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Poll Question: Who will win the NBA Dunk Contest?

--Mark Medina

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Is this a trick question?

Though a trade for Bosh would be an upgrade, the best deal is to send Bynumb to the Bulls along with Sasha for Noah, Hinrich, and Pargo.
In Noah you get someone who goes after it and has time to develop an offensive game. Hinrich can shoot and plays tough defense, and Pargo as a throw-in deepens the bench strength.
Bosh is not a true center but he is far more polished than "Someday I'll be great" Bynumb.

Can any of you envision Noah and his infectious hustle on the Lakers instead of the Lazy Bynumb who barely runs down the court and even more rarely gets off the ground?
Be honest now, this is Bynumb, Ship his arse out

Noah, Noah, Noah.... save us from the 3 year flood that is Andrew Bynumb

Noah, Noah, Noah.... save us from the 3 year flood that is Andrew Bynumb


>>>In these types of games, I believe the regular season does matter -
>>>at least to a certain extent.

You mean like how Orlando beat the Lakers both times they faced them during the regular season last year?

Regular season games are mostly meaningless... unless you beat the snot out of a team every time you face them. If you beat a team by 20+ every time you face them during the regular season, then you plant a seed in their head that they can't beat you. If your victories are closer (say 10 points or less), then all you do is put a chip on that team's shoulder. They know they're capable of beating you, because they came close, so they buckle down and try harder, and maybe the coach throws in a new wrinkle or two.

The previous post was a response to a post from a previous thread that I thought was potentially over-stating the importance of Cleveland's victory over the Lakers on Christmas.

If Cleveland blows out the Lakers on Thursday (shyeah right), then there would be some concern. Phil would need to come up with a strategy to deal with this new brand of Cavs.

If the Lakers win, or even lose close, then I have every confidence that the Lakers could take the Crabaliers in 5 games, just as they did vs Orlando last season after the Magic beat them twice during the regular season.

Where are all the OG Bloggers at? Do we have to be stuck listening to ridiculous trade suggestions and half informed commentary? Mamba, LakerTom, Zaira, JonK, etc etc, have you forsaken the blog? By the way, that trade would be beyond dumb, get it through your heads people, Drews only 22!!! I'm pretty sure half the people asking for his head did and said dumb things equal to or greater than our resident "current" underachiever...and to the trolls out there, the Lakers aren't the Memphis Grizzlies, we don't give away the future for Kwame "hands of stone" Brown, a bucket on wheels, some gum off the bottom of my shoe, and a Mystery Box, so please, please, please, stop bringing up these ridonkulous trade scenarios. We did win a championship with this roster last year you know...

Good Morning Charles...Good Morning Everyone...

strange game indeed, but I ultimately liked it of course...
yet another way to win a game, as it were, seemingly...

seeing Faramr and Shannon come in and play well could get to be a habit---if indeed they develop consistency in bringing energy, both on offense and defense, they could be like the game changers off the bench last season, Lamar and Ariza...

they could be the final piece of the championship run...all it takes is consistency (I heard that somewhere)and their continued development, which of course is built on playing time, which they need to keep earning (vicious cycle, seemingly)...

this team also has shown it can play well and win big games when Kobe is off--that is very encouraging to say the least...

I am done with those clowns on TNT--I just can't take it anymore...Doug Collins, with his endless MJ references and redundant quips and master of the obvious approach (not to mention his dripping Laker hatred---which of course makes our victories that much sweeter)--and then you've got Barkley and Kenny who have absolutely no relevence whatsoever---TNT needs to dump them, bring in Steve Smith (the player, not the loudmouth dude) keep Webber (who is surprisingly decent) and Ernie ("and good old Ernie" says Ian)...anyway enough meaningless ranting, seemingly...

and TNT itself...(hey this is more ranting) I think their promo pics for Thursdays games says it all...James and Carmello---I don't about a pic of the guy that's on the team with the best record, defending champs etc...Laker hatred is everywhere and I for one am really glad I said all the hatred just makes being a Laker fan all the more sweeter...mmm mmm good...

now for the question---I would like to think that Shannon will indeed win the contest, and he will probably truely deserve it, but doubt if the conspiracy machine will allow that...that contest is so subjective anyway, the entertainment value is great if you don't look at the scores and who wins etc...

I am looking forward to this road trip---3 sets of back to backs...great avenue to prove our mettle as the Tin Man says...

when is Thursday getting here anyway?

"when I'm in the middle of a dream, stay in bed, float upstream"

"...5 being right out.."



Mark you are making too many posts in a day.

There should, ideally, be a post for the morning and one for around dinner time.

Keeping a two post limit will allow conversations to gather steam and manifest into long and well marinated entries.

Three can be a maximum, but I would really discourage it.

As far as I can tell, you're passion is very well received here on this blog and your posts are pretty informative.

If you look closer though you;ll find that the conversations we had in the past were far deeper and plateaued much, much later.

The number of posters are down as well. And although your hits may be the same, it is probably because of an affluence of factors we won't discuss now.

Love you, though, Mark.

But less new posts. Quicker blog entry acceptance times.

And please, for the love of all:

Run this blog morally.

You know what I mean.

The Lakers are so good PJ starts Fish at the 1st and 3rd quarters so the other team can build a huge lead and then brings in the STARS to rip there heart out. No wonder gm's and coaches think he is arrogant.


Mitch isn't gonna trade Andrew -- I cannot see it..I don't see us making any trades to be honest..Andrew just needs to keep his head in the game, if you miss a shot, forget about it, run back down the court and play defense and try to make a play or impact the game that way..He needs to develop short term memory when he makes mistakes!! And cut out all the vintage Sasha antics when he doesn't get a call..he is TOO old for that -- basketball-wise!! Besides ref don't like whiners especially ones who really haven't impacted the league in any significant way.

We have the best record people!! Thats with half our main guys playing with mangled extremities!!!

Anybody happen to think if the Knicks let Larry Hughes go, he could help out our bench or not?? Perhaps he would become a complainer over minutes on our team too..not wishing just asking..

Tony Rambis,

There was a suspicion posted yesterday by Dave M. I want to ask you pointblank, are you Mike T.? Is this your new handle? Your phraseology and points of interests are very similar to MT.

I can't believe all these Bynum bashers.

He got ticky fouls called o him for breathing too hard on opponent. He also was sick. So trade him is the answer? Great BB IQ some have (not).

I guess the old saying is empty vessals make the most noise, holds true.
Empty vessal + no brain or knowledge make the most noise = trade Bynum.

I've stated the reasons before but if some can't make sense of logic then no use explaing again!

Yes, I agree refs don't like whiners. Why does Fish go over and discuss every foul that is called on him with the refs. He was sitting on top of Jameer Nelson and they called a foul on him and he went over to discuss the call with the ref.
I think with his frustrtion this year he has lost all sense of reality.

>>>and to the trolls out there, the Lakers aren't the Memphis Grizzlies, we don't
>>>give away the future for Kwame "hands of stone" Brown, a bucket on wheels,

Oh, is that what we paid for Gasol?

Somehow I thought it was this:

1. Cap relief so the franchise could stop losing money

2. The rights to Marc Gasol, who currently has better stats than Bynum, plays better defense than Bynum, and will earn less than 4 million per year for this year and next.

3. Javaris Crittenton, who Memphis later traded for a first round pick from Washington (it was lottery protected in 2009, so yet to be seen who this player will turn out to be - but it's probably at least a low first round pick if not a lottery pick)

4. Lakers first round picks in 2008 and 2010. The 2008 pick was used to pick Donte Greene, who Memphis then traded for Darrell Arthur. Arthur played okay last year, but once Zach Randolph joined the Grizz, he got buried. (Ironically, Greene was the price piece Houston traded to Sacramento to get Ron Artest)

5. And of course, Derrick McKey. No real value here.

In other words, they got a top-10-in the NBA center for a bargain salary, plus 3 first round picks, plus the financial flexibility to be able to pay their young players (Rudy Gay, OJ Mayo, etc) when their rookie contracts end.

People tend to underplay the value that Memphis got in that trade, but that trade was a big part of turning Memphis from a broke bottom dweller to a team that conceivably could be a playoff team this season. Keeping Pau Gasol would have gotten them nothing more than more lottery picks.

Ugghhh.. Bynumb? Is that all ya got? Talking about polishing Animal's (Noah's... yes he looks like Animal from the Muppets) limited game at the age of 25 when you still have a 22 y/o potentially dominant center who you can polish even nicer over the next 3 years? Are you kidding me? Noah in all honesty is a power forward playing the center position because the Bulls have no size. Bynum is a true center and again, about 3 years younger. Nice to see a couple cats here agree with what I've been saying for a while. Noah is as good as he's ever going to get, Bynum is going to get alot better. at 7'1 285lbs with all that athleticism, power, soft hands and touch around the rim and a ton of potential, it would be outright STUPID to trade him. As good as Bosh is, he doesn't make sense. You're looking to trade a guy who's playing 3rd or 4th fiddle in the offense for a proven star player who will have to play 3rd or 4th in the offense and will probably be just as unhappy and play poorly and wont put up nearly the same numbers as a result. Get a clue people!

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, we ain't biased!

Cap's Goggles,

"Mamba, LakerTom, Zaira, JonK, etc etc, have you forsaken the blog?"

Of course not. I have to work. I can't ALWAYS be on the blog.

Tomorrow, the forces of the lucky barstool shall be released.

So it is done.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@Cap's Goggles,

"Mamba, LakerTom, Zaira, JonK, etc etc, have you forsaken the blog?"

Ditto to JonK.
But you're so cute mentioning me along these names... Gosh, I don't deserve that :)
I have a pretty hard working week too.
I read everything and when I have time to write I do.
Like now that I ma waiting at the US Consulate in Milan ;)

After all my reading of all comments, I'll come up with a GIANT post. So those who don't like long papers or those who don't like me can just skip one and be done with it easily (am I kind? Right ;))

Cap's.... still thankin you for the cuteness shown at me. If I were anyone else of the other mentioned along me I'd be mad at you for compromising gold with bronze ;) (Bronze-face, that's it ;))

Luv ;)



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