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Lakers-Trail Blazers Live Chat

--Mark Medina

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Why is Sasha on the Lakers? It's the LAKERS, for goodness' sake! They're reigning NBA champs! Why do they have this guy who slaps on defense, and then predictably whines about it?

Our shape currently did make me see all this game coming.
In fact I voted before going to sleep, hours ago, in the poll about tonight game that we would have lost.

I completely expected it.

We can't do anything constructive, especially in a town and against a team like Portland, at our current shape rate.

Gotta say the game was officiating ridicolously... but overhall, this game was never even remotedly close to be ours.

The key were again, beside our awful shape at the moment, the no bench show, the lack of defense (but that's again on the shape matter, to me), and a general feeling of department detach.

I ma not worried, just sad.

I know things are gonna change when our shape is back, but still I don't like to witness Lakers trailed dead on court by anybody, let alone the Blazers.

Before everyone starts to put the blame on anybody, this team today wouldn't have win anyway.

Our energy level is ZERO.

Kobe has done again something impressive with his broken finger but he can't do all by himself. Not at this point of the season.

Okay... I have to take my time and console myself in the only way that works in my world.

sweet sweet time, to ease a bitter, bitter time.

Don't pour too much hate on our guys. Beside being unfair, is gonna be completely useless in the first place.

They are not there. And I bet their frustration now is killing them in the locker room.

I ma sure from this turmoil we will see a new energy and a new drive arise for more important times.

Still January. Not a good January, but better be trashed now than in some months. Last year we use to be ridiculized by Bobcats, if I remember correctly.

Later, crew.

I have some special gym to do.

Haven't watched the game yet but 35 FT's vs. 10 in favor of Portland. Were the guards really blowing by everyone? A team with Kobe gets 10FT's for the whole entire game? Wow.

Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher shot too much. Lamar Odom didn't shoot enough. Andrew Bynum did not dominate as he should have had. The Lakers shot too much from the perimeter and not enough from inside the paint. All issues that show the absence of Pau Gasol and lack of disciplined execution especially from Kobe and Derek.
The Trailblazer's 39 FT tries to the Lakers' 10 is both a function of the Lakers not going inside enough (poor offensive execution and good Blazer defense) and the Blazers doing so. Also some intimidated officiating in the Blazer's loud arena.

Lakers lost again in Portland. What is new? I thought they have bottomed out but it is the other way around. Lakers started with the wrong foot with Clippers and extended it to Portland.

Kobe's index finger is still bothering his shooting but Phil could not rest him. Artest is not fully ok too, but he is forced to play by circumstances. Our other bigs are just not good and athletics, even Juwan Howard suddenly is resurrected from limbo. He is a journeyman that Drew cannot stop.

HELP, Mitch can you please u transform the bricks into a wall of defense and get real players.

Despite the loss, Lakers are still No. 1 in the league standings. What we lost are bragging rights of invincibility. During the home games, the 2nd unit were not helping and in the road games, the starters are tanking. We need Artest and Drew to be aggressive as a 1-2-3 punch not just watch Kobe.

Lakers played so bad defensively today. B.Roy and J.Bayless had a field day with the Lakers defense. Kobe's decision sometimes was very questionable. However, I am still positive about the lost. We need to learn to operate with injuries, and losing game may be the best way to learn from their mistakes and become better.


Last 6 weeks guys just don't seem to have any desire except for Kobe. So many times Bynum, Gasol, or Odom would get beat on the boards. They're one step behind defensively. Reaching a lot more. Especially Lamar. At least Odom's energy in the last 3 have been decent.

Bynum's got to be hurt. Perhaps mentally timid since this is the time of year he gets hurt. He just doesn't go after the ball or work his defenders closer to the hoop prior to receiving the pass. Always a step behind the ball rotation or a step too far out.

Somethings missing with this team. No fire. No us against the world. I thought, RonRon would bring that. Best record but not too impressive, imo. Last years team made statements when they hit the road. Closed out road trips. Won the big games. If I remember correctly last year they had some losses to some bad teams but beat the good ones (except ORL in the regular season). This year they've lost big to Denver and Cleveland, can't figure out Houston, lost quite a few second games of back to backs, and have struggled against cellar dwellers.

I'm a little worried.

Can someone tell what's Kobe's shooting pct now? He's still getting his avg. but at a considerable number of shots, way too many shots!

Ballhog Bryant is back!

What's up with jacking up 37 shots?

Where do I start. First off arn't we suppose to be a juggernaugt In the West. I'm sick we have not been winning or dominating teams. Our bench sucks. After Lamar and ups it drops off significantly. We need to trade for another scorer off the bench. Kobe is shooting way too much. Reminds me of when he did not have other scorers. Hope Mitch does something to strengthen the team.


Lakers got outplayed buy 1 great player in Roy, and a very good player in Aldridge and a good player in Andre Miller and a bunch of D Leaguers...Lakers didn't get any calls but they lost because Kobe (hate to say it because he's my favorite player) basically ball hogged...He never let anybody else get in rhythm, if I'm Bynum I'm pissed at Kobe..Bottom line: THIS IS AN EMBARRASING LOSS...Lakers have no chance at beating Boston or Cleveland when they don't commit to DEFENSE!

I really admire our lady blogger Zaira who is blogging with us at wee hours in the morning in Europe. Where is Faith? What happened of the first lady of the blog? We are missing the defense chant, the rally caps and eventually the new first lady in MM blog would be.....Zaira or Laker Lass.

I read in the previous thread that LT had ax to grind at the KBros. He was frustrated in converting them to Drew side who left the Times for a greener pasture. I have a different take, help them prosper in another site but don't abandon our home blog. Kbros have families to support so they are experimenting new ventures. I just think KBros were impatient in moving to the SpinLA who is headed by Bob Iger. The company operates in four business segments namely, Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment and Consumer Products. The Media Networks segment encompasses an array of broadcast, cable, radio, and publishing businesses. Its key areas include: Disney-ABC Television Group, ESPN Inc., and ABC Owned Television Stations Group. As a CEO, he receives only $ 29 million without options and perks, well it used to be $30.5million. That is a ridiculous income for just one person.

A good day in the NBA

chowders and crabaliers lost

Mr. Le No Clutch missed a big one. he was walking back to defend and the camera had a close up on him exactly when he was screaming that word with F that rimes with duck.

phoenix lost too. no BUTLER sighting for a while. no greenies.

oh yeahhhh. and i still like the pecking order. AB in check by granpa howard, like 12 inches shorter than him. another all star performance. AB watched Fish and Fish returned the favor. i really don't care if Hobbit or KB Blitz is right about the defense strategy, looks like the Lake is more like a Tunnel in the middle. anything goes through. is like the TGV line (fast train in france) going through the tunnel. actually more like the line between London and Paris. but with the speed of the Concorde, where Fish is the beak of the plain and Andrew the wings.

i love how the Lakers made many of the chumps look like superstars when playing against them. Pavlovici, Kleiza, Bayless, just from the top of my head. i have these Concorde flash-backs. or just swisheeeeeeeeees.

i'm happy the city of Portland has a sunny day. make that twice each season. they should have banners.




we have 15 championships. they have 1 but extra 9 banners. it is getting close.

now, if we subtract the 2 clutch shots Kobe made in 2004 to tie the game and at the end of overtime we have to subtract 2. actually that is i worth more like 4. and if i think a few more seconds, more like 8. they took away the division title. now that is a real banner. i know we don't displays those because there is no room in the rafters.


Lakers 15 championships

Portland 1 championship and 1 banner for cumulative regular seasons wins.

have a great weekend. vodka is good. no hangover. and don't forget the LOVE

„¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤ º°¨
¨°º¤ø„¸ GO LAKERS 09 CHAMPS!!! ¸„ø¤º°¨
¸„ø¤º°¨ `°º¤ø„¸
¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ ø„¸¨°º

copy an paste if you think Lakers are going to be 2010 CHAMPS!!!

Really Kobe, really?? 37 shots...You almost shot more times that the whole starting line-up. If you don't share the basketball with your teammates, they will not play any defense. Bynum needs the ball more (granted he needs to get better position down low). Odom needs the ball more, Artest..Kobe last 2 games..23 for 67..Not a good percentage. If you're finger hurts than i have an idea "STOP SHOOTING THE BALL".

Without hyving seen the Game. But 37 shots to get 32 Pointe? Ths ridiculous. Nearly erverytime Kobe shoots that much Lakers Loose. Look at Roy. 11 shots to resch 32 Points. Bynum Rother Lost His hoops or is still afraid of jumping. With. 22 of Years Shaw was dunking when below the basket. Bynum
makes soft layups.

I think a good move would be to get Odom into the starting lineup and put Artest off the bench. Odom is way too passive and unreliable to help the second unit. We need more energy. Artest is a handful for any team to guard. But with 2 bigs and Kobe he's just a 3 point jacking machine. He'd be great with Farmar and Brown pushing the ball. He can post like he did for Houston and be aggressive. At least we'd be using his overall talents instead of having him defend and stand on the wings. Second unit has no post presence. When they're on (rarely) they do ok. But most nights once the second team gets in there it's all jump shots. Phil needs to mix things up. Too much talent starting and wasting their minutes watching Kobe.

Agree, Kobe jacked up lot of shots. You can't totally blame him because all of his teammates are bricking their own shots. I would trust Kobe shots than Farmar, Sasha, Powell and Fisher. I would also include here Lo, Shannon, Drew and Artest who else did I leave we still have any other players whom we can trust to shoot.

Why not pass the ball and get the free guy shoot it? Did that and all bricks! Our players were affected by the jeers and got intimidated by small nimble blazers like Bayless and Roy. I don't why Drew commits foul in double teaming Bayless on the high post, he was outfoxed by Bayless. lol!

Brandon Roy is the toughest player I have every tried guarding.


Ron Artest

Edwin, the Lakers have not played Orlando or Celtics yet, and Cleveland once, and at home. Potentially, that is 5 more losses.

I have major concerns about this teams inconsistent defensive efforts this year, particularly against good teams.

Last year, I did not like Kurt Rambis' defensive strategy of trying to funnel players into the baseline to trap them with help coming from the big man because that left the Lakers vulnerable to the other team's big man getting easy dunks, since Bynum or Gasol would have to leave his man. That happened over and over again in the Denver series in the playoffs. When they didn't do that, and the guard penetrated, if someone rotated over, it was the same result, or if not, the guard got the easy lay-up, as in the Houston series.

This year, Fisher seems to get beaten somewhat less. This is because last year, he wasn't so much getting beaten to the baseline as it was the Lakers strategy to force the guard to the baseline where the opposing guard has less options. It wasn't a great defense, as discussed above, but there was some consistency to it since it's a fairly simple strategy.

This year's defense is a bit better with more emphasis on 1-1 defense, with the acquisition of Ron Artest and having Shannon Brown and Farmar work more on containing and preventing dribble penetration. But they've been very inconsistent. Some games, they're tight, players rotate properly to help, but most games recently, especially the last 10 games, their defense has been horrible. I almost think that they should go back to what they were doing last year. In the last 10 games, on ball defense has been reasonable, but off the ball defense has been atrocious. They get beat so many times on back door traps. Defending against back door traps should be Basketball 101. Even college teams don't give up that many scores on back door traps. The same goes for give and goes. The Lakers got burned over and over again that way against the Clippers.

Contrary to what others are saying, I don't think that 1-1 defense is that bad this year, even by Fisher.

I think the Lakers have major issues on the offensive side though. The triangle offense just is not working. When they go into the post, after the double team, the open man MUST make the open shot. However, the Lakers have been shooting very poorly this year. Some games, they shoot well, but other games, they're terrible. With Gasol out, and unless Bynum is playing against a much smaller man, or if Bynum is out, without a post player, the triangle offense doesn't work at all. When Kobe and Bynum are out, the Lakers look like all they're doing is just passing the ball around. There's no one who can create their own shots. What they should do when Kobe and Bynum are out, of if Bynum is playing against a quality center effectively negating his offense, they should play more pick and roll with Odom and Artest or set some picks for Shannon Brown, Farmar, or Sasha so that they can get open looks. They should NOT run the triangle offense unless Kobe or Gasol is in the game to create a mismatch. Also, even with Kobe in the game, the Lakers should run many more pick and roll plays with Kobe and Gasol. Especially in the next game against Cleveland when Shaq is in the game.

The Lakers also need another player other than Kobe who can create his own shots. Only Gasol and Farmar, and to a lesser degree Brown, can create his own shots. This month, they will play San Antonio, Dallas, Cleveland, and Boston. If they lose to Cleveland and Boston, they will need to make a move before the deadline. They need another quick guard who can break the defense down. They need another shooter from the outside. They could also use someone who can create his own shot. I think if Tracy McGrady can come to terms with Houston and is released, the Lakers should go after him.

Kobe went into the game at 48%. not too shabby.

Be nice if Bynum could develop a 10-12 foot jump shot. Is that doable? That way he could catch further out, turn and face the defender, and create some space to operate by being a threat to shoot over the top. It seemed awfully crowded in there today whenever he got a touch.

However maybe that is not realistic, I know Shaq didn't ever have that shot as part of his game. He shoots free throws well. He did do some effective face-up 1-1 work in isolated situations against Houston.


This blog is in a sad state, the creative energy left with the K Bros. No offense to whoever is running it, but the updates are slow to come not to mention stale. By now there would be a post game wrap up with insights and analysis. I find myself less and less compelled to visit, anticipating there won't be anything to see anyways.

Back in the day, when Ballhog Bryant jacked up 30+ shots a night, the excuse was "ko-me bryant's teammates sucks!".

what's the excuse now?

Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum....

Trade Kobe?.....I meant how about Kobe trading his shots for a few extra passes or plays. Motivate your teammates man. Kobe's bad habits will never go away. Sometimes his great plays overshadows his bad plays. We've all seen Kobe play since day one. He has emerged to be one of the best in the game. However, everytime Kobe gets praised by heroic plays it gets to his head. He wants to keep getting the accolades over and over again. He will never admit it, but its evident in the last few games. He is killing the chemistry again. Taking too many shots. Phil needs to put him in check again....or else this team can forget about repeating. TEAM not Ko-me (i just saw someone posted that, funny. First time I've read or heard that one) I heard Stu Lantz indirectly critical about Kobe taking too many shots. I heard him praising Roy for scoring 32 points with only 11shots...then Bayless scoring 21points with only 9 shots...OUCH!!!

Trade Kobe?.....I meant how about Kobe trading his shots for a few extra passes or plays. Motivate your teammates man. Kobe's bad habits will never go away. Sometimes his great plays overshadows his bad plays. We've all seen Kobe play since day one. He has emerged to be one of the best in the game. However, everytime Kobe gets praised by heroic plays it gets to his head. He wants to keep getting the accolades over and over again. He will never admit it, but its evident in the last few games. He is killing the chemistry again. Taking too many shots. Phil needs to put him in check again....or else this team can forget about repeating. TEAM not Ko-me (i just saw someone posted that, funny. First time I've read or heard that one) I heard Stu Lantz indirectly critical about Kobe taking too many shots. I heard him praising Roy for scoring 32 points with only 11shots...then Bayless scoring 21points with only 9 shots...OUCH!!!


that's a very good point. In my opinion, Bynum is improving in that 10 foot shot. However, he can't make that consistently over bigger defenders like Aldridge. What he needs to do is learn a bank shot like Duncan since that would help shoot around these taller defenders. Also, he needs to work on an up and under move that most big men develop, which would also help. But there's a few issues with Bynum that makes me believe he'll never be a star. He has a very poor basketball IQ. He's not a very quick learner. By now, his team defense should be much better than it is now, especially playing with Fisher who's constantly getting burned by his man. Also, I've never seen any one player get called for so many defensive, and offensive, 3 second violations in my life. He has very poor sense of the 24 second clock. His passing skills are reasonable, but he makes poor decisions when he sees the double team coming. He tends to panic a little, and if he waited a little longer, it would allow the open man to get in a better position. He has poor recognition of where the ball will bounce after a shot reducing his rebounding numbers. Great rebounders know how to "track" the ball, play with a lot of energy, block out consistently, and also seem to know when to jump to get the ball. Bynum lacks all of these skills.

But the one factor that outweighs all of these is that he has one of the worst hands I've seen in the NBA in a very long time. This is not something that he can fix. He will never be a great player because of this one major flaw.

OMFG. Kobe went 14 for 37. What the hell is that?????? Bull pass the frigging ball with your broken finger. Actually because you didn't let it heal properly I don't know what your finger situation is or will be for the team in the LONG RUN. Good luck with that ball hog stat. WE NEEEDDD LUUUKKKKEEEEE!!!!!!!!! BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

@DT : really insightful piece. A pleasure to read. I might reasonate over it and see if there's a part of it which I disagree with, but so far I think it isn't.

I would like to see if things about being more 1to1 kind of defensive team would change at another state of shape from us (ie, for instance, no injuries either in the players, than in the non players... but that's peregrine as a matter of fact...), but can't say there is a weak part at all in any that you wrote.

I think though our startegy as for team compositions shouldn't depend on the results (material results) we are about to get from our competitors in this tricky month.

Single game aren't indicative in themselves, at least not at a such deep level. If something has to be fixed, that comes from the way we played, not about the way others let us play. It's disfunctional to rely too much on regular season stats, if that's teh only thing we are about to analize.

On the other side, if mashing of our players ain't efficacious, and there's an option, a practicable one, I am sure our men are on it.

Personally I don't think we will see any roaster change.
I stand by the fact this team is amazing.
If this team PLAYS.
Which isn't happenng right now, for a lot of reasons.

@Edwin : you're way too kind man. Thank you. I just do what my heart tells me to. I love the game and for me to witness it as it happens is a must. Until I won't age, making this impossible (I have to deal with work&life, you know) I will keep wakin up in the core of night, no matter 9 hours of delay. And by the way, today is weekend.It was not that difficult. On Friday nights when there are no Lakers, I am out dancing or partying or staying up anyway till the wee hours in good company. ;)
Faith still the Queen. And sweet Laker Lass is the Princess. I am nobody, really. Just an admirer and a lover of the team.

@anybody judging this game even when they admitted to have not even watched it: WHAT???
I am fairly tired of these people who thinks a game can be screened like a fantasy basketball statistic, or that everything a game has to tell stays within cold numbers and brief dispatches.
Before you come and fullfill the blog with your disgrace and disappointment towards the Lakers (fairly due in this game sure), do us and ourselves a favour and at least WATCH the game you're criticizing, and the players you criticize, and try to develop a decent sense of game acknowledge before pouring out your dissatisfied two cents.

I always read what everybody has to say. But sometimes it's truly hard to deal with childlike approaches at the game I so much love and die to see well played.

I thought that make a commentary about a game had to contemplate somewhere actually have an idea of what did happen by direct impression.

Call me naive.

Have all a resting night now, on the other side of the globe.

I have got good cake to ease my pain enough. And it's snowboard time here over the Alps.

Later. ;)

Looks like Portland is a contender again.


You're lucky you get to hear Stu and Joel. I had to listen to the Mikes (the Portland announcers) call the game. The color commentator for Portland is the only announcer in the history of the NBA to get ejected from a game because he was arguing a call. How biased is that??? It was so bad that I had to turn the sound off in the game.


Right on. I hope the old Kobe "me, me, me" Bryant doesn't resurface. Kobe has done a good job the past couple of seasons and finally got rid of the Shaq on his back (you know, "can't win without shaq"?) last season. I'm starting to see the Selfish Kobe I hated circa 2004-2006.

I don't know what the excuse is for jacking up 37 shot when you have Odom, Artest, Fisher, Bynum to pass the ball to. Kind of reminds me of 2004 Finals when Kobe had 3 hall of fame players (shaq, malone and payton), but decided to jack up 25+ shot a game enroute to a 4-1 loss to the inferior Pistons.

Kobe's just too hurt for even him and Kobe ball hasn't worked for a few games.

If we can't win at the Garden with most of their roster missing...

I say Bynum should start shooting about 20 times a game and Kobe 20 or 25 a game. I think Bynum just needs to get a rhythm from start and will have his touch come finish time. I'd rather see more spreading of the wealth from inside out. If Bynum knows that he's gonna have 20 or so shots a game he's not gonna worry so much about missing the shot plus it will give him a touch for later in the game. Sure he's gonna miss but he's got such an undefendable little hook that he's gonna give the Lakers more success in the long run plus he'll gain a rhythm. Come on Kobe I hate seeing you guys not utilizing your weapons. Just throw the ball inside he knows when to pass it back to you anyway. If you pass him the ball most likely you'll get it back anyway. Trust in the big fella.

I got called into work and just saw snapshots of the highlights and thought to myself, "What the hell happened here?"


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker fans can be extremely annoying and irritating. You can't love someone one second than bash on them because they didn't perform to your standards the next. The Bottom line is that every team has bad games, and it is really no news flash that the Lakers lost in Portland. I mean, we all pretty much knew the verdict before the case was even made. The 37-10 free throw disparity was ridiculous, and even with that the Lakers only lost by 10. We are #1 in the standings, and yet some people have the nerve to say awful things. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lakers will play much better in May-June. All of you so called fans need to clear your minds becuase if you have been following the Lakers, you know that they turn it up a notch in the playoffs. We've been through this before last year, so what makes this year any more different. I have yet to see a good game with a complete roster, and I am waiting for that, just as all of you should. So please, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it, becuase you make all of us fans look ridiculous. 29 other teams would love to be in our position right now.



I love how idiots on here bash Kobe, than praise him next second! DAM, it's as if you guys actually know what goes on in that locker room. How about if Phil told Kobe to be more aggressive and take more shots? It is absolutely RIDICULOUS how some of you are bashing the best damn player in the game right now, acting as if you guys know everything. I bet you some of you have never even played basketball, so keep your outrageous comments to yourself. Bottom line is, I'm pretty sure you guys will be sucking up to Kobe the next time he basically wins the game for us. So please, shut your trap holes!

Agree, Kobe jacked up lot of shots. You can't totally blame him because all of his teammates are bricking their own shots. I would trust Kobe shots than Farmar, Sasha, Powell and Fisher. I would also include here Lo, Shannon, Drew and Artest who else did I leave we still have any other players whom we can trust to shoot.
Posted by: Edwin Gueco | January 08, 2010 at 11:03 PM

Edwin, it's not quite true that all of KB's teammates were bricking their shorts. The Lakers' 3 next best players: Odom, Artest and Bynum were a combined 18/31 or 58% FG. Kobe was 14/37 or 38%.

Come o now,we all know that when Kobe sees his team, particularly the bench, not deilver bt the 2nd half of the 2nd quarter, he's going to try to impose his will on the opposing team. Most nights it works, at Portland it never gives the needed results.
The team failed to bring even their B game, hence the loss. Basketball under Phil is a team game and they failed to deiliver, let alone consistently execute the triangle offense, let alone defensive adjustments. They've bought into this "curse". So what can Laker fans expect but a sad excuse display of team-play? It's only an example of great players that can't deliver against a team that wants it more than our Lakers. Sad but not detrimental, and that's their mindset.
So let's move on and keep our eyes on the prize. It's weird and all but let's keep perspective and know championships are built on moving forward and knwing that winning is just the next game away.

Go Lakers!!

The glow from the Asterisk title that due to upset and injury miraculously fell into Kobehog and the rest of the Lakers hands last season is over. The best teams in the league are destroying the Lakers, the good teams are beating them and it requires extraordinary effort for the Lakers to beat the mediocre teams. Even to the most delusional Laker fan it has to be extremely obvious that avoiding a second round matchup last spring with Portland was tremendous good fortune for the 2008-09 Lakers.

There are a ton of road games coming up for the Lakers and the number one seed in the West is certainly not a guarantee. In fact, it is becoming apparent that the Lakers as currently constructed won't get past the second round; for the Celts that is unfortunate, if the Lakers were to make it to the finals against Boston it would absloutley ensure that ole Red would be lighting up championship stogie number 18 and sipping champagne in the locker room of the here-after Boston Garden.

"Anybody judging the game without seeing it"

Brilliant ZAIRA!

Unfortunately some people are trapped into stats and numbers and they forget the beauty of the any case when someone is taking almost 40 shots no matter how many are going in, something happens.

Enjoy snowboarding in the Alps!

Hey Rambis won a game last night! Heck-of-a-job there Coach Rambis; 8-29 with the Minnesota (Bermuda?) Triangle...

Apparently Coach Rambis is a defensive genius, he has been able to hold Al Jefferson to 17 points and 9 rebounds per game this season, that is an accomplishment considering he averaged 23 and 11 last season, Coach of the Year candidate!

Ugly, ugly, really fugly game. And the ugliest part? The Blazer guards (!!!) scored a total of 70 points! Brandon Roy (32 points), Jerryd Bayless (21 points) and Andre Miller (17 points). Wow. I've never seen a stat like that. It was like watching pre-game layup drills.

There are so many things wrong with the Lakers right now that there's no point even starting to dissect it all. The team (?) is completely dysfunctional right now. It would not surprise me one bit to see them go on a long losing streak right now. And honestly, it might be the best thing to happen to them. Something big needs to jolt Phil, the team, and Mitch to take some action. Everyone's just cruising, not even acknowledging that there's anything wrong.

Phil, even if you don't make any trades, shake things up. Change the lineups to sit guys who aren't competing, and put guys in that are. There is no excuse for zero energy and zero defense. And I'm not just talking about the bench. The message from now on should be: Play hard or you've got 2 choices, find a spot on the bench or pack your bags for Memphis.

Lets hope we dont have to play Portland in the playoffs. Seriously, could be a major upset, Blazers would just have to sneak a game in LA.

Western Conference playoffs are going to be a real dog fight this year, by February best record in the west will be up for grabs.

Kobe better get back to sharing the ball.

thehammer - hey Mark Medina here. I've been doing the Lakers blog since Tuesday and I apologize that it hasn't been to your liking. I definitely want to keep this blog going, please let me know what i can do



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