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Bryant doubtful for Thursday's game

It sure didn't sound like Kobe Bryant would play Thursday against Boston.

"Right now it's a no," he said Wednesday. "If I wake up tomorrow and I feel drastically different, then I'll play, but I doubt it."

Bryant said the sprain in his left ankle wasn't the problem any longer. It was a sore peroneal tendon in the outside part of his lower left leg.

The Lakers have gone 4-0 in Bryant's absence, though they struggled Tuesday in a 104-94 victory over Golden State. If Bryant sits out Thursday's game, the Lakers don't play again until Tuesday in Memphis.

--MIke Bresnahan

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Well, I'm glad he's resting, since the Boston game doesn't mean nearly as much now that the Celts are fading fast. I wouldn't be surprised if we beat them without Kobe.
The more important issue is how badly is Kobe hurt?

Wow, never heard of that peroneal tendon thing-a-ma-jig before..

Here's hoping Kobe can fully heal soon enough!

There are 5 days before the next game after Boston, so I guess it buys him more time. But then why not test it, and then see how it responds with the benefit of the 5 days? He must really be hurt.

I wonder if the low top shoes have anything to do with it. In any event, it can't help sales if he's got the ankle injury.

Now this game should be a TRUE test for the Lakers without Kobe. Yes, I know the Celtics aren't as good as they use to be but they are still on the borderline of an elite team.

Don't let there record deceive you. They are still dangerous. Think the Nuggets are dangerous for us? Well Boston has the same record, so we should all think about it.

maybe Kobe is sitting out until the Lakers organization decides to trade Bynumb for Bosh! Although Bynum did look good last night, but the unfortunate thing is that he plays like that sporadically. We need more consistency out of him.


Kobe is not going to re sign with the Lakers........

According to my source, he is not happy with the Los Angelenos for dissing him in the past 2 weeks..

With Pau we will be like his old Memphis team exit via the first round of playoffs..


Why should we expect that it will change at this point? He's had one of the all-time greats as his personal mentor - who didn't just coach him on offensive moves; he also worked with him on defense. He has the most intense player of at least this era as his teammate. He has the greatest coach of all time as his coach. He has seen "up close and personal" in back-to-back finals the difference that defense makes. And yet he still doesn't have a focus that incorporates defense and rebounding as priorities. The problem is NOT a lack of experience, the problem is attitude. He doesn't appear to have a passion for the game. And at this stage of someone's career, they rarely develop that. That will limit someone with his skills to the good-to-very good level, but will keep him from reaching greatness. That would mean that he is not a good choice to plan on as someone to "build a team around" in the future.


That's what everyone been saying. Andrew Bynum is *NOT* again to the Bynum fanatical fans: *NOT* a player you can build around. It's his attitude of scoring=wins. Rebounding he's ok but he could do MUCH better. Yes he will have his good games...otherwise he would be nothing more than KWAMAY Brown. FACT is that he is not someone you want to build your team around. Ok he might average 20ppg and 10rpg elsewhere yeah ok but ask how Chris Bosh how his Raptor team is doing?

Many of us see how Bynum is: A good ROLE player. Unfortunately the heavy Bynum lovers (and Bynum himself) as ALREADY a superstar but when he falters we always gave the excuse of "he's only 22". Well damnit has he LED his team? Lebron and Dwight already did and both are superstars in the league! Bynum is not and that's what upsets most Bynum fanatics is the fact EVERY LAKER FAN should see Andrew Bynum as a superstar or else you are not a Laker fan.

What upsets most Laker fans is his attitude. He feels he already deserves the whole NBA to himself. He thinks he is the MVP of the league already. The Bynum STANS also believe he is the DPOY AND already the Finals MVP and give EVERY excuse in the book when he falters ESPECIALLY the "he's only 22" BS.

Make him start making his teammates better then we'll start talking about how he is the beast. For those who keep using the "He's only 22" excuse look at this stat:

29.3ppg, 11.4rpg, 2.7apg, 2.4 blks on scoring in an oustanding 58.3% from the field with defenses keyed on him. I think all you Bynum fanatics know who averaged those at age 22!

And no you can't say "but he was the key part of his team". Because only to shows how Bynum is being so protected from being part of a talented team that made it to 2 finals WITHOUT him and won one while he was nothing more than a foul dummy. Would he really put those numbers if defenses were keyed on him? Answer is probably a big NO.

And his attitude about scoring first is preventing him from being a superstar.

Great! Lets Kobe rest and heal, we're going to try beat Boston without him, and the way they are playing now, we have a chance.

According to Kobe, he is not playing if his ankle is still hurtin'..... anything beyond that is pure speculations in the blog.

KB Blitz,

Welcome back bro. Had missed you..... :-)

I know the Lakers want to pass the Cavaliers for the best record and get home court in the finals. That's fine, but without Bryant they won't make it to the finals, let alone to the Western Conference finals. If he plays against the Celtics and the ankle/tendon gets worse, who knows how much longer he'll be out (the rest of the season?). So he should sit, then see how it goes after another five days off.



I am a big fan of Kobe (The Bball player not necessarily the man)but why is he not on the bench showing support for his team and mates? It just looks bad and there may be a good reason but "in the locker room getting treatment" is kinda thin.
If this is old discussion forgive me but if anyone has insight I am curious.

Yikes, another Kobe injury. Hopefully the Black Mamba can recover quickly. The good thing about his missing the Boston game is twofold:

1) If the Lakers beat the Celtics minus Kobe, they'd be crushed. Oh, they may not admit it, but this would totally crush them muahahhaaaa......
2) If Kobe misses this game, then the Lakers have 4 consecutive days off. This means Kobe wouldn't have to play until next Tuesday the 23rd.

The timing for Kobe's rest has been brilliant. He'll be back refreshed, with fresh legs, and basically will have had 3 weeks off but only miss 5 games. Sheer brilliance by Kobe and the coaching staff...

If the Clippers are STUPID enough (and who says their not?) to trade Steve Blake for Adam Morrison - DO IT NOW MITCH!!!!!

I meant the word "they're", not "their" in the above post. Yes, some people are soooo anal on forums about that sort of stuff! =P

Wha? Wha? Wha? are the Clippers doing? They're just dumping people... now they have... Drew Gooden??? Guess they didn't like Al Thornton? What's next? 5 guys brought up from the DLeague to meet minimum roster requirements?



Doesn't work. Morrison makes too much money, and Steve Blake can't be combined with other players in a trade for 60 days.

Yahoo sports is saying the Cavs got Jamison. Interesting.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!


Dead on. I really wanted Morrison to pan out, he has not. Dead wait. Sasha same story. Dump both of them, Blake would be an improvement. Luke- smart player now out for season? When your five year old says Luke don't shoot, you know Luke is a week link.

I am curious to see us play to Celt's tommorrow. Ronny step it up and nail someone tommorow night. Pierce or Rondo, or both would be nice. Send a message that the 'Lakes are not a finesse team. Is'nt that why we traded for you? Nail 'em 'Bro.

Kobe, no rush, you at 100% is like three all star's. Take care it of my man. I do not care how may games it may cost us. Just be well..... My five year is smart enough to know that too.


"The Cavaliers are sending center Zydrunas Ilgauskas(notes) and a first-round pick to the Wizards. The Wizards also will receive Brian Skinner(notes) and Al Thornton(notes) from the Los Angeles Clippers. The Cavaliers will get point guard Sebastian Telfair(notes) from the Clippers. The Wizards will send Drew Gooden(notes) to the Clippers."\

Looks like it's more that Amare Stoudemire is either staying in Phoenix or going to Miami.

Looks like Clipper Darrell's team just keeps on getting weaker and weaker (and we had Clipper rites saying they will end the Lakers dominance in LA LOL!).

Jamison will help in the short term but he's 33 turning 34 so I guess this is kinda this is like the Celtics run in 08 where they had old men looking for a last hurrah.

At least this keeps Amare out of Cleveland because that would have meant Cavs were going to be a dangerous team for a while. This gives the Cavs a short term boost (though if they really wanted to develop Hickson this is a bad trade since he won't be getting as much touches as he did he was).

KB Blitz,

"What upsets most Laker fans is his attitude. He feels he already deserves the whole NBA to himself. He thinks he is the MVP of the league already. The Bynum STANS also believe he is the DPOY AND already the Finals MVP and give EVERY excuse in the book when he falters ESPECIALLY the "he's only 22" BS."

WTF? Not get your daily recommended allowance of hyperbole today?


brother brother Jamison goes to Cavs

so... here's the Clippers end of the trade. They trade away: Brian Skinner, Al Thornton and Sebastian Telfair. They get Drew Gooden back who they are going to buy out and release... I mean... seriously... they just dumped Camby and Thornton for... basically Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw... ??? Wow...


It's all about cap space. This deal clears enough of it so that the Clippers could make a full max contract offer to LeBron this summer. I doubt he'll take it, but at least they seem willing to try.

Either that or the Donald has decided to reduce salary as fast and furiously as he can.

Peroneal tendon injury

I googled problems with sore peroneal tendon, not good. Its a common ailment in runners. If its severe it may require 2-4 weeks in a cast. In any case, it takes rest and therapy. I wonder if maybe Kobe made it worse trying to practice with the sprained ankle.

This could turn out to be a bigger issue than what is being told at this point. Lets hope not. Lets hope he doesnt try to push it, he has a tendency to push himself through pain but that would be the worst thing he could do now. If it gets any worse Kobe could be out until March or even April.
If he is out until March or longer good chance Denver overtakes us for best record in the west. Ugh, that would not be fun.

The Cavs get Jamison deal as described on doesn't work. Gooden can't be traded in combination with other players. As far as I know, that means that Washington can't send out Gooden and Jamison in the same deal, even if they're going to different teams.

Either they've got the terms wrong, or there's something else involved (maybe one or more trade exceptions being used in subtle ways.

Someone enlighten me, does this mean the Wiz can release Z so he can return to the Cavs after a month or so?

One last thing while I have your attention...

“Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.”

No disrespect intended, but do you realize that if you were to replace “Lakers” with “Segregation” in your tag line, you’d have a quote from former AL Gov. and POTUS hopeful George Wallace. I’m talking about when he “stood in the schoolhouse door” in a vain and demagogic attempt to prevent the integration of the Univ of AL back in the ‘60s?

I’m sure you’re probably not too concerned about being politically correct but I just wondered if you had ever considered the implications of that statement. It wouldn’t surprise me if some others besides me might make the connection and find that statement somewhat offensive.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you to change it. Keep it if you like it, but please realize that not everyone may find it to be as inspiring as you do. Anyway, thanks again for your time and attention and have a good day.

Posted by: aztronut | February 17, 2010 at 10:44 AM


First of all, I like a lot of your posts. Even your posts I may not agree with I respect. I especially like the game recap of last night. That must have taken a lot of time and it was a fun read. I mean, thats above and beyond the call type of posting, excellent.

But I gotta say, about Jon K's tag line, I think you are off base there. I mean, if you substitute a word for a word in a lot of sentences you can totally change the meaning, so why pick on that. I see your mild criticism of Jons tag was gentle and respectful but I just think it is unwarranted, but of course we are all entitled to our opinion.

The reason I bring this up is because I saw the same thing was posted to a thread about a week ago and you carried it over again.

Anyway, not trying to start something here, just wanted to respectfully let you know (since no one else has commented on it), that I think its just not really a fair criticism. I think the PC stuff can get carried too far nowadays (not saying you do, just sayin).

I find the tag to be somewhat hokey but in a cute way, and representative of someone who must live, eat, breath and sleep Lakers, and its really hard, for me anyway, to get upset with anyone of that type even if I dont agree with everything they post. Actually, you fall into that category too.

No offense intended and keep up the good posts, they are appreciated.

Conley can be had for a first round pick.

Not sold on him.

I am a big fan of Kobe (The Bball player not necessarily the man)but why is he not on the bench showing support for his team and mates? It just looks bad and there may be a good reason but "in the locker room getting treatment" is kinda thin.
If this is old discussion forgive me but if anyone has insight I am curious.

Posted by: billy in slo | February 17, 2010 at 03:54 PM

billy in slo:

I also have made very similar comments as yours in the past week or so, and so have a few others, but I have not yet seen anyone offer a good explanation for this. Maybe the real Kobe fans just want to sweep it under the rug and let it die, I can understand that. I dont want to crucify such a great player over this, but it is something that really does bug me too.

Salmons has been told to stay at the team hotel tonight..
The Clippers have left me scratching my head again and again.
What are they trying to do?.
People often get upset with the Grizzlies for the Pau trade,but that organization has left its fans with no hope.
The Grizzlies had a plan..The Clippers seem to be run by a 12 year old playing NBA Live on an Xbox 360..

How can you be a fan with the front office having no direction and the tendency to make senseless trades?.

Thank god for the Lakers.

Getting Jamison gives the Cavs someone who can match up against Rashard Lewis and LO. Good move.

I'm glad they didn't get Amare. Most thought that trading for Shaq was a bad idea. The same people probably think getting Amare would've been a bad idea b/c of his defense. Last I checked, Shaq isn't exactly a defensive stopper himself.

meh, not that worried bout the jamison deal. All this means is that there is someone to defend the magic's perimeter shooters now for the cavs. besides i feel like jamison is their version of odom, so its pretty much a draw in terms of who's better. Their personel is basically a mirror image of ours....we still got this :)

Without Kobe, the Lakers beat Utah, San Antonio, and Portland rather handily. However, they struggle in a win against Golden State. What could be the reason?

Lakers playing down to the level of the Warriors

Lakers rusty from All Star break

Return of Bynum to lineup

When trying to determine why something has gone wrong after it has been working well, look for what has changed.

hmmm. Kobe should rest till he's 100%. doesn't matter if it's Boston or Golden State, all that matters is the big picture. and the Lakers are gonna have to face some competition come springtime, so they better be at full force. knock on wood.

now, speaking of the big picture, this Jamison trade actually worries me. let's hope they tank in the PO's.

Mark G,

Yes, that is right.

Wizards will "buy-out" his contract and thereby he gets waived. So after 30 days he can go and re-sign with Cavs for a new contract (which would be for a veteran minimum, so that there are no huge tax implications).

This was the same way last year when McDyess was traded to Denver, he was waived off, and he came back and re-signed with Pistons..

Thats a BIG hole many teams, and its sad!!


Clippers are also involved in the trade. So its a 3-way trade. Gooden comes to Clips.

Hey Art, good point about Jon K's tag line and Aztronuts comment about it reminding him of Wallace etc.

As an example, I offer you this:
Madonna came out with this song in the 1980's. It's called "Dress you up" and actually has in the lyrics "I wanna dress you up in my love."

Now, during a difficult time in my life, I had some anger/disappointment over a difficult breakup. I felt disillusioned. It was a phase. My point being, I came up with an edited version of the Madonna song. I had alot of fun with it at the time. It goes:

"I wanna mess you up with my love".

Point being, it's a pretty big stretch for you to say that about Jon K's tag line just because it reminds you of Wallace and bigotry. Let's move on and not give it any additional energy.

Though it breaks my heart to say it, because ya'll know I am Ammo's biggest fan. I think at this time in the development of the lakers, trading Adam Morrison for Kevin Garnett makes sense.


And yes, once Gooden is bought-out by the Clippers (which I assume they're going to do 99%), he will go and re-sign with Dallas again... which basically means Dallas got Butler, Haywood and Gooden by giving away only Josh Howard

Kobe should suit up and be in a wheelchair at tomorrow's game, just in case they need him.

@Kobefan in C, thanks for the reply. Bleh. That's bad news. I was thinking if they didn't get Z back, it wasn't as bad for the Lakers. They would only have had Shaq to throw at Pau and Drew. If they get Z back it's like the Cavs got Jaimison for nothing. Dang.

I heard that we're trading Ammo for Salmons.. is it true??

Johnny V,

I believe Gov. George Wallace copied also the phrase from a D"Day Allied General. I have read it in those beach head landing in Normandy but could not remember it. GW just added the word Seg.

Secondly, GW changed his views after his assassination. Wallace said of his stand in the schoolhouse door: "I was wrong. Those days are over and they ought to be over." He asked for forgiveness to all blacks and civil rights leaders and granted his wish.

I know Jon K hates to be politically correct to rephrase it with

"Champ in '09, Champ in '10 and Champ in eternity" Use Champion briefs instead of Hanes. ooops!

Morrison can be traded to Washington for a Brendan Haywood trade exception(trade works in ESPN Trade machine). This would save the lakers about $5-7 mil in salary & lux taxes and would give washington another expiring contract(trade exceptions don't do anything for you unless you use them). The lakers would then have to sign a player to meet the 13 player min. They should try to sign Big Z to screw the Cavs although washington can screw the Cavs buy not releasing him for a few days. Remember there is a cutoff for signing players for the playoff roster and the Cavs cant sign Big Z for 30 days. I think the cutoff date is around the 19th or 20th of March.

If the cavs don't get Big Z back then it would be great for the Lakers because they wont have the big lineup to counteract the Lakers big lineup. This the main reason the Lakers lost the 2 games to the Cavs this season. It would be Shaq and AV against the lakers big 3, which would swing the frontline matchup decidedly in the Lakers favor. And if the Lakers actually sign Big Z then the Cavs have no chance. Can you imagine having 2 of these guys (Pau, Bynum, Odom, Big Z) in the game at all times?

What the f--- is going on. Dallas just got very scary and Cleveland just got better. We can't sit back and do nothing. We need something to bolster our bench.


clippers gm is dumb

Couple of thoughts:

Clipper moves don't make sense at all, they are simply salary dumping. I would think that at least they could have picked up a few future draft choices, but Dunleavy has EPIC FAILED as GM. Heck, he makes Elgin's moves look genius!

Cleveland obviously felt they couldn't get Amar'e and settled. Jamison is to Stoudamire as Gooden is to Al Thornton - quite a downgrade. This isn't the Jamison of three seasons back.

I just can't see where this trade makes the Cav's a stronger team. Zydrunus gave them a good frontcourt match to Shaq if they matched up with the Lakers in the finals. Varejao just doesn't have the height to match Bynum/Pau/Lamar.

Cleveland could have had the better Caron Butler instead of Jamison. They bungled their trade chip of big-Z.

Lakers should still pursue Nate Robinson or Devin Harris. If they could be had for an expiring contract (Morrison) plus Farmar then DO IT!!!!!!!

Din't Kobe accuse other players lik MELO of feigning injuries so that they "don't mess their numbers"? What a hypocrite! After this trade, as a Laker fan, I am shaking. I think the Cavs are kicking our butts in PO's!

I don't think we could beat the Cavs in a 7-game series right now.

Had to go on the celtics blog to see what they thought of the nate trade and the jameson cavs trade. Here's a little snippet, I love seeing celtics fans in pain.

c's fans on nate/eddie house swap-
"I’ll be sad to see House go. I think Nate can add a spark to the team, but this move (if it’s the only one Boston makes) may be like plugging a pinhole in a dam full of cracks (lack of enthusiasm and hustle, bad rebounding, too many turnovers, etc.). My pick-up teams went 0-6 at the gym today and I felt horrible … maybe that’s the way the C’s are right now: no matter how much talent they have, nothing can lift them out of the doldrums they’re in after all the shoddy play and poor results of the last month."

c's fans on Jamison/Ilgauskas trade and the state of the top tier NBA teams-
"the Lakers haven’t landed hinrich yet, but they’re still the team to beat in the West no question – even with their questionable bench. I can’t see into the future but both teams make it to the finals, there’s not much standing in the way of that.
The Magic made a mistake with Carter.
The Hawks are def talented, but they’re not quite “there” yet.
Denver has a chance at the Lakers, but they really need big man depth.
Dallas has upgraded, but I don’t see them making a serious playoff run. Maybe next year.
Boston and San Antone are supposed to be contenders, but can’t seem too get it all together due to age and injuries.
So yea, as much as it sucks to admit it – the Cavs and the Lakers are the 2 best teams in the league right now hands down."

The great thing about this whole conversation between Celtics bloggers is the grim despair in their tone. It's almost as if you can hear them talking but they have to keep clearing their throat because they keep getting choked up ready to cry at any moment. It's like someone just said CHECKMATE and they bet their new house on the game. Not only is the window closed for danny ainge and his crew of senior citizens, but the window is nailed shut for many, many, many winters to come. You will not be relevant again for quite some time and for laker fans that makes us happy. It woulda been nice to get revenge on you in the finals, but I guess we'll have to settle for you hiding in the shawdows once again when it comes to talking about who is the best team in the NBA. The funny thing is we don't need to do anything when it comes to trades. Hinrich, please! We don't need Hinrich. We could use a Chris Paul or Deron Williams but if we can't get a top 5 point guard we'll stick with developing our talent that we have. Shannon catches on quick obviously. Farmar knows he has to play good or he's a wrap. We should get excellent play out of our backup guards. As for Fish, they said he was washed up last year so until he proves he is not a factor in the playoffs, Im not concerned about him either.

We have the best team in the league and at minimum, as celtic fans have conceded, we are in the top 2. I like our chances, especially since experience wise we trump the cavs when it comes to finals experience. We've been their twice in the last 2 years. We're in great shape, way to go MITCH.

I'm getting a little worried about Kobe's injuries.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Just to be clear...

I am against segregation, but I am for the Lakers.

Are we clear now?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


zach from San Diego,


Ummm... I was thinking the same thing, actually.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


From A Distance,

"The Clippers seem to be run by a 12 year old playing NBA Live on an Xbox 360."

I must sadly concur.

Go Clippers!!!


{Lakers Secret Agent Reporting From Deep Behind Enemy Lines In The Cold Gray Wastes Of Northeast Ohio Caught In A Freezing Rain Storm Falling Upon Two Feet Of Snow Leaving LeBroniacs Frozen As Statues Among Snow Drifts With A Terrifyingly Gleeful Look Upon Their Faces}

So, when the trade came down today there was an explosion of excitement in the bar.

One patron shouted out (in reference to Antwan Jamison), "WE GOT OUR LAMAR ODOM! WE GOT OUR LAMAR ODOM!!! NO ONE CAN STOP US NOW!!!"


I sure hope we continue to play ball and healthy Kobe Bryant supercharges us upon his return.

This Championship belongs to us, not these jokers.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I think it is safe to say that Mike Dunleavy is now doing everything in his human power to destroy the Clippers from the inside in his resentment towards Donald Sterling.

Mitch, I think an Adam Morrison, Sasha Vujacic and Josh Powell trade for Baron Davis may be a possibility.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Yikes, another Kobe injury. Hopefully the Black Mamba can recover quickly"

I think someone needs to our favorite Laker some Dit Da Jow.

I'm dead serious.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Folks, I live in DC and have been watching Jamison for years. There is no need to worry. The guy plays no D whatsoever and will not be able to guard Gasol or Bynum. He can't put it on the floor like Odom and is not quick as LO. Against the Lakers, the Cavs are still better of playing Big Z.

They said he was a good locker room presence, but where was he when all the guns were brought out? If he was so good, how did that happen? And then when Gilbert did his gun routine in Philly, Antawn was right there laughing with everyone.

Provided there is a way to prevent Big Z from going back, this move only helps us.

From Mike Breshnahan's article:

""It's important for everybody to understand what we're playing for," Bryant said."

We play for rings, Kobe. We play for rings.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"What the f--- is going on. Dallas just got very scary and Cleveland just got better. We can't sit back and do nothing. "

I've got a great idea! LET'S PANIC!!! Just like Phoenix did when we got Pau Gasol! Let's just fricken start making trades to start making trades!!!! It's our only hope!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The teams making trades (Cavs, Celtics, Mavs) are scrambling because they know they can't match up with the Lakers. The same thing happened last year with the desperate trades of the Suns and Mavs. I'd be up for trading Ammo and Sasha for Hinrich but we need to keep Farmar unless something better comes along. If we can get Earl Watson for next to nothing, I wouldn't mind having him either.
Its nice to be the team everyone else is trying to catch up to!


"Folks, I live in DC and have been watching Jamison for years. There is no need to worry. The guy plays no D whatsoever and will not be able to guard Gasol or Bynum."

Thank God.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@ Jon K., I hear you, I'm worried about Kobe's injury also. I'm not a Kobe-can-do-no-wrong guy, but nobody can refute his toughness. I really wish he had sat out earlier in the year. All we can do is hope for the best.

With Kobe likely to sit out the Celtics game on Thursday, guess how important it becomes:


If the Lakers stand pat and don't make a trade before the deadline, guess how much it affects our chances:


With the Cavs playing musical chairs, loading up for the playoffs, guess how much it helps their chances:


Panic among all the pretenders in the NBA, while the Lakers stay calm, cool and collected says only one thing:


Go Lakers!

Jon K: Dit Da Jow would be wonderful, I'm sure he's doing all that is humanly possible to get back knowing Kobe. BTW had to google Dit Da Jow, never had heard of it before but seems to be some interesting stuff!

I just don't see why some Laker fans are panicking. If the Cav's had picked up Amar'e Stoudamire, that is a different thing and would pose some problems for the Lakers. Frankly, Zydrunas would have have posed more problems when matched with Shaq in the frontcourt, the Cav's could seriously counter a Gasol/Bynum duo that way. Jamison essentially will be hamstrung playing next to LeBron, they have somewhat similar games although LeBron dominates possession and Jamison is more of an off-ball player. Like I said earlier, this isn't the Antawn of three years ago.

Even Caron Butler would have been a better fit in Cleveland. Jamison also has the Chris Webber-like knack of disappearing in big games, he's always had that.

It's too bad that Nate Robinson was traded to the C's, I have been imploring Mitch to look to trade for him for a couple months, I was certain he would be traded. Oh well, Devin Harris is still out there, rumors are the Nets want to move him. He would be the Laker PG of the future, and could solidify this years Laker squad heading into the playoffs in what is arguably the Lakers biggest deficiency (personally I do think that D-Fish is a great role player and important veteran presence on the team, it seems most overlook his calm, flawless running of the offense and diminish what he does do).

Oh well, I have confidence in Mitch's stewardship of the team, he has developed into a very calculating, exacting GM style that doesn't knee-jerk and seemingly plans moves years in advance. I'm sure that if a great deal pops up that not only fills a need, but also fits into the longer-term salary type structure the Lakers are dealing with, Mitch wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger. He brought us the Pau heist two years ago, Shannon Brown and Adam Morrison's now-expiring contract last year, perhaps he's got another ace up his sleeve before tomorrow. If not, I could definitely live with this team and see this team once again contending for a championship with-or-without a trade deadline move...

Kobefan - where did you hear about Ammo for Salmons? That could be a sweet deal. I've always liked Salmon's game. He's a bit moody and it affects his game sometimes, but he''s got solid skills.

Art -FL Laker Fan,

"The reason I bring this up is because I saw the same thing was posted to a thread about a week ago and you carried it over again."

I think you're missing some context here. When I posted a similar comment a week ago or so, it was not addressed to Jon K. but rather to someone who had in fact undiplomaticly attacked not only his tag line but his person. However, their attack was not unprovoked. At the time, I was trying to calm them down and get them to back off.

You feel that my criticism in unwarranted, I understand that, but I felt that if I was going to make this point at all then I should make it directly to Jon K., which is what I did as soon as he addressed a comment directly to me. I tried my best to be as discrete about it as possible by putting it at the end of a lengthy reply and hoping that most other folks would not read it all the way through to the end.

Unfortunately, you have given this issue more attention than I ever intended it to receive. I considered not responding to your comment at all for this very reason, but since you seem to respect what I'm trying to accomplish around here, I decided to try and explain my actions to you and to put things in their proper context.

I'm not trying to stop anyone from writing whatever they want, I just thought that I needed to make Jon K. aware how I felt about this, since at least one other person around here had heartburn with it as well. There is actually a very important principle involved here and if you don't understand that then perhaps you weren't around to experience that part of the history of this country.

I hope we can now let this issue die a natural death, as I have no desire to pursue it any further. I respect your concern and your disagreement, I hope that you can respect my explanation.

Jon K.,

"Just to be clear...I am against segregation..."

I'm sorry that you think that I was trying to imply that you were, I was not. Whatever you may believe is really none of my business. I was just trying to make you aware of what some people, including me, might read into that statement. What you do with that information is completely up to you and whatever you decide will not bother me in the least.

I apologize for this becoming such a popular item for discussion on this thread. That was never my intention. I was trying to be as discrete as possible but I see now that I failed in that attempt. Another lesson learned, I hope we can all move on to other topics now.


I don't think we are going to trade anybody tomorrow, as Rick F said


Cavs got Jamieson but lost a good shooter and tall slow motion Center Ilgaukas. They really want to be in the Finals to retain James while in the Lakerville we want to rest Kobe to get a repeat.

Celtics got Nate, a dunker, a head job liliputian. Put in Sasha to guard him and will a long night of two fighting characters. He is another Marbury in the making who believe in their stellar capability in the big dance.

Lakers got back to square 1`Ammo + Sasha back to the bench. Why don't we use them so they can produce and contribute? No PJ will exhaust first the first regiment before going the 2nd until they get overused and injured. Let's put on the pressure to Sasha and Ammo to pay their dues.

Lastly, if Lakers play tomorrow the way they played the Warrior last night, we'll be humiliated by the Celtics especially w/o Kobe. They have to review the team camaraderie formulated in Portland, against Spurs at home and in Salt Lake City. Please don't disappoint avid Laker fans on Celtics, this is our mortal enemy since NBA was formed, there is no room for incompetence or those silly t/o's by trial and error. Are you listening LO, Farmar, Drew, Pau? Clean your games and win one for the Lakers Blog.

I disagree with those who believe that we can't beat the Cavs in a 7 game series, and therefore we need to make a drastic trade. First, I don't like panic, reactionary trades. Secondly, at no time this season have I seen the team completely mesh together, and healthy - to me this is the #1 priority right now - to get our team healthy and playing well together.

Obviously Kobe is key, but the x-factors are Bynum, Shannon, and Farmar. If Bynum overcomes his mental block vs. Shaq, and if Shannon and Farmar can continue to play like they have, with confidence and in attack mode... IMO we are better than Cleveland.

Btw, Jamison is undoubtedly an upgrade for them - but he presents an opportunity for the Lakers actually: he can't guard any of our front court guys - Bynum, Pau, Lamar, and even Ron will score on him.

I don't get the Clipper hate concerning these latest moves. Right now they have this base:

Baron Davis
Chris Kamen
Blake Griffin
Eric Gordon
DeAndre Jordan
A crapload of cap space

You add any max player to that core, especially Lebron, and that's a sick team. All they need is to have everyone healthy. And if they sign Lebron, sign a veteran with one of the exemptions, and then resign Blake, Outlaw, Smith, or Butler, who are all decent role players, they would be a huge threat to the Lakers.


"Frankly, Zydrunas would have have posed more problems when matched with Shaq in the frontcourt, the Cav's could seriously counter a Gasol/Bynum duo that way."

Here's the fricken problem:

Word out here in the frozen iceways of "the worst place to spend winter in America according to U.S.A. Today" is that Iglauskas' was the one to first propose trading him because it was assumed that whoever traded for him would quickly waive him and he would return to the Cavs. Yeah. So, it's assumed that the Cavs will be getting Jamison WITHOUT losing that bizarre blogfish Frankenstein from Lithuiania.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



I appreciate the gentleness in which you presented your argument, man, but, brother, I HATE political correctness and I don't give a darn what some idiot said two generations ago.

I'm talking about the Lakers NOW.

We put far too much emphasis today in the power of words are far too little emphasis upon the power of the heart to be strong.

If someone says something that is uncouth, we, as individuals, should have the power to forgive them for those words and the strength of will to know that we, as an individuals, are better than those words.

Words do not define us. We define ourselves.

Political correctness is evil because it eliminates the ability of people to communicate with stark emotional honesty and ANYTHING that eliminates honesty in communication is evil. {I'm a big fan of Emmanuel Kant in that regards.}

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!



>>>When your five year old says Luke don't shoot, you know Luke is a week link.

Obviously, your 5 year old didn't see Luke shoot 80% in last year's finals.

Your 5 year old doesn't know anything himself, he's just parroting what his father (or mother) says.


>>>at no time this season have I seen the team completely mesh together, and
>>>healthy - to me this is the #1 priority right now - to get our team healthy and
>>> playing well together.

Exactly. The only loss to a team over 500 that I can recall when the Lakers were all healthy was the Cavs on Christmas. And my impression of that was it was a matter of focus. The Lakers all had their Christmas morning with their families, while Cleveland was on the road, so were more focused during the game.

And Cleveland had a chip on their shoulder after the Lakers swept them last season, so they were playing like their hair was on fire. The Lakers were playing like a team that just won the championship, doesn't place as much value on a regular season game, and who had too much Christmas breakfast.

Other than that, it goes like this:

Oct 30 - lost to Dallas - no Pau
Nov 13 - lost to Denver - no Pau
Nov 14 - lost to Houston - no Pau
Dec 12 - lost to Utah - the day after Kobe broke his finger
Dec 28 - lost to Phoenix - no Artest, Kobe nursing several injuries
Jan 8 - lost to Portland - no Pau, Kobe nursing several injuries
Jan 12 - lost to San Antonio - no Pau, Kobe nursing several injuries
Jan 21 - lost to Cleveland - Pau's 3rd game back, Kobe nursing several injuries
Jan 24 - lost to Toronto - Kobe nursing several injuries but played well, they lost by 1
Feb 5 - lost to Denver - Kobe playing injured again, played well, they lost anyway.

Okay, so maybe 2 games - Cleveland on Christmas and the Denver game. But the point is as Vonislav pointed out. When the team is all healthy, they are the best team in the NBA, bar none. The question is, can they all be healthy for the playoffs? And if not, can they beat the better teams like Denver and Cleveland with a hobbled Kobe or a missing Pau?

Things are getting a bit tense. Can we have a group hug?

>>>You add any max player to that core, especially Lebron, and that's a sick team.


Even if you make it Joe Johnson and plug him into that lineup at small forward, it's a very very good lineup. And Portland was only planning on using Camby for the rest of this season (they'll have Camby and Przybilla back next year), so if Camby really does want to play with the Clips, he can re-sign with them this summer. And then next year, the Clippers could look something like this:

PG: Baron Davis, Steve Blake?
SG: Eric Gordon, Rasual Butler?
SF: Joe Johnson, Travis Outlaw?
PF: Blake Griffin, Marcus Camby? (or Drew Gooden or Craig Smith)
C: Chris Kaman, DeAndre Jordan, Camby?/Gooden?

And if by some miracle of good fortune, LeBron decides he'd like to turn LA into a direct showdown between the two best players in the league, then you can replace Joe Johnson with LeBron in that lineup and you can book LA vs LA for the conference finals.

And here's the consolation...

Even if the Clippers don't get LeBron or Joe Johnson (Bosh & Wade aren't nearly as good a fit), they'll have a ton of cap space to go for next-tier players, so if they don't hit the jackpot, they could probably get one decent starter and a couple of good role players for that money.

LTLF - did we just agree on something?



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