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Lakers-Pacers Chat

--Mark Medina

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Argh!!!!! Again... Unable to factually enter... really sorry. did tony pierce ever get back to you?

It seems like every fo' the Lakers had this past post-season is getting their revenge this year.

Utah, Denver, Houston.

Turgo had his redemption on Sunday and it looks like it's Donte Jones' turn tonight!


Agree.. lately most of shannon minutes have been as sg not pg but shannon does still gets some burn as pg and that may even increase in second half as dfish minutes are reduced.... I still have visions of grandeur of shannon as the starting pg for lakers one day (however convoluted it may seem today).. Acquiring another pg to our crowded backcourt would put shannon 3rd in the depth chart at pg thus severely reducing his PT esp during key minutes of the game with our starters.. I think he is ready for primetime NOW!!


Hmmm.. Maybe ur onto something with shannon/hinrich... that would be very ideal provided dfish indeed retires and farmar is not resigned... However dfish has shown no indications to retire and has stated he would like to return... and farmar if not traded would still in my opinion not receive any reasonable offers in free agency and might come beggin back for a position as our the lakers backup pg for life.. Hahaha

Fisher should be forced to retire. Another fabulous night by him, 23 minutes, his usual, 2 for 6 and zero assists. Let's keep him on the court, so if we need a big shot in the 5th game of the NBA finals Fish will be there to hit it. He is done !!! Loyalty is one thing...but this is absurd. Worst starting player in the NBA !!!!

A couple bloggers have come out against acquiring Hinrich with some serious flaws in their arguments.

Shannon Brown--did anyone happen to notice his 1-9 shooting performance tonight? He has quite of few of these. Not to mention he has never been accused of being even an adequate ball handler or passer. He is a great energy guy who can dunk with the best of them and is a threat to make the ESPN Top Ten every night, but a permanent answer at point guard? Questionable.

Jordan Farmar--- who's is going to let Jordy inherit the point guard position? There's a reason why he still can't crack the starting line-up.

Sasha--- Got his money and lost his shot.

Fish-- It's painful too watch the rapid deterioration of Da Fish, but that's life and it's time to move on. Class Act in every respect.

He is a spot-up shooter who should relish playing in a type of offense where he will see open look after open look .

If the trade is for Morrison and Sasha that's 10 mil, essentially a wash in money but an upgrade in talent.
If the trade is Morrison and Farmar, don't forget that Farmar will want at least the amount they gave Sasha.

It comes down to if the Laker Front Office is willing to let payroll remain as it is and upgrade their weakest position in the process
Save money with Morrison's and/or Farmar's contract.



I think we're at 81-9 right now from the lucky barstool.

I'm not saying much here, but I was not able to access the lucky barstool (due to its being occupied) until shortly after the beginning of the second half.

The Lakers immediately went on an 11-2 run.

You know, there's no set causality here... I'm just sayin'.

Anyhow, nice to have a win (it is always a good feeling.)

It is my hope that Bynum haters will shut their troll-flavored mouths for a while after this game.

We played an excellent second half.

This team, despite the retarded voices of the chicken littles, is a truly special team.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Is it just me, or could you see the Lakers one day making a push for Brandon Rush in the near future? The reason that I ask is because his brother was a solid backup for us and Brandon seems like he brings more hustle on the boards and he seems to have better defensive footwork Kareem.

I saw we aquire a small point guard in the off-season who is truley athletic. Farmar is my boy, but his coordination is whack.

Couple Shannon Brown and Brandon Rush along with a speedy little guard, and L.O. has a talented bench to run!


Your hatred for Derek Fisher is pathalogical. There is something deeply wrong with you.

As I watched tonight's game surrounded on all sides by LeBroniacs, several of them commented to me [and I paraphrase], "Derek Fisher really pulls that team together. They simply wouldn't be able to gel if it wasn't for him."

These are comments FROM THE ENEMY!!!!

What is wrong with you? Are you even a Lakers fan?

Go away.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hey guys a new post is up. I'll approve any posts you want to carry over onto the next one.

46th st baller - I definitely like your line of thinking. PG is a the No. 1 issue the Lakers need to correct. People can debate Fish, Farmar and Brown all they want and who should get more minutes. But the position as a whole isn't debatable - it needs to improve. I can't say I have firsthand knowledge of any interest or how feasible it would, however, so I don't want to get your hopes up. I'll send your proposal along to Brez and BT and see if they know anything, and I'm sure they'll be able to add insight.

HERE I GO AGAIN ABOUT BONE HEAD BABY BYNUM. At least this game didnt come down to Bynum just watching Murphy last year try to tip the ball twice until it went in for the win. NO BOX OUT DEFENSE. Why does the media make such a big deal on his 27-12. Mostly dunks and only guy I have seen who takes a 3 ft shoot to miss it by 2 feet. AGAIN HIS DEFENSE STINKS IN SO MANY WAYS. PS-He only score 5 points in the second half!!!!

Jon K

I'm by no means a Bynum hater. But he proves nothing against the Pacers. Bring it against Perkins, Shaq, et al, then we are talking.

I believe he has the tools to dominate on both ends of the court. I also believe that if he doesn't at least hold his own and serve as a force against Cleveland and Boston, we can't beat those teams this year.

So far this season, against the big tough centers, Bynum has not shown much. As I'm sure you do as well - I hope he can parlay confidence builders like tonight into the growth needed to step up when it matters.

Perkins on Sunday - I hope he kicks his Green ass. But - we'll see.


FCM- can i call people 'dinglemongers?' just checking.

Now I have called out for an help also CoverItLive.

The biting mystery of my impossibility to be in chat needs some more help.

Or the Ghostbusters, alternatively.



"I'm by no means a Bynum hater. But he proves nothing against the Pacers."

Nothing? NOTHING?


Dude, Bynum is a work in progress. I understand your main point that he needs to step up against big, physical centers on teams that serve as the main obstacles towards our next Championship.

What I don't understand is why people don't communicate at least some joy when Bynum does well. This "it doesn't matter" attitude truly befuddles me.

Bynum may progress in a "two steps forward; one step back" kind of fashion, but at least he's developing and that's the most important fact. We should celebrate that instead of sneer at it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Read the post by "George."

We win the game. Bynum gets 27 points and 12 rebounds and this guy starts screaming like Bynum just molested his daughter.

It's just crazy.

The thing I like least about this blog is having to deal with spoiled fans because they're just not quality human beings. They get everything and appreciate nothing. It's just awful.

It bothers me so much that I must admit sometimes my emotions get the better of me and I become kind of reactionary at times. It's one of the uglier components of California culture. They get a rainstorm during a drought and they start complaining about the gray and cold when the majority of the Northern United States hasn't seen the sun in weeks.

Time to thicken up the skin a little bit and appreciate the great things you have instead of complaining about a lack of perfection.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,
What are you smoking over there? Lakers won the championship with Bynum out of the game not being in the game. Why. He doesnt play defense! What good does it do when he has 20-10 but his guy either matches that or more but you also have to consider all the lay ups he gives up because he either lack of effort doesnt want to get into foul trouble or the #1 reason low basketball IQ and lazy.

Jon K, What games were you watching last year when Odem and Gasol were the closers of defense, name even 1 game this year on offense alone that Bynum has dome much? He had 5 points in the second half. I know he must be winded at age 22.

PS-Jon K says we play for rings, ring ring Bynum on the bench



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