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Lakers prepare to play physical Celtics

Yes, the Boston Celtics are struggling. No, the Lakers maintain, that doesn't mean the Celtics will be no less of a challenge when the two teams play Sunday at TD Garden.

After starting this eight-game, 13-day trip 1-2, the Lakers have won three consecutive games on the road.

The Celtics, meanwhile, have lost back-to-back games and are 4-6 in their last 10 games.

But the Lakers still expect the Celtics to play physical basketball.

Boston goes with a frontline of starters Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins and reserves Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis.

The Lakers will counter with Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.

That threesome will have to stand up to Boston's group.

"That's a team in the East, they play bully ball," Kobe Bryant said. "So, I'm looking forward to seeing how we answer that challenge."

-- Broderick Turner

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>>>I live in Chicago and find it amusing how Hinrich is viewed as this great PG.
>>>And great shooter?

I don't think anyone views Hinrich as a "great" PG.

What they view him as is someone who's a better defender than any of the Lakers PGs. Do you disagree with that assessment?

And in terms of offense, the triangle doesn't require the PG to be Chris Paul or Deron Williams. They have to be able to bring the ball up the court without turning it over, make the first pass, and spot up and be ready to hit the 3 to space the floor, mostly.

Hinrich is a career 38% 3-point shooter. Not great, but okay. For standard of comparison, Derek Fisher is only a 37% career 3-point shooter.

Hinrich is much like Fish when he was younger. A solid defender, who hits enough of his 3's to keep opposing teams honest. Fish was a good enough PG to win 4 titles with the Lakers. If Hinrich could play at Fisher's previous level, that would be enough. And actually, I think Hinrich is a better defender than Fisher has ever been. In last years playoffs, Hinrich often guarded Paul Pierce. Fish would stand no chance even trying that.

Anyway, there you have it. Hinrich doesn't have to be "great" to improve the Lakers... he just has to be better than what they have on the defensive end.

WRT Hinrich, Snake writes:

>>>Again, what’s in it for the Bulls? It takes two to tango.

I explained it, but you must have either not read my post or not comprehended. Let's take the long way around.

The 1995-96 Lakers had a 53-29 record. Pretty good record, though they lost in the 1st round to the Rockets (sorta like Chicago is good enough to make the playoffs right now, but not good enough to win a championship).

So what did Jerry West do? Did he keep all his players (who weren't quite good enough as a unit)? No.

Vlade Divac - gone
Anthony Peeler - gone
George Lynch - gone

All three were contributors to the team. But they were dumped off for almost
nothing. Why would you throw away your starting center, and two of your best bench players for almost nothing?

It's all about cap space. In the summer of 1996, the Lakers signed Shaquille O'Neal and in 3 seasons they turned the team back into a Championship team.

But if the Lakers had kept Vlade, Peeler, and Lynch, they wouldn't have been able to offer enough to lure Shaq away from Orlando.

Are you following this? Do you get it yet?

If the Bulls think that they can't possibly win a championship with the team as constructed, and if they also think that they have some chance of luring any one of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson, or Chris Bosh to their team, then Hinrich is a small price to pay.

Now do you get it? Do you see what's in it for Chicago?

There's no guarantee that any of those guys (or Amare) will sign with Chicago this summer. But if they don't even have enough cash to match what other teams can offer, then there's no chance at all.

When they have a chance to make a play for a superstar (or even a not-quite-superstar like Amare), smart GMs go for it.

Mitch Kupchack should try to work his magic again. Instead of trying to trade Morrison and Vujacic for Hinrich, which is the rumor, he should try to trade Morrisson and Walton for Hinrich. The Lakers would be left without a backup SF, but they probably can find someone to replace Walton and the opportunity to dump his contract is too much of an incentive not to trade him. However, will be the Bulls bite to free up 5 + million in cap space with Morrison's expiring contract?

Vlade Divic traded for "almost nothing"?? I a first-round draft pick, I seem to recall. Hmmm, who did we get ...

I think they ought to make a even exchange with farmar he isnt that great also the lakers need a big body inside i think Bynum is worry about his injuries thats why he is not playing good he nwver will.

"Vlade Divic traded for "almost nothing"?? I a first-round draft pick, I seem to recall. Hmmm, who did we get ...

Posted by: Big Bomb | January 30, 2010 at 04:34 PM"

We were lucky that we (the logo) saw what 12 other teams did not see, in terms of potential....and at the time Vlade was like a near all-star caliber center in a league getting diluted by expansion.....for all we know, we could have gotten a "Jonathan Bender"....who is attempting a comeback.....I hope he saved his money, hell, whatever he has is probably astronomical compared to my assets.
Speaking of draft picks...I think Oden will rank as one of the greatest busts of all time, and his comparison will be Kevin Durant.....(for Bowie it was Jordan, however it was hard to blame Portland for the pick as the year before they had just picked Drexler, and he was already showing he was a sure thing) the argument goes you should always draft talent not need???? Because you can trade for the need???? It works when it works and it doesn't when it doesn't, there is no set rule on how to draft.



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