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Lakers-Clippers game involves tussle with Baron Davis, Derek Fisher & Pau Gasol

January 16, 2010 |  8:00 am

Fast forward to the 1:45 mark in the video above, and you will see a play unfold that, unsurprisingly, sparked differing interpretations following the Lakers' 126-86 victory over the Clippers.

After Lakers forward Pau Gasol and Lakers guard Derek Fisher trapped Clippers guard Baron Davis along the right corner of the three-point line, Davis swung an elbow at Fisher and then at Gasol on his right shoulder.

"I just felt there were too many slaps," Davis told reporters. "I got slapped in my face a couple of times, the play before that. They just kept slapping me in the corner. What else was I supposed to do? Stand there and get slapped?"

Davis was called for an offensive foul, jawed at Fisher and then Kobe Bryant intervened. Davis was assessed a flagrant foul 1 and a technical foul, something Fisher was also given though he said, "I don’t remember saying much when the play unfolded."

"He felt like he got hit," Fisher said. "Obviously I don’t blame him for reacting that way if he thinks he got hit in a certain way. But when they started replaying it back, I didn’t see much that would’ve caused that particular type of reaction. But like I said when you’re in the game and your team is losing the way they’re losing, you’re going to react differently than you normally would."

Meanwhile, Gasol didn't think Davis' reaction was justified at all.

"We were just trapping him and obviously he got upset at something and started swinging elbows," Gasol said of Davis. "I thought Derek got hit, but then I got hit too. He hit my arm. It’s nothing there. I was a little surprised he reacted that way. But other than that, we moved on and we won by 40 points."

--Mark Medina

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