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Poll question: Which Shannon Brown dunk impressed you the most?

January 27, 2010 |  8:30 am

By the time the NBA dunk contest arrives in less than a month, who knows how much extra material will compile? Surely Shannon Brown's website will add the three highlight reels he provided in the second quarter of the Lakers' 115-103 victory over the Washington Wizards

First came the alley-oop lob from Lamar Odom, then a fast-break, one-handed slam, capped off by a two-handed dunk off Andrew Bynum's missed free throw. All three were impressive in their own right. 

Brown pulled off the alley-oop lob because of perfect chemistry between him and Odom. Two moves created the opening for Brown. Lakers forward Pau Gasol set a back screen on Wizards guard DeShawn Stevenson, while Ron Artest cut from the baseline toward the left block with forward Mike Miller following suit. As Brown cut toward the paint, he immediately turned and locked eyes on Odom. He then cut toward the right block to give himself a perfect angle for the lob. 

Before the fast-break slam, Lakers guard Derek Fisher confronted Miller on weak-side help and intercepted his pass after Miller drove past Kobe Bryant. As soon as Fisher retrieved the ball, Brown sprinted down the end of the court. Fisher's pass landed one step ahead of Brown, who picked up the ball by the left block, took one step forward and then made a one-handed dunk. 

As for the two-handed dunk on Bynum's missed free throw? Credit Brown for preparing for the scenario. As soon as Bynum released the ball, Brown sprinted from the top of the key toward the middle of the paint. Miller sprinted as well, but Brown created separation by moving past Bynum's right side while Miller ran to the left of Bynum. Neither Washington center Brendan Haywood (left of basket) nor forward Antawn Jamison (right of basket) angled themselves in the center for the missed shot, allowing Brown to slide in unnoticed. Another thing, why is Odom moving away from the basket? I don't get it.

Out of those three dunks, I personally think Brown's two-hander from Bynum's missed free throw remains the most impressive, followed by the alley-oop slam because of the timing,  required in both plays. But what do you think? Vote in the poll below. 

-- Mark Medina

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