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Back to back games is a familiar concept for the Lakers

The Lakers have become accustomed to this drill before, but the challenges always persist. Their next set of games -- Tuesday against Memphis and Wednesday against Dallas -- marks the Lakers' 15th set of back-to-backs this season, an area the team will face five more times this season.

They've been 9-5 in the first game and 10-4 in the second, an area that appears impressive. But keep in mind that the Lakers lead the West with a 42-14 record, meaning nine of the 14 losses have occurred on back-to-backs. It's a never-ending challenge in perfecting a routine that's not really routine during the normal schedule, what with squeezing travel and preparation into a much tighter time frame. And it's something the Lakers experienced the most since playing 22 sets of back-to-back games during the 1999-2000 season.

I had noted about a month ago some of the Lakers trends involving their performances in back-to-back games, mainly comparing the Lakers' scoring performances and efficiency ratings on between the first and second day of back-to-backs. Interestingly, there was a mixed bag among players faring better and worse during the normal course of the regular season.

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant chalked it up to just "preparation." That area includes Lakers Coach Phil Jackson being more cognizant of minutes during the first set of back-to-backs, while guard Derek Fisher says the team is more aware of trying to play efficiently, such as limiting the number of mistakes.

--Mark Medina

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I have a partial cure for back to back. How about make the free throws?

I see Fish said, jokingly, that Kobe should have been in uniform during the C'ticks game to come off the bench to close out the game like the Yankees reliever.

But ya know, that actually would have been a good idea. If Kobe had come in even the last 30 seconds, even as a decoy, it may have made all the difference.
And just for fantasy fun sake, wouldnt it have been too cool if he came in those last 2 seconds and hit the game winner.

That would have been like Kirk Gibsons HR for the Dodgers in the 1988 World Series VS the A's. Bottom on the 9th, 2 outs, down 4-3 in game 1, man on first. Gibson is called to pinch hit, limps up to the plate. He falls quickly behind with an 0-2 count against the premier reliever at the time, Dennis Eckersly. He then works a 3-2 count and then amazingly hits it out of the park to win the game. And he wasnt even in the dugout, was back in the training room during the game, too injured to play. That turns out to be Gibsons only at bat in the series but Dodgers beat the heavily favored A's 4 games to 1. What an awesome moment in LA sports history that was.

Ok, so Kobe coming in to beat the Celts with a last second shot would NOT have been that big, but it would have been pretty cool.

Artl-FL - Just to clarify, Fish didn't joke that. Kobe Bryant shared with us that Luke Walton joked to him that he should do that for the next game if he's not back in full form by then.


AZ… “I'm glad to hear that you are prepared to join the boycott! Although I always assumed that the residence involved was some other type of hole...” LMAO. You’ve been on fire, AZ. Great stuff on a regular basis. One of the things that Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum don’t understand about stats is that you can always find a play, fact, or a stat to support any position you want to support. Twiddle Dum thinks that such data is “proof” that he is right. I also love how these guys also claim to have such open mind, especially considering that they are still singing the same sad song on the same off-kilter note without variation.
- - - - - - - - - - -
ART… Props for the excellent discussion on stats. I’ve meant several times to respond to your posts but usually you are so thorough that there is nothing for me to add but kudos. Your point about the subjectivity of most of the opinions on the blog is right on. Sure we all lean back at times on stats and facts but when it comes down to taking a position, most of us will go with their gut. I’ve been a Lakers fan since 1970 when the Lakers traded for Wilt Chamberlain, my original favorite player. What amazes me is that anyone can go head hunting for me on account of my being too optimistic. After all, I’ve already seen 10 NBA championships.
- - - - - - - - - - -
FEARLESS… “Oh well. Sounds like I'm whining, doesn't it? Couldn't help it. I think it's OK in this forum because those who like me here still will, and this rant will just be more fodder for those here who don't.” Kudos for being in the forefront of recognizing that it was the defense and not the offense that was humming during that 4-game Kobe-less win streak. As you said, it’s evidence of your insight and intelligence as well as proof to the idiots that you are truly a “Whack Job.” And yes, bottom line, bring on the Shamrocks.
I am helping my son coach my grandson’s 4th grade CYO basketball team. Last week, we played St. Patrick’s team, which is coached by a Celtics fan, wears green, and calls themselves the “Celtics,” even though none of the teams in the league have mascot names. Their coach even calls their plays after former Boston players, screaming out to his kids to run the Bird play or Ainge play. After we lost a close game, I congratulated each of their kids and then LeBronzed their coach by sticking out my hand to shake and then pulling it back. Only then, was I willing to be a good sport and shake his hand. It is, after all, for the kids.
- - - - - - - - - - -

I see Kobe takes its time to heal now, and what becomes more obvious, is to him extending his record of 235 consequtive games was more important than hurting the team with playing while injured. That is a true mentality of a team player!

Thanks Mark, I thought it was Fish, but didnt go back to check, my bad.

BTW, I just found out that when I click on links to the articles on the right by the Times writers, starting with the one-They cant find the basket...
I cant get to the article. Instead I get this error message:
An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #22.77222041.1266857442.245465c7


I am not saying that Bynum did not lose time, or anything about his physical conditioning. When I mentioned Howard as a monster, I meant his game, not his physique.

How many times have you seen in a game Bynum kick out the ball to a shooter, or pass it and get it back?? I have not seen. DH does that, and it becomes a nightmare for opponents coz once they double-team Howard, he kicks out to a wide open Rashard Lewis or Jameer Nelson who drill the 3-ptr. On the other hand, once Bynum gets the ball in the low post - he wont let go of the ball unless the possession is over - he either makes the shot, he gets fouled, or shoots an ugly off-balance J that rims out...

The other main issue with AB is rebounding. He NEVER boxes out to rebound the ball. All he wants to do is score and score more. Attitude to play D, and rebounding skills dont come with physical exercise, they come when you really want to do it!!

Where would you rank AB in the current centers in the league?? #1, #2, #3?? Do let me know...

Posted by: Kobefan in Cupertino | February 22, 2010 at 01:32 AM

Hey Kobe Fan,

What's up. I see your perspective but I also was not just talking about physique but that does come into play as to being dominant. No sir I was refering to the pre injury Bynum as seen in making of a Beast.

What you are talking about is post injury and Drew's play. Sure he was missing too many bunnies and not dunking as I have noted many times. But that is lack of confidence in getting off floor and getting elevation. Need to trust knees to do that.

I also have seen Drew kick out the ball but you may not have been watching those games in which I saw him do that. Also at times he dribbles too much but the play was probably set for him to work in the post. Yes, if shot is not there and he should kick it back out or pass inside to another big like Pau or LO. But then how many open 3's have outside shooters bricked their shots? You mention Mabic players who are more consistant with outside shots and I many times shout at my TV and say pound it inside.

As to rebounding I noted he was releasing early to get down floor to get transition baskets while Pau Artest and Kobe etc rebound, so it is hard to rebound doing that.
When Drew stayed and did not release his rebounding was up so he was getting double doubles least you forgot. With so much team rebounding of course his numbers are not as high as you would like them to be. Yes he does go after the ball in rebounding. Watch with your eyes not your predetermined opinion of him.

As to what position he ranks due to injuries and getting confidence back I would say number 2 behind Howard who also went through a slump this year.

This of course is IMHO based on what I've seen looking at both sides of the issue. I base it on not saying never as you say he never boxes out. But I respectfully disagree.

Laker Tom,

Thanks for the acknowledgement.
I guess some people usually see the glass as half empty, some see it as half full.
I try to see it as both, but that causes me some conflict sometimes.
I was more of a baseball fan in the 70's, didnt really get into the Lakers until I moved to LA in 1981, then it didnt take long to get addicted to them. I do miss the games, dont get to watch them a lot here on the east coast unfortunately. The time difference can be tough for those night games too.

As an armchair blogger who spouts in the morning like our yard sprinkler then remains quiet throughout the day, I think we are deviating from the real purpose in blogging.

We are all Laker fans here, opinionated fans who loved to express our passion sometimes in hyperbole, sometimes in bunch of lies of a fanatic....therefore, why oh why do we engaged in high school debating prowess?

This is just a game, this is a forum for all Laker fans. We want news, we want opinions, we want passionate postings but please don't make it too personal by going to the process naming names, ostracize fellow Laker fans or get into never ending bullying: "I will deliver the last word." There are no winners among debaters when Lakers lose a game or even the Championship. That is tantamount interest of every blogger who visits this blog, not my post nor your posts, not your debates, not your statistics, not who is more passionate among you, the main focus is on the team itself.

Being Laker fans and for the spirit of sportsmanship, I hope you all cease and desist from getting into inspired throwing arrows at its other, just stay cool and be counted as a Laker fan.

Comments on Andrew, well it's some what a gray area for him, reason being is he still have knee issue. In the future and I am talking about the playoffs will he have the confidence needed in his knees to play at a high level. Well that what will be need this year there are some tough teams this year in the West and then whoever takes the east, so AB will be need at his best. Some times it takes longer for the type of injuries that AB has had to fully recover. Can he be the top center in the NBA maybe with a little more determination and better work habits he can. Is he willing to make the necessary adjustment, such as more rebounding as his number one priority. Becoming a better passer, making his teammates better, blocking more shots, blocking his man out. More is involve than just making basket. Really don't no if AB will improve become the player to build the Lakers around can not see two-three years down the road. He has the foundation but he needs to be more determine in other areas of his basketball skills.

Haha.. Enjoyed ur last post.. I'm goin switzerland here and not takin sides but I've had a few chuckles reading all ur xchanges..

If I was keepin score I'd have to say its now:
Lakertom- 1

Common hobbit I know u aint gonna take that.. how bout pullin out one of ur flyng on rooftops crouching tiger hidden dragon super flying side kicks?

Ps.. Also watched a few clips of some old jordan come fly with me videos last week and couldn't help but notice how scrawny and small all those opposing guards on jordan were. Kobe would own those foos.

Edwin Gueco,

I generally don't attack people unless attacked first.

I get tired of these bloggers who do nothing but complain and attack our players when we're one game away from having the best record in the NBA. It just makes no sense to me.

It seems like the behavior of very low character individuals. It's annoying.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Anthony Scott,

"Some times it takes longer for the type of injuries that AB has had to fully recover. Can he be the top center in the NBA maybe with a little more determination and better work habits he can."

I think Andrew gets caught up in his head sometimes. When he's confident, he really gets going. When he's tenative, he seems to disappear. It's odd.

It will be interesting to see how he plays at the Memphis game. Since he was injured playing Memphis, he seems to play tenative against them, almost like he has a supersticious fear of the Grizzlies.

We'll see.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


It was a good long wknd for the Lakers with 3 Cleveland losses.
A lot of people won't or have not said this but SHAQ is a huge problem. He is right now the top free agent/trade signing since we won the 2009 championship. I would rank Artest 2nd right now with a chance to move up. Shaq has changed the landscape for LeBron. LeBron is the same as last yr, splendid but Shaq has been very hard to control. His weight, slow feet, and fouls are the only things keeping him from a dominant 35 minutes. That won't change but he's hell for half of the game.
I hope Gasol and Bynum are watching and figuring out what they have to do to Shaq. (Run the floor, take the pounding, out quick him)


"You’ve been on fire, AZ. Great stuff on a regular basis."

Thank you, that's a very nice compliment and I want you to know that I always shift my reading speed to a lower gear whenever I see your commentary around here. I wouldn't want to miss any of your thoughtful remarks, I only wish you would post more often...

The "on fire" bit reminds me of those folks about who claim that the Lakers' bigs should just "demand the ball" in the post. I've never understood this, do you? I mean, of course they can demand the ball, much like I can demand world peace, but it still takes the cooperation of others to make it happen.

You know, like, "I'm feelin' it! Feed me the ball!" I think most of us know how well that works when the guy with the ball doesn't want to give it up. Even Howard averages less than four offensive rebounds a game, which is the only real way for an interior post player to create their own shot. So even if he could manage perfection, meaning 100% of his FGs, which of course he cannot, he'd only be averaging like 7.2 PPG without the perimeter players getting him the ball.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the bigs need someone to feed them the ball if they want to be an integral part of the offense. That's just the way basketball works. You can seal your man off under the basket but all that hard work goes unrewarded without the pass to complete the play, otherwise it's just another three-second violation.

Just some topic for conversation. It appears Kevin Durant is the real deal, he makes around 5mil this year and has 2 years remaining. What would it take to make him a Laker? Is it even in the realm of possibilities? OKC has tons of room to offer him big bucks and no trade would work because he makes so little compared to his value (In my opinion) so
I assume it would have to be free agency, though I must admit to being fairly ignorant to how all that works.
Any help or opinions are welcome.

Jon k.,

You're in cold place in Cleveland so just cool it down. No need to have frazzle nerves, we've gone through that lonely path since 2005 blogging w/ Mike T. No need to destroy our own cooling system by letting the steam get off often.

Come June, everyone will be back in one fold at this time everybody want to show off what they know and what our team is capable of doing. Let's shift gear to Winter Olympics.



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