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Poll Question: Who needs to fill the production the most during Pau Gasol's absence?

Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom answered that question Tuesday in the Lakers' 88-79 victory over the Houston Rockets. But because the timetable regarding Pau Gasol's left hamstring is uncertain (he likely won't play tonight against the Clippers), this isn't a one-time deal.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson indicated yesterday during the pre-game scrum that Gasol's left hamstring injury isn't as serious as the right hammy that kept him sidelined for the season's first 11 games. Even if he doesn't miss 11 games like he did with his first injury, the Lakers may find Gasol's injury will be beyond the day-to-day prognosis.

In the pure interest of bracing for that scenario, which Lakers player needs to fill that scoring void? Can Bynum simply replicate the inside production? Can Odom still put up near-triple-double numbers despite playing sick? Or will it come down to Kobe Bryant continuing to amaze everyone with clutch performances despite an injury to his right index finger? Or will Ron Artest's defensive presence be enough?

Answer in the poll question below.

-- Mark Medina

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That said, Bynum on the low post and Odom on rebounding. Yes, two players are needed to fill his boots.

My huge concern is not winning games now. We are cearly going to get into the playoffs this year ( I hope we can all agree on that, Gunner?) But, we cannot afford to be hamstrung in the playoffs. Though I'll keep the Faith and employ my RALLY CAPS (MM you'll see these later) it will kill us.

Whatever we do, we must not rush Gasol's return. We must not implode emotionally if we lose a couple in the process. And, remember, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


JohnnyP - That's definitely fair. It needs to be done as a team. That's the most realistic way, especially knowing that Artest is still phasing back into the lineup, there may be nights even Kobe might have a bad game and we haven't been shown Bynum and Odom can be consistently productive. Envision the scenario though that you had to choose one to shoulder the load during Gasol's absence. In the long run, which one would it be?

- - - - - - - - -
>>> I have yet to see that spark and beastly qualities that Bynum exhibited last year
>>> before he went down with the knee injury. I suspect his knees have not fully recovered
>>> or will they ever?
There is no doubt that Drew does not often exhibit the great hops he showed at times the past two years. Part of the problem may still be physical and part of it is probably mental because I have seen drew climb the ladder when there was not a lot of heavy traffic around. At any rate, most likely we will not see the beastly athleticism from Drew until next year. It always seems like it takes a full year after a major knee injury before the player completely recovers mentally and physically. In the meantime, I think Drew will get better and better as the year goes on. His real breakout year, however, will probably be next year in my opinion.
- - - - - - - - -

Tonight Ron-Ron will step up since the other will not have the heart to be to mean to their lil brothers the Clippers. Tonight Ron-Ron will have a triple double 21 pts. 12 rebs 11 assists.

Whatever we do, we must not rush Gasol's return. We must not implode emotionally if we lose a couple in the process. And, remember, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Posted by: JohnnyP | January 06, 2010 at 12:06 PM

JohnnyP why do you make me do this? For the the 4th time today....OUT FREAKIN STANDING
***Editors note that exceeds the Out freakin Standing limits for today *** lol!

Hello M2 and welcome!

My response for the poll is the TEAM. If they pass the ball and stay with the principle of the triangle - the offense is there for anyone.

Now for a repost...............

Since I am usually an early morning participant - usually late on stuff. But as one of the few but growing legion of female Laker crazies, here are some tips:

1. The crew here can get very heated at times so it would be best to say immediately: "hi I am Mark and I am a Lakerholic." You don't want to "just" be a lover of the game - we are all lovers of the game.

2. know that Faith is all about DEFENSE. But as we all know - that wins championships.

3. There are a bunch of sages here which you will come to know. So, you should probably bone up on some Laker history as these guys go WAYYYY back (and me too).

4. We all have our favorites and usually come up with good nicknames.


1. keep the instant polls during game chat and poll often on the blog - it's good fodder for this crew

2. can we get one of the players to be a guest blogger with you this season - that's all, just one. We will set the bar higher next season as we all have to have goals.

3. remember there are girls that post too - so acknowledging your feminine side every now and then is a good thing.

4. The regular season is important and vital even when they are playing the Timberwolves.

Welcome M2! Cheers all! GO LAKERS!!!

Can't we pick the whole team other than Kobe Bryant because we know Bryant is going to fill in as much as he can...? Andrew Bynum should have the most responsiblity to fill in the production because he is the next big man close to filling in Pau Gasol's role. Lamar Odom looks to be doing a great job already and Ron Artest will be assisting on defense and getting good looks in the paint. The bench has to keep up the good success they have had in the past two games, if they continue what they all have been doing the past two games than we should be fine till Gasol returns. All in all the whole team other than Bryant should pick up the slack.

Lakers are going to have to find a way to play both Bynum and Gasol together, with both of them getting their touches, or one will feel slighted. AB has already said he tends to be less agressive with Gasol in there. Last nights closegame vs an inferior opponent also shows we need another shooter off the bench..Surprise.

In the long run, it must be Bynum. We need a scoring threat down below, someone to pass the ball in to. But, Odom will definitely have to continue his focus on rebounding. But, my answer, Bynum.

I like that you're trying out all the bells and whistles blog technology gives you.

If you're wondering, I am sick and spending the day in the library. I am trying to create proposals that get academic presses to publish my dissertation on Frances Kellor. Unfortunately, I will not be spending every day nearly liveblogging on the Lakers' site.

This technology is strange, isn't it? Did you know that Mamba24 is an 92 year old veteran of World War Two? Did you know that JonK has green hair and plays in a punk rock band named "hatred"? And justanothermamba fan is a 35 year old housewife? Hang around, you'll get to know the reality behind the screen!

Would you say Bynum?


On the poll, it is unanimous that it is Bynum's job to fill the shoes of Gasol.

I will say this again not just fill the shoes but rather Bynum's time to shine with or without Gasol. That is the formula for "repeat championship". Without Bynum's help or feeling that he is being overlapped by Pau will be detrimental to the end objective. It should be three punches in the post with Pau, LO and Drew then another three punches in little men's game Derek, Jordan and Shannon and Kobe and Artest will deliver the final blows that is the formula for Lakers Championship in 2010. If we have only one punch in Pau and the other two will be dormant, then we get that Christmas debacle in June.

We need chemistry, synchronization and time is now. Do it while the players are injured in every team. Lakers should develop the chemical reaction in january as we hone it to perfection in the playoffs. They are winning games lately with overwhelming score and they are facing quality teams like the Rockets and is time to be more consistent and dominant.

Strike fear as we come nearer to the encounter of the real enemy. The old foggies on the Celtics are down but not yet out. If we dominate our first competition with them, it will strike psychologically to our advantage. It is a mind game when we are dealing with leprechauns, they will never admit that they have inferior and old players. You have to hammer it to them.


has anybody commented on how similar Shanahan joining the Redskins is to Phil Jackson coming back to the Lakers for the 2nd time? When Phil came back, it was all about "righting the ship", not trying to win championships right away but building something and waiting for the right pieces to fill in over time. Say what you will about Dan Snyder but if Shanahan can make the Redskins competitive and the "Pau Gasol" of the NFL becomes available in 2-3 years, Snyder will make it happen. What a great day for Redskin fans, so much suffering...

This technology is strange, isn't it? Did you know that Mamba24 is an 92 year old veteran of World War Two? Did you know that JonK has green hair and plays in a punk rock band named "hatred"? And justanothermamba fan is a 35 year old housewife? Hang around, you'll get to know the reality behind the screen!Posted by: JohnnyP | January 06, 2010 at 12:30 PM

DAMN JOHHNYP!!! Now you done gone and revealed all the secrets. You young whipper snappers are all alike. LMAO!!!

M2 - I see where you are going with JohnnyP - so if I do some envisioning, I would choose Lamar.

I think he is finally comfortable with his leadership role whether it be as 6th man or versatile role player. That allows him to move without the ball better.

I don't feel Andrew is comfortable as a leader (he's not) or a consistent scoring threat to demand a double team.

I feel Ron can demand the double team if he is on fire. But he was brought to the team to highlight his defense and ability to shut down opponents #1 scoring threats taking the load off KB24. Given KB24's recent scoring tear, I don't think we want to change that up. Let Ron continue to shut down other guys and allow KB24 to "roam/strike" mamba-style. Ron is also still learning the triangle which is vital to our success come playoffs, so I'd rather he not have the added load of "need to score".

Phil's the master though so I think the psychology game that he plays allows each of these players to thrive. And at this point - the TEAM is a veteran team and able to move around as needed.


Although I believe the system should take precedence over which individual can take over here, my simple answer is, its gotta be Bynum that fills the void. Lamar's gotta play off of Drew's mismatches (and Drew's gotta look for him).

In all honesty, I think Kobe, Ron, and Lamar can be a low post presence as well, as they are typically bigger than their defender, or are a mismatch of some sort.

It really all depends on what the defense is giving you.


Who is going to fill the void left by the lack of consistent presence and good play by Farmar, Sasha, and Fish?

1) Ammo
2) Ammo
3) Ammo
4) Ammo
5) Ammo

Write in (Luke)


Hey Porky Pig what you wanna bet Shanahan steals Jay Cutler from the Bears and turns him into another John Elway?
And wins another championship.

You know, since Charles brought up the subject of the LOL blog the Kam Bros run now, I have an interesting thought...

The new LOL blog reminds me of the Staples Center. Our beloved LA times blog reminds me of the Forum. Stay with me here....

The new one seems shiny, new, has access to a greater amount of tech and resources. Yet, even with the Kam Bros, its devoid of personality....and thus, our personalities. Its sorta like the Staples Center (though winning 3 championship in a row at the beginning of its life had alot to do with finally calling it 'home').

The Lakerblog has the personalities. Sure, its format is a little archaic compared to the instant facebook/twitter status updates we're all used to, but we're still here.

Its like sitting in the upper reaches of Forum, where you know the guy sitting on the top step right next to you got in because he knew someone. May not be your socioeconomic class, race, religion, etc, but dammitall, he's your Laker homie today.

That's how I feel about the guys and gals in here.

Maybe AK/BK will get the ball rolling at some point, but I'm happy here.

As a pro-Drew guy, I just want to seem him get 10 boards again, if for no other reason than to stop the bashing.

I know the knock on LO is inconsistency, but can this guy get any love as possible 6th man of the year? What a game he had last night. (Yeah, I know he started last night)

I bashed Sasha as much as anyone, but it's nice to see him hustling for rebounds. I'm glad that PJ is letting the bench get some time.

I think the bad taste of Xmas day has finally left my mouth.

Jon K. Thanks for the suggestions.

Oh yeah, welcome Mark Medina. Cool name BTW.

Presumably Odom, Bynum, Mbenga, Powell, and Vujacic (since Kobe will likely play more SF, and Artest some PF) will see an increase in minutes with Gasol out; they will probably combine to make up for (most of) Gasol's output, with Bynum seeing the largest increase in output.

Good luck if you are planning on consistency (other than consistent inconsistency, I mean) from Odom. If they have figured out how to get that, this is clearly the best team of all time.

- - - - - - - - - -
One of the things that really stands out to posters and readers of the blog is the level of intelligence in the posts, comments, and interchanges. In other words, this blog actually makes Lakers fans smarter and more knowledgeable as a result of posting or following the blog. The result is often referred to as blog-sync-think and you will often find the polls to be excellent confirmation of the collective intelligence of the blog. When you consider the wide disparity in points of views of the multitude of posters and commentators, it is really amazing how often a controversial issue will clarify itself and become part of the blog-sync-think. Why blog here instead of Land O’Lakers? The answer is the huge international community of die-hard Lakers fans here and the insights and interaction that builds smarter and better Lakers fans. This blog is like a grad school for tried and true Lakers fans to polish their specs and let their fandom grow and shine.
- - - - - - - - - -

Wow, JohnnyP owns this thread. All posts were amazing. And I completely agree with all the technical notes.

And, btw, gotta say I am not a person: I am a chia pet ;)

And, btw, gotta say I am not a person: I am a chia pet ;)
Posted by: ZairaAmaterasu | January 06, 2010 at 01:17 PM


Just read the post LakerTom wrote previous my first one and gotta praise that lucid description as the most spot on reason for which I love reading here and being here rather than elsewhere. Tom said it all just perfectly.

Superb post.

LakerTom, I agree that Drew is not as athletic as in prior years. It shows up more on the boards than anywhere - he used to get a lot of boards by going over guys who thought they had him boxed out. Now he just gets boxed out.

Last night he impressed with his touch and with some good decsions in the posts. He had a lot of touches but didn't try to take over. He passed out of double teams and went to the hole when he was single covered. Sometimes his decisions were a beat or two slow, but he made the right ones.

I think finding a way for Drew and Pau to play together and get a lot touches is going to come down to the coaching staff - demanding more inside out play and maybe creating more opportunities for interior passing between the bigs.

Tom Daniels

I think Lamar becomes more valuable because of all his intangibles..As for Andrew, defense first with this guy -- everything else takes care of itself. I want to see those little penetrating guards bounced on their asses when they come into the lane..A fat lip or two would be nice, and one to the chops for good measure..At the very least, a very hard body foul would serve notice..Not any of those softie fouls and no fouls at all when those little shorty doo wops come into the lane..That is where I want to see us impose our physicality!! But no, we let them waltz thru out lane like they paying the note! That ish needs to stop. Drew, get on it!

Laker TOm

I think you're right about Drew's next season being the big step up for him. The vets will probably be even more willing to lean on him on the 3rd leg of a 3 peat.

Meanwhile, he's been making solid progress, and also seems to be vary aware that his ability to mesh with Pau is the key to one of the greatest teams ever. It's all encouraging.

btw, Ron could use some work on his post game..he gets his shot blocked and barely finishes as much as Fish and more than Luke did (when he was playing)...

Maybe AK/BK will get the ball rolling at some point, but I'm happy here. Posted by: #4 | January 06, 2010 at 12:56 PM

And you are also the only person on the Blog who has his own personalized reserved seat on bandwagons. Lol!

LakerTom I'm sorry but I can't give you anymore OUT FREAKIN STANDING'S. It would be unfair, you are to damn good! LOL!

- - - - - - - -
>>> btw, I am a registered poster in the KamBros blog. I have also posted and I might post again,
>>> but it's hard being in both places with my time gap. And what makes me wanting to' post is the
>>> surrounding community. There isn't any. While here is like stepping into a room filled with
>>> amazing people to' talk with. Can't top that. Can't top... Here :)
A perfect description of the difference between the two blogs. Bravo, Zaira.
You are a perfect example of the dynamic of the bloggers within the blog.
- - - - - - - -


Thanks for the props. I hope it is not a case of identity theft.

Speaking of which, I gotta go! C U all tonight!


Bynum watchers, let's not forget that early in the season, Bynum was really adept at getting early post position, a la Shaq in the 3 peat days. He hasn't been doing that as often or other teams are really keen to it.

Other than that, I'm of the opinion that having to trade off some of his weight for healthy knees has affected him in his ability to bang, with his muscle mass, and his ability to get position.

I still believe he has the hands, the length, and when focused, an ability to dominate a game.

Looks like Drew is getting strong again. Good to see. Random note. I'm worried about one called Tyreke Evans. This guy is a rookie, averaging 20 ppg 6'6 220 lbs. I'm worried about this guy even more than Wade who is 6'4. in the near future. If he can work on his foot speed (which anyone can by doing drills that boxer use ask Lamar about it) and loosing 10 pounds of muscle then I think he can be a Wade clone but because of his height has more potential than Wade based on his body ratios. He can be very dangerous people...This is going to be Tyreke's decade mark my word. Sacramento is grooming him very well.

Let's be clear here: Bynum should have stepped up WHILE Gasol was in the lineup and fill the production then, NOT now. He needs to learn to play with Gasol in the line-up and the fact that his production decreased substantially when Gasol came back its not a matter of "touches", its a matter of his own confidence and his slow way to adapt to his role in the team.

When Gasol came back after the first 11 games, Bynum was getting the same average of FGAttempts per game than Gasol (in fact if we count on Attempts per min, surely Drew was higher than Gasol)but after 8 or so games, his minutes and FGA decreased substantially, Why? In my opinion because he lost confidence and was not happy sharing the post (by the way, most of his field goal attempts came with the second unit where he is the first option).

His comment of "I will put more effort now that Pau is out" is very selfish and unmature. Definitely this doesn't make him a team player at all and that should worry us more than his numbers.

I think we all have seen very talented players get lost in space because of their Ego and childish attitude. Remember its not easy to receive 14 MM a year when you are 21 AND you have stopped studying after HS. His College years might have been more important to receive a proper education and learn values than to gain basketball skills.

I think he has a huge potential and he has shown part of it already but he needs to stop thinking about his own numbers and start thinking about the game as a whole. These games without Pau won't show much. He needs to keep it up while Pau is in the game. He needs to accept going through a process.


I (finally) posted an answer to your question on the previous thread--and thanks for asking...


And you are also the only person on the Blog who has his own personalized reserved seat on bandwagons. Lol!

Posted by: Mamba24 | January 06, 2010 at 01:46 PM

The reserved seat is only as powerful as the person giving it to me. Thank you, Mamba Sir, its an honor!

Wow. Arenas on indefinite suspension, which means the rest of the year to me, while the NBA mulls a possible lifetime ban.

He's so dumb. Karl Malone had a good point. If you want to secure guns, you buy a safe, you don't take them to work. And how long did he have the guns in his locker before they came out? If all this happened in the same week, he's busted. It means he took them to work specifically to show them off, which stupidly led to his "prank." If he had them in his locker for 9 months without telling anyone, then maybe his story is plausible.



The Bench Mob needs to step up most with Pau gone.

As Lamar is now starting (and doing quite well), The Bench Mob is now without a clear leader, as such Sasha, Jordy, UPS, The Kraken, Ammo and Mbanger need to step up their game and lead themselves.

By the way, the matchup between The Beast and The Kaveman should be utterly fascinating this evening.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



You wrote: "His College years might have been more important to receive a proper education and learn values than to gain basketball skills.”

Perhaps, true, but there are others like Garnett, Kobe, Lebron and many others who did not attend college and are successful. I think it really depends on an individual player. I find Bynum to be more level headed than most of the other high school players who failed as NBA pros. Also, Bynum is really lucky to be part of Laker organization (owners/coaches), surrounded by present and past Laker greats to give him advice. So Bynum in my opinion is in the perfect environment to spawn success as an NBA great.

We all have witnessed Bynum's talent and most of the folks are still giddy thinking about his potential. I am beginning to think that back to back serious injuries has left him scarred and he may still not be 100% healthy yet. The fact he worked so hard to get back and is playing is a good sign of character and desire. I truly believe that Bynum needs time (injury free) not just couple of months but rest of the season to get his Mojo back.

I am a patient man, tik..tok..tik..tok..

Mamba24 - you are too good to me. THANKS!! It's been tough - job/mortgage market stinks, so doing everything I can to find other income or another job. I know there are others suffering out there and with far more life issues so I am don't want to complain too much. I am far more thankful for my friends and family including this group. So, I try to contribute here when I can. Thanks again - you are a good person.

I love reading and agree with Laker Tom - you can learn a lot by the words of others and I have. You guys (and girls) are keeping me clued in to some of the finer points of basketball and Laker dominance!

Sounds like Stern got really mad at Agent Zero. Indefinite is NOT GOOD. And there is way more to the story than what is out there as Arenas has said. Because if the NBA has come down on him and the grand jury hasn't yet....I think Stern has more knowledge than the media. And that's not pretty.

Lastly, someone here was saying its nice to see PJ playing the bench more. However, does anybody else get the sense that might be Mitch "showcasing" Laker talent as potential trade bait? Women's intuition tells me there might be some movement ....

Back to the Lake Show.......... GO LAKERS!!

complex (my) brotha - so nice to see you back on here. You were missed.

index swish - I only posted over there cuz I saw ex's name LOL! I'm staying put right here - no worries!

johnnyp - so close... so very close... LOL!

Mamba24 - just FYI - there is absolutely NO mandate or limite on the number of OUT FREAKING STANDING's you're allowed to post, so knock yourself out!!! (Not like Thriller... :)

"When you consider the wide disparity in points of views of the multitude of posters and commentators, it is really amazing how often a controversial issue will clarify itself and become part of the blog-sync-think."
- Laker Tom

So, we're not just Laker Nation, we're more like Laker Borg? Yeah, LT, I'm on it. I'm plugged in and transmitting. Waiting for roll call from Mamba 24 for correct neuron-vectors.



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