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Same mistakes lengthen Lakers' losing streak at the Rose Garden


It looks as though the Lakers are going to have to alter their travel schedule once again in a month when they return to Portland, who handed the Lakers on Friday a 107-98 loss at the Rose Garden for the ninth consecutive time.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson told reporters before the game that a loss could result in banned trips to the Nike Store in nearby Beaverton, Ore., where players stock up on free or discounted gear. If he is actually serious (he isn't), it's safe to say Kobe Bryant would be extremely upset.

Bryant and the rest of the Lakers had plenty of other reasons to feel upset after Friday's loss. And it wasn't just because the Lakers (28-8) lost their second consecutive game.

The Lakers' ninth consecutive loss at the Rose Garden came in the exact nature in the other eight. Refer to the linked story I had written Friday before reading below for the "updated version."

Portland's focus on Kobe Bryant

It became abundantly clear in Friday's game that Bryant's fractured right index finger, which he injured a month ago, is bothering him more and more. He finished the game with 32 points on 14 of 37 shooting as well as five turnovers.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise. Jackson had mentioned earlier in the week that the finger was aggravated in the Lakers' win Tuesday against Houston. In that game, Bryant was smacked across his finger, so he used more of his left hand, finishing with 22 points and going nine of 23 from the field. And the shooting didn't improve much the following day against the Clippers (scoring 33 points and hitting 10 of 30 field goals).

But Friday's game provided more vivid examples on how Bryant's finger is affecting his game. With the Lakers trailing 55-43 in the second quarter, Bryant bent over to pick up a loose ball, but he fumbled it out of bounds. Later in the game, Bryant missed an open 18-foot jumper with 9:28 left in the fourth quarter, and flexed his neck to show his frustration. After a clock stoppage on the other end of the court, Bryant asked for the ball so he could practice dribbling with his right hand.

This loss doesn't squarely pin on Bryant, though.

Lacking a good first impression

The Lakers all knew their history of slow starts in their eight-game losing streak at the Rose Garden, and pledged beforehand that the focus and the execution would be there to prevent it from happening again. 

But it did.

The Trail Blazers started out with a six-point first-quarter lead, and then increased it to 12 by halftime. Though the Lakers scored the first five points of the third quarter and eventually pulled to within 64-61 with 6:01 remaining, the result played out the same way as it did in the Lakers' comeback effort against the Clippers. 

Portland closed out the third quarter with a 7-0 run and a 81-71 advantage. The Lakers would again get it to within single digits when Andrew Bynum's tip-in narrowed the Trail Blazers' lead to 101-93 with two minutes remaining. But those final minutes featured the Lakers defense missing a rebound opportunity from Martell Webster's missed three-pointer, Bynum making one of two free throws and then Brandon Roy beating Bryant on a backdoor layup. 

Discipline on D

The Lakers may have played their third consecutive game without Pau Gasol because of his sore left hamstring, which Jackson expects won't be healthy for Sunday's game against Milwaukee. They also may have been without Luke Walton (pinched nerve).

But that doesn't compare to what Portland has been missing.

The Trail Blazers played without centers Greg Oden (season-ending fractured kneecap) and Joel Pryzybilla (season-ending ruptured right knee), guard Rudy Fernandez (back) and guard Steve Blake (pneumonia).

Still, Portland tore up the Lakers' D with the cast it had. Shooting guard Brandon Roy (32 points), point guard Andre Miller (17 points) and backup point guard Jerryd Bayless (21 points) dominated the backcourt, the Blazers made 32 of 39 free-throw attempts and they shot 50.7% from the field, including a 56% clip in the first three quarters.

The Lakers have a little less than a month (Feb. 6) to avoid the same mistakes that has ailed them at the Rose Garden for the last five years. 

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant tries to prevent a pass to Blazers guard Brandon Roy in the first quarter Friday night. Credit: Rick Bowmer / Associated Press

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I'm not angry at my team. I'm just angry.

Somebody get Kobe some Dit Da Jow and somebody get Luke and Pau healthy.

I hate losing to the Trailblazers. Not good.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Losses result from the same problem. TOO MANY KOBE SHOTS!

Do any LA Times beat reporters ask Phil after a loss,

"Are you happy with FGA distribution?"

No doubting Kobe's greatness, but no doubt the losses that accrue when Kobe is a volume shooter.

Roy's 32 pts was much more efficient.

I didn't get to watch the game but 14 out of 37? This is getting ridiculous. Kobe's the ultimate warrior but maybe it's time for him to sit out a little and heal. At this point he's doing more harm then good. Geez 37 shots?

Well that was ugly, at least we lost on a single digit. There's a positive in everything, good or bad outcome lol, or at least that's how I want to see life as.

So here is my take, I read from the last thread the not so positive comments about Kobe's shooting last night. My humble opinion though, no matter what Kobe does he can't win. Everything is magnified whenever the Lakers lose but when we win, hey everything is peachy and dandy. This is a team game, so I believe the team as a whole should be accounted for this lost. The team did not execute the offense and the defense, AH what is that defense you speak of!?!?!!!

Lakers please bring out that FIRE we saw last year, really that's all that is missing, because we all know you have the skills, the IQ, and you guys are the CHAMPS! Please light the FIRE again. thats all thank you :)


I hate USC, but today's article by Bill Plaschke is a deeper example why people like Bill Plaschke are ruining our country.

This guy celebrates nothing but "me" in his writing. He would rather live in a universe without honor.

I'm so tired of these people. The generation he's from is the worst generation in the history of the United States. You'd think that sports would be free of that sick shallowness that came with that generation, but NOOOOOOO!!!!!. Bill Plaschke somehow manages to vomit on our pizza when we're getting ready to eat.

For a person like me (and most of the blog), sports are almost a sacred thing. It's one of the few realms where healthy human competition can take place without the sickened rules that undermine healthy interaction in modern society.

Nearly EVERY writer in the L.A. Times sports section oozes with smugness. Pretention. As a lover of sports, it simply doesn't make you feel good. I grew up reading Jim Murray. Jim Murray (like Chick Hearn) made a person feel good. Hopeful. Made you feel like these things mattered.

This generation of L.A. Times sports writers make you feel like they are trying to proselytize nihlism, by comparison.

I just hate it.

I come here because people care. Whether or not people are so jaded to think that what we are passionate about is "childish", I really don't care. Passion always comes with a certain degree of immaturity. The most mature person on the planet is a cynical, nihilistic, self-absorbed, smug windbag.

I don't want to be that person... EVER.

Embracing a degree of innocence is healthy.

So, L.A. Times sports writers, remember that it is important to have fun. Life is more than finding pale comfort in the gray.

Wesjoenixon, this one is for you:

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kobe jacking up shots isn't the problem. Its the others not making shots.

...and the other team getting and making open ones. I believe Phil might start looking into alternate lineups than the expected ones (Kobe/Fish/Ron/Gasol/Bynum). It seems they are a bit slow in terms of defensive movement. Just look at 4 of those players. Fish/Ron/Gasol/Bynum are on the slower end of things for various reasons (size, age).

I think you have to throw in Shannon earlier, take a look at having LO/Pau in the post again. Shannon is fine as long as he stays w/i the offense, and has the size defensively to not be a liability. Having LO/Pau isn't a knock on Bynum, but I'd like to see Bynum have a fire lit under him.


"Same mistakes LENGTHen Lakers' losing streak at the Rose Garden" (pun intended MM?)

And they say our LENGTH is our biggest advantage! Jjust trying to lighten up everyone's mood. Well i thought it was funny, did you think so? well i thought so ... lol

Bonehead Bynum Again. Again Lakers will not win a championship with the no defense as a starter!!!!

What's up with Ballhog Bryant jacking up 37 shots? I hope the old Kobe "me, me, me" Bryant doesn't come know the Kobe circa 2004-2006.

MM - since Kobe is shooting with his left hand a lot more (and probably will continue to), do you think there is a way to get his split statistics (Left Hand Shooting vs. Right Hand Shooting) since his finger was broken?

Countdown to D-Fish haters in 3...2...1...

Stats on kobe shooting left handed? how lame? how about passing the ball to open teammates? what a concept.

the lakers beat the crap out of the second best team in the west (dallas) with kobe only scoring 15 points. teamwork will always better than a narcisstic superstar jacking up 37 shots....37 SHOTS!!!

brandon roy scored the same points shooting 11 times...11 TIMES.

"Kobe jacking up shots isn't the problem. Its the others not making shots."

OMG, what a statement to make. Kobe jacking up shots [37] isn't the problem? do you realize that 37 shots is 50% of the shots FOR THE TEAM?

back when ego-maniac Bryant wanted to be the man dismantaling the Laker Dynasty lead by shaq, kobe took too many shots and kobe faitfuls would make the same argument that "kobe shooting too much isn't the problem", it was kobe's teammates.

kobe has all-star caliber teammates now...what's the deal?

what's the excuse now? why is kobe jacking up shots with his left hand if he's having problems with the right? why not pass the rock?

For those of you who actually watched the game you would notice that about 10 of the shots Kobe took were non-called fouls, but the refs swallowed their whistles. This is a common occurance in Portland, but the math on a normally called game for Kobe would have put him at about 27 (37-10) shots with foul shots to add to his point total. So, under last night's non-Portland circumstances Kobe would have had about 14 for 27 (52%) and probably 45 points! AND............a win! So pay attention to these subtleties when you are watching. The same touch fouls on the Portland end were not called on the Laker offensive end. The poor shooting of the rest of the team is what drives Kobe to jack up more shots.........some of which were admittedly terrible attempts....but he expected some calls.....not NONE!

I do agree that Kobe needs to get some sort of rest or different splint to get his finger healed, otherwise it will be a long and frustrating season for us.

I cant get over that performance last night. What the Lakers need to do was go in there as a championship team and destroy the Blazers. Put the doubt in their minds that we have to have our whole team healthy to have a chance at these guys. Now they know they can beat us no matter what players they throw at us. I sometime woinder if we would of made it to the Finals last year if we had to play portland in the play-offs. This team has definatley got us beat mentally.

I'm out,


Okay... I'm still trying to digest what I saw last night. Were the Lakers a little tired? Maybe. We were definately missing some ingredient that would have made us more functional. Not really sure what it is.

Here's what I saw and what I am pondering. Why do we seem so slow and "Clunky?"

Why do the other teams seem to be able to move the ball around and attack us from a position of weakness? It's not just Portland.

Why everytime we have the ball at the top of the key did it seem that nobody is open? Have we forgotten how to move the ball and make the extra passes?

Our size and our length is being nuetralized somehow. Is it being countered by speed and outside shooting? If so, that doesn't account for the ball movement I am seeing used to pull us out of position.

Watching that game I have to admit, I was left scratching my head. It would be no big deal if it were an isolated occurance, but I have been seeing it happen alot this year. Kobe has been an equalizer most of the time, but he wasn't last night.

It reminded me of playing in the 07-08 Finals. We were missing an ingredient and Kobe couldn't bail us out.

Last thing here. At the end of the game, it didn't appear that we had a legit shot at stealing that game. Still, most of the Starters were reinserted to (as I interpreted it) figure out what they could do to counter what teams are deploying against them. Almost as if that last 5 minutes was a learning opportunity.

Let's not shrug this off as "We were tired" or "we don't match up well with Portland" or "Kobe is hurting." They wanted it more than we did.

For me (us) this is a learning opportunity.

Pay attention to how Portland played us last night. They doubled Bynum, but not Kobe. What does that tell you?

Portland's strategy was to make Kobe a volume shooter, contest his shots, and take away our much more efficient low post game. And guess what? It worked!!

I'll say it again; Kobe is the only player in the league who's shot attempts go UP when he's sick or injured. He's playing for the "Despite a broken finger, Kobe scores 48 and carries the Lakers to victory" headline.

I just wonder what it's going to be like in a couple of years when he loses a step and can't do everything he does now. Is he going to continue to shoot 30+ times a game?

Looks like that was filmed in our part of the country, Jon. We're under 6 feet of snow in Northern Indiana, and I've already been a victim of 2 spinning crashes. How about you?


LOL! you gotta love Sasha. Portland ball, whoever it was for Portland gets the ball under the Laker basket - 95 feet away from the Portland basket - and... Sasha runs up, fouls him and then starts his, "I can't believe they called a foul" routine... Phil immediately takes Sasha out... Sasha goes to the bench still trying to sell his patented "disbelief" routine... good times, good times...

There are problems beyond Kobe's low shooting percentage. Portland is missing both its centers yet Bynum can't dominate inside?


Lakers please bring out that FIRE we saw last year, really that's all that is missing, because we all know you have the skills, the IQ, and you guys are the CHAMPS! Please light the FIRE again. thats all thank you :)


Posted by: ladyJem24 | January 09, 2010 at 08:23

Missing the powerful IQ`S of "Pau Gasol"," Luke Walton", this Laker team is dumb.

KL_Beast -

"Stats on kobe shooting left handed? how lame?"

Really? Why is that lame? Just another unsubstantiated claim.

You also mention that he only took 15 shots in the win against Dallas. That's just a superficial statement, in which you conveniently ignore other aspects of that win. Kobe probably played a lot less against Dallas; would you argue that Kobe needs to play less in order for the Lakers to win more? Cause if so, you're conflating correlation and causation, and which I would recommend a good intro-to-statistics (Try Purves - he's one of the authors) book to cure that deficiency.


I'm actually an excellent driver in the snow. So, no crashes (yet) on my end.

We've got about two and a half feet of snow on the ground.

The sun broke in the last half an hour, but it's not expected to linger. First time I've seen the sun in twelve days. I don't mind the cold. I love the snow. It's the gray that kills me. Perpetual twilight ain't my idea of a good time.

I miss the game last night, but my greatest fear seems like it's becoming a possibility:

The poor play of The Bench Mob has limited their minutes and is thus wearing out our starters by forcing them to play too many minutes. As a result, players like Kobe Bryant (who despite being a cybernetic organism is still PARTIALLY human) instead of accepting his limitations is embracing the mantra of "Just because you say I have limitations, I'll prove you WRONG!!!!" and is jacking up countless shots even though his right hand feels like it has been stung by an entire hive of killer bees.

We need Luke back and soon. The Bench Mob plays like a cohesive unit when he's in. Otherwise, Farmar leads the group and they play like a group of kids.

At least the Celtics lost last night. That's always good.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Uh, Mark, you missed a couple more key injuries for the Blazers: Nicolas Batum, a star with the French national team, who was the starting SF most of the year last year and into the playoffs; and Travis Outlaw, an instant offense forward who was fifth in the 6th man voting last year, just a few point behind Odom.

Kobe jacking up shots, teammates bricked their own shots, no chemistry, no passiones, all of the above. All of us got to agree that we lost a road game and more are coming ahead. We are the Champs and have no fear on anyone but got to admit too that we need to beef up our personnel. Got to prepare our soldiers first in order to win a worthy battle since we all know what is coming ahead.

We have to move on and look forward. Let's hope Pau and Luke can help next week.

Let's also hope that whatever Mitch is cooking it would work before the All Star break. Like for example, Ammo and Sasha they have no use to the Lakers at this stage why are we settling for 2nd rate players when there are a TON of players out there waiting to be summoned to join the Lakers. Powell and mbenga do not cost much to the team so good for the small contributions that they are making. The next tier will be Fisher and Farmar who have both expiring contracts. Time to look at the broader picture. We love to have them but have to decide on what is good for the team, and if Lakers don't intend to re-sign them, let's offer them in the market. They are the players with decent values that teams would want to have to lead their own roster. In the case of the Lakers, it's hard to play politics with these two players, they can be good in some games and bad in many other games. God to admit, they can't chase the young and stealthy PG from Baron Davis, Brandon Roy, Williams, CP3, Nash, Parker, Mo William, Ty Lawson, Jennings who else????

Someone will say that how many players out there know the triangle. Well, What the use of knowing the triangle when our present crop couldn't chase/guard these premier PG's, so triangle or no-triangle there has to be a solution to this logjam. If we stay put and cling to status quo, our conversation in the blog will always be on a vicious cycle arguing always on players who are just inefficient to do the job.

The realities - we have injuries on our best players: Kobe's fingers, Pau's hamstring and Artest head injuries. It cannot be cured outright, it needs time to heal but we can't rest them or else our team is toasted on these road games.

Leprechaun trolls are busy tearing up the purple and gold mirror. Before criticizing the Lakers, analyze your own Celtics, you too have a huge problem to solve. What is good of the Lakers fall when your team fell simultaneously with them. They are just playing tango of losses in January.

Same w/ Cavaliers, they won on Christmas day and thought they are great. Same old story, Lebron does not have any ring and Shaq is on the way out. They stumbled in mile high city. This will be their last hurrah in Cleveland so enjoy it while it lasts.

KL_Beast -

"kobe has all-star caliber teammates now...what's the deal?"

Who on the team is playing at an all-star level (besides Kobe) who dressed for the Portland game? You looking at a roster from 1999 or 2001 or something?

" why is kobe jacking up shots with his left hand if he's having problems with the right? why not pass the rock?"

Well, Kobe is actually pretty proficient shooting left handed (especially within 6-8 feet, as any baller worth their salt is able to do. Look at Chris Kaman for example).

As far as Kobe not passing the rock, he actually led the team in assists last night, so who knows what you're talking about (besides thinly-veiled hatred for Kobe).

On a positive note, both LO and Socks had double doubles. Every starter scored in double figures. The bench didn't have that good of a shooting night, so that + some not too fantastic D + Portland's energy + FT discrepancy = A Lake Show loss. Ron-Ron did have 3 triples, so it's good seeing him start to get back in the flow too.

Those who call themselves Lakers Fans...Really? Did you watch the game last night? I was in attendance supporting my team, and yes Kobe did shoot a lot of shots, but he was fouled left and right and foul calls weren't called. Bayless would dribble out of control and the refs bailed him out time after time to put him on the line. The energy was lacking and people weren't moving to open spots so Kobe was forced to shoot and was fouled and never got the call. Lakers didn't grab any rebounds towards the end which would of helped in coming back. Sasha touched the ball twice and shot and missed and then on D fouled. The most frustrating thing about being at the game was the Lakers were in the penlty 4 mins into the quarter every time. Stupid ticky tack fouls especially Mbenga & Sasha that really hurt them as they were trying to mount a comeback. So stop complaining about KOBE. We live and die by him...He is the LAKERS, so why would you want to put the ball into farmars hands to shoot when you can have the BEST. I'd rather loose seeing Kobe shoot than have some scrub PG who can't do anything right. On another note...Bynum lacks any energy or passion...not sure how to fix him but he was getting beat by J. Howard...are you SERIOUS. He got frustrated early and gave up. They better beat them down in Feb. because I'm sick of these Gayzer fans thinking they own this rivalry.

KL beast

u do not have any right to participate.

when u will come back after great Kobe games, with 50+ % shooting and 100% FT and even maybe a buzzer beater, and you will ONCE say: great job KOBE, u have the right to the conversation. but you never do. u r spending your life in the basement, from 2006-2009 on anti-depressants, waiting for KOBE to have a poor game. because he WON so many games 4 the Lakers and brings it in 100% even when he is hurt, he has the right to LOSE games for this team.

did u go to the Cavs blog to tell them that Lebrick took all the shots last night and they lost because he is not clutch?

did u ever mention the disparity of the FT 39-10, that was more than 39-7, because they got some gifts at the end?

did you not see that roy and bayless where at the free throw line just because the air conditioning in the building was starting to blow?

kobe, bynum and LO were jacked up all night and did not get a call for 3 qts. both in second and in 4th, the Lakers were in penalty with 8-9 min. remaining?

come back at least once when you have some nice things to say: not about kobe, but the team or any other player. or PJ as strategy. until then you and OTHERS who r mentioning 14-37 should just write in their personal journal called "kobe is a ballhog" or "i hate kobe". actually maybe you guys/gals should start a blog called and just go for it 24/8. you guys r the real trolls and the real haters even if you disguise yourselves in just KOBE haters.

so how many of you r fans of other teams???????????????

Portland got hammered in the 4th quarter by the Clippers the other night and Roy in particular didn't look good doing it.

Just another night in the association. We'll be there in April.

Just a heads up. A new post should be up and running in a little bit....

on last thing...what was the free throw numbers...40 to 10 FTs. Seriously the reffing is terrible for Kobe and Co. at the Rose Garden. I was at last years game also and witnessed the same whistle swallowing I've now come accustomed to see in Portland.

KL_Beast....welcome back to the fold. Good to see you haven't changed, at least I know what to expect, LOL.

37 shots, that's alot isn't it? Thank God I remember that he's the premier scorer not just for the Lakers, but for the entire league, and that without Pau and with Bynum pushed in the back the whole game, the initiative needed to come from somewhere, especially late in the game.

But 37 shots, man what a number! What a number! OMG, run for the hills, everyone, you might get hit by a Kobe brick!

LOL, like I said, welcome back KL.


Mark (the Portland one at the game)

great points. especially i loved when Boy Toy Roy stepped on Bynums foot, hit the floor and got to the line. or yes, Bayless passes by LO kinda stumbles with the ball and back to the line.

when is such a great FT discrepancy, 39-10 there is something putrid. i expected PJ to criticize the refs at halftime interview to raise some brows and to steer back the ship.

if Portland get only to 29-10 FT, (even that is not normal, but sounds more realistic) that is 10 FT that could gave a Lakers win.

for the past 3 years, sasha and farmar r doing that close, stupid defense in the front court or at center court, being called 4 ticky-tacky fouls. NO ONE ON THE TRAINING STAFF CAN TELL THEM TO STOP IT? how stupid is that? and if they don't foul, the guards r blowing by them and they r left in NO MAN's LAND out of the plays.


You must be a troll because you make way too much sense. And way too many good points.


The reason you seem slow and clunky is because u are! Fish is slow. Dribble Dribble is slow. Bynum is slow and lazy. LOL is slow and lazy.

I guess its not so easy to win on the road even if you have one of the highest all important SOS in the league. Better hope you keep playing that great free throw defense and guys keep choking at the free throw line late in games.

All this bashing at Kobe is complete nonsense.

It's making me not enjoying this surprisingly good dinner in Chamonix ( yeah, we crosses borders to be in France this evening) and that is pretty bad considering its price.

Gotta thank Mark for providing his insight from the game court directly.

Kobe is the LAST one to be blamed for yesterday demise. His points came even through left hand.

I am having difficulties in trusting Laker-ness in these prolific repeated offenders of Kobe. Beside being poor at developing evidences for their rants, they have that attitude of hate that don't go together well with their proclaimed "laker love".

Yep... Don't trust them much there actually. But most if everything else, don't trust those statistic. Listen, if you wanna win fantasy bball, give up on Kobe and take whomever you like in his place.

I will happily take "ballhog" Kobe any given day in real played basketball and collect another ring THANX to him.

I have no doubt I will. Until he won't retire, my odds about increasing my fan jewelry are the highest.

This is the only statistic I trust.

Not to' mention the fact Kobe is the most beautiful, exciting, inspirational player I can be' gifted to' watch IN THE DARN friggin WORLD.

If you don't like or can't see this, well, you might as well wear a Celtic sweater and stop pretending you're die-hard Laker fans.

Right, second dish is arriving at our table. Now I can eat better I guess.

First, nobody should be talking about the other starters not making their shots:
Odom 7 of 9
Artest 5 of 9
Bynum 6 of 13
Fish 5 of 11
Not amazing stats but efficient overall.


Yes, Kobe shot too much, especially with his busted finger

Yes, the foul calls were hard to swallow. The NBA should take a carefull look at game tape, quietly, without publicity


Yes, our defense was a huge problem. Portland was able to get inside to the basket way too often. Given that we were getting called on every drive anyway, the cutters should have been wrapped up. Have them earn it at the stripe.


Finally, let's give credit where it's due. Portland played a really good game. We need to look at them like the Portland of old and put a little extra mustard on the hits.

Edwin Gueco , Mark, Caliphilosopher, just another "index" swish

I salute you and honor your comments. They are well documented and truly magnificent (as our LAKERS)!

Thank you for speaking out for TRUE LAKERS' FANS (WIN OR LOSE) who are not as articulate or as savy as you.


Same blog, same arguments again...I love it. Too bad K-bros aren't around anymore.

BTW, as long as the lakers win, kobe can shoot 100 times per game; however, the lakers didn't win...did they?

Whachagot now?

Kobe should not be immune to criticism.

"His points came even through left hand. "

That's it exactly - he should be shooting less now, not more. His stubbornness is a positive trait about 75% of the time, the other 25% of the time it hurts the Lakers. If he learned to control it more, the Lakers as a team would be better.

That is probably the biggest reason Gasol is missed - Kobe has more respect for him as a player than anyone else on the team, and that forces Kobe to stay within the offense.

To think I was having an agreeable disagreement with an old blog friend (and a BIG fan of the Shaq-led Lakers), and the word troll gets inserted into that somehow by 131-92.

Oh well. KL, I disagree on the sentiment, agree that the number makes me raise an eyebrow, but think overall that it doesn't indicate anything more than everyone else being gun shy, a huge missing piece in Pau, and some calls/non-calls I disagreed with.

Same old, same old. Time for lunch....I'm thinking sushi....

First off, I admire the Lakers and their fan base is usually pretty knowledgeable. That said, please give credit where credit is due. The Blazers played with heart. 6 of our best players are out: Oden, Outlaw, Batum, Pryzbilla, Batum, Blake, and who can forget Fernandez who HAD TO FINALLY HAVE BACK SURGERY FROM LAST YEAR'S BLOWOUT WIN WHEN ARIZA BRUTALLY FOULED HIM!

We may not win rings or a lot of luck but we the Blazer people are proud and PLAY WITH HEART! No matter who is on the floor, in this case 2 rookies drafted in the 2nd round and a 36 year old PF playing center!

Imagine the Lakers with 6 of their best players injured: Odom, Fisher, Gasol, Artest, Bynum, the same time!

Well at least we got to introduce you Lakers to Jerryd Bayless. See you in February!

Mark M,

guess my post got lost???

oh well it was probably a bunch of crap anyway, but it might have been quite sublime as well...only your hairdresser knows for sure...

if I can remember what I posted before, I will post it again, if I can't remember then I will forget to repost what I can't remember that I forgot to remember to forget, I think...


I do give credit to the Blazers for fighting hard and earning the W. We did not meet their energy and were beaten. The problem is that we have the potential and we aren't living up to it. Blazers have nothing to lose and it showed last night. As for Fernandez being BRUTALLY fouled last year what a bunch of Crap. I was at that game also like last night. Yes it was unfortunate that Fernandez landed the way he did, but the foul was not brutal by any stretch of the imagination. If you watch that foul, Ariza went for the ball and not Fernandez, and in doing so he made contact with Fernandez head and for some reason he fell awkwardly and was injured but the initial foul was not that big of a deal, like all players going to the rim they prepare for contact and for some reason he did not and was hurt by it. I watched the reply over and over during the injury time out on the big screen and much of those around me agreed Ariza did go for the ball and not intentionally deck Fernandez. Also during that game a drunk Gayzer fan thought pushing me and swinging and missing a punch would make him feel better about himself, when at the time the Lakers were down 30 and the game was out of reach. That season ticket holder and his trashy wife were thrown out of the game and the Blazer management did me right and gave me Lexus Club tickets to the next game for the bad experience me and my wife had. I respect Roy and Co. but I don't have any respect for most Blazer fans, they are pissed they have all this potential and haven't had any gleam of hope other than beating the Lakers during the regular season. My bro-in-law is a native to Portland and is a true Blazer fan but respects Kobe and the Lakers. I living in Portland but born and raised in Diamond Bar, CA. can't believe that I can't go to a sporting event without feeling threatened if I wear my LA Laker gear. That is ridiculous and shows the classlessness of the fans. But like I said to the guy that tried to assault me and my wife before being thrown out, SEE YOU IN THE PLAYOFFS!

"the lakers beat the crap out of the second best team in the west (dallas) with kobe only scoring 15 points. teamwork will always better than a narcisstic superstar jacking up 37 shots....37 SHOTS!!! brandon roy scored the same points shooting 11 times...11 TIMES"

KL_Beast has an excellent point!

A couple of days agoI heard Mark Jackson and Van Gundy discussing how Kobe now knows when to shoot and when to pass. That finally, his game is basically flawless. Well... that's easy to say when your beating inferior teams in November and December at home, and your coming off a championship doesn't hurt. But the truth is last nite was bad kobe. I kinda suprised that "Bad Kobe" wasn't the headline on the la sports page today. And guys I'm a HUGE kobe fan, but 37 shots is ridiculous.

Now I know that last nite was NOT Kobe's fault. But we gotta stop having 30+ shots nites for Kobe, ESPECIALLY when he's obviously having a bad nite. And really its a catch 22 because if he passes the ball everybody else throws up bricks as well. The offense seems very stagnant to me for some reason. No cutting to the baskets, half a$$ pick and rolls, and a lot of cross court passes for some reason (never a good idea). It's (not) funny, you take gasol out the mix and its a different team. Bynum is not ready for primetime yet and neither is Shannon, Farmar, or anybody else you can think of.

The bottom line is the injury bug can and will hit at anytime during the season/postseason. The team that can function the best with missing pieces wins it all. So far the Lakers won't even get past the first round with what we've seen so far. Portland, Clippers, Bobcats, all scare me. How embarrasing would it be if we lost first round? MONUMENTAL. Get it together guys, practice makes perfect.

Bynum the Bonehead Baby

Keyon Dooling+Courtney Lee+Yi Jianlian FOR Adam Morrison+Josh Powell+Jordan Farmar WHAT DO YOU THINK LAKERS FAN?

kobe did shoot a lot last night but try to review and see were many of those shots were made...15 - 20 ft...shots which are easy for kobe but unfortunately his finger really bothered him...perhaps one of many reasons why we lost is because of psychological aspect wherein were trying so hard to beat Portland in their homecourt...the most of them were not as composed as they used to play on other homecourt..about the non so called fouls well that's one aspect and the substitution pattern also affects us...Portlands' guards were faster in offense and in transition defense than throws killed us also ...what we lack in this year's quest for another glory is passion for the game....we lack that intensity..that drive....only Kobe has it right now ...have you watched how he dive for that loose ball against Dallas on the sideline????man that's love for the game....

KL_Beast says:

"Same blog, same arguments again...I love it. Too bad K-bros aren't around anymore."

Well, I suppose they're the same arguments due to the fact that you keep regurgitating that same nonsense you've been regurgitating for a while. You don't have arguments, you have unsubstantiated claims (and I'm being charitable here).

And just to make it known, Portland played a great game. No taking that away from them. It happens - it's the NBA, not NBA LIVE '10.

@ 131-92: KL_Beast makes sense? Honestly, how much kool-aid have you been drinking?



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