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Lakers' guards Shannon Brown & Jordan Farmar discuss Lakers' 98-92 victory over Orlando Magic

Lakers backup guard Shannon Brown

Lakers backup guard Jordan Farmar

--Mark Medina

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Speed Wins

Phil abandoned the twin towers with 3:38 to go in the third. With Fish, Ron and Andrew on the bench, the Lakers got control of the game.

It's not about player blame, it's about the best way to win. Norm Nixon, Jerry West, and others have talked about the defensive deficiency of playing Andrew and Pau. It's tough for Pau to cover the 3 point line and probably not the best way to use him.

The upside story of tonight was Shannon's coming out party and the quick lineup with Kobe at the 3.

OK, don't get nasty and put me in the Pat Robertson "Haiti was a blessing from God" camp!!! BUT,

In this saga we call a season, it is sort of a blessing that Kobe has been injured and become undependable. I am sure that this one gives Jordan and Shannon a boost. And, with a strong bench we are MUCH MORE DEADLY.

BTW, I bet that this whole dunk contest thing has gone a long way to convincing UPS that he can deliver. Thanks to all the fans that built the groundswell.


Kobe is sick yet again, wow, who would have thought.

Kobe gets either an upper-respiratory infection, or an intestinal virus once every month. Nobody gets sick as much as he does. I know he has kids, and kids are magnets/transmitters for viruses, but to get sick as much as Kobe does is not normal.

If the Lakers can get Chris Bosh in a long-term contract in exchange for Andrew Bynum, then the Lakers would get a much more mature and complete and versatile player that they would not have to baby for the next few years. They would also get another player who has played the alpha role and franchise-player role on his team - making it three go-to players for the Lakers.

Bosh would give the Lakers a devastating team. The Lakers already can win a championship without Bynum - as they showed last year. But then add an all-star alpha big-man who can defer to Kobe like Bosh to the team and they would pull completely away from the pack.

Bynum has potential, but he has a way to go before he can be a franchise player. Against Orlando, he showed his inexperience by how easily he was dismantled by Dwight Howard - a center who may be the best but who isn't mature in his game himself. Pau Gasol has a more complete package than Dwight Howard.

On another note, it's painfully clear that the Lakers can afford to purge some of their lineup. Certain players simply are simply not needed any longer. It's not that they're bad players, or bad people. It's just that the Laker system doesn't require their presence...

1. Derek Fisher- as a back up, yes, Derek can serve a true purpose. He's a leader, he can keep Kobe in check, and he's clutch when we need clutch. However, if the team didn't have him, we'd be just find. I'm now very much convinced that Farmar and Shannon are just as effective, playing wise, as Derek. And as these two get more playing experience, they will also be as good as Derek in the leadership category.

2. Andrew Bynum- I've said this plenty of times. I use to be anti-Pau Gasol, but I'm starting to truly respect his game. Pau is a versitle scorer and can come up with key plays. He's not a banger, nor an enforcer, but the Lakers seem to be able to win without that. With Lamar Odom coming in to provide the rebounding and banging, Pau can do what he does best- score. With Andrew, you have a non-polished version of Pau. Like Pau, he doesn't play defense very well, and he's not a rebounding force. So, since Pau is a player that does well back-to-the-basket, or operating in the key as opposed to further out, then in essence, he is a center, with Lamar coming in to do the banging and the rebounding. Since Andrew has basically the same game, you have a sense of redundancy. Because Andrew isn't considered a defensive force, or a true rebounder, than it's a toss up between using Pau/Lamar, or Pau/Andrew. I think the Pau/Lamar combo is much better because you have rebounding and dirty work being done. The Pau/Andrew combo is just take-your-turn scoring, which we don't need, and which slows the Lakers down (as we've saw in the Magic game). Andrew as a backup, maybe. But if Andrew wasn't on this team, we'd miss little to nothing.

3. It hurts me to say this, but I just don't see a place on the team for Sasha V anymore. Sasha is a talented player who needs playing time to flourish. However, with the Lakers having able 3point shooters (Kobe, Lamar, Fisher, Shannon, Artest), and with Shannon and Luke providing more consistency (and trust, according to Phil), then I just don't see where we need a Sasha. Of course, as a backup in case someone gets hurt, Sasha has value. But if he wasn't on this team, even as a backup, the Laker would still do well.

LYellowbelly Yellowfever... did it ever occur to you that Fish is one of two, maybe three backbones of the Lakers (Kobe, Fish, Pau)? A character/spiritual leader? A coach in waiting? He has this year as a starter, but playing 24 min, and next year as a sub playing 18-20 min, then he becomes the point guard coach, triangle mini guru... check his stats tonight and then reply...

Posted by: illiad | January 18, 2010 at 11:46 PM
be a spirtual leader assistant coach !!!!!

let him be a spiritual leader assistant coach. There is zero reasons for him to be on the court !!!! Did not hit a basket after the first couple minutes and was not a factor on offense or defense !!!

Shannon Brown could not have a better attitude. I'm so glad this kid is a Laker.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Why bash Fish? He is what he is. Even in his younger days he was no speed merchant, great finisher or classic point guard. But, somehow he has been an important part of 4 championship teams. How? By being a great teammate, role player and clutch performer. Derek has championship cojones. And those don't grow on trees. He's sort of like the Robert Horry of point guards. He doesn't do anything but win.

Just about to dinner while rewatching the game - in italian.
I will be' able to' scream now :)

i really loved this interview with shan&jordy, especially liking the humble and constructive attitude of Brown.

Guy is savvy and willing to' develop. No brainer why LakerNation loves him :)

ps: glad to' have you in chat JonK :)



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