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Kobe Bryant's record breaking night soured with Lakers' loss to Memphis


The simple pass led to a simple, yet, record-breaking dunk.

Lakers guards Jordan Farmar and Kobe Bryant were on an uncontested break in the third quarter, with Farmar dishing to Bryant for what would be his 25,193rd career point, surpassing former Lakers great and general manager Jerry West as the Lakers' all-time leading scorer. Bryant's record-breaking score provided little theatrics at the 4:37 mark, likely because he didn't want to further hurt his seven-week-long avulsion fracture to his right index finger. The dunk also appeared simple in true form with an easy uncontested basket. Fitting perhaps since many Bryant scored many of his points with the same fluidity against tight defenses.

If only the rest of the game were that easy for the Lakers. Instead, they concluded an eight-game trip with a 95-93 loss Monday to the Memphis Grizzlies, preventing Coach Phil Jackson from surpassing Pat Riley as the Lakers' winningest coach in regular-season games (533).

The Lakers (37-12) may have been returning to Los Angeles in a better mood had they converted in the final seconds. After Grizzlies guard Mike Conley missed two frees throw with 21.7 seconds remaining, Lakers forward Ron Artest grabbed the rebound. But Lakers Coach Phil Jackson opted not to call timeout. As Bryant brought the ball up the court, Lakers forward Pau Gasol ran a screen and roll at the top of the key, O.J. Mayo and Marc Gasol effectively switched and Bryant had nothing open with three seconds remaining. He passed to Artest in the near corner for a three-point attempt, but the shot went off the rim as time expired.

Bryant wouldn't provide a game winner like he did in Boston Sunday, which would've added even more intrigue to Bryant's milestone evening. He tied his season-high of 44 points (which was also West's number) in a game that surely highlighted Mamba's well-known dichotomy. Bryant ended the first half with 23 points came on 7 of 14 shooting, but Jackson told his team at halftime part of the reason why it trailed 52-50 halftime was because of its large dependency on Bryant, who scored the quarter's final 13 points.

His scoring tendencies often fall into the chicken-and-the egg argument - was Bryant being selfish because his teammates were being passive, or were they being passive because Bryant was being selfish? That's always up for debate. But the numbers weren't debatable at all. The Lakers committed nine first-half turnovers, Bryant took 14 of the team's 25 shots and center Andrew Bynum only had one field goal attempt. 

The Lakers didn't start the second half much better. They remained scoreless until Bryant's layup with 7:58 remaining cut Memphis' lead to 58-52. Interestingly, Bryant surpassed West's scoring record just as the Lakers made their run. His record-breaking dunk at the 4:37 mark was part of an 18-6 run that brought the Lakers a 71-70 lead after three quarters.

The game remained close up through the final quarter, with the score tied 88-88. But Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph, who had 22 points, beat the 24-second clock for a 90-88 lead with 1:08 remaining. But the Lakers lacked energy and concentration the rest of the way, qualities that were absent partly because of the emotional high against Boston and fatigue wearing on the Lakers in their final game of a 13-day trip. 

That was apparent in the following sequence where Lamar Odom missed a layup, Bryant missed a three pointer and Odom was called for a foul on Randolph. Bryant answered Randolph's two free throws with a trey. He answered Rudy Gay's three with a three of his own to make it 95-93. But he didn't answer on the final play. 

Neither did the rest of the team, concluding a 5-3 trip featured lows (two losses in first three games), highs (four consecutive wins) and more lows (winning only one game against a team above .500).

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant finishes off a dunk against Memphis on Monday night that made him the franchise's all-time scoring leader, moving ahead of Jerry West. Bryant finished with 44 points in the loss. Credit: Mike Brown/EPA.

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Lakers should be 7-1 on this trip, 2 of their losses were gimmies.

Put a fork in Fish, he's done.
Posted by: Long Time Laker Fan | February 01, 2010 at 07:56 PM

good luck with that.. many mortal men have tried but to no avail.. apparently hes got over 50 lives.. takes a lickin and keeps on tickin...


(are you ready for this?? promise you won't laugh??.. drumroll please....

28 MIN
-12 +/-

(common now u promised no laughing)

Congratulations to Kobe Bryant. I feel honored to experience this era of Laker greatness.

Go Lake Show!

Funny how everyone was attacking me regarding my thoughts on Fish a few weeks ago. I said then, that after a few losses everyone would be jumping off the Fish bandwagon. Jon K who knows everything Laker, said he was going to kick my a_ _ in an alley. I will repeat...if Fisher was a real man he would walk away from the game now. He is making a fool of himself and of the stubborn Zen master that refuses to bench him. There is no reason th have him on the floor. Make him an assistant coach !!

For everyone not named Kobe, Luke, Pau or Ron, they shot a combined 7-28. Sounds like an off shooting night to me; 25% as a group of 6 just won't cut it.

Oh well - time for them to regroup and get ready for the next game.

many of you may be pointing your fingers at dfish, gasol/bynum, odom, or even kobe but how bout LUKE?? allow me to explain...


at the end of the first quarter score still tied 24-24.. lakers not off to a great start with shots not falling and looking a little sluggish... at this juncture in the game pace still slow with both teams struggling to find their offense... AND THEN IN COMES LUKE TO START THE SECOND QUARTER...

the grizzlies quickly start to show some life exploiting the luke on rudy gay mismatch... luke is beat on one possession by rudy.. (phil does not counter)... luke is beat on another possession by rudy... (phil still does not counter)... suddenly the grizzlies show some life and get more easy baskets and start to gain some momentum.. the crowd is now getting involved and showing signs of life.. other grizzlies start to get involved and their whole team is now feeding off each other... lakers now down by 7... (phil finally comes to his senses) and luke checks out with 5:22 in 2nd qtr...

by now its too late, even kobe checks in but the crowd is going wild.. grizzlies now have reached full momentum and stretch their lead to over 11... even artest cannot stop a red hot confident rudy now...

eventually lakers tie game by halftime but along the way have to expand a lot of energy early in the game.. from that point on it seemed they were just fighting an uphill battle unable to muster any more energy the rest of the game to go on a run...

yes (believe it!!) one man in just barely under 7 minutes can cause that much damage to a team.

I'm sick and tired of Fisher. It's impossible for the Lakers to win when their guard is not a playmaker, can't play defense, can't make outside shots.

Lakers have no true point guard. Farmar is more of a 2.

Why didn't they call a time and call a play.

That was the worst last play call I've seen in many years. There is no way that Artest was going to make that shot. Even if he were 9-9 from the 3 point line, zero chance that he's going to make that. Why didn't Kobe shoot that!!!

Gasol does not deserve to be an All Star. He was a total fraud tonight.

Bynum's salary should be $2 mil a year.

I'm so glad that we didn't re-sign Odom. Oh wait, did we really sign him??? Oh great, we're stuck with him. Just great.

Frustrating loss.

All you need to know about tonight's game, from PJ himself:

“At halftime, I told the guys that he (Bryant) was forcing the action, and let’s get him over the hump and start playing team basketball,” Jackson said. “It didn’t seem like we ever did.”

As usual.

Yeah, Fish deserved immediate revocation of every having been a Laker and immediate death through retroactive continuity. We should go back in time and replace all of his dramatic accomplishments with whatever the heck Kirk Hinrich may have achieved back when he was a freshman in junior high or whatever.

Long Time Laker Fan, Rick Friedman- um, do try not to trample any civilians in your rush to not bury, ahem, i mean praise Fisher, ok? I don’t think you guys are in time to get any ‘yep, fisher will be done soon’ prognosticator awards, but there is still some room left in the ‘be classy’ line, K?

Edwin- awww, you know, I’m really starting to like you. And cause it’s you, I’m even going to assume that was a real supreme court ruling. Props.

What do I think about Fish? Well, since y’all asked, how about we acknowledge that he has been an invaluable contributor (that means that tyrone lue, let alone smush parker, was never gonna cut it) to the lakers, and we also acknowledge that generally in the nba, as in life, one’s skills might slip a bit, but usually the wisdom you have gained through the earning of one’s laurels and even props usually sets you slightly above any bozo that some aspiring GM/ random blog commentator might pick at random from , say tent 13.

After that we could compare Fish’s very real contributions, both those which can be quantified, shooting %s, shooting% of the team when he was here vs when he wasn’t, etc. and then we could try to quantify Fishers somewhat less solid (sorry, Faith) intangibles that he provides, like ‘Kobe not spending 12.8% of his time wishing he could run over his starting PG with the team shuttle” and even ‘we don’t have to go to hell for telling DFish- hey, ‘)*(& off- see what kind of medical care your daughter can get in Utah, or wherever, and why the heck should she get to see her dad while she’s in chemo?”

And if you want to be a hard Sunni/ Shiite differences (see how I do this? Heh) (No offense to real sunnis/shiites, unless there is a book deal involved) lets let all that Karma crap go away and let's suppose Fish is not only the worst starting PG in the NBA, but a guy who should at least be replaced by the worst back up PG in the nba (Hi Jordan! [waves!] then how should we actually go around replacing the guy? Sure, I’m thinking if Chris Paul, or even that loser Deron Williams wants to be playing for the Lakers, cool, and if we can convince the Hornets or the Jazz gm that well, sasha and farmar and maybe luke, ok, maybe…(and I mean MAYBE! We still have to run this by LakerPangloss) Bynum would be a good trade, then we might be ok.

OK, teach chris paul or deron Williams the triangle, or even teach Devin Harris the triangle. It’ll be hard, sure, but Fish (hey, you know how loyal he is, he’ll be happy to stay and work as a teaching backup until they get it figured out) and Kobe know what they are doing, they can teach the triangle. But then the real rub of the matter comes up:

Dangit, we just don’t have an operational time machine. We don’t even have a decent half time machine (one that keeps us in line while FCM goes to get a beer, natch). How the heck are we going to go back and replace Fisher for all of those crucial (and even crucial just in terms of being around, not crucial in terms of making clutch shots) moments in Laker history?

Heck, you know, LakerPangloss would have a hard time accepting it as impossible, even a man of his indefatigable optimism would have to bow to the laws of psychics and general relativity! It’s just one of those things.

We are gonna have to except that Derek Fisher is one of the greatest, most clutch Lakers of all time. And if we want to replace him or even speculate as to who might approach him in terms of overall greatness, well, we would just have to spend quite a bit o time first declaring how much of a great clutch Laker he is.

Fortunately, us Laker fans are not only the classiest and erudite basketball phanatics you might find, but the fans who love their team the most. Any part, any player of that team automatically becomes part of the fabric, the very cellular tissue of the heart of any who calls themselves a Laker fan.

So heck, it’s not hard, it’s pretty intuitive.

We love Derek Fisher. We love what he’s done for our mutual team, we love what he is as a basketball player, and we love who he is as a human being who had demonstrated his humanity and worth to us both on and off the court. We love you, Derek Fisher.

That’s all there is to it. And henceforth, any criticism of you by any loyal laker fan will be underscored by their fervent declaration of love towards you.


[stares hard at the crowd. Takes a large bite out of a solid aluminum bat of some kind, chews it and spits a wad of tinfoil towards them all]


Staple 24,

"What was Pau Gasol expecting, tell me Edwin?"

Don't mean to be impolite for an unanswered question in the preceding thread, I'm sorry I was not reading when you made a post this morning.

My own personal assessment with our players, Gasol is not fully well with his hamstrings injury and he's playing safe for the season. If it were a do or die playoffs, I think he will try to assert more. Bynum is aware of the Memphis omen and perhaps, he too was playing safe of possible tweak in his foot for the 3rd consecutive year therefore his jumps were measured. Both of our bigs took the game for granted the game tonight. As someone said they are tired after 8 games on the road and 3rd b2b. I think these are the games where our bench should be given a chance like: Mbenga, Powell, Morrison, Vujacic when will they ever play? How can they prove their worth when they are used for cameo appearance of 1 minute or few seconds? Everytime Ammo, he try his best to be part of the team, makes some contributions but the Coach just don't believe on them. As a result, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, LO, Artest, Fisher are getting the brunt of minutes.....out of PJ fear of another loss. However, at a certain point, human energy dissipates as they say in economics whatever they do, it has reached the diminishing return.

In the next game, it will be another game. As long as they try harder no one will CROW on them. I also become critical to fellow fans when they go over the limit of their fandome. We all have our own views here. That is the best gift we can offer to this blog that posters are not being directed and produced by vested interest but from the standpoint of a fan's points of views. It should encouraged not discouraged by one person. At the end of the day, we should all agree to disagree but respect our own individual rights.

Gasol nor Bynum cannot complain about taking too few shots. In the world of basketball you have to demand the ball or actively go and get it. The problem with this laker team is that it wants the success but not the hard work. Someone should ask Gasol what he did to demand more than 7 shots and the same goes to Bynum. Watching Kobe play and then complaining about touches later rings a little hollow. As a the second highest paid player on the team Gasol should demand the ball at certain times or just go and get it whether it is off the glass or whatever but sometimes he seems to disappear. He is highly skilled yes but needs an attitude adjustment.

Edwin- Dang straight. i mean about the 'our individual rights' part.

I think Powell and Morrison have, sadly, already proved themselves, and I don't think the coach can take any of the blame there.

"I don't know," Gasol said, shaking his head. "Obviously, we're not making a conscious effort on pounding the ball inside. So we settled a little bit too much. It's not like they were double-teaming or anything. It is what it is. It happens often."

WHAT IS GASOL complaining about? He has got to be kidding. Pound the ball to who at the end of games. YOU? The player who is scared to take it to the hole late in close games and who cannot make free throws in the clutch. Maybe if you did not get in foul trouble by playing lazy defense you would have been on the court longer to take more shots. Were you really going to score against your physical brother? Please.

GASOL do you remember what happened when you received the ball down low at the end of the Cavaliers game on the road and against the Kings on the road. YOU CHOKED. plain and simple. so stop your complaining about getting the ball. You have shown time and time again how afraid you are in clutch situations. You are great for the first three and half quarters. One of the best in the game arguably. But come on, be realistic. Until you become a player who fears nothing at the end of close games, please don't go to the media to demand the ball. Please. You are whining like a little boy, just like how you play down the stretch of close games.

The Lakers should have definitely gone inside to Bynum more when he was in the game. He proved he was tough enough during the Celtics game.

I am disappointed that the Lakers were only 5-3 on this road trip but they could have easily been 8-0. Losses to Cavs, Raptors, and Grizzles were really close games. Let's see who caused the three losses....
1. Gasol missed free throws and did not rebound lebron missed free throw in cavs game
2. Gasol fouls Hedo
3. Gasol does not show up against the Grizzles

Does anyone think that the game's lack of physical play onj our part had nothing to do with Bynum, playing affraid. Don't yall remember earlier in the season the first time we were slated to play Memphis, he somehow goes out for two games with a shoulder stinger? He somehow wasn't healthy for them then, then plays the next game and post a double double. Maybe it's just me or hes has a phobia of the Griz. On another note we desperately need PG help and a SG to come off the bench. We invested lots of money in the wrong players(Fluke and sasha). I would have not done either of those deals i want fluke gone soooooo bad, he get little or no lift when he jumps and his jumper no longer falls. Sasha is fiesty but shouldn't be making 5mil, and he has totally lost his shot.

Also kobe needs to get his hand fixed in the off-season, his freethrow shooting has taken a huge hit. he has also struggled more with his FGs as well as some ball-handling

I totally agree with Edwin about Pau.
He's clearly trying not to force it and he's savvy there.
We can overcome not completely perfect play now, but if he injuries again, the risk would just bee too much for when it counts for real.

We have time.

Phil said he awaits the end of the All Star Game to get serious, and I wait for it too.

5-3 on 13 days game is not that bad.

The only really bad game we had was against the Cavemen. And this in the end will be useful for when we might face them again.

They will see a different team then.

I am completely confident about it.


*There comes a time, when we heed a certain call...when the world, must come together as ONE...*

I think this is such a great song it would be also a wonderful sport hymn.
Lakers will work as one piece when it's the right time to.

I am just sad they had to ruin Kobe's achievement. Cos I feel he will keep on remember today as one lost game for a while more than any of us, prior than the game where he became our greatest scorer. And that's unfair.

Kobe, honey... don't. Just celebrate. You deserve it so much :)

Thank you for so much magic :)

Bring back Ron Harper!

Seriously, he'd probably have a step on slow-mo Fish.

I love Fisher, and the triangle offense doesn't need a traditional point guard, but can we at least get a guard who can, you know, GUARD? Fisher was always the exception to Phil Jackson's traditional preference, which was taller guards like Ron Harper and Brian Shaw. But Fisher made up for it with his smarts, quickness (yes there was a time when he was quick!) and excellent D (ditto!). But those days are sadly over.

And yet... where would we be without his heroics in the Finals LAST YEAR? Just when you count him out, you end up needing him most.

If Gasol and Bynum want more shots, all they needed to do was watch Randolph who battled in the post all night to get position and points. Our bigs were soft, lazy, and pathetic. What a pitiful and appalling effort. Kaman was right, he is more deserving of an all star invite than Gasol or Bynum. Eight game road trip or not, that effort was disgraceful. There is no way we get past Denver in the west with that kind of pure unadulterated crap. Odom and Fisher were horrible as well. Excuse me, now I need to go yack. That effort made me sick to my stomach.

D Fish = Dead Fish


>>> there is still some room left in the ‘be classy’ line, K?

Let's go back a thread and look at what I wrote: "Love the man. A great Laker and a great human being."

It took you 917 words to say the same thing.

You write: "OK, teach Chris Paul or Deron Williams the triangle..." I'm sure you're kidding, right? That's just hyperbole, right? Dr. Buss is a willing-to-spend owner, but those guys are simply not affordable.

You call Jordan "the worst back up PG in the NBA." That's obviously just your opinion. There are 88 point guards on NBA rosters. Farmar is ranked 48 [Source:]. That puts him in the mid-range of all point guards, not the bottom of the barrel.

You write: "Takes a large bite out of a solid aluminum bat of some kind, chews it and spits a wad of tinfoil towards them all." For a guy who usually preaches, "It's all about the LOVE," it seems like what you're really saying is, "Take my advice, please; I'm not using it."

Farmar may be the answer.

Yes, Farmar is much better than Kirk Heinrich whom the Bulls would gladly trade if there were takers. Heinrich can't defend anyone, and his FG 39% is almost as bad as D. Fish.

Yes, Farmar is better than Mike Conley who disregarded D. Fish.
Sometime +/- is not a true indicator, but against the Grizzlies it was.
D. Fish entering the game sparked a Memphis rally.
Lakers were behind when D. Fish left the game and ahead when D. Fish returned -- in both halves.

Phil has not given Jordan a chance. 20 minutes is his max no matter how well he performs. To date there has been nothing Farmar can do to win the PG spot.

Media says that "Lakers need to upgrade at the PG position. Against the Grizzlies, Lakers PGs only produced 7 pts and 5 assists." They fail to mention D.Fish played 28 minutes to only 20 minutes to Farmar AND it was Farmar who posted 5 pts and 5 assists.

In 4 years Farmar has only started 2 games. 1 game his rookie year in the playoffs against Phoenix when Phil replaced Smush Parker and playoffs last year game 3 against the Rockets when D.Fish was suspended.

Last year is most relevant as Farmar played a great floor game and Lakers beat Rockets. Farmar posted numbers in the Rockets game that D. Fish didn't exceed in any game during the entire playoff run.

Would love to see the result of Lakers playing Farmar 35 minutes and D. Fish 13 minutes.

What do we play for?

Rings! Rings! Rings!

Couldn't care less about Kobe breaking Lakers scoring record.

Regarding the Fish debate, I've long said our PG position is the number one problem on our team. And now, it doesn't appear that Fish has the ability to contain a wild-eyed Kobe Bryant, who executes the Kobe Triangle at will, thus frustrating our timid big men (Pau never mentions names when he complains about not getting touches, but we all know who he refers to).

So what's to do. Phillip Jackson is the 6th most stubborn man in America, so don't look for any changes in the starting lineup. Again, I call for a Ginobli type setup, whereas Fish starts, but only plays for the first 5 minutes of the game, and then we don't see him again, cept for a few non-intensive moments.

LakerTom calling out folks name calling? Oh the irony. The same guy who calls people chicken littles, fair-weathered fans, and GHEs when people have a different opinion than his wants the name calling to stop. Oh the hipocracy!

Pau and Marc maybe want to play together next year like his National Team. San Antonio will be the perfect team for both players, Pau playing PF and Marc C. The Spanish dream is that two brothers playing at the same NBA Team and of course, San Antonio is perfect (Duncan is old and Spurs need rebuilding around another superstar - Pau -) Pau will be a franchise player, not co-star as now. Lakers is obviosly Kobe-team and Pau need build his individual NBA History. He deserved that.

Cogrants from Barcelona, Spain, and sorry for my pathetic english.

Pau and Marc together?????, mmmmmmmmmm Good idea. Here in Barcelona have a dream. Pau and Marc playing together for a NBA team. Pau is really a superstar in Spain and his brother too. Playing together in USA will be the real Dream off all Spaniards fans. Now we have the heart broken between Memphis and L.A. With Pau and Marc together, Spain and Barcelona fans will have a legitime NBA Spanish Team. Please, Lakers, bring Pau and Marc Together, no in L.A., obviously, but a trade for Pau maybe help something.

Go lakers and regards from Barcelona.

Marc and Pau have a great relationship and maybe want to play together in USA for the same Team. Here in Spain I heard a rumor: San Antonio Spurs or Toronto Raptors like Ideal Teams for both brother to play together (toronto have Jose Calderon, a close friend of Pau and Marc) Maybe a Trade Bosh/Pau and a future trade for Marc............. to Toronto too, maybe....... That is the dream of NBA spaniards fans: PAU, MARC AND JOSE CALDERON playing together.

I feel like our PG position is putrid at best..That position def has to be addressed. There is no guard penetration or playmaking from that standpoint without Kobe making a concerted effort to be that guy and then when he is in attack mode and nobody else is making shots then the sulking and lack of effort from other players seethes and eminates on the defensive end and what we end of having is a hot ball of confusion and no cohesiveness.

Shout out to Ron..All-around good game. Very tick tacky fouls called but when you are not being the aggressor but more or less the complainer that's what happens..

Pau seems like he has beef with Kobe (pun intended)lol, maybe they need to chat or something..

Kobe is damned if he does..If he doesn't shoot, then he is isn't a team player, when he shoots he's a ballhog, when he passes the ball and those guys miss chippies, and clank jumpers at point blank range, nobody sees that, he is still ballhogging and this that and a third..They need to man up and get some kahunas and just be aggressive and stop complaining after the fact!

I would have rather that Kobe scored less points and we won the game.

I could not watch last night's game, but something is clearly wrong if Pau and Andrew were scoring so few points.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Also the game was lost at the free throw line! if you're opportunities are few (hince, Gasol, Andrew), you have to cash in when the opportunity presents itself!!

typical lala land, we start losing and the finger pointing starts up!

So I wake up, and find what I thought I was going to find (generally speaking):

1) Everything about why we lost the game was Luke's fault;
2) Everything about why we lost the game was Derek's fault;
3) Pau/Bynum/Whoever is soft;
4) Kobe is selfish for taking so many shots;
5) Some combination of the above

It appears that some people are myopic; the real season starts in the playoffs. I'd like for everyone to just get healthy, to show effort, and get some continuity (offensive and defensive). That's completely fine with me until the playoffs.

Once again, a lot of people here are in "Blame anyone but Kobe" mode. Who did Phil Jackson blame? The guy knows more about basketball and this team than this entire board combined, and it was pretty obvious who he held in fault.

Kobe started off only 1-4 (in the first 3 minutes) and 3-8 (in the first 10 minutes). If anyone else on the team had shot 1-4 or 3-8, you'd be ripping them for having an off night. But Kobe kept shooting and shooting, at one point shooting the ball on 9 consecutive possessions, and he eventually got hot. Did anyone else get a chance to get hot? Did anyone else have a chance to get in rhythm? Artest's fg% was higher than Kobe's and Gasol's was exactly the same - did those players get fed?

Early in the 3rd quarter, Kobe had put up a shot 21 times and the EIGHT other players combined had only put up 16 shots. Why do you expect Pau and Bynum to keep working and banging inside if they know that Kobe's staring at the basket the whole time? Why did Kobe put up the ball 33 times, but only have 3 assists on his teammates' 18 field goals?

Kobe has shown better than this...there is another way for this team to play basketball. He demonstrated flashes of good team ball as far back as games 1-5 of the 2006 playoffs, and he did it for long stretches during the last two seasons and even during the last month. Every time he reverts back into old Kobe mode, the team is worse off for it. There's a reason the Lakers lost last night.


I wonder if these people are aware of how distasteful they are as human beings.

I completely understand someone venting. We all need to vent now and again, but I could not imagine being THAT GUY who does NOTHING but complain.

Do these people expect us to applaud them at full volume when all they do is complain? Would you ever want to surround yourself with people who choose to only voice negativity and complaints?

I see no reason for it. It's just lame. They must feel very bad about themselves inside to have to constantly look for someone else to blame for their discomfort.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


*High fives Caliphilosopher*.


As Stu likes to say, Bigs depend on Smalls getting them the ball. There is something wrong in a game when Drew, and Pau only have 10 shot attempts between them.

Where in the world is Carmen Andrew Bynum?
This dude is never going to be an Allstar or even the player we need him to be if he constantly pulls a "no show" about every other game.

All you bandwagoners who complain about Fish and every other Laker who had a bad game, STFU! It's one loss and last time I checked, the Lakers are still in 1st place in their division and the western conference. All this "Fish needs to retire" or "Luke sucks" is crap. All you guys do is complain because you got a crappy life. I've been a Laker fan for a long time and I live and die with my team. Stop jumping off and on the bandwagon and accept the team that we got.

The real problem with the Lakers is that they need to get rid of Lamar Odom.
If Lamar played at 50% of his potential, the Lakers would have won at Cleveland, Toronto, and Memphis. They need to trade Lamar. However, I do agree that they should play Farmar more and Shannon Brown.

Diehard Lakers fan.

1. Fish does need to retire. OK, maybe not but only allowed to make cameo appearance as a starter in name only out of appreciation for his past contribution. At this point in his career Fish is little more than a speed bump on the court for both his teammates and opponents.

2. Luke does suck. I did not see the Memphis game but someone posted earlier how the appearance of Luke gave life to the Grizz to make a good run that cost the Lakers dearly to come back from. However I did see the nationally televised game from Boston. Surprised no one mentioned that Boston came back from a first quarter 10+ pt. deficit PRECISELY from the moment that Luke stepped on the court. He played for 3 minutes, scored 0 pt. and picked up 3 fouls to fuel Boston's comeback.

3. Jordan Farmar is no stud. As another poster pointed out, his stats is pretty mediocre among his peers but then again measured against Fish, Jordan is a HUGE upgrade. While it's true he occasionally made "rookie-type" mistakes which clearly agitated the coach he also provided a spark to the offense with his speed, quickness and general purpose PG skill, things that Fish never had much of even in his younger better days.

Farmar deserves to take away most of Fish's minutes. Until the Lakers trade for someone better, Jordan should be the principle PG of the team.

PS: I agree with somebody here who said that Fish and Luke should men-up and recognize that their lack of skill is hurting the team, not helping.



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