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Postgame Video: Lakers with a 95-77 victory over Milwaukee Bucks

LA Times reporters discuss Lakers' 95-77 victory over Milwaukee Bucks

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Lakers forward Ron Artest

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers backup guards Shannon Brown & Jordan Farmar

--Mark Medina

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I can tell you are putting a great effort to succeed in the blogsphere. Keep it up!!

I like the video with the LA times reporters. Since you guys have direct access to all the players and coaches, would it be possible that you guys address to them with the some of the topics or questions discussed at the blog or maybe have them chat with us eventually?

From the movie Casiono:
"No matter how big a guy might be, Nicky would take him on. You beat Nicky with fists, he comes back with a bat. You beat him with a knife, he comes back with a gun. And you beat him with a gun, you better kill him, because he'll keep comin' back and back until one of you is dead"

Purpose of the quote? To remind laker fans not to fret about Kobe's shooting, this is what he does. A sane man would go my right finger hurts I'll shoot less, the mamba goes I can still kill 'em with my left hand and he'll keep trying until he masters it or sinks the ship in the process. Now if you're a betting man and you think the odds are our championship season ends like the titanic I'll be more than willing to take you up on that one.

Personally I like the heisler article on latimes that mentions how PJ told Farmar as a rookie you're going to have to develop a backbone to say no to Kobe. It is also why I get frustrated with Gasol cuz he doesn't fight for the ball enough in the post, and even when he gets the pass if he's roughed up a bit there's a good chance it ends up in a turnover. Back in the day Shaq had no problem demanding the ball. Message to our players, you think you've got a better shot than the mamba then demand the ball. But best believe you ain't earned the right to go 1-14 so unlike kobe you've got to knock 'em down. Kudos to the rest of the team for doing just that.

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age


Jammed knuckles. Nearly-broken fingers. Sore knees. And merely any respect coming from referees. That Christmas game? Forgettabout'. Cheers to you sir.

Oh, and just a quick plea before I leave. I've noticed that every time you square up against Lebron you tend to want to outshine him extra hard. Justifiably so, when you get hit and don't get a whistle, you swing through the air at the direction of the responsible referee and it just seems to ebb and flow from there. It's tough to watch. What I would ask you to do, going forward, is completely zip it and just become more discreet with your execution to win.

Essentially, without saying so much. I would ask you become more 007 than Tarzan. More espionage and less chest-bumping.

I know how good you are. Trust me. I've had you from the start. But now you must gain the understanding that skill and IQ can only get you so far. You need to change personality and transform your imagination in order to transcend these next set of challenges.


Peter Vecey to many of you is a yellow-journalist who spreads rumours and is rarely accurate with his "insider information". However, for many league personell, Vecey's place in the NY Post makes him a prime outlet for messageblasts and subtle player jabs. History says it so.

With regards to the trade, the league would indeed never allow it to happen because the dynamic would shift even more dramatically. Having two skilled big men of that stature who could pass and spread the floor would be the equivalent of Michael, Patrick and Karl on the same team, in their respective primes. Give the thought a break.

However, the message should not be lost. Andrew's nonchalant attitude, horrendous defensive intensity, and remarkable lack of tenacity in rebounding has lodged a chasm between management. Jimmy vs. the rest.

At best, Andrew Bynum can reach a 17-8 level and that would be sufficient. As for the "Andrew The Beast For Next Year" bandwagoners -- do you ever hear or read the stuff that comes out of your mouth or keyboard sometimes?

Thank you.

Good morning,

First, kudos to M2 for such a prolific performance. Including Heisler was probably politically correct, but for me Heisler = Debby Downer. And since we're going to do video, please have someone at the Times arrange a wardrobe allowance for Broderick Turner.

Still wondering: Why does it take trade rumors to give this team a wakeup call?
Still wondering: Can the Beast rack up a double-double when Gasol returns?

So much for random Monday morning thoughts. Go Lakers!

I first like to say I'm a hugh Lakers fan for over the past 40 years plus, and what I'm hearing from Phil is he's not willing to tell Kobe about shooting to much, it's up to his teamates. Well there's no teamate willing to stand up to him past or present, Dfish sometimes, Shaq always, no one else. The Mamba shooting is hurting the team, theres only so many shots per game. The best thing could have happen was Kobe getting into foul trouble, giving Phil an opportunity to sit him. Thriller still trying to find his way, the man can't jump. Leading the association for getting his shoot block, but great defense. So it looks like the same pass the ball to Kobe, shot number 40, only 7 good, till that finger heal.

UPS coming out party with:

confetti: the double-block
long paper whistle: the buzzer beater at the half
balloons: jump shots
and the expected pinata for exclamation point: the Big Dunk +1

he had his cake and iced it too

Marky Mark,

Just a little advice as an "Original Blogger" (someone who has been on this blog since the week of its inception and a regular poster ever since)...

We, at the blog, are somewhat distrustful of the L.A. Times sports journalistic staff. We're here out of loyalty to Los Angeles, the Lakers, and because many of us grew up reading Jim Murray and such.

I'm not saying that the writers at the L.A. Times aren't intelligent and/or talented, most are, kind of, but what happens is many of them have degraded into personalities more than actual talented sports writers.

There is one word that, I believe, best communicates the flavor of much of their writing: SMUGNESS.

Metaphorically, reading their material is often like coming home from a BEAUTIFUL wedding of two people who have had difficult lives and have fallen in love and have a glorious wedding of true love. It's a beautiful ceremony, in a beautiful location, and so many people there are so happy for the couple and their future.

And then you read the official account of the wedding (YOUR FRIENDS' WEDDING!) and they gloss over all the romance and spectacle and focus on how the cake wasn't that great. How the cake just wasn't appropriate to everything else in the wedding.

What the hell?

The point I'm making is that so many people on this blog are Los Angelenans (or former Los Angelenans) and Lakers fanatics... and have been for some time. WE KNOW the Lakers. And we're not idiots. Most of us are pretty darned intelligent.

And we read these articles from the L.A. Times (T.J. Simers and Bill Plaskche being the worst purpotrators), and they are CONSISTENLY incongruent with our experience and understanding of things... and, most importantly, over time they are proven to simply be wrong in analysis.

It does not engender respect from the masses WHO CARE.

What I'm saying it this: You are hanging out with the L.A. Times Illuminati now and they'll telling you stuff and all that...

Be your own man.

And embrace passion.

What you do matters.

Of the guys I would suggest you allow yourself to be best mentored by, I suggest the least talented writer: Brad Turner. Why? Because he has the best attitude.

He seems to kind of enjoy what he's doing, he's the least smug, he's appears to have fun with his subject matter.

That's what we're looking for.

There's A LOT of smugness in this world. It's distasteful. It's annoying.

We turn to sports because it is visceral. It's okay to be passionate, even a little childish about it. There's a beautiful innocence there.

Embrace that.

For the love of God, do not become smug about this subject. Keep it fun. Keep it real. Keep it personal. Keep it meaningful.

Then you'll be your best.

Just a little word of advice.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kobe Beef,

"Peter Vecey to many of you is a yellow-journalist who spreads rumours and is rarely accurate with his "insider information"."

I know, man.

In all seriousness, as a Lakers fanatic like myself, I read A HELL OF A LOT OF ARTICLES on the Lakers every day. I am disappointed that the majority are just full of crap.

It's like, "REALLY?"

These guys are professionals and they're unable to consistenly produce intelligent, insightful, and ACCURATE details of what's happening within an organization.

It just makes a person want to bang one's head against the wall.

But it also highlights when a journalist is truly skilled (KEVIN DING, ROLAND LAZENBY). Those people shine.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


For the love of God, do not become smug about this subject. Keep it fun. Keep it real. Keep it personal. Keep it meaningful.Then you'll be your best.Posted by: Jon K. | January 11, 2010 at 09:34 AM

Great post Jon K and OUT FREAKIM STANDING!!! You are on FIRRRRREEEE!!!!!!


Thank you for the videos. I actually watched all of them as you uploaded them (well, the presentation wasn't actually running for a couple hours more, but maybe I had a bug in the laboratory...), and gotta say they eased me a bit.

Just cos I love everytime Kobe do "the monkey faces" as I call them, and reminds me a bit of Adriano Celentano (don't try to make up for this... this man is an italian legend and allegedly the true inventor of rap... I am serious there...).

Gotta second a bit the advices about fashion of you guys in the starting video but then you know, I am italian and not easy to please when it comes about male look in suits...

I like what you're doing a lot MM.

You are working hard to keep us fed and when you throw in your two cents you are making me thinkin about things better, which is exactly what I was needing ESPECIALLY after this past game.

I'm relieved if our guys think all is still okay.

I still have a bit of an hard time in parting our good result yesterday from the poorness of the Bucks but if our guys are fine, I am as well.
I'm a believer.

I have my way to set back and rise up from disappointment in Laker related stuff. I put in the Lakers DVD Collection Bundle and dwell into all of our guys team talks.
I love the way they make me feel they're a team and I have to say your interview with Jordan and Shannon up above went straight in that line.

We always think these guys are ready to jump at one another's throat and we question at times their solidity as a team... but when they speak about the pleasure of being part of the Lakers Legend I believe them and those sparkles in their eyes.

I am really happy for the performance of yesterday out from the kids and in the kids department I include Drew. And Lamar's assist of course.

It's a though 6 weeks ahead of us.
They seem aware of this and I really trust them when they say they will provide their best.

As a fan, I'll provide my best supportive behaviour too.
What Jon K says is true: the key is passion. Always.

i LOVE that broderick turner is on the Funky Cold Medina train!




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