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Lakers crush Jazz without Bryant, Bynum

Lakers 96, Jazz 81 (final)

The Lakers wanted to finish strong, to finish with some momentum, to finish with a mini-winning streak before the All-Star break, to finish the right way even with Kobe Bryant missing his third consecutive game and Andrew Bynum missing his second consecutive game.

Mission accomplished -- and it happened against one of the toughest teams at home in the NBA and against a Utah Jazz team that was one of the league's hottest.

The Lakers won their third conseccutive game without their two starters. Now they get five days off for the All-Star break before they play again Tuesday night against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center.

The Lakers won because of their team work, because they shared the basketbal, because they played team defense in which they all helped each other.

They also won because Pau Gasol had another very impressive game with 22 points and 19 rebounds. He was 10-for-15 from the field.

Lamar Odom had his season-high with 25 points and 11 rebounds. He also had four three-point plays. Odom, who led the Lakers in scoring, was seven for nine from the field, 11 for 12 from the free-throw line.

Jordan Farmar came off the bench to provide the Lakers with 18 points, making seven of 11 shots.

The Jazz had won nine consecutive games and 10 in a row at home, entering the game with a 22-6 record at EnergySolutions Arena.

The Jazz had defeated the Lakers here the last time the teams played -- and that was with Bryant and Bynum playing.

But the Lakers stopped all that in impressive fashion, opening a 21-point lead at one point, never really losing control of the game they took from the start by opening a 31-18 first-quarter lead.

Bryant missed the game because of a sprained left ankle and Bynum, who also missed the second half  of the Portland game last Saturday night because of his injury, didn't play becasue of a bruised right hip.

Broderick Turner -- From Salt Lake City

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Nice job Lakers! I wonder what Kobe's thinking. Actually good teams that lose a star can go for short periods of time making up for the loss of their star, but if they were gone for the long haul, they'd be in trouble. I hope Kobe realizes that he doesn't have to carry the team (meaning less shots per game) and I hope Phil realizes he can cut Kobe's minutes down when he returns.
The way Jordan Farmar is playing, I'd hate to see him go in a trade for Hinrich.
Team chemistry is something I wouldn't want to mess with.

So... ummm... well... umm... yeah... umm... I'm just wondering... ummm... is this the best basketball we've played all year.... ummm... you know... ummm... since... well, you know... ummm... THE INJURIES?

I'm... ummm... you know... just wondering and all, you know.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Impressive victory!

I think that all the haters can shut up now. They're starting to see exactly how good the rest of the Lakers are. Now do you believe me that Kobe doesn't have to take a bunch of shots for the Lake Show to succeed?

Let's all celebrate Derek Fisher's 1,000th game as an NBA player!

[Haters not invited.]


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



typo in the title? Did you mean to include Bynum in the title?

Should it not read: Lakers crush Jazz without Bryant?

Bynum's contribution in the last 5 years to date include:

Picture with bunny on his shoulder, hahahaha
The american tourist in italy, mama mia
Throwing dollar bills after signing, who dat
Giving BynumTom the opportunity to dream and fantasize

Seriously though, the Lakers played ball like I expected the Lakers to play: Excellent, effecient team ball.

Here's the good news: We get EVERYONE on board playing like this (ie. Kobe and Andrew) and there is no one on this fricken planet who can stop us. PERIOD.


Seriously, it's over.

We get the team, Kobe and Andrew on board and it is fricken OVER.

This is how we should play.

Add incredible talent to that mix and IT IS FRICKEN OVER!!!!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Might as well have him sit against Portland, they'd lose anyway."

"Portland was depleted, but the Spurs are healthy - they won't be able to hold up now."

"Portland/Spurs are borderline, but Utah is for real - the hottest team in the West and monsters at home. They got worked here last time WITH Kobe - they don't have a chance without him."

Remember all of that, fake Laker fans?

The Fakers (Kobe fans, not Laker fans) keep trying to dismiss every Laker other than their idol, while they just go ahead and beat 3 Western Conference playoff teams by double digits, and two of them on the road. This team would be a top-4 playoff seed without Kobe - with Kobe, they could be champs, but only if he plays the right way.

i'm glad to see the team decide to show up. this is a long season. many things will happen. the Lakers are in good shape so far.

LA Guy-
of course he doesn't(and won't) when they play like that!

Hey Jon, I'm definitely game for celebrating Fish... and the rest of the squad as well. I'm pretty sure the rest of the league's paying attention to these last three games.... thinking, "oh.... we're all kinda screwed".

LA guy- irony much?

Jon K-

um...well, this is, cough, um...

if i wanted to, i could say this is all because kobe was out. or i could say, hey, i think jordan farmar, lamar odom and pau gasol, not to mention the rest of the lakers, have actually improved their games and are playing better than they would have been able to a year or two ago.

i have always had a crazy tendency to believe that people are capable of learnign and improving if they are given the chance and even maybe the right coaching







The triangle offense is a really potent one when it's properly run.

Kobe and Bynum have got to fall in line with the program when they get back. If they do, I like our chances of repeating.

um, cough, um, [slight hesitation, a nervous pause] um...[clears throat, adjusts ties, wipes sweat off of brow]...well, eh, um

Lakers take care of another pretender. Good win! The voice of the Jazz, David Locke was talking about hanging a banner in the rafters. Just because they were on a 9 game win streak. That guy is such a MORON! GO LAKERS!!!!

Pretty clearly the Lakers have a lot of basketball ability that isn't being utilized when Kobe is playing. I think that is probably 2/3 due to the way Kobe plays (too much iso, not enough going thru the offense, too much gambling on defense) and 1/3 due to the way the team plays (too much depending on Kobe, too much assuming that he won't give them the ball). Hopefully the party of the first part and the party of the second part will realize what they can accomplish when they are reunited, IF they play properly.

Good Evening Everyone,

3-0 without Kobe and Bynum? Check! Confidence in the bench rising? Check! Ma-Ma-Machine actually playing like all of his gears have been greased? Check! Lamar and Gasol playing like BEAST and shutting up the haters at the same time? Check and Check! The sudden realization that if things continue like this with Kobe and Drew back with the crew thus leading the way to another Parade down Figueroa in June....Priceless. For the true believers and faithful there are the 15 time World Champion Los Angeles Lakers...for everyone else? Who cares...Gooooo Lakers!!!

Even though Kobe is the best player on the Lakers, the way defenses are oriented (towards him), and considering the quality of his teammates, he is rarely the best option (read "greatest mismatch") on offense. Generally Lamar, one (sometimes both) of Gasol/Bynum, and one of Fisher/Artest have mismatches that favor them more than what Kobe faces (remember, it's not just his man, it's that defenses are poised to react to/double him). So until the defenses change, those others should be taking more shots than they currently are, and Kobe fewer.

As Pablo Picasso said: "Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth", well in the last three games, we found the hidden art of the Lakers. It was led by a fellow Barcelonian can be dubbed as the Pablo Picasso in basketball. He is a reluctant Superstar recently crowned as the NBA Player of the Month - Pau Gasol

To all the Spanish Laker fans scything in anger a few threads ago, tonight, you have nothing to ashamed of, when they described Pau as "Gasoft." His softness is his art in playing pivot displayed his delicate etching and proper timing as he masterly dominated Boozer, Okur and Fesengco with his daring moves, precision left hook shots and boundless of energies in blocking shots and grabbing rebounds. He and the Energy bar Candyman showed why they should belonged in the All Stars.

Unfortunately, Odom was a late blossom and that is the reason why he is not in the All Stars. We always call him, Mr. Inconsistent but in these last three games he has proven that he is not only capable of becoming the Magic Johnson (Jr) but also a Scottie Pippen (Jr) combined with a mixture of both discipline. What we missed in Odom's game at the Cavaliers game, we witnessed an all-around player in the last three days, carrying the Laker defense and offense with masterful strokes. The other role players like Shannon, Jordan, Fisher, Artest, Sasha including Powell and Mbenga sealed the Lakers victories before the recess of a long season.

Indeed, they left an indelible mark that is something to be reckoned with by basketball aficionados putting the Lakers with (*) asterisk in any team analysis. How would you define the mighty Lakers? Undoubtedly, nobody will win the Championship in 2010 without passing first the Lakers test and their deep bench.

Kobe and Bynum noted absences were the second (*) asterisks which was really scary, however it became a blessing in disguise for many players. They challenged critics among us, the doubters from the fans at large and the cynics who are wishing for their downfall. As such, it was a paradise lost during the 8 game road trip with losses to Cavaliers, Raftors, Memphis and Nuggets at home plus the debilitating injuries on Kobe and Bynum. It became a paradise regained in Portland, against the Spurs at home and in Salt Lake City by the 2nd team.

Jon K: You are totally right. It should be very interesting to see how they play after the all-star break.

Kobe has a deep psychological need to play the hero. Playing team-oriented offense and defense on a team so loaded with talent won't provide him this opportunity very often.

He doesn't want to be the best player on a fantastic team. He wants to be the dominant player on his team. He wants this team to be known as "Kobe Bryant's Lakers." But this team has shown that it's far too talented for that.

He may pretend to fit in for a few games, but I just don't think he can keep it up. I wish he could, and I hope he does and he shows me I'm wrong, but realistically, I just don't think he can do it.

Pecking order? Or meritocracy?

One or two players eat first and the rest pick up the scraps? Or everyone eats together?

Team leaders sit on the bench and cheer their team on when they're injured.

Prima donnas watch from the training room.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid Kobe has spoken.

I hope he proves me wrong.

I think kobe shud sit out until this team actually loses...and exhelodrvr i think its more 50/50

Nice to see Pau play well, but if you think about it, after playing so poorly and then calling out Kobe, it was put up or shut up time.

If Kobe sitting out was for some kind of statement to his teammates, well I think it backfired.

I like Kobe, but if he comes back and starts jacking up 30 shots, he can be on his way as far as I'm concerned because for all the BB IQ everyone says he has, if he is not smart enough to incorporate himself into this team's new found excellence.... then what detractors say about his selfishness will become self-evident.

But, if this was Kobe's plan all along, he is a genius for finally getting his teammates to start playing with confidence again.

If the players decided to play to their prior level when Kobe returns, then we have serious problems.

Kobe & Bynum SUCK!

Look at these last three games, there you go! We should trade them both for expiring contracts. Or better yet we should trade them for two local boys that would appreciate playing in Los Angeles. Two guys like Gilbert Arenas & Tyson Chandler. They would both be motivated to prove everyone wrong and grateful for the chance to play with friends and family around to resurrect their careers.

We may even be able to convince Arenas to take a pay cut so we can sign Brown to 5 year $50M (he surely will opt. out with the way he’s been playing). Man I love the way UPS can dunk.

We should then give Walton an extension on his contract because he’s a glue guy. Or, we can trade Kobe/Bynum for Elton Brand and Tracy McGrady-that would be sweet, I voted for McGrady everyday and I’m mad he didn’t make the ASG.

Then we would have money and flexibility to trade for Chris Paul for Sasha, Morrison, and D Fish expiring contracts. I don’t understand why the Lakers don’t do that? Are they dumb? Oh and one more thing, is Jordan Farmar the best point guard in the league or what?

Kobe "The Hero" Bryant continues to cringe as the Kobe-ettes put in another impressive performance in his absence, thus weakening his MVP status. I guess his jacking up 35 shots per night has to wait another week or so as "The Hero" waits to return.

Hypothetical question jimjoyce:

If Kobe proves you wrong, will you write something nice about him afterwards? I just want to make sure that you are not Bill Plaschke in disguise...

ex- you might be entirely right, and i don't make any claim to knowing what i am talking about, but isn't it a reasobable possibility that any player who is good enough to reach the status of a star player in the nba would need to sublimate some part of their game, some aspect of what would make them 'great' if they were playing with indifferent or lesser players?

i mean, i have argued that good players make other players better, but i have never argued that sharing the stat line with another great player always increases your personal statistics or the amount of publicity you get when your team wins a game.

i think there is a balancing act that nba players have to walk to both be great and accomplish that which requires more than one great player. i think it has been asked of all of the lakers in the past, kobe included, and it will be asked of all of the lakers in the future.

which isn't to say they couldn't all achieve this and still be beaten by another team, but it seems like doing well at this particular balancing act should be acknowledged by us fans above doing lesser things like accumulating personal statistics, no?

exhelodrvr - that's a good breakdown. Kobe bears the brunt of the blame because he's the one who started the situation, but the whole team deserves some of it for how they respond. If they can play this good without him, imagine what they could do if he was drawing the defense towards himself and then giving them even better looks?

Rest Kobe until they lose?? Hell, I say trade his (bleep)!

Okay, just kidding. Good 3 wins, though.

I think these 3 games should give some insight to PJ and all the Lakers that together they can be GREAT. Kobe needs to pass more and slow down his one on two stuff. At the same time, the rest need to hit their shots and play DEFENSE. If PJ will coach and mix and match, especially more Brown and Farmar and less Walton and to a gree Fisher, Lakes can be unbeatable.
I think Cavs will have the best record, they are a good team and by far have an easier schedule. Only 5 teams in the East have over .500 records, while the West has 12. Hence, they will probably get home court, but may still not come out.
I more note. Not to be a downer on the last 3 wins, but Portland didn't have Roy (remember Kobe haters, we are lucky not to have had Kobe) and the Portland team beyund Roy are not nearly as good as our team sans Kobe.
San Antonio is 29-21 and 10-11 on the road, really they won't compete this year at all in my humble opinion. And Utah was playing on the second night of a back-to-back. Just thoughts. I am glad we won those 3 and hopefully we will meld this Laker team into REPEAT!

The triangle and defense runs better without Bynum... or at least that's what it seems....

Good point about leaders being on the bench and cheering their team on while injured. I wonder why Kobe was watching from the training room. I, for another, think kobe actually gambles too much on defense and doesn't play good one on one man defense, maybe due to his age that he has to spend most of his energy on offense? Also, kobe seems to take way too difficult shots even when he is double teamed.

Great win...too many new posts to have a conversation...


"Team leaders sit on the bench and cheer their team on when they're injured.

Prima donnas watch from the training room.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid Kobe has spoken. "

Sadly, JimJoyce nailed it.

A great leader is one who rises by lifting the talents of those around him or her. Russell and Magic and Nash.

We love the amazing skill of the mamba, but the death rattle he tries to impose on opponents also locks up the potential of his teammates.

You could see the untapped potential of every Laker thrive tonight, unleashed by not hesitating or hearing the unspoken critic in Kobe that we saw in the Spike Lee film.

Let's hope that Kobe can grow even in this advanced stage of his career/life, and that Phil can guide a curbing of a very gifted ego.

In the last four games vs. Denver, Portland, San Antonio and Utah....

Pau Gasol is:
32-66 from the floor, Almost 50%.
Not great.
9-11 from the line. Almost 90%.
Please is very easy from the line!!
23 offensive rebounds, 63 in total. 15.75 per game.
This guy is soft
22 ast., 5.5 per game.
13 blocks, 3.5 per game.
This guy is soooo soooooft
73 pts, 18.5 per game. Onlyyy????

Pau Gasol sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
European soft player!!!
Paula Gasoft!!!!

Trade Gasol for Godzilla.
Trade Bynum for Vanilla Ice.
Trade Kobe for ninja turtles.
Trade Fisher for David hasselhoff.
and Phil Jackson for mariah carey.

Go Lakers go!!

Cap's Goggles: Crow is my favorite dish. I'd be delighted to.

dan s: Unfortunately, PJ has shown us repeatedly that he doesn't the guts to stand up to Kobe. He simply can't deal with direct confrontation. That's why for PJ everything goes through the media. Classic passive-aggressive personality behavior. Same thing happened in 2003-04.

Some more KB tidbits: Do you recall the Jerry West interview in the last week or two where he said that one of the first things Kobe asked him was how he and Elgin both managed to score 30 points per game when they were playing together? Ie, he wanted to know how both he and Shaq could score that much. Ie, the most important issue was his own personal glory, rather than how best to make the team succeed.

More: Does anyone recall what events directly preceded Kobe's fateful trip to Eagle, Colorado in 2003? ---The signings of Karl Malone and Gary Payton. Why is this important? Clearly, Kobe was freaked out by the fear that his role on the Lakers would be diminished by their arrival. Ie, he would have to share the pecking order with even more star players. So, he acted out, turned the entire year into a circus show with breathless reports of him boarding an airplane and arriving just before game time to save the day, asserted his dominance, and never let Malone and Payton play anywhere near their capabilities. ----Result? Getting hammered by the Pistons in the playoffs.

The same attitude is reflected in the pecking order and eating comments. He doesn't want to acknowledge the tremendous talents of Lamar Odom and Ron Artest. And when he hears Andrew Bynum asking for touches, he envisions the return of Shaq, taking the focus away from Kobe. ---Am I the only one who sees echoes of the way Shaq treated Kobe in the way Kobe treats Bynum?

As I've said, Kobe should be spending time with a psychotherapist, not a physical therapist.

the speed, the flow, the joy... it's a beautiful thing to watch.

Pau doin everything, Lamar reachin' his infamous potential, Sasha breakin' out, Farm showin' the consistency confidence and playing time can bring.

Kobe can fit into this, but Andrew would have to dial his energy level up at least 5 notches to catch this pace.

These 3 games are the blueprint for another ring.

ok, i know i asked this on the game chat, but, who had 'three games' in the 'how long until people starting suggesting trading kobe without the slightest trace of irony' pool?

So, when did Lakers-blog become Anti-Kobe or Kobe-Hate blog??

Appreciate the game we are playing and feel happy. Let us not start the "We're better without Kobe" stuff please.

When he won the championship last year, he was so sweet and great, and now everyone of us is bashing him that he's not playing team ball, hogging the ball etc??

I will give you some numbers of big-scorers in the league this year.
You decide where the ball-hogging comes from.

Wade: 20.4, FGA, ~9FTA
James:20.11 FGA , 10+FTA.
Durant: 20.2 FGA, ~10FTA
Anthony: 21.6FGA, ~10FTA
Kobe Bryant: 21.9 FGA, ~7FTA

If you see, Kobe only takes almost one extra shot compared to all other top-scoring players. Also, you can see that he goes to the line three fewer times than the others.

So, if you calculate both of that, you'll find that almost all these players have the ball in their hands more or less same quantity of times.

Lebron scored 24 STRAIGHT points for their team in a quarter. It means scoring on 10-12 consecutive possessions. So, if Lebron does that, its "Great Player on a Hot Streak", and if Kobe does it, the haters would be cussing that he was ball-hogging and not trusting his team-mates and looking only to score and all that crap!!

When Kobe was winning us games with Smush and Kwame, and got a championship without another HOF alongside him, where were those voices??

Were you all smooching his behind when he was working his back off and was winning for us in the absence of Pau while starting the season??

Haters, go away.. enjoy Lakers as a team, than spewing out hate.


WOW. Impressive. Imagine how much we needed the last 3 wins against solid teams. The trio - LO, Gasol, Artest -whoa...solid team with out their 2 starters. Let's ride that wagon til wheels fall off. This team is highly motivated. I know its only one game, did you see how they pulled for each other willingly. I hate to say it but they seem like they really want to prove that they play together more without Kobe. Yes, Kobe is the best option but it seems like his teammates are not having fun with him. They have no choice but to play with him. I hope Kobe gets well and wait til his 100%. keep it up fellas...

Teams don't know how to scout the Lakers without Bryant and Bynum. And on the other side of the court, the Lakers know that not only isn't Kobe in the game right now, but he also won't be in five minutes either.

Oftentimes he serves as a pressure valve that the other Lakers use, not only possession by possession, but also in their full-game situational awareness ("it's O.K. that we're not playing well now, Kobe will come in and fix it for us") and it keeps them from heating up as much as they can and ought.

Also, it seems Phil has green-lighted Farmar to crowd and/or extend the triangle for certain amounts of time during these games without Kobe - considering Farmar's considerable foot speed and point guard talents, one would think this would be an automatic offensive variation - and has allowed him to make some offensive decisions almost completely outside of the triple post threat ideal.

Having several different tempos / triangle sets and even breaking the triangle completely (and not just for two-man sets) makes these Kobe-less Lakers even more impossible to prepare to play, and then to execute against in any set fashion. It puts tremendous pressure on defensive players to communicate and to make decisions, and all too often they cannot keep up.

These teams seem simply out-classed and, more importantly, out-thought.

dan s :

>> You could see the untapped potential of every Laker thrive tonight,>>

Kobe made Smush Parker and Kwame Brown look like NBA players. See how they are rotting now, where they can show their "untapped" potential!!

You're the guy who has ESPN as the browser homepage, right??

Hilton after reading your post there's only one thing that I can do, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA almost made me cry with laughter.

Thx for the sarcasm.


How many nights has Kobe "jacked" 35+ shots this season??

Awaiting your reply.

Daaaaaaaang. I didn't any comments before I wrote one. I can't how many feels is as not valuable as they thought. So many haters on Kobe now. I, too, feel disgusted at Kobe at times. Yeah they need him of course. but the problems is Kobe doesnt use them as much. Fortunatelyu=, Gasol and Odom are good 1to2 punch. I want Kobe to sit. Chemistry is the key.

It makes me chuckle to see the negatives comments regarding Kobe. The team is far better with him than without. I cannot say the same for Bynum. If Kobe was the sole player out, then maybe we could contemplate some of the criticism, however, he is not the only variable. Would the Lakers still have won with Bynum's lazy behind clogging the Lane? It sure didn't look like that in Portland until he was injured. They should thank him for sitting out the rest of the game.

The team there now is the championship team minus Kobe. While they cannot replace him, they have been able to put in a quicker harder working player in the absence of Bynum. When Kobe gets back, they only get better. Hopefully, he will get to see the team that does not fumble his passes blowing his assists. Hopefully, he will see a team that doesn't stand around and watch him work. Hopefully, he will see the team that doesn't stick him with an impossible last second shot knocking down his shooting percentages.

Back to Bynum, he has a great future, but he does not make the team better at this point in his career. He needs to stop pouting, put in the work, gain more experience, and be more consistent

exhelo, I think you're right that both parties bear some responsibility for Kobe distorting the offense. I also agree that the lion's share of the blame has to go to Kobe. He's the guy making statements like I eat first, etc. I'm dying to know if Kobe tries to work more within the offense when he comes back.
I also want to know if the Machine is back? If he can just hit open 3s, like he used to do, the Laker bench just got a lot stronger without any trades. He's had three good games in a row. When is the last time that happened?

Edwin Gueco,

"As Pablo Picasso said: "Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth", well in the last three games, we found the hidden art of the Lakers."

That is one beautiful freakin' sentence man, and I'm completely serious!

Nba4ever: lol. Loved your post. Pointed out the absurdities in these comments quite nicely. Of course we should trade Kobe. We won three games without him!

>> You could see the untapped potential of every Laker thrive tonight,>>

"Kobe made Smush Parker and Kwame Brown look like NBA players. See how they are rotting now, where they can show their "untapped" potential!!

You're the guy who has ESPN as the browser homepage, right??"

Hey, I'm not saying its all Kobe's fault, and certainly not asking for him to be exiled! But, this seems to be a team with some fragile or not fully confident personalities like Lamar, Andrew, Sasha and even Pau who can too easily differ to or take their on-court cues from an enormously talented yet overbearing superstar.

Its a bit like the spotlight-seeking, glory-loving office boss who is out sick...amazing what the worker bees can accomplish in his absence!

BTW, not so sure that anyone ever made Kwame look like an NBAer.


Why does Pau continue his viral campaign of throwing Kobe under the bus? Every post game comment is a veiled attack on Kobe which is hard to swallow, coming from a guy who's career Kobe resurrected from the dead and often calls "the best big-man in the game."

Every time Pau talks about teamwork being the reason they won, it deftly ismeant to imply that with Kobe, team work is at a premium. Is this guy for real?

As impressive as the wins are, they were against a battered Portland team with no Brandon Roy and numerous trade rumours surrounding Andre Miller. 2 weeks before the deadline, these suddelties come in to play.

San Antonio is a team going through their first real chemistry crisis in years and it is unbelieveable how many folks disregard the cues. Staples Centre was fired up for he first time in 8 months and that played an incredibly big role in the win.

I rarely post on this blog to avoid concersating and partaking in this morass of basketball intellect but following the comments post this latest victory over the Jazz, i'll try to enlighten as to the real reasons for these victories. The real, and the many:

As per the golden rule, any team who loses their star player overwhelmingly come out and play incredibly strong basketball post-injury. It's a basic rule of thumb in all sports ranging from QBs and WRs in Football to Short Stops in the MLB.


Though it may not occur to you, the NBA is a highly leveraged game with 100 million + in USD is wagered daily. The Lakers being the marquee team, get more referee influence then any other team in the league. Heavy money was on the opposing teams facing the Lakers the last 3 games and the odds akers have made dynamite money fleecing the average Joe who summed th equation 'No Kobe = No Victory."


Though alot of you are deft to the concept of seasonal ebbs and flows during an NBA season, please research previous Ph Jackson teams immediately before and after the All-Star break. You will see similar results to this year.


The list goes on but I'd rather not spend more time. The masses will think what they will.

On a closing note, I hope Kobe sits out even longer to watch the Lalers play a formidable opponent with tenacious wing players. When the high wears off, the referees are back to handicapping the Lakers as expected, and you are getting pillaged in the fourth: give it to Pau and let him show his chamionship grit.

Check his post-game comments after that game.

Disgusted Observer,


Edwin Gueco that post of yours was art itself.

Pau isn't attacking Kobe at all.
Your viciously tendency at trying to read in his words what's not there at all impresses me highly.

There's no one in this team more committed to Kobe than Pau (he's here due to Kobe's wish on him...jeeez), ban Derek (whom's playing erm... quite well? where are all of his open spoken bashers? where? Bandwagonists...) and he's just appreciating team flow now because you don't cover the absence of a legend like Kobe unless all of the team won't step up collectively and regularly.

This thing would never EVER be done with this intensity and success not only in the playoffs, but easily in the whole of a regular season.

When Kobe plays, all of the people now playing get a PURE TEN MINUTES REST (even when they are on court). This matters a lot in a long season streak.

Again, we played excellent bball once more (and... I am not surprised? I was expecting it? I was maybe one of the few here constantly praising what the talent of this team can do even when the wide majority now appreciative was ready to trade ANYBODY, Pau, Lamar, whomever, to get inferior people as long as they could whine and complain? Right... Bandwagoners again...), but this means just teh team has starting to play in each component better and this has nothing to do with Kobe missing.

The only game Kobe overplayed was the one when he had to reach West.
Crucify him for that? Do it. It's pointless, blind and unfair.

Pau isn't bashing Kobe at all.

You like to see controversy where there is nothing.

Do you feel better? Do you feel bright? I don't get this sadomasochism around.

Kobe is a player who can make a team win by himself.

Which doesn't mean he doesn't play team ball.

Either you have very short memories or you just can't analyze.

He played excellent team ball in needed times (last year's playoffs) and he did this year as well before Pau got his second injury and his own one started to fell off and pouring like fountains onto us.

You are highly, highly unable to get Kobe's beauty as a player.

But luckely, all of his teammates know what he is.
And none of them would like to see what this team would be without Kobe for a long elapsed streak.
NONE of them.

They are covering his absence the way they can and should and must.

The fact we have so much talent is finally got by all of those here were whining this team "sucked" and needed "major improvements".

You didn't get a thing before, and you're still unable to get a thing now, if you bash Kobe.

I am a Lakers lover and JUST BECAUSE I AM I can't wish myself anything but Kobe being back soon, adding super class to class and makin us invincible.

Those who claim the Lakers can do without Kobe, sure don't see the truth in front of their very own eyes.

About somebody claiming in a season one can't be in shape and then in not shape... erm... which planet belong you onto?

82 games in a season makes the usual biorythm of a player and athlete peak at least TWICE and have at least three streak of low or degrading shape (players of a slow building up forms can have one peak and two downgrading). Read a book about physical training or just try and practice more sport conistently.
It's a friendly advice.

I still don't get how people can compare FatShaq and Kobe (though I see a FatShaq lover will always hate on Kobe, because they got side with the wrong one and unable to accept they were wrong, they will maliciously hope for a Kobe's demise... this is not being a Laker fan, this is being still unable to pick right corners for a contiued amount of time, and it's a shame...): Kobe is a Laker For Life, and will end his career here for the grace of us all.
FatShaq is happily randomly playing his Caveman current game aside somebody who could being taught well by him how to be even more fullfilled by himself than he already is.
Get a life, Shaq and Kobe are two different level players.
To pick up sides there has simply no sense in the Lakers world.
Shaq is not a Laker anymore.

This Utah game was showin us what this team is minus the best player around.
Instead of claiming atrocities that will again turn in your faces and state that "we are better without Kobe", just enjoy that we can have so many weapons at our disposal, and be happy cos nobody could measure with us HEALTHY.

Whenever Kobe was overplaying, the team around him was not even remotedly playing how they are playing now.
Or you forget what you ALL were writing back then?

Short selective memory is obnoxious... especially when enlightens wrong patterns.

When Kobe will be back he will be more than happy tpo be part and share game with players in shape and present to themselves.

It has already happened.

It will happen again.

About him not sitting courtside.
You really don't get his psychology, do you?
Kobe would suffer inmissing the game sitting courtside and probably he would force himself to play. Because he LOVES to play. It's what makes him feel alive.
To not force himself more, he choses what makes him feel more comfortable.
He's NOT disrespecting the team or his teammates.
He's trying to cope with an unusual situation which makes him suffer.
He's human, for up's sake!!!

He had to explain this only to his teammates and they GET HIM.

As usual, his teammates deserve him.

So many in this blog clearly don't: but as their inchoerence and bandwagonism is always there, I bet they will be the first chanting peana for Kobe when he wiull make us wear another ring.
This doesn't apply to FatShaq siders. Those will fake joy for the Lakers and secretly hoping Kobe get injuried by walking a street and get passed by from a truck (the mechanical version of FatShaq... almost same size).

I am proud of this amazing Lakers team.

I wrote this as season started, and I will stand by it: we are the best team of the league BY FAR. The only thing that can stop us are injuries.

I am eagerly awaiting the moment when our guys will be all up ready and available. Because nobody plays basketball better and more beautifully than this team does.

End of ranting.
Have all a great day.

Kobe made Smush Parker and Kwame Brown look like NBA players. See how they are rotting now, where they can show their "untapped" potential!!

You're the guy who has ESPN as the browser homepage, right??

Posted by: Kobefan in Cupertino

Um...Artest, Gasol and Odom were successful players on other teams before ever playing with Kobe. Comparing them to Smush and Kwame is a bad analogy.

And one more thing. THIS IS THE 'LAKERS BLOG'! Not the Kobe appreciation site. No player on this team is immune from criticism including Kobe. The ultimate goal is the success of the LAKER team regardless of who's wearing the uniform.

I love the lakers when they play Gasol Ball
the truth is that with kobe the game becomes a dictatorship and while with Pau the lakers become a democracy.
Is good fun to see and compare how much the lakers struggle when the spaniard is injured and how well the offense flow when Bryant is off.

Kid These Days: You wrote that Pau made veiled attacks on your hero Kobe when he said after the game that teamwork is how they won. Well he said that after the first 2 wins, after the win over Utah he said people stepped up to fill the holes left by Kobe and Drew. First of all, every analysis of the last 3 games on tv or in newspapers say the Lakers did it with teamwork, defense, and smart play. It's true. Did you want him to give even more details and say that they play better without Kobe jacking up shots, ruining the flow of the offense, and taking the joy and enthusiasm out of the game for teammates and fans? Farmar is the one who said after the game that the reason they play better is that they get more touches without Kobe and Drew which helps their invidual games.

I must comment on your excuses for the last 3 beautiful victories. I can't believe you are looking for reasons to belittle the textbook basketball we have seen in the last 3 games from the Lakers that have given real Laker and basketball fans so much joy. As impressive as the wins are, they were against a battered Portland team with no Brandon Roy and numerous trade rumours surrounding Andre Miller. 2 weeks before the deadline, these suddelties come in to play.

"San Antonio is a team going through their first real chemistry crisis in years and it is unbelieveable how many folks disregard the cues. Staples Centre was fired up for he first time in 8 months and that played an incredibly big role in the win.

Though it may not occur to you, the NBA is a highly leveraged game with 100 million + in USD is wagered daily. The Lakers being the marquee team, get more referee influence then any other team in the league. Heavy money was on the opposing teams facing the Lakers the last 3 games and the odds akers have made dynamite money fleecing the average Joe who summed th equation 'No Kobe = No Victory."

Kids These Days, you, my friend, are a few beers short of a six pack. How can you not see that this looks like a completely different team these last 3 games? Please tell me you were joking.

BTW, I want you to consider this. Remember when Pau was injured and the Lakers struggled earlier this year? Well, I am going to say that if Pau were out, there is little chance that we win these last 3 games, and if Pau AND Drew were out, we lose all 3 for sure. What does that tell you?

NBA4ever - Congrats on the first incoherent/ridiculous post of this thread!

LA Guy,

I agree with you 100%. Basketball is a team play, and Kobe disrupts the concept.


How many nights has Kobe "jacked" 35+ shots this season??

Awaiting your reply.

Posted by: Kobefan in Cupertino | February 10, 2010 at 11:18 PM

Get 'em Kobefan in Cupertino! :-)

do you all see a kobe and bynum trade next year? hope they get chris bosh or lebron or both. it's too early for us to judge kobe but we'll see how the team react upon his return. bynum is like tits on a boar, the lakers are a lot faster more cohesive without his foul prone presence.


"Kobe has a deep psychological need to play the hero."

Agreed, particularly when he is hurt. I think when he is in pain he tends to feel the urge to "do too much" as a means of psychologically overcoming his physical signals that tell him to stop.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


apujac - you're living in a strange world. No team in the league would trade Lebron right now. I seriously doubt that Cleveland would agree to a sign-and-trade even if Lebron said that he was leaving anyone. The only way that anyone gets Lebron would be through a free agent signing. The Lakers are NOT going to trade Kobe, because no other team is going to give up a player at his level (Lebron, Wade, Durant, Roy) for Kobe considering his age, and the Lakers aren't stupid enough to trade him for someone below his level. The Lakers will be at their best if Kobe stays on the team and learns to play the right way.

These three wins shouldn't be a knock on Kobe. They should be a knock on all the other players that are finally playing to their potential. Everyone knows that Lamar Odom won't produce like this for 82 games. I didn't say can't produce I said won't. Because for whatever reason he doesn't keep his head in the game. With Kobe out, Lamar realizes someone has to step up and he has done so admirably. Let's just hope he can keep it up for longer stretches of time. And let's see if Pau Gasol can AVERAGE 19 rebounds for a whole season before any trade talk about Bynum comes up.



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