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Pau Gasol & Jordan Farmar among NBA players to donate money for Haiti relief


Lakers forward Pau Gasol has plenty of incentive to play well tonight against the New York Knicks, beyond just bouncing back from a disappointing performance that included two missed shots and two missed free throws in the fourth quarter of a 93-87 loss to Cleveland.

Through Wasserman Media Group, Gasol plans to donate $1,000 per point he scores tonight for Haiti relief efforts. Meanwhile, Lakers guard Jordan Farmar has donated an undetermined amount for the cause as well.

Gasol and New York Knicks' Danilo Gallinari will participate in a photo opportunity with former President Bill Clinton, who is at tonight's game to discuss the joint effort between him and former President George W. Bush organizing a Haiti relief fund as the country has suffered since Jan. 12 from a magnitude 7.0 earthquake.  

A total of 47 NBA players with the sports agency are donating money, and eight of them are paying through a per-point system during tonight's games.

People can continue to donate through the Clinton Bush Haiti relief fund.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol grabs a rebound over Cavaliers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas in the first quarter Thursday night. Credit: Phil Masturzo / Akron Beacon Journal.

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The NBA should have a clause on the player's contract that allow the teams to donate a portion of an underachieving player's salary to charity. Say 50% of Bynum's, 80% of Sasha's, 95% of Kwame's.

100% of Fishers !!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week, I was suggesting the LA triumvirate to donate an instant hospital by chartering one 707 plane. As we have heard from CNN, many were being rescued without the necessary medical attention, no facilities, no medications, no orthopedists and no beds. After 5 days of big quake, everyone was saving lives. Today, the rescue is now moot, it is now more of rebuilding the nation. I guess Buss, Sterling and Leiweike missed that wonderful opportunity to be there at the time they are needed most. It took the stature of Wasserman, former Presidents Bush and Clinton two weeks later to spearhead the campaign. As I said it is now on the rebuilding mode. The rescue is practically over after 10 days of the event and the dead were buried in the rubble or died from infections and disease due to lack of medical care.

The next phase is governing which is a monumental task based on Haiti's history of corruption and chaotic existence. UN has been there for quite sometime plus those charitable institutions on the ground. It is just impossible to create order with traditional corrupt politicians and police. How are these multi-million donations going to be handled and distributed to those who were left behind? Who can be trusted in Haiti? You will hear a lot of this poor country for a great number of years. This is where United Nation should take over in the management of the country.

The United Nations is part of the problem. They are as corrupt as any of the Haitian institutions.



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