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Kobe Bryant sits out Lakers game against Portland

Kobe_300 Kobe Bryant, the Lakers' ironman, will not play tonight against the Portland Trail Blazers becasue of a sprained left ankle.

Bryant refused to talk to the media before the game, but the Lakers said he would be re-evaluated Sunday.

Bryant had played in 235 consecutive games before missing this one. It was the first game Bryant has missed because of injury since Dec. 8, 2006. He did miss a game March 7, 2007, because of a suspension.

Bryant has played through a fracture on his right index finger, back spasms and the left ankle injury this season before shutting it down.

The Lakers were either going to start Shannon Brown or Sasha Vujacic against the Trail Blazers, who will be without their All-Star guard, Brandon Roy (strained right hamstring).

What made the news of Bryant missing the game worse for the Lakers is that they have lost nine consecutive games at the Rose Garden.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Portland, Ore.

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant wonders why no foul was called on his drive into the lane during the second half against Denver on Friday night. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Phil should realize D.Fish is helpless without Kobe.

BT, is this a put-on? If it's not, it speaks volumes about the Mamba's belief that he should put himself at risk for team mates who treat the Rose Garden like it's made of krypton. After his team mates were no-shows at Staples on Friday night, who can blame him. No more "What, me worry?" I'm worried.

It is going to be a loss anyway with Kobe. Might as well rest the guy; he needs it.

Wow - I have no idea what to think about this. The only way the Mamba doesn't play is if he's really hurt. This must be the case, so how bad is it really?

I don't know if I believe he'd sit out as some sort of silent protest.... He's too much of a competitor, and just loves the spirit of the game too much.

I'm going to believe he's finally realized he needs to heal up or he won't last all year. There's no point in killing yourself out on the court in February if it means you can't be there in June.

Yup - that's what I'm thinking....

Does this mean Morrison gets to put on a uniform today? Maybe it is time to give him a chance to put some points up.

Right move for KB. As Kenny Rogers sang:
You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away and know when to run
You never count your money, when you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin', when the dealin's done
The dealin's done in June...

can someone tell me what Vuyacic is doing on the lakers roster. Mitch please work something out to get rid of that bum. I think it is time for Fisher to give Shannon some time on the court. no disrespect but shannon can fit the role. the more he plays with the starters the more he will a good asset for the teeam. Devon Harris would be nice for the lakers. we need a nice point guard that can shoot the three and put pressure on the other team. VUYACIC NEEDS TO BE OUT....PLEASE DO SOMETHING

Just a couple comments about last nights loss. If people would pay attention to pre-game and post game interviews it would help them understand some things.
1. Phil said Drew was hurt from banging knees the prior game, I think it affected his game against the thuggets.
2.After the game Billups said he got a few easy looks early and that got him off.
So Drew was hurt, we know Kobe is hurt, Ron is hurting, even L.O. is banged up.
Derek really has no excuse, I love Fish, really do, but he let Chauncy get hot and that gave the whole team confidence.
The only thing we could have done was to play really good D and for that you must be healthy, like Stu pointed out during the game, on offense you know where you want to go, the body cooperates with the mind but defense is reactionary, you can not react well if you are hurt.
So the Nuggets got really, really hot mainly thanks to Fish and we were too hurt to stop them, nobody could match thier offense, it was un-natural so we would have to reley on defense and we are hurting thus the outcome. No big deal, not gonna happen in a best of 7 series. No way, but we do need a more athletic guard for defense. I don't think we need to trade Fish but we do need to trade someone or someones or develope Shannon a little more. P.J. did leave Fish on Chauncy way too long, but there is always a method to his madness that we mere mortals will never understand.
Live with it.

Brandon Roy is out, too.

Bynum looks like Tracey Morgan

Fish update: 1 for 3 after the first quarter. At least he is consistently bad.

Hey it looks like these other guys that also get PAID to play, really can play!KOBE i am talkin to u!

It's always funny when you see people listing all the "banged-up" Lakers to excuse a loss. Denver was playing without Carmelo and I haven't seen them use his injury as an excuse. Heck, Portland's been missing 4-5 essential players for a good deal of the season (Outlaw, Batum, and Oden have all missed 30+ games, while Pryzbilla, Fernandez, and Roy have all missed 10-20 games), and they were still playing well until Roy went down.

I liked the Laker "small ball unit" - very fast and zippy. That's a good look.

kensey (deep in the bowels of MA)



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