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Lakers Mavericks Game Chat

Sorry for the glitches last night, but hopefully tonight is smooth sailing.

In case you didn't see it, here's a note from LA Times blog editor Tony Pierce about the new login procedures. The chat starts now so you have time to work out any kinks.

-----Editor's Note:

Hey Laker fans, Tony Pierce, Blog Editor of the Times here aka #1 cheerleader of all of our blogs.

Welcome to the first of (hopefully many) unmoderated live Laker chats.

There are pluses and a few minuses to this new system. One of the pluses is that MM doesnt have to approve every single one of your comments as you chat. This will create a faster, more natural chat environment as you watch the game.

Another plus is he can actually watch the game closer so that he can provide the excellent coverage that you've grown to expect here on Lakers Blog.

One minus is that you have to register via your Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook account.

It's a minus only if you dont happen to belong to one of those social media giants. But the plus is, no one can pretend to be you - a concern that I hear you get upset about. And I don't blame you.

If you do not already have one of those accounts, may I recommend Twitter: they dont ask for much more than your email address and your preferred Twitter Name and password that you'd like to use.

I'm sure once you're logged on to the chat you will appreciate what's happening. But even if you don't appreciate it, don't blame MM, he was out of the decision making process, else he would have notified/warned you sooner.

One thing we noticed... if you have a long username try Facebook instead of Twitter. Twitter, although being the easiest and the fastest to register with, has a limit on character length. But most of the handles that you guys use should work with Twitter accounts.

We realize that logging on to join the chat can be perceived as a pain. But the pain will be gone in seconds, but the trolls will be gone forever, and the speed of the chat will flow like the never-forgotten poetry of Chick as he puts a game into the refrigerator.

We really respect this community, so please try to soldier through this small detail that was necessary for this upgrade so we can keep this place strong. Meanwhile we promise the next time we do something like this we will give you much better heads-up before we implement it.


--Mark Medina

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(The following is a re-post from the end of an earlier thread. I want to get this off my chest and let some recent posters in particular get the message.)

"nothing is sacred on Lakers Land. there is no diplomatic immunity. once you post on the web you have to be ready to "take it" exactly how you "shove it". "
- just another "index" swish

You're certainly entitled to your opinion. Here's mine. Many of us who have been coming here for many years don't see it as just another blog. It's special. And it's special not just because it's about the Lakers, but more so because it has been nurtured and sustained by a very classy, intelligent, upbeat, and, yeah, family-like group of "elders".

In other words, this isn't "Lakers Underground" or "HuffingLakers Post". We have generally learned to disagree without being disagreeable. If you like blogs where people get their kicks by flaming one another or tossing crude language around...this isn't it.

My personal observation about people who need to vent in a manner that personally attacks one of the posters is that they have unresolved hostilities and a considerable amount of insecurity. Attacking others gives them a false sense of power...actually a display of weakness and immaturity.

The recent unjustified personal attacks on Mamba24, Jon K, and others...i.e., on their patented, very upbeat, signatures as opposed to their substantive observations...are not something that serves this blog well. In other words, there is a "culture" here, and not just an anything goes blogfest. I, like many others who have gravitated to this place, embrace it and appreciate it.

No one (except MM, of course) can stop any poster from the kind of negative, personal attack posting I'm referring to. But I would counsel against it. And if it is continued, I would recommend ignoring such post completely as the best antidote for it.

I love this blog. I love its culture...and its "elders". I vote we keep it that way.

forcing us onto a "social network is patently unacceptable. period.

Please note that someone has taken my name (CornerJ) on Twitter. Therefore NO chat posts using that name will be from me.

is Kobe playing??


Twitter says my email is already in use. Huh? It's the only one I've had for 6 years, and don't have another. Then, I asked to have my password resent to me, and nope. Nothing was sent. Hmmm.


I concur what Corner J has said in the most diplomatic way of saying it. We can all agree on our Lakers but we have different opinions on what we have agreed on. There are no two people alike so at least we should always agree in the end without beingdisagreeable.

We are grateful for LAT for whatever services they extend which is also a symbiotic relationship that feed both wants and demands. They have to operate within the paradigm of business for profit and sometimes it clashes to our own petty conveniences and satisfaction. Again, once we aired our disagreement, it should end there and move on to another task.

Lastly, I absolutely agree with what Corner J advocated with regards to our relationship with other bloggers and fellow fans as you'd converse with them in this blog. There has been a culture in this blog on roll calls, rings repertoire, uncanny analysis, before jackson journal, bandwagons etc, bynum the beast...they are mere titles and part of the entertainment. Please don't change what has been there, skip it, play with it or learn from it. If it affects your emotions and can't lived with it, there are other forums that don't have those charactes. Therefore, for the sake of living in a community let us all learn how to give and take. My own motto, I don' t want to attack a fellow bloggers as much as possible because they are fellow fans and not public figures. I will criticize coaches, players, owners, managers, LAT, moderators to the hilt who earn their bread out from fans like us but not on my fellow fans who are just expressing their own opinions.

Take for example what was said about Mamba24. He takes the pain in copy and paste every names who posted, wrote wonderful poems as inspirations to others, I don't think we need to dictate to him what to write and what to believe. He is not paid to serve us but most of all, in his most creative way he extends or overextends himself to everyone. For whatever good or annoyance to some, let it be what has been an accepted culture in the blog. Live and let live.

MM, standby mode during halftime should be abolished since we are logged in and you're not moderating posts, right? just my 2 cents

tonight the Kobe haters and the Luke haters have to shut up. the Jordan haters and the Lamar haters need to step back. the bench haters need to sit down.

that's a good ole team win.

Despite a nice win in Dallas what did the Bone Head Baby Bynum do on defense and offense the second half. Answer-not much. Again, this why Phil normally doesnt put him in towards the end of games. If it wasnt for Kobe's fouling Dampier it was a dunk thanks to Bynum again being lost on the defense end and leaving Dampier under the basket all alone!

Awesome game. I will detail my joy and pride about it as morning comes here... Now i need some two hours sleep and some little celebratory cuddles but I wanted straight to' thank my beloved Lakers for gifting me tonight with a wonderful Team Feeling.

It was preciou and comforting. This team is a team. We mught struggle but we do Are a team. Heart & Balls.

I am amazed once more at The God Bryant. I don't know what to' say. When he stopped Dallas after an airball, I properly cried full of thankfullness and pride.

A huge Thank You my Lakers. Following you is belonging to Wonderland.

Have all a great night. You've Made mine very funny and pleasurable.


CornerJ, thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.

Something that Tony Pierce may not quite get yet can probably be best described in his quote "But the pain will be gone in seconds, but the trolls will be gone forever."

One: We are not about avoiding pain. We're about embracing our team.

Two: The Trolls made us stronger. Before the Championship this blog was INFESTED with trolls. Constantly. And we dealt with them, passionately, angrily, intelligently, honestly... and often with incredible angst. But that desire to rise above the blind negativity, self-righteousness, and vanity of these trolls is one of the key factors in building the strength of this blogmunity.

Like our models who we hope to emulate--the Lakers--we are made better through challenge, through fire.


So we can deal with them. Either through intelligence, reason, or simply by expressing the emotional maturity to ignore them when they are fools.

Right now, our chats are being sold to us as convenience.


We want to be challenged in the hope that it will call us to be our best.

No pablum.


And the freedom to express ourselves honestly without having to worry about whether or not Facebook is storing some ridiculous comment we've made in the heat of the moment for the rest of our lives.

Seriously, why should every comment made among comrades have to be recorded for scrutiny until the end of time? There is something awfully bizarre about that. It just instinctually feels instrinctly wrong.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Good game from everyone, it is a team defense and help defense too that won the game. I gave this game to Farmar, he really put his imprint from get go as well as Lamar for all his efforts on the boards and scoring. Of course, without Drew's control the post Lakers would not win it too so it is a nice win mainly by the 2nd unit on the road.

Lakers are still No. 1 in the standings despite by prognostications of media. These are the moments when kids become men and team camaraderie at its best. It is a great incentive victory and everyone grows from it by a milestone because of the challenge on hand. Lamar and Luke earned their rich contract with their superb performance. The team will remember this victory as the turning point from mediocrity to superiority. What we need now is consistency all the way to All Stars break when all the pains are healed and recovered.

So when will the Fisher experiment be over, 24 minutes tonight 1 for 8 with 2 assists. Is it not time for him to seriosly consider retirement. This is no longer a slump !! It is reality !!!!

Edwin Gueco,

"What we need now is consistency all the way to All Stars break when all the pains are healed and recovered."

Brother, I am a bit concerned.

Kobe and Thriller's injuries are those lingering injuries that wear a person down. Personally, I want them to rest.

My secret fear is that injuries will keep us from a Championship. That's the only thing.

Remember 2005? Karl Malone's injury (and his misdiagnosis) kept us from a Championship. I'm sure of it. That wasn't only a bad year; it was a fricken awful year. It was very hard to deal with the aftermath on a personal level.

This team is a team of destiny, by far my favorite team since Showtime, actually on the same level as Showtime for me.

I just want them to win because I know they can. I just don't want them to screw themselves because of injuries.

Quite frankly, I'd rather they take the 8th seed in the playoffs because they've rested so many injured players and kick the crap out of everyone on the way to the playoffs with a combination of rested (HEALTHY!!!) starters and battled-tested bench players.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


i will refrain from reposting them word for word in the same thread, but cornerJ, Edwin and Jon K just offered three comments that should be cut, pasted and nailed near the top of wherever the long and epic history of this blog is written.

people that are new to the this forum or want to understand what it is about have just had it answered pretty dang thoroughly. ok, there is one other thing is is about, but i can't spell out everything for y'all.

Fisher goes 1 for 8 again and was a defensive liability
Maybe PJ is finally doing something about it and playing him less and less

ok, as usual for me lately, i posted before i was done thinking. it's a climate thing, i think. Not saying i agree with everything they said. I am actually pretty aware that they expressed at least three perspectives on what this blog is about. But all the comments were pretty good descriptions of the unique atmosphere going on here.

I should probably also say that the introduction of a new blogger and the somewhat less welcome new chat format have given us a pretty good opportunity to discuss what this blog means to everybody and the nature of the blog itself, as opposed to generally using the blog as a forum for what we think about everything else. I would like to express how cool I think that is.

And yeah, i'm even writing a new version of my not often or well enough expressed explanation of what the hell the love is and why it is um, the thing of which it is all about. or something like that. if nothing else, i have to justify my continual abuse of the preposition.


Why do you need Bosh a PF when the Lakers already have two very very good Power Forwards. Then you want to get rid of Bynum, when Bynum is our only true BIG and LONG.

Your reasoning is wrong simply because of this case. It's the same us you want to have three Point guards. In this case, you want to have three Power Forwards.

What makes you think PJ will that.


at Hawks, they have Horford, Smith and Pachulia all Power Forwards.

at Wolves, they have Jefferson, Love and Gomes

at Bulls, they Noah, Thomas and Gibson

and many more NBA teams who can't even find a true Center.

The truth is Lakers are blessed to have Bynum, Gasol and Odom. So, stop making you rpoint because it absurd.

What the Lakers need is a shooter and or a Ponit Guard.

Besides Bynum was drafted as a Laker, don't you have any loyalty? 5 yyears of being a Laker and you just want to throw it away when it is working, and you want to experiment with three Power forwards + Josh Powell, that's 4. ??? Are you nuts?

Who you going to call when Pau gets soft again, Mbenga???

Thhe Lakers frontline as it is, is their TEAM STRENGTH. Do not mess with it.

Jon K,

First, I admire the way you stick to your principles. That's what makes you so important to our blog community.

If you only establish your Facebook or Twitter account for the purposes of logging into the game chat and for nothing else, there will be no record of any comments on either of those networks. You may not have noticed, but in fact our blog comments are archived right here on the LAT.

The trolls can still post anywhere on the blog except the game chat, where they were stealing our identities, creating confusion and interrupting the dialog. In fact, they can even join the game chat as long as they legitimately identify themselves.

I understand where you're coming from, believe it or not. Ironically, one of the contributors to the Wednesday night chat was "luckybarstool." Many of us at first thought it might be you.

So, again, I implore you to reconsider. The game chat is richer when you join us. No harm, no foul. What do you say?

Go Lakers!

To My Entire Laker Family,

On behalf of me and my family we would like to thank each and every one of you for you prayers and words of comfort for my mom. I can just feel the love emanating from this blog and words can't express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

All my brothers, sisters and their families were here tonight spending time with mom who is no longer conscious and totally oblivious to her surroundings. It was both a sad and happy occasion as we sat around her bedside sharing our stories with tears and laughter.

Please tell your love ones that you love and cherish them every day because life is to short to hold grudges and harbor bad feelings.

I love this blog family and our Lakers. May each one of you and your families be blessed. Much love from us to each of you.

Go Lakers!!!

i'm not tech savvy enough to out argue Rick, but in one criticism of unfettered registration to all forms of electronic media, a lot of browsers and sites will actually tailor their ads and settings based on your settings and previous browser history. I have no idea what the technical definition of all the trackers and random cookies or whatever i have to periodically try to clean off of my hard drive, but I get different ads and links at the same site when I am signed in under different names.

And yeah, i already spend way too much time trying to disable all that crap, and i have used most of the recommended procedures for avoiding it, i'm not looking for suggestions on how to avoid it, and i realize facebook and twitter are relatively safe and random evil crap free, i'm just saying there are legitimate reasons be averse to registering for everything right and left that are probably not based entirely on technophobic paranoia.

And heck, i don't even live in China. (weak attempt at a topical google joke, not china-bashing). (oh, never mind)

To our secret agent from OH, Jon K:

As Rick mentioned in his post, your fear of using social network shouldn't compromise your passion for the community resides in this blog that you're a big part of it. I originally set up my facebok account so I can communicate from time to time with my relatives living abroad. I'm not actively coverse with anyone else or response to any of their suggestions that I should contact someone on facebook that know or claimed to know me. I just simply ignore those nuisance email from them. Now I finally found the good use for my facebook account.

Please reconsider your position and come join us in the chat room.

PS - I miss some trolls too. But what I don't miss is those no life thieves who stole our identiies and post an idiotic post during the live chat. This new format eliminate those who post under difference names.

Later and I'll savior a good win in Dallas tonight!

Jon K,

Injuries to the indestructible man, I voiced my opinion before another crucial injury was Horace Grant, who was the backup to Malone and Shaq, and obviously knew the triangle...It would have been great for him to have been on the playoff roster and make the contributions that may have come with his maturity. Just my opinion.


Tonights Wing = QUALITY

@Mud - Team Win indeed!
@Staple24 - Exactly. Well put.

To others who stoop to calling names and not thoughtfully analyzing a game like many of the people who post on this blog - Bynum is who help keep you in this game. Pau has missed almost 20 games this year. Without Drew do you think DJ or Josh at center would be putting up double doubles and the Lakers would have the best record still in the league? You sound like the dad who calls his kid "idiot" for spilling his milk. Go away.

I went in too late in the core of the night to read what was already in the thread when I posted my happy message about our victory, so I didmiss till this morning the amazing tow posts CornerJ and also Edwin Gueco posted before me enlightening both concepts that I am willing to encompass and include in my daily fruition of this blog like... 200%.

I still can see why JonK might remain reticent and unwilling to join the chat, and that is his prerogative and right. I am sad to miss him in chat.
But I would never ever write the trolls are a good thing, or that we have to diminish our fruibility of the chat for giving room to them.

Beside that, they are not trolls who are affected by the chat system as it is now: only FAKERS are.
Nobody can steal identities there anymore.

Trolls and enemies can log in and come. So the supposed "good value" of trolling and their usability as "team and blogger bounders" stay intact, if any.

Fakers instead won't be there anymore.
And that is a 1000% improvement, especially considering during a quick chat, in the middle of one person's watchin of the game, you truly want to follow your blog mates speaking, but you wanna follow THEM, not an annoying fake version of them provided by someone who maybe thinks he's funny, but instead he's just performing Olympics of Losers, and trying hard to gain Gold Medal out of his speciality.

Twitter doesn't store anything if you don't use it.
Setting up an account doesn't relate what you would write in a chat in your posts record. And as already said, one can have an account on Twitter and then leave it MUTE.

I am sad for any of the great posters we might miss in the chat. It's their choice to not take part in that and of course I do respect it.
But no way the system of killing the fakery can be seen as "Gestapo Era" at all.

It's just a fine way to let fakers find another way to entertain themselves, since it's clear they lack better ways to have fun in their lives and they find pleasure in trying to be someone else.

Gold Olympic Medalists in Loser-iness. Definitely.

Again. If one doesn't want to give any of their personal detailes for setting up twitter, why don't create a mail in yahoo specifical for the useless purpose of setting up a twitter account, a mail you will never use for anything else. and relate to that your Twitter account?
I know plenty of people who have set up those kind of mirroring accounts, givig the name of their uncle or Aunt and the surname of a cousin or a friend, to avoid any record of their data.

We sure live in an hacker world.

But any hacker can take off anyone IP number from these posts if expert enough, yes, the posts we post HERE in the blog as in any other web space, and find way a quicker way to reach a person target, anyway.

At a certain point one as to trust a bit the system he's part of.
Anarchy is not really a good answer.

And Fakery... fakery is the worst thing of them all. Whatever helps in stopping it is a major improvement on the state of things.

Jon K,
Inspired by your post, I was about to launch a Bring Back the Trolls Bandwagon, but Rick F is right: there's still room for the trolls on the blog. So let's warmly welcome them back while at the same time applauding their absence from the live chat.

Trolls, we need you!

I had to create an account to continue posting under the name Tsphere, which was something of a bother, but it's done... and in any case, not having an iPhone, like Zaira, I find it difficult to participate in the live chat in the middle of the night on a working day, partly because it means toggling between the game in another tab on the feed.

Zaira, I have a question: Toronto has the highest concentration of Italian players and as a result I notice Italian TV is regularly broadcasting their games, which I sometimes pick up on Sundays (conosco un po' d'italiano quindi posso ascoltare senza troppo dolore).

My question: why aren't you a Raptors fan?

Of course, San Antonio is the most French team in the league and I'm not a Spurs fan, though I like all the French players in the league, starting with Turiaf, but Pietrus is also a favorite. Which leads me to another question for Mitch Kupchak. Why haven't the Lakers ever gone after Mikael's brother, Florent, who has always been a thrilling player (though I have no idea what he's doing now)? After all, going after Marc Gasol paid off because without Marc we wouldn't have had Pau.

TSphere.. my heart is a Lakers heart. Can't do a thing. It's the only basket that makes my heart rushing.
I cherish italians (especially My little Knickers... I love him cos he's an homie.. very nearby my own place ;)) but no way: there's only one team in my heart and think I get bored as hell watching both Raptors and Knickerboxers (though lately they are more interesting).

It's like stigmata.

My heart was stigmatized in purple&gold since I was a kid.
I remember myself gazing eyes into my elder relatives watching of basketball history and asking whose team was the one in bright, cheerful yellow. I was 5 years old. Never changed from that path.
Never will.

But I am happy if you follow our local kids there. I am proud some decent Italian is playing over there. It's a HUGE honour.
The only basket valuable is the NBA.

(but I still support Armani Jeans Milano, of course ;))

My name is omar iam in africa im saporter of lakers im16yrs mi talent is on basketball mi dream is tobe like kobe braynt

Rick Friedman,

I don't know. It doesn't feel right.

Keep in mind (as I've noted earlier) that my company lost a $10 million investment because I noted that the foreign investor had a funny sounding name on a personal blog I had on MySpace and he somehow got onto my blog and freaked the frick out. [Even though the subject of my blog post was excitement at the verbal agreement for the investment and confidence that we were about to become incredibly successful, I also noted that the Kazakhstani investor's name "Morat" was incredibly and surrealistically close to "Borat" from the film.]

Anyhow, because of that little comment, my company in which I had significant ownership in lost $10 million of essential investment leading to the state I am in right now working as a bartender serving drinks to thugs in inner city Akron and unable to watch the Lakers on TV.

So, I just DO NOT like the idea of having to go into a social networking group that holds onto your data forever so I can talk about the Lakers.

I understand the improved convenience of the product, but I do not like being forced into a format involving a third party. And, to be honest with you, do not understand how this removes trolls from posting nor why we really need to remove trolls from posting.

I don't know, man. I enjoy the chats. Always have. But I feel very odd about this new format.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Nemaia Faletogo --

It has been my great pleasure to read your posts on The Los Angeles Lakers over the years. It matters not whether I agreed or disagreed with your opinions. The 'bottom line' for me is that I always BELIEVED you were sharing your heartfelt convictions and honest thoughts from a place of dedication and True Devotion to the Purple & Gold...without any ulterior motives or hidden agendas. For this you have earned my respect and admiration.

Forgive me for not writing you earlier regarding your mother's dire situation. Work kept me away from here until today, and to say I was dismayed to read about her medical condition upon my return, would be a gross understatement.

Words cannot express how much our parents, and especially She Who Gave Us Birth, mean to us when we are faced with the horrible prospect of losing them. Everyone who has a mother (and that is ALL of us) can understand the depth of the love and affection you, and your extended family, hold for Your Precious Mother.

Some may take the initiative to share their thoughts, and others may shy away for various reasons, but please KNOW that what you and your family are suffering through is in the HEARTS and MINDS of everyone in this Lakers Blog Family...

Purple & Gold Reign

George, you have it wrong of accusing Bynum for not defending Dampier, and Kobe foul him to stop the lay-up. Bynum came to stop Terry from shooting a three points,but the help defense came late.
Having said that basketball is a collective sport. It is not one man game. Therefore, it has to be played collectively. Let me make this analogy; In the game of soccer, which I play, technically, there is no specific position at time on the field of play. I say to say that, if the full back moves to the right back to defend an opponent, the right back has to rotate to the full back position to cover the center forward. In short, I would like to acknowledge that defensive work is collective, not individually.
Lakers' problem is not Bynum, it is starting point guard. Fisher is being outplayed every night, and he is averaging less than 2% assist while playing for the team with the best record in the NBA.
We need to get a point guard that will dictate the pace of the game every night. Also in the game of soccer, if your middle failed to control the game, absolutely, you will be defeated because possession makes a big different.
Let leave the kid (Bynum) alone. He is not the go to center, like other centers in the NBA.
Before I submit, I would like to make Howard as an example. Last season, he was averaging 20% plus becasue he was the go to center, but this season, his numbers are dropping rapidly because he not receiving the ball.

"I have no idea what the technical definition of all the trackers and random cookies or whatever i have to periodically try to clean off of my hard drive"


I understand your analogy. My main point is Bone Head Baby Bynum plays in a fog on defense. If he cant figure it out in 5 years, he will NEVER get it. How many lay ups a game does he give up? Lakers defense stepped up last year in the playoffs with LO replacing Bynum, (even when Bynun was healthy) why does Phil still sit him in the last 5 minutes of a game? (except during the span of Pau being hurt) LO and Pau is the strength and they proved it last year. Why is that 90% he trys to play some defense, instead he fouls? Your kid will end up a BUST!!!

Go Edwin, preach on George. haha!

The point that Edwin is trying to say is that please give a little credit to Socks, he made some improvements on his game with a double-double performance. It hurts other fans when you call him "bone head" despite the remarkable improvement. We can't compare him to Pau because PG is unavailable and injured and he rose to the occasion and helped the team win on the road.

Let's all unite under one flag. Cheers and Go Lakers.

(Check out for customizable posters with your team's colors and smoking hot models in bikins!)

Keep the dream alive Omar!




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