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Lakers' Shannon Brown to be part of NBA dunk contest


Well, it looks like Lakers guard Shannon Brown won't have to crash the party. He's already invited.

Nike leaked the news Friday that Brown would be in the NBA dunk contest, but Brown didn't want to get his hopes up in case the official word said otherwise. That led reporters to joke with Brown that he should crash the contest anyway, and maybe even stage his own dunk contest at home against his 15-month-old son,  Shannon.

But no worries. The NBA will let Shannon dunk in the dunk contest during NBA All-Star weekend at Dallas' American Airlines Center on Feb. 13.

Brown's first challenge is to unseat two-time champion and New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson. Brown will also compete against Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace and the winner between Clippers guard Eric Gordon and Toronto Raptors guard (and USC product) DeMar DeRozan in a dunk contest the previous night.

Though Brown's dunks are well documented, it'll be interesting to see if he can top Robinson's dunk in last year's contest, when he jumped over ( kind of) Dwight Howard's back. I'm sure suggestions will soon come from Kobe Bryant, who won the 1997 contest with a dunk between his legs. Or perhaps Brown can harken back to 2003 when he competed in the McDonald's All-American high school dunk contest against the likes of LeBron James, Von Wafer and J.R. Giddens.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Shannon Brown. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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Good morning Mamba24 & the fabulous Laker morning CRUE!!!!!


I voted YES - but I really don't care if Kobe gets it tonight or on the road.

Jon K - what do we care about??????? RINGS!!!!!!!!!


Nothing but another title will suffice.


Secondly - so - Princess Jimmy isn't going to be in the contest after she said she would???? I'm shocked.

Gotta congratulate Shannon of course.
Now I have this image in my mind that follows religiously the scenery so delightfully detailed by JonK, about Shannon being every inch better than LeBronze, but having LeBronze starpower (read: awful accolades of burp-licking** prs, who are shamelessly occupying all of ESPN/Nike/NBA major seats places) eventually prevail in the final tales of this year All Star Game.

Well, we do know the truth.

Congratulations Shannon. You well deserve to be there :) Have fun and make us proud :) (and PLEASE don't injury yourself. Don't accept candies or drinks by... unknown people ;) and don't accept anything anyway by no one who isn't part of LakerLand... right? Fine ;) Good job kid ;))

** NOTE: "Burp-licking" of course isn't a typo. Use your fantasy to change conveniently the word... ;)

So no lebron? What a chicken.

One of the perks playin' in a Laker jersey. This was a no brainer.
NYC vs LA the only basketball way it could happen this year.

Totally cool for Shannon. Great to watch talent come into it's own. I love that he didn't posture for this, and was always about team wins first. Also like that he doesn't overdo the post dunk dance.

15 yr old son? wife / girlfriend's son?

Nate Robinson AGAIN? Bor-ING! Kinda tired of the whole, "let's watch the short guy dunk" thing, might as well put Farmar in the dunk competition...

It would be nice to have the "Next post" "previous post" links at the bottom of the comment section, too. As is, you have to scroll up to the top to be able to switch to another post.

"And with all the basketball knowledge that you have, why do you consistently point out Bynum's good games against mediocre teams/players and say nothing about his mediocre games against good teams/players?"


I think he does but barely. When Bynum doesn't play well it's always "we'll see the Beast next year".

Does that mean Bynum will be the next Chicago Cub Bynum? LOL. Always next year if he plays bad but always the beast is here when he dominates bad teams.

Laker Tom,

Lemme put why I'm not impressed by Bynum offensively,

[“No, I’m happy with what he’s accomplished, but not satisfied,” Jackson said. “I don’t think he is, either. I think that’s the way you have to look at it.”

I asked Jackson if it was primarily defensive shortcomings that haven’t been overcome for Bynum.

“Defense, rebounding, shot-blocking … very important,” Jackson said. “That’s where the real strength of basketball is: stopping people. It’s always fun to score, and Andrew’s really shown a propensity for scoring. But that next step is the defensive attitude, defensive contesting and the defensive ability to read and react.”

I asked Jackson if Bynum simply likes offense more than defense, resulting in gaps left in his game right now primarily on defense. Jackson said there were a multitude of issues, including footspeed, balance and inexperience.]

He's no defensive force (and stop with the layup dunk dunk dunk happens all the time and Dwight>Bynum in that department for the next mebbe 10 years since Dwight gives a damn about defense over scoring). This was my biggest criticism of Shaq but he made up for it by more consistent shot blocking (3 blocks in his prime) and a MUCH better consistent...dominating force on offense not to mention DOMINATING against some of the BEST teams the NBA has to offer while Bynum is less consistent overall than Shaq and NOWHERE as dominant as Shaq yet you and the rest of the Bynum STANS (note: there are Bynum fans here which does include Hobbit and Me) keep propping him up to Shaq status and tried to justify Pau's return as "Pau AND Drew" instead of just "Drew" when he was putting 19ppg+ in November.

The real Bynum fans cheer for him but we don't put ourselves in fantasy land over good scoring bursts against mediocre teams yet give him excuses (that's right....the beast will come next year because of injuries to knee/brace) when a 37 year old Shaq out plays him in a nationally televised game!

Congratulations UPS!

Now celebrate by dunking on Dwight Howard tonight. Or even better, dunk on LeBron next Thursday!

Please stay in Ohio !!!!

Tony Rambis

Around the league, the Lakers are viewed as the team to replicate. With the best record in the league, many writers and so-called Basketball analysts on networks big and small, far and wide, have asserted that the Lakers, with the best record in the league, are 'smooth sailing'.

Inside the brass and throughout the inner most ranks however, there is a different take on the season thus far. And the contrast couldn't be more dramatic.


To casual observers, the Lakers have had a solid showing on their latest post-championship crusade. Folks over at ESPN will point out the the Lakers have "the best record in the league" and direct readers to a slew of other statistical 'analysis' that try to portray the image: all's good in L.A.

However, upon closer inspection, cracks begin to appear in this seemingly Michaelangelean team's body of work:

Surprising back-to-back losses to Denver and Houston.

Losing back-to-back against the Clippers and Portland.

Being out-executed by an aging and frugal San Antonio team.

Being stunned on Christmas by the Cavaliers.

Many will say these failures were isolated incidents, all due course for an 82-game regular season. Others will point to the shifting line-up and absence of Pau Gasol. In the minority, some folks will say those losses were a result of not enough touches for Andrew Bynum, or too many for Kobe Bryant.

Though all true in some respect, the real meat and potatoes, or lack there of, lay elsewhere.


The neutering of Ron Artest.

Artest's long-time league reputation for being a foolhardy callous gun for hire was the entire basis for his game. After coming the Lakers, Ron was subjected to many folks from all across the sports landscape berating his character based on his previous transgressions. His inability to guard Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James is a symptom of a much larger issue.

Andrew Bynum's Inability to Defend

Andrew's offensive awareness is simply a bonus to a team with an abundance of scoring options. The will, tenacity, and IQ to become a great player are all out of focus for Andrew as he is slow, barely-mechanical, unnatural, and flustered on the defensive side of the ball. His single-mindedness for glamor and prestige are a stunning reflection of our capitalist culture which promotes, essentially, points over prestige, and money over morality. The minions of fans who cheer Andrew unwaveringly through even his most grandiose and ridiculous miscues are also a indictment of our sports-culture which promotes Sunday night gambling and beers over Spirituality and observance of higher self.

Scratches on Kobe Bryant's hands, fingers, elbows, and knees have also played a part.

Pau Gasol's weakness in the knees.


Thank's to all readers, subscribers, and followers who have checked in.

All puns on articles in his dossier are intended.

Tony Rambis

Greetings, Blog Family.

Well, dammit, I'm stuck in Phoenix, trying to get home to the Central Coast. Storms are thwarting my travel plans. At least they have beer in the Phoenix airport.

I expect a focused, sharp Lakers team tonight. In fact, I think we'll be ramping up the intensity level for the rest of the regular season.

Bring it tonight, Lakers. I'll need it.

Go Lake Show!

Super-awesome plus!

So, LeBron's not in the contest. He must be concerned that he could get beat. This time, unlike against that college player from Xavier, he can't confiscate all the videotape.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


MM - question - any way to get the blog colors changed to purple 'n gold instead of this boring, team neutral, black & white?

It would be nice to have the "Next post" "previous post" links at the bottom of the comment section, too. As is, you have to scroll up to the top to be able to switch to another post.

Posted by: exhelodrvr | January 18, 2010 at 10:48 AM


It sure would be nice if you had someone read all these post for me out loud, while feeding me grapes. Wow, another whine about something. Mark, 5 seconds is still too long for your signature, can you cut it down some more?

What do all the teams in the playoffs play for? RINGS AS WELL!!!

MM - question - any way to get the blog colors changed to purple 'n gold instead of this boring, team neutral, black & white?

Posted by: justanothermambafan | January 18, 2010 at 11:44 AM


Someone did not just read this to me right now. I had to open my eyes and look at the screen to check for myself and make sure someone wrote this. UNBELIEVABLE. Whats next?


The K bros were never wrong, especially AK. You need to start getting the same type of attitude, or I,m going to start whining.

Shannon is very explosive while his leaps of faith to entertain his teammates and adoring fans of Laker Nation.

Good luck Shannon we all know you can put on a great show.



It sure would be nice if you had someone read all these post for me out loud, while feeding me grapes."

I laughed.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Juan Que - be quiet little guy. You're making so much noise you can't hear your mommy calling you. Time to get back under your rock. Go on now - scat!

Great to see SB get his chance again to show his stuffs. I hope he wins it all for himself and the Lakers.

On another subject I still see to much fool hearted criticism of AB. Of course he can defend and go back to pre knee injuries and you will see how he blocked and altered shots jumping high.

I think 2 factors come into play now. He is getting his confidence back slowly to jump after 2 years of knee injuries. So I think he is coming around.

Next he is subject to the Shaq and big players (except Howard who fouls and does not get called) rule of breathing on opponent and getting silly fouls called on him while he gets whacked around and no calls. So he then plays tentatively afraid to foul out and limit his time on floor and accused of being foul prone. Bets need to call fouls consistently on both end of court and against all players.

Back to Shannon, congratulations dude and slam win this.

No one on this blog has the right to dismiss the opinions of others simply because their opinions are not popular. No one has the right to arrogantly declare themselves, and their opinions, as the official "word" of Laker fans. No one has the right to define who is a fan, and who isn't, based on blog comments.
Posted by: troy | January 17, 2010 at 03:13 PM

great post.. took the words right out of my mouth... we need more rebel fighters like troy to stand up against the evil empire of this blog... though the Kbros have left it seems their strong and pro-beliefs on a lot of laker players like dfish, luke (or sasha and phil) have left a strong imprint on the opinions of a lot of bloggers who keep pompously imposing their will on new bloggers around here...

in particular, everyone who is a laker fan has a right to bash derek fisher all they want and should not feel like they're walkin on eggshells when doing so...
his pathetic play this entire season speaks volumes so hes certainly and never should be immune to any criticism.. and any talk that dfish should RETIRE should not be quickly dismissed because it makes total good sense and is a completely valid and logical argument.


On another note:
El B.J. is a straight up LIAR!!!!!!!!

Seriously, she is the worst thing to happen to the NBA in the past 60 years!!


Guys a new post will be up soon.



what happened to his vow to compete in this year's contest??

There's a poll on ESPN right now (under the Daily Dime Live thing) about who's going to win the dunk contest. Right now Shannon is leading the poll with 42% of the vote.

That Stephon Marbury article is hilarious!

- Shanxi is currently 15th in the 17-team league. Wang added that Marbury's salary would not be too high because the former New Jersey Nets and Phoenix Suns player wanted to promote his personal brand of shoes in China. (can you imagine Marbury promoting his shoes before, during and after games?)
Sounds like Bonzi Wells went on vacation and... NEVER CAME BACK!

- Shanxi last season hired former NBA player Bonzi Wells, who scored as many as 50 points a game. The contract ended after less than two months when Wells went on vacation but failed to return on time.

The NBA seems a bit out of touch with the dunk contest. Nate Nobinson again is really a boring move, not to mention the rest of the bunch. And I think Leron is going to find out after the game that the strain of explaining why he broke his work will prove a tougher burden than attending the dunk contest in the first place.

Why can't we have a Laker game during daylight hours?


I agree with justa-,

Bring back the purple and gold background just like in the good old days of the '05-'07 latimes Lakersblog!!!!!!!

Hey Mark, can you put in the request please?


and any talk that dfish should RETIRE should not be quickly dismissed because it makes total good sense and is a completely valid and logical argument.

Posted by: yellofever | January 18, 2010 at 12:28 PM

What exactly is this argument? You're talking to someone who has done his symbolic logic (deductive) and who knows a thing or two about naive bayesianism and inductive logic.

So before you make that claim that some unspecified argument is valid and logical, you should think about putting your premises and conclusion up for the blog to see. If it's an inductive argument you're trying to make, good luck with that - it's not nearly as strong as a valid and sound deductive argument.

That is, unless you're using the terms "logic" and "valid" as equivocations for "agrees with my opinion about Derek Fisher".

dan the man - thank you.... It's been brought up before, but MM hasn't had the time (I'm assuming) to check into it. It's only his first couple of weeks, so I guess we'll have to cut him some slack!!

(MM - you KNOW you love it when we dog on you....)

Cali - ohhhhh SNAP!!! LOL!

One of Shannon's dunks should be an imitation of Kobe's 1997 dunk between the legs while wearing Kobe's # 8 jersey. Good luck, Shannon. The Laker Nation is proud of you. Bring back that dunk title in L.A.



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