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Postgame Video: Lakers lose 102-91 to the Clippers

LA Times Reporters discuss Lakers 102-91 loss to the Clippers

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

--Mark Medina

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That was a lovely presentation Mark. Really sweet and enjoyable.
Thank you for providing this before your well deserved rest man, it's precious for me to catch the interviews on my lunch break and not having to wait hours.
I really appreciate this a lot.

Now, on the matter.

Gotta say everytime I hear PJ speaking, with his baritonal voice, that I expect any moment turn out in a Mario Biondi's song (this will be uneasy to get for not Southern Europeans.. try to YouTube him if any...) I suddenly calm down. He has that Zen power on me. Good. Need relax after half of my working day gone.
Seems like PJ is back on his "Individual play bashing" and sure he's right. Sure we did take (well, Kobe essentially did) not so sure attempt at baskets. But in a night like this one, who would have scored if not Kobe? PJ said it: we stood out and seemed all way too into just one phase of the play. Sure we had awful transitions baskets and got outscored through them. So, in moment like these... who can fill the gap opponents build on over us? In a night where it was clear from moment one we just hadn't energies , who could provide the focus? Kobe at least tried.

It's never easy for this guy. He has to be the Saviour, but not attempting to it (?!? is it a riddle that? Cos it seems so to me...). Every single player turns out to him, hoping he saves the day, when days like this one come. Read it in Lamar's words. Kobe DID his job. Once again. The others did not step in.
For those of you who have actually seen the game, try to recall all the (bad) actions where we had a chance to make points, and people were afraid to try for the basket, passing away the fire ball as it were to burn them, takin no responsibility, and letting Kobe try to have its usual "Saviour game". Sometimes to be a passer you have to see around you people actually in check. I dare you to name to me a teammate of Kobe that today seemed in check to you, whom he did not pass the ball. He had his fair number of assists actually. But to be an assist man, you have to see players around you being there to open a space fitting for a finalization.

Today we seemed the LA Highway when it's beach time and everyone goes to the Santa Monica Pier. Slow, dazed and confused.

Sorry, I saw the game and although 30% of shots isn't maybe that percentage we like to underline with a smile, I simply don't believe anyone could make out of shots not even near well as Kobe did. He delivered AGAIN.

Now search out for missing factors.

In teh introductory note, the tiredness was named as a factor. As THE factor. I keep saying this from weeks. It's the way we move and the way we run and the way we chase others on court: we are in slowmotion mode. Sure our kids think that when they're tired "there's Kobe": but hey... wake up kids in purple&gold: Kobe is the Laker that has played the most. Pau has been injuried long, Bynum sees his minutes decrease when Pau is in, and Artst was out for injury too. Derek is a starter, but he is in only for half games. There you go: kids rely on a Saviour that is actually the one who should be the most tired of them all, and that keeps anyway doing his work cos of his overhuman commitment to the cause.

The tiredness factor sadly undermines what is Lakers best skill: defense.
Don't search for any other key to this demise, (and it values for all of the loss we had so far, and I am sure it will for the ones that we have to accept will come, as regular season always is a not perfect path), we lost not cos of off shots: we lost cos we didn't play defense at all.

"When everyone focuse on offense - to try to recuperate a loss - then is where defense suffers, said Lamar.
Lamar... your eyes so aware of the bad game mademe wanting hug you man. I liked your interview. Did not like much your game, but I saw you were quite alone in the defensive barricade. So obviously that barricade got blown off like a cards castle under a monsoon.

This chaotic play we had showed so much that you can't play smart D when one of the smartest guys in this game is off for injury. You can't tame a rythmic opponent (and Clippers had a great, great rythm tonight: they seemed The Roots on a trippy gig... gotta say they were really good tonight) without somebody who understands the way a game develops in its cyclical dynamics.

There was so much wasted energy tonight. And having us not really much energy left, that left us drained too fast to bounce back. Kobe tied it for us... and we couldn't "mantain the momentum".

"Shooting nights come and go: (bad) transition (defense) stay" said Kobe.
Our type of play, particularly defensively, is a state of mind and commitment one has to not merely learn, as much as he has to live through it.
Kobe said that above cos he knows and he has seen (as I have) that the problem tonight was as physical as mental. We can work out the physical part, being calm and reasoning about up and downs of normal sport life. But the mental trouble, instead, is deeper and potentially way more damaging. Way more dangerous. I fear Kobe fears (and Lamar as well maybe) some players just did not understand the importance of fighting for that ring we would like to have on our fingers again.

Really, Bynum attitude even in the postgame interview leaves me stressed out. He seems way too quiet. Not in a "zen" way. he seems quiet in a uninterested way. What is about "We came out kinda flat"? You're a 22 mountain of muscles, kid. Flat? No. You're not flat. You're just not into it (and he actually almost said it in the clip...).

Many of the awful fastbreaks that killed us came from a lazy, sleazy, awful feeling of "letting go" from us to the Clippers.

We gave away too many easy points cos nobody cared about trying to defend.

And it isn't just due to the energy lacking. The words of Kobe make me worry it's more the other trouble that is affecting us. And while the shape moment doesn't worry me, the conceptual flaw could instead worry me a lot.

Psychologically, I hope the younger players are not having a transixional moment. They won last year and saw the tables changin during the season. They'd be wrong thinkin if they were able to switch buttons last year, it's only fair due they will again be able to at the convenient time this year. They sure can, cos the skills are all there and the experience is actually more this year than last one... but they have to prepare that switchin momentum by bleeding blood and WILL on court.
Last year they were cos they had the stinging memory of a loss in the final. That thirst for revenge had the best of us coming out from each one of us.

Well, let's get that thirst back and along it the humility to do it all again cos without that thirst that makes you do your best mentally, first and foremost, we won't succeed again.

I just wanna that. I don't care about losing if we are tired in regular season. I get it, I don't freak out, and I never whine about these kind of loss. I often think that they are useful.
BUt I don't stand selfreferential lazy justifying for losses. If it's physical, I am with you guys and you won't ever see me bashing any of you.
If it goes... *attitudinally* instead, I will be the first one calling you out. That is.

BTW, it seemswhen the Lakers are on TV this year they don't light up. Honestly that could even be helpful. Let's everybody think we are not that good.
So that it will be sweeter and way more fun to show them we will kick all of their bummies when it's time due.

We are still the best. Now if we would just stop thinkin that alone stated can make us win, it'd be nice.

Let me just close it by complimenting Clippers. I gotta love underdogs takin it. Sometimes being as fortunate as we are supporting such a winning and glorious team we tend to forget how amazing is in sport to have a lesser team beat up a bigger one out of concentration and will and right good stuff merging all together at the right time. I give credit when it's due. So congratulation Clippers. You were fun to watch today.

Fine. Chapter ended. Let's have the Blazers. SHARPLY.

Bynum got 14 boards. This is the first time he's gotten 10 or more rebounds since November 17th. I'll take this as a positive. It's been far too long. Next, I'd like to see Farmar increase his assists.

1. Our players look like they'd rather have to lick a pig with a skin disease clean rather than answer questions after a loss.

2. The Lakers played poorly; the Clippers played inspired. It's not the end of the world.

3. Games like this game and games like the Clippers' win over the Celtics are the kind of wins that propel a team into the playoffs. They give a team confidence and initiative, which is something the Clippers have sorely been lacking.

4. Why is Brian Kamenetzky asking ALL the intelligent questions in the video?

5. Broderick Turner seems like the kind of guy who it would be cool to share a beer with.

6. I'm POSITIVE I'd beat Mike Breshanan in an arm wrestling match.

7. When's the All-Star break? Our players look like they could use four days off.

8. Kobe needs to begin soaking his hand in Dit Da Jow about 30 minutes a day for a week. You think I'm joking? I'm not. Even a little. This time.

9. Clippers versus Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. Lakers win 4-1.

10. When is Luke coming back? Tomorrow? Is tomorrow okay?

11. Marky Mark, have you seen 'Avatar'? If so, remember the ritual when the protagonist becomes a member of the tribe? Well, we're going to need to do something like that soon with you. It's important to become a Lakeraholic. Only us few, us lucky few, understand the sublime truth that comes with Lakeraholicism. Don't be scared. The water's fine.

12. At least Bynum fricken rebounded last night.

13. Lamar Odom is such a good player. He used to be a bonehead. He ain't a bonehead no more.

14. Joe Scarlborough is a Southern idiot. Can we please just drop the Southern half of the United States into the Caribbean Sea?

15. So, I guess we can officially end this 72-10+ nonsense and start talking about what matters: Improving with each game.

16. My friend who lives in the Bay Area told me that the Chinese government is buying all these foreclosed homes in his neighborhood. That scares the heck out of me.

17. I'm not worried about this team. It's a loss. Losses happen. The Clippers played great, we played tired. We're still the best team in the league. Does anyone doubt that when it really comes down to it that this team will play with incredible heart? I don't doubt. This is a team of destiny.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Grand Slam!

The LAT reporters summary was a heck of an idea. Hope you make it a regular.

Good morning LakersNation:

Somehow I was not upset at the lost last night as I should. We're playing crappy for the last few weeks (Except the Mav game) but managed to win a close games with middle tier opponents such as the Kings and the Rockets. While Kobe deserves a credit for carrying the team during this stretch while nursing all sort of injuries, he needs to rest his injuries in his fingers, elbow & knee. His shooting suffers last night and the night before.

Lamar provided a necessary defense and rebounds last night but was not enough to overcome a slow start by Artest and Bynum. Bynum was late in several defense allowing the Clippers to make easy layups. DFish continues his shooting slum and his defense has noticeably disappeared evidenced by his +/- stats. I love DFish and all the hearty effort but at this time, I'd prefer to see Shannon starts at the PG position.

Artest is not clearly 100%, his effort was there but he missed a few defensive switch last night. He'll be fine in a few days.

What disappointed me the most lat night were the bonehead plays of Powell, he does not play defense and now his offense has gone awry. We got within 2 points of the Clippers last night when Phil subbed him for Lamar, alla the sudden the Clippers made a 12-1 run and within 2-3 minutes, the lead went back to double digits! He and Sasha must got hit by the same bricklaying beetle!! Their misses were from a wide open opportunities, the Clippers dare them to shoot and they obliged to do the honor.

Farmar, well, I will take my mother's advice and not say anything that most of the LakersNation has already known and witnessed. We can use a big upgrade before the trading dateline. Rafer Alston is available but is courted by several teams including Miami and Washington. The player I beleive our team should pursue is Kevin Martin of the Nets. The Nets is going nowhere and will try to get rid of their payroll to bid for a marquee free agents next year; Bosh, Wade and LeBron, perhaps they would take Farmar and Ammo for Kevin Martin. I love to see this deal happens!

Last note, Zaira, I hope you're feeling better. The criticism of DFish was tough to bear for you but, while you in the live chat, you need to understand the bloggers' frustration. This blog is the only forum where they can share their thoughts of criticizing DFish. As you said it last night, DFish will be a great asset in the playoff, but for now, I hope Phil allows Fish to work on his shooting slum and rest his tired legs by starting UPS instead of Fish.

After the loss last night, we need another roll call form one of our spiritual leaders, Mamba24. Someone remind me that Lakers have not won in Portland since Carter Administration,is that true?


Michael Smith defrauded a dying man out of $735,000 people?!?!?!?



Go Clippers!!!


That was pretty rapid - Thanks for the videos Mark!

A few things that I can glean from the videos:

1 - The volume was too low for Bynum and Kobe.
2 - Everybody seemed beat.
3 - They know exactly what killed them last night (which happened to be what we saw): Lack of energy, poor transition D, tough shooting night.
4 - Drew had a solid game after starting the 1st off on shaky footing. Even Phil said that he and Kaman pretty much neutralized each other.
5 - LO still seems to be under the weather.
6 - We should be good to go for the next game.

Hope everyone is having a good day so far!


i know what will go on in a few hours.

this is the first loss of Lakers to an under .500 team. at least it was on the road. :-)

but, we r doing Porland next, we need to break the losing streak in the Rose Garden. let those roses dry up.

and i hope, now, L will start to win against OVER .500 teams. it is right in time before the Texas 2 step (SA & Dallas) and after that Orlando and especially on the 8 game road trip - cleveland and beantown.

does the name Beantown comes from Kobe being chanted MVP in Boston?

also i know, that somewhere, in the snowy Ohio, Jon K is basking in glory, drooling over the Clippers victory. only for 10 days. next week on friday we can put them again in their place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please, don't get to carried away today. :-)

Wallace, thank you for your cute care, but I was perfectly okay and had no troubles after I left the chat.
I consider the chat a place to have fun in, and when something happens that cause my amusement to end, as I would do during a true night out, i walk off. It's personal taste.
I don't care about trolls or imposters, their sad lives actually amuse me.
But I find abusivness comin off from so called Lakers fans untolerable. It's a matter of being polite. Can't stand people wishing our players to' Break themselves. Sorry. One thing is to be' sarcastic... Vitriol comments Made with brain and humour and style sure Are something I can see belonging in chat.

Shout outs filled with a bitterness that encloses bad wishing on our players, instead, just make me feel like I don't belong to the crew gathered. You can't even start to' discuss points with people of that kind. And by nature I don't use to' waste my time in attempting that.

Being decently mannered is not cool?

Seemed obsolete last night, so I preferred to leave.

I had a wonderful rest of the game watch. Of course missed the people I like to' meet in chat, but I can watch their commentaries here anyway.

I don't wake up at 3, 4 am every two days to have to' stand hatred comments against OUR players. That's not fun. And it's not about being a fan or not. It's about BASIC rules of civilian exchange.

Hope my absence during chats won't cause you any downwarding mood. Really, I am fine this way and you should be' as well ;) hugs :)



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