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Report: Ron Artest questionable for Tuesday's game against Wizards


Lakers forward Ron Artest missed the White House ceremony today honoring the team's 2009 championship because of flu-like symptoms, the Orange County Register is reporting.

Although Artest was with the Houston Rockets last season, he still planned on attending the festivities until this morning. The O.C. Register report says Artest was vomiting during the team's practice.

He was reported as questionable for tomorrow's game against the Washington Wizards.

Artest has had several injuries so far this season. First was the Christmas night concussion that sidelined him for five games. Although Artest hasn't missed time since his return, he has also played with an injured right index finger and with plantar fasciitis in both feet. The latter issue has hindered his defense and is something Coach Phil Jackson suggested has to do with his shoes

Artest endorses Peak, a Chinese shoe company, and has since said via Twitter that Jackson's claim "has no evidence. I love my shoe company."

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest gets between Orlando's Vince Carter (15) and Dwight Howard for a layup. Credit: Allan Schaben / Los Angeles Times.

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Artest prolly missed that layup atempt in that pic above. I hate to say it, but Artest is Fisher 2.0 around the rim.

I hope that Ron Artest's myriad injuries can be used to explain his lack of production on both ends of the floor this season. He just doesn't look like the same player that the Lakers played against in last spring's playoffs.


re: my comments about Bynum around the rim and silly fouls.

you wrote: Your comment needs to be backed up with Bynums FG%. Could you please post them? Thank you.

my response: re: watching cavs vs. Lakers right now to start answering
your question. I'm not going to be able to give you complete stats, but
I'll try to do my best.

At Bynum is listed as the 22 player in terms of PF's. 4.4 PF per
48 mins.

I am looking at Ron Artest's stats. He averaged 17.1 points per game in his final year with Houston and 18.8 and 20.5 points per game in the prior two years with Sacramento.

He is, of course, now on a team with a lot of scorers and I am not sure how far off he is from his previous 40+ % shooting and nearly 40% three point shots. But, I can't help but feel he has really tanked from his potential.

If he could produce at the level the statistics indicate he could, we'd be a much stronger team. I cannot believe, given his visiting Kobe in the shower, that he lacks desire. I guess the difference might be his feet. But, he is frustrating.

MM, please ask him about his feet. We should have some explanation about why he is so mediocre this year. If it is his feet, Gary Vitti should be held accountable for announcing a prognosis that his treatment could be judged by.



I'm looking up info at hoopdata.

so far I have the following:

Out of the top 17 C's in the NBA, Bynum 8th in terms of fouls.
Meaning that he's averaging 3 fouls per 30 mins. Nene & Jason T
are leading at 3.6. Tim Duncan is on the bottom at 2.0 The league
average is 3.2.

Total rebounds for Bynum is 8.4. League average is 9.6
Under 10 ft. he's averaging 49.3. League is 49.1
10 - 15 he's averaging 40. League average is 52.6
At the rim, his % is the 5th highest at 69.5 with an assist rate of 67.5.
*my* understanding is that his rate is so high because he's getting lobs.
For comparison, Al Horford is at 71% with an assist rate of 61%.
Al Jefferson is at 70% with an assist rate of 41.3. Dwight is at 71 with
an assist rate of 52.

here is the link:


Even though this is someone that is pretty common place in the professional sports, I believe there is a lot more to this story involving Andrew Bynum and a trade for the big kid could be on its way as he may have just lost all motivation with the Lakers who seemed like they had Bynum in their long term plans in Los Angeles.

JohnnyP - I'm not on the road with the team, so we'll have to leave that up to our beat guys. All of us, including myself, have asked him about his injuries and he's more or less declined to go into them. My take is he doesn't want to come across as making excuses, especially when Kobe is playing with a hurt finger. He's definitely acknowledged though that he's not playing his best.

@ Hobbitimage,
Let me see ANY physical center, or ANY skilled low post player. Qualifier: since you didn't give names about who qualifies I'll have to guess. As for what "well" means I'll assume you mean at least 15 points and 10 boards.
Versus Kaman, who is supposedly an All Star or close to it, in the first game of the year Bynum had 26 and 13.
Against Dampier, a physical if unskilled center, Bynum had 22 & 11.
You've already admitted he had a good game against Bosh yesterday. I have to assume you consider Bosh a skilled low post player since you're pushing for the trade.
I don't think much of Nene, but certainly he was at one point considered a "physical player." In the loss at Denver Bynum went for 19 and 15.
Now if you what you're really saying is that Bynum never does well against elite centers, that's a little different. But the truth is there are almost no elite centers in the league at this point so it becomes problematic to evaluate this based on games this year. I mean who is there besides Howard? We've got one game against Howard this year but it really doesn't tell you much. Bynum had 8 boards in only 22 minutes, Howard had 12 boards in 43 minutes. As for the finals last year, Bynum was clearly not 100% so I wouldn't even consider those games. If you do count those games, then obviously Bynum's stats v. Howard will be horrible.

Now does Bynum make some bad decisions in the post? Yup, I've seem him miss guys under the basket, and his passing out of a double is still kind of iffy. He does however, make pretty nice passes to the cutters so I'd argue he does have a nice/natural passing touch.
Though Bynum does deserve his share of criticism (as does Kobe) the idea that Bynum never has any good games against decent opponents, or that he always makes bad passes or doesn't pass at all, just isn't factually accurate.


Thanxs for the Stats.

Do you really have a problem with Drew not makin the extra pass or rushing his shot even though AB17 has the highest percentage on the team?

The Triangle is designed to create a high percentage shot. That high percentage shot would be to feed Drew in the paint.

Thanxs again.

Injuries are part of the game but of course they are frequent the older you get, I guess it's safe to say at the this point the the Ariza - Artest trade weakened the Lakers.
Let's hope they're still strong enough to win the championship.

IN THE BLUE CORNER: LakerTom, Staples24, CornerJ, Nemaia, Chicntsu, MarkG
IN THE RED CORNER: hobbitmage, lakerTruth, Kblitz, Swish Index

Cutman: Edwin Gueco
Towel Man: Jon K.
Waterboy: Caliphilosper
Refree: MM

Ding Ding Ding......and Bynum is down for the count, Bynum is down for the count.. 1..........2........3..........4..............5.........6......7.......Bynum pulls himslef up on wobbly knees, he does not look the same, he is disoriented, he has lost his bearing...

Ring side observer: Bynum should walk around the house with Nicole Narain on his shoulder to strengthen his knees...


This isnt a

I was just pointing out that Drews problems arent on the offensive end. His stats show he has been productive with the minutes he gets.

However, on the defensive end he can improve on his shot blocking and rebounds per game. I dont expect him to run the court like a guard, but i do expect him to stay focused as he runs the court and keep his head in the game.

ok, I'm finally watching the video of the Lakers meeting the President today on the Lakers website.

- Which FAN has the greatest gig in the NBA right now? It's got to be Adam Morrison! Dude's raking in $5m, hardly plays, gets a free, front row seat to every game, gets to hear all the behind the scenes stuff, gets a championship ring and is now tapping fists with the President! When Obama was giving his speech, WHO do you see prominently in the background? Ammo! You can't top that. LOL!


1st. You're welcome. :)

2nd. re: rushing the shot. The comments about Bynum rushing his shots are
*DIRECTLY* related LakerTom & beastliness. They are also *DIRECTLY*
related to his attitude.

3rd: re: his percentage. I've said this before and I'll say this again. There are
lies, damn lies & statistics. We have played a number of teams who aren't
very good defensively and/or who are small. [ GS & PHX to name two ] In *my*
opinion, and I could be wrong, his stats are inflated by the teams that we
played. Specifically, if you look at his November stats and compare them to
his December stats.

4th re: feeding Drew in the paint. Have you ever wondered why I'm always
bitching about defense and rebounding? have you ever wondered why I
don't say the same sorts of things about Pau? The reason is because Pau gives
effort and Drew doesn't. I'm a bit discombobulated. Let's me ramble for a
bit and maybe it will clear up.

I have studied multiple martial arts for ~ 20 years now. I have had the
opportunity to train with some of the best in the world. I'm not exaggerating.
One of the things that I've had an opportunity to watch/learn is what happens
when a *gifted* person trains underneath the eyes of a master. Do you know
what happens? They get *SCARY* good! Sparring with them is like trying to
stop an avalanche with a trashcan lid. Just useless!

Andrew Bynum has the opportunity to become *SCARY* good. He has a
mentor who is arguably the best center to ever play the game. He's playing
for the best coach to ever coach the game. He's playing with arguably one of
the most competitive players to ever play the game. He's got size. He's got
talent. and ... He's getting PAID!

Do you remember the Lakers being up 3-1 over phoenix? With Kwame &
Smush & Lamar? After the fat man left us? That loss was like getting kicked
in the family jewels. To be *SOOOOOO* close and to fail. Do you remember
all the ridicule Kobe went through? While he was leaving it all on the court?
Weren't you pulling for him? Weren't you on the edge of your seat, trying to
make the ball go into the hoop? I was. Didn't it rub you raw when everyone
said he was a ball hog & that long haired, no defense, hippy took home two
MVP trophies? It *really* irked me.

Are you a competitive person? I am. I hate losing like I hate Cod Liver Oil!
That swing & a miss with Phoenix is the story of my life. I'm surrounded by
multi-millionaires and I'm breakin' myself trying to keep body & soul
together. If I was younger, I'd probably go into MMA to get a paycheck
and work off some aggression. Can't. Too old. Too busted up. I still drag
my sorry carcass to the dojo, because this is life. This is necessary.

One of my joys is watching Kobe play. Why? Because he plays like one day
he won't be able to play anymore. He's SCARY good and has the heart to TRY
to get better. Win, lose or draw I can cheer for him. He's giving it his best,
and isn't that what we're supposed to do in life? Give it everything you've got?

Back to Bynum. By some strange quirk of fate, this man is given everything
that anyone could desire. His response is *NOT* to give it his all. His
response is to *WASTE* what others would kill for and be a goof off while
getting rich.

I saw the little children in Cuzco, Peru running around with no shirt or shoes
in 40 degree weather. I saw them in Guatemala hauling rocks the way their
ancestors did. No running water. Living in tin shanty towns. I spent time
en el barrio con mis hermanos de Mexico working 3 - 5 jobs para la familia.
Mi hermano de Colombia eatin' eggs because he can't afford to buy meat.

Bynum is getting paid LARGE because *WE* are watching and cheering for
him. Is it *TOO MUCH* to ask that he give it his all? Am I really being
unreasonable for asking him to try and win? No, making the all-star team is
not the same as trying to win. Doing the dirty stuff is how you win. The way
those boys play in Houston ... That is the stuff of dreams & legends. I wish
& ache that our players would show that kind of heart & determination.
Those are the players that cheer you up when life has beaten you down.

Forget the negativity! Lets get positive, for Pete's sake.

I guess negative posts are fun to write, but they're very boring to read. Or maybe it's just this version of negativity.

But I don't have much to say either, though for some reason I'm really bummed about the Viking loss last night. Somewhere along the way I guess I became a Brett Farve/Vikings fan. Maybe because I'm in their back yard (sort of), and my only other options on local TV are The Browns, The Lions, and the Bears. Yuck.

Go Lakers.


I'm feeling bad for Ron Ron. His optimism seems to be a very, very precarious thing. I want him to be happy again like he was the first few months in LA, but i think he's going to have to sit for about a month to and get feet straight before he finds the sunshine again. It took me 3 months with ZERO running to get over my bout with plantar and I suffered with every step. I thought I had pulled all the muscles between my toes and the ball of my foot. Anyway, like Brittney with her pink hair, when Ron stops doing the quirky fan stuff like tweeting, family visits and bowling, i think it's a sign of personal upheaval or unrest.


That is a good post Hobbitmage. I liked the autobiographical stuff.


Mark G,

1st. Hola

2nd. amongs other things, you wrote:
Though Bynum does deserve his share of criticism (as does Kobe) the idea that Bynum never has any good games against decent opponents, or that he always makes bad passes or doesn't pass at all, just isn't factually accurate.

my response: Forgive me if hyperbole got in the way. I *thought* I said that
the games that LakerTom crows about, in relation to Bynum being a BEAST,
are against teams that are significantly flawed in some way. GS, Pho, the
clippers last year. If Bynum is *TRULY* a beast, shouldn't he have GREAT
games against Oden, Howard, Shaq, etc?

I don't believe I ever said that he hasn't had a good game against a decent
opponent. I believe that I took exception to his lack of hustle during the
month of December *specifically*.

I have *specifically* questioned his character. His character has manifested
in a couple of unsavory ways. I find *NOT* training with Kareem to be
"disturbing". It shows a lack of awareness which will inevitably come back
and hurt the Lakers. I find *NOT* training with team USA to be:

1. unpatriotic.
2. foolish

It was foolish because his lack of experience is actually retarding the
performance of both him and the Lakers. Think about this for a second:

Can you imagine what the Lakers would be like if both he & Pau were
averaging 20-10?

Can you imagine what the Lakers would be like if we could have Bynum, Pau,
Kobe, Brown & Farmar closing out games?

Speed, slashing, outside shooting, defense ... We could crush every record
in the books!

3rd. The reason for being *in favor* of the Bosh trade is because Bosh
brings desire/intensity to the team. Something Bynum seems to be lacking.
We're going to need that come the playoffs.

Consider this for a second: Do you recall ever seeing the Showtime Lakers
act like they were indifferent to losing? I don't. Maybe I don't remember so
well. How about MJ & the Bulls? I don't. What about the Celtics of
yesterday? Again, I don't. I cannot think of a single championship team
which seemed ... indifferent. Knowing now, what I didn't know as a child, it
is so obvious to me why champions are champions. It's because they actually
want it more and are willing to do what it takes to win.

BTW, that post was *specifically* addressed to LakerTom because *HE* is
always the one spouting off about the *BEAST*. However, when Bynum
plays like rookie LakerTom is no where to be found. He's a bit like BUTLER
or one of the Celtic trolls in that way.

I *wish* that LakerTom would man up from time to time and simply tell the
truth about Bynum instead of always [ 95% ] ignoring Bynum's faults and
constantly talking about his potential.

I'm a fan of Kobe & D-Fish. I'm not ashamed to say that D-Fish has not shot
the ball well this season. I'm not ashamed to say that Kobe has lost the game
for us from time to time. I have acknowledged that there's a lot of times
when Kobe doesn't look for his teammates.

Kobe & Bynum & LakerTom are all flawed humans, as am I. Can't we just put
all of our cards, face up on the table, and get to work? If Bynum is acting like
a knucklehead, is there anything wrong with saying: He made a bad move, but
he's a Laker and I'm pulling for him?

I want Bynum to play the *RIGHT* way and to give it his all. I want
LakerTom to stop smearing lipstick on a pig. Tell the truth and let's cheer for
our team! In a world that's filled with lies and hate, can't we at least be honest
here? It's basketball for cryin' out loud!


I was cheering for Brett. Dang it! :)

Fischer 2.0..... lol... too funny.

Man, you guys are really harsh on Artest. Although he is a bit of an oaf on offense, stumbling his way to the basket, his defense has been great all year. What did you expect him to do against LBJ, hold him to 10 points?

If you actually watch Ron on defense, he rotates, scrambles and hustles. Something most Lakers don't do. This mentality is contagious, and this is why the Lakers have had the best defense in the league. If you remember when he was out, the defense was atrocious.

Give the guy a break, he can only do so much.


Great response.

You softened me up then kicked me where it

I'll give Drew a full HEALTHY season before I pass judgment on him.

Good stuff bro!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
First, please don’t think that it is out of disrespect that I don’t respond to your lengthy posts. I just don’t have the patience to exchange tit for tat even on a subject so dear to my heart as Andrew Bynum. Having watched you at work, I get the sense that your ultimate goal is always victory by perseverance. You remind me of AK in your apparent inability to let someone else have the last word. :)
I have always respected and appreciated those special bloggers who have the interest and make the time to be consistent contributors. And you qualify with honors in that category. I may not agree with your logic, process, or conclusions but you have proven to be an honorable and valuable blogger. For that, I thank and salute you. I think without a doubt the transition to MM has shown that the real heart and soul of the LA Times Lakers Blog is our vibrant community of bloggers within the blog.
I loved your recent post by the way and it helps to see some humanity there. Here’s my take on fans and players. I root for and support every player on my teams. I may hope they get traded or benched, but I nevertheless cheered when their shots went in and empathized when they didn’t. Frankly, I find nothing more loathsome and dishonorable than fans turning on their own players. That applies to the Kobe Haters as well as the Luke Thrashers, Bynum Bashers, Farmar Haters, and all of the fans whose primary focus on the team is to hate a particular player or players. If Andrew Bynum got traded, I would root for whomever we got because he’s on my team. The Lakers are like my family so don’t expect me to NOT come to the defense of any Laker player who is being unfairly attacked.
I wonder how you or Blitz would react if you had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Drew in person. Would you be as crude and rude as you are in print? Or would you treat him with some respect because he wears the purple and gold? I wish fans would show their best side and not fall prey to the overreaction and unbridled frustration that comes with becoming a hater and negative force. We have a team that most of us love more than any Lakers team before. Why ruin it all with hatred?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Lakers lead in the league.

Life is good


Thanks for the civil posts. I was beginning to believe that I either had to think Drew was a) a BEAST who can outplay and Kareem and beat him in creative writing class or b) a useless lazy lump with no value.

See, I always thought he was a young big with some real strengths (low post skills) and some holes in his game (rebounding, defense). A ton of upside, but a work in progress. Interested in offense, mixed on defense. In need of more energy.

I have been encouraged lately by signs of growing as a player - help defense on the perimiter, setting a lot of screens up top, taking passes in the high post and quickly dishing. But I still want to see more abandon.

I'd still risk a 10th pick on him. And he is still part of the Lakers best 5. and I want continued growth.

Tom Daniels

Hobbitmage: Dude, you took my thoughts out of my head and wrote it perfectly! That's why i always look forward to your post. You tell it like it is just as Kobeblitz. Yes, i love all Laker players. I want them to do well. If i don't see effort on the court, i get frustrated. Bynum is frustrating me. He is so gifted, long, tall, strong...why can't he use all these to become a "scary" player? I want him to be a defensive beast so he will intimidate our opponents but i just don't see it. He hardly show effort in a consistent basis. I'm tired of the excuses, they are lame. He's a vet now and been in a Laker uniform all his career. He should "get it" by now right? Well, i hope the team wins the rest of this trip. Go Lakers!


We all said it, "barring injury". Hasn't happened. Hateful, nagging, aggravating, frustrating, nick nack injuries are messin' with our prognostications.

We're in the dog days. Nobody's dominating, paradoy reigns. The road to the ring is still Chick Hearn drive.

DOG Days wish list: 1) Heal, 2) see #1

No way the Lakers will trade Bynum for Bosh. It just doesn't work out salarywise. The only way they would do that is if they were trying to dump Bynum's salary somehow.

Also, anyone who says DWade should be considered for MVP is crazy. He singlehandedly lost the game today. 2 missed free throws with 40 seconds left. However, the worst mistake is this. If you're up by 1 with 27-28 seconds left, that means that even if you dribble out the clock, that only leaves about 3.5 seconds to the Crabs. It shows what a lousy coach Brown is. Anyway, so lets say that he dribbles the ball down to 1 second left on the 24 second clock, or about 3 seconds left in the game and heaves a long 3 pointer. If he makes it, the Heat win. Let's say he misses. All he has to do is hit the rim, and the game is over. If he shoots with 4 seconds left in the game, it would take about 2 seconds for the flight of the ball, and if it hits the rim, it will take another second two leaving 1 second even if the crabs get the ball. Sure Lecrybaby could make a shot to win it, but it at least makes it much tougher.

Clippers drop Kareem Rush...

I've always had a lot of hope in his potential, but he never became the player that I thought he would be. I'm not sure if he came back from whatever injury he had...


...he's gotta be better than Adam Morrison and/or Sasha Vujacic right?

He has experience in the triangle and it seemed like PJ liked him. What do you think?

Hobbit - I may not agree with you about Bynum but your posts are consistently detailed and thought out and filled with info to back up your points. The above "joys of watching Kobe play" post was just terrific, jumped off the page in fact. Kudos.

I agree with Tom, why all the negativity? Sometimes Lakers fans are like spoiled babies. We can't go 82-0! Even that might not be enough for some. Its no wonder some of us oldtimers on the blog take a break for a few weeks at a time.

@ Hobbitmage
1. Hola right back at ya!
Second,You know what? I don't really have a problem with anything you posted in your response to my post. What I was reacting to mainly, were the following questions to Laker Tom:
"So ... can you name *ANY* physical center that Bynum has done well
against? Can you name *ANY* skilled low post player that Bynum has
done well against?" These were the questions that spurred my post. I'm not looking to rehash those issues, just letting you know why I posted.

Reading the latest posts, I feel like I'm back in high school biology class and we're dissecting a frog whose name is the Los Angeles Lakers. I noted that somewhere above, Lakerfan framed it another way:

IN THE BLUE CORNER: LakerTom, Staples24, CornerJ, Nemaia, Chicntsu, MarkG
IN THE RED CORNER: hobbitmage, lakerTruth, Kblitz, Swish Index

Imagine if we were really the Lakers' coaching staff. Actually, we don't have to imagine, reading the latest report from the road by Mike Bresnahan.

"The coaching staff ... told us we were probably going to lose five [of the 8 games on the road trip] based on the way we've been playing basketball," center Andrew Bynum said. "I think P.J. said it."

No matter how harsh things get here on the Blog, that's quite a stunning evaluation by the coaching staff. It certainly puts a damper on the celebratory feeling of the Lakers' visit to the White House.

A few days ago, I posted some thoughts about the value of a shakeup to the rotation. I demurred on the suggestions of a trade, noting that whomever the Lakers might acquire would be bringing their own set of weaknesses along with any assets. I still feel that way. Add to that any difficulties of fitting into the system halfway through the season.

By the time the team returns home, surely the Buss family, Mitch and Phil will be making decisions on what the team must do to contend as repeating Champions. Dr. Buss isn't paying the luxury tax because he likes to. The Blog is restless. The coaching staff is restless. The air of discontent has gotten impossible to ignore. This Organization isn't one to swing an ax when a scalpel will do. But change is coming.

There are five games left on this road trip, starting Tuesday night in Washington against the Wizards. My crystal ball is still cloudy. But now that the players have been told by the coaches that they're not performing as they need to, I'm hoping this team will respond as Champions should. Go Lakers!

Here is the scoring of the cutman on Bynum

4W-3L Since it was announced that Lakers are inquiring about Bosh

1-2 On this 8 game road trip

We wish all the luck to our underperforming Laker players who have the highest salaries in the league including their coach. I wish they are not as cocky in defeat as Odom as proclaimed. I also wish their everlasting fans here in the blog will be honest and tell it what it is, than engaged in labeling other opinionated bloggers here who find difficulty in accepting defeat to a lowly Raftors.

Let's reserve the final judgment before February 18th.


Yeah, it started 82-0 then it kept on coming down, at this stage, it is supposed to be 71-11. It could come down again so to highlight optimism, just drop the scoring. lol! The 70 bandwagon is also in great danger. Whose fault is it? The hater fans. If Kobe's index finger and Artest's injuries would persist, it would be an equivalent of 10 more losses till April and hardly winning the WC. It is either that finger heals completely or at least Bynum, Gasol and Odom start playing well.


2 quickies for you.

1. you wrote: Having watched you at work, I get the sense that your ultimate goal is always victory by perseverance.

my response: sorry that was never my intent. As I said before, I actually read/
listen to what people say and then evaluate. I've learned things from you &
KB Blitz and I hope to learn more. You should respond more. I'll learn from

2. you wrote: I wonder how you or Blitz would react if you had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Drew in person. Would you be as crude and rude as you are in print? Or would you treat him with some respect because he wears the purple and gold?

my response: Ummm ... I'm not a very subtle person. If I had an opportunity
to talk to Mr. Bynum I'd probably ask him point blank: "What are you doing?"

If I were his teacher I'd be much more forceful about it. Training in martial
arts, for as long as I have, has just made some things *really* clear to me.
2 weeks ago, I questioned the technique of a 2nd degree black belt. He was
doing the technique incorrectly. I could feel it. I tried to be polite about it.
I wound up getting a demo from the sensei. Watching/feeling the sensei
showed me exactly where the 2nd degree had screwed up. In the quest to
perfect an art, being tactful gets in the way. Much better to be honest and
up front. Pain is temporary. Glory is forever.

Thanks for the response.

Mark G,

Hola otra vez y gracias.

Dave M, hyacinth, ChicNstu, Tom Daniels

Hola y gracias.


FYI, Bynum is attending Loyla and majoring in Business management.
3.4 from St. Josephs's.


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..shouldn't Bynum be the one with 16 rebounds? Whats wrong with the scenario below?

Bryant had 27 points, a career-high 16 rebounds and nine assists, falling just short of his 17th career triple-double. He also fell short on his three-point attempt.

some ariza news in case anyone is still feeling nostalgic for ariza.. here his latest from rotoworld:

Trevor Ariza-F- Rockets Jan. 25 - 11:24 pm et
Trevor Ariza hit 4-of-11 shots for eight points in just 23 minutes before being benched in Monday's loss to the Hawks. Ariza's struggles continue and he was benched by coach Rick Adelman in this one. There's no report of an injury, so owners have to hope he gets it turned around soon. If he doesn't start playing better, more benchings could be in his future. Kyle Lowry had 10 points in 25 minutes off the bench, and appears to have gotten Ariza's minutes once he was put on the pine.


Hey Everyone !

Take a look at this

You are taking good care of this blog MM. Thanks :)


I've learned things from you & KB Blitz and I hope to learn more. You should respond more. I'll learn from you.
Posted by: hobbitmage | January 25, 2010 at 10:44 PM

them no fightin words.. wheres the hobbit we all know.. you've had a great run lets not spoil it... only got 2 more rounds.. now knock his head off! ur gonna do it! finish him! now stand and fight!!... ding ding ding!!!

LakersRule - Thanks for the love. That was a great link, shows some revealing stuff. I'll make sure to mention the story in the morning links post tomorrow.


Andrew Bynum - 15.6 ppg / 8.4 rpg / .561 field goal % / .747 ft %

I'm not sure why so many people are so down on this guy. Do we want him to get better? Sure! Is he the new Kareem/Tim Duncan/Hakeem? No. Is he the new Benoit Benjamin/Kwame Brown? Also, NO.

He's a pretty darn good center in a league that lacks very many dominant centers. He's a young kid - he played very little high school ball, no college ball, and came right into the big leagues at 17 - let's give him some encouragement. Can we win more championships with a center who puts up those numbers? Yep.

I feel the same about LO. People were so down on him for not being the Scottie Pippen to Kobe's Jordan. But at the end of the day, is he an integral part of this team and last year's championship? Yep.

This insight someway gives me better reasons for Artest's game the other day.

Now I hope winter ends cos all of our players are bugged with the flu and I feel like I have to fly already over LA and land them the antisympthomatic stamina I create for cattles (that's my so uncool job, yes...).

Ron Ron will show us why we have got him in the first place starting from middle of March.

I have no doubts he will.

I enjoyed the "boxe-raleted" vision of lakerfan, that was entertaining (though I don't really think it's anything more than different perspective on players, not really a fight...).

On the Vikings loss, if it's true (as reported over here in Italy) that they displeased Prince's hymn for them, well they deserved that loss.

Nobody disrespects Minneapolis' GENIUS.

The article was about Ron but most of the comments about Bynum.
Well, about Ron, its about time he sits for a while. He has a legitimate injury that really hampers him. We arent seeing his best because he just cant do it with the foot prob. He may be intimidated by Kobe and not complain. The trainer should go to Kobe and tell him Ron needs to rest those feet, and Kobe should go to Ron and tell him to take some time off and not feel guilty about it. Big difference between a hurt finger and probs with the feet.
I'd prefer Ron take a month off now and get healthier so he can play strong when we really need him.

As for Bynum, as I said before, track down Mutombo and hire him as Bynums coach. Lakers, do you hear me.

For those who watch every game, it's apparent that Ron Artest was playing great before his concussion and his foot problems.

And Ariza had the opportunity to stay in Los Angeles for what he got in Houston. Inexplicably, in this economy, his agent pushed for more and it backfired.


I love how I'm the waterboy. I get no sweat on me, and I got a ring-side seat to the action. Was there anything else that you were implying? :-)

Great post again Hobbitmage! I feel the exact same way- every single Laker, no matter how big his contract is, should be giving his all when on the court for the best franchise in sports history.
As for Artest's poor play all season long: I knew that this trade would be risky considering his age and how much his body has taken of the course of it's career.
Yes, Trevor isn't doing all that well in Houston, but that's because he was supposed to be here, providing the lighting quick defensive rotations, steals, and sprints down the court for breakaway layups. He doesn't fit in there because he is not a number one option franchise player that they want him to be- he is an excellent role player who needs to play alonside a dominant player so he can fly under the radar and cut up the defense while the opposition is focusing on the number one threat. In my mind, this is almost as bad as giving up Caron Butler for Kwame Brown. I know he's gone, but maybe Houston will go for a swap at the end of the year(I know, never gonna happen).
As for the rest of the season, we will be okay IF Bynum decides to play with as much passion on the defensive end as on the offensive, Odom decides to focus for every game, Kobe and Artest heal, and Pau stays tough in the post.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Thanks for your post. When we both take the time and care to read each other’s posts carefully and objectively, it is easy to see that we do agree on many issues. I liked your personal anecdotes as they reveal a more caring and thoughtful person than some of your posts. And learning from other bloggers is what makes this sports blog truly unique. As I said earlier, we may disagree about opinions but not about respect for each other. :-)
I can understand your position of speaking frankly when it came to criticizing a black belt for his technique since you have studied martial arts at a high level for so long. But what experience gives you the right to do the same to Andrew Bynum about his basketball play were you to meet him? Might I suggest that were you really to meet with Drew you might be a little less hostile or questioning than you were with your martial arts friend?
And in response to your earlier posts, if you check my previous posts, you will find that I have criticized Drew’s effort, aggressiveness, and demeanor many times, especially when he was playing way subpar in December. If you think you are disappointed with his play at times, imagine what must be going through my head. The main difference is that I try and remain a loyal fan, realizing that I really do not know Drew enough to see inside his head – or any player’s head, for that matter – and also try to keep the darker urges in my mind at bay.
My main criticism of your posts is what I consider your obvious bias against Drew, which fuels your ridiculous claims that he has never had a good game and should be traded for a player like Chris Bosh, who just doesn’t fit. I will acknowledge that I probably have a similar bias in favor of Drew than fuels many of my posts. Let’s just leave this entire discussion that as Lakers fans, we both want Drew to take advantage of this great opportunity he has to become the next great Lakers center. So far, he has shown signs but not lived up to his grand potential. In the end, I hope that we can maintain civility in our posts, both towards
- - - - - - - - - - -

Can we package Artest outta here? He has not been what we expected, he's lost a step, can't hit open jumpers and slows the game down when he touches the ball.
Ship him out now.

what about pau gasol´s trade to Spurs for Toni Parker?

Artest isn't going anywhere nor is Pau and I doubt Andrew...All others on the bench, not so sure.

We are in needing of getting healthy is all -- why is everyone so angst about getting rid of our core players??? Geezus Christmas, chill already!!

I admit I am a Bynum fan. Even with that I too have some criticism of his effort at times. I spent a lot of time this last week observing his rebounding. Of interest to me was that he has lost a lot of the spring he had before the knee injuries. Also that it is suprising how few rebounds come his way. Is it poor positioning, lack of following the flight of the ball or something else. He does go after balls that come to his area. When you watch Lamar he is always where the ball comes off. On the defensive end when the Lakers have the numbers under the boards Drew lets the others have the boards. On the offensive end the Lakers have too many post up men. Drew and Pau you would expect but to often they are close with Kobe and Artest joining to clog up the lane. This means there are also 4 or more defensive types in the lane. tough rebounding then and the tipping drills they have started(the Lakers) only works sometimes.



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