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Lakers' Kobe Bryant named Western Conference starter

Kobe Bryant

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was selected to his 12th NBA All-Star game today, scheduled for Feb. 14 at Cowboys Stadium.

He finished with 2.46 million votes, second only to Cleveland's LeBron James (2.55 million). We'll get more into this after the game. But in the meantime, share your opinion in the poll below on the all-star uniforms.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Kobe Bryant in the NBA Western All-Stars uniform. Credits: Andy Bernstein/NBA E Photographer.

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I can't believe what I'm reading..

Trade bynum for a 10MIL+ backup pg with deteriorating skills??.. Whens anybody gonna understand dfish is gonna be THE PG of our foreseeable future.. And that's the way the cookies gonna crumble at least till phil hangs his notepad.. good grief come to terms..

And another thing.. dfish can is overdue for another clutch buzzer beating J that will win back the hearts of all fans and extend his shelf life another 2-3 years..

And that's a fact.. its all crystal clear now.

Andrew Bynum with four early fouls and a no show on the road against another top contender, sounds familiar. Either this player has to grow a heart or we wont be winning the title again.

pau Gassssssssssssssal

is a small mouse in a huge rat body. he really stinks. no guts whatsoEVER.

Dang, sorry that we couldn't win.

But we'll still come out of the West. Can't say the same in the East for the Cavs.

Officials cost us the game tonight !!!!! Strong showing by Fish, Kobe and Artest. Also Brown and Farmar looked good. Should of won if the officials had given us a few calls !!

I could not be more angry. Meh.

This qiestion is for Lakers Management, or Lakers commentators. Due to large population of Iranian in Los Angeles, Have Lakers or Clipers ever thought bringing in Hamed Haddadi (Irania Center in Mmphis). I am sur that they will trade him easily and he will play his best in LA, and then we do not need this Mr. Bynum.

Go Lakers Go

This question is for Lakers Management, or Lakers commentators. Due to large population of Iranian in Los Angeles, Have Lakers or Clippers ever thought bringing in Hamed Haddadi (Iranian Center in Memphis). I am sure that they will trade him easily and he will play his best in LA, and then we do not need this Mr. Bynum.

Go Lakers Go

Of course Kobe is a starter! Duh!

No, I don't like the UNI's but I love me some Kobe!

He looks like a damn Houston Rocket, Yuck!

I just hope the Lakers don't turn out to be like the know...only motivated every other year, after they lose.

Is it just me? Or did Pau remind anyone of that guy who played in the 2008 NBA Finals?


Fly the Laker flag at half mast tonight !!!

Two Pau FT chokes and an inexcusable failure to rebound a missed FT on the other end sealed it, but at least the Lakers showed up this time and made it close to the end.

The Cavs are where the Lakers were last year--driven to win a Championship to avenge last year's disappointing finish, with a major "to do" just checked off in sweeping the previous Champs in the regular season.

And despite all the jeers LeBron gets on this blog (or in LakerLand), the guy is currently one of the best. He was hitting clutch shots at the end, exactly when you want your #1 guy to step up.

No need to panic. No panic trades. And I honestly don't think that Bosh-for-Bynum would have made a difference. It's not a difference in individual talent that's the problem. It's a difference in the quality of team play, at least in both the Cav games. That's not going change no matter how many All-Stars you get.

But it's only halfway through the season. These games were much more important to the Cavs than the Lakers, which is obvious in the attitude the Cavs (and LeBron) brought tonight. As long as the Lakers figure it out by the playoffs, they'll be fine. And if the Lakers realize they're not as good as they think they should be, if that helps them refocus and collectively improve their play, maybe this season sweep will have a silver lining.

We'll see.

i'm pissed. Everytime the game is close Pau always turns into Ga-SOFT!!!!!!!! This Le-BRONZE guy is really growing into an unstoppable force. ew...i really hate to admit that. Whatever, it's just one game. We'll see what happens in the finals. that's when the real season starts and when the MAMBA imposses his will to win. Lakers til I die or when ever Kobe retires. which ever comes first.

Officials cost us the game tonight !!!!! Strong showing by Fish, Kobe and Artest. Also Brown and Farmar looked good. Should of won if the officials had given us a few calls !!

Posted by: DFish | January 21, 2010 at 07:40 PM


Ohhh....brilliant observation Mr. Dfish! Its the refs, that's what ALL the lakerfans say, its the refs! Oh my, the anger!

Where's lakerfan, he is a lakerfan after all....


Why did PJ sit Kobe for 7 minutes in the 4th?? This is a game to win, don't sit him at all. He didn't look happy there on the bench!
As far as the Kobe vs LeBron deal, they both are pretty even to me, except that one of them is playing with a broken index (controlling) finger on HIS SHOOTING HAND!!!

This game tonight brought a lot of memories of the 2008 NBA Finals.

I thought Bynum, Odom, Artest, Kobe and Brown should have finish the 4th quarter.

Phil should somehow realize he has to match toughness with toughness, he relies to much at times on his starters to finish the games.

There should habe been more offesne down low for Bynum, to counter shaq attack on the other end. It is the way to get shaq in fould trouble. It was pretty obvious Gasol is unrelaible and soft agianst tough an drough elite teams.

dwight Howard as strong as he is, does not play rough, he uses his speed.

Guys like Shaq and Perkins intimidates Gasol, this is the value of Bynum. But if Shaq is going to attack Bynum, Phil has to let Bynum attack Shaq as well, to even the playing field.

Again, Gasol is very valuable to this team, but match ups are clear. It is the Coaches job to adjust and find his team's strentgh.

On an important game day against a premier team in the East, the topic of this thread is about All Star uniform. Headline: Kobe is a starter. WOW, Mark I think you are better than that. You have been discussing Cavs game for so many thread, yet no further follow up analysis why Lakers lost. lol!

We lost the game because of the rotation of PJ. He put in Kobe a little bit too late. Put in Fisher as the closer instead of Shannon who has more upside both id defense and offense against Parker or West. Bynum has only 4 fouls in the 4th Q, he opted to go for Odom that's where we lost our two giant advantage. He should have removed Artest if he wanted Odom on the floor, thereby Lakers got three talls and Kobe & Shannon in the back court. Well, I'm 2nd guessing PJ on a lost game. What advantage do we get from Odom guarding Verajao? Nothing. What is the advantage of the Lakers if they have Bynum and Gasol in covering Shaq? A lot. Shaq could manhandle one guard but two talls, he'll commit T/O. Besides that Kobe has two options in passing the ball when he is double teamed.

Why did the Laker lose? Defense and we're getting only a 75% Kobe not good enough, yet the 2nd unit played only for few minutes. PJ does not have any confidence with the 2nd unit and Bynum when the game is on the line.

In the end Lebron made shots and Kobe did not. Shaq out dueled both Gasol and Bynum.

This Lakers team need new attitude towards elite teams. Like the one they had in 08-09 season.

I want to smash everything in my room.

The television (Direct TV) did not work throughout the entire fourth quarter.

It was so injuriating.

I'm not sure the lucky barstool works when there is no functional television to watch.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


One thing that does bother me is LeBron not being a respectful opponent. When he wouldn't congratulate the Magic (it wasn't like it was a game 7). When he showed up the Bulls dancing when they were pounding them. Tonight, mouthing the lyrics of the timeout song. It' a good thing he doesn't play baseball, Bob Gibson would have drilled him, hard!

PS-He is a super player however, just still a little immature.

Around this time last year we were 34-8; this year it is 32-10. The sky is not falling...

Andrew Bynum's time on this Laker team is coming to an end.

Lebron may go down as one of the best BUT...Did you see the way he carried himself in the last quarter?....Rapping and pounding his chest...

How can you expect people to respect you when you act like a child?..

So pissed at one of the most embarrassing efforts by the Lakers. Missing free throws like that. I knew Gasol would miss those. How an a professional player be so terrible under pressure. It's just embarrassing. Totally embarrassing.

Why did he leave Kobe out so long???????? What a total joke of a coach.

This Lakers team will NOT, I repeat NOT, win the championship.

When the other team increases the intensity, the Lakers wilt. When the Cavs started rebounding and playing hard, the Lakers just folded. Where's the toughness????

Instead of the MVP Chant or Beat LA, All together now,


A post is coming up soon. Don't worry. This starter post was put up before the game even began. I just wanted it up because the photo just came out.



It is premature to render judgment on Bynum, let the road trip be over then that is the time to make a recommendation or until Feb. 18th. So far, his score is 4-2 since Bo for By hit the rumor mill. On this 8 game road trip, it is only 0-1.

Well, have calmed down some. I still think, baring more injuries that we'll be fine come playoff time. My son and I rant all through the games (just like we did last year) and we look about what we looked like last year. It would be nice to have home court. I have a feeling that Cavs will lose a few games without Williams.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the Cavs did win the title this year and all everyone could say is he couldn't win one without Shaq, ha, ha, ha?

Hey MM,

Since I'm not on the Chat now, are there normal type hours for the Blog?

New post is up

Lecrybaby James was arguing every single call, yelling at the refs, taking 4 steps after stopping the dribble, and still crying like a little baby. That's why I hate the guy. Every time he gets touched, a foul is called. That foul called on Odom when Odom was giving way the entire time was ridiculous. It's obvious that the little troll, David Stern, wants his little cry baby to be the next big star. I Lecrybaby James never wins anything. All that screaming at the refs and not one T? He's one of the worst examples of the worst type of athlete. He's arrogant. So Luke plays a little physical defense on him and he screams like a little baby. Worse than Paula Pierce. Rooting for Orlando to knock Lecrybaby out again so that the crybaby can go back home to cry. So what if Stern give him the MVP. No matter how hard Stern tries to steal a Championship for that crybaby, Orlando will again knock them out.


Feel free to post comments anytime really during the day. I frequently monitor it. The only time I usually don't is if there's a game going on or if I'm at practice (mostly afternoons). But when that's the case, I'll usually have someone at our sports copy desk help out.


The Lakers players were determine to win this game after being treated like girls at staple, well they got treated like girls again. Soft Soft Soft, C'mon Pau you're better then that. No need to panic, I'll enjoy the journey to another TITLE. What's up with Drew? out played again by Shaq man against child, it was sad. Cavs are better at this point, and James no DOUBT is mid season MVP hands down.

Uh... we have a much larger population of Mexicans. Should we trade most of the black players away for Mexican players??? We have a much larger Asian population than Iranian, should we have kept Yi??? This is by far one of the stupidest things I have ever heard on this board.

This question is for Lakers Management, or Lakers commentators. Due to large population of Iranian in Los Angeles, Have Lakers or Clippers ever thought bringing in Hamed Haddadi (Iranian Center in Memphis).

Go Lakers Go

I actually have grown to like me some Luke cuz really, you know what you are gonna get from him -- at least he recognizes mismatches and seizes the opportunity to take advantage of his man -- he is knowledgeable about where people are supposed to be on the floor...He is at least gonna TRY defensively. I think he has "HEART"..I say Luke however much a FLUKE PUKE and INJURY PRONE ass, stays...

I have to believe though that Mitch is gonna make something happen...Noah or Tyrus Thomas would be good cuz you know they are gonna bring energy and try hard -- we have too many scared asses out there..Something just doesn't feel right with this team and I know it's still early but whatever lackadaisical attitude or whatever it is they are feeling needs to disappear quickly

To David C:

I think somebody (preferably your parents) need to teach you some manners. This was a comment. Why you got so offended. Hamed is an excellent player and he need some support. If you can not take it, please don't bother to say anything. Just be quiet! Okay, are we good!!!

GoLakersGo - nothing you said made up for the complete lack of logic you displayed.

Let's see if I can follow...

1) LA has a population of Iranians.
2) The NBA has 1 Iranian player
3) That Iranian player should then come to the Lakers??

Look, I'm Irish, but you don't see me out there trying to convince anyone to bring Brian Scalabrine to the Lakers.

My point is simple - the ethnic make-up of an NBA team should be totally coincidental and completely secondary to talent, need, chemistry, etc.

Scott, great post! Laker fans no need to worry. Fact: if the players hit their free throws, the Lakers win.

David C:

Let's just leave it as it is. I am good. I just express my view, and I do not care if you didn't like it!



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