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Kobe Bryant's game winner in 99-98 victory over Memphis Grizzlies shows clutchness can't be duplicated


Had Lakers guard Kobe Bryant had the luxury of traveling back in time, it'd be interesting to see if he actually followed through on the playful suggestion provided by forward Luke Walton.

Bryant sat out last Thursday in what would become a one-point loss to the Boston Celtics, a game that came down to guard Derek Fisher airballing an off-balance 21-foot shot. Though much more went into determining that outcome, Walton joked next time Bryant may want to just sit on the sideline and wear a uniform in case his services are needed for a game-winning shot.

Bryant didn't need to resort to those tactics Tuesday against Memphis because he had determined his sprained left ankle and injured tendon was healthy enough to play after missing the past five games. And he didn't waste any time showcasing his worth in his 1000th career game, nailing a game-winning 26-foot three-pointer with 4.3 seconds left that gave the Lakers a 99-98 victory over Memphis.

It has become a familiar script for Bryant during his storied 13-year career, marking six-game winners this season. Yet, when Coach Phil Jackson was asked afterwards if Bryant's late game heroics still amazed him, he simply smirked and downplayed Mamba's clutchness.

"He's lucky, he said in an obvious joking manner. "Very very lucky."

The Lakers were lucky they had actually won the game, not because of Bryant's heroics, but because they were actually in contention late in the contest. Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher combined for one of six from the free throw line in the final 4:35, but Memphis guard O.J. Mayo missed two foul shots with 18 seconds remaining. The Lakers yielded 55 points in the second and third quarter, but made the difference defensively in the first and fourth quarters, holding Memphis to a combined 33 points. The Lakers forced 17 turnovers, but they also committed 17 turnovers. They led by as many as 14 points in the first half, but Memphis entered the fourth quarter with an 81-76 lead. 

Bryant had a well-rounded 32 points on 13 of 19 shooting, seven rebounds, six assists, three steals and two blocks, Meanwhile, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest combined for only eight points on three of 15 shooting, overshadowing Artest's strong defense on Rudy Gay (7 of 17). Center Andrew Bynum fouled out with 2:07 remaining. And Pau Gasol's 22 points on eight of 18 shooting featured some missed opportunities late in the game.

Yet, the Lakers (43-14) head into tomorrow's game against Dallas on a high note, with Mamba's game-winner allowing the team to sweep any problems under the rug. It's troublesome the Lakers had to depend on Bryant's late-game heroics, but it's clear he's a necessity whenever the Lakers do have a game that doesn't feature their best basketball. This isn't a new revelation, obviously. But with Bryant's return, there was legitimate debate on how the team would need to adjust in ensuring the same collective effort during Bryant's absence while also fostering Mamba's scoring capabilities. What isn't debatable is that so far this season Bryant is the No. 1 option when it comes to last-second shots.

You only need to brush up on games his teammates attempted game-winning shots to know why. In a 95-93 loss Feb. 1 to Memphis, the last 21 seconds didn't go exactly as planned. Bryant brought the ball up the court, Gasol ran a screen and roll at the top of the key, Mayo and Marc Gasol effectively switched and Bryant had nothing open with three seconds remaining. He passed to Artest in the near corner for a three-point attempt, but the shot went off the rim as time expired. And in last week's loss to Boston, Fisher was forced to muster an off-balance 21-foot shot with only 2.2 seconds remaining. But it resulted in an airball.

Bryant made sure the Lakers would be on the winning end this time around. With Artest inbounding the ball with 8.8 seconds remaining, Gasol flashed to the near side of the perimeter and then passed to Odom at the top of the key. While Bryant cut to the the three-point line, Gasol set a screen on Gay. Odom then passed to Bryant, who quickly released the three-pointer. Swish. 

That wasn't the only play that defined his play. He scored 11 of the team's final 12 points while also making an effort for the team to make plays. But it didn't. 

Fisher drove in heavy traffic as the Lakers trailed 95-90 with 3:55 remaining, drew a foul and missed both free throws. Artest swiped Zach Randolph's pass on the other end, but his three-pointer from the top of the key went wide left with the score remaining the same with 3:23 left. Odom made a poor pass along the baseline, giving Memphis some comfort with a 96-92 lead with 1:57 remaining. Gasol tried to get the rebound off Bryant's missed layup, but Randolph grabbed the rebound, as Memphis led 96-93 with 1:22 left. Bryant tried directing Gasol on a pick-and-roll and dumping it to him inside, but Gasol's five foot jumper hit glass, as the Lakers trailed 98-96 with 25 seconds left. 

Bryant instead filled the void in the final minutes. After cutting to the far end of the court, Fisher found him for an open jumper, cutting Memphis' lead to 95-92 with 2:21 remaining. Bryant converted on a technical free throw assessed to Memphis Coach Lionel Hollins, cutting the deficit to 96-93 with 1:39 left. His three-pointer at the top of the key, following Gasol's screen on Mayo, tied the game at 96-96 with 54 seconds remaining. And then, of course, there was Mamba's last shot, the one that provided the Lakers the victory and served as the biggest reminder why the Lakers missed him. 

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Pau Gasol hugs Kobe Bryantafter the Lakers pull out a 99-98 victory over the Grizzlies on Bryant's three-pointer with 4.3 seconds remaining Tuesday night in Memphis. Bryant had missed the previous five games due to an ankle injury. Credit: Mike Brown/EPA.

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We missed sooo many layups in the previous two games. We would easily score an extra 10 points a game if we could just DUNK !!!

The difference between this game and the Celtics game was the final shot. Speaking of big gains from little changes; Kobe has gotten us at least five games from the final 20 seconds of each.

The big news? We escape Memphis with no injuries. In fact we leave with a Kobe Bean Bryant who seems much, much, much more himself. I say if he needs another rest break before the playoffs, give it to him!!!


I didn't see the game, but the stats line indicates that this is one of the games were LO was content to sit back and watch Kobe.

Come on man! Just bring it LO!!

Let's see how long this "lesson" Kobe has "learned" High percentage shots, more baskets.Something MVP Pul Gasol and super star Lamar Odem learned and proved over the five games Bryant sat on the bench. If Bryant goes on another streak of 30 + shots per game he MUST be benched again. The Laker TEAM proved to be a well balanced TEAM without this kid that refuses learn the meaning of TEAM. Ok, he had nin assists, let's see how long he passes the ball around Tonight the Lakers had to have a last second shot to beat a poor team. The Lakers had FOUR wins over play-off teams. Let's see what happens when they play solid teams on the road with Kobe. We know what they can do WITHOUT him.


Lakers are still the defending Champion. It is the other teams who have to prove that they belonged. It is not Kobe's fault if his teammates are too dependent to him. They should always find Kobe as a decoy because he attracts the defense of every team, it is up to his teammates to show what they've got as a professional player. Your MVP Pau and Superstar LO were lazy dudes this evening. You can see from their body languages they barely move without that so called Saturn Energy Bar. Pau was more of a ballet dancer than basketball player tonight.

If other teams are really solid as you said, they should have led the West by this time and those who are in the East, they should have distant with the injured Lakers but no, they all sucked up may it be Celtics, Cavs or Magic that's the story of NBA season. Individually, there are great players but as a team, the defending Champion is still the team to beat. Until the Lakers have been dethroned, no blogger should lecture us about our Laker s or pretend to be a fan dissing the team.

If you are a Laker fan and you're having a hard time embracing them in good times and in bad, it is best that you find another team to cheer. Not even a fair weather fan should have the guts to criticize what Kobe has done in saving his team from the clutch of defeat.

Sacramento has released Larry Hughes. Should the Lakers pick him up for more depth off our bench? Does Hughes have anything left? What does everyone think?

Black Mamba all day, everyday!!! Go Lakers!!!

"... shows clutchness can't be duplicated" I LOVE the title, and it is absolutely the truth - nice job Mark Medina!

As I was telling my son as we were watching the end of the game, after that shot was there ANY doubt that it would be good? THAT is what the Lakers have been missing, THAT is the reason the Lakers are a championship team, THAT is the reason you CAN'T COUNT THE LAKERS OUT WHILE THE MAMBA IS IN THE GAME!

Is there ANY doubt that Kobe would have hit the game-winning shot against the Celtics had he been active? I was watching NBA TV and Kevin McHale was telling Kobe in the postgame interview that he played alongside a player that used to take and make those last second shots - LET ME TELL YOU that Kobe is FAR SURPASSED Larry Bird in taking and making last second shots. In fact, Kobe is SURPASSING EVERYONE that has come before him in making game-winning shots!


"What isn't debatable is that so far this season Bryant is the No. 1 option when it comes to last-second shots." MM

What isn't debatable is that so far this season Bryant is the No. 1 option.


team, coaches, press, fans, please take YOUR PLACE in line.

the MAMABA SHOW was/is/will COMING to a town near u. and always in LA.

That was a well designed play to get Mamba open for the game winning dagger. With the inbound pass from Artest, Pau passes to Lamar at the top of the key, Kobe positions himself for a open look and clutch 3 point shot created by a great pick from Pau on Rudy Gay. It was executed perfectly and the heart is ripped out with a deadly strike from The Black Mamba.

Poetry in motion!

Now I can sleep like a baby.



You're waaaay off base. Without Kobe, the Lakers would have lost this game big time. Odom, Artest, Farmar had terrible games. Bynum was not good on defense. Gasol, as usual against Memphis, was not his usual self. Fisher and Gasol, once again, missed crucial free throws.

When the rest of the team is going through these rough patches, they need Kobe to carry them. Unfortunately, he was not healthy during the stretches where the Lakers were playing poorly, and he had to shoot 30+ times on multiple occasions. That's why his shooting percentage was so low as well during that stretch. If not, he would have been scoring 50+ point a game and people would be talking MVP.

I do think that PJ needs to cut Kobe's minutes to rest him for the playoffs.

This game shows that when he's rested and relatively healthy, he's the best in the league.

Yes they should pick up Hughes. Can't be worse then no-defense Fish and Mr all over the place Farmer.

Gary, sure you're a Laker fan??

Can't understand how you can spew such hate after such a great winner from Kobe to seal the deal....

Staples 24.............WHERE ARE YOUR TRADE KOBE CRAP!!!!!??? I think you need to name yourself Staples 17 aka Mr. Big Mouth with 6 fouls.


Fake Tom Tom..........WHERE ARE YOU????

jimyjoyce aka the one only one who had the guts to post....the answer is because the Lakers played like crap. You want to say involve Gasol, invovle a 1-9 Artest and say Kobe sucks because he can't get his teammates involved well there is 6 assists and should have gotten more assists had Artest not bricked them. Oh well Kobe show is here.

Kobe Haters aka Laker STANS aka Bandwagoners. I don't care how long you have been a Laker fan heck could have been all the way with Mikan but those people I named above has sure enough crow to eat in them!


Your outlook on the game is so far off it's not even funny. During that run where they Lakers so called played solid teams while going 4-1 the competition was not as steep as it seemed. They played the jazz on a back to back, the old spurs team who is currently a shell of them selves. A blazers team that lacked multiple components including their best player. The one solid team they did play without Kobe was the Celtics and proceeded to shoot 1-10 down the stretch in the 4th qtr and go scoreless for long stretches. Where was your MVP Gasol then?! Please don't ever mention Gasol as a MVP of anything he never will be a MVP period. Pre-Kobe your MVP Gasol when playing for the grizzles couldn't even win 1 playoff game not one got swept every single time in the playoffs. He can't carry a ball club he compliments greatly though! Without Kobe the Lakers would get straight bounced out of the playoffs period. Down the stretch he can't be replaced just ask the Lakers what happen when they couldn't make not a single shot in the clutch against Boston amid D fish shooting one of the worst potential game winner ever launched to try to win a game.


I think in my last post I was more respectful towards you than what you deserve. Guess what: The truth is that you are an idiotic moron!!

"The Lakers had FOUR wins over play-off teams. " You had written four in bold, which means you're emphasizing it.. I never knew Golden State is a playoff team..FYI, if you follow the Laker games, our wins were against Portland, San Antonio, Utah and Warriors. There are THREE playoff teams and one LOTTERY team, so your FOUR wins against play-off teams shows your blatant ignorance.

MVP Pau Gasol and Superstar Lamar Odom is it?? (You writing Odom as Odem shows how much you know of the game!!) So why did the MVP choke at the end, missing FTs and throwing away the ball?? Where was your superstar Odom?? Was he thinking about the Kardashian sisters while blowing easiest of layups?? Or was it Kobe the reason for Pau missing FTs and Odom missing lay-ups??

Kobe must be benched if he takes 30+ shots is it?? What a douche!! Kobe is the only reason Lakers were a relevant team this decade (2001-2010).

"Let us see how long he passes the ball" - So, what do you want to happen?? You want Kobe to not pass the ball and Lakers to lose?? You want the team to lose so as to prove your point, right?? What a great fan...

Where was your mouth last year, when Kobe got us the championship?? Was it deep in your behind, only to emerge now and spew the hate all around you??


It would be nice if your "MVP" Pau Gasol could hit fourth quarter free throws. Also, it would be nice to know how "superstar" Lamar Odom obtained his magical ability to disappear every other game.

The only reason the Lakers were within a last second shot tonight was because of Kobe. They would have lost by 20 without him.

Or is that because they were also missing "future Hall of Famer" Sasha Vujacic?

The great and deadly Mamba is back....I had read some comments about him when he was out for five games and some wrote him off...some foolishly wanted him to be traded...isn't that idiotic??? What team in the NBA would not want him??? Some people said the team was good without him...only fools believe that...these people still don't get it...Kobe is Kobe...he can take 30+ shots if needed...yes there were times he's forcing some shots and it seems like he's forcing the issue but this guy can really break any teams heart with his talent and basketball IQ...he is number one in assist in this team so stop saying he is a ballhog...he reads defense very well....anyway nice to see him back.....and I hope Sasha gets well too.....this guy Sasha will be instrumental in the out....

You can totally feel the love on this blog.

Kobe was lucky as Phil said"very very very lucky" and because of Kobe his teammates Lamar, Pau, Thriller had a bad game.

Kobe fan from Cupertino you dont' know what you are talking about sounds like a mumbo jumbo. You regurgitate what others say or what you read. I bet you have never played basketball in your life and yet you talk big.


Sheesh, this blog is toxic right now. And the Kobe worship even more so.

Awesome game by Kobe. Sub-par game for Gasol (it was Memphis after all). Let's not make it more than it is.

Kobe was lucky as Phil said"very very very lucky" and because of Kobe his teammates Lamar, Pau, Thriller had a bad game.

Kobe fan from Cupertino you dont' know what you are talking about sounds like a mumbo jumbo. You regurgitate what others say or what you read. I bet you have never played basketball in your life and yet you talk big.



gary, how old are you?


You should learn to read. Phil said that with a smirk. Please go back to school and learn to read passages and not select sentences. Do yourself a favor and get educated so you actually understand what a columnist or a blogger writes.

You think Gasol is the MVP of this team? Honestly, it seems you have not played basketball in your life. This is not the first time Gasol has choked at the free throw line in the clutch this season.

Moron gary,

You post here once to come and spew hate. Asking about me talking big - how do you know I have not played ball??

Will you come and smooch my behind once you know I play ball for my university??

What is that I was regurgitating moron??

How is that idiot because of Kobe his team mates had a bad game?? Did Kobe make Pau miss FTs, LO blow lay-ups or Brown screw up possessions??

Gary you are scum.

On a different note, we need this team to come together. Pau, Andrew, Ron, Lamar, Derek, Jordan, The Machine -- we need these guys to get it together.

I have faith that come late March, early April, Phil will have devised some schematic plan to get everyone back on board and playing as an absolute unit.

Teams win championships. Individuals falter at the stretch and finish lines.

Truth is, it is Hollywood after all. So far, this season has been lacking as a follow-up to it's predecessor. That would explain all the hoopla and controversy where no issues really exist.

The state of affairs on the blog are a reflection of fan boredom and dissatisfaction. It is a reflection of the void felt by those who continually reap disharmony and other low-frequency channels of emotion.

I would advise for folks living in the higher planes to disregard the grasshoppers and low-level wanderers. They are on a path, albeit a lower one and naturally, can only engage in discourse amongst folks on the same astral plane.

I would like to see this blog have a renaissance. In prior seasons, there were great posts being made by numerous bloggers and they were gentle, firm, and pleasures to read.

Now we have been infiltrated by folks that engage in low level nonsense and should stay aware of the words of wise men:

"Don't argue with fools. For people from a distance cannot tell who, is who."


Some points I would like to make:

1.) There seems to be a disconnect and disharmony between Pau and Kobe. It is tough to really dissect completely because we do not have insight to the team charters, travels, and private practices. But even on the final celebration of the night, when Pau hugged Kobe, you could tell it was one of formality than that of spontaneity. Kobe also did not lean in completely and help his left hip markedly apart. What does this disconnect mean?

Also, Shannon, after playing large swaths of minutes did not get elevated numbers this game. Will that hamper his passion? Jordan? Why is his frequency never in sync with the team. You can see these things play out on the floor.

2.) Lamar Odom. What is the deal? Because Lamar stepped on Kobe's ankle previously, it is probably safe to assume that he felt the grunt of the responsibility to the team, and to management, to come to the games and pick up the slack as they say. He certainly did. In Kobe's absence, he played exceptionally well, and harnessed his skills on the boards to it's terminal velocity. Yet, with Kobe back, he was continually out boarded by Zack Randolph and done so in the clutch. Why? What is the reason behind this madness?

3.) Phil Jackson continues to astonish me. For younger folks, he is not a man easily understood. But his uncanny ability to inspire calmness in the home stretch of a game and mastermind endgame plays on the fly is truly inspiring. The final play the Lakers ran was not designed by Phil or the coaching staff or practiced prior to the game. The set was. But not the play. Phil had the capacity to anticipate who was going to be on the floor for the Grizzlies, who was going to guard Kobe, recognized the score being -2 and further recognized that the designated defender, at the given angle, would with almost absolute certainty, go under the screen. This gave Kobe daylight. It was a beautiful endgame. Certainly, his call to inbound at full court during the Bucks game where Kobe saw daylight once before was another stroke of a master.

I of course have more comments and observations but care not to get stampeded by the herd of cattle and sheep ready to pounce on my above statements, for no reason apparent to me of course. I was bored. Thought I'd chime in.

Oh, well, cheerio.

Carry on, lads.

Calling Gary a moron is being too kind.

Ever the same... all in black or white, never middle color. Great or poor game but you need ever hate someone, tonight Pau Gasol 22 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assits but as always someone need to make hamburgers with him. ¡¡YOU NEED ALL PLAYERS TO WIN THE CHAMPIONS RING!! Please leave yours personals hates at home or at work...

Game notes...


Kobe’s return, Pau’s family ties, and Drew’s injury voodoo and personal record tying fifty-third start of the season. These are the subplots to tonight’s game as the Lakers try to get some payback against the Griz for the loss to start the month...

First Quarter:

Lakers starting five - Bynum, P. Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Fisher
Grizzlies starting five - M. Gasol, Randolph, Gay, Mayo, Conley

12:00 - Bynum wins the tip, giving the Lakers possession to start the first and fourth quarters.

11:47 - Lakers score their first points of the game on a pair of FTs by Fish after he was fouled on a jumper from the left point. Lakers lead 2-0.

Kobe racks up 6 points on 2-3 FGs including a four point play on his first shot. Drew’s got 4 points and has played Pau’s bro well so far, including a hard foul on the block, although he did incur a rather pathetic traveling call on a fast break pass from Fish. Fish has actually fed Drew three times with passes so far, including that botched break. Pau made his FG over bro. Artest missed a rushed and ill-advised three pointer, but has shut down Gay. Kobe’s been playing rover again on defense and as a result Mayo has made a couple of outside jumpers over Drew, who should not have to be guarding him out on the perimeter.

Interesting factoid: Lakers have a +3.6 point differential in the first quarter of their games so far this year. That’s the best in the league for any team in any quarter.

05:24 - Timeout after Fish fouls M. Gasol on a break and before the and-one FT. Lakers lead 12-6 as M. Gasol misses his FT.

Bynum had a big offensive rebound and put back in the lane for his sixth point.

04:12 - Foul on Pau, who comes out as LO goes in. Lakers lead 16-12.

Artest and Kobe force a turnover and Kobe takes it all the way down the floor for an easy layup.

03:24 - Griz call a timeout as Mayo is hit with a technical foul. Kobe makes the FT and the Lakers lead 19-12.

Kobe gets another gimme after another Griz turnover and this time he dunks it, giving him 11 points.

02:52 - Yet another timeout after the Griz’s third turnover in a row. Lakers lead 21-12.

Substitution: P. Gasol comes in for Bynum and Farmar’s in for Fisher out of the timeout.

01:14 - Brown in for Artest during a stoppage of play, Lakers lead 23-14.

Pau had a couple of late buckets, including one on a nice assist from LO, but he did miss a shot under heavy pressure from bro. Farmar also had a late hoop as the Lakers finished out the quarter with a 27-16 lead. They held the Griz to 40% FGs, outscored them 18-6 in the paint and got 8 points off of 6 turnovers by Memphis. Kobe ends the quarter with 9 points to lead all scorers, Pau has 8 points and 7 boards and Drew’s got 6 points.

Second Quarter:

Lakers lineup - P. Gasol, Odom, Artest, Brown, Farmar
Grizzlies lineup - M. Gasol, Arthur, Gaye, Young, Williams

11:06 - Lakers first point of the quarter on a technical FT by Pau off of a defensive three-second call. Lakers 28-16 as Heddadi replaces M. Gasol for the Griz.

The Lakers have three turnovers in the game and have come out rather flat to begin this quarter.
LO had a good dunk cutting down the lane off of a feed from Pau, but besides that it’s pretty much been a contest of incompetence.

08:02 - Official timeout as Pau fouls Heddadi as he drops in a layup, giving him a new season high in the four minutes he’s been on the court. Heddadi is a big 7’2” Iranian and Pau just can’t seem to handle him. I’m betting that Drew will be back in after the timeout. Lakers 34-25 as Haddadi completes the and-one.

Substitution: Bynum in for P. Gasol and Bryant in for Artest coming out of the timeout.

Sure enough, Drew’s in for Pau coming out of the timeout and immediately takes it at Haddadi and draws a shooting foul in the paint and makes 1-2 FTs. Monster Bynum dunk on the break off of an alley-oop from Farmar as the Lakers get their eight point off of Griz turnovers. Brown hits a three from the left point as the shot clock expired, but the Griz have been hitting on the perimeter. Haddadi has not scored again since Drew replaced Pau. Pau has 11 points, and Drew and Kobe both have 9 points.

05:52 - Timeout on Haddadi’s second foul on Drew in the paint, non-shooting variety, as the Lakers lead is down to 39-32.

Substitutions: P. Gasol in for Odom, Fisher in for Farmar and Artest in for Brown coming out of the timeout.

Bynum fouls Haddadi hard and then comes back down the floor and returns the juke he received at the other end and promptly dunks when he gets Haddadi in the air. Kobe picks Mayo’s pocket and dunks at the other end. Lakers have 14 points off of 9 Griz turnovers, while the Lakers have committed only 4 turnovers so far.

02:45 - Timeout after a traveling call on Drew, his second of the game, although it appeared that when the whistle blew his feet were both stationary. The Lakers’ lead is down to six, 45-39.

Substitution: Odom in for Bynum coming out of the timeout.

Interesting factoid: The Lakers lead the league in points in the paint.

The Laker lead was once 14 but was down to 3 before Kobe made a driving layup. Fish makes his first bucket of the game on twelve foot jumper from the left of the lane. Kobe gets called for a travel.

00:39.2 - DJ makes an appearance as Pau goes out with 3 fouls.

00:05.5 - Shannon comes in for DJ.

Beautiful inbound play from Artest to Brown breaking for the hoop on a curl down the lane, and a layup. Gotta give PJ some credit for that one. The half ends with the Lakers up by five, 53-48.


Kobe’s line: 17 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 1 block.
Pau’s line: 11 points 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steal.

Lakers shooting 54%, Griz 49% and 10 Griz turnovers have led to 14 Lakers’ points. Kevin McHale says the only thing the Lakers have to worry about this year is if their bench can perform at a high enough level in the playoffs.

Third Quarter:

Lakers lineup - Bynum, P. Gasol, Artest, Bryant, Fisher.
Grizzlies lineup - M. Gasol, Randolph, Gay, Mayo, Conley.

11:23 - Lakers first points of the quarter as Ron makes 1-2 FTs after he’s fouled driving to the hoop down the right side of the lane. Lakers lead 54-50.

The Lakers come out playing sloppy ball again and the Griz end up tying it up at 56 and blowing a couple of chances to take the lead. The Lakers now have 8 turnovers. Mayo hits a three as the Griz take the lead. Pau then adds to the turnover epidemic with a bad pass. Kobe commits yet another turnover in the lane as the Lakers have opened the second half shooting 1-6 FGs and the Griz are on a 9-0 run. Drew’s turn to turn it over and the Griz go down and score again before Drew gets fouled driving down the lane. Drew makes both FTs and now has 13 points. PJ’s letting them suffer through their slump. Pau dunks on a break off of a pass by Kobe.

05:59 - Timeout as Drew gives his fourth foul by bashing Gay out of the paint as the Griz announcer says, “You know, Bynum takes more hard fouls than anyone I’ve seen in the league.” Lakers trail 65-60 as Gay makes both FTs.

Substitution: Odom in for Bynum out of the timeout.

Fish hits a three from the left corner off an assist from Pau on the block after he has his shot stuffed by Gay. Fish doubles up with another three from the right point. Pau is abused by his bro in the paint, as Marc scores on a left-handed jump hook. Mayo’s got 23 points and Kobe doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention. Pau and Fish combine for yet another Laker turnover.

02:39 - Timeout as Fish fouls to stop the Griz break as the Lakers are over the foul limit and trail 75-68.

Substitutions: Brown in for Artest and Farmar in for Fisher out of the timeout.

Pau has taken 15 FGs and Kobe 13 so far, as the Griz put Haddadi back in to try and take advantage of Pau in the same way he did in the first half. Instead Pau strikes first with a left-handed jump hook from the middle of the paint. Pau makes two FTs to end the quarter after Shannon hits him under the basket on a break with a second and a half left. Lakers trail 81-76, and have gotten their asses whooped the last two quarters.

Kobe’s line: 21 points.

Fourth Quarter:

Lakers lineup - Bynum, Odom, Artest, Brown, Farmar.
Grizzlies lineup - Haddadi, Randolph, Gay, Young, Williams.

11:42 - Lakers first bucket of the quarter on a turnaround by Artest on the left mid-post. Lakers trail 81-78.

Bynum dunks off of a lob from LO who threw it from outside the three point line on the right wing. Drew gets called for his fifth foul for hooking Hadaddi on a move to the hoop from the left block. He probably won’t be back unless we see OT.

09:43 - P. Gasol back in for Bynum with the Lakers trailing 85-80.

LO has only 3 rebounds tonight. Haddadi goes over Pau on the right block but misses.

08:59 - Timeout called as Artest commits a foul on the perimeter. Lakers still behind 85-80.

Artest gets two offensive rebounds but misses both put backs, making him 1-8 on FGs. Shannon hits a runner down the lane.

07:59 - Kobe comes in for Brown as Artest commits his second foul. Lakers trail 87-82.

LO hits a three from the left point. Lakers tied 34-34 in rebounds with the Griz so far. Lakers force a shot clock violation and Pau scores underneath and has 21 points, same as Kobe.

05:38 - Timeout as the ball goes out of bounds and the refs can’t tell who’s it should be so there’ll be a tip-off. Lakers trail 91-87.

Substitution: Fisher replaces Farmar out of the timeout.

Pau wins the tip and Kobe hits a turnaround from the left wing. Artest has made Gay pretty much disappear so far tonight. Fish misses two FTs for an unofficial turnover with just under four minutes left and the Lakers behind by five. Artest steals the ball from M. Gasol but bricks a shot at the other end.

02:59 - Timeout as Pau is fouled by Randolph with the Griz in the penalty. Lakers trail 95-90 after Pau misses both FTs for the Lakers second unofficial turnover of the fourth quarter.

Substitution: Bynum in for Odom.

Ron’s line: 3 points on 1-9 FGs and 0-4 from three, but at least he’s playing good defense.

Drew immediately gets a defensive rebound, his fourth board. Kobe hits a jumper and Bynum fouls out on the other end as Gay finally escapes from Artest and drives down the lane to the basket and has the ball smacked out of his hands.

02:07 - LO back in as Drew sits for the night. Lakers trail 96-92 as Gay makes 1-2 FTs.

LO immediately turns the ball over and things are looking grim for the Lakers’ chances. A slight momentum shift as Griz coach Hollins is called for a technical foul after M. Gasol is whistled for an illegal pick. Kobe makes the FT, then hits a three two possessions later to tie the score at 96.

00:54.0 - Griz timeout after Kobe’s bomb.

Kobe’s line in the last six minutes: 8 points on 3-4 FGs and 1-1 from three.

Pau scores an own-goal for the Griz and Fish fouls Mayo on the next defensive possession.

00:18.4 - Lakers timeout after Mayo misses two FTs to reciprocate an unofficial turnover at a most opportune time, but they still trail 98-96.

Kobe’s gonna get the ball. He ends up driving down the right post against M. Gasol but Gay comes over and stuffs it out of bounds.

00:08.8 - Griz timeout, but it’s the Lakers ball.

Kobe hits a huge three from the right point off of the inbounds play to put the Lakers ahead.

00:04.3 - Griz timeout, Lakers lead 99-98.

Time for a defensive stop! Griz take the ball out in the frontcourt, Gay to inbound to M. Gasol running a pick-and-roll handoff to Mayo who misses a twenty foot fall-away from the right point with Pau pressuring him. Lakers win!


After watching the end of this game it’s hard not to think that the Lakers would have beat the ‘tics the same way if Kobe had been healthy last Thursday night. Kobe scored the last 9 Laker points as they outscored the Griz 9-3 down the stretch. This is the Lakers sixth one-point win of the season and more than a couple of them have ended in this same manner, with Kobe hitting the last shot.

The Lakers won the last quarter 23-17 to recover from being blown out in the second and third. Bynum and Artest played very good defense all game but didn’t get much help from the rest of the team. This game should not have been nearly as difficult as it was to win, but the Lakers committed 17 turnovers, were outrebounded and weren’t able to make it to 20 assists as a team. However, they did have Kobe tonight and that turned out to make all the difference.

Kobe’s line: 32 points on 13-19 FGs, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.
Pau’s line: 22 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists.
Drew’s line: 15 points on 5-8 FGs and 5-6 FTs, and 6 hard fouls in 23.5 minutes of playing good, tough defense.


Not to pile on or anything but I think I hear Sponge-Bob calling you in for dinner...

Hey Shalin (sic) Monk is that you? Who died and made you "The Moderator"? Better stick to your fortune cookie job 'cause you aint cuttin' it as a sports psychologist!

Hola Lakerland!

guess what? lebron is in the house!! and his name here is GARY.

I didnt realize that lebronze aka GARY THE CRYBABY still has time to read these blogs.


There is no need to bash on every other player to defend Kobe or to show Kobe's abilities. That's very childish.

KB Blitz,


My post said 15-17 shots. Kobe took 19 shots which is much less than 30!

Also Bynum + Gasol = more shots than Kobe (a good victory indicator).

Nemaia Faletogo : re: Larry Hughues:

I posted about this under a different blog heading and I think we should def sign Larry. He can still defend, is a very good ballhandler, and can create his own shot if necessary.

I say we go for it, otherwise, Cleveland will grab him up or Boston -- they seemingly sign any and everyone on the market!!! I am being facetious of course....But I am just saying, I think he can help us..

Kobe won the game and haters are still around? Oh well, once a hater always a hater. There are five types of bloggers here

1) Kobe lovers= they adore Kobe
2) Laker fans= certified Lakerholics who like anyone that plays for the Lakers especially Kobe
3) Fake Lakers fan= profess undying love for the Lakers but hate Kobe so much that it overshadows their love for the Lakers as a team. It breaks their hearts that Kobe is winning it for the Lakers
4) Trolls and Kobe haters, these are pests who littered every blogs site. Don't even argue with them, they don't even deserve the attention.

5) Great bloggers like MAMBA24, justa, utz, phred, Rick F, Jon K, Zaira and of course Edwin Gueco. Still so many I have not mentioned.

BTW, I am #2.

Let's not let gary off that easy! Where is my pitchfork and torch?



There are five types of bloggers here
1) Kobe lovers= they adore Kobe
2) Laker fans= certified Lakerholics who like anyone that plays for the Lakers especially Kobe
3) Fake Lakers fan= profess undying love for the Lakers but hate Kobe so much that it overshadows their love for the Lakers as a team. It breaks their hearts that Kobe is winning it for the Lakers
4) Trolls and Kobe haters, these are pests who littered every blogs site. Don't even argue with them, they don't even deserve the attention.
5) Great bloggers like MAMBA24, justa, utz, phred, Rick F, Jon K, Zaira and of course Edwin Gueco. Still so many I have not mentioned. BTW, I am #2. Posted by: Jeanette | February 24, 2010 at 05:59

I beg to differ Jeanette. You are #2 and #5 and...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!!

AZTRONUT KUDOS TO YOU ON YOUR GAME SUMMARY! I didn't see the game but I feel like I did after reading your post. Thank you sir!


first off apologies 2 d blog faithful for deserting them ... last few months have been hectic ... i resigned in december and after going thru depression over ditching a good paycheck ... i decided 2 move back home 2 Nigeria

2ndly umm if u're in d west african region and u've got a hookup 2 basketball games lemme kno ... the so called 3g satellite internet isn't good enough for nba league pass and besides when d playoffs come there's no tnt ... d cable provider out here is dstv and that's the only 1 i believe ... so if u're in nigeria/west africa and u're watching laker games regularly, please holla at me ... shoot an email to segun . sobulo @ gmail . com

Lastly good 2 have kobe back in purple n gold ... like some have said, if he needs 2 rest his injuries again so be it ... we love u mamba ... and oh 2 d haters, i got 1 question 4 u ... who's d defending nba champs? d cavs? yeah i thought so ... run ya stats ... blind yourself with per ... we still gonna b shining dat bling in ya face, the rest of d teams r just there 2 test us ... this is our time, our dynasty, our championshipS

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

I forgot to mention, #2 also hate Celts, how could you not?

Lakers do have problems, but Kobe isn't one of them.

first off apologies 2 d blog faithful for deserting them ... last few months have been hectic ... i resigned in december and after going thru depression over ditching a good paycheck ... i decided 2 move back home 2 Nigeria
Posted by: segeboy | February 24, 2010 at 06:41 AM

Apology accepted Sheriff. Now pick up that badge in get to work the place has been like the Wild, Wild West since you been gone. WELCOME BACK!!!

Kobe fan from cupertino:

yeah sure you played ball in university, ball boy? towel waver? You are the one with your nose buried in Kobe's behind hahaha..
Pau is the man and not Kobe..

You wrote: Kobe won the game and haters are still around? Oh well, once a hater always a hater. There are five types of bloggers here


NOT, Kobe was very very very luck..all the dirty work was done by others and all Kobe did was catch and shoot.. easy tooooo easy..

also with Kobe back rest of the team sucked because Kobe stifles his teammates..go figure

Edwin Gueco...

I loved your response to gary's comment. Very well said.

Jeanette, you left out at least one category, or maybe this is what you call Kobe Lovers, I'd call them Kobe Sycophants.
These are the Kobe fans that think he can do no wrong. They go ballistic when someone criticizes him. Their posts usually start off by bemoaning the Kobe "hate" and then go to explain why the other person is an idiot, a moron, ignorant, or just an all around vile human being. (I'm always impressed by their abillity to evade any sense that there is something ironic about their posts)
Now I won't say that there aren't any Kobe haters, but IMHO, the vast majority of the vitriol comes from this group of hardcore Kobe fans. When you run down every Laker in the organization but exempt Kobe from any criticism, are you really a Laker fan?

I didn't see the game, but the stats line indicates that this is one of the games were LO was content to sit back and watch Kobe.

Come on man! Just bring it LO!!

Posted by: taino | February 23, 2010 at 09:43 PM

You can't do that my brother. You can't not watch a game and then say, "This is an example of..."

I did watch the game, and Lamar's bad night was on Lamar, not Kobe.

I think this was game winning shot #6 (I could be wrong)


Thanks MAMBA24, you are one of the reasons I can't leave this blog. You missed the game? Oh my, my husband came with less than 1 min and he trash talked me. I said wait, Kobe has a different ending on his mind and ola came the 2 clutch 3 pointers. PRICELESS!!!! And he conceded and said only KOBE can do that.


I thought the same thing about Hughes. He's the Ron Harper type we could use--maybe.


Did everybody wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Holy Moley there's some evil being spewed on the blog already.

Yup, it was good to see Kobe back on the floor doing what he does, but did anyone else find this game almost too ugly to watch? It looked like our Lakers were literally handing the ball to Memphis throughout the second half. If this is the team that shows up tonight this blog will be even uglier tomorrow.

I'm afraid that our guys just don't respond too well to having so many days off. Hopefully last night was a wake up and they'll be a little more ready to play tonight.



I feel that Larry Hughes could be of value to the Lakers moving forward. I've seen him have some pretty good games this year for the Knicks. He couldn't escape D'Antoni's doghouse, but he finally did escape that weird situation in Knickland.

The problem lies in that he would be unfamiliar with the Triangle with very little time to get up up to speed. PJ loves his offense so much that unless a player goes through a full training camp with the offense, Phil has little faith in their ability to contribute. Hughes is a veteran who would probably be rejuvenated by the opportunity to compete for a C'ship, but remember how Phil did not play guys like Jim Jackson and Ira Newble who were also late season aquisitions.

Oh and I just wanna say that gosh darn Kobe Bryant is a bad Mother shut your mouth!! Only talking 'bout Kobe!

What a performance by the Mamba!

bronxlakerfan, I just remember Mitch Richmond, maybe the most underrated great player ever, hardly got any playing time that year the Lakers picked him up. Honestly though, I can't remember if he went through training camp or not.
Is there any love out there for Mitch Richmond? Him and T. Hardaway may have been the greatest backcourt ever.

All the teams gave a sigh of relief, when the Lakers lost Kobe Bryant their Big Chief
They saw without Kobe a Laker 4 game run, but Knew without Kobe the Lakers were done
They hoped in their hearts that envy would begin, because of the Teams success without Bryant
With Kobe they couldn’t beat them so their only hope, The Lakers would fall for the Rope-A-Dope
Give them a lil success & it would go to their head, thinking they could win without Kobe instead
They hoped that when Mamba finally healed, The Lakers would think that he was a fifth wheel
Yes all the teams were stupid that way, To think without Kobe the Lakers wanted to play
And then on a glorious February night, The Mamba returned, God it was such a sight
Fish gave a whoop and Pau shed a tear and all cried THANK GOD THE MAMBA IS HERE
And the Grizzlies what could they say, AW HELL MAMBA’S BACK I DON’T WANT TO PLAY
But play against him they knew they must, From beginning to end Mamba showed no rust
And what of the other Lakers how did they adjust, Quite easily for in the Black Mamba they Trust
And it finally came down to what you already knew, The last shot would be taken by you know who
Not a bit of hesitation, like a phrophesy, The ball flew like a missle Oh it was pretty
Pau grabbed & hugged Kobe, Fish gave a sigh, 10Rings smirked & said what a Lucky, lucky Guy
But after the game before hitting the sack, Phil burst into tears and said THANK GOD MAMBA IS BACK

That was icredible to see last night. Kobe 1000% bailed out Fish and Pau by making those clutch 3 pointers.

And the camera got the Memphis bench as the shots went in, and oh my is that a pleasurable sight to see. I love the looks of abject horror on the Griz bench players as Kobe's shots sink. That's fun.

Some peole pour salt on snails for their cruel pleasure, I just wach opposing benches in the final seconds of ball games with Kobe shooting. The guy with the dreads on the end of the Memphis bench, especially, just could not believe Kobe made those shots. Soooooo funny.

This has been a last second shot bonanza for Laker fas.

And my man Phred, we're back to being buddies. I'll buy the first round when you come to South Bend...


Oh and I just wanna say that gosh darn Kobe Bryant is a bad Mother shut your mouth!! Only talking 'bout Kobe!
Posted by: bronxlakerfan | February 24, 2010 at 07:24 AM


This game clearly demonstrated several things:

1) When working within the system, Kobe will get better shots than when he goes on his own.

2) The Lakers need Kobe to be title contenders.

3) Phil is a great coach.

4) When Kobe is working within the system, the rest of the team needs to do the same. Which means stop standing around so much.


One can't help but wonder how gullible "some" laker fans are when they resort to name calling and how quick they get incited. In old days there were “mobs”, these were commoners, simpleton and extremely vulnerable people. These “mobs” could be easily swayed by an orator. Here we are in 21st century and the “mob” mentality is still alive and inherent.

Thanks “gary” you are a very funny man..

Laker fan from Cupertino please take your blood pressure meds..hahahaha!!

Carry on............

For the Lakers coaches reloaded their team, but The Lakers are still the Cream
The Mavericks seek to be the best , they reloaded for the finals in the West
There’s just one thing they should know, waiting for them will be the Lake Show
Against The Lakers teams can only react , But it won’t do no good & that is a fact.
Go on and do all of the trading you want, We have the Mamba and you don’t
Denver has Carmello a great player is he, But he’s not in the same class as Kobe
Dirk ‘s a good guy & good player too, but that MVP he won belongs to you know who
Timmy may be Fundamentally sound, But can’t get past Kobe to win the Crown
Princess Jimmy thinks he can dance, but against the Mamba she stands not a chance
Everyone use to want to be like Mike, that is until they saw the Black Mamba strike
Why do you think at the Hall of fame, Jordan’s acceptance speech was vicious & lame
Because he knew as did all the rest, that Kobe Bean Bryant will soon be the best
Blue Pill or Red Pill, Reload if you must, The Lakers stand pat because in Kobe we trust

Mark G,

No, I don't think it will make you less of a Lakers fan if you criticize the players including Kobe. There is a big difference in criticizing and hating, you know what I mean. I cringe also when Kobe force the issue too much. I am not a blind follower. A true fan take the good and the bad and not often times ugly. Kobe worshippers belong to type #1.

Jeanette, agreed.
bronxlakerfan, that #$%& was funny.
Crosby, Stills, and Nash, . . .love is comming
Mamba24, it is you. YOU're the cat that won't cop out, when there's trouble all about. Good job as always.
Phred, where is the love bro? I don't want to put the pressure on you, but aren't you in charge of the love? The blog is out of balance without the love.


"first off apologies 2 d blog faithful for deserting them ... last few months have been hectic ... i resigned in december and after going thru depression over ditching a good paycheck ... i decided 2 move back home 2 Nigeria"

Brother, it is very, very, very good to have you back. You have truly been missed.

It's been a difficult time for many of us economically. You are not alone.

I didn't know that you were from Nigeria! Laker Nation extends to Africa! Cool.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Laker Forever.



"Lakers do have problems, but Kobe isn't one of them."

If I could define the Lakers' "problem", it seems to be that they play worse, less focused team ball when Kobe is healthy (not just when he's on the court, even when he's on the bench.)

But, you're right. That doesn't seem to be Kobe's fault. It just seems like the team loses focus, almost because they feel like Kobe will bail them out so they don't need to put in 100% effort.

I'm not 100% certain that is what is going on, but it sure seems like it.

At least last night the Lakers weren't just standing around watching when Kobe had the ball (as they were before Kobe's injuries). There was at least a decent amount of player movement, which was good.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Jolly Rancher,

"Did everybody wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Holy Moley there's some evil being spewed on the blog already."

It's the annual infestation, brother. The virus has mutated. The trolls have turned into chicken littles and haters. It's bizarre, but not unexpected. We'll deal with it. We always do.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Thanks MAMBA24, you are one of the reasons I can't leave this blog"


Mamba24's positive energy (and Utzworld) are the two strongest antibotics against infestation.

They should be ashamed of themselves for not posting more often.

They are the magnetic poles by which this blog is navigated.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Nice post Mang Edwin. I always look forward to your posts, your take on what's going on. I enjoy it everytime.

I saw the game and it was awful night for the champs because of KB. They were totally out of chemistry and everyone was playing second fiddle to KB. They just got lucky as PJ said.

Hello Everyone,

As long as Kobe, Pau, Fishy, LO, Socks, UPS, Luuuuuke, Congo, Ears, Machine, Cornrows, and Morrison are on this team they are open to criticism. If I remember correctly, before the blog, only one man could criticize the lakers and have the entire nation agree with him. His name? Frances Dale "Chick" Hearn. If you don't know who that is, you better get out if this blog before something really happens to you. The blog is an extension of the love and wonder he gave us from his worlds eye view, so let's keep the love going. Avoid the trolls, they got nothing better to say anyway and stick with the path. Remember, the 4 to 5 months after we win the championship, it'll be funny to see all the trolls trying to pull their hairs out attempting to get under our skins to no avail cause the rings the thing and we will be in bliss...Zaira more-so, but still, Bliss!!!

Mark G,

"Is there any love out there for Mitch Richmond?"

I have huge love for Mitch Richmond. When Michael Jordan retired he said that Mitch Richmond was probably the next best shooting guard in the NBA still playing.

It pissed me off to no end that he was given so little playing time as a Laker, but I thought it was poetic that he made the final basket for the Lakers during the 2002 Championship season.

Mitch got his well-deserved ring.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Go back to Cleveland and stop blogging, you know nothing about basketball. Gasol shot 18 times last night and had nine free throws and ended up with 22 points. On 19 shots and three free throes Kobe had 32 points. In additon he had seven rebounds, 6 assists and three steals. He was 13-19 from the field and hit the game winning shot. Did you learn nothing from the Boston game. Pau is as consistent as you get but he doesn't want the ball at the end of the game.


As usual, it think your delightfully parsimonious analysis was spot-on.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hi! Sort of off topic question. What is the best way to take Laker games in HD format from a DVR and make a copy of it? I tried to replay it and save it to tape using a VCR but it came out really crappy! It would be nice to find something and burn a disc. Is that doable?

TIA! Excuse the off topic intrusion.


The Lakers win and lose TOGETHER!

Say what you may about Kobe, Pau, LO, Ron-Ron, DFish, Shannon, Bynum, et. al. - but the Lakers will win and lose together. Kobe has to pick Pau up, LO has to pick Ron up, Ron has to pick Fish up, Fish has to pick Kobe up.

How some folks act like Kobe is the problem, or Pau is the problem, or Fish is the problem... c'mon folks. True LAKER FANS love the LAKERS!!! Not just Kobe, not just Pau, not just LO...THE LAKERS!!!


Thanks for the kudos, well Gary was just misguided so he has to find fault on someone.

I think the Lakers will be rejuvenated today after a converted loss into a win last night. They will find time to go for the right chemistry under the Mavericks who are also one of the most improved team in the West. Mavs could be a dangerous team during the playoffs with the infusion of Butler. All they need to do is get to know each others move with Terry & KirK as long shot specialists, Kidd as the fascilitator and Butler as the slasher. They also have a good Coach. This team is more stable than Denver Nuggets in a 7 game series.

Last night, there were some bloggers dissing Artest, well he's still missing shots but compensates with his rugged defense. If I were PJ, I would put Artest on Randolf than going with Lamar. Gay is just too fast for RonRon. Well, Artest gave the Lakers the intangibles ofdefense and his offense has been slowed down because of those plantar faciitis problem. This is a lingering disease, I suffered from it for six months wearing donut pads to isolate the inflamed heel. It is a miracle that Artest can play and still run with the youth having this problem. He doesn't complain and just absorb the pains.

Basically, Lakers have to put more emphasis on Defense before going for careless or hasty Offense. Defense won them 4 games when Kobe was out. What happens with good showing on offense in the opening quarter, they tend to be lazy once they lead 10 or more. We need a bench who will push their behind like in the Olympic ice relay skating....push Gasol, Drew, Lamar, Artest to run as though there is Rottweiler chasing them than go with lazy jog going back to their transitional defense.

Lastly, Bronxlakerfan I seldom read your posts, same with Laker_sth. I guess after blogging for sometime we get bored reading all the same comments recycled. Like lawyers, we should just refer to the post uttered on archive dated mo/yr. I have observed even our energetic Italian princess missed postings lately, she got tired of waking up early mornings. After all the attentions showered on her , it takes dedicated nuts like us to keep up with the blog and maintain dialog with fellow nuts. lol!

What is this! Why every body is jumping on Gary? He can say whatever he choose about his opinion.

After reading all the comments only fools like the anti-Gary comments.

Grow up and let's enjoy the win for now, while we can!

>>>I didn't see the game, but the stats line indicates that this is one of the
>>>games were LO was content to sit back and watch Kobe.

No, it's not like that. Zach Randolph just OWNS Lamar. That's the main thing. Lamar kept trying, and kept getting very frustrated, but he let Z-bo get every rebound, score over him whenever he played him, and stop him from scoring for the most part.

>>>Not to pile on or anything but I think I hear Sponge-Bob calling you in for dinner

LOL!!!! THAT'S IT!!!

gary is Gary the snail from Sponge-Bob!

Come back, Gary!


>>>Oh and I just wanna say that gosh darn Kobe Bryant is a bad Mother
>>>shut your mouth!!
>>>Only talking 'bout Kobe!

We can dig it. :-)

I actually covered Theme from Shaft once. Fun track, but very tricky to play.


>>>Some peole pour salt on snails for their cruel pleasure, I just wach opposing
>>>benches in the final seconds of ball games with Kobe shooting.

The very very very best is watching the Celtics when they lose. There's almost nothing that gives me more cheer than watching the dejected faces of Pierce and Garnett and Doc Rivers. They seem to think it's their birthright to win every game, so the hubris is effervescent when they lose.

Watching LeBron when he loses is a close second.


"LOL!!!! THAT'S IT!!!

gary is Gary the snail from Sponge-Bob!

Come back, Gary!"

Thanks dude, I was starting to think that no one was going to get the reference...


>>>What is the best way to take Laker games in HD format from a DVR and make
>>> a copy of it?

First you need something that will capture HD.

I have been using a device that takes the component outputs from your PVR or satellite box and caps it to a computer. It does a good job, but I'm upgrading to a card that caps over HDMI, which would hopefully be even better.

Second, you'd need to have a Blu-Ray burner. I've burned DVDs of basketball games in the past, and it's good, but not great. DVD just doesn't have the resolution to keep up with the fast pace of basketball. Blu-Ray does.


bronxlakerfan: Re: Larry Hughes:

Correct me if I am wrong, did Larry play in some "semblance" of the Triangle or the Princeton offense with Washingon back in the day and maybe Chicago?? I am thinking he may have some knowledge of the intricacies of the Tri - but perhaps I am mistaken..

Nonetheless, I cannot see him not joining a team, a contender that is. Broken finger or not..

I guess we'll see. I just don't know how many more injuries (KNOCK on WOOD), we can withstand without getting some type of insurance so to speak....Couldn't hurt, or could it??

@Mamba 24....

YOU DAMN RIIIGHT!!!LOL!! Great video!

I use the "Theme from Shaft" as the ringtone on my cellie. It's a great icebreaker everytime it goes off in a public setting!

Mark G....

You're right...I forgot about Mitch Richmond, who was another player I thought that PJ under-utilized. But, I'm not going to start bashing a 10 time NBA championship coach. His success speaks for itself.


I'm not sure if Larry Hughes has any Triangle experience or not. But I do think he is a combo type of guard who still has something left in the tank.



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