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Kobe Bryant sits out another game

Kobe Bryant missed his third consecutive game Wednesday night with a sprained left ankle.

Shannon Brown started for the second game in place of Bryant against the Utah Jazz at Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City.

Bryant still plans on going to the All-Star Game this weekend, but his participation will be a game-time decision.

Because Bryant missed the last three games, he won't be obligated by the NBA to play in Sunday's game.

Bryant is supposed to be a passer for Brown in Saturday night's slam-dunk contest.

If Bryant were to sit out the All-Star Game, he would allow his ankle to rest for 10 days before the Lakers play their next game Tuesday night against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center.

-- Broderick Turner  from Salt Lake City

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Good job team! Sure the Jazz were on a back2back but we were missing KB and Drew and SLC has always been one of the toughest away arenas.
The Lakers won too even though Luke and Artest had already started their All-Star break vacations. So the Lakers were basically missing 4 players and still beat Utah.
Now, the onus will be on Kobe and Bynum, on how to integrate themselves back into the rest of the team without losing the good vibes and momentum achieved with the amazing 3 game winning streak while missing the two.

Anyone who understands the game of basketball I'm sure appreciates the beauty of the game when Pau Gasol is playing point center. The Spaniard was masterful out there and the point margin would have been even bigger if Luke and Jordan hadn't screwed up some of Gasol's beautifully crafted passes from the high post. If Lamar Odom plays the whole playoffs the way he played the 3 game winning streak, there's no way the Lakers lose.
The ironic thing is even though Kobe is the best player on the Lakers, it is actually Lamar who determines their fate. You can count on Kobe and Gasol contributing every night and making the Lakers competitive versus anyone, but it is Lamar that tips the balance. When he's good the Lakers are unbeatable, when he's so-so the Lakers are beatable.

Yesssssssss, this Lakers team is certainly way better without Kobe. I hope Kobe ( and Bynum also) will take a cue once they come back. TEAMWORK and TEAM DEFENCE IS THE KEY FOR WINNING GAMES. DON'T MONOPOLIZE THE BALL Well shown by this Lakers team lead by Gasol and Odom. I salute you guys together with th rest of the Lakers team. JOB WELL DONE.

Every Pau-Hater out there should:
A) STFU forever
B) Read LakerinBC's comment over and over again...

You're absolutely right LakerinBC. When Lamar and Pau plays together, it is awesome, beautiful basketball. Even noted Laker-hater Bill Simmons praises as much.

We have the 2 most skilled big men in the game, sadly one doesn't always show up. LO needs to be aggressive at all times like in the last 3 games.

I feel this team has taken a step forward. It is good for them to learn to play without Kobe.
I hope they keep this play up and take it up another notch like we know they can.

Go Shannon!

Is Lakers a more dangerous team without Kobe?? From the looks, Lakers can play better ball without him. Everything seems to run smoothly without him during the last 3 games? What has happened. Why all of the a sudden the rest of the team played so well?

"...Is Lakers a more dangerous team without Kobe??..."

Scary thought. But looks that way.
I loved the team work and their hustle in the last 3 games.
Great games.

I've been annoyed with number of shot attempts by Kobe lately.

Ths is an example of an unnecessary post. It's a conversation breaker.

It's really hilarious there are people GENUINELY convinced this team is "better" without Kobe...
And this comes from the biggest Pau lover around, and somebody who last year felt sick until Lamar wasn't resigned.
But really... you don't have a clue.
This team is obviously very strong also without Kobe because we have so much talent at our disposal it's unreal.
BUt what Kobe adds in this team or any other team he plays for (ie.. the Olympic ones) it's UNCALCULABLE.

All of you disregarding this, you don't really deserve Kobe playing in front of your eyes.

I get sorry for you all.

I truly mean this.

A great win, and all Zaira can post is anger at the other posters for not properly adoring her "holy" Kobe.

You are who I thought you were.

Kobe's not stupid guys, he will see how well the lakers played in his absence. I'm sure he is salivating just thinking of coming back and playing with these guys. Kobe will be a team player, as hard as that is to believe.



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