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Poll Question: Whose statistics will drop the most with Pau Gasol's return?


Before the Clippers upset the Lakers last week, I had asked readers of the Lakers blog who will most need to fill the void left by Pau Gasol during his absence.

At the time, it wasn't known exactly how many games Gasol would miss, other than that the team expected his left hamstring injury wouldn't be as devastating as the right hammy that sidelined him for the first 11 games. So I found it suitable to anticipate how the Lakers would need to respond if Gasol would be sidelined for a significant period of time.

After missing the last six games, Gasol will be making his return tonight against the Clippers. Considering the Lakers' 19-3 record with him and 11-6 without him, there's no question that his inside game and understanding of the triangle offense positively affect the Lakers. But just like it was suitable to ask who most needed to fill Gasol's void (64% of you voted for Andrew Bynum), it's fair to say that his clip of 16.8 points, 11.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists will yield to a statistical drop-off among one or more his teammates.

So whose game will be impacted the most? Will Kobe Bryant no longer feel compelled to shoot as much, despite his month-long avulsion fracture in his right finger? Will Bynum revert to his usual habits and struggle to coexist with Gasol on the floor? Will Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher gladly take a back seat in scoring? Will Ron Artest now devote his energy strictly to defense? Or is this question pointless, knowing that Gasol's return will likely lead to more success for the Lakers?

-- Mark Medina

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, center is hugged by teammate forward Pau Gasol, as the rest of the team mobs Bryant after shooting the game-winning shot against the Sacramento Kings in an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Friday, Jan. 1, 2010. The Lakers won 109-108. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)

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John Black mentioned something about the Haiti aid to you M/M. It is mentioned on their radio station ESPN. Who will know among those going to the games tonight that they have to bring something for the Haiti victims. What is being advertised is the National Red Cross donations at Rose Bowl, no mentioned of Staples Center.

As always, Lakers are always late in their response. Like what i posted last night which you censored and never been printed, are the Lakers F/O owners in particular or coaches reading this blog? If the answer is NO, then it is NO. For the last five years they have been the subject matter 24/7, yet never got any response from their very fans. Only two persons have so far participated in this blog namely: Eric Pincus and Roland Lazenby.

Correction: It is not mentioned in their radio station 710 ESPN.

- - - - - - - - -
Obviously, you have already zeroed in on what is the hottest and most controversial players on the Lakers team – Andrew Bynum. Need some hits, just roll out an Andrew Bynum update. LOL
One thing that I find interesting is your representation that the Lakers are 19-3 with Pau and 11-6 without him. Those stats are just like all stats – they only tell one part of the story. A more accurate representation would be that the Lakers are 19-3 with Pau AND Andrew and only 11-6 with just Andrew. That is, unless you have joined the Bynum Bashers who refuse to give Drew any credit for the 19 games we won when Pau played and who cannot seem to get it through their head that the Lakers are better with Pau AND Drew. :)
- - - - - - - - -

Never liked multiple choice tests.

Fish isn't a stat guy. But he is a ring guy.

Hopefully, all will average 20 and 10.

Dude, too easy.

A new thought on the Bynum-Bosh trade that likely won't happen anyway...

One thing that hadn't occurred to me before when I came out against such a trade is a defensive issue.

We keep saying that one of the Lakers' biggest problems is defense from the PG position - how they're frequently beat off the pick and roll and their man gets to the basket.

But part of the problem there is slow reaction time by the big whose man is doing the screening. How many times have you seen a PG come off a screen a step or two ahead of Farmar or Fisher and Bynum stands about 10 feet back with a hand extended out? Half the time, the PG (Deron, Chauncey, Monte, etc.) just shoots an open 15 footer over Bynum and scores.

THAT is an area where Bosh would improve the Lakers. He's got better foot speed than Bynum, so he could challenge the PG and have a better chance of recovering to his own man if they roll to the rim.

So in a way, trading Bosh for Bynum would reduce the impact of PG defense for the Lakers.

just a thought.


Where you been? I was waiting for more pro Bynum posts from you.

I could be wrong, but I'm betting that Bynum has a big game tonight and we finally get to see the REAL Lakers playoff towers in sync. Too bad for the baby brother Clippers.

Lakers Nation --

Since the transition from the Kbros to our *new* intrepid blogger Mark Medina, seems to have taken place with a minimum of fuss and drama, how about we show MM some love by coming up with some nicknames for him?

It is Winter after all, and with a nod to Young MC and Tone Loc, should I whip out the obvious? How's about this one:

Funky Cold Medina ;-)

P & G R

I do not like this 10:30 pm starting time for Lakers games. The sheep start jumping the bed around 9:30 pm and I'm usually out by 10.

Just in case anyone was wondering.


To any Laker fans that are interested.
I will be passing out free DFish retire t-shirts
at the Feb. 8 San Antonio game. I will be in front of Staples about 2 hours ahead of game time. Please come by to say hi or to get a free t-shirt.

I hope I will see as many of you as possible.

Go Fish !!!!!

Why is this even a question? We all know it's Drew.

Thanks for the b-day wishes, Blog Family. I love it here.

I'll be cheering with the Baby Outlaw. He'll probably fall asleep toward half-time... hopefully because it's a Laker-fueled blowout.

Go Lake Show!


The Poll question was interesting.

But if Fisher's stats drop any more he will have minus statistics !

Go Fish !!!

The real question is to what extent does Bynum pout now that Pau is back. I say enough to get Laker management attention...

Don't count the Clippers out tonight. If Baron Davis torches Fisher like I think he will , the Clippers might have another upset in the making.
Davis is the key to the Clips and hopefully he will be on his game tonight.
The Clippers are riddled with injuries, but don't seem to complain as much
as the Laker whiners !!


FYI. I got a response from the Laker website regarding their part in the Haiti relief effort.

"There will be tables at the arena tonight and Monday for the Red Cross and auction proceeds will be in support of Haiti relief.

Thank you,
Los Angeles Lakers"


I feel very well, sick is probably a good word about what has happened and is happening in Haiti, and I think the comments and sympathy on this blog about Haiti, like the outpouring of concern and support for members of the blog family who are going through personal loss, are an amazing testimonial to the kind of caring and worthwhile nature of the people who post here.

I really don't feel comfortable defending or attacking the exact actions of either the Lakers organization or any other individual or group on this blog.

I feel that the conversation would not be one that either helps anybody on Haiti or one that wouldn't sidetrack the whole blog into a conversation that has very little to do with basketball.

I will say that i feel that the best thing I can do personally to help with global disaster relief efforts is to regularly give money to charitable relief organizations that i trust, whether or not there has been a major disaster recently. These organizations are much more likely to be prepared to give immediate disaster relief that is will save lives instead of providing material goods that will most likely arrive long after the fact.





I gotta say, scapegoating and vitriol towards specific players is not exactly new to this blog, and consistent attacks on particular players without any other contribution to the conversation usually reflects negatively more on the person whose name appears at the bottom, but I have really noticed a large number of critical comments in the same comment thread from single individuals. These critical comments seem to be scraping the bottom of polite discourse. Does this bother anybody else?


Parting with Bynum who grew up as a Laker, trained by a legend is just a hard decision to make. It has to be compelling not just a matter of decision. He is 7'1" compared to Bosh who is 6'11" that is a two inch advantage. Talent can be developed but height cannot be taught.

On the other hand, you also have a point on what Bynum can do today has a little impact compared to an athletic player like Bosh. He can easily team up with Gasol, LO and Artest ....easily there is chemistry, synergism from athletic make up of the players. In the case of Bynum, he is one step slower in defense, perhaps two years behind in athleticism, Bosh is smoother and refined to blend with the other four.

Therefore, weighing the two alternatives, it has to be resolved by time and more tests. As I said in numerous that the next 16 games will be the test for Bynum and Farmar. If they excel, let us reward them. If they fall short in the 16 games, then Lakers has to embrace change for something better.

*Haiti Campaign - It was a good gesture for Mr. Black to mention the donations, however it may be too little and too late. Zo Mourning is right now in Haiti. D' Wade is raising millions to represent the Haiti fans in Florida. Last night, Noah made an emotional appeal in Haitian language of the epic tragedy. Shaq and Delembert opened their wallets where their mouths are, while here in the South land, our head honchos are more interested on the opening of Ritz Carlton hotel near Staples. If they have to wait for Monday to raise those donations, it would too little and too late. Time is of the essence and every minute counts to people who are dying and in need of medical care.

I am hoping that Fisher and Kobe take fewer shots and Bynum and Gasol more shots. Pass the ball into the big men more often. Both Bynum and Gasol make a greater percentage of their shots.

Great to see Artest have a good game against Dallas. He, like Kobe, seems to be one tough dude that pushes himself hard.

Good to see Walton back in the mix some. We need all our guys to recover from the injuries and contribute in some positive ways.

I thought Farmer played fairly well in the Dallas game, except for bonehead plays in the final 3 minutes. Does he not know how to slow down, control the ball, and stay poised in Winnin' Time?

Yes, Laker Tom, Gasol AND Bynum - a winning combination.

I use the Firefox web browser, Ver 3.5.7, and the blog looks good in it.

Bynum is less expensive than Bosh and is under contract for a few more years. Stick with Bynum.

Pass the hat for Haiti. How sad!

Adrew Bynum's, absolutelly. And, above all, the losses. The assists and rebounds will increase for sure.



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