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Lakers-Clippers Live Chat

--Mark Medina

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Haiti Campaign: If you can't find any place to donate at the Staples, there are other places to go in the Southland. Go to your church, to Salvation Army and be always careful on unknown organizations.

You can give money to help the people of Haiti without even getting out of your car. A CBS 2/KCAL 9, in association with the American Red Cross, will be live at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena Friday accepting checks and cash donations for Haiti relief efforts up to 11pm.

The Catholic Church, for example, encouraged all U.S. parishes to take up a special collection for people of Haiti the next two weekends, and the Salvation Army asked for donations to its earthquake relief efforts.

Note: Many groups are soliciting help online, but security groups, the FBI and the Better Business Bureau cautioned donors to be careful.

“We have also seen a few spam campaigns that mention the disaster in Haiti, and we expect to see more scams that will use the event to trick people into giving up money,” said Joris Evers, a spokesman for McAfee Inc., a Web security company.

As long as there are people with good hearts, there is always hope for life in Haiti.

Go Lakers.


I hadn't seen that Jackson clip, and actually found it very interesting and true.

Watching the Chat is pretty boring, miss LakerTom, CornerJ , JonK and the vets.

What can we say? All's GOOOOOOOOD in Laker Land.
I asked for Mbenga points - they came
I asked for a +40 revenge - it came
I asked for Kobe's having the most points - it came

Drew played amazingly well, and... oh... there was Pau as well there? Fine ;)
Bench increased our lead in garbage time, Baron Davis put on a show...

Can't remember much more. Just that it was ALL GOOOOD.

Right, checkin a bit around and then getting ready for snowboard after sweet gym&breakfast.

Thank you MM for letting us stay during halftime :)
Sorry again for the swear word (unintentional).

PS: I apologize to everybody for my Country worst product as of late: Berlusconi.
That's my country curse. I apologize. It's all that I can say. We are not all like he makes us look. It's my only defense.

Goodnight to you guys. My morning starts with a LakerChant!!!!!

YES ;)

I'd just like to take a moment... while basking in the glow of a 40 point win...
to thank Andrew Bynum for pulling down less rebounds than Derek Fisher, a 35 year old point guard who played a full 10 minutes LESS than our 7'0" center.

And now, I return you to your regularly scheduled bloggery.



terrific win!!!! u guys have seen it all, i love the attitude of JFarmar when he blocked that attempted three on a dead ball situation on the fourth quarter(and LAL leading by 40 i guess). that shows the tenacity that we fans wanna see in our Lakers, especially the reserves. SHOW NO MERCY!!! INSTILL FEARS IN THE OPPONENTS HEARTS!

Lakeshow O'Ten!



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