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Kobe Bryant executes game winners to near-perfection


Every time Lakers guard Kobe Bryant hits a game-winning shot, that always brings up a valid excuse to re-watch his clutch performances. With his game-winning three-pointer in the Lakers' 99-98 victory Tuesday against the Memphis Grizzlies marking the sixth time he'd done such a thing this season, any subsequent game winner through the remainder of the regular season and in the playoffs will eventually result in Lakers fans memorizing the highlight reels that follow.

It's never a bad thing to relive those moments and wax nostalgic over a memorable game. But eventually there's the possibility that fans could eventually become numb to them and think what Bryant does is simply ordinary. So to provide some proper perspective, I also included the team's potential game winners that didn't go in, just to see how many of Bryant's clutch plays come down to execution.

Wednesday: Lakers' 99-98 victory @ Memphis Grizzlies

With Lakers forward Ron Artest inbounding the ball with 8.8 seconds remaining, Lakers forward Pau Gasol flashed to the near side of the perimeter and then passed to Lakers forward Lamar Odom at the top of the key. While Bryant cut to the the three-point line, Gasol set a screen on Rudy Gay. Odom then passed to Bryant, who quickly released the three-pointer. The shot swished into the net with 4.3 seconds remaining.

Thursday: Lakers' 87-86 loss to Boston Celtics

Lakers guard Derek Fisher is no stranger making game-winning shots, including the one with 0.4 of a second left in the 2004 conference semifinals in San Antonio and two big three-pointers in Game 4 of the 2009 NBA Finals against the Orlando Magic. The circumstances in last week's game against Boston didn't give Fisher the best chance to provide the same theatrics.

The Lakers were granted a timeout with 2.2 seconds remaining, though the team said it had immediately called timeout as soon as Paul Pierce missed a layup with 5.8 seconds left on the clock. Artest inbounded the ball to Fisher, who air-balled an off-balance 21-foot shot that was heavily contested by Boston guard Ray Allen.

Feb. 1: Lakers' 95-93 loss @ Memphis Grizzlies

The final 21 seconds didn't go exactly as planned. Bryant brought the ball up the court, Gasol ran a screen and roll at the top of the key, O.J.Mayo and Marc Gasol effectively switched and Bryant had nothing open with three seconds remaining. He passed to Artest in the near corner for a three-point attempt, but the shot went off the rim as time expired.

Jan. 31: Lakers' 90-89 victory @ Boston Celtics

Closely guarded by Allen at the top of the key, Bryant drove toward the right block and kicked it to Lakers center Andrew Bynum to the right of the lane. Bynum quickly passed back outside the three-point line to Bryant, who drove left, stopped at the free-throw line, pump faked and then shot a fall-away jumper over Allen that swished into the net.

The shot surely conjured images of last year's game at Boston, in which Bryant's three-pointer with 1:30 remaining in regulation gave the Lakers a 101-100 edge, their first lead in the second half, a game in which the Lakers ultimately prevailed in overtime

Jan. 24: Lakers' 106-105 loss @ Toronto Raptors

With Luke Walton inbounding the ball with 1.2 seconds remaining, Gasol, Bryant, Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar lined up on the free throw line. When the referees handed Walton the ball, Gasol rolled to the paint, Farmar cut to the right corner, Brown backed to the top of the key and Bryant went toward Walton 38 feet away from the basket. Walton's bounce pass went slightly out of Bryant's reach, but he got the ball and then pulled up for a fall-away three-pointer over Wright. The shot rimmed out, preventing what could have been Bryant's fifth game-winner of the season.

Jan 13: Lakers' 100-95 victory @ Dallas Mavericks

Go to the 1:28 mark in the video above to see Bryant dribble past Mavericks guard Josh Howard and pull up on the block for a 19-foot jumper, giving the Lakers a 97-95 lead with 28.9 seconds remaining.

It capped a 10-point performance and a day that began as early as 5 a.m. His personal massage therapist took a red-eye flight from Los Angeles and gave Mamba four hours of treatment at his Dallas hotel. Bryant wasn't going to let anything, such as flaring back spasms, cause him to miss a game for health reasons for the first time since December 2006.

Still, Bryant spent the entire second quarter laying on a thick cushion in front of the team bench and ended a nondescript first half with zero points and only one shot. But in the end, he made the shot that mattered the most, clinching the Lakers' victory.

Jan. 1: 109-108 victory over Sacramento Kings

After making contact with Kings guard Sergio Rodriguez, who slipped and fell, Bryant took a wide-open pass from Pau Gasol in the left corner. The shot swished in the net as time expired, capping a six-game surge in which he averaged nearly 40 points.

Despite an avulsion fracture in his right index finger, Bryant had played all but 45 seconds in the game. He also continued his hot shooting; during an 11-game stretch, he made 47% of his shots while taking at least 23 per game.

Dec. 16, 2009: 108-107 overtime win @ Milwaukee Bucks

Bryant had a chance to end the game in regulation, but he missed a 16-footer from the left side as time expired in regulation. In overtime, it appeared the Bucks were on their way to a win after Luke Ridnour's 15-footer gave Milwaukee a 106-100 lead with 1:25 left. But that was enough time for Bryant to make some late-game heroics and make up for his missed shot in the fourth quarter.

He made a nine-footer and then scored on an awkward shot in the lane. The referees then called a blocking foul on Andrew Bogut. Bryant made the free throw, cutting the Bucks' lead to 106-105 with 48.6 seconds left in OT.

Mamba's game-winning shot was in the same location as his miss in the fourth quarter. Odom inbounded the pass to Bryant, near the timeline, who drove to the left block, posted up against Charlie Bell and drilled a 15-foot turnaround jumper as time expired.

Dec. 4: 108-107 win over Miami Heat

Bryant's first game-winner this season came after Miami guard Dwyane Wade missed one of two free throws with 3.2 seconds remaining. Mamba took an inbounds pass from Artest near the left sideline, went toward the middle of the court and then shot a fall-away desperation 27-foot shot from the top of the key. The shot banked in and capped a 33-point performance.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Returning to the court after missing five games, Kobe Bryant scored 32 points, three of which came on a 26-foot three-pointer with 4.3 seconds to lift the Lakers to a 99-98 victory over Memphis on Tuesday night. Credit: Mike Brown/EPA.

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What a difference a close makes, huh?

Explain to me this: how is it possible that a paid NBA coach allows Kobe Bean Bryant to be WIDE F'ing OPEN for that shot?!?!

Guess he hasn't been reading the press clippings or scouting reports, huh?

Just sayin'...


To reiterate, if Kobe is smothered 5-on-one, you give up a layup to someone else and you don't lose the game. There is no way a single screen should have been effective in clearing Kobe up.

No Way. LO's and Artests men should have flashed to Kobe immediately. Better yet, have the Fowards provides the pressure opening up the middle and the rim, baiting the Lakers to take any shot but a three-point shot.

Let us not forget (and anyone who has played basketball knows this from first hand experience), at the end of the game, a layup is the hardest shot to make.



To quote Amare Stoudemire:

"Who better than Kobe?"

Mamba looks fresh, like he's had a couple weeks off. Oh wait - he has. I'm likin' it, and hopefully we'll see a better offensive turnout from the rest of the team.


Def the Gazamaba looked real "fresh, so fresh, exciting." PJ still has to get his minutes down. I think he played 40 last night. (apologies, but I can't remember who coined Gazamba, Jon K maybe?)

I guess when all the dust settles, the obvious arises; that today it's simply Kobe or Labron. Each spectacular in his own way, and each with the ability to 'take over' games at will, and to enforce his will upon the game's outcome. Each has proven that over time, many times; and likely will continue to do so. All of that being said, the one immutable fact remains. If you were to ask the question: which human being on the face of the earth, if your life depended upon it, would you hand the ball to to take the final shot in the most important game extant, and ask that of EVERYONE, other players, coaches, journalists, fans and even non-fans, I'm pretty darn sure that ball would be handed to 'The Mamba." Sorry, Labron. Only one man was born for that role, and has driven himself even further into it. Congratulations, Kobe. You deserve these accolades. Go Kobe, and Go Lakers!

Morning everyone!

Hope you all are having a great day so far. I'm excited about the win last night, and I'm hoping that we carry some defensive intensity into tonight's game with the Mavs.

Tonight is against the Mavs. It will be tough but we will win this one. What is just me, whenever I hear the name Butler, the first thing that comes to my mind is BUTLER, the SUNS troll. Oh geez, this blog got into me big time.


I also some cold blooded professionalism in the eyes of an assassin after converting that shot. He doesn't celebrate anymore or get animated like before with his teammates but just act accordingly as if it in his destiny to always save this team.

Will the other Lakers please wake up and find chemistry with Kobe as their team assassin? That is the call coming from avid fans, rather than compete with Kobe;s limelight, blend with Kobe if you want to help the team. When I say blend, I did not say depend too much on Kobe. Dig some small holes not ball hog the ball or force a shot in the post when it's too crowded or going for rebound in a gingerly fashion. If other Lakers like Artest and LO can play an exceptionally without Kobe, then they should do the same when he is around. Fisher should maintain that veteran composure of finding those shots at a closer range rather going for turn overs like a rookie.

Lastly, if you are truly aiming for a repeat of Laker Championship and call yourself a Laker player.... my God by this time you have to earn those bread and butter shots - make those free throws and defend without fouling!!!

ACCORDING TO ZEN: Kobe was very very very lucky and not because he is good...he is as good as Pau or Lamer or Thriller

I should have said, "What a difference a closer makes!" Fat-fingered that one for sure.

Is it an optical illusion or did LBJ not jump OVER all the other 9 guys on the court when he made that huge layup towards the end of last night's game?

It sure looked to me like he was over the rim and looking down when he decided to lay it in instead of dunking it.

If Kobe wasn't so superhuman, LBJ would have easily wiped him out of the conversation.

It sucks that every time they show a stat highlighting Kobe's greatness, there is LBJ, right there, too. Like the part about Kobe hitting 24 late-game shots this season, to LBJ's 25.

Although, this season Kobe is shooting better on desperation shots at the end of games (63%) than on any other kind of shot.

Man, I really want to hate LBJ. But, he's just to good. Crap!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
How can any Lakers fan NOT love Kobe Bryant? Seriously, the dude has cojones that LeBron James and the rest of the ESPN pretenders can only hope to grow. As far as any serious basketball analyst is concerned, Kobe has clearly now taken over the lead for regular season MVP with his 5th game winning shot this season and continued his inevitable drive to surpass MJ and finish his illustrious career as the GOAT.
Enough of the ridiculous thoughts that the Lakers don’t need Kobe or that in some distant alien dimension they could be a championship caliber team without KB24. Enough of the insults from fans who disrespected Mamba’s basketball IQ and thought he would be a disruptive rather than constructive force on his return. Ron Artest said it best when he reminded that reporter not to get this issue all “twisted” around.
I have not yet read all of the posts from bloggers but it looked to me like it was Kobe who called the timeout with 8 seconds left so the Lakers could regroup and setup the last play and what a last play it was. While I have usually rudely castigated Phil for his end-of-game plays, I have to take my hat off to him for last night. That was a great play he set up. Three crisp passes to hit Kobe coming off a screen where he could either drive the lane for 2 or take the 3 depending upon how Memphis countered the play on defense.
Finally, you have to give the Grizzlies credit for matching up well with the Lakers. Pau has obvious difficulties playing against his brother. Phil’s ectomorph versus endomorph description of the Gasol brothers was right on. Skinny Pau versus blocky Marc is going to be a fun match up to watch over the years. You have to give the Grizzlies credit for demanding Marc as part of the deal to trade Pau. It was a good deal for both teams.
Tough game for many of the Lakers players. Lamar and Ron were completely out of sync. Drew played like he was afraid to get off the ground and was just happy to finish the game without another injury. Jordan had an excellent first half and terrible second half. Shannon continued to show both poor judgment and shooting stroke. Fish hit a couple of clutch 3’s and then joined Pau in an embarrassing series of chokes at the line.
The Lakers still need to work on getting the entire team humming but I have confidence that as we approach the playoffs, we will continue to get better and better. And just as it is time for the team to come together and play their best team ball of the season, the same can be said of the blog. Time for all bloggers to realize that this is the team we are going to battle with and to which we need to give our undying love and support.
I have always been a big believer in karma and the ability of fans to impact how their team plays. Call it the power of positive thinking but I have always believed my rooting actually “helped” the Lakers win those 10 NBA championships – yes, even when I was watching the game on a DVR. Bottom line, we have the will and the power to carry our team to another championship so let’s put aside our differences and join together to give our team the cosmic boost it needs to overcome the dark side and triumph once again as champs.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What a great collection of clips. I almost got teary eyed watching this. Hopefully our squad isn't too exhausted after last nights game, but I do believe we have a good record in the latter part of back-to-backs. Jeanette, please be thankful that troll doesn't come around anymore. He was almost as silly as Mike T. and his man-crush on Kwame Brown. haha.

Kobe or LeBron? Haha, you have got to be kidding.

Without LeBron Cavs don't make the playoffs.

Without Kobe, Lakers are a better team. By a mile. Anyone with IQ over room temperature can see this.


>>>Enough of the ridiculous thoughts that the Lakers don’t need Kobe or that in
>>> some distant alien dimension they could be a championship caliber team
>>>without KB24.

No kidding, LT. Let's look beyond the game winner. In the last SIX MINUTES of the game, Kobe was the only Laker to make a basket. In that time, Pau bricked 3 of 4 free throws, Fisher missed 2 free throws, Artest bricked a shot, and Lamar drove the baseline and gave the ball away. Kobe got double-teamed and passed to Pau, who BRICKED A 5 FOOT JUMPER.

It's funny, from the time Kobe came back in the game in the fourth, EVERY TIME DOWN THE COURT I kept thinking "Give the ball to Kobe and get out of the way". But NOOOOOOO. They had to force it in to Pau. Fish HAD to try to drive the lane. Lamar had to try to drive the lane as well.


You other four guys can feel free to take a shot when the team is leading or when it's early in a game or if Kobe gets double-teamed. But IN ANY OTHER SITUATION, if the game is on the line, just give it to Kobe and get the heck out of the way. It's the best chance they have of winning.

Kobe or Lebron???? 4 championships to NONE. Nuff said. Unless Lebron wins 4, there cannot be any comparisons. Kobe is clutch, Lebron is all strenght, in about 5 years, Lebron will be fat like Shaq and where as Kobe will age like Jordan, still having a great jump shot.

I have always been a big believer in karma and the ability of fans to impact how their team plays. Call it the power of positive thinking but I have always believed my rooting actually “helped” the Lakers win those 10 NBA championships – yes, even when I was watching the game on a DVR. Bottom line, we have the will and the power to carry our team to another championship so let’s put aside our differences and join together to give our team the cosmic boost it needs to overcome the dark side and triumph once again as champs.
Posted by: LakerTom | February 24, 2010 at 09:19 AM


EWWW the audacity of this filthy McNuggs:

JR Smith suffers a memory problem or maybe its mental, let us remind him of what happened

Anyway, I want a focus team tonight to beat the Mavs. Lakers had a meh meh performance last night except for Kobe and Pau and maybe Ron's defense.

Anyone who watched the game last night and say that KB was great is crazy and the black mamba has rented too much space in your head. Just be objective and tell the truth.......................because of KB, the lakers had no chemistry. Now deal with that.


“KUDOS TO YOU ON YOUR GAME SUMMARY! I didn't see the game but I feel like I did after reading your post. Thank you sir!”

Thank you, most gracious sir, and I’m glad I could help you out!

Mark G,

“...and then go to explain why the other person is an idiot, a moron, ignorant, or just an all around vile human being. (I'm always impressed by their abillity to evade any sense that there is something ironic about their posts)”

Nice observation, but the irony is really the only thing that makes it even half-way interesting, I love irony! Usually, when folks don’t understand the irony they are creating it becomes indistinguishable from hypocrisy, which ain’t quite so interesting except in revealing true character. However, if there wasn’t any irony involved I wouldn’t read any of this type of commentary at all. SNAFU and it's deja vu all over again!

bump...just the summary...

After watching the end of this game it’s hard not to think that the Lakers would have beat the ‘tics the same way if Kobe had been healthy last Thursday night. Kobe scored the last 9 Laker points as they outscored the Griz 9-3 down the stretch. This is the Lakers sixth one-point win of the season and more than a couple of them have ended in this same manner, with Kobe hitting the last shot.

The Lakers won the last quarter 23-17 to recover from being blown out in the second and third. Bynum and Artest played very good defense all game but didn’t get much help from the rest of the team. This game should not have been nearly as difficult as it was to win, but the Lakers committed 17 turnovers, were outrebounded and weren’t able to make it to 20 assists as a team. However, they did have Kobe tonight and that turned out to make all the difference.

Kobe’s line: 32 points on 13-19 FGs, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.
Pau’s line: 22 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists.
Drew’s line: 15 points on 5-8 FGs and 5-6 FTs, and 6 hard fouls in 23.5 minutes of playing good, tough defense.

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They saw the Lakers, minus Kobe have a 4 game run, but Knew without Kobe the Lakers were done
They hoped in their hearts that envy would begin, because of the Lakers success without Bryant
They couldn’t beat the Lakers with Kobe so their only hope, The Lakers would fall for the Rope-A-Dope
Would a lil success go to the Lakers head, Make them believe they could win without Kobe instead
Teams hoped that when Mamba finally healed, The Lakers would think that he was a fifth wheel
Yes all the teams were stupid that way, To think without Kobe the Lakers wanted to play
And then on a glorious February night, The Mamba returned, God it was such a sight
Fish gave a whoop and Pau shed a tear and all cried THANK GOD THE MAMBA IS HERE
And the Grizzlies what could they say, AW HELL MAMBA’S BACK, I DON’T WANT TO PLAY
But play against Bryant they knew they must, From beginning to end Mamba showed no rust
And what of the other Lakers how did they adjust, Quite easily for in the Black Mamba they did Trust
In the end it came down to what everyone knew, The last shot would be taken by you know who
Not a bit of hesitation, smooth as can be, The ball flew from Kobes hands, it was pretty to see
Then thru the net, the Ball smoothly swished, Mamba did it again, Laker Nation had it’s wish
Pau grabbed & hugged Kobe, Fish gave a big sigh, 10Rings smirked & said what a Lucky, LUCKY GUY
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Laker Tom,

It's all about the love, positive energy. It does help our team.

Kobe is in a zone. You can see it in his eyes, his body language. He means business and no messing around. Did you see his reactions when the bench players hug him after the game? If only the other Lakers can match the focus, intensity and dedication of Kobe, Lakers can win back to back to back to back championships.

Kobe has matured a lot. Nobody and nothing can affect him anymore. He takes his revenge on the court. He just do the walk and not talk the talk. When he is like this he is UNSTOPPABLE. We saw that in the WCF and the Finals. This time, it came earlier than expected. Who cares about MVP? Remember, when Jordan lost to Karl, what did Jordan do in the Finals against Utah?


“I have always been a big believer in karma and the ability of fans to impact how their team plays. Call it the power of positive thinking but I have always believed my rooting actually “helped” the Lakers win those 10 NBA championships – yes, even when I was watching the game on a DVR.”

That’s only when you sit on your left butt cheek, so why were you sitting more on your right one the other night when Fish missed that buzzer-beater? Of course I’m joking, butt not completely.


You must be in a pretty cold room, because your IQ is hovering around 47. Most of us Lakers fans live in California -- not Cleveland -- and it's usually above 78 degrees here. That's 31 degrees warmer than where you are, just in case the simple math confuses you. Wait... is that drool on your shirt?

Go Lake Show!

Kobe is the man! KOBEEEE!!! but at what expense?

Seriuosly, Kobe needs to sit the next five games again, he is affecting the play of his teammates way too much. Kobe should be on call duty only.

The team is still better without Kobe.

With Kobe almost lost the game. Margin of +1 pt, 5.5 seconds left Memphis still ahead by two points. Very dangerous, NOT a GOOD game for the Lakers.

Without Kobe, the team won by easy +15 pts in five games. Everyone contributed, balance scoring was obvious on the stats. Everyone put in a great balanced effort. EASY win, great games for the Lakers.

That is a fact.

Hahaha, looks like the trolls are out en force today. Oh well, so what if Kobe "messed" with Chemistry as you trolls so eloquently put it. Who got the win? Lakers Blog 1- Trolls 0. Come back with an argument you guys can actually win...except you JimJoyce, you can stay.

That play they executed was done to perfection. People are asking, how did Kobe get so open? Let's look at the details. It isn't just Pau's screen that did it. It's a really brilliant play.

As soon as the ball was inbounded, Kobe gave a backscreen on Ron's man. Ron quick cut baseline. If they don't guard this - this is a layup. As ron's man was back screened, it forced Rudy Gay to take a step towards the basketball to cover Ron temporarily. This is actually where Kobe got a step on Rudy.

Meanwhile on top of the key, a cross screen opened up Lamar to be free to catch that pass from Gasol. As soon as Gasol passed it he turned around to screen Rudy (who remember is already one step behind Kobe and trying to scramble to catch up to him). The screen comes somewhat unexpected as Rudy is too occupied trying to catch up to Kobe that he wouldn't have fully registered the ball was flipped to Odom. Very subtle but important. He runs into Odom, but by that time he was already a step behind and now he is two steps behind.

Kobe that wide open? Game over. Perfect execution.

In my eyes the key was the original backscreen that forced Rudy one step out of where he wanted to be. Then while offstep, they threw a screen at him. Brilliant. Love it.

What is up with David Thorpe? He's saying some dumb things in his chat:

Jerry ((LA))

Thorp Dogg!!!! Settle an arguement between me and my buddy. Who do you take and why...TMAC in his Prime or Kobe in his Prime?

David Thorpe (12:01 PM)

Kobe, but it's close. Great question to start it off!

Lebron James ((OH))

Why is everyone just assuming I am the best in the league now. Is it because of the hype machine that is ESPN and NIKE. It's obvious fans dont actually watch games. Kobe is still better, maybe not in 3 or 4 years but right now he is.

David Thorpe (12:08 PM)

It's simply not true.

Baljit Pahal (Toronto)

Tmac in his prime is a close call with kobe in his prime? You're rediculous.....

David Thorpe (12:09 PM)


brett (tempe)

Steph Curry is gonna be a star... team guy who can light it up when he needs to... and a smooth jumper... why did so many teams think he couldn't handle the point? I think he has shown great vision, and basketball IQ and is learning angles and passes... too many one hand passes but he has that natural flare for the game...

David Thorpe (12:10 PM)

I have no idea.

Sam (Atl)

How many games do you watch a week?

David Thorpe (12:13 PM)

I watch 7-10 each week.

chris (ct)

I honestly used to enjoy your chats thorpe but no more.. I love how every ESPN homer picks Lebron over Kobe.. Where are you knuckleheads been over the past 13 years???

David Thorpe (12:17 PM)

It's not just us Chris. I saw last week or so a columnist for the LA Times wrote the same thing. Get over it.

Tim (Katy, TX)

You can't honestly think '02-'05 T-mac was close to Kobe. Are you serious?

David Thorpe (12:28 PM)

Can someone tell me how their PER's rate when they were playing their best? And T-Mac spent much of his best time on weak or average franchises.


Thorpe, I just love your chats and your family attitude - have mad respect for a man not afraid to honor his family the way you do - but I have to agree with the poster above. TMAC close to Kobe in his prime? That's just flatly ridiculous. Kobe is on another stratosphere than TMac has ever reached.

David Thorpe (12:33 PM)

Thanks-I have no problem taking criticism. Thanks for not making it personal. Ask yourself this question-if TMac was in LA with Shaq and Phil, could the Lakers have win 3 titles?

Joe (Alaska)

After this season with all the superstar becoming free agents do you think there any chance a big name will come to LA and join the laker for the run at the 3 peet

David Thorpe (12:37 PM)


max (Chicago)

Kobe hit some great shots at the end of last night's game. with your team down single digits in the last 6 minutes of the game, which player do you most want to have to take over?

David Thorpe (12:40 PM)

Alright, I've had about enough of this line of questioning.

Chris Isola (NJ)

Hey, it seems like you are just hating on Kobe, and giving all the accolades to Lebron James and he hasnt won anything.

David Thorpe (12:48 PM)

It seems that way because you are a moron. I think Jerry Rice was a better player than Emmitt Smith. Does that mean I hate Smith, my all-time favorite player?


So now it's the fault of T-Mac's coaches that he never cared enough to cultivate his talents and lacks heart and toughness? Seriously? David, as a father, you cannot seriously be advocating that it's everyone ELSE's fault for a what grown man does or doesn't do. Kobe didn't need coaches to give him a work ethic, and it wasn't Phil in LA that cultivated it, either. T-Mac's issues have always been about laziness and lack of heart ... and that's not on anyone else, my friend.

David Thorpe (12:57 PM)

As a dad, I can tell you that to expect my children to figure life out on their own is absurd. I'm not suggesting that T-Mac is not at fault for his faults, but I am saying that in better programs, he'd have become a better player. And he was incredible as is.

Einstein (The Ground)

It seems only a Moron would pick a player who has no June Pedigree over a veteran with 4 rings? Sorry, do I have to Kiss your butt to get posted? Love your chats buddy.

David Thorpe (12:58 PM)

I thought I picked Kobe, didn't I?"


How stupid.. Kobe was well within the flow of the offense.. in fact, he didn't even touch the ball on many plays. Don't put the team's lackluster play on Kobe.. lakers bigmen continue to be soft despite Phil having the lakers pound the ball into them. The perimeter shotmaking from Shannon, Farmar and Ron during that 5 game stretch saved them. You can't expect that every game, and especially now because these guys really don't produce in limited minutes. That's their issue and it has to be resolved if the lakers want to win TITLES.


I agree with you, while Kobe is a great individual player, somehow je just does not know how to incorporate his team mates. As evident from lat night's game again, the rest of the team had a mediocre outing at best. This team is stacked with very good players, and last night they should have won with ease instead of relying on Kobe for the umpteenth time. It concerns me that his inability to make his team mates better is going to be an issues come playoffs. One of the reason he only has won one MVP award while MJ won many.

Besides it is no fun to watch a one man show, boring.....

Oxford Town, Oxford Town
Ev'rybody's got their heads bowed down
The sun don't shine above the ground
Ain't a-goin' down to Oxford Town

hey guys a new post is up. Feel free to comment on the new thread and any other previous threads. I'll gladly post any duplicate posts you want on multiple threads.


YOUR TEAM benefited from it, huge! Sadly it also shows the negative effect of Kobe being in the team. Every one saw it, the world saw it.

Superstars like Magic Johnson rallied the teammates and its Laker fans together, they united.

Superstars like Michael Jordan rallied his teammmates and the NBA fans together and united.

Superstars like Tim Duncan rallied his teammmates and the Spurs fans together and united.

Superstars like Shaquille Oneal and Kobe Bryant divides their teammates and destroys Laker fans cohesiveness.

I want a LAKERS SUPERSTAR I can rally for, who puts the team and his teammates above all not himself.

It is time to be a LAKERFAN again all and let go of your KOBE FANATICISM. There is life and championships after Kobe Bryant as long as Jerry Buss owns this team.

The owner is the one that puts together championship teams, the owner has won before without Kobe, and he will again with or without Kobe Bryant.

Let's go, and let's unite as LAKERFANS!

We divide and only we loose. I love my Lakers!!! Say it!

We all bleed purple and gold! There will always be another Superstar who will wear a Lakers jersey, but there is only ONE LOS ANGELES LAKERS!

@aztronut, how have you been?
Generaly, I try not to read the real vitriolic posts, and rarely do I comment on them, but once in a while I let myself get sucked in. What can I say?
I'm with you though, I do love irony. You must also be a Colbert fan?

Lakers get a beatdown by about 15 on ESPN tonight.

Mavs no Grizz..

For real..

@aztronut & Laker Tom Re: Fans affecting games.
This is embarrassing, but a fair percentage of my family now yells "heebie jeebies" at the TV when right when opposing players release their FT shots. It seems to work about 30% of the time, more so when Shaq is shooting.
Please don't mention this to anyone.

@aztronut & Laker Tom Re: Fans affecting games.
This is embarrassing, but a fair percentage of my family now yells "heebie jeebies" at the TV right when opposing players release their FT shots. It seems to work about 30% of the time, more so when Shaq is shooting.
Please don't mention this to anyone.

Reposted for a superfluous "when."

Mark G,

"I'm with you though, I do love irony. You must also be a Colbert fan?"

I don't watch his report every night but I do enjoy some of his zanier bits, including that castigation of W at the NPC dinner and his Palin bit was an all time classic...

AZTRONUT… Awesome game summary. Like some wonderful karmic instant replay to enjoy. Thank you. As for Fish’s last shot, I doubt we would have been in position to even win the game were it not for mental power of the Lakers nation willing their team to perform so splendidly without their esteemed leader. Think about it. There are not only more Lakers fans in the world than any other NBA team and as we see from this blog, there is no team fandom out there that is more passionate and enthusiastic about than we Lakerholics. We may fight like brothers and sisters before the game, but once that ball goes up the power of our will and love for our team ignites the karma that flows through back through every TV, computer, and radio connected to a Lakerholic and energizes our team wherever they are. Laker Power is exponential and existential.
- - - - - - - - -
MAMBA… Oh, man, I love back-to-back games and roll call. I can’t tell you what a thrill it is every game to see the roll call and experience the karma of this blog and all my fellow Lakers brothers and sisters. I hope you have kept copies of all the great poems you have put together for the blog. There will come a day when the LA Times will publish a book about the phenomenon that this Lakers Blog has become. Where was Utzworld tonight. I missed the game day prayer, another in the Lakerholics repertoire of virtual weapons.
- - - - - - - - -
LTLF… No doubt Kobe was nails last night. Kevin McHale, whom I have always hated as a player and Celtic, had the issue pegged right from the start. Kobe was so anxious to play again that it was like watching a little kid play. That pure unadulterated love for the game that is the base upon which Kobe has honed his skills just shone through like a laser in the night. Now we just need to get the rest of the team to finish better and we will be on our way to our 16th NBA championship. Kobe has no peer in today’s NBA as a closer. No peer.
- - - - - - - - -
JEANETTE… “It's all about the love, positive energy. It does help our team.” Damn straight. I know there are readers out there who are saying that I am crazy to contend that we – the die-hard Lakerholics – actually impact the game and our team’s championship aspirations. But it’s all about believing in something. That is a lesson that we have seen over and over throughout history as individuals, families, countries, and cultures have thrived and overcome great adversity. Believe in coincidence or fate or whatever you want, I know my team “hears and feels” my love and support every game. Ten NBA championships on my watch proves that.
- - - - - - - - -

@LAKERTOM, Thank you sir. utzworld has become depressed & disgusted by the many squabbles and Trolls holding forth and probably will only give Game Day prayers for the Big games


>>>because of KB, the lakers had no chemistry

Yeah, because Kobe caused Pau to brick a bunch of shots and turn the ball over in the 3rd.

And Kobe and his "bad chemistry" caused Pau and Fish to brick free throws in the fourth quarter.

And Kobe and his "bad chemistry" made Lamar and Drew ineffective rebounders in the game.

rapk, a proper critique of your ign'nt post would just be a rearrangement of the letters in your username...


@aztronut & Laker Tom Re: Fans affecting games.
This is embarrassing, but a fair percentage of my family now yells "heebie jeebies" at the TV right when opposing players release their FT shots. It seems to work about 30% of the time, more so when Shaq is shooting.
Please don't mention this to anyone.

Reposted for a superfluous "when."

Posted by: Mark G | February 24, 2010 at 10:51 AM

Now that's funny. We yell yakamo!

It sucked that Drew didn't get as many touches because of foul trouble. But, he laid down the correct fouls in the correct situations, and he laid them hard -- the way your are supposed to.

And, he even helped up everyone he knocked down. I like his game, overall. He definitely contributed to the win.


You are correct, sir. The Lakers better realize who's show this is and act accordingly. And...make some dang free throws. This game never had to be that close.


Kobe has six, not five such game winners. Sorry to nit pick.



Keep up with the game summaries. It is like watching the game all over again in my head. Fantastic!



"Keep up with the game summaries. It is like watching the game all over again in my head. Fantastic!"

Thanks for your support. I'll try and keep it going but I'm also still working on ways to condense things more as well...

"It sucked that Drew didn't get as many touches because of foul trouble. But, he laid down the correct fouls in the correct situations, and he laid them hard -- the way your are supposed to...And, he even helped up everyone he knocked down. I like his game, overall. He definitely contributed to the win."

I'm glad you also appreciated Bynum's defensive efforts last night. Some folks around here like to say that he doesn't play defensive unless he gets touches but this game was an obvious counterpoint to that BS. It seemed like the Griz bigs got most all of their points off of Pau and of course LO got eaten up by Randolph, so I'm really glad Drew came through because it helped give us a chance to win, and of course we did.


"Awesome game summary."

Thanks again. I hope you don't take my dismissal of karma the wrong way. I do think that it's a beautiful concept, but I'm just way to cynical for that kind of stuff...

Or as Ambrose Bierce says, a cynic is, "a blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be. Hence the custom amongst the Scythians of plucking out a cynic's eyes to improve his vision."

nice compilation; could use a better pic though. There's gotta be at least 10 better ones from the Memphis game alone.


Gee, thanks for adding me to the rollcall...I'm honored that you would include such a 'newbie' as myself.

G in DC,

Mamba24 is a very thoughtful more ways than one!



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