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Lakers' Phil Jackson & Kobe Bryant discuss Lakers' 98-92 victory over Orlando Magic

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

--Mark Medina

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Guys - Just a heads up. I had a technical issue with my wireless microphone so I couldn't do a reporter's stand up. We'll have one though after the long road trip!


Don't worry MM :) :) :)
IT can happen.

Shining morning in Laker Land!!!
(well, not really: in LA it keeps raining and over here it's all frosty and foggy... but who needs a true sun when we have all our shining Golden&Purple Knights???)

I am absolutely on seventh heaven.
I SO loved this game and can't wait to see it again this evening at 8 pm with the italian commentary :) :) :)

I am quite concern on Kobe's game is the revenge to Calaviers...

Lakers bench playing a little better but not enough drives to the basket & poor FG % on open shots! Team as a whole not rebounding agressively. Hickson and Varejao snatched the same number of rebounds as Artest, Gasol & Bynum combined! Varejao & Hickson outhustles our front line. Gasol appeared pretty timid tonight. James (37 pts.)alone outscored the entire Laker front line starters (Artest+Bynum+Gasol=28pts.)! Cavs played without Mo Williams, second highest scorer. Since Shasha has been a 3 pt. bust and the Cavs have 3 guys shooting 3pts. with an avg. accuracy of ~43% the Lakers need a guy off the bench with a 40-45% 3-pt shooting accuracy and decent defense to win the championship! Package Morrison & Sasha in a trade?



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