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Lakers one season removed from Andre Iguodala's buzzer-beater

The Lakers don't have to go far to find sources of motivation even when facing three consecutive below-.500 teams during this eight-game trip. Beyond just wanting to get on the winning track after dropping two of the first three road games, the Lakers also had other variables to push them along.

They played inspired basketball Tuesday in a victory over the Wizards, a day after visiting the White House, where President Obama honored the Lakers' 2009 championship season. Though the Lakers didn't provide the same effort Wednesday in a sluggish first half against Indiana, a second-half run secured an easy victory and prevented the Pacers from replicating last season's victory featuring a Troy Murphy tip-in at the buzzer.

Considering the Lakers are feeling the grind from the trip, it's easy to anticipate the Lakers looking past the Philadelphia 76ers (15-30) tonight, especially considering Sunday's matchup against the Boston Celtics. But here's a source of motivation that should rile the team up -- last season's 94-93 loss to Philadelphia featured another buzzer-beater. This one came from Andre Iguodala in a game in which the Lakers allowed Philadelphia to slash a 14-point fourth-quarter deficit.

-- Mark Medina

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Don't remind me of that shot.


We're supposed to beat other teams at the buzzer. Not the other way around.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


M&M, its like Postapalooza in here.
That Philly loss last year was particularly annoying. I hope it's an easy game tonight. Then it's on to Boston to smack down the Green Geezers.

Jon K, Staples 24,

Re: your suggestion that Kobe should not be the first option.

First of all, I apologize for giving you a hard time JonK. I just couldn't help myself.

Based on your logic, Eric Dampier should be getting more shots at the expense of Dirk. After all, Dampier leads the Mavs in FG%. I’m not suggesting that Dampier is in Bynum’s (or Pau's) class by any means, but the same logic applies here. If you give Dampier more shots and responsibilities, his FG% and efficiency will plummet. The ratio of shots that are putbacks and lobs underneath the basket compared to offense that he creates for himself would go down, inevitably resulting in lower FG%. Teams would also start making adjustments if Kobe is not the first option by crowding the paint, making life more difficult for our big men, and resulting in more responsibilities on Bynum’s (and Pau's) shoulders for increased decision making. It's no coincidence that Pau's FG% has SKYROCKETED since he teamed up with Kobe and became the SECOND option. Same goes for Ariza who is getting all the shots that he can handle in Hou, but is shooting UNDER 40% without the LUXURY of Kobe getting him wide open looks. Without Kobe's aggressiveness on offense, the ENTIRE TEAM WILL SUFFER. Look, I love Pau as much as anyone, but let's not forget that he was winless in TWELVE playoff games as the #1 option in Memphis. As the #2 option, Pau has become a champion. This formula works.

Why would you guys want to mess with PHIL'S FORMULA? the same formula that resulted in back to back finals appearances? Don't get me wrong, I would like to see Pau get more touches as well, but I have 100% faith in Kobe that he will find the right balance (like he did last season). After ALL THESE YEARS and four championships later, I am amazed that you guys still lack confidence in Kobe's (and Phil's) decision making and ability to find that balance. Whether you guys like it or not, this is KOBE'S TEAM.

Thank god we have MM to bring back to our minds the awesome crap-tastic-ness that happened when we lose.

MM - can you make sure the players get these clips too so they also won't forget how much they blew that game? And while you're at it, maybe throw a litte green confetti around while posting pictures of Princess Jimmy dancing on the hardwood while Darth Stern looks on approvingly? That should do it.

Jon K - you on the lucky barstool tonight?! We need every weapon in our arsenal to secure the victory. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!


>>> New NBA rules (per ESPN)


Laker Tom,

>>>Jordan Farmar will start next year at $2.8M salary. You also forget that you are
>>> giving away two very valuable expiring contracts, which will save the Lakers
>>> $10M in salary and tax.

Maybe he will and maybe he wont.

2.8 million is the qualifying offer on his rookie contract. That is the minimum amount that the Lakers can offer him and still be able to match offers by other teams.

And if that's all that the Lakers offer him, believe me, other teams will offer him more. Whether the Lakers match their offers or not is yet to be seen.

The only way you get a decent PG for less than 5 million is on their rookie contract. Guys like Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry are there right now, but not for long. And there's no way in hell teams that have a quality PG on his rookie contract will trade him to you.

If you want to spend only 2 million on a non-rookie PG, you get Smush Parker or Chucky Atkins or someone of that quality. You really want to go up against the Celtics with Smush starting?

>>>You also forget that you are
>>> giving away two very valuable expiring contracts, which will save the Lakers
>>> $10M in salary and tax.

Presumably you mean AmMo, and it would be more than 5 million.

Sasha's contract is not expiring.

The math I quoted speaks for itself (with one correction I'll note below).

The total difference in cost between the Lakers keeping AmMo and Sasha until their contracts expire vs trading those two for Hinrich is less than $12 million, and that's spread over 3 years.

To be totally correct, the Lakers would have to hire a minimum salary player to get the roster up to minimum roster size this year and next, so it's more like 14 to 15 million. Again, that's over 3 years.

5 million more than they're already spending per year for this year and the next two years in exchange for a better quality starting PG.

15 million's an inconceivable amount to you or me, but in terms of a generous owner who wants to improve on the one area of his roster that seems to be slipping, it might not be so much.

Wow, I just got complimented by Jon K and the random guy getting in a flame war with Jon K. Something is wrong here. I worry that I might be losing my edge.

Ok, I’m sort of curious as to who MM’s junior assistant in training is. He (or she) actually made me laugh, which rules out most of the trolls around here, but she (or he) is not posting under their usual nom de blogg, which I consider a bit of a faux pas, not to be encouraged. Own up, pseudonymous one.

Ah, LakerTom and LTLF arguing about salary numbers again. Takes me back to summer gone and LOCO. How did y’all assertions work out with that one again?

BTW, I agree with you Laker Tom, that the Lakers probably won't make any trades for Hinrich or Bosh or anyone else. When you're already the champ and the favorite to repeat, you don't change... people change to adapt to you.

I just wanted to be clear that the cost of trading for Hinrich isn't nearly so high as you were making it out to be.

If there were no cost (i.e. if Hinrich were making 5 million a year and they figured they'd have to pay that much for some PG), I'm sure the Lakers would already be pushing for the deal. But there is a cost.


I was just teasin.. Take a joke my man my dearest blogger in arms.. If u can dish it I'm sure u can take it.

But to clarify I respect all monks and thx for makin reference to my puny little insignificant life hahaha.. I am amused if not amazed at ur impressive resume esp the dating supermodels part.. That I'm totally jealous of... Peace in the middle east. :)

FOLKS GIVE JON K A BREAK so he made a mistake in his initial analysis, he is only human not a monk:


"Jon K thinks Bynum should be a higher option on offense over Kobe"

I've NEVER stated that. What I did say is that the combined duo of Pau Gasol AND Andrew Bynum should collectively carry a greater offensive load than the singular player of Kobe Bryant. I feel we should emphasize our high percentage inside game over outside shots.

Once again, LakerTruth, your "truth" turns out to be a load of bullcrap.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | January 29, 2010 at 11:19 AM

Jon K .... Look in the mirror (bullcrap)

Posted by: Fan of LakerTruth

Wow...I see the same names on here 24/7. Are you guys sitting on your computers non stop? lol that or you all have iphones :)

Anyways, I remember that lost and we deserved it. No refs, no non-calls, no nothing. Ariza wasn't a smart player that night.

It still hurts though urghhh...

I havent seen AI ply at all this season so I'm happy to see a Kobe vs. AI match. Although AI hasn't been himself lately.

Mr. Phredington,

I did not intend to use my alias in the post complimenting yours (forgot to change the name back)... and that was the first (and the last, maybe) time I will use an alias.

>>>How did y’all assertions work out with that one again?

LT said the Lakers would pay Andrew the max. I said they'd give him a lot less (more like 10 to 12 per). In the real world, the Lakers split the difference. Less than the max, but more base salary than I was suggesting. But they didn't include the sort of incentive bonuses I was suggesting either.

The Igoudala shot was Trevor Ariza's worst moment as a Laker. He had him in single coverage and the Lakers had a foul to give, and he basically backed off to prevent a drive and gave Iggy an uncontested 3-pointer.

One positive difference between this season and last:

Remember last season how the starters would build a big lead and then Phil would start the 4th quarter with 5 bench players and the opposing team would get back in the game and Phil would have to bring the starters back and they'd end up winning (most of the time) close.

This season, Phil has started fourth quarters with 2 or 3 bench players along with Bynum and/or Gasol and Artest. With that configuration, Shannon and Jordan have been much more solid and instead of giving up leads, they more frequently extent leads (or close deficits) at the start of the 4th.

LTLF- no worries, but i was talking about last summer and Odom's resigning, not Drew. But it's understandable that you got the wrong impression, since as near as I can tell, every other single comment in the history of this blog has been about Bynum.

The Igoudala shot was Trevor Ariza's worst moment as a Laker. He had him in single coverage and the Lakers had a foul to give, and he basically backed off to prevent a drive and gave Iggy an uncontested 3-pointer.
In the interview after that game PJ explained that he was just going by statistics that 3-point attempts tend to have a lower percentage towards the end of the game. He would rather concede a closely guarded 3-point attempt than a higher percentage drive to the basket.
Even if Trevor attempted to commit the 'foul to give', Andre would have been expecting it. When he senses the foul coming, Iggy is talented enough to go through the motions of attempting a shot and convince the refs to give him the higher percentage three foul shots.



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