 2010 at 04:24 PM

LOL, you guys are GOOD! Man, the Blog is ROCKIN today!
First off, Aztronut, Great Job on the post game summary. WOW, that is quite a commitment.

Secondly, Hobbit and Laker Tom talking and "Almost" being civil to each other? Naw. I will tell you, I have liked this version of Hobbit. The guy is relentless but he's making good points. BRAVO my man!

Now to answer the question that Staples asked. I will say that I enjoyed watching the games Kobe was out. Enjoyed them immensely actually. HOWEVER, as Azstronut said, this is a setup question. We WON'T win a championship playing without Bynum and Kobe. Therefore, what's the point of the question?

I have been hoping that the Lakers spend this whole season "learning" to play with Bynum in the lineup as well as Artest. At times it will be clunky, at times it will cost us games and at times it will be hard to watch. But wouldn't it be great if we get to June and find out, "HEY, it paid off!"

We wanted Kobe to be the good teamate and pass the ball. He has done that now. And truth be told, the team play stunk when Kobe passed em the ball. So, it may take awhile for them to learn to play this way. Their play will stink for awhile. So, if we are getting what we asked for, why are we complaining? Well, that's just what we do. LOL

As a TRUE Laker fan, let me say that even I would be in favor of LBJ over KB24 if there was anyway to make that switch, but only because of the 6 year age difference. Age the same, I take MJ, I mean KB24. Freudian slip there! Why is it that Kobe's teammates can't adapt to Kobe, but MJ's could to MJ? They were (are) both the dominate player of their respective teams. If Kobe shoots 40 shots a game, why is that an excuse for not hustling, rebounding, playing great DEFENSE! Kinda like complaining that Drew Brees threw way too many passes this season and in the Super Bowl. Gee, Saints should have run the ball more!?

Oh, why were these guys able to adapt to KB24 last year and win a title, but evidently won't or can't this year? Oh, who do you want taking the last shot in a game winning situation on this team besides Kobe? If it weren't for Kobe's 5 game winners, we trail the Nuggets. Also, as for going 4-1 without Kobe, anything is POSSIBLE, I mean the Cavs lost 3 in a row, with a healthy LBJ, wow!

I'll try to get back later, my wife (American Idol) is calling. Hope this doesn't ruin my reputation, ha, ha!


"Great Job on the post game summary. WOW, that is quite a commitment."

Thanks dude, I've often been told that I should be committed but I'm not sure that this is what was meant by that...

Art -FL Lakers fan,

you wrote: Now they have their rings, Kobe has his stature of winning one when it was his team alone.
Could there be some complacency?
Does the rest of the team still have that same obsessive compulsion to win another?
I think Kobe definitely wants another ring, but just am not so sure how badly the others do.
Do they think they can turn it one come playoff time?
Maybe, and maybe they can.
Maybe they are just saving that intensity for the playoffs. I see some logic there. Other teams right now play focused and intense ball cause they really want to beat the Lakers. Ok fine. So maybe we dont show them just how intense and focused we can be until we get to the playoffs. Then we turn it up a notch and they dont have another notch to turn up to, we've already seen their best play during the season.

my response: Good post.

LO has said the team is complacent. Gasol has said the team is coasting.
They may believe that they can turn it on when they need to, but it won't
happen that way.

No. I'm not claiming to be a psychic. However, as you pointed out,
we're loosing our "statement" games. We don't have any chemistry.
Our *shooters* are throwing bricks. We are *not* building the reflexes
that need to be *automatic* when crunch time hits. The *misses* now mean
we'll be *tight* when it counts & the shots won't fall.

There's that old saying: How you practice is how you play.

Billups has handed us our lunch how many times this year? Do you think he
won't in the playoffs? Bynum is a foul magnet now. Do you think he's going
to play better in the pressure cooker of the playoffs? If Pau isn't getting the
calls now, do you think he's going to get the calls in post season? If you're
Kobe & it's the playoff season, are you willing to lose because Bynum is
in foul trouble, D-Fish is 3-13, Pau is playing passively? Do you really
think Pau is going to be making "crisp" passes in 6 weeks if he doesn't start
making them now? Is Kobe going to pass him the ball? Would you?

When it's $$ time, Kobe won't trust his teammates because they've been
"coasting" all year. He knows it. Phil knows it. The know it. The whole
NBA knows it.

At this point, I'd almost prefer that Kobe sat for the rest of the season and let
his finger heal. We'll need him to shoot 60% because the rest of the lakers
aren't going to be able to step up. At least that's my fear.

To clarify this, because I know that Stapels24, jimjoyce & others will talk
about chemistry ...

Melo vs LBJ ... they dropped 40 on each other. Is there any Laker, besides
KB24, who's capable and willing to drop 40? Has Artest been able to slow
either of them? Big Z, Shaq & Verajao have already beaten Bynum, Pau & LO.
They added Jamison. Do you HONESTLY see Bynum beating Shaq in the
finals with the way he's played this year? Do you HONESTLY see Pau beating
big Z in a 7 game series with the way Pau is playing this year?

No bs. No stats. Last year, there was no question in anybody's mind that
we were winning everything? We won every statement game. This year ...


It's not just the shooting woe that made Fish stand out as a weak link on the team, it's more so his defense. Let's face it Derek is just about the slowest, least athletic, least graceful, lead-footed PG in the league even in his heydays but at least he compensated somewhat by being tough, tenacious and had a reliable shot. Now that his shot has deserted him and his age has deteriorated his capabilities even further, Fish has became a huge liability to his team because he absolute cannot defend. It's clear no opponent has any fear in Fish because they all take their shots with lot of confidence. They already knew that Fish will never caught up to them and even if he does still he does not have the leaping ability to bother their shooting the very least.

People always said that the Lakers don't have anything better but it's because they never let Farmar/Brown have the chance to play extensively and learn from their mistakes. It's a vicious catch-22 circle. As long as Phil insists on a short leash, Jordan and Shanon will not be able to mature professionally.

Few quick 'hit-and-run' comments in the couple minutes I have:

Mark Medina, you are doing an EXCELLENT job on the blog so far! I'm sure I'm speaking for all blog readers when I say this, you are the BLACK MAMBA of the blogging world!

Last night's game wasn't totally unexpected, Kobe had just played a back-to-back coming off his nearly 3 weeks off, it is always that second game back that is the worst, when the adrenaline is back to normal. This was the game in which Pau, D-Fish, Lamar, Bynum, Artest should have raised their game and taken over much of the offense, especially Pau was tentative I thought. Haven't had a chance to see the stats, but he was real quiet. He wanted more touches, once again I say, then "DEMAND THE BALL, THEN SCORE!"

The Mav's made the best trade deadline deal in my eyes, hands down. Caron, we all have seen his game, but Brendan Haywood is the key piece in the deal. Josh 'Unmet Potential' Howard for Haywood ALONE would have been a decent deal, the fact that they also got Caron and a potential nice piece as merely a throw-in in DeShawn Stevenson, well this was an epic steal of a deal. Caron was the best player available from the Wizards fire-sale. Really a great deal for the Mav's, don't know if this puts them ahead of clear #2 Nuggets, but if anything they have created a 2-team tier on the rung below the Lakers in the West.

Shannon Brown, put the dunk contest behind you and move on, he had a great first game back after the all-star break, but has done nothing since then.

Farmar looked alright at times last night, he STILL doesn't look like long-time starting point guard material though...

Anyone hear about that 140 year old hot dog they found frozen underground in Coney Island? Apparently it was living off hot dog buns and mustard. Must have been a rough going.



I concur 100% with you on the issue of "statement games". It is a very troubling sign that the team either was UNwilling or UNable to rise up to the level of the competition.

If they were unwilling that points to a lack of heart and desire. If they were unable then it means the team simply is not that good anymore.

I also think that it's very short-sighted to think that the brief stretch the Lakers played well without Kobe was anything but a FLUKE.

Yes that was a FLUKE because:

1) Opponents were not prepared to defend a Kobe-less Lakers team on short notice. Since Kobe represents such a huge part of the Lakers it figures that the typical defense against them is the same way.

2) Opponents let up because they knew they wouldn't have to guard Kobe.

3) A handful of games just before the All-Star break is statistically insignificant.

4) Sure they beat a couple of good teams: Utah, SA, PDX but let's be real except for the Jazz, those aren't exactly the Cavs, Celts, Magic, Nuggets, Mavs... the elites of the league.

Just about the only thing we can take out of those games is that if pressed and properly motivated the Lakers can play much better defense.

OK permit me to clarify my previous post. Perhaps they weren't so but after the blockbuster trade the Mavs have leapfrogged into the forefront of the Western Conference elites. Suddenly they have became the second best team in the West after the Nuggets.

If Lakers think the Mavs were tough last night wait til Caron Butler, an All-Star join their lineup.


you wrote/asked: Which games did you enjoy watching (A) five games without Kobe (winning in dominant fashion) or (B) 2 games with Kobe (loosing in ugly fashion)?

my response: It's not about playing *pretty* basketball. IT'S ABOUT
basketball go watch the Suns. If you want a parade ... you'll need to play
different. Harder! Smarter! Better Defense!

Shaq is going to put 350 lbs into Bynum and our man-child is in foul trouble
& then he's gone fishing in Italy. No parade.

LBJ is going to drop 40 while handing out 10+ assists & grabbing 10+
rebounds and will have the greatest finals *EVER* if we play the way we've
been playing.

I keep saying this, but some of y'all don't listen. I kept most of the playoffs
from last year. I can SEE the difference in how are guys are running. The
positions they're getting to on the floor. Whether or not Kobe is passing
the ball. If you bought the championship DVD you should look at it again.
We're playing different. Our guys aren't running/playing as hard!

Last year, Gasol *NEVER* talked about the Lakers coasting. LO *NEVER*
talked about being complacent. Last year the Lakers had 1 purpose. To win
a championship. That is *NOT* the way they're playing this year. Bynum
wanted to be an all-star. Gasol wanted to baby his hamstring. Artest is trying
to fit in. That is *NOT* what happened last year.

Last year: Bynum was hurt. Gasol wanted to erase the label of soft. Ariza was


re: D-Fish. All that you say is true, but we can win with him. Phil can pull him
or just put him in for the final 3 minutes of the game. We *CANNOT* win
if Bynum/Gasol play like stiffs. It's a numbers thing. On any given day, Kobe
can erupt for 40+. However most days he'll be around 30. Kobe + our
bench is good enough to make up for D-Fish in a 7 game series. yes, our
bench hasn't done particularly well this year. I stand by my statement.
Kobe, with a non-broken finger, + our bench can make up for D-Fish.
We can't win if Gasol/Bynum/Odom don't play well. Those 2nd chance
pts are a monster. When our bigs are in foul trouble they play passively.
When they play passively they don't rebound. They don't play good defense.
We lose unless Kobe saves us. That won't work in the playoffs.

How do I know? Phoenix Suns!

Seriously, after seeing the Mavs last night, a game in which the Lakers played like cr@p, on the road, the 2nd of a back to back, I'm not worried in the least about the Mavs. I only hope they're in the Nuggets bracket come playoff time. If we're lucky, the Mavs knock the Nugs out. The Mavs are a team the Lakers would love to meet in the WCF. Butler or no Butler, the Mavs are no threat at this point. Maybe they'll be better by playoff time.
Denver, that's another story. Sunday's game is big.

If we fail in our season long goal of reaching and then winning the Finals expect B-I-G off season moves.

-To be sure we'll see the departure of Jordan Farmar. This will happen, even if we win it all. The Lakers are over him, he's over their 'reinging in of his enormous wealth of talent' and he's just not what we need at the PG position. Brown and Vujacic offer the exact same qualities off the bench (with Sasha being a better rebounder, of all things, than Farmar) and Brown can use screens to get to the hole just as well as Farmar and he finishes better. It was a great experiment, it's always nice to see a local on the home team and he will succeed more in a system better suited to his game. I think he'll WANT to leave, unless he gets big money and guarantees to be a starter. Which just won't happen. Look for us to acquire a young gun in the draft and look to see who is left standing without a contract after the first 15 days or so of the off season.

-Derek Fisher will probably start his last game as a Laker in the post season. However, unless he's absolutely abysmal (I'm talking under 30% shooting, no D, and keeps whining at the ref's for his obvious reach-in fouls) he will be a reserve.

-Gasol or Bynum, if we fail one will go and my pick is Bynum. Gasol is less of a project and we proved we can win with and Lamar and Gasol in the starting line up. Bynum has struggled since he lost his first wind of the season. People have been trying to say he and Gasol can't co-exist and while I feel that is a factor, I think it less so than his overall heart, desire and conditioning, it seems fairly obvious that he is not the same player we've seen glimpses of over the last three years. At one point, before we traded for Gasol and Bynum had forced Phil to start him over Kwame, I had high hopes he could be a top 5 center in the league for some time. But when I see him struggle against old Shaq, middle of the pack B. Haywood and other centers that he is more skilled than, I can't help but think the thing holding him back more than anything is his head and heart. He's physucally ready to dominate, mentally he's a borederline starter.

Ron Artest/Luke Walton/Josh Powell/Sasha Vujacic - Injuries and acclimation have affected the majority of these names (Powell just doesn't get the minutes he needs to suceed on this team) but any combination of these in a trade package could net a much different type of wing player or clear salary to sign a second tier free agent. I know it's only year one of Ron Ron experiment, but depending on how he fares in the playoffs, he may be a highly coveted, marginally priced piece of trade bait. If some GM wanted him bad enough I could see a package of some or all of those names shipped off in order to secure a single player of a higher skill set, possibly younger than Ron.

-Phil Jackson. If he doesn't win number 11, I don't see him wanting to come back nor do I see the Buss family as determined to bring him back. They may go with one of the many proven coaches sitting out this season, they may promote a bench coach, but to pay Phil over 10 mil a year to either almost get or get to and fail in the Finals is probably not worth it, economically, to the Buss family. Jeanie, of course, would disagree.

-Kobe Bryant. He would instigate any move on his own by either opting out or having Mitch and his agent peruse a sign-and-trade. the only way I see this happening is if we lose in the first two rounds and Kobe blows up at the team again. However, this seems to me unlikely as Kobe can make more with the Lakers than any other team out there. It's the same logic I apply to my reasoning that LeBron is staying in Cleveland.

Here's hoping we win it all! 'Cause I love me this team!

The Big Z is on the move again! The 2.5 millon dollar question is where?
San Antonio?
Lakers? Only David Stern and the Cavs and Wizards know the answer to that question let's hope that that Cleveland get's Z and not Dallas because Cuban would love to be smoking a Cuban in June!

This is why repeat champions are so rare.

Follow-up Comment:
When Kobe was out and the team was playing lights out, it was BYNUM's return that I noticed the difference in team play. The Lakers actually won the game that Bynum came back but what I noticed is that they played slow and "clunky" again.
Kobe then came back and passed the ball and when he did shoot, he scored at a high level. But the clunkiness remained. Therefore what I notice is that it may not be Kobe's play affecting the team as much as Bynum.

They are still learning how to play with Bynum in the starting lineup. He affects the way that Pau plays and where Pau plays. Artest doesn't spend as much time in the post and scoring, instead opting for the 3 point shots.

Kobe's return was marked by us again playing a close game and winning it at the end with a game closing shot. But it was BYNUM's return to the starting lineup that marked the return of the "Clunk". Can we learn to play with Bynum? I don't know. Are we better with Bynum? I don't know. I know what he represents "potentially". But I don't know if he makes us better. He certainly does not in the short run. If we are better in the long run and in June, it will be because we have learned something that we currently have not yet realized.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
The Lakers challenge to get their game firing on all cylinders has generated some fascinating responses among the Lakers faithful. The team played so well when Kobe and Drew were injured that some bloggers are actually proposing the Lakers should trade their team leader and bench or trade their promising young center, both moves I don’t think the Lakers make.
While only an idiot would consider trading Kobe, some of Phil’s assistant coaches have been lobbying him to start Odom over Bynum. While I don’t think that is the right move to make, I can nevertheless understand why some bloggers would like to see Lamar start. Without a doubt, the team and ball movement is better when Lamar is in the game than when Drew is.
I love Lamar and in the right match up he can be as exciting as any player on the team, especially when he is dominating the boards. What’s not to like about him being a starter? He is probably more consistent this year than Drew and plays better with Pau. The ball and players move better without the ball stopping in the post with Drew. It’s a beautiful game.
The flip side, however, is that most of the time, the ball not only stops with Drew in the post but then goes through the hoop at higher percentage than any other player on the team. Drew’s critics truthfully do not give the young man the credit he deserves. While he has not become the beast I and other envisioned, he has been a solid and at times strong contributor.
It may take until next year before Drew is fully recovered mentally and physically as with many knee injuries but there are teams where the Lakers dearly need his inside power game, as we clearly saw against the Celtics. Look around the league. Every contender is now bulking up because they know one of the Lakers weaknesses are their physicality.
While it will never happen, the move I would like to see the Lakers experiment with would be replacing Derek Fisher in the starting lineup with Lamar Odom. The move would actually make the team faster and better defensively. That’s a lineup that could truly IMPOSE its will on the opponent. That’s the way to get Lamar into the starting lineup while keeping Drew.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

i was reading on a different blog that Brandan Haywood's nickname at UNC was Brenda and after that came out he started to cry. so the big man for the Dallas team r Brenda and Erika/Erica with c or k, depending how kafkian one want to be.

i know that Andrea is a free name to appropriate. the real problem is, will the Celtics give us copyrights for Paula? and if yes, will that come also with wheel -chair for Fisher?

maybe that will help to establish finally the identity of the back-court for thr 2010 wannabe team: Andrea and Paula.

ain't got much to say..though I liked pfunk's and hobbit mage's posts..don't forget vujabrics contract also lol ..dunno what others say is wrong funks posts seems pretty accurate..yet lest we forget none of that truly matters it's all Kobe's fault(sarcasm fully intended)......

Snaq severely injured his thumb. little baby snak (baby davis) smacked the ball out of his hands

i guess he, Snaq, will have a hard time shooting fouls and making them.

DJ: Recall that even though they won, the Lakers played mostly like crap in the playoffs last year:

Crap against Houston, who had lost their best players.

Crap against Denver, only Ariza's plays bailed us out.

Crap against Orlando, we easily could have lost three of the first four games.

This year, we're still playing like crap, the difference is THE COMPETITION HAS BECOME BETTER. Denver, Dallas, Cleveland, Utah, all better. Plus Boston has Garnett back.

The Kobe-first model has never worked. It doesn't make the best use of this team's talent. And this year, unless it is changed, it will lead to a loss in the playoffs, maybe even in the first round.

Why doesn't PJ start Odom and put Bynum on the 2nd team? Given the way Bynum rebounds compared to the way Odom rebounds, this seems like a no brainer.

MM's post on rebounds and Bynum's effort in that regard needs some serious reflection.



You are awesome.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


yea this game was a bust. The best parts were when Odom or Artest drove or passed well. Kobe doesn't need to post up players in the paint, let Artest do it (and LO why don't you learn as well?)

Mark my words Laker nation, it will be LO and Ronron being the difference makers and leading this team to another ring. Kobe, Bynum and Gasol will be steady but predictable. More than anyone LO will rise up in big games to help Ronron get his ring. I am in favor in making the majority of LO's minutes on the court at the same time as Ronron - they feed off ea other.

I hope Kobe is smart though - he needs to get more assists as we go forward.

excellent comment by johnnyV

the twin towers aproach doesn't work well as it clogs the lane for the guards to drive and for artest to post up. neither gasol nor bynum can get out of the way as see by the 3-second calls in dallas.

Unleash the beast - post up artest more often! if for no other reason then to wear down the opponent.

and LO just bringit! and go see Hakeem this summer please!

great job mark medina....keep up the good work and thanks for not being "ego-driven" like the kam-bros! great blogs by our lakers bretheren, hobbitt, lakertom, psycorp and others. sometimes i wish the players would read these blogs (maybe they do) afterall, i chewed on l.o. after the memphis game, then he comes up with a stellar performance last night, ha ha.....anyhow, if the lakers could play with the passion, that we have for them.... night in....and night out, it would make us all VERY HAPPY. that way we wouldn't feel so miserable after losing to one of our western conference opponents. 24 games left before the "real season" begins. i just hope gasol, l.o., bynum, sasha, jordan, shannon, etc. aren't happy with one ring to their credit......we know the mamba wants to add to his collection. if his teammates keep "coasting", i'm sure he'll ride all of the players like "secretariat", 'til the finish line. let's kick some philly-ass tomorrow night!


Phil Jackson doesn't develop players. He develops championships. Which do you, as a Laker fan really care about? You make great points that Phil doesn't really like playing rookies, especially young rookies, because they don't really help the team win championships.

I care about rings.

Second, if Phil had Kobe when he was younger, Kobe would have been successful anyway, because he had the drive. And very few 18 years old had the drive Kobe had. KG had it. Jermaine O'neal didn't until he was older.

So all this second guessing Phil's decisions is just Monday Morning quarterbacking. Phil has 10 rings for a reason. And don't give me that he had great players and they really won it. The Lakers had the same type of team right before Phil got here, and we got eliminated.

And the only results that will matter will be the playoffs. It's just amazing that the second best record in the league has so many complaints.

>>>>Crap against Denver, only Ariza's plays bailed us out.

... from himself.

What people tend to forget about the Ariza magical steal game is that Trevor shot 2 for 8 in that game. If he had shot a decent percent in the game (or managed to slow down Carmelo even a tiny bit, then the Lakers would have been up by 8 or 10 and there would have been no need for a last minute steal to preserve a close victory.

Trust me, even with two regular season victories vs the Lakers, Denver is crapping their pants about having to face them again in the playoffs. Why do you think they were trying so desperately to get another big man, and are rumored to be interested in Ilgauskas?

Several contenders (Cleveland, Boston, Dallas) made desperate trades hoping they can be good enough to prevail in the post season. And it's the LAKERS they're pumping up their teams to face. And probably only two of the legit contenders will get a chance at the Lakers (one in the WCF, one in the championship).

And the Lakers will prevail.

I think Phil will probably retire after his fourth three-peat. I'll start worring then. Until that time, let the fans of other teams worry. Just because they haven't put the pedal to the medal yet doesn't mean the Lakers aren't in the driver's seat.



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