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Live Chat: Lakers-Bucks

--Mark Medina

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Why garbage time is so fun to watch...Jennings hits a meaningless 3 at the 6 minute mark in the 4th and you could clearly see him talking you-know-what to Jordan. Jordan then hits a jumper n his face, and the cameras caught him saying "What now B!@#$?!" to Jennings. Then he stole the ball and hit a three. Good stuff.

We won.
Oh, man, how much I did suffer this game is undescribable.

Wish I could be as clear minded as needed to come off with technical stuff, but beside thanking in my core (and through immediate twittering) Shannon (and Jordan too) and the bench kids, the only thing that truly stays in my mind and heart is PAIN.

A huge, unescapable, glooming pain.

It's the pain Kobe suffers.

Wish I could take that sufference out from him.

It was like a ten thousand knives were sharpingly put inside my flesh everytime I was seeing him trying to be himself tonight, and just not being able to thanx to damn worsened injury.

I will hate forever last game with Houston cos my hero is troubled in such a way from it now that I can't hold my sadness, nor prevent it from poisoning me.

Let alone the fact we can't hope to go nowhere if Kobe isn't Kobe.

Bucks tonight were awful in shooting. Any other team would have probably toasted us for good.

BUt again.. I am unable to analyze.

I am just suffering and this is awful.

If I could chop off my finger and give it to Kobe in place of his, trust me I would. Seeing him nearby the end of the game on the bench that way was absolutely destroying me.

I just can't take it.

I'll read all of your comments later. Now gotta sleep an hour or so, if I manage to.

Great efforts of the 2nd unit tonight, had they played with similar intensity then there is no problem with Portland road game or Clipper victory.

Ahh, I know the formula, let's talk of trades every game & coerce the hungry media of more discussion, tweets, podcast, text anything... that will surely fired up Drew and Farmar including Adam. You know I like to see more of Adam Mo. IMO he looks better than Lukie because of his shooting touch, on a good day he could be a cold assassin out there if he's not conscious of making a mistake. the kid needs a lot of confidence from the coach, his teammates and fans until he will believe with himself like Shannon.

Artest and Kobe are not fully well yet with their injuries but they know how to carry on with their games.

Kobe: 4 for 21 shots...ugly...why kept shooting?
He was just a spoiled kid, period...he was not a good leader and will never ever be. All he did was for him, not for the team...he has a very immature thought about carrying the team. Winning a game is not important but building a championship caliber/chemistry is extreamly goal for Lakers. Kobe needs to be advised by Phil/Mitch or sit him, period.

First time to raised my concern/opinion

4 of 21 shooting? Someone needs to rest his finger.

Nice win, though it is the Bucks... and I do hope the Mamba gets his shooting touch back. Those darned fingers sure are making him look mortal...

BTW, is Andrew Bynum's recent surge (especially in rebounding) a product of Pau's absence or are the trade rumors motivating him in some way? Kinda curious to hear what he has to say about those rumors.

kobe will be fine. nice game by the 2nd units, hope they'll play like this every game.

I'd say about 6 of those 21 shots, were forced..Otherwise, he had good looks, Kobe tht is..they didn't drop..Hell, hardly none of their shots dropped. ISH happens...tell me if Kobe wasn't on the court at all, we would've been as competitive?? I say HELLZ no and that is not because I am Kobe's #1 fan either! No matter what the situation, his presence always instills a belief that we can win any game, even ugly ones...Not only that, he does other thingso n the court that are invaluable like telling players where they should be..Encouraging them to be aggressive..Trust me, his presence is an intimidation factor for opposing teams! Aside from Portland and the Clips game, that is..So you remove that element and tell me how we fair??

It don't matter. We still have the best record..Like Kobe always says, "peaks and valleys, peaks and valleys, you all....."

Fickle fans...damn!

Edwin Gueco -

I completely agree about Ammo - if he could get his confidence back (and it looks like he is, little by little), then he could be the offensive scoring threat off the bench that we're lacking right now at the SG/SF spot. Shannon does his thing, which is great, but if Ammo can start to be a threat, well, we would be much improved.

If he can get any semblance of that swagger that he had in college (and I remember watching his games; that man was killing EVERYBODY) then I would be none the happier.

I'd like to see him come back next year on a contract that is similar to Shannon's this year.

"kobe will be fine. nice game by the 2nd units, hope they'll play like this every game."

He will, but they won't. I still feel as though this Laker team is not good enough to handle this upcoming road trip which will include stops at Cleveland, Boston, and Dallas. If Kobe cannot get his shooting touch back and quickly, I don't believe Shannon Brown and Andrew Bynum are going to carry the day on the road. We will learn a lot about how good this team is in the next few weeks as they will be tested. If they are still the league's #1 seed by Feb. 1, consider me corrected.

I can't wait for Pau to return. The joy of watching a well run offense is gone without him...the games are really tough to watch. I'm a fan of his but Kobe is completely out of control. It appears the scoring title and personal statistics are more important than wins. There was no excuse for the terrible shots he was launching up last night. Great games by Brown and Farmar.



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