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Poll: Will Lakers end eight-game road losing streak to Portland?

By now, you're already well aware of the Lakers' eight-game losing streak at the Rose Garden heading into tonight's game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

But will it end tonight? Vote in today's poll, and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

--Mark Medina

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When you take, you gotta give, so live and let live,
Or let go.
I beg your pardon,
I never promised you a rose garden.

I voted YES, the Lakers win tonight. With the last game Kobe and our boys looking tired, they will want to restore order to the universe.

Why DFish? THIS IS WHY!!!!!
(01) PHRED- OWNER - oh yeah, d fish. No, i wouldn't bench him. He is definitely contributing to this team.
(02) JON K – DRIVER - Does anyone know that Derek Fisher has the highest cumulative three-point percentage in NBA Finals history? Cause he does. 52.2%. When it really matters, Derek Fisher has always shown up. This guy is a fricken warrior and has ALWAYS (ALWAYS!!!!) come through when the chips are down. He's a leader who makes his teammates better and represents the absolute best in Laker heritage.
(03) EDWIN GUECO - D' Fish is OK, a good man and has been a good Laker that delivered Championship from '00 to '08.
(04) #4 - I am a 100% supporter of Fish. Not for the typical Fisher "makes it when it counts" reasons, but because I think the team, psychologically, needs him there. Truly, the biggest reason he's in though? Kobe need him there. He is stability, or as they say, the Little Rock. Jordan follows his example, Pau trust him, etc, etc. He's as steady an influence on the entire organization as anyone, and he sets the tone. Everyone just knows what to expect from him, and that's just as important as anything else. I'll agree that he's had a shooting slump for a year and a half, but he hasn't had a leadership slump in all his years. Aaron Brooks? Aaron Brooks couldn't stay in front of Aaron Brooks, not with the rules today. Until we find a Ron Harper or Brian Shaw type, Fish is it.
(05) MAMBA24 – Dfish is the man
(06) TOM - Derek is undoubtedly one of the leaders on the team.
(07) DAVE M. - Fish will come out of his shooting slump in due time and he'll make a difference in big-time games. He has the confidence of the best player in the league and the winningest coach.
(08) LIVE RUGBY - He may not be the most consistent player during the regular season, but he has alway's stepped up big time in the playoffs and knocked down crucial shots I say continue things as is
(09) HECTORARTM - Everyone relax! Derek is fine and he will contribute big in a play off series.
(10) BOB - All you need from fish is his leadership and for him to handle the ball and take clutch shots, which he is still doing. You don't need numbers from him. You just need his glue.
(11) ZairaAmaterasu - His heart and mind are totally devoted to the cause and whomever attacks him on the personal side should always think twice. This man is a Laker Great. Respect to him (not blind devotion, just respect) is something this guy has gained MAJORLY from us all.
(12)HOBBITMAGE - The time to re-consider the pg situation will be after the playoffs not in the middle of a championship run. Why? Because the game slows down in the playoffs! [Y'all should know this by now. What's the matter with y'all? Act like you've got some sense! And if you don't, FAKE IT!!!
(13) JOHNNYV - It's on us guys, not Fish. You can be disappointed in our options at PG (I know we are) but Fish is just trying to play a bigger role than he should be doing at this point in his career.
(14) CALIPHILOSOPHER - you have to be willing to sacrifice maybe some of your individual shine to make sure the team is accomplishing the team goals. Now, I know he's not shooting too well lately, but I think this is exactly why our team needs him. He understands the big picture.
(15) JEPHTE - as far as Derek, get used to seeing him in the starting until he retires. As long as we have Kobe in our team, he will always be alongside him. Kobe has that much trust and respect for him.
(16) EXHELODRVR - Fisher's calmness solidifies this team. Probably made the difference in two of the four title teams. To this point, relative to the other options on the team, he is still the best choice.
(17) CORNERJ - Phil continues to play Fisher because he still thinks Fish will deliver in those moments in the playoffs when he needs to deliver. So he keeps Fish in there now, and he keeps letting Fish know that he believes in Fish, precisely because he wants Fish to be ready to give him that 0.4 moment that will earn him Ring #11. So, go Fish go. Go Lakers go!
(18) DOUG - Leadership, total respect by the locker room, a warrior, and a PROVEN winner. give it a rest on dFish
(19) LAKERTOM - Who would you rather have on the floor in a clutch situation on offense and defense? Fish, Farmar, or Brown. Seriously, I agree with Hobbitmage that the time to address the point guard situation will be after the season is over. Fish is the point guard I want with the ball in the playoffs this year. Then I want him to retire and become an assistant coach.
(20) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - Ok - enough Fish-bashing. Have you all forgotten what this man has meant to this team - not only in times past but even today??. Fish is a wily veteran who sees the bigger picture and ALWAYS comes through when it matters most. give the man the respect he deserves.
(21) LAKERLASS - I’ll take a seat on the “I believe in Fish” bandwagon. I can’t add much more to what so many other believers have stated; just reiterate. He’s our glue. He contributes so much to the team off the court. Kobe needs his presence. Kobe trusts him. Done.
(22) JEFE01 - Derek Fisher's contributions to this team totally transcend measurable statistical output. Quite simply, his body and soul are a wholly integral and key component to the competitiveness and heart of our championship team - he is a Laker for life. Please feel free to add me to the "I believe in Fish" bandwagon.
(23) Mark G (fka Mark) - Just in case it's not clear, I would like to be on the I BELIEVE IN DFISH – BANDWAGON, also please send me a "Save the Fish" T-Shirt, bumper sticker, and coffee mug if at all possible.
(24) LONGTIMELAKERFAN - He is all heart, hustle, and does all the little things that make him a great player. He may have lost a step, but he does everything he can to prepare for games and takes them seriously, unlike some NBA players. He is a player to be respected and supported.
(25) THE OUTLAW - You can't replace veteran leadership when it matters most. Give the guy a break.

Mamba - missed me on the DFish wagon train!

Here's my quote: "I, PLG, have unshakable faith in Fish!"

GO LAKERS! And tonight's the night Rose Garden will be quieted.

dear 2M

1. on the latest game chat you learned about RALLY CAPS

2. yesterday about PUJIT (a missed - pull up jumper in transition - a Fish specialty)
ex: not another PUJIT!!!!!!!!!!

3. i will offer U a new term to help your quick assimilation as part of the LakersBlog community ( do we have immunity here?)

the Live Blog Chat (for the games) is called the Jabber BOX

please practice frequently. practice, U know what AI said about practice:

so it is not about posting after midnight: it is a bout practice so U will become part of this community. the K Bros did not practice

Mark is there any way you can make a word limit on the blog? Some of these people try to write a book on here instead of keeping it short and simple. I believe the Lakers will win tonight and get some of their uummpphh back. They really need a road victory to start building confidence in themselves (even though they are the defending champs) because they have a lot schedule making up to do in the coming weeks. Let the West and the whole league know who they really are. It starts tonight!!!

I don't think any city hates the Lakers more than Portland. A Portland home game against the Lakers is their Superbowl. There was more emotion in the Portland arena in their regular season games against the Lakers last season than there was in their home playoff games against Houston. Considering how many times the Lakers eliminated Portland in the playoffs (some in agonizing fashion), it's no real surprise. The young players on the Blazers are obviously aware of how badly their fans want to beat the hated Lakers, and as a result, the energy from the fans, however desperate, seems to rub off on the players. Despite the losing streak, the intense and emotional environment in Portand always makes the games that much more fun to watch. Tonight, we will break the losing streak, and crush the hearts of the Portland fans once again.

God, I love that forearm shiver that Fish delivered to Scola in last year's WCSF! I could watch that play over and over again...Fish's reaction is priceless!

Good read on a Fox Article. Talks about Lamar making the biggest adjustment with Artest in the lineup.

Is Artest ruining Lakers' triangle?

jefe101, I agree with you. And right when it happened, I knew why it happened.

Fact is, that galvanized the team.

Ex- please. I am disappointed in your lack of perspicacity. Oh, right, that probably wasn’t ex. Now I’m just disappointed that we have such a big loser around. I feel bad for all the other people in his ward.

LAKERTRUTH- Man, not cool. The bandwagon is Mamba24’s. Disagree with people all you want, but don’t rip off another guy’s thing.

Mamba24- thanks for giving me ownership of the whole thing, but write I wrote that comment I didn’t know it was going to be held up to constant scrutiny as the best statement I can make on fish’s behalf. How about a substitution?

01) PHRED- OWNER – [Rips off all of his clothes except for a red g string, revealing his male model/adult film star-potential physique. Puts on a big red cape and a big metal hat with a brush on top, grabs a big ass spear and yells;] “ FISHER! FISHER! FIIIIIISSSHHERRR!!!!”

Just a suggestion.

MM- this font is kind of weird. pretty small potatoes, i know, but that's really the only criticism i can come up with at this point.

Re more G Arenas- I’m not sure where anybody has the idea that GA is just another spoiled basketball diva with a sense of entitlement. The man is a lot more Billy Ray Valentine that Louis Winthorpe III. He was abandoned by a drug addict mom, and raised by his single father. The guy was living out of a car when he was a kid. He made himself into a millionaire by playing basketball. He never had handlers and keepers and trainers to get him though anything. Sure, you can say he went a bit Tony Montana, but the guy has been a charitable figure and a role model for years now. If he was really a clueless thug, he never would have made it.

This thing with the guns and the gambling is silly kids stuff, the kind of silly kid stuff athletes do, but frankly the kind of silly kid stuff that lots of people do. It’s just that lots of people don’t have the kind of constant media proctoscope trained on them 24-7.

And like the man said, not exactly the worst thing a pro athlete has done. Spree and the choking thing? Well, Carlesimo probably deserved that one. Allegedly Nate Newton sold drugs to kids. Charles Barkley once threw a guy through a plate glass window. Numerous athletes have gotten into legal trouble for bringing guns places they shouldn’t have, and occasionally firing them and random stuff. You know, I even heard a rumor once that there was an extremely popular basketball player who was charged with rape. I don’t know who that was, but man that must have been a nightmare of PR for his team and a challenge for his fans.

Also- if this gets too far into the political, my apologies, but this is America. We have a long and proud tradition that no matter who or where you are, nobody should stop you from having a couple of guns with you at all times. Right or wrong, that didn’t start with any kind of black urban hip hop culture, that started with Daniel Boone and Thomas Jefferson.

Ok, that’s my teeny soapbox thing of the day.

Jefe - I agree 100% - Fish laying Scola out was a thing of beauty. It never gets old!

- - - - - - - - - -
One minor complaint. I go to post a comment and after posting it, find out that a new thread was just posted, meaning that the post that I just spent hours (or minutes or seconds) creating is now destined for a ghost thread that will likely never be read. So, I immediately go to the new thread and post my comment, only to have you kill it because it was already posted to the last thread. Can you please just repost it in the future?
Many of us preferred the days where there was only a daily Extra! Extra! post. I do understand that new threads mean newer listings in Google and more hits for the site. For those of us who are carrying on conversations and exchanges between other bloggers, the multiple threads make communication harder, especially if you refuse to re-post our comments in the new thread. Let me know if that is a problem.
Thanks. I think you are doing a great job, by the way. We love how you have jumped in at all hours. That’s the kind of love we really appreciate and respect. Keep up the good work and the hits will continue to mount.
MM – Shades of the great Mickey Mantle or Mantle and Maris. Or Marilyn Monroe. But not Mickey Mouse.
- - - - - - - - - -

Laker Lass,

Thanks for the response, and pointing out Fish's clutch shot that set up Kobe's game winner. BUT, for every good play that Fish has made this season, I can site a dozen bad plays. That's not a good ratio. If it were simply a slump, than no problem, I would be patient and hope Fish snaps out of it, but slumps do not last a year and a half unless you're a rookie, and the fact that Fish does not think he is struggling is a bit frightening. I trust that Phil will do what it is best for the team, and the fact that he has been limiting Fish's minutes recently (despite all our injuries) is encouraging. Again, I'm not calling for Fish to be benched entirely, and I agree with many here that think Fish's clutch shooting and leadership will be needed. I am simply pointing out just how bad Fish has been this year, and that players like Shannon have earned more minutes at the expense of Fish's minutes. Shannon Brown can be this year's version of Trevor, but he needs the minutes.


Jag in Dallas -



WTH is up with these newbies coming on here & trying to change the way things are done??? If you don't like it then DUDE scroll on past. Use your mouse - the little wheely-thing should do the trick for you. (I used the technical term because you apparently aren't too swift).

MM - you're doing a GREAT JOB! Thank you so very much for keeping this place the kind of Land a Lakerholic wants to inhabit. By the way - did you get the "trolls stealing our handles" thing fixed for tonight's chat? That's really the only major complaint I think most of us have.... :)

Oh - and to answer the poll question -

Semi-quoting Whitney (who should have gone all Tiger Wood's wife on Bobby) - HELL TO THE YES - it ends tonight.


The last thing we need in here is another blog nazi. My comments were in RESPONSE to the comments on the bandwagon. If you think I somehow desecrated the sanctity of Mamba24's bandwagons, than you need a get a life. Talk to me if you want to discuss basketball.

Lakers will be victorious because LakerGirl will there in Dfish jersey, mixing it up in hostile environment, seeing what kind of trouble she can get into.

Also, "Fight Club" is on Bravo tonight, so plan is to DVR the movie and then watch it after Laker victory. I think Brad Pitt has game, but Kobe would totally destroy him if Kobe posts him up - no way Pitt has a chance down on the block! ALso looking forward to Hawks putting a beat down on Celts.


TO LAKER TEAM Dfish means:

1. Dfish is the true leader of the team and not Kobe (never will be)
2. Dfish is the only player who has the balls to not defer to Kobe all the time
3. Dfish is the stabilizing force
4. Dfish brings all the intangibles to the team
5. Dfish is Mr. Clutch as he has proven over the past championship runs
6. Laker coaches and the brass know Dfish's value and thank god for that
7. Kobe maybe the best player but at best a mediocre leader
8. Dfish is the glue no ifs ands and butts!!

My burning question on the Arenas situation is will the NRA come to his defense?

LakerTruth- you know, there are a lot of less polite ways i could have said what i did. But hey, if the best rhetorical trick you have is to call somebody a nazi, don't worry, i won't bother to ask you to respect anybody in the future.

actually regarding Artest & Triangle I sort of like it when he dribbles into the lane, has 4 defenders around him (all taller than he is) and then takes a shot without even jumping, then sort of staggers around for a bit before heading back upcourt on D. I think it his way of figuring things out, his natural path on his way towards Triangle wisdom.


For all of you pining for UPS to get Fish's minutes I ask, are you actually watching him play? UPS is a guy who was two steps from being out of the NBA before he was traded to the Lakers. His game is still developing, and it's less complete than Farmar's, despite all the athleticism he brings to the table.

Sure, we love to watch him dunk. Who wouldn't? Some nights he's a big contributor, as he was in Wednesday's game against the Clippers.

But Brown is still a work in progress and still very inconsistent, especially in his decision making. The pressure of being a starter at this stage of his career would do him no favors. Give him time.

Fish may be "old" but he's helping the Lakers more than he hurts them. Good grief! We haven't even gotten to the All-Star Game, yet. If Phil can continue to limit his minutes during the regular season, Fish will be an asset come crunch time. Count on it!

Meanwhile, let Shannon and Jordan continue to have the opportunity to prove themselves. This way, everybody benefits, and the road to the Finals is wide open, even if we encounter a pothole here and there. Go Lakers!


great deconstruction of the TRUTH. a great 1 on 1 with a buzzer beater.

is it OK to blow the smoke off my fingers/gun?

Laker Tom - My bad I didn't realize that. I thought you may have just double posted by accident. Your logic makes perfect sense. I'll be on the lookout!

Just another mamba - I think I got a handle. Just be forewarned that if I do catch anyone trolling, I'll remove them immediately

My burning question on the Arenas situation is will the NRA come to his defense?

Posted by: Mark G (fka Mark) | January 08, 2010 at 04:28 PM

i don't think so. Even the NRA doesn't advocate that level of stupidity.

I think Karl Malone has just about as official response you're going to get from the NRA on the subject. Think I saw on the Yahoo sports-NBA page.

Reading the requests that are out there for M&M must mean life is good in 2010. Could you imagine if our requests were for health, food, etc?

I hope the purple & gold shine tonight.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Re: Gilbert Arenas and brandishing weapons in a locker room

Think about this....large, competitive, alpha males in a confined space like a locker room. Egos, testosterone, pride....and guns!

Yes, that's a brillant idea to bring guns to a place like a locker room....

Word limit:

000,21 words.



You "politely" accused me of plagiarizing when I was simply responding to all the comments on the bandwagon. People copy/paste comments all the time in their responses, and I did the same thing, only it was ALL the comments. I apologize for the blog nazi comment (which is entirely different than a nazi by the way). There is only one blog nazi in here and his name is Jon K. (j/k).


Here's what Buffy and I think about word limits; word limits and genocide:



also, another way to avoid the request of LakerTom and also to help all of with heads up to the thread, before you post it please end the previous thread with a simple line


i suggested that to the K bros who started to do it but between the 2 of them both started to forget about it after a few weeks. too many cooks in the kitchen

I predicted there would be dissention amongst the ranks here once the Kay Bros left. The old timers and new studs going at it, just remember a house divided soon falls. Mamba Fan, just a little more tact if you please.

Maybe D-Fish has lost some steps... but only two words need apply to the man... POINT-FOUR!

Go Lakers!

I predicted there would be dissention amongst the ranks here once the Kay Bros left. The old timers and new studs going at it, just remember a house divided soon falls. Mamba Fan, just a little more tact if you please.

Posted by: LakerTom | January 08, 2010 at 05:31 PM

LT, I've always believed, with an absence of trolls or troll behavior, we ourselves become trolls towards each other.

Nothing to feed on, and the blog will feed upon itself.

Laker Tom -

Huh? What did I say? I said they weren't too swift. I didn't call them nazis... :)


I hate polls where you can't just say no and have to also agree that the rain is depressing. What's rain got to do with it?



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