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Lakers Mavericks Game Chat

January 13, 2010 |  5:06 pm

Sorry for the glitches last night, but hopefully tonight is smooth sailing.

In case you didn't see it, here's a note from LA Times blog editor Tony Pierce about the new login procedures. The chat starts now so you have time to work out any kinks.

-----Editor's Note:

Hey Laker fans, Tony Pierce, Blog Editor of the Times here aka #1 cheerleader of all of our blogs.

Welcome to the first of (hopefully many) unmoderated live Laker chats.

There are pluses and a few minuses to this new system. One of the pluses is that MM doesnt have to approve every single one of your comments as you chat. This will create a faster, more natural chat environment as you watch the game.

Another plus is he can actually watch the game closer so that he can provide the excellent coverage that you've grown to expect here on Lakers Blog.

One minus is that you have to register via your Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook account.

It's a minus only if you dont happen to belong to one of those social media giants. But the plus is, no one can pretend to be you - a concern that I hear you get upset about. And I don't blame you.

If you do not already have one of those accounts, may I recommend Twitter: they dont ask for much more than your email address and your preferred Twitter Name and password that you'd like to use.

I'm sure once you're logged on to the chat you will appreciate what's happening. But even if you don't appreciate it, don't blame MM, he was out of the decision making process, else he would have notified/warned you sooner.

One thing we noticed... if you have a long username try Facebook instead of Twitter. Twitter, although being the easiest and the fastest to register with, has a limit on character length. But most of the handles that you guys use should work with Twitter accounts.

We realize that logging on to join the chat can be perceived as a pain. But the pain will be gone in seconds, but the trolls will be gone forever, and the speed of the chat will flow like the never-forgotten poetry of Chick as he puts a game into the refrigerator.

We really respect this community, so please try to soldier through this small detail that was necessary for this upgrade so we can keep this place strong. Meanwhile we promise the next time we do something like this we will give you much better heads-up before we implement it.


--Mark Medina

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