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Lakers can't hold off Mavericks, lose tough game

Dallas 101, Lakers 96 (Final)

The Lakers had six players score in double figures, but it wasn't enough to stop the Dallas Mavericks from defeating Los Angeles Wednesday night at American Airlines Center.

Dirk Nowitzki had 31 points and Jason Terry had 30 for the Mavericks off the bench.

The Lakers split the four-game season series with the Mavericks.

The Lakers now are one game behind the Cleveland Cavaliers for the best record in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 20 points, but he was just nine-for-23 from the field.

The Lakers fell behind by nine points late in the fourth quarter after Terry scored for a 95-86 lead.

But the Lakers didn't stop coming.

Lamar Odom had a three-point play on a drive and free throw after he was fouled. Then Odom made a three-pointer and Bryant drove, pulling the Lakers to within 97-94 with 57 seconds left in the game.

After Shawn Marion missed inside, Bryant missed a three-pointer that could have tied the score.

Pau Gasol couldn't get the offensive rebound, the ball going to the Mavericks.

Terry made two free throws with 15.9 seconds left for a 99-94 Mavericks lead.

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Exactly why is our slowest and worst defender in the game at the end?
Phil Jackson is an idiot.
He starts Bynum and Fisher for whatever reason.
Dead Weight is Dead Weight

Now that I've seen the Lakers against the 'new-look' Mavs I'm not concerned in the least. Don't think they can last with the Purple and Gold in a 7 game series.

This team is completely unable to 1) win back-to-backs, 2) stop teams on a hot streak, in complete contrast to last season.

And whether Kobe is back or not, this team has not had a good game since the All-Star break.

If I were the Nuggets, I'd be pretty confident about getting a win this Sunday.

Once again, we need to suffer close games, and losing strike again. Has anybody asked themselves that why we need such an expensive player that does not know the meaning of team play!


a Laker fan







Pau, 9 shots. Fish, 13






Mavs played without their second best player.

How is it that the Lakers struggle every night to win ??? Supposedly this is a dominant team, but every night it is down to the wire.

Tonight was disappointing. I think Kobe played fairly poorly. Overpassing at times and guys not hitting shots when he got them the ball. Fish, almost as always 3-13, was worse. It's time for PJ to let SB have 40 minutes a game and be our Jason Terry! Why don't we have a outside shooter like Terry. I think Shannon could be if PJ would let him play. I think we may be in for a struggle this season to repeat. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure our weaknesses, and several teams have. Somebody calm me down, ha, ha.

Real Lakers realize that without KB24's 5 game winning shots, we are in second place behind Denver. Same old deal with the non-Laker fans, pick on Kobe, ha, ha, ha. Michael had the same thing in Chi-town, only with players that adjusted to him (IMAGINE THAT) and fed off his game for 6 NBA Championships. Why can't this bunch do that AGAIN (they did last year)?

Pau and Fish are not in a good moment...

I hope they get better because I'll be there sunday morning with family!


Wonder if the Mav fans are complaining about Dirk taking 19 shots and Terry 20?

Fisher is in the midst of a season long slump !!! Long live Fish !!!

Phred. Sarcasm noted. Pau Gasol still sucks. And the Lakers will still lose to Denver. least your sarcasm has been noted.

I'm with you, phred.



Bynum had 5 turnovers and 2 of his shots blocked, wow. We had 7 OFF rebouns, Mavs had 13. Bynum and Gasol, pretty weak tonight.

Frustrating loss. I know that it's the 2nd of a back to back, but their effort was terrible. Could not make a defensive stop. Just could not make a defensive stop. Even if Dallas didn't shoot a high percentage, Gasol did nothing on the boards. It just looked like he didn't care. One of the most frustrating losses of the season. Out of our 15 losses, this is top 5.
Most painful loss is Cleveland game 1. The Lakers were not playing well for a few weeks prior to that, but it was a statement game and it showed that the Cavs are better this year. 2nd most painful loss is January 8th loss at Portland. We need to worry if we meet a healthy Portland in the playoffs. 3rd most painful is Cleveland game 2. Gasol choked big time. 4th most painful loss is Feb 1st loss at Memphis. Even if Kobe is tripled teamed, I would want him to shoot the 3, not pass to Artest. This is the 5th most painful because the Lakers, for the most part, were at full strength for the most part, but really poor effort. The Boston loss was also painful, but we didn't have Kobe.

Did you also notice that after all those wins in close games, now we now only 3-5 in the last 8 close games(games where a basket near the end of the game would have been the difference). I count the 2nd Cleveland loss despite the 6 point gap because if Gasol had made both free throws, the game would have been tied, but he missed both, Lecrab was fouled and made 1, missed the 2nd but the Lakers were called for a foul, etc.


No offense, but is there any way to have the Blog refresh quicker. Seems like it takes a while.

I say this with everybody knowing that Kobe is my favorite player but......Once again we win with Kobe's HEROIC shots last night but we also LOSE with Kobe's HORRIFIC SHOT SELECTION tonight. I don't understand why with 32 seconds left in the game he shoots a 3 for the tie when he probably could have gotten a layup or and layup and a foul but no insteads takes a contested 25ft 3 point shot....Don't understand. KEEP IT SIMPLE KOBE!
Pau Gasol can never seem to get a rebound when contested, does he have "small hands"?

Lastly, Lakers will wish they had this game when they fall short from the Best Record.

Kobe tried to get his teammates involved early but once again they fail to deliver.
For all you Kobe haters, exactly who was scoring tonight?
20-24 shots a game for kobe is perfect. Is it his fault that PJ plays Fisher in a game where athleticism is crucial?
PJ record is indisputable but his loyalty is his achilles heel.
Would anyone want Fisher to take 13 shots (made 3) or have Farmar take 13 shots.
Opposing coaches must Love PJ's love of Fisher.
Can you imagine the pregame pep talk.
"Ok Jason, you're going to have Fisher guard you tonight so I'm expecting at least 30 points from you." "You got it coach" Jason replies as he thanks his lucky stars that he doesn't even have to play defense tonight.

First, it was a team loss. I could pick out every player and name a couple of bonehead plays they made, Kobe, Drew, Fish, Odom, et al.
Second phred is right, this is nothing to worry about. It's an annoying loss because they could have easily won the game and picked up a half game on the Cavs, but other than that it was meaningless. (This is assuming phred is being sarcastic, you are being sarcastic aren't you phred?)
Third, I agree with G in DC. After seeing the new and improved Mavs, this is a team we would love to see in the playoffs, Butler's absence notwithstanding. If we're lucky, they knock off the Nuggets for us.






What do we play for? RINGS!!!



It took Luke to speak up before the Lakers turned the corner last season.

Where's this year's leader?

And you guys want to make him a coach?

With every day that passes where the locker room leader doesn't speak up, I get more and more disappointed in him.

Come on Fish, we're supposed to be heading into the playoffs on a roll - not getting rolled on heading into the playoffs...

crap...we had a lot of bone head plays and just plain unlucky bounces tonight it seemed---some lack of focus as well...we played well below par and still could have won the game, that's what we should all keep in mind...

but let the panic begin...




phred..thats funny stuff!!!!

Relax people, we are havin' a case of the Dr Jekyll N' Mr Hyde syndrome once again this season.

We experienced this most of the second half last season. It's too soon to panic..

Take a breath and relax!

Can the Lakers beat an Elite NBA team? Can they really beat the Nuggets? Can they beat the Cavs? Can they beat the Celtics in a seven-game series? I think their record is misleading. They are not as good as their record indicates and will struggle in the playoffs unless they can put things together.

Jon K,

I am a TRUE Laker fan. However, I do expect alot from these guys. Odom has shown he can be a super player (at times). Gasol is very, very good (most of the time), Artest has shown fine moments (some of the time). Bynum has been very, very good (some of the time). Brown and Farmer have been fairly good (some times). Fish has been good (not very often). And of course Kobe had been great (almost all the time). Again, without his 5 Game Winners, we are behind Denver right now!
My point above is that there should be a way to blend these guys to play together and perform at their best almost every game. That job is PJ's and for a championship team, we have been on the verge of mediocre. Perhaps they are sleepwalking through this regular season, I hope so, otherwise I am concerned (not panicked).

Who is sending whom a message?

Without Kobe, players hustle, focus, and play inspired defense.

With Kobe, they play like they don't want him on the team.

If I were Kobe I would seriously think about leaving the Lakers and considering he still hasn't signed an extension that might not be as far-fetched as it sounds.
And if his Mr. Unstoppableness does the unthinkable, what would be the difference if Lebron or Wade decided to come to the Lakers.

Gasol choked again 11 points 6 rebounds, sad. You can't blame everything on kobe he has already hit 5 game winners sometimes gasol has to step up whenit counts.

Just for a little perspective, the most dominating team of the Kobe/Shaq era went 56-26 during the 2001 regular season. I'm not losing any sleep yet.

Mavs played without their second best player.

With any games when your opponents knows your next move-YOU LOOSE.WE all know what KOBE going to do in the games.The first half(Q1+Q2) he pass the ball-- go to third quarter now he change to attack mode .and then sit on the bench the first 6 minutes.This is the routine of LAKERS games.HE should be confused his opponents so they have to double team him all times.

M/M is watching the Olympics while editing your angry posts. haha!

Well, it is hard to win games especially on b2b games, Gasol and Bynum have not found a good combination, one is foul prone and the other push over. Because of Kobe's presence as if they could not find spaces among them or get confused on offense so they've tendency to go one on one not team play. It is not the fault of Fisher for playing but the fault of PJ for playing him against a taller and faster guard may it be Terry or Kidd. Nowadays, Fisher is acting like Rick Fox or Rob Horry on their last year with the Lakers. There is remarkable regression but still a bull dog in his last hurrah.

Edwin -- umm or im writing the game recap. speaking of which, it is up.


Dead Weight is Dead Weight

Posted by: Litotes | February 24, 2010 at 08:55 PM

Well, I'm glad that you discovered what a tautology is. Next up for you - figuring out what conflation is. Bonus points if you use it in a sentence!

These are all season games. Kobe and PJ have been here several times so they're phasing the team and let these contenders get W's in their home court. We didn't see how they performed if Caron B played.

IMO, come playoffs, Lakers are ready for Mavs or Nuggets ad I don't see any of this team winning 4 consecutive against the Lakers nor winning twice at the Staples. I'm still confident with the showing in tonight's game compared to a lifeless showings in Memphis.

I'm starting to get concerned about Gasol. He seems mentally and physically fatigued. Hands seem buttery, easily frustrated, maybe he needs to rest a week like Kobe...

Wow, all you whiners out there should become Cavs fans instead. You're so quick to throw your boys under the bus after a loss. Steady, my fellow Lakers fans! Calm down & take a deep breath. We are the Defending World Champions & HUGE favorites to win it all again. And again & again & ...

Holy Jerry West, we've got so many advantages over the Clowntime Competition that the refs have to diddle with the calls just so we don't blow everyone out by double digits night in & night out & kill the ratings. If you want to get upset about something, get upset about that. But even that's not worth getting upset about because creating HYPE which is the name of the game in the NBA -- Sport, yes, but Entertainment first.

So best be like Phil --just sit patiently watching the passing parade & then smile sweetly when it's time to pose for a picture with your new ring.

My only complaint is the Celtics don't look like they can make it to the Finals so that we can put a revenge stomp on them. Well, that blissful acceptance I was talking about only goes so far, you know.

I think Pau gasol has lowed his level of intensity and focus since he got this new girlfriend, he looks like he has his head in a different place, he came from summer like a machine, and then he got in love and he looks so damn unfocused, like waiting to playoffs, with no interest.


I hear what you're saying. I'm also disappointed by how the Lakers have been playing as a team. Still (and I in no way blame Kobe for this) our best games this year were the first four games we won with Kobe out due to injury. It's perplexing.

Phil really needs to address this, as we are a much better team with Kobe on the court than Kobe off the court.

Still, I find the just total panic from some individuals to be utterly ridiculous. Frustration is completely understandable, but panicking shows a complete lack of backbone.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ha you Funny this team win every game. Please those boy's on our team need there heads examine. Do any of them seem to be serious, no way this is the same team from last year beside Artest. They have too many outside interest to really try, to be great. Focus is needed, to many smiles and antics. AB makes a turnover both hands waving who me. He must have a false mental conception of his abilites, the guy must think he is the best player in the NBA. Everyone cannot handle the ball there is only 24 seconds on the clock and if you dribble the ball can everyone touch the ball no! So let's be real the champs just do not play as good as some of the best team play. If we win 60 games this year we would have done well. Will lose in the CF to whoever we play, and if by chance we make the Finals caulk up a loss. Couple of our players have play to much basketball the last three years. And Artest look's older than he is, maybe Ariza may have been better for us, our speed is gone.


Please check the stats before claiming something especially Lebaron's!

How in the hell does the Black Mamba only get to the FT line at the end of the game? 2 FTs for the whole friggin' game. How ridiculous is that?

Exactly why is our slowest and worst defender in the game at the end?
Phil Jackson is an idiot.
He starts Bynum and Fisher for whatever reason.
Dead Weight is Dead Weight

Posted by: Litotes | February 24, 2010 at 08:55 PM

PJ is not my favorite but to say Bynum and Fish caused this loss is insane. I did not have too much of a problem with Fish's defense more so with his offense.

Drew was dominating glass and blocking/altering shots. I did notice however that on runouts Farmar and Ron Artest kept going down court for easy shot. When perimeter shot was long as they are the Mavs there to rebound and our players down court. That's why we lost rebounding and they got second hand looks.

Watch the game and learn the nuances.

we lost because:
1. Fish gets torched, AGAIN, by an opposing guard
2. Bynum starts of great, then withers, AGAIN, as the game goes on
3. Gasol has a bad game
4. Kobe's poor shot selection
5. The refs giving phantom calls to Dirk- you can't blow in the guy's direction without the refs calling it

Still think we can win it all, but we need to bring up the intensity, focus, and rebounding as a TEAM, not only on an individual basis. Dallas has no chance against us in a seven game series. I'm worried that the Nuggets do.

"How in the hell does the Black Mamba only get to the FT line at the end of the game? 2 FTs for the whole friggin' game. How ridiculous is that?" G in DC

It's called teams getting preferntial treatment on certain nights. Sometimes the only explanation for some games being called in such a lopsided manner: fixing



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