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Caught in the Web: Lakers have some time before next game


The Lakers don't play again until next Tuesday at Memphis, inevitably leaving more time in between for fans and the team to stomach its 87-86 loss Thursday to the Boston Celtics.

The Times' Mike Bresnahan noted the team's poor shooting in the final minutes of the game. I documented how Celtics guard Ray Allen had a big night in an otherwise sluggish season. And the Kamenetzky Brothers described in detail the numerous challenges the Lakers will face for the rest of the season.

While Silver Screen and Roll break down how some of those challenges could include the numerous trades made around the league, Forum Blue and Gold says it's not exactly sold on Cleveland's trade involving Antawn Jamison, and it's not just because his debut entailed a zero of 12 clip in the Cavs' 110-93 loss Friday to the Charlotte Bobcats.

Fans have certainly aired their grievances too, with some of them wanting The Times' Broderick Turner to offer some solutions. But as ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi wants to remind fans to relax and remember an 82-game season presents many highs and lows.

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--There's some Lakers fans that wished the team acquired Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich, in hopes of strengthening the team's backcourt. But Hinrich tells The Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson is glad he's still wearing a Bulls uniform.

--This is a debate that never dies. LeBron versus Kobe. The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller isn't exactly wearing purple and gold with his take.

--Here's another debate that's catching fire once again: Derek Fisher's value to the team. ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne correctly explains why that mindset is incredibly shortsighted.

--Lakers forward Pau Gasol spent part of the team's day off Friday accepting the "Sportsman of the Year" honor, presented at the LA Sports Awards.

--Meanwhile, Lakers forward Ron Artest was busy in the afternoon for the unveiling of a PETA billboard to raise awareness about spaying cats and dogs.

--Here's something to pass the time before the Lakers play Tuesday.'s Mike Trudell put together an excellent collection of postcards from All-Star weekend.

--A scout told Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen that if Cleveland and the Lakers match up in the NBA Finals, the Lakers would successfully defend their title.

Tweet of the Day:"Quiet day for the Lakers. In fact, it'll be a quiet weekend. No practice today. Probably no practice Sunday. No game 'til next Tuesday. Yawn" -- Mike_Bresnahan (L.A. Times Lakers beat writer Mike Bresnahan).

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lamar Odom and Sasha Vujacic force a jump ball after tying up Boston's Kevin Garnett in the fourth quarter of the Lakers' 87-86 loss Thursday at Staples Center. Credit: Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times.

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Derek Fisher is terrible.

As I said two years ago, as I said last year, I so say this year.

The Lakers will go as far as the play of the C/PF position.

There is no pg in the NBA who is capable of crushing the Lakers
in a 7 game series. At least on the team the currently inhabit.

B/n Kobe & Artest Melo & LBJ can be contained.
There is no better SG in the league than KB. There is no one
who can contain him.

If Pau, Bynum & LO bring their A game, we will win. If Bynum plays sissy
we should still win. If Pau plays soft, we will not win. If LO gets distracted
with Nestle we will not win.

note: I am expecting inconsistent play from the bench. I am expecting
inconsistent play from D-Fish.

The scout in the SI article talks about how Pau is gonna struggle guarding Jamison, but how in the world is Jamison gonna guard Pau? I think that matchup favors us every day of the week. I also think LO could dominate Jamison on the floor.

Assuming Z returns to Cleveland, I'm not sure how they're gonna find playing time for all their frontcourt players. They've got a lot of frontcourt depth, but in the playoffs where rotations are limited to 8 players or so, quality trumps depth.

If we can slow down Mo Williams and make Varejao a non-factor, I really like our chances. And if Drew and Fish step up for us, I don't see how we lose.


"Derek Fisher is terrible."

Such a brilliant statement. You really understand basketball and express yourself as a sophisticated, intelligent and insightful wordsmith.

Please advise me as to how I should live my life.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We really should be able to discuss Fish reasonably. He is struggling with his shooting and isn't a quick defender. I still don't understand why he keeps going to the hoop, gets blocked almost all of the time. I don't, however, dislike him. It just seems like a good opportunity to try Farmar or Brown (especially if the Triangle doesn't emphasize point guard passing for assists). Just thoughts.

Please advise me as to how I should live my life.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K.

Live you life with a little class.

Fisher isn't making the plays at times, many times, it's time to start phasing in a transition with Shannon or Jordan Farmar at point with Kobe in their heads while on the court and Fisher in their heads during timeouts. Remember the Lakers can also play with neither as a point guard, Using the 2 bigs, a 3 (dang, this is when we need Walton and he's Josh Powell), and Kobe and Lamar....of course KB and LO willl get beat off the dribble but that's why our 2 towers need to close down the lane and intimidate. Personally, I would play M'Benga a few minutes now and then to give hard fouls to anyone coming down the lane. He's athletic enough to stay around spotup 3's, they should be intimidated as well, Time to get rid of that soft label. Gasol is playing soft again. I hate to say this but I wish Shaq would retire and return to LA and mentor our bigs on toughness next year. KB can't be the intimidator, he's only 205 lbs now, and as he ages, he will find it harder and harder to maintain and recover his muscle strength after injuries. His game should transition to him playing the 1, just like Magic did.....The failure to unload Morrison was a shock, he doesn't play, and still the Lakers kept him instead of unloading his salary and saving millions. Tell me, does anybody see him having a whack in the head that turns on his lightbulb and he comes out as the Adam Morrison of Gonzaga, look, even JJ Reddick woke up...on see, it takes more than 29 minutes to evaluate a player.

Jon K

With all due respect, I find your last posts regarding LBJ and mom distasteful. Things like these should not be coming from Lakerholics as they may be construed as biases against LBJ. These are personal issues between LBJ and mom. We should only judge athlete on their performances. If this story is true then I feel for LBJ, his life story is inspiring to some extent.

Again, I truly enjoy your posts expect for this one in particular. Peace.

IMO, in the past 5 games, the Lakers' help defense has been VERY good. It's the biggest reason why they're 4-1 in that stretch. If they can maintain that defensive intensity and the Mamba comes back refreshed and healthy, The Show will be a very tough out indeed. For anyone! It's a long season and it's easy to forget that Kobe was off to arguably his best all around season before injuring his index finger. The Lakers will be ready when the bright lights shine.

BTW, if I'm Houston, no way I give up Carl Landry! He's an old school banger who would really look great in Purple & Gold. Man's got a heart the size of a bass drum.

fish needs to be benched and played for certain match ups he forces up shots that are highly questionable i dont understand why he plays so much when his is consistently provides nothing, u can have leadership on the bench if they continue to play fish at that level we will not make it to the finals period!

Don't you just hate how the Celtics think they can "out-intensity" other teams? I know that's not a word, but you get the idea.
The best comment I've read recently on the Net stated that "KG has become a caricature of himself". Did you see him at the end of the ASG on the bench whooping it up like some sort of maniac? Man's got issues!


Good to see you on the blog again. I completely agree with you re: our defense as of late. I enjoyed watching our guys play scrappy defense, kinda like how Houston plays. If we maintain our defense and get into a flow on offense, we're gonna be very tough to beat.

And I've also really liked Carl Landry for a long time now. He is one tough man - exactly the type of player who would help the Lakers. He's seriously underpaid too. I'd like to see either him or Marc Gasol join the Lakers sometime in the not too distant future.


Like yourself?

Give me a break you whiney little idiot.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Geesh, you have been putting up some good articles with lots of good links. Some days theres so much good stuff to read and so little time I have a hard time deciding what to skip and have to end up back tracking later to get caught up. Its almost eerie how some of the articles and links match up with whats being discussed in the blog and I cant decide which is coming first, which is the chicken and which is the egg. You do a good job of posting relevant and timely articles which help to keep the blog lively, though, lets see, not sure this blog needs any help being kept lively. It seems to do that on its own, in a good way. There are some really sharp posters here.

Fish did get burned badly while trying to guard Allen. By the time Phil decided to put someone else on him, it was too late. In my opinion, Phil's coaching cost us that game against Boston.

Fish should come off the bench. PJ may play him at the end of the game but he is definitely should not start. He helps the team greatly by asking PJ to NOT start him. He should play 16-18 mins a game to save himself for playoffs. Fish has been a warrior for Lakers but he is hurting the team. Having said that, the loss to the Celts were not entirely on Fish. The team with the exception of Pau, was horrible. They could not even make the free throws. Celts played good defense overall but they could not put their hands on the Lakers face at the free throw line yet they missed so many in an 1 point loss. It was nauseous, sickening, whatever you call it; it was one of the worst effort I have seen the Lakers play in a game.
So much for a RIVALRY!!!

EJK...I guess we can both fantasize about a guy like Landry on the Lakers...he would put an end to the "softness" issue once and for all. LOL!

On another front, losing Sasha indefinitely on top of not having Luke Walton due to his injury seriously undermines the Lakers' depth. Those two have been whipping boys on the blog for years, but the minutes they play helps to alleviate the workload on the team's stars.

If Jordan Farmar wants to start, it's simple. He should take the job away from Fisher by out playing him in games and in practice and by virtue of his work ethic. Farmar is a veteran now. He should play so well that the coaching staff would have no choice but to make a change. If he's capable of doing that, he would enhance his own career and get the recognition and the contract that he craves.

hobbitmage: Like your post, you factor in the fact that the Lakers will probably be looking at some inconsistent play and still have enough to win. I think that in a 7-game series, every player will have an off-game, that includes both sides. Some players will have 2-3 games that they struggle, others might have a single good game, or none in a series.

The good thing, a 7 game series gives the coaching staff time to neutralize weaknesses on defense. The Lakers present more problems than most (probably all) on offense, so defense becomes the key. Something that hasn't changed is D-Fish's defense against quick point guards, but this has been able to be overcome in the past (this is almost as long-term an issue as the Lakers defense on the pick-and-roll). The sky isn't falling just because the Lakers didn't make a move, personally I would have loved to see the Lakers acquire someone like Devin Harris, but that didn't happen so this is what they got going into the playoffs.

The Lakers CAN STILL WIN, like they have in the past! D-Fish is still near-masterful at running the triangle, his shot isn't falling but he really does give a calming, veteran presence on offense. Besides, Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Artest, L.O. - those guys should be getting the majority of touches, not Fisher. The defense can be shored up, as the Lakers have done for years. No time to panic or send Fisher to the bench yet, if Farmar was a more adequate replacement then I could see it, but he is too erratic at times.

Besides, the Cav's just got smaller, unless they get Ilgauskas back it's a losing trade in a Laker matchup. The Lakers also KNOW they can beat Boston and they've already beat Orlando, so people stop panicking!


I've read your post and understand your point and think it is with merit.

It's a weird area that I'm posting about.

LeBron James is a human being... but he's also a multi-billion dollar brand that the forces-that-be are clearly trying to position for economic benefit.

I'm not sure how immune that makes him to acting like a complete jerk and cowtowing to a mother who has extreme personal issues and is a public bigot.

It's a fine line.

Just to make things clear: I have made up NOTHING which I have posted on this blog, but at the same time I have not experienced any of these things directly. These are all things which have been told to me by people who I view as viable sources (including a regular friendly acquiantance who used to date LeBron's mom).

I cannot say with true honesty that these things are 100% accurate. I can just state that these things I have communicated I have communicated honestly.

That's it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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