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Live chat: Lakers vs. Sacramento Kings

Following some not-so-great performances over the last four games, the Lakers will be looking to start 2010 on the right foot with a win over their Sacramento rivals. Two days off has given them the chance to heal a little bit and reflect upon the past week, so hopefully tonight's game won't be decided in double overtime.

Follow the game with live in-game updates

Chat away...

-- Austin Knoblauch

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I hope Ron Artest has some Hennessy for the guys at could only help.



lol the legend continues

What an amazing game, and I officially have a man-crush on KOBE.

*Seriously, dude*???????

I am proudly wearing my outfit in honour to Kobe THE GOD Bryant.

I ma proud of being part of the only true LakerLove family that BOWS to the one and only, the uniquely classy, Kobe Bean Bryant.


All of you putting his name in comparison with current hyped Cavemen.. surrender at his powerful, all of above grace.

Just stop diminishing him by trivial comparisons with thugs and people good just in their physical department.


Kobe's above class and his incredible stubborness at being the overbest DOESN'T.

It grows with age, and doesn't fade out.


I was thinkin "Camon... not even he can do this THRICE?!???" and then a voice inside me said "He can do all... just believe".

I did.

We won.

I LOVED to see the way Pau and Kobe hugged. And Kobe and Lamar exchaged stares.

We are blessed to be Lakers supporters and witnessing this incredible athlete play wearing our colours.


I a moved and on the verge of tears cos this is the way I feel watchin him.

He's the best kind of basketball personified.

Talent. Drive. Will. Force.



Just surrender.

kobe bails us out again...

i guess we can put the spencer hawes vs. andrew bynum debate to rest.


What else can you say??

Third time this season Kobe wins it for us at the buzzer.

I wish it never came to that, but you gotta love the drama and excitement of it all!

The unstoppableness of the unstoppable Kobe Bean Bryant.

He is the greatest basketball player in the world. When it's all said and done he'll be known as the GOAT. Princess Jimmy ain't got NOTHING on him.

YOUR LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!! The greatest team in the world!!!!!

Aldo - no.

tata - looks like it worked!

nah, that just isn't right. how can we even enjoy a victory when we got an unfair advantage like kobe?

The NBA...

Where Kobe happens... Again!

Great ending to a defenseless game.

I knew with 4.1 seconds left and down two, that our mamba would come through. I was impressed with his composer and his ability to close it out.. forget O.T. This was a game where we trailed the first three Qtrs. and most of the fourth. The clock reached 0.01 seconds and the lead was ours, the game was ours. Black Mamba iced this game with his final shot. A 39 pt. performance was just iceing on the cake!


OMG what a game. I'm exhausted. And we had great seats. I picked seats in the last row of the two hundreds, so we were able to stand for the entire 2nd half. So cool. Anybody want my victory streamer?
I love my Lakers.



Did you get a "Hammer and Chisel" for Christmas?

A third buzzerbeating game winner by Kobe within a 30 day span? Are you kidding me??? Has that ever happened before? I think not. The guy is just amazing. It was an unforgettable ending to an otherwise completely forgettable game. These Laker first halves since Christmas have been nothing short of ATROCIOUS! I hate that this team has become so reliant on Kobe bailing them out, they're better than that and have to start imposing their dominance on teams from the opening tip. If they give up 63% shooting to Dallas on Sunday while themselves shooting 37% by halftime, I guarantee that they will not win. We need Thriller back and we need to get our defensive posture back in alignment.

I watched the replay, and it was really amazing (i know he's open but still). He is very clutch, the poise and the way he took it, it was unbelievable! But one thing, did he step on the line? Please take a closer look, it was not clear and hope someone can prove that he didn't. Again, that Mamba is the real NBA! period!

man the guy just does not stop.this has been a clutch season for kobe and the lakers so far. This was also the first game we came back from with more than 10 points down. We are playing good ang getting lucky at close games this season. But over all we suck. Im gonna enjoy the game one more day and sunday will be a very hard game. Bynum has to score. Thank god LO came thru this time. Kobe And Gasol will get theres but we need the third guy and the bench to help. And o yea we have to play d. Thank god for kobe.

We truly are witness to something special, perhaps GOAT. It's one part ballet, one part basketball, one part MMA, and one part pure genius ability... This is something special people... Just keep your eyes open...

LOL, he's just awesome....

Phil Jackson's comment about Ron Artest's progress after his concussion.
"There’s a number of checks they go through with concussions, like speech patterns. But with Ron, that doesn’t work."

From the wrap up Yahoo sports.

you've chosen a fairly exciting game to witness from Staples directly today :)

Happy New Year dear :)

Ok, after all the rush of blood has clamed down in my body (not really), and after, conveniently, my first words were just like the utmost homage to the One and Only God of Basketball, I can post the real post about this game.

Cos it's not really that was a pretty game at all.

First though let me share this from the Mamba:

cos I so love when he speaks.

I love the way he just shrudded shoulders at the interviewer noticing he did play 47 minutes ("pff... I'm fine... I don't feel tired at all" while what he would have loved the interviewer to tell would have been "Man, I'm Bruce Willis, me. Can't be tired when gotta save the world. I'm no human like the rest of you folks. Tiredness is a mental overstructure to me... Can't you see that?").

I loved the way he talked about Lamar. Cos we all know what turned Lamar on in the third quarter and from there on wasn't really PJ (PJ doesn't need to push Lamar, he knows who stands there for that), it was Kobe and only Kobe telling him AGAIN: "Man, you're THAT good. Do it accordingly, Stop prawling. Go make me proud."

And I loved that "Hell Yeah!" thought.

He knews we are tired actually and wouldn't have been successful in a OT.
He's a cyborg but others are just humans.

So back in the game chronicles of late (I feel honestly sorry for the Kings. They gotta have nightmares right now about Kobe)

I like to share what Evil Rookie Casspi said (btw, he was my biggest concern. Dude KILLED us with his three. He won't repeat often there, but tonight he was on darn fire...): "For them it might just be another game to play the Kings, but wherever they go, people try to show up and play their best because it’s the Lakers and they are champions.” We have alwatys get THAT in mind.

He said it right.

Just one of the many reasons we can't truly make comparisons between the way OTHERS team play the same opponents we do. Those same opponents change drastically in all of their approaches when it's about facing us.

But it all will be fine by the convenient playoffs time. We will be the more tested team BY FAR.

And it looks like we are plenty to test still.

Well, first two quarters were a shame.


I have my clearly outspoken opinion on our current state.

Once more today it seemed evident to me that the complete lack of focusing in teh first half wasn't really determined by lack of will: the more I was seeing our players run and take their zones on the court, the more I was thinkin they were saving energies for later on.

I don't think we deliberately try on purpose to give away huge leads to others. I think this is what happens due to the fact we play restricted at first, KNOWING that we just can't play fully 4 quarters yet.

This of course is a thing that applies to the starters or the main 6 guys.

This is where the bench has to stand in and suffice.

The bench today was decent just in the fourth quarter.

Like I said for the previous game, during the chat as well, is that once again the bench would have been a key factor in the win or loss.

It was in the fourth.

Not to be underestimated the coldness Shannon had in takin in those two free throws for us. That was a key moment. Undeniably.
I really don't care about Shannon's dunks honestly. I care about his team contribution. Like for all the bench people. That role is so friggin basilar to our repeating the sooner they put that into their minds the better for us.

I am seeing vital signs a bit from the Bench Mob. Not like they are good or anything... but again they seemed less dead than prior Xmas. Don't wanna say it loud at all but they look now like they actually are starting to care.
It still not enough cos they have to show up for 4 quarters and not just in the last one, but it's better than nothing.

I wish Lamar, my sweet Lamar whom I have endlessly praise in last playoffs would stop needing Kobe's "gently"" rebuke at half time to show up.

Kobe explained t well in the above interview.
Kobe surely knows what this team needs to repeat.
It's not a mystery he rely on Lamar a lot and I do follow my leader. What he wishes for the team is Law. He knows.

I loved the way almost at the middle of the fourth quarter Kobe, Pau and Lamar high fived one another after a real beautiful (and rarest than I'd like to catch on court so far) action from my adored Spaniard to Candyman.
I loved it cos you could see in their eyes the commitment, and that "Okay, this works well for the team" kind of acknowledge.

I have to say that today Drew did a certain number of things that pleased me.
One couple of things though didn't please me at all, and they all stay in the "mood/attitude" department: I hated to see him get back on court after the first half like... exiting from a boiling locker room, like that boiling lockeroom wasn't also a direct consquence of his underplay and underachieved results in the first part of the game; you can't laugh nor sit quietly when we're blown away by the other team. YOU CAN'T. It's about being serious. That Drew is something you have to integrate in your player background.
Possibly quick.
But I saw him being there more today.
I try to get as many good hints as I can on him cos he's another key to our victory.

I don't care about trades.

I don't want trades and especially not involving him.
We need him and he can do what we are waiting from him. I have no doubts. Though really sometimes he takes the flesh out of my bones with his approach to the games.

The final rate for the overall performance tonight is a C+.
The rate for the result compared tpo the overall effort is a B.
The rate of our last quarter and half of teh third quarter is a A-. The minus is for the lack of care about the three pointers.
Man... it seemed like I was living again the Denver Thuggets series in the playoffs last year, that friggin Billups always puttin them in.

We have always had a three trouble: we are lacking them and we suffer the teams having them. That is a long time trouble.

But the Lakers I see developing for the playoffs times are those of the 4th quarter. Those Lakers don't worry me at all.
They were minus Ron Ron still.

BTW, on Sunday is gonna be TOUGH.
Without RonRon the Mavs are a bad, bad client for us. And since they lost, they will likely try to pack us another bad surprise following the previous one this season.

I like the way Mavs are playing so I am sure I will follow the game with pleasure.

Please no drama. This is a tough January. But again, I don't see really anybody being not even closer to us.
The amount of talent this team has is incredible.
Anything is possible and anything is at our disposal.

The target is far away.
Till playoffs, just enjoy the amazing emotions this team, these players, this Purple&Gold Fever will gift us with.

It's all about the love, as phred would say.

And my heart is fullfilled of love for our World Championship Lakers.

Can't wait to re-live the game at 2 pm here in Italy, with Italian speakers that are almost as much as Kobe The God freaks as I am.
I said "almost". ;)

omega, overall we suck? Best record in the league says you're wrong.

Tremendous game for the Lakers - thank god for KOBE
These guys seriously might wanna think about giving houston a call for Tracy McGrady to come off the bench. Too much $$$ I know but talk about an instant offensive threat off the bench. Bye Bye Bynum, Sasha, Morrison and a draft pick to be named later...
what would we be without Kobe?


"I was cracking up! Man, you have been on this guy forEVER! You're relentless!"

Dude, yellowfever rips on everyone relentlessly except Kobe Bryant and Sun Yue. I find it to be a little weird. I'm not sure how someone who is such a fan can be so consistently negative against the majority of our Lakers roster. It doesn't make sense to me.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakes Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | January 01, 2010 at 12:40 AM

johnny v,
appreciate your reply... its nice to know at least one person is enjoying the luke jokes esp since i know his blog is like serious as a heart attack when it comes to defending luke


also appreciate your post but i beg to differ.

i was NEVER a fan of sun yue as a laker.. never ever not even close.. in fact i remember ripping on him plenty every chance i had... i think you must have me confused with humanomaly who was by far his biggest and probably only supporter in this blog.

also for the record there are 3 lakers i am most critical of: LUKE, SASHA, FARMAR, DFISH.. (okay maybe 4 so i dont know where you get majority? you can call it being negative but i'll call it constructive criticism and they deserve every bit of it.

also, the reason i am so highly critical of our lakers is why i am such a big fan. i find this blog to be a great and healthy place to vent my frustrations esp after a fact had we lost i would be probably harping again about how DFISH threw up another stinker by shooting 1-10 and got tooled around by beno (19pts and 13 assist (another season high)) and almost singlehandedly put this game out of reach for us... but not today... today kobe saved the day so let us enjoy this one!


I would love to see a comparison stat of Kobe's buzzer beaters versus Jordan's buzzer beaters.

I've lost count of how many buzzer beaters Kobe has made. It just seems to me that he has made 85% of them. Just madness. The guy is a fricken assassin and the best player in the game.

Where's our new blogmaster? I'm getting very bored of Mike Bresnahan's smugness.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"He's the best kind of basketball personified.

Talent. Drive. Will. Force."

Yes. Well-stated.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



" I picked seats in the last row of the two hundreds, so we were able to stand for the entire 2nd half. So cool. Anybody want my victory streamer?"

Sounds awesome. I wish I was there. You'll always remember that day. Isn't that fantastic?

Those little special memories define our lives. It's good to have them.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dedicated to Thriller and Luke Walton

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


check out , AK and BK are in there.

I wish I had computer animation skills or computer production skills, then I could savor this moment properly.

I would paint this scene:

Start with text of Kobe's career statistics, accomplishments, Rings, MVP's, all that stuff. No highlights of game winning shots. Then a sentence about the state of the NBA, picture of LeBron and text about how this is supposed to be the year of LeBron...

Then: "but"

Then: Game winning shot #1 over Wade.
Then: Game winning shot Vs. Bucks.
Then: Game winning shot Vs. Kings.

Then: "Legends never die."


Kobe..All I can say is WOW..he is UNREAL for real, you feel me???

@Aldo: As for Nate, I always wanted the Lakers to get him..He is fearless, he is driven, he is also CLUTCH..He plays with alot of heart -- and remember, he's still very YOUNG and if "coached" the right by Phil/Kobe he would def upgrade our shaky/inconsistent and mostly nonexistent bench...Move Sasha and Josh for someone like a Nate Robinson/Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas and short of "chemistry" we are good..I don't see that much chemistry as it is with the bench so there....Embarrassed to say even if we ship those guys out (unlikely) Fluke the Puke comes back and it could seemingly flow without a hitch...The bench with any new additions, that is..

Bench or no bench, we still own the best record.

Just give Kobe that MVP trophy NOW.

``There's a number of checks they go through with concussions, like speech patterns. But with Ron, that doesn't work.'' ...

Phil Jackson after the game, funny guy.

Oh yeah what an ending to reward the faithful. Not a stage like the real real baby hook but still...

Let's remind ourselves that certain teammates of Kobe put us in the big hole at half time. Andrew continues to bother me with "Me What?" attitude and only want to shoot the basket but disappears on defense; no rebounds, cover his man and help out on the rotation. Where is passion for the game? Hawes demonstrated much more (passion) than AB. Using Rick Freidman's analogy, AB produced 1/2 a rebound per foot last night!!! DFish, even with the limited minutes, had more rebounds than Andrew, go figure!!!

And again, I hate to point out the obvious facts that our team is weak at the PG positions. Our PGs are making the opposing team PGs an "ALL STARS" calibre! Udrih had 19 pts/13 assists yesterday, Monte/Curry had a good games the other night, Mo Williams ran around our PGs like he's in the circus en route to 28 points and a victory on Thanksgiving Day. Some of you suggested that we're doing fine and want the team to stay pat and ridicule any idea of bringing help at the PG position such as Nate Robinson citing his attitude displayed in New York. But guys the sooner you come to sense that Kobe does need help and noone should expected him to beat the clock for the winning shot every night! We got lucky last night, Idoku, a career 78% FT, missed 2 FTs with 4.6 seconds left.

I'm starting a Nate Robinson's bandwagon! Who's on board with me?

Have a great weekend and good to see all of you who made it to the live chat last night. Jon K, I hope the game is on TV so you can sit at your favorite barstool. Zaira, get some rest before the game on Sunday.

(PS - Farmar and UPS played well in the final minutes last night).

Good morning,

Breath-taking, yes! Amazing! Yes.

But isn't basketball a team sport? The more Kobe bails his team mates out, the less incentive there is for the rest of the squad to play basketball the right way.

C'mon. These guys can play like crap, be down by 20 points, and walk away with a victory.

I respect the coach's explanation that there had to be adjustments throughout the entire game. But surely a team that insists that they are committed to repeating as Champions can do better as a unit.

Don't get me wrong. Kobe alone is worth the price of admission. That amazing buzzer-beater will play in my head for a long time. Kobe likely is indeed the Greatest of All Time.

But I'm tired of hearing analysts say the team came out without any energy. I'm tired of players confirming it in post-game interviews. Yes, it's a long season. But, just "going through the motions," as one of the Lakers described it?

The more Kobe shows how great he is, the stronger the argument that the rest of the team is less likely to commit to their own individual greatness. C'mon, guys. Please prove this postulation to be wrong. Go Lakers!

But...we still needed a Kobe low percentage shot to win. Happy for the win, but we're still not playing very well.

On another note, glad to see Phil benching Fish for inept shooting. Sorry, Fish, but you have to be accountable, just like any other Laker (well, except Kobe).

With about 1:20 or so to go, after Kobe had been doing it all for awhile, but had just missed a forced three, Jordan Farmar had the ball up top. Kobe was calling for it. Jordan dribbled away from Kobe, and got the ball to Gasol, who was single covered in the weak side post by Hawes. Gasol used Hawes and got a three point play.

It was a smart and brave play by Jordan.

Hawes took advantage of teh Laker bigs on the perimeter. The Lakers should have abused him down low.

Oh, and nice close out by that guy wearing #24.

Tom Daniels


his heels were not on the line. Westphal, I believe, actually looked down when
he caught the ball. Just to make sure.

not impressed at all.should never got to that situation if they play like a champion.They better get it together cause when it comes to good teams they get beat up.I know they have the best record but it looks overrated.The Lakers look like weak time..Bynum needs to be on the bench.I can stand the way he plays,no enerygy,no passion.and lazy.How can you not get rebounds if your that big and tall.He looks more like Elden Campbell..I would rather have DJbenga in there,at least he energize the team..

just another "index" swish

Unbelievable. I was about to turn off the TV in disgust when Udoka got fouled...then he missed the first...then the 2nd, and Pau rebounds. Timeout.

I'm screaming, "Kobe in the corner!" and dang if that isn't what happens. Like in a dream, in super X-Mo. SWISH!!! OMG! He did it again! How could they not have 6 guys guarding him? Well, OK, he pushes his guy up and away (NO ref in his right mind is going to call that one). Swings back to the corner, takes in Pau's high toss, calmly settles in (waaaay too close to the line), and let's it fly with 0.1 sec left. SWISH!!! MVP!MVP!MVP!MVP!MVP!MVP!

Sorry, Jerry West, you were truly great. But this is the new and forever "Mr. Clutch." Wow.

PS. The Lakers are going to kick the Mavs' hineys up and down and all around on Sunday. It won't even be close.

1. Nobody ever has put together such an amzing stretch of scoring in this league WITH A BROKEN FINGER on his SHOOTING HAND- NOBODY! Not Jordan, not Bird, not Kareem, not West, not Baylor, not Wilt, not Russel, NOBODY! This guy is the trye defenition of AMAZING! Also, the false "King" James will never accomplish this, EVER!

2. Bynum and Fish making Hawes and Udrih look like allstars. This is unacceptable. Bynum's offense gets cancelled out by his ineffectiveness on the Defensive end. Fish is on the downside of his career, so I'll be more leanient with him. But still, how many times do we need to see him get abused by opposing guards before something gives?

3. L.O. was the difference maker in this game.

4. Once again, Pau has a mostly unnoticed EXCELLENT game with not enough touches- most underatted player in the game today.

5. If this squad would play defense for four quarters instead of one and a half, they would dominate everyone.

N-O-B-O-D-Y E-V-E-R! Only Kobe- greatest clutch player of all time. PERIOD.

"We have to remember he only played like 30 games of high school. Some kids play 100 games in high school," Jackson said. "He really has a limited amount of experience. His first year was pretty much a wash here. Then he has two injury situations that go on and limited how much he could actually participate."

I appreciate Phil standing by his player, but this still doesn't answer the biggest question surrounding Bynum: Is this guy ever going play with heart, focus, and intensity on a consistant basis? Currently, he is the Houdini of the Hardwood.

A night in the life of a Laker fan.

Grind your teeth cause the team should dominate. Kick the dog, and the kids. Followed by victory shouts and knuckle bumps as Kobe realigns your universe, eliminating the unthinkable, putting all back in order.

We know "as Kobe goes, so goes the Lakers" is a dangerous trend. But for now, great way to start a decade.

We need updates and more bloggers. I'm on the East coast (well, Indiana, but it feels like the East coast with all the LA bashers), and I'm up at 7 am every morning, which means I'm looking for updates at 4am PST. I've litterally been checking for updates for 10 hours now, with no luck. Maybe that's extreem, but you get the point. We need 24-7 bloggers!


We need to get 2 bloggers in here pronto. The ESPN Los Angeles with the Kambros is looking better every day, and if we don't start matching that sight, I'm going to leave this group. This is my first warning to the Times. Come on guys, I love this place, but I'm sensitive towards being taken advantage of. I need to be appreciated, and appreciaton comes thru clear when it's written in nice prose.

Lets get tis thing rolling. I mean, really. The Times could have paid me $100 dollars a day and I would have a morning post and an evening post filled with links for early birds and late bloomers to enjoy. But noooooo. No one called.

Times, we need dedication showed by thye administration, ad I'm not seeing it. I think the Kambros left 2 weeks ago. Lets get this going!

And this is not to deride the repcement bloggers. They've done a nice job. Problem is the Times not bothering to make this transition a priority.



So, I've been thinking about the whole Tiger Woods debacle.

Well, since Tiger has been linked to this HgH doctor in Canada, right? Well, as I understand it human growth hormone is linked to increased libido and Tiger's fairly young, right? So his libido would be going off the charts if he's on HgH.

This would explain his sending childish horny texts to women at all hours and courting so many women. Perhaps he's getting some HgH sex rush and impulsively hooking up with women as a result.

Seems to make sense to me.

It would explain a lot of things.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Okay LA Times, I am getting restless! We have a nice community here on this blog and things are getting so slow, that it's becoming really painful.
Is today transition today maybe? I hope so, because someone needs to be attentive to this blog! I took a look over at the KBros blog and they have 4 posts up since 7pm last night and you have just the one!
I realize that this is a diffult moment in time but come on! We can at least talk to each other. The last post was put up before midnight last night and now it's 11am the next day!
Man, this is painful. DO something.

One good thing about the game is the Lakers went to the triple towers often to score, taking advantage of the Kings soft center.

One bad thing is that there's still too much one-on-one play. Kings by contrast had a very fluid offense notching up tons of assists, especially in the first half. Assist difference was like 20 to 9 in first half which is ridiculous.

One very bad thing was the defense, which has been non-existent these past few games. Yes, Artest being out is a big problem due to the defensive mind-set he brings, but he was playing on XMas and they still let Mo Williams and Moon look like All-Stars in scoring. People point out Kurt is gone, but that doesn't explain how the Lakers were so good defensively until about 2 weeks ago and went downhill since then. Besides, last year's team was NOT a great defensive team anyways. Their defensive was good enough to allow them to win with their excellent offense.

Let's get rid of Adam Morrison ($5,257,228), Sasha Vujacic ($5,000,000), and don't resign Derek Fisher ($5,048,000). Then trade for Gilbert Areanas ($16,192,080).
We'll have absolutely the best team and biggest team in the NBA.

PG Gilbert Areanas 6-4 ($16,192,080)
SG Kobe Bryant 6-6 ($23,034,375)
SF Ron Artest 6-7 ($5,854,000)
PF Pau Gasol 7-0 ($16,451,250)
C Andrew Bynum 7-0 ($12,526,998)

With this we won't go over the cap and we'll have the very best team out there. We'll solve our biggest weakness which is point guard!


"Let's get rid of Adam Morrison ($5,257,228), Sasha Vujacic ($5,000,000), and don't resign Derek Fisher ($5,048,000). Then trade for Gilbert Areanas ($16,192,080)."

Remember when Kobe punched Samaki Walker for not paying back a debt?

Well, we don't need similar altercations between Kobe and Agent Zero. Agent Zero tends to pull out guns on people when they ask for their money.

Also, so, you want the Lakers to have an 11 man roster then? That doesn't sound very wise.

Personally, I want to see Derek Fisher retire as a Laker.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Then trade for Gilbert Areanas ($16,192,080)."

Sure, as long as J-Critt is included in the deal too. Welcome to the wild, wild West!

I wouldn't be surprised if Washington tried to void the remainder of Gilbert's contract, which is probably the worst contract in the league today. Giving a $100M deal to a guy with multiple knee surgeries is never a good idea.

And last I checked, you can only use one ball on the court at all times. Therefore, it's theoretically impossible to have Kobe and Gilbert on the court together and on the same team.

Hey hobbit....

Did I get a hammer & chisel?? Ummmm..... nooo....... huh??

Apparently the joke is over my head. You got some 'splainin' to do....!


I asked about the "hammer & chisel" because you'll be putting Kobe on
the Mt. Rushmore of Basketball.

It's interesting ... We have D-Fish with .4 and Kobe with .1.


Andrew & Sasha or Andrew & Farmer, or Andrew packaged with any of the following Adam, Sasha and farmer for Noah and Hinrich solves the Lakers problems. Better D at the center and point and more touches inside on the offensive end for Pau.

I really miss the post game locker room interviews the blog used to have, is there anywhere else those can be found on the net??

Some one mentioned if Kobe was on the out of bounds line - no way as Paul Westphal was starting at Kobe's feet during the shot and made no protestation.

Amazing end to this game, congrats to all fans! that SPencer Hawes was sure fired up.


hobbit -

LOL - oh ok... I was waaayy over-thinking it trying to figure out what you were talking about!!

YES - Kobe is on my Mt. Rushmore of Basketball. Isn't he on yours?????

You know - it's a wonderful problem to have with this team. Who's going to the top of the mountain on any given night?? Will it be Mr. 0.4?? How about El Capitan?? Or will it be The Swiss Army Knife LO?? The Beast perhaps?? Then of course we have our very own Bean, not to mention Thriller.

This team is something special. Now if they can just get completely healthy and stay on the same page for a complete game LOL!

Hey everyone. Awesome second half last night and there's nothing I can say about it that you all haven't already said better. About the whole blog/content/moderator thing though.... just remember, we're still here and if we want more in the way of topics, we can put them out there. The Times staffers that are filling in are doing exactly that, helping out in a pinch, along with their regular duties. Remember back in the day when Mike T would do his "Jackson journals"? Those would spawn all sorts of discourse and could easily carry us through a day. So, if any of you are really wanting a new post, come up with one.


Oh, and for those still wanting more production from Drew, it's understandable... 4 rebounds won't get it done. But, let's not forget his other stats, 16 pts, 3 blocks and 3 assists. I especially like the three blocks... that's effort and being willing to get up into the air.

So - LA TIMES!!! You out there????

YAH - we're talkin to YOU!!!!

Where's our new Blog God?????

Don't be afraid of us. Just make sure you make us happy!

(Hint: ignoring us all day without any new threads will not get the job done. You need to pick up your offense.)

Kobe's game winning shot last night: major wow factor. Lost in all of that was the pass by Pau with a big guy in his face, pushing him, time running out big time----the pass he threw (which Kobe was lucky to catch) was just like a quarterback making the last chance throw into the endzone- enough air under it so only his guy could catch it for the last second TD. And Kobe making like a wide receiver, feet just inbounds and securing the last second win.
Bring on Dallas!!!

Just went through the new Kamenetsky ESPN Laker blog - there are zero or one post on every entry. They have like zero audience there. What is the point of having a blog if no one posts? It is too bad they left.


It will be great to watch Los Angeles Lakers, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.



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